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Just A Touch

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Chapter Two


This can’t be real. How did I not know anything about this soulmark shit? They didn’t teach us in school. Everyone acted like if you didn’t have one at birth, it would never happen for you, but that’s not the case at all. I don’t know if what I just read would actually help others, but how is this not common knowledge? Not that I would have wanted random women touching me all the time, but shit. Anna touched me with her bare hands and the mark appeared instantly. We were meant to be together. What the hell am I going to do, she is not in my plans, but…the way I feel around her, I…shit.

Apartment hunting didn’t go as well as I planned. The ones I had originally picked out were a bit cheap, and the neighborhood mirrored them. Because of my raise, and the generous bonus Ochaco gave me, I decided to up my game. The realtor was thrilled when I said I wanted to spend a bit more, and said she would research and get back to me tomorrow. Right now, I had more important things to worry about, like how my soulmate was coming over to pick me up for dinner in a few hours. What was I going to wear? I mean, I was going out with the number six hero, AGAIN. I couldn’t stop thinking about how there was no way he would normally go for me. How had the two of us been paired? Looking at him was like looking at a Greek statue. Broad shoulders, chiseled chest, thighs that were so thick he could snap me in two with them. His face was almost perfect, the only flaw a small scar that ran across his left jawline, but that just made him hotter. His ash blonde hair was a crazy as his crimson eyes. I couldn’t lie to myself, I thought he was amazing before the mark appeared. But I never dreamed we would ever be in this position. I was a bit shorter than Ochaco, my mess of curly black locks falling to my shoulders. My curves were good, I guess, depending on who you were comparing them to. I was no Creati, but I filled out a dress ok. When I finished showering, I grabbed a plum skirt and white, button up shirt to wear. It was my favorite skirt; it was almost the same color as my eyes. I still had a few minutes so I threw on some mascara and lip gloss just before the knock came. I opened the door and my mouth almost hit the floor. He was dressed in black pants with a white shirt that was busting at the seams. He was grinning ear to ear when our eyes met, and I felt myself flush before he took a step inside.

Holy shit Katsuki, get it together. If you pop a boner now, she is going to think you are a creep. Why does she have to look so good in that skirt? Her legs are so smooth. I want to unbutton her shirt slowly to see what’s hiding underneath. It looks like they would fit perfectly in my mouth. Ok, have to stop thinking about that. Going to dinner, think about food…

“You look nice. I hope you are hungry; this place has my favorite dish.”

“I can’t wait, but if it’s super spicy I’m going to kill you.”

“Nah, you can get it milder, I promise.” We ended up at a ramen place, and it was delicious. I declined the super spicy that Bakugo devoured, but I thoroughly enjoyed what I ordered. Another place to add to the list. While we were more comfortable with each other tonight, there was a new tension that filled the air. I caught him glancing at me, taking quick peeks at my chest when he thought I wasn’t looking. I noticed how flustered he was when I answered the door. When I am around him my blood boils, is it the same for him? Is it because of the soulmark? I wanted to run my fingers through his hair, lay my head on his bare chest, and taste his lips. I may have been attracted to him before, but now it was more like an unfulfilled ache. We walked back to the hotel and I was struggling…I really wanted him to come up. How do I ask him without seeming, well, desperate?

How do I get her to ask me to her room? I don’t want to scare her off, but I’m not done with her tonight. It’s still early, I have to think of something. Oh shit, we didn’t talk about apartment hunting. I’ll wait and bring it up at the hotel, maybe she will want to talk about it.

We entered the lobby and he looked like a lost puppy. Did he want to come up? Oh god I was having so many conflicting feelings I didn’t know what to do. Part of me wanted to say goodnight and hide from my feelings. The other part wanted to rip his clothes off and ride his cock all night long.

“Hey, I forgot. Did you have any luck with your apartment hunt?”

“Oh, yeah…well, no. It’s kind of a long story…”

“I don’t mind.”

