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Class 2-Gay

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Maybe the way it started was a little dumb. It could have ended very badly. But Midoriya could have turned down the dare, and Bakugou could have pushed him away, but they kissed anyway.

UA had planned a sleepover in 2B’s dorms since 2A’s was accidentally blown up by Uraraka of all students, and since it was the weekend, the hero course students decided to invite the whole second year for a huge sleepover. With Aizawa, Present Mic, and Midnight to supervise of course.

The rest of the second year students thought the supposed rivals' reluctance to pull away would result in a fight, Kirishima and Todoroki didn’t seem like the jealous type, but weren’t you supposed to be upset when your boyfriend kissed someone else? Even for a dare?

Todoroki shrugged it off, saying he trusts Midoriya, and Kirishima actually looked pleased with the kiss. Everyone's confusion lead to Midnight coming forward and teaching them about healthy relationships and non-monogamy.

“So you just…do whatever with whoever?” a student asked, baffled.

“If your partner or partners agree to it, then yes!” Midnight nodded, “but you have to be specific, when you start this type of relationship you have to create boundaries, and if you go past these boundaries then normal cheating rules apply.”

The classes listened to her attentively, not even turning to look at each other as she talked.

“Why can’t they focus like this in class?” Present Mic grumbled. It was getting late and his mood was dropping with each waking hour.

Aizawa nodded in agreement, looking more awake than ever as he decided that now was a good chance to step in, “listen everyone, you’re free to experiment with this, but if it disrupts your grades and ability to cooperate we will be forbidding all romantic relationships, so no funny business during class.”

The students groaned and nodded, some rolling their eyes. With that said the impromptu class was dismissed and everyone went to their friend group to talk about this discovery.

The self proclaimed Bakusquad and Dekusquad found themselves grouped together.

“I already knew about this stuff” Kirishima shrugged, everyone bar Bakugou looked to him in surprise.

“Really?” Midoriya looked excited, “how did you come across it? I found out about it when I started doing research on the Wild Wild Pussycats and I found out about their relationship! I-” Todoroki tapped his shoulder twice and Midoriya shut his mouth with a sheepish grin, the tapping was something Todoroki had come up with early on in their relationship to tell Midoriya that he was rambling.

Kirishima laughed and shrugged, “I’ve always known, I have three moms. It took forever for me to find out that wasn’t normal.”

“Oh my god! I thought one of them was just a sibling or something” Mina slapped her forehead, “it all makes sense now!”

“How could it not be as clear as fucking day?” Bakugou scowled at her, “they’ve got wedding rings with each other’s names on them! And momma hangs off of ma and mama at every chance she gets!”

“And!” Kirishima added, “ma has their names tattooed onto her shoulders!”

“…I forgot about that” Bakugou mumbled.

“Since when does Bakugou call Kirishima's parents mom?” Uraraka asked, trying to hide the grin on her face.

Bakugou glared at Kirishima, “don’t tell them.”

Kirishima’s grin widened, “since that one time we visited and Katsuki-” Bakugou slapped a hand over Kirishima's mouth in an attempt to silence him, in return Kirishima brushed a hand through Bakugou's hair, making him involuntarily relax enough for Kirishima to move Bakugou's hand and continue, “and Katsuki accidentally implied that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me! Then my moms told him to call them that!”

The two friend groups cooed, Bakugou looked away with a scowl on his face, quietly grumbling, “I didn’t mean it like that, Ei follows me around like a damn puppy, there’s no way he'd ever leave me alone.”

Kirishima rolled his eyes with a fond smile, “anyway, back to the relationship thing, I’ve been trying to push for a polyamorous relationship -that’s what this is usually called- for a while now, Bakugou has been getting more and more upset.”

Iida looked startled, “if he doesn’t want you to date other people then you shouldn’t push it! Some people just aren’t suited for that lifestyle!”

Kirishima quickly shook his head, “no no no, you’ve got it wrong! Its not for me! I’d never force him to do something like that just for me!”

“Then why would you ask for it?” Midoriya wondered.
Bakugou started getting restless next to Kirishima, small sparks starting to light up the dimly lit room.
Kirishima started gently combing his hands through Bakugou's hair, the sparks died down, “are you sure you can handle me telling them? We can always put it off.”
Bakugou shook his head, “no, tell them, I need to get this over with.”

Kirishima sighed and nodded, turning back to their friends who were patiently waiting for them, “I want it for Bakugou. He has…a fair few people he's interested in.”

Bakugou could see their interest peaking, he'd expected this since they didn’t even see his relationship with Kirishima coming, he knew he didn’t come across as the “crushing” type.

“So why haven’t you agreed to it?” Jirou asked, speaking to him directly even though he was avoiding eye contact.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time he'd tried to tell them about it, he’d found that he couldn’t force himself to talk about this, Kirishima seemed to be the exception, so they'd agreed to have Kirishima speak for him.

“He’s afraid” Bakugou flinched, looking away but not denying what Kirishima had said, Kirishima looked at him sadly before massaging Bakugou's head with his fingers circular motions, “sorry babe. Anyway, the only people he’d talked to about these kinds of things before me were his parents, sharing isn’t easy for him, fuck, the only reason we’re together now is because I overheard him talking to his parents about me.”

Their friends nodded in understanding, keeping quiet so Kirishima could continue uninterrupted, “so we’re building up to talking to the people that he likes, starting with you guys. I know we can forget that Katsuki isn’t just anger sometimes, but keep in mind that this is a first for him, save the teasing for later, when it won’t break his slowly building trust.”

Both friend groups nodded seriously, as if this was a hero mission. In a way, Kirishima guessed it was, and the familiar mood shift that they often saw during missions seemed to help Bakugou relax, reminding him that he can trust these people with his life.

The friends respected Bakugou's indirect request and barely mentioned the conversation through the rest of the night, allowing Bakugou to get used to having some of his secret out and not having to fear it. Still, that sleepover triggered a major chain of events.


The first couple to experiment was Yaoyorozu and Jirou, who had been dating since very early on in their first year.

Who knows why the power couple had taken an interest in Kaminari of all people, but suddenly the three of them were doing everything together. The girls helped Kaminari with his homework, seriously boosting his grades, Kaminari introduced them to the world of memes, Jirou and Kaminari found a band that Yaoyorozu enjoyed, and Yaoyorozu and Kaminari could be found acting out dramatic scenes from classical plays at any given time.

The next people to experiment were Kouda, Satou, and Shoji, none of which were together beforehand, in fact, Shoji was with Tokoyami, who was now also dating Aoyama.

Bakugou wasn’t taking the new polyamorous relationships well. Kirishima could see his competitiveness, fear, and loneliness at war, and it wasn’t pretty.

“Katsuki” Kirishima called, pulling Bakugou back down to earth.

“Hmm?” Bakugou's eyes focused, but he didn’t turn his head.

“I think I should tell your crushes what’s going on” Kirishima stated.

Bakugou was looking at him now, but he still didn’t say anything, which scared Kirishima.

“I can see this is getting difficult for you” Kirishima frowned, “I know you wanted to be the one to tell them, but I can’t stand seeing you like this. Loneliness doesn’t suit you, man.”

Bakugou's eyes focused even more, “I’m not lonely! Why would I be?! You’re here!”

Kirishima smiled, wrapping Bakugou in a hug that the other boy gladly returned, “Katsuki, its fine if you’re lonely without them, you know full well that its not about me being adequate or whatever.”

