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Chapter Nine

Front Page News

“Anna! That was amazing! Your Dad and I just saw the news!”

‘Well, yeah…”

“I can’t believe you moved a tree! Can you move other things too?”

“Yes, Mom. I have been practicing, but it hasn’t been that long…”

“Can you move a person?”

“I haven’t even tried yet…”

“I can’t believe it. You can do anything now, you know? A door has opened for you. Oh yeah, I LOVE your new outfit! It reminds me a bit of my first costume.”

“I used it as a starting point, so it should.”

“You and Katsuki look adorable too. The way he looked at you in that video, it made me happy for you.”

“Thanks Mom, speaking of, he just finished breakfast and I’m starving. I’ll call you later, ok? Tell Dad I love him very much.”

“I will, I love you, sweetie.”

“Love you too, Mom.” I hung up and glanced at Katsuki, his face absolutely beaming back at me.

“What the hell is that face for?” I laughed as I grabbed some juice from the fridge.

“They called me your boyfriend on tv. Sorry, I liked hearing that.”

“I’m surprised we didn’t hear a shit ton of high-pitched wailing. I’m sure there are some heartbroken fan girls out there, mister.”

“It doesn’t matter. I was never interested in any of them anyway. I’m pretty sure my soul was waiting for you. I’ve never wanted to share my time with anyone before, and now all I want is to be with you. I know you said we didn’t need labels because we were soulmates, but being called your boyfriend made me really happy.” Bakugo Katsuki, my boyfriend and probable future husband. AGAIN, WITH THIS, BRAIN?

“Well, if you like it, I’m all for it. Anything you want, Katsu. My soul was waiting for you, too, you know?” I said as I placed a gentle kiss on his lips as he finished up our food. Before he could take a bite, his phone rang. He grimaced as he looked at it, setting his fork down and clearing his throat.

“Mom.” I could hear her voice through the phone across the table, she was shrieking. I put my hand up to my mouth to hide my giggles. She must have seen the video, too. “Yes, Mom. That’s fine. No, I’m not hiding her from you! It’s complicated. I’ll explain when we come over, ok? Ok, yes, fine. ALL RIGHT ALREADY! BYE!” Sheesh. “Well, it’s happening. The hag is demanding that we come for dinner tonight, no exceptions. She sent poor Dad to the store with a list and is already getting the place ready.”

“She sounded pretty excited. I’m guessing she saw the video, then?”

“No, there is an entire article in the paper about it, apparently. A still photo of me kissing you.” Holy shit, WHAT?

“Ok then. Well, I guess I should be prepared to run the gauntlet. First your Mother, then fangirls from across the world.” I shook my head as I took another bite. Handsome, strong, smart, AND he could cook.

“Worry about Mom, for real. I don’t know how she will react to the soulmark. As far as I know, no one in my family has had one in generations and it is going to blow their minds.”

“Should I cover mine up tonight?”

“No. Absolutely not. If what you want to wear shows it off, go for it. I think my Mom seeing my name on you may be the best way to break the ice, anyway.”

I couldn’t believe how nervous I was to meet his Mom. I felt bad for springing mine on him, was this how he felt that day? At least he didn’t have to worry for hours beforehand. We walked up the steps and the front door flung wide open.

“WOW! He wasn’t kidding! You are real!” The woman screamed, heading right for me as I watched her run. She was the spitting image of Katsuki. She took both of my hands and bowed over and over.

“MOM! What the hell?” Katsuki cried as she pulled me inside. Once inside, I noticed who must have been his father, much more relaxed than his other half.

“Mitsuki, please!” He cried as he pried her off me.

“I’m sorry! I’ve been waiting twenty-five years for this day and didn’t think it would ever happen. My idiot son brought a girl home!” I couldn’t help it, I busted out laughing as Katsuki turned red and his Dad shook his head. She was smiling wide at me when her eyes landed on the soulmark and she slunk down to her knees.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Katsuki said as he rushed to help her up. He may have acted like she was a pain in the ass, but he still loved her very much, I could see it in his eyes.

“Your name…” She pointed at my chest as his eyes filled with tears.

“Mom, Dad, I’d like you to meet Nagura Anna…my soulmate.” His Dad gasped as his Mom cried into her hands.

“It’s a pleasure to meet both of you. I’m sorry it’s such a surprise, we just found out a few weeks ago.”

“This is the best surprise of my life! I’m Mitsuki, and this is my husband Masaru. Welcome to our home! I want to hear all about it over dinner!” We recounted our meeting for them, leaving out all the sexy details. Katsuki said his Mom was nuts, but she and he were so alike it was scary. I had a feeling I was seeing a side of her that not many people saw right off the bat, just like with Katsuki. Calm with a sharp edge that you didn’t want to piss off. “So, what do your parents do?” Oh boy. Here we go.