“Well come on then, I’ll talk your ear off. Maybe you can tell me what neighborhoods to avoid so I don’t make the same mistake twice.” I laughed. He grinned and my heart skipped a beat. He wanted to come to my room.

“Oh shit, I wish you would have told me last night, I could have saved you the trip.” He laughed as we sat on the bed, scolding me about the terrible neighborhood I had looked in this afternoon. “It’s good you are looking for condos now. They are so much better. You know, there may be a unit available where Kirishima lives. It’s not far from work. I’ll give you the address.”

“That would be great. She said she would be researching and calling me tomorrow.”

“So, you are looking at some places tomorrow?”

“That’s the plan. I start work on Monday so I am really hoping that I can find something and move in by then. I don’t want to be stuck in this hotel the first day of work. Then I’d have to rush to get all my crap here.”

“Well, when you find something, I am more than willing to help you move.” I looked up at him and he looked like he said something wrong. “I mean, you know, if you need help…I mean maybe you don’t need help…”

“Thank you, I will. If you came to help unload the truck that would be a big help. Hey, Bakugo? Did you tell anyone about your soulmark?”

“Um, well Kirishima saw it after you left. He probably told his girlfriend and who knows who she told. But I haven’t told anyone.”

“Ochaco knows. I don’t know her well enough to know if she would tell anyone.”

“If she did, it was just her nerd of a boyfriend. He won’t tell anyone. Why are you worried about who knows?” he asked, a bit defensive.

“I don’t know, maybe because you are Bakugo Katsuki, the number six hero? I came here looking for a job, and I found you, and I am still a bit in shock. I hate the idea of other people gossiping about something I don’t understand…”

“Yeah, the whole soulmark thing. Not many people have them appear after birth like this. I actually researched a bit last night. Everyone has a soulmate, and generations ago everyone had a tattoo. As quirks took over, the soulmarks began to fade and now, less that twenty percent of people have visible soulmarks. I remember reading about it in school, but there is more to it than that. People born without a soulmark at birth only have a 2% chance they will ever meet their soulmate. The soulmark only appears if both people have no love in their hearts for someone else when they make skin contact. Anna, people walk past their soulmates every day. Some may be neighbors, some may work together, or ride the same train every day, and they may never know it.” His eyes sparkled at me as he scooted a bit closer. Holy shit, I knew most of that, but only 2%? If I wouldn’t have landed that last blow to his face, we wouldn’t have known. I mean, really…how much skin contact do I make with random people? The answer is almost none. The odds of the two of us, from different hometowns and circumstances randomly finding each other was almost too much for my brain to handle. It was fate. My entire body was fuzzy.

“I want to see it.” I said before I could stop myself. My heart was beating out of my chest and I was breathing heavy, like I had just run a marathon. He grinned and turned his back to me, ripping his shirt off and throwing it to the floor. There, on his left shoulder blade. Seeing my name seared on his flesh sent my mind swimming. It was real, it was my name. My fingers reached out and brushed against it, running softly across the symbols and he moaned loudly. I quickly pulled my fingers back and he spun around, eyes a blaze and cheeks flushed.

“Anna, I…” He stopped as he watched me unbutton my top. I had no idea what I was doing, but I wanted him to see his name on me. His eyes fixated on the mark that was centered just below my left collar bone and a smile crossed his lips. “That’s really my name.” He murmured as his hand raised up and his fingers traced the mark. As soon as he made contact a rush of pleasure washed over me, the sudden excitement making me moan. My chest was heaving as he leaned in, eyes meeting mine just before his lips landed on my mark. A groan escaped my lips as my entire lower body lit on fire. I could feel the arousal wetting my panties as his mouth began moving from the mark to my neck. His kisses were hard and wet, devouring my flesh as he finally made it to my jaw. My hands wrapped around the back of his neck, one combing through his ash blonde locks as he hovered his lips over mine. “Anna” He whispered as his mouth crashed to mine, lighting a fuse in me and shooting electricity to my toes. I’m not going to pretend I was an innocent woman by any means, I had been with enough men in my life to know what was happening right now was different than all the rest. My tongue swept his bottom lip and he parted them, allowing mine to invade his mouth. They wrestled together as we gasped for breath, too in the moment to stop for air. This kiss was like we were sharing the last twenty-four years of what we had been missing. His arms were around my waist, cradling me gently as we melted into each other. He finally broke free, nose resting on mine as his fingers combed through my hair. “I know this is sudden, I don’t want to…”

