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Chapter Three

Fight or Flight

“Dude what the hell are you so worked up over?” Kirishima shouted as he blocked blasts from my fists.

“None of your damn business, dumb hair, just fight back!”

“I’ve known you for a long time, bro. Something is different. You can talk to me, you know.”

“I don’t need to talk to you, I need to punch you.”

“Is it Anna?” My heart raced hearing her name. My mind fell back to last night, how amazing she felt on my cock and the sounds she made for me while we fucked. I had never been with anyone like her, not that I haven’t been with plenty of chicks. But Anna…

“None of your business!” I shouted as I punched him square in the face. He fell back, catching himself at the last moment before grabbing his cheek.

“Dude! That hurt!” I just scoffed at him and crossed my arms. Why hasn’t she called yet? It’s almost dinner time, and I haven’t heard from her. I scared her away, I never should have let it go that far. She’s probably the best thing in my life, and I ruined it. She probably told her Dad she was coming home, no way she wants to be with someone like me. I stomped off, leaving Red standing, staring at me while he held his jaw.

I realized that I didn’t have enough furniture for this amazing new condo, so I went out and did some shopping after I signed the paperwork. My bed and bedroom set were coming from home, along with a tv and a loveseat that was in my room. Mom had given me her old dining room table and chairs to take, excited about getting new ones for the first time in years. I didn’t mind hand me downs, in fact I loved her table. It was still in great shape, and would fit perfect in my new dining area. I needed an entire living room set, and still wasn’t sure what I was doing about the nice room in the basement. For now, I was just finding the stuff for the living room. My treadmill and exercise stuff would go in the small room upstairs, and I didn’t need anything else for the bedroom since it had all the built-in shelving. I ended up at a few different stores, finally finding what I was looking for at the third. A sofa, love seat and chair combo with a few end tables and lamps that wouldn’t break my budget. I was surprised when they said it could be delivered in an hour, and I jumped at it, running back to my new condo and waiting for it to arrive. I noticed the sun was setting, oh shit, I never called Katsuki! I got so wrapped up in getting the furniture that I had totally lost track of time. I opened my address book and flipped through it. He saved his number under Katsu? Katsu…I like that. I hit call and the phone rang a few times before he picked up.


“Hi Katsu.”

“Anna. Hi. How did your day go?”

“Great. Perfect. Oh shit, I have to go, you should come by my new condo when you are done with work.”

“Your new condo? So, you are moving in?”

“Yep, the living room set I bought earlier just arrived.”

“Wow, already? Ok, I’ll let you go. You want me to stop by on my way home?”

“Yes, I’ll be waiting Katsu.”

“I’ll see you soon, Anna.”

She called. My body is numb. She is staying. I didn’t scare her away. I heard dumb hair approach as I was changing.

“I’m sorry, but I heard that. I’m happy for you, man. She is staying, you don’t have to be afraid anymore.”

“I wasn’t afraid, dumb hair. Don’t go telling anyone either, you got that? I don’t want people all up in my business.”

“I haven’t even told Mina. I wanted to, but I knew she would tell everyone. So, I didn’t. She can find out when you make it public, which will happen eventually, you know. Especially if the condo she bought is the one I think it is.”

I glared at him, knowing he was right. Pinky and that idiot lightning dolt both live within eye shot of her new place. Red and I live around the corner, and I’ll have to pass by everyone on the way to her. Not to mention, the condo right next to hers was inhabited by tail guy and his invisible girlfriend. “It is, and everyone will mind their business.”

“Good luck with that. But seriously, Bakugo, I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks, sorry I hit you.” I mumbled as I turned on my heel and walked out, heading to my perfect soulmates house. She deserved better than me. Maybe I should end it now before things get out of hand. Is that something I can even do? It’s probably for the best but…Anna.

I had to admit; I did a great job picking out the furniture. It all fit perfect in the living space, and when the tv came tomorrow it would be finished. I was sitting on the couch when a knock came. He was here. I jumped up to answer the door and he was propped up against the door frame, huge smile on his face.

“Welcome to my fabulous new home. Thanks for telling me about it, I would have been pissed if I missed a great place like this.”

“You like it? I wasn’t sure if it was your style…”

“It’s perfect. The built-in’s in the bedroom are amazing, and look how nice my new living room looks!” I squealed as I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. His eyes landed on the furniture and he grinned.