Bakugou sighed, moving in the hug to hide his face.

“Can I tell them? Please?” Kirishima asked, ready to beg if he had to, “maybe some won’t be interested, but at least you’ll know for certain, and we can go from there.”

Bakugou pulled back a bit and raised his hands, signing, “scared.”

Kirishima quickly pulled him back into the hug, Bakugou was always at his most honest when he spoke in sign language, “I know. But remember that I’ll be with you through everything, I’m a ‘damn puppy' after all.”

The quiet chuckle was enough encouragement for Kirishima to continue, “and don’t forget about mom and dad, and momma, mama, and ma. If this goes as badly as your anxiety thinks it will, which I doubt, then next weekend we’ll go to your place, I’ll bring my moms, and we’ll all have a movie marathon with horrible junk food, and then the next day we’ll go to the gym to burn it off, how’s that?”

Bakugou took a deep breath and nodded. He could do this.


“I can’t do this.” Bakugou stated, staring at two of his many crushes, who were preparing for their afternoon jog.

Kirishima smiled, playing with Bakugou's hair to help soothe him, “come on, out of everyone you have a crush on, Midoriya and Todoroki are the least likely to make a big deal about this.”

Bakugou frowned as his boyfriend grabbed his hand and tugged him towards the other two boys. There was no way this could go well. Sure everyone was experimenting with polyamory, but that didn’t mean they were, they had each other after and it seemed to be going well.

“Hey guys” Kirishima greeted them, “mind if we join you for your jog?”

Midoriya looked at Bakugou, who was standing silently next to Kirishima, avoiding their eyes, then he turned to Todoroki, who's lip twitched in his version of a smile as he shrugged.

“Sure” Midoriya grinned, bouncing to his feet once his shoes were tied.

Kirishima grinned too, and the four of them left the dorms.

Most of the jog was normal, quiet, giving Bakugou the chance to steel his nerves and push his anxiety to the back of his mind. All that work was undone when they stopped to take a break and Kirishima gave him a look, one more chance to plant his feet and tell him to forget about the crushes.

Bakugou slowed his breathing and pushed his anxiety away as he nodded. They needed to get this over with. Bakugou needed to get this over with.
Kirishima started combing his fingers through Bakugou's hair before speaking up, “can we talk to you guys for a second?”

The other couple looked like they'd been expecting this, Todoroki spoke for both of them, “yeah, what’s up?”

“Remember how during the sleepover I said Katsuki and I were working on building up to talking to his crushes?” both boys nodded, curious, “well ever since everyone’s started experimenting its been a constant reminder to him that he’s only with me,” Kirishima looked to Bakugou to make sure he was okay with everything he was saying, “its made him really depressed. So we’ve agreed to skip the whole adjustment process because waiting is doing more harm than good.”

Their confusion became dawning realization, and their glances to Bakugou didn’t help his nerves.

“So I’m telling you this for him now” Kirishima continued to massage Bakugou's head, he could tell that his boyfriend was inches away from panicking, “Katsuki has a major thing for both of you. There are other people he likes too, but that doesn’t mean he likes you any less.”

Midoriya and Todoroki looked to Bakugou, who hesitantly nodded to confirm it. The couple then looked to each other, having a silent conversation.
Kirishima continued, “obviously you don’t have to do anything about it, if you’re not interested then that’s fine, he just needs to have a definite answer.”

Todoroki looked around and spotted some seating nearby, “lets go sit down to talk.”

Midoriya nodded, “yeah, this might take a minute.”

Kirishima agreed and they moved their conversation to the nearby benches, with Bakugou and Kirishima sitting across from Todoroki and Midoriya.

Surprisingly, Todoroki was the first to speak, “why us?”

The one for all user nodded, “yeah! You’re always the angriest with us, have you always liked us? What about me? Is it recent? If you-” Todoroki tapped his arm twice and Midoriya stopped his questions with a sheepish apology.

“Ah, I know this one” Kirishima looked to Bakugou for permission to speak, getting a shrug in response, “basically Bakugou's type is sass and strength, if you can keep up with both physical and verbal battles then he’s interested, if you can win them then he’s head over heals,” Kirishima snickered when Bakugou elbowed his ribs, “so for Midoriya the crush is new, for Todoroki it was from the second he met you. I’m sure you being super hot helped with that.” Kirishima got another elbow in the ribs, but he only grinned wider.

The next few questions were fairly simple, things like why Bakugou treats them the way he does or why he couldn’t talk to people properly. They managed to get some verbal responses from Bakugou himself by the end of it, which was some major progress according to Kirishima.

They then went back to the dorms with Midoriya and Todoroki promising to talk about it when they went their separate ways.


Todoroki watched his boyfriend jump onto his All Might themed bed, giggling and flailing happily. The sight was so cute it could have killed someone who was less prepared.

“He likes you! He likes me! He likes us!” Midoriya hugged a pillow, screaming into it excitedly as he kicked his legs.

Todoroki chuckled and sat on the bed too, opening his arms in time to catch Midoriya in a hug.

“Why didn’t you tell him that we liked him back?” Todoroki wondered.

“Well you heard what they said at the sleepover, this is a sensitive topic for Kacchan” Midoriya smiled, “if I told him then I’d probably be too excited about it, it might get overwhelming. I’ll tell him later tonight when we’re all calmer.”

Todoroki nodded, understanding. When Midoriya confessed to him he was all over the place and it startled Todoroki so much that he hid for the rest of the weekend while he sorted out his confusion.

“So, you’re hot to even Kacchan” Midoriya grinned, “I told you everyone thought so! And you didn’t believe me!”

Todoroki rolled his eyes, “right, because I’m the one in denial here.”

Midoriya blinked, confused.

“He kept signing about how cute you were” Todoroki explained.

“What?!” Midoriya gaped, “I’m not-! I’m not cute! I’m badass!”

“Of course” Todoroki nodded, “you’re super intimidating, Bakugou and I are fools.”

Midoriya crossed his arms, pouting. Todoroki smiled and huffed out a laugh, squeezing Midoriya in their hug.

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Midoriya had some trouble with calming down when the time to talk to Bakugou came. He had to force himself to stop skipping as him and Todoroki made their way to Bakugou's room.

“Later when we’re all calmer, huh?” Todoroki smirked.

Midoriya rolled his eyes, “I can’t help it! He’s warming up to us! We might be dating Kacchan soon!”

Todoroki's smirk softened to a smile as they reached the door, “I know, but save the celebration for afterwards.”

Midoriya nodded, raising a hand to knock on the door just as it opened.

Kirishima blinked, surprised, “uh, hey.”

Midoriya grinned and waved, “hey! Would it be alright if we talked to Kacchan?”

Confused, Kirishima stepped to the side and let the two of them in before closing the door. Bakugou was on his bed with a phone in his hands, Midoriya took a peak at the screen and saw Mitsuki's phone number.

“Ah” Midoriya smiled sheepishly, “were you about to call auntie? Sorry, we can leave…”

“The old hag can wait” Bakugou threw his phone to the side, “what do you want?”

“Its about earlier” Midoriya bounced in place, Bakugou froze up and eyed him warily, “Shouto and I like you too, Kacchan.”

Bakugou stared at his beaming childhood friend before turning to Todoroki, who nodded in confirmation. Kirishima's excitement seemed to be growing by the second.

