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Chapter Fifteen

Tempest Zero

The rankings came out five weeks later, and I almost fainted. I hadn’t passed Katsuki, but I was as close as I could get. While he held-fast at number six, I squeezed in at number seven with my new hero name, Tempest Zero. I thought it was funny, Rick being eight still, that the three of us were all lined up like ducks in a row. It was hard to believe I moved here ten months ago and how much my life had changed. Mina and I were in her living room with drinks, gossiping about work shit. Yesterday was my last day with Ochaco, I was starting with Endeavor on Monday. She actually suggested it, while confessing she didn’t want me to go, she understood what it meant to me.

“I still can’t believe you are leaving!” She pouted at me, taking a huge drink before giving me the stink eye.

“Hey, I’m just leaving work, not the neighborhood. I can’t believe you guys are getting a house.”

“It was time. Kiri has probably told Bakugo by now, so I’ll tell you. The main reason we did it now is because we are pregnant!” She grinned as she rubbed her belly.

“Oh Mina! That’s amazing! How far along?”

“Three months. We aren’t finding out the sex, so don’t ask.” She laughed. That’s two babies, Rita’s and Mina’s. Nope, not ready yet. I can enjoy them babysitting, or something. The boys were walling up Kirishima’s room upstairs, the one he took down when he moved in. There were plenty of people looking in this area for homes, and it would sell quickly. Mina’s was, they used that money for the down payment on the house. Almost all her things were packed and ready to go, the movers would be here tomorrow for everything. The boys came bounding in, covered in sweat and grime and came right for the food.

“Guys! Wash?” I laughed as they both stopped and went to separate sinks. Katsuki got back first and had a huge grin on his face.

“Congratulations, Mina. I heard you will be having a little red.” He laughed as he took my hand.

“That’s right, you will be uncle explodo-kill. You better promise to visit and not ignore us. We aren’t going to be that far away.”

“I promise, that won’t happen. If you will excuse us, I have something I need to show Anna.” He said as Kiri entered the room. He smiled and waved, like he knew what was about to happen. It was a bit chilly as we walked to his condo. Were we going to watch a movie? We hadn’t done that in a while. Honestly, we hadn’t been to his condo in a while. We walked in and went right up the stairs, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The wall was up. They put his wall back too, did that mean… “This is only part of the surprise. While Red and I were checking out his new house, a person two doors down put up a for sale sign. I went right over and asked him to take it down, and that I needed to check with you, but was seriously interested. He recognized me and has no problem waiting for my decision. He said we could come by and look at it any time we wanted. What do you think? You want to keep being neighbors with Mina?”

“KATSU! We could really do that? Mina will freak! I will freak!! You really want to buy a house together?”

“Why not? We are spending the rest of our lives together, may as well put down roots. The neighborhood is amazing, and there is a park right in the center. Lots of shopping and food nearby, and it’s not too far from work. You want to go look at it?”

“Yes! But, isn’t it too late?” It was six pm, and the sun had already set.

“Nope, he said anytime. He doesn’t live there, so he gave me a key. Guess he figured Ground Zero wouldn’t rip him off.” He chuckled as he grabbed his coat.

“Ok, let’s freaking go!” I giggled as we ran to the car. The drive was nice, we passed work to get there, but it was a bit of a shorter trip from the new place to get back. The neighborhood was quaint, none of the houses were the same and I really liked that. It wasn’t a cookie cutter sub, and the houses looked a bit older.

“There, that green one is Mina’s.” He pointed at a large, two story home on the right. That meant…two houses down was a pale-yellow bi-level home. It had an attached garage and we pulled in the driveway and I was already in love. He pulled out the key and we went inside. The front door opened into an entryway, leading to a nice sized living space. It was empty, and ready to move in. Off the back was a large kitchen and dining nook, with huge windows looking into the back yard. A large door wall led to a patio out back, complete with a fire pit. Going down the back stairs led to a laundry and utility room, separated by a wall from a large, built-in bar. “Oh, I like this.” He muttered as he looked behind the set up. “It had water connections for the sink, this can be full service.” We went back up and explored the main floor, passing the living area to see what other rooms there were. There were three more down here, in addition to a guest bathroom. The first room was a good size, and looked like it would be a perfect guest room. The second one was lined with shelving; this would make a great office. The final room at the end of the hall opened into a large room, complete with fire place and floor to ceiling windows.

“This would be a great place for our horror collections!” I clapped as he nodded.

“I agree. Plus a few couches and a tv, this would be an awesome place to hang out.” We headed up the half stairs and there was a little spot on the landing that would make a nice little work space, maybe a reading nook. He opened the door and I was amazed. It was one huge room, besides the large bathroom off to the far right. One wall was lined with closets and the other windows. It was beautiful.