“Nice job picking out some cool shit right off the bat.” He laughed as he plopped down in the chair. It really was nice stuff, super soft and comfy to sit in all fresh and new. Just him being in the same airspace made my heart flutter, beating out of control in my chest as his eyes sparkled back at me. I walked to him and sat across his lap, legs hanging off the chair as my arms wrapped around his neck. Our noses touched, then our lips met in a passionate kiss. It was like I hadn’t seen him in months and my body needed him. His arms wrapped around my waist as he pulled me in close, deepening the kiss as our bodies pressed together. He pulled back, forehead resting on mine as he let out a shaky sigh.

“Katsu? Are you ok?” I asked as he ran his fingers through my hair. I could barely hear the words coming from his mouth.

“I’m an asshole. I’m not good for you. Trouble follows me everywhere; I can’t let you be around me. This is a mistake.” He shifted and tried to get me off his lap but I wouldn’t budge.

“I don’t think so. I knew this was going to happen.”

“Just let me go. Pretend none of this happened.”

“Absolutely not. I’m not letting you walk away from me, Katsu. I don’t care about your image; I don’t give a fuck about how other people perceive you. Something good finally happened to me and I don’t care what anyone thinks of the two of us. I like you, that’s all that matters.”

“But you haven’t seen the real me. I punched my best friend in the face earlier because I was so worked up about you not calling me. You are too good; I’ll just drag you down.”

“That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, you jerk. I am not good. Why do you have that impression of me?”

“You are perfect, an angel. I’m trash.”

“An ANGEL? Are you fucking kidding me? Please don’t make me tell you all the horrible, embarrassing things I did over the years. You know, like the time I was sent home from school for calling one of the boys who wouldn’t stop hitting on me a ‘cock sucking mother fucker’ in front of the whole class?”

“You said it in English?”

“Yep. Mom is from New York. I know all the American curse words. I also speak it fluently.”

“Compared to me you are still…”

“And the time I used the school’s own metal fencing to create a huge penis sculpture the day of parent teacher conferences.” He wasn’t successful in his efforts to get me off his lap, or stopping the laugh that fell from his lips.

“There’s no way.”

“Ask my brother. It was glorious. Honestly, I am amazed I even graduated the hero course. I’m sure UA would have expelled me.”

“You didn’t have to be restrained after winning the sports festival.”

“Nope, but I was restrained after I used a piece of metal sheeting to shut an annoying bitch up third year. Wouldn’t stop talking about her hot boyfriend. He confronted me the next day and we ended up fucking. Boy, did she hate me.”

“I don’t know how much more I want to hear.” He groaned as I laughed hysterically.

“What? You scared I’m crazier than you? I don’t know how you would fare against me in that contest.”

“But you are so beautiful, and smart, I can’t see you doing any of that stuff.”

“I did. You know, Katsu, I think you are beautiful and smart too. The way you see me is the same way I see you. None of that other shit matters.”

“You really don’t care that everyone thinks I am a dick? Even my own friends most of the time?” I shrugged my shoulders.

“My friends called me Queen Bitch. It started behind my back, but it drifted out into the open quickly. I didn’t care, it was true. Most of them weren’t really my friends anyway. I don’t put up with bullshit. I did when I was younger and didn’t have a handle on my quirk. I’ve always been small, so I got ganged up on a lot until I could use the playground equipment or desks to shut them up. Most of them learned quickly. It looks like we have one more thing in common.” I smirked as I nuzzled his neck. He had stopped fighting me, allowing me to sink back into his body to snuggle.

“Maybe I was wrong about you, Anna, but you still look like an angel to me.” He whispered as his arms locked around my waist.

“You are like a statue, perfectly chiseled and too good to be real.”

“Too many scars to be a statue.” He muttered. I brought my fingers to his face and traced the scar on his jaw. I wondered how he got it.

“You mean like this one? This sexy mark that just makes your face fucking sexier?” I teased as his cheeks reddened. Seriously, this guy had his cock balls deep yesterday and he’s embarrassed by this? “Katsu, my Mom told me once that we all had to remember that others see us differently than we see ourselves. We see every flaw and problem, while others usually don’t. You think your anger is a problem, I don’t. I’ve seen your interviews; I’ve seen the news articles. I’ve also seen the way you help victims, and I’ve seen the way you face villains. I’m not afraid of you. You are amazing, with a smoking hot body and handsome as hell face who absolutely rocked my world last night. When you touch my soulmark it’s like all the best feelings in the world fill me. There is only one thing you could do to make me leave, and that’s cheating. All the other shit is just…well, shit.”