“We wanted to wait a bit before we told you so Zuku could calm down” Todoroki explained, “as you can see, it didn’t work.”

“Sorry” Midoriya didn’t look sorry at all, “I’ve just had a huge crush on you for as long as I could remember, I never expected you to like me at all, and Shouto was in denial about his crush on you for months, I-” two taps and Midoriya stopped, still grinning and bouncing a little.

“…not a joke?” Bakugou signed.

Todoroki nodded and signed back, “not a joke, we like you.”

Bakugou looked to Kirishima, who was bouncing and grinning just like Midoriya. Kirishima was nodding in encouragement, but Bakugou felt lost, what was he supposed to do now?

Thankfully, Kirishima got the message and scooped Midoriya and Todoroki up in a hug. The other pair looked confused until Bakugou shuffled over and Kirishima pulled him into the hug too.
They were a little surprised when they felt Bakugou's arms around them, but Todoroki quickly relaxed, and Midoriya squeezed the three of them with a bone crushing hug.

“So you’re together now?” Kirishima asked, not pulling out of the hug.

Bakugou shrugged, some of his usual grumpiness coming back now that the worst was over, though they could clearly see him smiling a little.

“I hope so” Midoriya smiled as they all pulled back from the hug.

“We should go on a date” Todoroki stated, “it’s a good way to see how this’ll work.”

Midoriya nodded excitedly, “yeah! We could watch a movie!”

“There’s a new movie about old school heroes at the cinemas right now” Kirishima suggested, “we could-”

“Ah...” Todoroki interrupted, “I’ve been banned from cinemas.”

“How the hell do you get banned from cinemas?” Bakugou questioned, the other three smiled, glad he was getting more comfortable.

“He got banned on our last date” Midoriya explained, “we went to see the Frozen remake and Shouto kept cheering Elsa on-” Bakugou and Kirishima snorted, “and then during Let It Go he froze half the cinema.”

The other two boys burst out laughing. Bakugou's laughter sounded more like cackling, but it was laughter nonetheless.

The next few hours consisted of retellings of their disaster dates and hijinks. Bakugou accidentally exploded his face when he tried to cover it in embarrassment during one of Kirishima's stories, so they decided to call it a night. But not before planning a movie night in Todoroki's room on the weekend.


It was around one a.m. when Todoroki shuffled into the common room, shrouded in a blanket cloak and very bored. He tended to have multiple naps through the day, so being awake at this hour wasn’t unusual for him, but it was still boring. To his surprise, he wasn’t alone.

“Isn’t it past your bedtime?” Todoroki chucked, moving to sit next to Bakugou, who was flicking through the channels on TV.

“Woke up, couldn’t go back to sleep” Bakugou mumbled, bleary eyed until Todoroki sat to his left, “ah! Shit! Cold! Don’t sit there!”

Todoroki laughed and stood up, sitting on Bakugou’s right side instead, “is that better?”

Bakugou sighed and nodded, going back to flicking through the channels, getting more frustrated with each new boring channel.

“Try the movie channels, they’ve usually got classics on at this hour” Todoroki suggested.

Bakugou didn’t say anything, but he went to the movie channels anyway. After a few minutes of searching they came across the original Frozen movie.

“You’re not gonna freeze the dorm, are you?” Bakugou asked Todoroki in a mock worried tone.

Todoroki rolled his eyes and pressed a cold finger to Bakugou's neck, making him squawk in surprise and slap Todoroki's hand away, the other boy chuckled but left him alone.

And that was how they ended up watching Frozen together. Todoroki kept his eyes on the screen, but he was more focused on Bakugou, who must have thought Todoroki was immersed in the movie, because there’s no way Bakugou would have shuffled slowly closer to Todoroki's hot side if he knew Todoroki was paying attention.

It was absolutely adorable.

When Bakugou was finally snuggled into Todoroki's side, Todoroki casually wrapped his blanket around both of them. Bakugou stiffened when he realized he was caught, but the added warmth seemed to be worth it, and he easily relaxed again. Todoroki smiled and went back to watching the movie.


That’s how 2A found them in the morning, leaning on each other for support as they slept. The class turned a worried glance to Kirishima and Midoriya, but the two boys didn’t notice, too busy making a photo of the scene into their phone wallpapers.

Still, they had classes to go to, so they woke the pair up, and their boyfriends help them shuffle up to their rooms to get ready.

Kirishima loved class that day. Everyone had their eyes trained on Bakugou and Todoroki, watching them interact. Then, when lunch came and Midoriya and Todoroki joined Bakugou's group, their class nearly threw a fit. Kirishima couldn’t wait to see their reaction when they found out they were together now.

Thankfully, Kirishima didn’t have to wait at all. It was time for training, and the boys were in the locker room changing into their gym uniforms. Bakugou's eyes had drifted over to Midoriya when the other boy had taken his shirt off, only to be caught in the act by the shirtless boy himself.

“Save it for later” Midoriya winked, ignoring his blush.

Bakugou squawked and snapped his head forward, glaring at his locker in an attempt to hide his embarrassment as Todoroki snickered and Kirishima cackled.

The other boys watched in silence, absolutely floored. Bakugou was shy? Midoriya flirted? Todoroki and Kirishima were okay with it? Did that mean they were actually together?

Kaminari peaked out of one of the raised windows to check for other signs of the apocalypse.


It didn’t take long for the boys to tell the girls of this new development, and Ashido was furious. She was the self proclaimed relationship tracker for their year and god damn it she was supposed to be the first to know when people got together! So, naturally, she cornered Midoriya at the dorms once class was over.

“Why didn’t you guys tell me?” Ashido pouted.

Midoriya scratched his neck sheepishly, “well this all just happened last night, we haven’t had a chance to tell anyone yet…”

Ashido crossed her arms, not buying it.

“Its true!” Midoriya protested.

With a sigh, Ashido relaxed, “okay fine, but you owe me! Tell me the second something happens next time!”

Midoriya nodded, mostly to appease her. Ashido nodded back and marched away, a mock serious look on her face.

“What was that about?” Kirishima asked, watching Ashido lose interest in the serious act and quickly jump into a gossip session with Hagakure.

“Relationship tracker” Midoriya said simply.

Kirishima nodded in understanding, dropping the subject, “I was thinking we should go out this afternoon to buy snacks for the movie night, do you wanna come?”

Midoriya smiled and nodded, “sure! We could go to the mall and get some other stuff too!”

“Sounds good” Kirishima grinned.

“Have you invited Shouto yet?”

“Nope, I was gonna ask him next” he explained.

“Come on then! Let’s ask! Shouto loves shopping!” Midoriya dragged Kirishima inside and over to the couch where Todoroki was preparing to nap in a very catlike way.

“Hmm?” Todoroki blinked up at them.

“Do you wanna come to the mall with us?” Kirishima asked, “we’re getting stuff for the movie night.”

“Absolutely” Todoroki mumbled, snuggling deeper into the blanket, “just give me five…maybe ten minutes.”


Half an hour later, they finally got Todoroki up, and after another half an hour they left the school grounds with Bakugou.

“This is kinda like a date on its own, huh?” Kirishima mused as they settled into their seats on the bus.

“Is it?” Todoroki blinked.

“I guess it is!” Midoriya beamed, “that means we should do some other things too! We could go to the arcade, stop for food-”

“This isn’t a mission, Deku” Bakugou rolled his eyes in a way that Midoriya now recognized as fondness, “besides, there’s no way we can afford to do more than buy snacks for tonight and maybe stop at the arcade.”