“Katsu, I love it. Can we really get it?”

“We can. All I have to do is make a phone call, and it’s ours.”

“Let’s do it. Let’s get it and be neighbors with Mina and Kiri!”

“We will have to sell the condos.”

“I’ll call Monday. Mina’s sold in a week, and there are already offers in on Kiri’s. If we do it now, we can dump them quick.” He picked up his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, it’s Bakugo Katsuki. We are at the house now, and she loves it. We want it…Ok, yep, everything can be done Monday, it’s no problem…Sure, we can do it here, no problem. Ok, we will see you Monday morning. Thanks a lot.”

“That’s it? It’s ours?”

“That’s it. I’ll give him the cash Monday and we can move in whenever we want.” The cash?

“Wait, don’t we have to wait to sell one of the condos first…”

“Nope, I have what we need. I know how to invest, and I have some extra laying around.”

“How…why did I not know you were loaded?” I teased as I pinched his side.

“Well-kept secret. If everyone knew, I would have people coming after me for my money and my looks.” He cackled as he embraced me tight. “This is our new home, Anna. Ours. I’m so happy.” A warmth filled my chest and came pouring out, engulfing us both in happiness like I had never known.

“WHAAAAAAT? FOR REAL?” Mina screamed as we sat on her front porch for the last time.

“You heard me; we are still going to be neighbors.” I laughed as she shook my shoulders. Her tea had spilled all over the ground when she jumped out of her chair.

“And you were afraid you wouldn’t see her enough.” Kiri chuckled as he and Katsuki joined us.

“It’s dumb to pay for two condos when we were only using one. I had already been thinking about finding a house, then when I saw the neighbor, I knew it was a sign. Besides, I didn’t like the idea of not just walking in on you two and stealing your food.” Katsuki chuckled. Aww…he really would have missed Kiri.

“And now, we can all move at the same time and have the extra help!” I joked while the guys groaned. “Hey, don’t worry. I can take care of the heavy lifting.” I winked as Katsuki tackled me. “Just think, Mina. Next time we are all together like this it will be on your new front porch, after we walk from ours.”

“I’m so happy, I don’t even care that we don’t work together anymore. Being neighbors is so much better!”

“We signed the papers Monday, and the truck will be here tomorrow, yours too, right?” Katsuki asked Kirishima.

“Yes, everything is ready to go from both places. I guess we will meet you at our new houses after we pack the trucks?”

“All right! Let’s do this! See you guys tomorrow!” Mina waved as we headed back to my condo for the last time. Everything was packed, Katsuki taking care of his place while I boxed up all mine. I was glad I decided to keep all the boxes from when I came here, it made everything a bit easier. Well, so did the fact I could float shit around. That made it a breeze. Mom and Dad wanted to come, but I told them we had it handled. Mom had recovered, but we didn’t need them. They were coming for New Years in a few weeks, they could wait and see the house fully furnished this time. Mina was throwing her first party, and everyone was coming. Mom and Dad and Katsuki’s parents were coming for it, and we were having dinner at the new place before the party. That gave us two weeks to get everything unpacked and settled. The only box in my condo left unsealed and upstairs was the one for the bedclothes, they would get packed in the morning. Everything else was waiting already in the living room. The condo felt weirdly empty, with everything in boxes, but I couldn’t have been happier. This time tomorrow we would be moved into our new home. OUR new home. Katsuki came in with food, he had run out since everything was packed up already. We sat at the table and ate, a warm silence between us as we enjoyed the last meal in the place we fell in love.

“You know, I sure will miss this place. So many happy memories were had here, you know?”

“Yeah, like the first time we touched our soulmarks. That was when I knew I wanted to be with you forever. This is where you found your new power, flying that towel across the room. This is where you accepted my flaws and insecurities and loved me anyway. Just think of the new memories we will make in our new home.” He cooed as he stood from the table. “We should make one last memory in this place.” He said as he held out his hand. I took it, and we headed upstairs for the last time.

His hands traveled my body as my lips sucked his neck, naked bodies entwined on the bed. His mouth suckled my breasts, nipping gently at the bud before swirling his tongue around it. I could feel his erection brushing against my leg as his mouth met mine in an inflamed kiss. He bit at my lips while his tongue darted in and out, brushing against mine and sending a shiver down my spine. Even after all these months, I couldn’t get enough of him. I bent my knee and rubbed it against his hard cock and he moaned above me. He pulled back and ran the tip over my folds, making me mew loudly as he slowly slid it inside. My hips rocked to him, hands coming up to grab his face and pull it to me. Our mouths met with a passion, sucking on each other’s tongues while our hips crashed together frantically. He drove in and out, flesh slapping together as we devoured each other. He ripped his mouth away and attacked my neck, sucking and biting as he started thrusting quicker, and harder. I tossed my legs around his neck and his hands landed on my ass as his ruby eyes gleamed down at me. He was grunting, tongue hanging out just a bit as I started to lose control.

