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Chapter Fourteen

The Messenger

“Wow, lots of people turned out for this little event. Even some vendors!” I laughed as we passed some amazing smelling food. A shit ton of pros turned out, along with a bunch of students from UA. Present Mic’s voice boomed over the speaker as everyone settled in.

“Oookaaaay folks! We have a good show for you today. This match is going to go down just like any other battle in the stadium, you win by knock-out, submission, or ring out. All quirks are allowed, and Recovery Girl is here so go all out, but try not to destroy the entire place, okay? Okay.”

“Hi Anna. Glad we made it in time.” I turned and Mina was approaching with the group.

“Hey guys! Meet Rita, my sister-in-law. This is Kiri, Kaminari, Kyoka and Mina. All friends and neighbors of ours.” She smiled and waved.

“Nice to meet you. I can’t wait to see these two throw down. It’s going to be so manly.” Kiri cried as Mina chuckled.

“It’s always been a dream of Rick’s to battle here. I’m happy for him, regardless of the outcome.” Rita said as the match began. There were lots of ooh’s and aah’s as they battled around, blasting each other with everything they had. The kids were certainly having a good time. So were Rick and Katsuki. They were going hard, Katsuki catching him off guard and getting a good blast in. About ten minutes in, they were both getting tired and sloppy, missing with their attacks and destroying the arena. I saw Cementoss shaking his head. Katsuki jumped to his feet and ran across the arena floor, turning quickly and rushing him. He jumped and propelled himself mid-air as he screamed.

“This ends now! Howitzer Impact!” Rick countered, throwing shards of metal at him as he approached, but it didn’t do any good. The fire that was surrounding him melted it away, Jesus! He was stronger now, too! He blasted him good, not knocking him unconscious, but out of bounds.

“Winner is BAKUGO! Like I haven’t said that a few times before. Good match to both of you. Thanks for coming everyone!”

Recovery Girl helped out Rick, who had a few cuts and bruises. Katsuki did as well. I was glad neither were seriously hurt. I knew they would never mean to, but shit happened. A bunch of us all went out to dinner after before Rick and Rita headed home. Katsuki collapsed on the couch and I curled up in his lap.

“Good job today. You melted that steel like it was nothing with that Howitzer.”

“I know, I haven’t done that before. Endeavor seemed pretty impressed.”

“Everyone was. You are getting stronger, too. It’s not just me. I think the two of us together make us stronger.”

“I think so too.”

Mina’s Porch

“How did Bakugo do that? It was like he was Todoroki for a minute there, melting that metal.” Kaminari questioned as the group fidgeted. They had all seen it, something he had never done before.

“I know, he didn’t just blow it up, he melted it down in mid-air. The explosions must have been so hot, how did he not burn himself?” Kyoka said.

“Maybe Momo was right about the soulmarks making them stronger. True soulmates have a stronger bond, maybe they help each other.”

“Maybe, Mina. All I know is those two together would be unstoppable.” Kirishima had wondered if his friend would benefit from his new union like his new love had. He was proud of him. “You could be watching the next number one and two heroes.”


He peeled my shirt off at the foot of the bed, bra soon following as he buried his head in my chest.

“Goddammit, I love these so much!” He cried as he took one into his mouth and sucked, making me mew into his hair. My hands tugged at his shirt and he ripped it off, tossing it aside as he shook off his pants. “Get ready, I’m about to make sweet love to you, my angel.” He purred as he attacked my neck. My arms wrapped around him as we fell to the bed, lost in our own little world. He slipped inside quickly, kissing my entire body as he thrust slowly. He knew exactly where to touch to make me melt, and I loved every minute of it.

“Oh, Katsu! Right there! Oh yes!” I moaned as he sucked my neck while driving hard and fast. He picked up my legs and held them up, pounding me into the bed as I continued to scream.

“Yes, Anna, cum for me! Cum on my cock!” He shouted as he began to tremble above me. The orgasm crashed over me as I squealed and writhed below him, our eyes locked before his mouth crashed to mine. His tongue invaded just as he burst, unloading into me until he crashed to my chest a panting mess. “I love all the time we spend together, but this is still my favorite part.” He whispered as he nuzzled into my chest. Yep, this was my favorite part, too.