“Oh, forget about money” Midoriya waved the worry off.

Todoroki nodded, “I have one of Endeavor's credit cards. The more money I spend the better.”

“It’ll feel weird spending so much money at first” Midoriya explained, “but since I doubt the number one hero will even go to court for his crimes I consider it his fine.”

Kirishima laughed loudly, “you’re savage, dude.”

Any response to that was cut off by Bakugou's sudden realization, “does that mean Half-n-Half is our sugar daddy?”

Midoriya and Kirishima immediately broke down laughing, making Todoroki snort and Bakugou break down in his own version of laughter.

Chapter Text

To help adjust to their sudden financial freedom, Midoriya and Todoroki took their boys to one of the higher end tech stores, telling them to go wild.

Surprisingly enough, Kirishima made a beeline for the nature documentaries in the movie section, and Bakugou went to the headphones.

“Is there something specific you’re looking for, Bakugou?” Todoroki wondered, he didn’t think Bakugou would have any interest in music and headphones.

Bakugou shrugged, “I need something that won’t fuck with my hearing aids. Cheap ones give a lot of feedback and it really fucking hurts.”

Todoroki blinked in surprise. Bakugou had hearing aids? He took a proper look at Bakugou's ears and noticed two well camouflaged devices. Huh.

“Is there any specific functions you need for them?” He figured asking about Bakugou's hearing could wait for later.

Bakugou told him what he needed and the two of them searched through the racks together, eventually coming across a high quality set specifically made to suit hearing aids. There were even different versions to suit the different types of hearing aids. Bakugou nearly cried over them.

They found the version that suited Bakugou and quickly put it in their basket. Todoroki pushed Bakugou's head in a different direction when the other boy tried to look at the price.


Meanwhile, Kirishima and Midoriya had found a few interesting nature documentaries, along with some tech and quirk ones too. They decided that was enough and moved onto movies and anime, randomly picking any case that caught their eyes, until Midoriya locked onto the classic hero movie section.

Kirishima turned out to be just as interested, and together they grabbed one of each movie, with Midoriya sneaking in a deluxe All Might Origins box set.

The two boys forced themselves to leave the isle when their basket was full. After a few minutes of searching they found Bakugou and Todoroki in front of the TVs trying to pick one.

“Is a TV really necessary?” Kirishima wondered, gawking at the big screens.

“Well, if we’re gonna have the movie night we’re gonna need space, and your rooms are pretty crowded, which leaves mine, but I don’t have a TV” Todoroki explained.

“Let’s save the TV for last, carting a TV around while we shop wouldn’t be easy” Midoriya suggested, unfazed by the price nor the size of the TVs they were looking at.

The boys agreed and went to pay for their stuff, ready to move on to a different store.


Much to Bakugou's horror, Todoroki made a beeline for a really bright and colorful clothes shop, with Midoriya laughing as they followed behind.

“What the fuck?” Bakugou stared at the racks of clothes, the colors were so saturated he could feel his eyes burning.

“Shouto’s been big on trying new things lately” Midoriya explained, not hiding his amusement, “lately he’s been fascinated with the ‘gay eyesore' style. At least, that’s what I call it.”

Midoriya's term seemed accurate, because Todoroki found bright purple light up shoes, multiple pairs of hideously patterned harem pants, and a few neon crop tops.

“What a look” Kirishima cackled.

“You have no room to talk” Bakugou snickered, “mr thigh high-gothic-heeled crocs.”

Kirishima quickly shut up, glaring at Bakugou when the other boy was about to tell the story to a very curious Midoriya.

Todoroki payed for his stuff and they quickly left the store, Bakugou noticed Kirishima eyeing something in there and covered his eyes before he got any ideas. The fact that the other boy shamelessly wore crocs was bad enough.

As they made their way to the food court, Midoriya moved to walk next to Todoroki with a grin that Bakugou knew meant danger.

“Hey, babe” Midoriya began, casually.

“Hmm?” Todoroki turned his attention to their boyfriend.

“Next time we visit my mom, let’s stop by Kacchan's place too” Midoriya's evil aura grew, “you can show auntie and uncle your new style.”

“What?!” Bakugou gaped, horrified. Kirishima nearly feel to the floor from laughing so hard.

“Are they interested in this stuff?” Todoroki asked, confused.

“Definitely” Midoriya nodded with a serious tone.

Kirishima snorted and tripped, nearly crashing into a plant.

“Absolutely not!” Bakugou yelled, ignoring the looks he got from other shoppers, “Half-n-Half! If you go anywhere near them in that kind of outfit I’ll kill you!”

“Do it man” Kirishima wheezed, trying to face Todoroki, “I once visited while wearing crocs and they laughed so hard that mom collapsed and dad exploded.”

“They can’t know I’m dating multiple fashion disasters!” Bakugou almost had tears in his eyes, his boyfriends could easily tell it was fake, Bakugou was just being a drama queen, “don’t you dare ruin me like this!”

Todoroki was extremely confused, looking between the two laughing boys and Bakugou's dramatic begging.

“Auntie and uncle are fashion designers” Midoriya grinned, “Kacchan and I grew up being lectured about the do’s and don’ts of style. And now we’re dating you and Kacchans dating Kirishima.”

“Oh how the mighty have fallen” Kirishima snickered.

Todoroki snorted.

“Shut up!” Bakugou grumbled, giving his boyfriends' laughter new life.


The next store they found was a bedding store. They didn’t think much of it as they walked past, but then Kirishima remembered their financial freedom.

“Holy shit! Guys!” Kirishima stopped and turned back to look at the store, “we should make a blanket fort for the movie night!”

Midoriya's eyes instantly lit up and he helped Kirishima drag their boyfriends inside. They let go once the other two gave in and the four of them made a beeline for the blankets.

“I think I’m in love” Bakugou clung to a folded giant fluffy blanket, “forget you lot, the only thing I need in life is this.”

“I think there’s electric heated blankets nearby” Todoroki suggested, holding a few blankets that Kirishima and Midoriya had found.

“This and one of those” Bakugou corrected himself, leaving to find the heated blankets.

Todoroki chuckled as another blanket was shoved into his arms.


Several heated blankets and one run to get a shopping cart later, the boys were satisfied with their fort supplies, they’d even gotten some nest supplies when Bakugou found out the blankets were just for roofing, which was ridiculous, if you’re gonna make a fort for a movie night its gotta be comfortable.

Their last stop before they went to get a TV was snacks. Todoroki was horrified when he saw Bakugou grab an armful of ultra spicy chips, then some spicy dipping sauce to go with it.

“You’re a monster” Todoroki stated.

Bakugou smirked as he threw his stuff into their snacks cart, proud of himself.

“Shouto, Kacchan is nothing compared to what Kirishima just got” Midoriya pointed a horrified finger to Kirishima, who was holding a block of mint chocolate.

“Dude!” Kirishima dramatically pouted, “mint chocolate is where its at! Y’all are cowards!”

“’Y’all’” Todoroki snorted, Midoriya mimed tipping a cowboy hat, making Bakugou snort too.

“Shuddup” Kirishima playfully swatted at them before going back to looking at the food.

They found a few more snacks before Bakugou snapped, pulling them to the fruits and vegetables. Even if they were all going to work off the fatty snacks the next day, Bakugou couldn’t stand the idea of just eating chips.