“Katsuki?” I whispered, guiding his hand between my thighs, rubbing his fingers on the wetness that had soaked through my panties under my skirt. He groaned and pressed his face against my neck.

“You really want me as much as I want you.” He whispered as he swept my panties aside and plunged two fingers into my dripping pussy. I bucked into him, lips landing on his neck as he curled his fingers in and out of me, moaning into my neck as I squirmed for him. I pulled back and finished unbuttoning my shirt, tossing it to the floor as his fingers left my pussy. He slid my skirt down before undoing his pants and throwing them to the side. How was this even happening? I was laying on a bed in only my bra and panties with Ground Zero hovering above me, wanting to take me to bliss. His poor briefs could barely contain his raging boner, the tip poking out already full of precum. He stared down at me like I was his last meal, and my entire body pulsed with heat. I arched my back and took off my bra, shooting it across the room as he gazed down at them. “Damn, I was right…they are perfect.” He whispered as he dove on top of me, mouth suckling my tits as my hands ran down his back. He ravaged my torso, biting and nipping and sucking until I was a quivering mess below him. Every time he touched the soulmark I nearly came, just his touches bringing me more pleasure than I could ever remember. “Are you ready?” He murmured as he slid my panties down to my ankles. I kicked them off and giggled, our eyes meeting with a new passion.

“Yes, Katsuki. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” His eyes narrowed above me and a smirk appeared on his lips.

“That’s exactly what I want to do, Anna.” He moaned as he slipped off his briefs. His cock was finally free, and I tried to stifle my excitement but couldn’t. He was so thick; he was going to destroy me in the best ways possible. He rubbed the tip over my outer folds, coating it in my arousal before he slowly sinking in, completely filling me to the hilt before groaning loudly.

“Ohh, Katsuki!” I shouted as he began moving, plunging in and out at such a rapid pace I thought I may break. His eyes were shimmering as he caught his mouth to mine in an emblazoned kiss. My nails dug into his back as he pounded me into the bed, his grunts filling the room as he obliterated my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist as his lips fell to my neck, licking and biting all around the soulmark until my vision started to blur. I was a panting mess when his lips found mine, tongues clashing as he slowed his pace a bit. Now he was driving hard, and deep almost too slowly, every thrust bringing me closer to the edge. My hand brushed his mark and he moaned loudly into my mouth, biting my lower lip as our hips began to lose control. “I’m cumming.” I whispered in his ear as my walls crashed around his cock, my nails digging into his shoulders as my body succumbed to pleasure. He thrust through every quake, grunting my name as my pussy throbbed around his dick.

“Shit, Anna, your pussy around my cock, it feels…ohhhhh Anna!” He screamed as he thrust one more time, filling me to the brim with his hot cum. It dripped down my thigh and ass as he panted above me, lingering inside as he stared down at me with half lidded eyes. “Anna, I…” I reached up and cupped his face, bringing it close to mine. My lips kissed his chin, moving to catch his lips in a heated kiss. He devoured me, tongues clashing as heat began to build again between my thighs. He was still inside, and starting to twitch as his mouth broke from mine and began a torrid assault on my tits, biting and pulling on the nipples as he kneaded them in between his fingers. I could feel his cock hardening against my walls, and the way he was touching me made me want him again, right now. I rolled out from under him, pulling his cock free as he whimpered. It was rock hard again, and dripping with our cum when I got to my knees in front of him. He growled and bit my ass making me squeal. He rubbed a cheek before I felt him slide his fingers over my slit, parting my entrance and sliding his cock deep inside. My hands braced the mattress as he laid waste to me, gripping my hips as he thrust himself hard and deep, my legs already shaking with anticipation. He leaned in and started biting my back, leaving saliva and bruises, no doubt, in his wake. I could feel his balls brushing my private areas with every move, his hand coming up and grabbing a tit as they swung helplessly during the pounding. My hips raised to meet his, rocking into his cock as he thoroughly fucked me. He was groaning, and his thrusts became sporadic behind me as I pressed my forehead into the sheets.