“Katsu! Yes! Oh god, YES!” I moaned as his fingers moved to strum my clit, pressing circles into it and forcing my walls to shatter around his cock. “Katsuuuuuuuu!” I screamed as I came, hands gripping the sheets as ecstasy flooded my body. He was still thrusting when his mouth found mine. It was a gentle, quick kiss before his eyes got huge and he whispered to me.

“I love you, Anna.” He came while fully sheathed, filling me with his warm seed as I whispered back.

“I love you, Katsuki.”

“This better be the last time we move!” I heard Kirishima yell from the back of the van. We had caravanned to the new houses, and were just about done unpacking our truck. If you told me a year ago I would be working with Endeavor as the number seven hero and moving in with my soulmate Ground Zero, I would have thought you were nuts. But here we were. Katsuki and I were now a hero team, and finished our first week before moving into our new home together. I felt bad for Kiri, having to practically move everything himself since Mina couldn’t lift anything. We were almost done so we went to lend him a hand. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw Mina sitting on the porch, drinking tea, directing him where to put all the boxes.

“Kiri, you need a hand with that?” I asked as I floated the huge box he was carrying into the house. Mina giggled as Kiri shook his head.

“Thanks. Almost done, but I could use a bit of help with the furniture.” He muttered as he and Katsuki went back to the truck. After about twenty minutes they were done, and sitting with us on the porch. I had a feeling I would be spending an awful lot of time here.

“So, now we just have to unpack.” Katsuki laughed as Kiri slapped him.

“Not today, all I want now is food and sleep.”

“Yep, same here. Maybe someone should go grab some food…” I said to anyone and Katsuki volunteered.

“I’ll go. Meet you back here.” He said as he jumped up. He came back with some glorious ramen, again with the great food choices close by. Good. After we fed our faces, we left to go back to our new house for the first night. We had a lot of unpacking to do, but that was going to have to wait. There was only one thing I wanted to do with him tonight, and that was fuck his brains out in our new house. All over our new house. We plopped down on the couch and he put his arm around me, resting his head on my shoulder. “I can’t believe I almost ran away from you.”

“Yea, you jerk! Remember when you thought I was perfect?” I snorted and he kissed my neck.

“You are perfect. In absolutely every way. But most importantly, you are perfect for me.”

“Hey, Katsu,” I purred as my hands ran over his chest. “What room do you want to fuck in first?” He cackled and pulled me into his lap.

“Well, we are already here, so…” He ripped off his shirt and tossed it over his head. I slid off his lap so he could get his pants off while I ditched mine. He pulled me back into his lap and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me passionately as I melted into him. My hands traveled his torso, finally wrapping around his neck as I wiggled for him. I spread my legs and straddled him, leaning in and kissing his chest as he moaned for me. Reaching down, he quickly inserted two fingers and pumped a few times, fingers coming back wet as he licked them clean. I lifted myself up and slid my hand over his cock, hard and waiting for me as I slowly sank down on it. I teased him, wiggling my hips as I slowly let him penetrate. When he was fully sheathed, I ground down, raising my hands above my head as I screamed out.

“Oh, Katsu! So good!” I squealed as I started to bounce in his lap. His hands were attached to my ass, helping me keep the torrid rhythm as his mouth tried to catch my bouncing tits. My hands came down to his shoulders, forcing one into his mouth and he sucked and nipped at it, biting down on a bud before moving to the next. His hips were thrusting up, meeting mine with force as our noses touched. Even after all this time, he still got that it’s too good to be true look in his eyes. Our lips met, gently at first then enflamed, nipping at each other as we both approached climax.

“Anna, I’m cumming!” He whispered as he wrapped his arms around me, thrusting twice more before filling me with his amazing, caramel scented seed. My walls crashed around him and sucked him back in, trembling as I thrashed in his lap. I was pressed into his chest and his hands were combing through my hair. “I love you. I love us. Come on, let’s go to bed. When we wake up, we can christen the bedroom.” He winked.

“I love us, too, Katsu.”

The next two weeks passed pretty quickly. We had everything unpacked and put away the first week, and had even gone out and gotten some new furniture for the house. Katsuki had spent his time getting the bar in working order downstairs and we grabbed some new barstools and a table with chairs. We picked up a couch and a few chairs to go in the horror room, and a tv for the space. We both had desks, those went into the office. The third room on the main floor was where we put Katsuki’s bed and furniture, and planned on that being the guest room. His old couch and a chair fit perfectly in the little space half-way up the stairs and it made a nice little reading nook. Mina’s party was tomorrow, and I was super excited. Mom and Dad were coming, along with Mitsuki and Masaru and Rick and Rita for dinner beforehand, to see our new house. Then, we would be hanging out with all our friends to celebrate the New Year. I missed seeing Ochaco and the rest every day, and couldn’t wait to see everyone. Katsuki had gone somewhere with Kiri, they left a while ago and said they would be back soon. Wonder what they are up to? Maybe Kiri needs help building the crib.