“Hurry up, Anna! If we miss the train, your Mom will kill us!” Katsuki shouted up the stairs.

“Just doing one last quick check to make sure I have everything; I’ll be right down.” It had been seven months since the day our soulmarks appeared, and everything was amazing. Work was great, life was great, and we were going to the island for EWQ’s Tenth Anniversary party. Training had paid off, and both of us had gotten much stronger. I could now hold up to five people with each hand, and two in close proximity with my eyes only. It was still just the handful of us who knew, luckily, I hadn’t run across any villain that I needed to use it on. While I wished I could show it off, I didn’t really want to think about the situation I would be in if having to use it. We would be in trouble, at the very least. I zipped up my suitcase and headed downstairs. “Finally.” He sighed as he gave me a kiss. He made me the happiest woman every single day.

“Let’s go, you nag.” A bunch of us were taking the same train, Mom invited all my coworkers and Katsuki’s, even Endeavor himself. This bash was going to be HUGE. All the top pros were coming, along with the sponsors and guests of all kinds. There would be hundreds of people there to celebrate with us. I was so proud of Mom and what she accomplished, this was going to be her day, and she deserved it. Mitsuki and Masaru were already waiting when we arrived.

“Sorry, she took forever.” Katsuki sighed as he rolled his eyes.

“Get used to it, buddy. You can’t rush women.” Mitsuki laughed as she ruffled his hair. Ochaco, Deku, Mina, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Kyoka were all on the train when we boarded. Everyone else was coming early tomorrow. I think I heard Momo talking about a private plane, they must be coming with Endeavor. We were meeting with my parents, his parents and Rick and Rita for dinner at Mom’s. The first extended family dinner we would have, of hopefully many more. Everyone else was heading to the hotel to chill for the evening. After checking in, the four of us walked to my parent’s house. Mitsuki and Masaru were great, and I had a feeling the Dad’s would get along just fine. The door opened before I could knock and Mom came flying out, giving Mitsuki a huge hug.

“I’m so glad you could make it! Please, come in!” She gushed as she took her hand and pulled her inside. Really?

“Hi Mom?” I laughed as they disappeared into the house. Katsuki just laughed and Dad met us in the hallway.

“Hello, I’m Nagura Masaou. Welcome to our home.” He bowed to Masaru.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Bakugo Masaru.” Rick came from the living room and I left the men to chat while I went to look for the ladies. I found them in the kitchen, Mom was showing it off to Mitsuki. She loved her kitchen, and was very proud of it. Rita came around the corner and I almost fell over.


“Surprise! I wanted to tell you in person. We’re five months pregnant!” She was glowing, radiant and happy. I could almost feel the energy she was giving off. I’m glad they were able to work through their problems. I ran and gave her a huge hug, while both Moms’ wept a bit. Mom had been waiting a long time for grandkids. Good, now maybe she could give me a few more years.

“Well, congratulations! This is a wonderful surprise!” We all grabbed something and headed with the food to the dining room where the guys were waiting. Katsuki smiled wide when he saw Rita, I had mentioned that they were having issues but didn’t specify what, exactly. I think we all had a lovely time, everyone got along better than I had hoped, and it went off without a hitch. Mom talked us into having an after-dinner cocktail and after another hour, we finally broke free. She really wanted us all to stay with them, but they really didn’t have the room. After Rick and I moved out our bedrooms were converted into a workout room and huge office space, and with only one spare bedroom left, someone would have been on the couch. I knew Mom would volunteer, and that was ridiculous, for her to sleep on the couch the night before her big day. By the time we got back to the hotel I was exhausted. After saying goodnight to his parent’s, we crashed hard in our room.

“What time do we have to be there tomorrow? I’m sleeping until then.” He laughed.

“Well, dinner starts at five. Mom is slated to give her speech at eight. After that she hired a DJ and there will be an open bar and dancing. The caterer is arriving at noon, so I told her I would come over around two and give her a hand if she needs it. She said absolutely not, and ordered me to arrive at four-thirty like the normal guests.” I cackled as he snorted.