“My Dad is a business man, and my Mom is…”

“Her Mom is Tempest, and her brother is Iron Grenade.” Katsuki squawked out and I stared at him like he was a nutball.

“What he said.” Mitsuki’s mouth was hung open. “They all came to help me move and met Katsuki then.”

“I’m sorry, but I am such a huge fan of your Mother. She does such great work with women and quirks; I attended a seminar a few years back. You must have your father’s hair.” She smiled.

“Yep, big bro took all the red. I think I overheard Rick and Katsuki planning a throwdown.”

“He was the one who said he wanted to spar with me. It’s not my problem he wants to get blown sky high.” He laughed as he absentmindedly kissed my cheek, momentarily forgetting where we were and who was watching. I heard a squeal from across the table and hands clapping as I grinned.

“Oh, Masaru! We may get grandkids after all!” She squealed as I threw my hands to my face.


“What? I may not know much about soulmates, but I do know how special they are. You two were born for each other and I don’t know better odds of getting grandbabies than that!” I mean, she wasn’t wrong. But it was a bit early to be thinking about that.

“Mitsuki, how about we let them know each other for more than two weeks before we push kids on them, ok?”

“But I knew the minute I saw you I wanted Katsuki.” My face flushed. I had thought about it after a few days. He took her hand and he kissed her cheek, a tender moment not on display often, I had a feeling. Looking at them I wondered how they couldn’t be soulmates.

“All right, time to head home. Thanks for dinner Mom, it was nice.”

“You two are welcome here anytime. I can’t wait to see you again, Anna.”

“Same, Mitsuki. I’ll let you know if my Mom comes to visit, we could all go get lunch or something.”

“I would love that. See you soon. Bye, Katsuki.” She waved as we walked down the steps hand in hand. Back at his condo for the night, I was sitting on the couch when he handed me a drink and sat down.

“I’m sorry about Mom’s crazy talk. She tends to get a bit carried away.”

“I didn’t think she was crazy.” I said as I took a sip. We were soulmates after all, it was probably time for this discussion. “I mean, I have already wondered what our kid’s quirk could be.” He looked at me with wide eyes.

“At first, I thought she would be able to blow up metal from a long distance, but now…” He realized he was talking out loud and stopped, even the tips of his ears turning red. She. He’s already thought about it, too.

“She, or he, or they, will be unstoppable.” I whispered as I laid my head on his shoulder.

“They. I never really thought about having kids before, but I have since the first day I met you. Maybe a boy, and a girl?”

“That would be great, but I’m hoping for all girls so we can always out number you.” I laughed as he grabbed my sides.

“Not yet, though. I want to enjoy you before our spawn take up all of our time.”

“No problem. I’ve been on the pill for years; we have all the time in the world to decide when the next number one hero will be born.”

“That’s a lot of time to practice, how about we start now?” He grinned as he sat his glass down on the table. I jumped up and ran for it, shouting at him.

“You have to catch me, first, you jerk!” I called as I ran up the stairs as he yelled at me.

“You better run, when I catch you, you are going to be in so much trouble.” He caught up to me in the doorway, arms wrapping around me as he pinned me face first against the wall. His hands ran up under my skirt and rubbed my ass, giving it a good smack as I heard his belt fall to the floor. My hands braced the wall as his fingers moved my panties to the side and slid inside, my hips grinding on his hand as the other smacked my ass. I heard a rip as my panties fell to the floor.

“Katsu! My panties!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll buy you as many as you want, as long as you take my cock like a good girl and pant for me.” He growled as he slid his dick deep inside, pressing my chest and face to the wall as he grabbed a handful of hair. One thing I had learned from our short time together was he loved experimenting, and he loved dirty talk. He bounced me off the wall, lips landing on my neck as he sucked, moans pouring out of me at a torrid pace.

“Oh Katsu, yes! I’m a good girl, give it to me like I deserve!” Slapping sounds filled the room and I couldn’t believe he hadn’t pushed me through the wall yet. He was obliterating me, pounding in and out at such a rapid pace I could barely hold myself up. One hand reached under my shirt and pulled a tit free, rubbing his fingers over the nipple making me arch my back into him. My skirt was bouncing along with every movement, he hadn’t even bothered to remove it before he went balls deep.

“God, baby, I love the way you take my cock!” He hissed as his hand fell down and fingers rubbed my clit.

“Yes, Katsu! Finish me! Ohhh, I’m cumming baby!” I squealed as my walls quivered around his dick, shockwaves of pleasure almost making me collapse as his hands grabbed my waist and held me up. His hips bucked hard, thrusting once more and cumming, cock sheathed to the hilt as he shot his seed deep inside. He wrapped his arms around me and helped me to the bed, grabbing me new panties from the drawer and handing them to me.