“So that’s the plan. Do you think it will work?”

“Dude, she is going to love it. The timing is perfect with everyone gathered. I think it’s a good idea to do it before you all come over.”

“Yeah? You don’t think I should wait until the end of the night?”

“I don’t think she will care, honestly. Do it whenever you feel is right. Do you have the ring?”

“Oh, yeah. Here.” I pulled the small box from my pocket and handed it to him. His eyes lit up when he opened it.

“DUDE! Shit, man, you will make me look bad in front of Mina with that thing.”

“You think she will like it?”

“Yes. Yes, I think she will like it. I think you could give her anything and she would like it, but you out did yourself on this one.”

“All right, wish me luck.”

“I will, but you don’t need it. I’ll see you at the party tomorrow.”

Rick and Rita were the first to arrive. I was showing them the horror room when Mom and Dad pulled up, and Mitsuki and Masaru were right behind them. They all got a grand tour, Dad joking that he and Masaru were going to stay downstairs at the bar. Well, he wasn’t joking, actually. Dinner wasn’t for a half hour, and they actually stayed down there. Katsuki checked on his dishes then pulled Rick aside, whispering something to him as I tried no not notice.

“Anna! This house is great. It’s such a nice neighborhood, too. Reminds me of ours.” Rita squeed as the women all gathered around the kitchen counter.

“You ladies chat, we are going to check and make sure Dad’s aren’t getting drunk.” Rick laughed as they headed down the stairs.

“Really, Anna. This is a really nice house. I love the yard, and all the room.”

“Thanks, Mom. You can say thanks to Mina, as well. If Katsuki wouldn’t have been helping Kiri with his house, he never would have seen this one. I owe her, big time.”

“It’s wonderful that you have her as such a good friend and neighbor. I was so worried when you left the island, but it was like you were meant to. You wouldn’t have accomplished any of this if you would have listened to me and stayed behind.”

“It’s ok, Mom, really. I know you had good intentions. I was scared too, until I punched Katsuki in the face. After that, nothing really scared me anymore.”

“Sir. I would like to ask you permission to marry your daughter.” I bowed as I held out the ring box and handed it to him. He looked at it longer than I expected.

“Bakugo, when I first met you, I didn’t care for you at all. You were a loud mouthed, foul tempered brat. But that was just what was on the news. Even that first day, as much as I hate to admit it, I thought you were good for my daughter. As time went on, I saw how much you two flourished together, getting through what could have been very hard times like a breeze. You make each other better. You treat her better than I ever expected. You made her stronger. You have my blessing; I would be honored to call you my son-in-law.”

“Hey, you drunks! Dinner is ready!” I yelled as Mom cackled. Katsuki came rushing up to help get the food to the table, and we all sat down to the first of which I hoped would be many family dinners in our new home.

“Wow, Bakugo, this is really good. Rick told me you could cook, but I am still surprised.” Mom admitted as Mitsuki nodded her head.

“Seriously, he didn’t cook like this when he lived at home.”

“I was too lazy back then, and please, call me Katsuki. Everyone at this table is family.” He grinned at me. After we finished eating everyone headed to change. Mina insisted on semi-formal, since it was her very first party at her new house. I laughed, and planned to indulge her. I think it was because soon she would be too big to get all dressed up. I pulled out the red dress and changed quickly, Katsuki already done and back downstairs. We would be starting the new year in a new home, with a brand-new life ahead of us, and I was so happy I could burst. I came back down the stairs all ready to go and everyone was gathered in the living room, waiting for me. Whoops.

“Ha, sorry guys, I’m ready…” The room fell silent when Katsuki dropped to one knee in front of me, holding out a small box in his hands.

“Anna, I love you. Will you marry me?” I heard squeals come from behind me as I looked down at him, his eyes welling with tears as my suddenly shaking hand held my finger out.

“Yes, Katsu! I love you so much!” He slipped the ring on, it was absolutely beautiful, and I was never taking it off. It was a diamond infinity band, and it gleamed under the kitchen lights. He stood up and we embraced, noses touching before our lips met for a soft kiss.

“Oh! I get to plan a wedding!” Mom shouted as I rolled my eyes. She had been waiting for this a long time. “We’ll have it on the island, it will be a huge party!”

“Maybe, Mom. We can talk about it later. Now, we have a New Year’s party to go to. Let’s go celebrate!”