“So, we have until like, two-thirty to stay in this bed? Is that what you are saying?” He cooed as he reached for me.

“That sounds like a swell plan to me.”

Katsuki took his shower first since I needed extra time to get ready. This was a huge event, and I had gone out and found the perfect dress. A floor length, spaghetti strap in the most amazing shade of purple. Silver sequins adorned the waist and were scattered down the length of the dress, making it shimmer under the lights. The top was cut just low enough to show off my soulmark, and the beautiful necklace he had given me for my birthday. My mess of curls that was now almost halfway down my back was tied up in a purple ribbon, and I had more makeup on than I think my entire life. When I was finally ready, I opened the door to the most gorgeous man ever. His black tuxedo was paired with a shirt almost the same color as my dress and a black tie. His hair was tamer than usual, but still a bit out of control. The grin on his face when he saw me almost made his face burst.

“Holy hell, you look amazing!” He swooned as he grabbed my waist.

“Not too bad yourself, you clean up pretty damn well.”

“Come on, let’s go party!!” He yelled as he grabbed my hand. Opting for the car because of our attire, we headed over quickly, hoping to arrive before most of the guests. It was just after four when we arrived, and there was already a line at the valet. It was quick, and we finally headed inside, only to be greeted by Endeavor himself. Wow, he really came. The number one hero, at my Mom’s party. I never would have thought growing up she would allow something like that. She hated him, and how he treated people in general. He must have really changed to get her to change her mind. I had only met this new Enji, the one who was cheerful and full of good things to say.

“Katsuki, Anna! Good to see you! You Mom sure knows how to throw a party, doesn’t she?” He laughed as he shook Katsuki’s hand.

“She sure does go all out, look at these decorations!” I yelled as I spotted Mom in the corner of the room. She had rented out the entire banquet hall, one half was for the speech and dancing, the other half was where the food and bar were set up. Catering did a wonderful job, everything looked amazing. I left Katsuki with Enji and headed to her. She was standing with someone…oh! It’s Tabitha! I hadn’t seen her in ten years.

“Mom! This is great! Everything looks fantastic!”

“Holy shit, Anna? You have to be kidding me? Look at you, my god!! What a beautiful woman you have become.” She opened her arms and gave me a hug. She was like my aunt, but I never got to see her since she lived in New York. Before EWQ was formed, she was around a lot more during the planning stages, even living with us for a stretch before she moved back to the States.

“Hey, Tabitha! It’s so good to see you. I’m glad you could make the trip.”

“I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Wait, is that?” She stopped and pointed at my chest. Oh, the soulmark. She hadn’t heard?

“My soulmark. We found each other seven months ago when I moved to the main land for work.” Speak of the devil. Katsuki approached and wrapped his arm around my waist. “Perfect timing. Katsuki, this is Tabitha. This is my soulmate, Bakugo Katsuki.” Her eyes widened a bit and a huge smile lit up her face.

“That’s wonderful, congratulations you two. Wow, first that now a baby for Rick? So much is happening! I’m so happy for you all.” We mingled and chatted with friends while we waited on dinner. When it was finally time, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The buffet had something for everyone, and they all seemed to be enjoying it immensely. We sat at the head table with Mom and Dad, Rick and Rita, Tabitha, and Katsuki’s parents. Mitsuki had been honored she was asked to join and Mom insisted, saying we were practically family. The food was amazing, and it was disappearing quickly. It looked like everyone had arrived, all the tables were full of her friends, colleagues and heroes celebrating a huge achievement. Just before eight, we all finished eating and mingling and headed to the ballroom area where she and Tabitha would be giving a speech before starting the party. We stood up front while everyone gathered around the small stage and Tabitha took the mic.