“I’ve never had a serious relationship.”

“Neither have I. I had a boyfriend for two years, but we never lived together and we basically just got together to fuck. I never had any feelings for him.”

“I’ve dated girls off and on. Usually just to get laid. I’m too busy trying to get to number one, I don’t have time for an investment like that.”

“As long as I get to see you as often as possible, there’s no investment. I know how hard you are working to achieve your goal, it’s one of the things I admire most about you. You said you’d be number one, and you will. I’m not going to get in your way. You don’t have to give up anything for me as long as I get to ride your cock when you have free time. We don’t need a title like boyfriend and girlfriend, we are soulmates.”

“Are you going back to the hotel tonight?” He growled in my ear.

“I guess. I’m not sleeping on the couch.” He nuzzled my neck and left soft kisses behind.

“My place is closer, I mean, if you wanted…”

“I want. I’ll always want you, Katsu.”

“I don’t deserve you…”

“Maybe, but you got me. Now what?” He breathed into my neck, humming softly as my hands ran through his hair.

“How about a grand tour of my place, last stop being my bed.” I giggled as I finally left his lap, grabbing his hand and my purse and heading for the door. His condo was just around the corner, and while we didn’t have to go far, I sort of felt like we were being watched.


Mina’s Condo

“Holy shit, she is fucking cute!”

“Mina! Keep it down! Bakugo will kill us if he finds out we are spying!”

“Calm down, Kami. Seriously, we are sitting on our back porches, just people watching.”

“I wonder how he knows her? She literally just moved in like a few hours ago.”

“Ochaco told me she hired a new hero we would meet on Monday; she was moving from Okinawa. Wait, she sparred with Kiri and Bakugo for her training…”

“So, you think that’s your new coworker?”

“Maybe, all Ochaco said was she had a metal manipulation quirk. Right now, I am much more interested in why she is heading to Bakugo’s holding his hand.”

“She’s holding his hand? Let me see!”


We walked into his condo and I was surprised, the place was neat and clean. I mean, I didn’t think he was a slob, but he was a man. The basic floorplan looked the same, except flipped. He walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of sake and two glasses.

“Well, this probably looks familiar.” He laughed as he poured us each a glass.

“You said they were all a bit different? This looks the same to me.”

“Let me show you the downstairs.” He opened the door and led the way, flipping the lights on at the bottom. My eyes lit up. Holy shit.

“WOW BAKUGO! This is amazing!” I squealed as I ran at the displays. The entire room was full of horror memorabilia and other random collectibles. Posters adorned the walls and large bookcases were scattered, full of books and movies. Glass cases lined one entire wall, figures on full display under full lighting. “I thought I had a nice collection, yours blows mine out of the park!”

“This isn’t even the best part.” He laughed as he pushed a button on the wall, bringing a large projector screen down from the ceiling, covering the entire back wall. The seating area accommodated ten people, with couches and theater style seats lined up in front of it. “We do movie nights here sometimes, but I have a strict no rom-com rule.” He chuckled as he sipped his sake.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my space, but I think I’m going to copy you!” I laughed as we headed back up the stairs.

“You ready to see what’s upstairs?” He paused at the landing as I took his hand. He continued and when we got to the top, this was where the difference was. The bathroom was the first door, but the entire rest of the room was a huge open space. The bed was set back against the far wall and a half wall separated the sleeping area from a workout space.

“Wow, did you do this yourself?” I asked as I wandered into the room.

“I did, Kirishima helped. We both did the same remodel; I needed more room and this made sense.”

“It does, I was trying to figure out how to get all my exercise stuff into that tiny room at the top of the stairs.”

“The only catch is if I sell, I have to put the wall back up, but that will be easy. Plus, I’m not planning on moving anytime soon.”

“I didn’t think the number six hero would live in a condo.” I laughed as I poked his side. He smirked at me.

“I could have a house, but then I’d have to take care of it. I don’t have time for lawn maintenance.” He chuckled, making his way closer to me.