“We’ll get some fruit then we’ll figure out what we’re having for dinner and I’ll get the ingredients” Bakugou crossed his arms.

Kirishima turned and over dramatically dragged his feet as he went to find something.

“Bakugou” Todoroki began, “this is supposed to be a fun night, you don’t have to cook.”

“Yeah but we’re gonna be eating so much junk already” Bakugou explained, checking over a packet of blueberries, “we need to have some real food so we don’t just die when we burn off the junk tomorrow.”

“I agree, but let’s get takeout instead” Todoroki suggested, “I know some places have plenty of healthy options.”

Bakugou tried to argue with that, but how could he deny fast, well made, healthy food?


To say their classmates were surprised when they got back to the dorms was an understatement. Honestly, Kirishima couldn’t blame them. Bakugou was carrying six bags of snacks, Todoroki had eight bags of blankets and pillows and an extra one with his clothes in it, Kirishima was carrying a few bags from the tech store and their takeout, Midoriya had the remaining tech bags in one hand while steadying their big TV on his shoulder with the other.

“Do- do you need any help with that?” Kaminari asked.

“No, its fine” Midoriya shrugged, “a TV is nothing.”

Bakugou was tempted to blow up at his classmates when they followed them up to Todoroki's room, but Kirishima gave him a warning look so he only glared at them.

“What’s all this stuff for?” Sero asked.

“We’re having a movie night and needed supplies” Todoroki explained just when they reached his door, Midoriya opened it and everyone filed in to see what they’d bought.

“Sounds awesome, can we join in?” Uraraka wondered.

“Absolutely not” Bakugou snapped, not facing Uraraka.

“Its supposed to be a date” Midoriya told her, but his attention was on Bakugou, who was stiffly organizing the bags and batting their curious classmates away, “we would have gone to the movies but…”

“Ah, right, the ban from the Frozen incident” Uraraka laughed and Midoriya saw Bakugou nearly drop his precious new headphones.

“Okay, you’ve had a look, time to leave” Kirishima grinned, herding everyone out of the room.

Midoriya didn’t bring up his suspicions until the TV was set up and they were working on their pillow fort, “so, Kacchan, is Uraraka one of your other crushes?”

Bakugou froze and looked like he was about to go mute again, Kirishima laughed lightheartedly and petted his boyfriend's hair for a minute to help him relax.

“Is that what that was?” Todoroki blinked, starting to understand.

“He can be kind of obvious when you’re paying attention” Kirishima snickered, Bakugou gave him a halfhearted glare and went back to working on the pillow fort, he was trusting Kirishima with this one.

“I guess it makes sense” Midoriya hummed, “the only thing she didn’t beat you at during the sports festival was the tournament, and that was because you used your quirk while you were going hand to hand.”

There hadn’t been any rules against using quirks for the tournament, it was similar to their first year's, but instead of going for it right away Bakugou and Uraraka mostly fought with hand to hand techniques. Some kind of silent agreement to show off their skill outside their quirks since their first year battle didn’t show much aside from explosions.

“If you’re saying that’s when he started liking her, absolutely not” Kirishima grinned, loving his freedom to speak, after all, not many people know about Bakugou's insane love life, “it was last year after our license exam, Bakugou needed to learn other ways to fight and Uraraka needed to practice, they’ve been sparring weekly since then.”

“That’s adorable” Midoriya cooed, mostly joking.

“Does he have any other crushes?” Todoroki's curiosity got the best of him

“Boy does he! Babe! Can I tell them?” Kirishima turned to make sure Bakugou was okay with it.

“We promise we won’t tell anyone!” Midoriya focused on turning down his excitement and curiosity so Bakugou could see he was serious.

“I don’t really gossip with anyone aside from Yaoyorozu” Todoroki explained, “so I won’t tell.”

“You promise not to tell her about this?” Kirishima asked, serious.

“Of course” Todoroki nodded with no hesitation.

“Okay, fine” Bakugou said, referring to Kirishima's request to tell them.

“Yes!” Kirishima fist pumped, “okay! So including us, Katsuki likes ten people!”

“Ten?” Midoriya gasped, covering his mouth with his hands and looking to Bakugou, awestruck.

Kirishima eagerly continued, “there’s us three, Uraraka, Iida-“

“Iida?!” Midoriya and Todoroki both squawked.

“Yep! The aroace class prez himself!” Kirishima beamed.

And they’d thought Bakugou having a crush on them was weird.

“Who else?” Midoriya prodded.

“Are you ready for this? I don’t think you’re ready for this” Kirishima waited until the two boys were ready to explode before saying, “Yaomomo.”

“No!” Midoriya leaned back, over exaggerated shock on his face.

“When did this happen?” Todoroki asked, looking over to their flustered boyfriend.

“Same time as Glasses” Bakugou mumbled, finally managing to keep a sheet taped to the wall, “dumbasses needed to cram before a test and Glasses and Ponytail helped out.”

“The three of them make a really good teaching team” Kirishima grinned, “the squad and I still remember what they taught us!”

“You should offer regular study sessions, Bakugou” Todoroki suggested, “I’m sure Iida and Yaoyorozu would love help you with it.”

Bakugou grumbled and moved to tape another sheet to the wall, but Kirishima could tell he was actually considering the idea.

“Anyway! What about the others? Who are they” Midoriya demanded, the curiosity was really eating at him.

“You know Shinsou and Hatsume?” Kirishima asked.

“Holy shit” Midoriya blinked.

“Watch your fucking language, Deku” Bakugou snorted.

“Fuck no, this is getting good” Midoriya laughed.

Kirishima cackled, “yeah, Shinsou trains with Katsuki and Uraraka, and Hatsume is the one who modified his hearing aids, he helps her test her ‘babies’ sometimes.”

“Has he helped her make any ‘babies’?” Todoroki asked, trying to sound serious but he couldn’t keep his amusement out of his voice.

Kirishima started wheezing and Midoriya shoved his face into a pillow so his laughter wasn’t as loud.

“Fuck off Icy Hot” Bakugou threw a folded blanket at him.

“Hold on” Kirishima tried to catch his breath, “the last two are the oddballs of the lot, you gotta hear this.”

Todoroki lowered his arm, which was raised to throw the blanket back, and Midoriya steadied himself.

“One is that Camie girl” Kirishima started.

“I knew it!” Todoroki exclaimed.

“And the other is…” Kirishima paused for dramatic effect, “Toga Himeko, the villain.”

“Mood” Midoriya immediately said, before slapping a hand over his mouth and smiling sheepishly.

“You like her too?” Kirishima gaped.

“She’s a pretty girl with fangs and a knife! Can you blame me?!” Midoriya tried to defend himself.

“Maybe I wouldn’t if you didn’t mention the knife!” Kirishima said, baffled.

“Nothing gets your blood pumping more than a life or death situation!” Bakugou argued, he was in the same boat as Midoriya after all, if Midoriya sunk that meant he did too.

“It shouldn’t get your blood pumping to down there!”

“Shut up!” Midoriya blushed, throwing a pillow at Kirishima, who laughed and threw it back.

“I’m siding with Kirishima on this” Todoroki butted in.

“Traitor!” Midoriya threw the pillow at Todoroki.

Unfortunately for him, Todoroki was right next to the bag of pillows.

And so the pillow fight began.