“Hello everyone, and welcome to our tenth anniversary celebration. About thirty years ago, my crazy best friend has this far-fetched dream where women weren’t turned away or belittled for having quirks. She then rose to the fifth ranked hero in the world, which took her eye off that dream for a while. She continued to fight, though, helping the citizens of New York as a hero. Then, a certain man distracted her and she changed her idea of a dream, and had two beautiful children, but she never wanted to stop helping. The idea for EWQ sprang up from a story we had seen about a woman suing for false termination when it was revealed she had a powerful quirk. She did her job just fine, and there was no real reason to fire her, and she won her case. She realized that many women were in that same situation who may not have the resources to help, and that is how EWQ was formed. I have always admired Melody’s drive, and passion, and am honored to walk beside her in this journey. Thank you all for coming out and celebrating tonight with us.” Everyone clapped as Mom took the mic. I was so proud of her. She had made as big of an impact in retirement as she did when she was a hero, and she loved every minute of it.

“Hello everyone! What a wonderful evening! I am so thrilled to share this night with you all, my family, my friends, my colleagues, all of you helped make this evening possible. I have a few things to say, let me start with…” The mic went out. She tapped it a few times and frowned. The battery must be dead. Then, the lights went out. People started making a commotion, bringing out their phones for a bit of light. The next thing I knew…chaos. The civilians were running for the doors as the heroes were engaged in battle with unknown foes. I got kicked in the side and went down, Katsuki jumping up and rushing into action. What the hell was happening? After what seemed like an eternity, the lights came back on. Holy shit! There were guys in black jumpsuits everywhere, attacking the heroes that stayed behind. Rick was tangled with one as I saw Rita and Mitsuki run out the door. Good, they didn’t need to be anywhere near whatever this was. Three were ganging up on Endeavor, who was trying not to catch the hall on fire. Same with Katsuki, he was holding back as well. A loud, booming voice called from behind me and I turned to see a huge man gripping Mom by the throat. Tabitha was down, laying on her stomach on the stage next to them.

“Well, well, looks like I finally caught the bitch.” All eyes turned to him as Mom hung limp in his grip. “Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is the Messenger, and I am delivering a message to you all tonight.” Both Katsuki and Endeavor tried launching an attack and were suddenly ensnared in some kind of trap. No, it was…oh gross. “Thank you, Spider. Now the rest.” A slender man with a bunch of eyes smiled broadly and covered all of us in a spider web cocoon. The only thing that wasn’t covered was from my neck up, arms pinned to the sides. Everyone else had the same fate, even Mom. “As I was saying, I have a message, and you will all listen quietly, or Spider will finish the job. That web is impenetrable, even fire has no effect, so don’t waste your time, Endeavor. We actually like you, you are a stand-up male hero. The problem we have is with the disgusting women who have wormed their way into our jobs. We are the ones who will make it right again. The League of Men will take back what is ours, starting with taking out the symbol of all that is wrong, this disgusting bitch Tempest. I’m going to kill her here in front of all of you, followed by every woman in this room. That will put a nice dent in our goal. Soon, women will be back in their places, our beds and kitchens.” What a disgusting pig. Boy, did I have a surprise for him. Come on Spider boy, just a little bit closer.

“You are horrible! You will never get away with this!” Mina screamed as he laughed.

“We already have.” He cackled as Spider inched closer and stood beside him. Gotcha. I noticed a few of the heroes had started wearing down the webbing, Endeavor, Katsuki, Shoto, and Mina. It looked like Momo may have been trying to cut through hers, as well. Deku looked as angry as I had ever seen him. If I take Spider out, his quirk should go with him, right? Boy, I hoped so. Just as he raised the knife to slash her throat, I lifted his hand and made him stab Spider right in the stomach.

“Boss! Ow!” He cried as he crumpled to the ground.

“What the hell?” Messenger yelled as he floated to the ceiling, dropping the knife to the ground on the way up. Spiders binds started to wear off and just in time. The thugs didn’t know who was responsible, so they started randomly attacking. Katsuki was free first, followed by Deku. They weren’t holding back anymore; they knew it was too serious to worry about damaging the hall. Within a few moments, everyone was free and fighting, but this time the goons were going down. Mom was still out, but safe and I stalked to my prey. This guy was going to be really sorry he messed with me. I smiled at him as I nodded my head side to side while he swayed back and forth mid-air. The look on his face was positively hysterical, a mix between lust and disgust that made me laugh out loud. “How can a whore like you have this kind of power? This is a man’s power. A bitch like you doesn’t deserve it.” I tossed him into the ground and back into the air. Most everyone was done fighting now, and were watching me go to work.