“Make me cum on your dick again, Katsuki!” I screamed as his fingers landed on my clit and began to rub it out frantically, trying to hold his orgasm back until he brought me. He failed, the feeling of him shooting a second load inside me was my trigger. He was finished when I came, pussy sucking on his cock as the orgasm washed over me, hips crashing hard into his as I screamed his name into the bed. My legs were unsteady as he kissed my back and pulled out, cum pouring out of me onto the comforter. I collapsed to my chest, the sensation of him still inside haunting me. The way he filled me up in every way was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. He rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom, coming back with a few towels. He tossed one to me as he cleaned himself off and slipped his briefs back on. The comforter was ruined, the sticky, white residue already drying as I shook my head. “Just look at the mess you made. I’m going to need to check out when the maids find this…” I laughed as I wiped myself off the best I could.

“The mess was worth it. You are amazing, and perfect, and I can’t believe you are my soulmate.” He said as he grabbed a t-shirt from the dresser and tossed it to me before landing back in bed next to me.

“Katsuki, was that…different for you?” I asked as I slipped my panties back on. He looked at me a bit surprised.

“You mean different like the best sex I have ever had in my whole life that filled a void I didn’t know I had? Yes, yes it did.” He grinned as his mouth met mine. This kiss was gentle, and loving and it made my toes curl.

“My costume has gloves.” I laughed as I laid my head on his chest.


“I must have left them at home with my belt pack.” He gazed down at me; eyes gleaming.

“I’m glad you forgot them.” He whispered as he combed his fingers through my hair. “Anna, I…is it ok if I stay?” His body was warm and soft and I didn’t want to let him go yet.

“Yes. Stay with me, Katsuki.” His arms wrapped around my body as my eyes grew heavy. I never thought I needed someone in my life until I found him. Now, all I could think about was how I could keep him.

I woke to my phone ringing. I rolled over and brushed against something. It only took a moment to remember what had transpired last night. Katsuki was still next to me, dead asleep as I answered.

“Hello?” I squeaked out.

“Anna, I have found some great places to show you today. We still on for 10am?” Shit, my realtor.

“Oh, yes, absolutely! I actually have an address that I want to check out as well, a friend recommended it.” I gave her the address and she laughed.

“That is perfect, it’s already on my list. Since you have the address, why don’t we meet there first?”

“Sounds great, see you soon.” I looked at the clock, shit it was 9am already! Katsuki had started to stir hearing my conversation and rolled over, grabbing my waist and pulling me into him.

“Good morning, beautiful. You ready to go condo hunting?” He laughed as he softly kissed my neck.

“Yes, I can’t wait! The one you told me about was already on her list to look at. We are meeting there first.”

“Perfect, but I should tell you something…”

“Ok, what is it?”

“It’s true that Kirishima lives there, but he isn’t the only one. I do too, but I didn’t want to scare you away by being too forward. After last night, well…” He grinned shyly at me. “They are really nice condos, none exactly the same. It’s quiet, and we have an outdoor pool.” He wanted me to live close to him before we fucked, and still wanted me to live there.

“It’s the first one I’m looking at, and probably the last. I’m going to tell her I like the location.” I winked as I got out of bed and grabbed some clothes. I needed a shower, pronto. Before I could make it to the door, his arms were around me, lips kissing the back of my neck. “What are you doing tonight, Katsuki?” He stopped kissing and spun me around.