‘That’s how you make a baby. When we are ready, I can’t wait to try every day.” He laughed as he climbed in bed and snuggled into my chest.

“Our kids will be giant pains, you know that right?” I giggled as he kissed my neck.

“We can handle it. Shit, we survived, right?”

“Your right. Goodnight, Katsu.”

“Goodnight, angel.”

Monday morning. I used to hate Monday…well every morning, actually. I had always been a bit of a night owl, and getting up before ten made me angry. Waking up next to Katsuki made every day better. I couldn’t wait to wake up and spend our time together, but secretly wished we could just stay in bed together forever. I mean, we would have to eat but, you get the picture. Today was week two at my new job, and week three of being with Katsuki. It was hard to believe how much had changed in that time. As Kirishima, Mina and I walked into work, I noticed more people staring at us than usual. Mina was eyeing me, and Kiri wouldn’t make eye contact.

“So, I guess you saw the news story.” Mina squinted at me and clasped her hands together.

“We did, and it looks like most everyone else did too, by the looks we are getting. There was a whole thing on social media last night about you two and everything. They were arguing if the grainy shot of your soulmark was his name.”

“Great, the crazies are already out. Well, I’m not hiding it so they will see it clearly soon enough.”

“It will be fine. You may have to deal with some crazy female fans, but they are nothing. It’s best to just ignore them, and stay off the sites for a while. People are nuts. I deleted my twitter after news broke that Kiri and I were dating. People said the cruelest things. It will die down after a while, and they will forget. That’s why I’m back online.” She laughed. She was right, none of those people’s opinions mattered. Katsuki was the only thing that mattered. I was thrilled when I saw my partner this week was Shoji. He had one of the most awesome quirks I had ever seen, and didn’t come to many of Mina’s gatherings so I didn’t know him as well as I wanted to. He could create duplicate arms, with ears, mouths, eyes or just more hands attached. He was amazing in up close combat, and was super strong to boot. We spent the week chatting about life, he was married with a small kid, that’s why he didn’t come out that often. He had gone to UA, along with everyone else, they had all grown up together. I sort of felt like I was joining an exclusive club as an outsider. Katsuki had stayed at my house all week, and I didn’t mind one bit. I loved spending time with him, getting to know everything about him as fast as I could. He was like a book I couldn’t stop reading. The talk hadn’t let up, social media still a blaze over our coupling, mainly angry fangirls (and boys) denying that my soulmark was real. One even said I just had it tattooed. I laughed at that one, oblivious to how the whole thing worked. Someone had read my mind and posted the ‘that’s not how any of this works’ meme on the thread, and it made me smile. At least not everyone was against us. I was sitting on the couch Friday after work when he came busting through the door.

“Get dressed, we are going out.” He exclaimed as he rushed past me. What the hell?

“Wait! Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise, just put on something amazing. You have 45 minutes until we have to leave or we will miss our reservations.” I rushed up the stairs, thank god I already showered. I rummaged through my closet and found a dress I had forgotten about. I had gotten it for Rick’s five-year anniversary party that I never got to go to because I was stuck working an emergency. In fairness, he had to leave half way through himself. It was a scoop neck red velvet dress with spaghetti straps and matching pumps. It would show off the mark perfectly. The hem fell just below my knees, so I threw on a pair of black knee highs before putting the dress on. I had gained a bit of weight since I bought it, but it fell in all the right places. It hugged my breasts and thighs like a glove. My hair was still damp so I threw in some gel and worked it through, scrunching it until damp ringlets hung in my face. Tonight called for something special, and I grabbed my makeup bag. I didn’t wear it often, but he was taking me out to show me off, and I wanted to look my best for all the people who would no doubt be watching our every move. My red lipstick sparkled as I finished, hearing him call up the stairs.

“Five minutes!”

“I’m ready, be right down!” I called as I grabbed my shoes. He took one look at me and backed into the wall like someone shot him.

“Holy fucking shit, you look absolutely stunning!” He raved as he made his way to me. He didn’t look half bad either, dressed in black dress pants and a plum button up shirt, unbuttoned two buttons at the top.

“You look good enough to eat.” I laughed as I grabbed his chin. He leaned in for a kiss and I backed away. “I just put this lipstick on, mister, don’t go smearing it all over.” He gave me a long, lingering kiss on my forehead and smiled.

“Let’s go eat dinner first, and save dessert for later.” We headed for the car, well, this was new. We hardly ever drove anywhere. I guess we were all dressed up, it made sense. As we got closer to the city I started wondering exactly where we were going. We always got more local things. He headed for the heart of the city, everything lit up brightly as we made our way to a rather fancy part of town. He turned down a street and my eyes lit up. No fucking way!