“That’s too bad, because it’s mine. It got stronger when I found true love, I bet you hate hearing that, don’t you? A MAN helped me get this strong, because he loves me, and believes in me. A MAN gives me strength every day to live my life the best way, full of love and happiness. It really is a shame you hate women so much, if you let one in, maybe you would realize just how stupid you sounded during that speech.” I dropped him to the ground again, he was starting to leave a dent in the floor. He was bleeding from the face, looking around at all his fallen comrades and tried desperately to free himself, but couldn’t do it.

“What kind of disgusting man would want a piece of trash like you?” He spat. I didn’t even see him coming, Katsuki flew by me and grabbed the guy out of mid-air and started pummeling him into the floor. When he was done, Messenger was unconscious and Katsuki’s hands were bleeding. During the melee, someone had called the police and rescue, and they arrived just after it ended. Mom had woken up, but was still woozy. The only people seriously hurt were Spider and Messenger, everyone else had only minor injuries. Tabitha was ok, she was just knocked out and was going to the hospital for observation. Mom was going too, as a precaution. She had marks around her neck from where she was being strangled, and the rescuers advised it was best. The police rounded up all the goons and took the other two into custody. They would both live, but would spend the rest of their lives in jail. What they didn’t know was we had set up a video recording system to capture the evening, with cameras with audio set up all over the hall. Everything was on tape. They found one of the caterers locked in a closet, it looks like someone snuck in and stole his outfit. That must have been how they got access. The party was over, most of the civilian guests leaving before the cops even showed up. Katsuki put his arms around me, his sleeves all torn from fighting, and I started to cry.

“Hey, don’t cry! Everyone is fine.”

“This was supposed to be her day! They ruined it!”

“They made a mistake coming here, especially underestimating you, Anna. Everyone else in this room was stuck, I wouldn’t have been able to get free in time, but you…you did exactly what a hero would do. You waited until the perfect opportunity struck. If you would have acted too early, it may not have worked. You were the hero today, a fitting way to celebrate your Mother’s success.” Endeavor said as he approached us. “I am proud of the hero you have become, and I am sure your Mom is too. Don’t be surprised when you see the next rankings, that’s all I’m saying.”

“Thank you, Endeavor. I was just doing what I had to. I’m glad everyone is ok, but I am still pissed.”

“Come on, everyone is heading back to the hotel. We can go see you Mom in the morning if she is still there.” Everyone filed out, only low mumblings were heard as we all tried to grasp what had just happened. We got back to the hotel and I flopped on the bed. “Well, the good thing is your beautiful dress didn’t get roasted like my tux did.” He laughed as he sat next to me, stripping off his charred and tattered coat and tossing it on the floor.

“He would have hit the floor many more times if he had ruined my dress.” I laughed. I was still mad, but everyone was ok, and we put away some shitty villains in the process. I was glad they were off the streets. People like that are a danger to society, spreading their hate and intolerance like a disease.

“You really were amazing out there, you know? You were the only one that could do anything about it, and you pulled it off flawlessly.”

“I have you to thank for that, for insisting we train. I’m glad I listened; I couldn’t have done that today without you.”

“Happy to help. I’ll always be there for you, Anna. You know that, right?”

“I do, Katsu. I’ll always be here for you, too.”

“I need to tell you something. You don’t have to respond, but I think you should know. Endeavor came to me months ago, after you floated him the first time, and asked I thought you would want to be my partner. He wanted you to quit Ochaco’s and come to work for him. You had just started with them, and loved it so much I didn’t want to think I was pressuring you into anything. I’m still not, and I just thought you had the right to know in case you decided that was what you wanted. After what he said to you tonight, I know he respects the shit out of you. I honestly think you will outrank me next month when the polls come out. Working with you would be the best thing ever, but if you want to stay with the girls, I am totally fine with that.” Working with Endeavor, and Katsu? Tempest Zero. Maybe it was time to start a new story.