Chapter Text

Half way through the first movie of the night, All Might Origins, the boys remembered their snacks, and immediately tore into them. Much to Kirishima and Todoroki's horror, Midoriya and Bakugou split the ultra spicy chips and dip, eating them as if the chips alone didn’t feel like lava on your tongue.

“I’m not kissing you for a week” Todoroki told Midoriya, terrified of the idea of some of the spiciness touching his mouth.

“Oh well” Bakugou shrugged, smirking, “more for me.”

Midoriya laughed and shoved him. Him and Todoroki hadn’t kissed Bakugou yet, and didn’t really put much thought into it, but it seemed like Bakugou wasn’t making a big deal about it either. It’ll happen when it happens.

“Not really” Kirishima said, “I’m not kissing you either, Katsuki, I’d prefer to feel my mouth in the future.”

“So would I” Bakugou grinned.

The other three boys blinked, confused, before Midoriya's eyes widened and he snorted, lightly slapping Bakugou's arm, “perv!”

Todoroki and Kirishima finally got the joke and laughed too, making Bakugou's grin wider.

“Okay! Shut up! This is the best part!” Midoriya jumped up, pointing to the TV.

“Oh shit!” Bakugou jumped up too.

Midoriya struck the same pose as All Might on the screen, and when All Night spoke they both boomed out, “villain! I have no need for your offer! A true hero is prepared to make any sacrifice for the good of the people! So fear not, citizens! For I am here!”

Then Bakugou struck the pose of the villain and hissed out the villain's line, “fine then! Prepare to die, you fool!”

Midoriya and Bakugou then mimicked the fight on screen, making sound effects with each punch and kick.

Todoroki and Kirishima watched their boyfriends, highly amused. They’d both seen their boyfriends separately act out their role for this movie before, but they hadn’t realized there was another part to it. To know it was a combined act that Midoriya and Bakugou had probably started when they were kids was a true gift.

When Midoriya proudly stood over the defeated “villain”, Todoroki and Kirishima loudly applauded.

“Did you two come up with that when you were kids?” Kirishima wondered.

“Yeah” Midoriya beamed proudly as they sat back down, “Kacchan and I used to fight over who would be All Might, so we ended up switching depending on the movie, this one is one of mine.”

“Which movies are you All Might for, Bakugou?” Todoroki asked.

“All Might Golden Age and All Might Generations” Bakugou shrugged, shoving some chips in his mouth.

“How do you do Generations?” Todoroki questioned, baffled.

“Its insane” Kirishima grinned, “he switches between all the All Mights when they speak, and the fight scenes are a mess, I don’t know how he does it all!”

“You should have seen when he was learning it” Midoriya laughed, “he was always tripping over his own feet and saying the wrong lines.”

Bakugou scowled as the boys laughed, “I’d like to see you try to do better, Generations was Deku's at first but he couldn’t handle it.”

“I didn’t say I could do better” Midoriya smirked, “I’m just saying it was funny, I think mom has a video of it somewhere.”

Bakugou silently stared at him for a moment before stating, “tomorrow I’m going to find that video and destroy any trace of it.”

“Sure!” Kirishima smirked, “we can all go! And while we’re in the area we can stop by your place and Todoroki can show your parents his new style!”

Todoroki smirked too, Bakugou's head snapped to glare at him, “don’t you fucking dare.”

“If you let me show them the video then I’ll make sure Shouto dresses normally before we leave” Midoriya grinned.

Bakugou glared at the three of them before sighing and looking away, which his boyfriends took as a victory, and they quickly dropped the subject before Bakugou changed his mind.

The movie eventually ended and they faced the tough decision of what to watch next. Todoroki was fine with anything, but Kirishima wanted to watch a documentary, Bakugou wanted to watch a horribly made horror movie, and Midoriya wanted to watch an actual horror movie. Being as stubborn as they were, there was only one way to decide.

Bakugou and Kirishima did rock, Midoriya did paper.

“Yes!” Midoriya cheered, “paper beats rock! I win!”

“No fair! You chose the last movie!” Kirishima pouted.

“You guys wanted to watch it too!” Midoriya protested.

“You’re the one who asked for it!” Bakugou argued, “make it two out of three!”

Midoriya did rock, Kirishima did scissors, Bakugou did paper. They got some variation of this all three times.

“Maybe you shouldn’t do three way rock paper scissors” Todoroki suggested, amused.

So they did it elimination style. Kirishima beat Bakugou with rock, Midoriya beat Kirishima with scissors.

“God damn it!” Bakugou hissed as Midoriya cheerfully set up the movie.

The other boys' reactions were worth every round of rock paper scissors. Kirishima jumped when the menu screen popped up, Todoroki started creating a chill when they pressed play, and Bakugou started crackling after the first death.

“Are you okay, Kacchan?” Midoriya asked, hiding a smirk.

“Why wouldn’t I be okay?” Bakugou snapped, acting like his palms weren’t new year’s fireworks.

Midoriya snorted and turned back to the movie just in time to see the main character and the killer start wrestling over a knife.

Bakugou's crackling suddenly stopped, he sat there tense but still as the main character managed to get a good swing at the killer, before the killer yanked the knife out of their hands and raised it to stab them. When the knife went down, Bakugou flung himself at Kirishima and hid his face in the other boy's shoulder. He noticeably jumped then the main character screamed in pain.

Seeing Bakugou's intense reaction, Midoriya quickly paused the movie and turned the bedroom light on.

“Are you okay?” Todoroki asked, worried.

“I'm fine” Bakugou tried to say, but his voice cracked, making everyone worry even more.

“I'm sorry Kacchan” Midoriya frowned, clearly guilty, “I should have at least asked if you could handle these movies.”

“I can handle them!” Bakugou protested, “I’m not a coward!”

“Of course you’re not” Todoroki instantly agreed, “you’ve fought real villains before and would gladly do it again.”

Midoriya nodded, “yeah, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take it easy in your free time.”

Kirishima started running his fingers through their boyfriend's hair to soothe him, “ever since the kidnapping he’s had problems with this stuff. I think the only reason he’s okay with hero work is because of stubbornness and the therapy mom made him go to.”

Midoriya looked even more guilty and carefully joined Kirishima and Bakugou in their hug.

“I’m gonna make some warm drinks” Todoroki stood up and went to his mini fridge, grabbing the milk and pulling some chocolate power out of a shelf. He mixed the milk and chocolate in some cups for them and heated it up by carefully using his quirk. Remembering the marshmallows they’d grabbed, he pulled some out and added them to the drinks.

“I'm so sorry Kacchan” Midoriya mumbled, close to tears at this point.

Bakugou had relaxed a little by now, and lightly shoved Midoriya, “stop crying, nerd, its not like I told you about this shit.”

“Yeah but you were against serious horror movies from the start” Midoriya sniffled.

Todoroki interrupted them, handing out the cups. Bakugou chugged the whole thing in one go, and his body completely relaxed. The hot chocolate had done it's job.

Kirishima stood up and went through their movie selection, pulling out a nature documentary and holding it up to see if the others wanted to watch it. They agreed easily this time, and Kirishima set it up and pressed play, mostly for background noise.

Their whole seating arrangement seemed to revolve around Bakugou. He was sitting in Midoriya's lap, which Midoriya didn’t mind, even if it made drinking the hot chocolate a little difficult, Todoroki sat to their right, giving Bakugou access to his naturally hot side, and Kirishima sat to their left, snuggled into Bakugou's side.