“Anything you want.” He grinned as I laughed.

“Well, if I get this place, my Dad and brother are ready with the moving truck that is all loaded, so I could be moved in as soon as I have the keys. I just have to call them and they will be on their way.”

“Give me your phone.” He held out his hand, motioning to hand it over. I unlocked it and handed it to him, typing furiously before handing it back to me. I put it down and headed for the shower as he got dressed. He was waiting when I finished, walking out together as he headed off to work. He gave me a kiss on the lips. “Go get that condo so we can see each other every day…I mean, if that’s what you want.” He blushed. Really? After what we did last night? He was so cute.

“If I didn’t want to see you, I certainly wouldn’t be buying a condo anywhere near you. I’ll call you when I find out what’s going on.” I kissed his cheek and he grabbed my hand, pulling me closer and into a steamy kiss.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it. Have fun. I’ll see you tonight.”

I can’t believe this is happening. My soulmate is the most perfect woman I have ever met. She is way too good for me, so innocent and pure. I’m such an ass, how can I expect her to stick around when she sees the real me come out? Being calm around her is easy, I feel so comfortable with her. But around everyone else…they all still annoy the shit out of me, and it will just be worse with them all blabbering about the soulmarks. What the hell am I going to do?

“So, a friend recommended this place?” The realtor said as she opened the door. The complex was nice, lined with trees and set back off the road. There was a gatehouse at the front and you needed a key to raise the arm. The one we were entering was in the rear of the complex, one of the last in the row which meant I had less neighbors than the rest. It was a tri level, and we stepped into a large living space. It was bigger than it looked from the outside, I was impressed. There was a half wall with a hi top tabletop that divided the living area from the kitchen and dining area. A sliding glass door led to a small patio, perfect for a few chairs. We headed down the half stairs and found a large open space and a small room. This could be a perfect office or study, or even a tv room. The door led to the laundry area; I was glad it wasn’t on the main floor. We headed back up the stairs all the way to the top floor. There were three doors up here. The first one on the left was a small room, good for storage or maybe an exercise room. The next was a large bathroom, complete with full tub and double sinks. The bathroom on the main floor was just a guest toilet, so I was happy to see how big this one was. The last door was right in the middle of the hall, and when I opened it, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. It was one giant room, covering the entire half of the house. The wall on the far right was lined with built in bookcases and the wall straight ahead looked like it was a giant walk-in closet. I ran to it and threw open the doors and it was a giant walk-in closet, complete with rods for hanging and built in dressers. There was even a shoe rack. I clapped my hands together as the realtor nodded. “The price they have this listed for is a steal. Do you want to look over the paperwork?” Twenty minutes later, I had signed on the dotted line. She was right, it was a lot cheaper than I would have imagined. I called my Dad and told him, he said they would leave first thing in the morning with the truck. It had already been ferried to the mainland, and that meant by evening I would be unpacking and moving into my new home. Dad and Rick would be meeting Katsuki. My older brother, Rick was actually born in America. Mom is from New York. They met when Dad transferred to an agency there to do sidekick training just after school. They moved back to Okinawa after he was born, and we have been there since. My brother and his soulmate were marked at birth, and our parents had tracked each other down. They had been together almost ten years, after meeting as kids and becoming friends. He was going to be shocked about this turn of events. I wasn’t sure how Dad would take the news. Katsuki was famous, in the news all the time and had the reputation of being a good hero, with a bad temper. In just a few days he had shown me that he has a second side, one that is gentle, and caring and passionate, but honestly didn’t expect him to change like that around everyone. Being angry was part of who he was, and that was fine with me. He was never cruel, just loud and obnoxious and adorable when he was screaming at reporters. After seeing his other side, I appreciated the loud one even more. He put up a wall to keep people out, but let me right in. I just hoped we could stay together long enough to make it work. I got the feeling he was the type to run when shit got real. I knew, because I was the same way.