“Katsu! Are we going to the new steakhouse?” I screamed as he chuckled at me.

“We are…”

“But how? Reservations take months.”

“I’m Ground Zero, I pulled my weight a bit. Told them how sad you would be not to enjoy their food.” He winked as I grinned. I told him I wanted to go here. It had only been open a few months but had rave reviews and a line a mile long. It was so-owned by a husband and wife, she being from Chicago, and this place did both Japanese and American style cuisine. We pulled right up to the valet, door opening for me as I stepped out. Katsuki rushed around the car to take my arm and we walked right in, past the line to the hostess.

“Ground Zero, Iron Maiden! I am so glad you could join us this evening, here right this way.” She took us all the way to the back of the restaurant, a nice booth in the corner where we might actually get some privacy. A lovely woman with bright blue flowing hair came to the table with a bottle of wine.

“Hello and welcome. My name is Amanda Miller, and I own this place. Please, order anything from the menu anyway you like it. Feel free to mix the American and Japanese side dishes with your meals. We have some things here you may have not had other places. Iron Maiden, your Mother is from America, right?”

“Yes, she is, and thank you, this place is fabulous. I have heard good things about your American food, and plan to take advantage.”

“If you don’t like it, just tell your server and they will bring something to substitute it. I also want to tell you we have two very popular desserts tonight. You can still get the ones from the menu, but in addition we also have two popular in Chicago. Cherry cheesecake and a hot fudge brownie ice cream cake.” My eyes grew wide.

“Whatever that last thing you said was, I’m going to want that for sure.” I laughed as Katsuki shook his head.

“I’ll make sure we don’t run out before then. Your server will give you a few minutes to look over the menu. Enjoy this bottle of wine, on the house with my compliments.” She walked away, leaving me in awe. Everything on the menu looked amazing. Katsuki looked as lost as I was.

“So, what are you getting?” He asked as he stared at the menu.

“I can’t make up my mind! I want the fillet, but the surf and turf with lobster looks amazing too. And I have to pick three sides too? Ugh…this is so hard.” He poured us each a glass of wine and the waiter came to take our orders.

“We are sticking all American tonight. I’m going to have the surf and turf, with lobster and shrimp. A salad, loaded mashed potatoes and green beans for me, please.” He grinned.

“And I will have the fillet minion, cooked medium well with a salad, a baked potato with sour cream, and baby carrots.”

“Wonderful choices. That will be out in a jiffy, for you.” He looked a bit shocked to be serving us, it seemed like everyone on the planet was in our business. I took a sip of wine and smiled.

“Oh yum, this is good, Katsu.” I grinned at him. He slid his hand into my free one resting on the bench between us.

“I’ll do anything to make you happy. It’s all I want to do now, to see your smiling face every day.” Our salads came and we began to eat, the main course coming quickly as I salivated at the food in front of me.

“Oh my god this looks so good!” I squealed as I squeezed sour cream onto my potato. I picked this up from Mom, it was one of the things she incorporated into meals from America. It had been a while since I had had one. The food was delicious, cooked perfectly and to die for. He shared some of his lobster and shrimp with me, and I realized we were going to have to come back here somehow so I could get that next time. This place deserved the rave reviews. Amanda came back to the table when she noticed the wine bottle empty and the food disappearing.

“How is everything? More wine?”

“Yes, we will take another bottle of what we had. We both really enjoyed it.”

“Wonderful, what about a dessert for you, sir?”

“I’d like to try that cherry cheesecake you spoke of, along with her fudge ice cream thing.”

“I’ll be right back.” She returned quickly with the wine, people coming out to clear the table of the empty dishes. A few minutes later, she returned carrying our desserts. I almost fell under the table, body melting at the sight of it. Katsuki chuckled as she sat it in front of me. It was as big as my face, a huge chocolate cake brownie with two scoops of vanilla ice cream covered in whipped cream, chocolate sauce and caramel. His looked equally as good, cherries covering a slice of cheesecake as big as my hand. “Please, enjoy.”

“Here, take a bite of mine before your mouth is tainted with chocolate.” He laughed as he took a forkful and put it to my mouth. I took the bite, and immediately wanted more. It was so rich, but light and the cherries were so sweet. But, the smell of the chocolate overpowered me, digging into my own and eating until I shouldn’t have. His was finished as he watched me eat mine.

“Here, eat some, please, I’m dying.” I laughed as he grabbed his spoon. I was full, and a bit buzzed from the wine when the check arrived. This was an amazing night, and I was sad it was over.

“Come on, let’s get home and get you out of that dress.”