The rest of the night was pretty peaceful, they binge watched documentaries in silence until they fell asleep in a pile.


Once again, Todoroki woke up in the middle of the night, and the sight of the boys next to him made him glad that he did. Bakugou had stubbornly stuck to Todoroki's warm side the whole time they were asleep, Midoriya looked like he’d tried to get closer to the warmth but failed and settled for snuggling into Bakugou, and Kirishima was awkwardly wedged under Midoriya just so he could have an arm around Bakugou.

Carefully, Todoroki reached around the others to get his phone and take a photo. He set it as his wallpaper before sending it to Yaoyorozu. She wouldn’t see it until morning came, but she always appreciated getting cute photos of him and Midoriya together, and he knew she’d appreciate seeing his new relationship just as much.

He then settled back into the cuddle pile, but he knew it’d take a while for him to fall asleep again. That left him some time to think.

The fact that Bakugou had so many crushes was absolutely adorable. Their own class tough guy, who usually expresses any fondness by saying he “doesn’t hate you”. Todoroki was glad there was more to his life than striving to be the top hero, since Todoroki knew full well how empty that life could be.


The next morning, the four groggy boys dragged their feet down to the kitchen, two of which were at the mercy of their early risers. Kirishima and Todoroki collapsed on the couches, falling back asleep almost instantly as Midoriya blindly felt around the shelves for his brand of coffee and Bakugou pulled his tea out.

Midoriya remembered their sleeping boyfriends, “shit, Kacchan, what does Kirishima have?”

Bakugou filled up the kettle and turned it on, just as bleary eyed, “don’t make shit for Ei, he’ll chug the whole fucking thing in one go and fall back asleep, he’s gotta make it himself or he’ll never wake up.”

Midoriya nodded and went back to making his and Todoroki's morning drinks.

Todoroki welcomed his coffee, carefully sitting up with it and taking careful sips, on the other hand, Kirishima smelled their coffee and rolled off the couch, dragging himself into the kitchen to make his own cup. Once that was all done, they sat together and slowly woke up for real, drinking in silence.

Well it was silent until everyone else started waking up. Each classmate stumbled out of the elevators and made their way to the coffee. Then suddenly the dorm was alive, the TV was on, breakfast was being cooked, and it was time to gossip.

“Todoroki” Yaoyorozu started, walking up to him, “can I show everyone the photo you sent me last night?”

He’d already gotten many giddy messages from her fawning over the photo, but she preferred to ask this kind of thing in person. Todoroki nodded and his friend's eyes lit up, hurrying over to Jirou and Kaminari to show them.

“Photo?” Kirishima blinked, confused.

Todoroki handed his phone to him, Kirishima didn’t even need to unlock it to see it.

“Holy shit you have to send that to me” Kirishima grinned.

Midoriya looked over Kirishima's shoulder and started grinning as well, “send it to me too, Shouto.”

“Do you want me to send it to you too, Bakugou?” Todoroki asked as his phone was handed back.

Bakugou leaned over to look at the picture, before looking away and shrugging.

“That’s Morning Katsuki for ‘absolutely’” Kirishima translated, making Todoroki chuckle.

Chapter Text

Bakugou didn’t trust that bag. Todoroki was too proud of it and Midoriya was too amused by it. They’d said it was a present for Midoriya's mom, Inko, but Bakugou didn’t believe that for a second.

He glared at the offending bag as he, Todoroki, Midoriya, and Kirishima walked from the UA dorms to the Midoriya home. His new boyfriends watched it like hawks, so he didn’t even have a chance to snatch it or take a peak inside. The only opportunity would be when they stopped by the store to get snacks for Inko.

He only became more antsy as the store came into view. His curiosity and suspicion killing him. He knew they’d be stopping by the Bakugou house after visiting Inko, and he wasn’t about to let his guard down since they’d talked about Todoroki's “style” yesterday.

Todoroki had thankfully left the dorms in normal clothes with no hassle, he didn’t even ask if he could wear his new clothes, so that was a point in his favor. If he’d forgotten about yesterday's conversation and the bag really did contain a gift, then maybe Bakugou was just being paranoid.

But they were still acting weird about it, and Bakugou was going to be ready for whatever his boyfriends had planned.


Apparently he wasn’t ready. Visiting Inko had gone smoothly, the mother was happy to hear about their new relationship, but when they were about to leave Todoroki told them to go ahead because he needed to use the bathroom. Midoriya stayed behind too.

Mitsuki and Masaru happily greeted Bakugou and Kirishima, even if their only warning was a text sent half an hour prior to them arriving. Bakugou was excited to tell them about his new boyfriends, but wanted to wait until said boyfriends arrived, even if it meant dealing with whatever horrible plan the pair had hatched.

They didn’t have to wait for long. There was a chipper knock at the door, the type only type Midoriyas seemed to make, and Bakugou rushed to the door, determined to beat his mother to it, but the older Bakugou was just as stubborn, and shoved him out of the way before opening the door, revealing a sight that make Bakugou wish he’d put up more of a fight.

There Todoroki was, in his blindingly god awful outfit. A pink crop top, the light up shoes, and jean shorts with rainbow leggings underneath.

And next to Todoroki was Deku, the traitor, with an over saturated orange hoodie and blue flower printed jeans.

“Holy shit you actually did it!” Kirishima cackled from behind them.

Mitsuki stared at them, shocked into silence, so Bakugou took the opportunity to yell at them, “what the fuck?! I expected this from you, Half-n-Half! But Deku?! What the fuck?!”

Midoriya grinned, highly amused, “sorry, I’ve joined the dark side.”

“You better fucking not have!” Bakugou stomped closer and glared at him.

Unfortunately, now Midoriya could tell there wasn’t any bite to his bark, so his only reaction was an amused giggle, which easily melted Bakugou's anger. So much for trying to rebuild his tough guy act.

“And what do you have to say for yourself, Half-n-Half?” Bakugou turned to the other boy.

“I’m ashamed” Todoroki stated, absolutely not ashamed at all, “will you ever forgive me?”

Bakugou threw his hands in the air and stomped back inside.

“What the hell is going on?” Mitsuki looked to Kirishima as she let Midoriya and Todoroki in.

Kirishima simply shrugged innocently and walked with them to the lounge room, where Bakugou was pouting on the couch and Masaru was watching him, confused. His confusion only grew when he saw Midoriya and Todoroki their in their horrible clothes.

After some insincere apologies, Todoroki and Midoriya made themselves comfortable on the couch with Bakugou. Mitsuki and Masaru waited for their son to explain what was going on.

Bakugou buried his face in his hands, grumbling out, “I’m dating these two idiots now.”

Mitsuki blinked, her mouth twitching up in amusement, “you are?”

All four boys nodded.

“So they’re your boyfriends?” Masaru asked, just to confirm it.

Bakugou nodded.

Masaru snorted and coughed back his laughter, Mitsuki on the other hand didn’t bother holding back, she laughed so hard she hunched forward, wheezing, “two more boys with awful taste! You have a type!”

“I don’t!” Bakugou immediately protested, pointing to Midoriya, “Deku dressed like that to fuck with me!”

“Not true” Midoriya shook his head with a shit eating grin, “I wanted to try something new, just like Shouto.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it!” Bakugou turned back to his parents, “Deku told Half-n-Half to dress like this when he came to meet you!”