“Yeah, I can’t see you cutting your grass…” I was cut off by his lips meeting mine. I growled into his mouth, hands running up his chest and around his neck into his hair. His hands traveled my torso and stopped at my hips, squeezing them as his tongue brushed my bottom lip. This time he didn’t even have to touch the soulmark, my body was purring for him like it had been weeks, and it was starved for him. His tongue met mine and danced as we walked to the bed, his arms tightly around my waist. He pulled away at the side of the bed, looking at me hesitantly. “Katsu.” I whispered as I pulled my shirt over my head, revealing my bare breasts. Yes, I had this planned. I had hoped we would be in this position; I wasn’t wearing panties either. He groaned and palmed them gently, staring into my eyes like he couldn’t believe it was happening again. He pulled his hands away to remove his shirt, my hands fell to his belt. My fingers undid it and pulled it off, letting it hit the floor as he moaned.

“Anna, is this…”

“Yes, Katsu. This is what I want.” I said as my lips met his neck. We tumbled to the bed, pants flying until he was naked on top of me, a sight I was pretty sure I would never get tired of. He tugged at a nipple as I mewed, hips already reaching desperately for what my body so desperately craved. He had his dick in his hand when he lowered his head and whispered in my ear.

“This is what I want, too, Anna.” He moaned as he sheathed himself inside making me squeal with delight. He began pumping slow and deep, making me dig my nails into his back at the amazing friction. His mouth landed on my chest, licking and sucking at each while he pounded my core. My legs wrapped around his waist as he picked up speed, grunting loudly with every hard thrust. My fingers pulled on his hair as he ravaged my tits, sucking and biting my nipples leaving saliva and bruises in his wake. “Oh Anna, damn you feel so good!” He moaned as he shifted his gaze to mine. His eyes were glimmering, happy, and content. I stuck my tongue out and panted, licking my lips as I moaned for him.

Ohh Katsu! Oooh I love your cock! Ah fuck, oh fuck Katsu!” My words got him excited and he started going hard, pummeling my pussy at a torrid pace. Oh my god, he was hitting a spot I had never in my life felt before. My hips raised and met his, the new feeling spreading out from my core as I trembled beneath him. My nails dug into his shoulders as something in me snapped, a pulse shook my core as my walls violently collapsed. “OOOOOhhh KATSUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.” I wailed as I thrashed below him, eyes rolling back and hearing drifting away. Everything was white and amazing, and my body slid into a state of bliss. I came back to him screaming.

“Holy fuck, Anna! Oh, shit that was…oh FUCK YES!” He twitched and came, warming my walls and core with his seed. He looked down at me, half grin on his face. His eyes were wide and hazy, and I absolutely loved it. “That was the best sex I have ever had in my entire life. Ever. The best.” He grunted as he rolled off me and started kissing my neck. My hand ran through the back of his hair and I purred.

“I would have to agree. That was amazing. You are pretty amazing too. Promise me you won’t run away? If you do, I will find you and put you on display in the center of town attached to a huge penis statue.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” He chortled as he tickled my sides.

“Don’t piss me off Katsu. Ask my brother when you meet him tomorrow what happens when I am really mad. He could tell you some horror stories.”

“So, your Dad and Bro, hu? They will hate me.”

“Dad, probably. Brother, probably not. Rick has an open mind about things. Mom will probably love you.”

“I’m kind of scared to meet them. It’s a big step…”

“No steps. I mean, we have to tell them, just like we should probably tell yours. Rick had his mark at birth, the first in a generation. He has known his soulmate his whole life, and they have been through some serious shit together. But they made it, because that’s what they want. Katsu, this soulmate thing, it’s like life just handed us the cliffs notes to the entire love chapter. The universe thought we should be together, and the only ones who can change that are the two of us. No one else has a say in what we do or when we do it. My Mom will probably want to throw a party, I think she was beginning to think I would be single forever.”

“So, you have a nice, normal family, hu? Mine is insane. Just to warn you, when you end up meeting my Mom, she’s totally nuts.”

“I don’t believe it. I bet she was a saint to put up with you.”

“I learned most of my vocabulary from her, it’s all her fault.”

I curled up into his chest as he rubbed my back, slowly drifting off to sleep. Normal family, hu? Boy, was he going to be surprised tomorrow. Maybe I should have told him? Nah, better to let him find out on his own. I can’t wait to see his reaction.