Masaru actually laughed this time, “Izuku, you’re terrible.”

“Thank you” Midoriya grinned, making Todoroki and Kirishima laugh too.


They eventually got over the teasing, and Midoriya couldn’t stand wearing the orange hoodie anymore so he took it off to reveal the shirt he’d been wearing before. Bakugou sighed in relief, glad that Midoriya didn’t go full disaster for a joke.

“I’m glad you’re finally doing something about your feelings” Masaru smiled, “you were so upset when you last called.”

Bakugou cringed, remembering the call that happened before Kirishima convinced him to confess to Midoriya and Todoroki. He’d seen Kaminari, Jirou, and Yaoyorozu cuddling on the couch and became overwhelmed by frustration and envy, to the point where Kirishima couldn’t even calm him down. Kirishima ended up calling his parents so they could help talk him through it.

“Are you planning on talking to the others too?” Mitsuki wondered.

“Eventually” Bakugou shrugged.

“He doesn’t want Midoriya and Todoroki to feel like they don’t matter” Kirishima translated, mostly for the other two boys' sake.

Midoriya teared up and looked to Bakugou, who was avoiding eye contact.

“Thank you, Bakugou” Todoroki smiled, “it means a lot.”

Mitsuki and Masaru watched this interaction, close to tears themselves.

After ten more minutes of talking, they figured it was time to get back to the dorms, they still had to burn off the junk food they ate the night before.


Things start settling down over the next few weeks. The rest of the class finally got used to Bakugou's new boyfriends, and the four of them were now comfortable with each other.

Until Friday.

Bakugou, Kirishima, Midoriya, and Todoroki were hanging out with Yaoyorozu, Jirou, and Kaminari, when Kaminari asked the question.

“Is your relationship harder with there being four of you?” Kaminari tried his best to sound casual.

“Not really” Midoriya shrugged, “once Kacchan started opening up to us, everything seemed to work out.”

“Though you can’t expect that to be the case for all poly relationships” Kirishima reminded him.

“True” Midoriya nodded.

“But if we went about it the right way it’ll be alright, right?” Kaminari pressed.

“Depends on the person” Bakugou shrugged.

“Are you gonna ask someone out?” Midoriya wondered, curious.

Kaminari looked away, “maybe, I dunno, I can’t tell if he likes me or not.”

“Who is it?” Todoroki asked.

“...” Kaminari hesitated, “its Shinsou.”

Bakugou, Midoriya, and Todoroki snapped upright while Kirishima started snickering. Midoriya had confessed about having a crush on Shinsou a while ago, and Todoroki had only realized his crush on him a few days ago.

“Wow, you all have the same taste in guys” Kirishima snorted, earning and annoyed slap on the arm from Bakugou.

“What do you mean?” Yaoyorozu wondered, putting down her book to pay full attention to the conversation.

“Bakugou, Izuku, and I are interested in Shinsou too” Todoroki stated.

“Shinsou's really got it going on” Kirishima laughed, “you guys are gonna have so many metamors.”

“Meta...?” Kaminari looked confused.

“A partner of your partner who you’re not dating” Midoriya explained, “for example, Eijirou is mine and Shouto's metamor.”

Yaoyorozu nodded in understanding, “so if Shinsou and Denki start dating then Shinsou would be mine and Kyouka's metamor.”

Kirishima nodded as Jirou snorted out, “pff, if, good one.”

“I really don’t think its like that” Kaminari frowned to Jirou, “we’re friends.”

“Katsuki and I were friends before we started dating” Kirishima smiled, “and Katsuki didn’t seem like the type to be interested in anyone.”

Midoriya nodded in agreement, “you’ll never know how he feels until you ask.”

“And its not like anything would change if he rejected you” Bakugou stated, “Eyebags isn’t an asshole.”

“Like you?” Kaminari laughed, referring to the time when Kaminari had flirted with him once and Bakugou had avoided him for a full week.

“See? I told you, it’ll be okay” Jirou assured, “you gotta go for it before these three try to snatch him up.”

“Hey! We can share!” Midoriya pouted, offended.

Kaminari looked at him with mock doubt, “I dunno man, you guys have been keeping to yourselves since you got together.”

“That’s because, between the three of them, they have a crush on the whole class” Kirishima stated bluntly, earning a slap on the arm from both Bakugou and Midoriya.

“That many?” Jirou blinked, surprised.

“For real? Man, Midoriya, you’re a big old softie” Kaminari laughed.

“Actually most of the crushes are Kacchan's” Midoriya smirked, making Kaminari choke on air in surprise.

“He’s our big old teddy bear” Kirishima smiled at his boyfriend fondly, Bakugou rolled his eyes.

“Can we know who they are?” Yaoyorozu asked, curiosity growing.

“That depends on if Katsuki wants to confess to one of them right this second” Kirishima shrugged, turning to Bakugou, who quickly shook his head, “ah, no, its not gonna happen.”

“Wait, he has a crush on one of us?” Jirou sat forward.

“Well he basically rejected me already” Kaminari pointed out before a smirk grew on his face “so its gotta be one of you two, honestly, I don’t blame him.”

Both Bakugou and Jirou hit him for that comment.

“Let’s forget about it for now” Todoroki said, “he’ll confess when he’s ready.”

The girls nodded before Jirou turned to Midoriya, “what about you? Can we know about your crushes?”

Midoriya shrugged, “well, aside from Shouto, Kacchan, and Shinsou, I like Uraraka, Hatsumei, Tokoyami, and Ashido.”

“And Toga Himeko” Kirishima added, Midoriya tried to hit him but Kirishima activated his quirk.

“The villain?” Yaoyorozu gasped.

“I don't- its not-” Midoriya stuttered, blushing, “I swear its only physical! Wait, shit! Let me rephrase that!”

“Nope, too late!” Bakugou cackled, “you think Knife Bitch is sexy!”

“Well so do you!” Midoriya retorted, bright red.

“We’re not talking about me!” Bakugou grumbled, settling down anyway.

“I kind of get it” Jirou commented, making them all stare at her, “it uh, she...look, intimidating girls, cool.”

“They’re hot” Kaminari said for her, agreeing.

“What the hell is wrong with our class?” Kirishima frowned, Todoroki and Yaoyorozu nodded in agreement.


“When did you start having a crush on Mina?” Kirishima asked Midoriya after they'd left their friends.

Midoriya blushed and shrugged, “its barely a crush at all, I just like hanging out with her and sometimes I...want to touch her hair.”

“That’s a crush” Bakugou stated.

“Yeah” Kirishima nodded, “it doesn’t have to be more than that for it to count as a crush.”

“Huh” Midoriya blinked.

“Izuku usually has really intense feelings about his crushes” Todoroki explained.

“Considering that one of his first ones was on Katsuki, that’s understandable” Kirishima snorted.

The four of them then went to Todoroki's room and made themselves comfortable in the now permanent nest of pillows and blankets, ready to put on a quirk history documentary and listen to Midoriya and Bakugou toss various facts and theories at each other until they fell asleep.

During a lull in the discussion, Kirishima noticed Bakugou's familiar longing expression.

“Katsuki” Kirishima whispered just loud enough for him to hear, “just ask them, they won’t mind.”

Bakugou nodded before turning back to Midoriya and acting like nothing happened. The silence made up Kirishima's mind. He was gonna have to take this into his own hands.

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