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Chapter Sixteen

Celebrations of All Kinds

The party was in full swing when we arrived, Kirishima was the first to greet us. He immediately grabbed my hands and took a peek, grinning wildly at the ring on my finger. He must have known about this.

“Congratulations, man!” He shouted as he embraced Katsuki in a huge hug, and Mina and the rest came to see what all the fuss was about.

“What are we congratulating…OH MY GOD!” She squealed as she took my hand, jumping up and down.

“He asked me to marry him, and I said yes.” I beamed as Katsuki wrapped his arms around me.

“Wow, he did a great job with the ring…” Kyoka muttered with a smile.

“What is all the screaming over?” Ochaco asked as she and Momo approached with Deku and Shoto close behind. I held up my hand and more squealing ensued, everyone I saw had the same reaction. I was kind of living in a cloud, so much happiness that it was overflowing. I was trying to pay attention to everyone, but I couldn’t stop dreaming about how we would be together, forever. This man, my soulmate, who dropped into my life almost a year ago and changed me for the better in a blink of an eye. I never imagined I would find someone I loved so much. As the evening went on, I realized how lucky I was. I had Katsu, all these wonderful friends and teammates that I treasured. I didn’t have any of this a year ago. Tonight, in this moment, I think I was the happiest woman on the planet. It started getting late and the party died down, people saying their goodbyes and heading for home. Mom and Dad were staying with us and taking the train to the airport in the morning, and the other four headed out.

“Melody, make sure you keep me in the planning loop. This is going to be so much fun!” Why did I get a feeling I wasn’t going to have a say in my own wedding?

“I will, I call you as soon as I know anything.”

“You know, we haven’t even set a date yet. You can calm down with the planning.” I laughed as Mom shot me a glare.

“It’s never too soon to start planning.” Dad snorted as they walked inside. We waved goodbye and headed in ourselves, and I was exhausted. They headed right for their room, as tired as I was. “Goodnight you two. See you in the morning for breakfast.” Mom waved as she shut the door. We climbed the stairs and I sprawled out on the bed, head spinning from the events that had taken place. We were getting married! He bounced on the bed next to me and grabbed my hand.

“I love the way this looks on you. I’m so glad I found it.”

“It’s perfect, Katsu. Our love is infinite. I told you before I didn’t need a ring or papers, but the thought of marrying you makes me so happy.”

“Same, although from the way our Moms were talking, it sounds like the wedding will end up being a huge deal.” He laughed as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“I thought about eloping, but I think Mom would kill me.” I giggled as he rolled to face me.

“I’ll marry you in front of a handful of people, or a million people. They can broadcast it nationwide for all I care. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Just being with you is what I want. Nothing else matters.” I said as I kissed his neck. We started getting hot and heavy for a minute, then remembered who was right downstairs. He stopped and grinned down at me.

“How about we save the engagement sex until they are gone. I don’t want to hold back.” He growled as he rolled off the bed to change. It was probably for the best; I didn’t want to hold back either. I wanted to show him how much he meant to me, but tonight we would just fall asleep in each other’s arms, knowing we would be together, forever.

Mom was up early and had cooked a feast in my kitchen. The smell woke me up, nudging Katsuki to get up and dressed. They had a train to catch, and I didn’t want to keep her waiting. The sooner they left, the quicker we could celebrate.

“Wow, Mom. You really out did yourself.” I chuckled. At least we would have leftovers.

“I figured you could eat it later too. Think of it as a parting gift.” She laughed as she sat a plate down in front of me. The four of us ate, and talked, and when we were finished, they were ready to head home. “Anna, make sure you let me know as soon as you set a date so I can prepare. Katsuki? Take care of my girl, ok?” She smiled as she grabbed her bags.

“You will be the first to know, and I promise.” Katsuki said as they waved from the car. He turned to me after they pulled away with a wicked grin. I smirked as he pulled his shirt off and came at me. “Now, it’s time for engagement celebration sex.” I laughed as I dodged him, running away as I ripped my shirt off and flung my bra at him. He had shaken his pants off and was chasing me through the house naked. I stopped in the hall to get my pants off and he caught me, grabbing the back of my neck and pinning me face first against the wall. “You are going to pay for that little stunt. Be a good girl, and scream while I devour you.” His teeth sunk into my neck and I cried out, his hands ripping my panties away and ramming deep inside. My hands braced the wall as his gripped my hips tightly, thrusting deep and hard as I bounced off the wall.

“Oh yes, Katsu! I love it when you fuck me hard, baby!” I screamed as he grunted from behind me. “Your cock feels so good, oooohh, ahhhh, ohhhh Katsu!” He loved it when I said dirty shit, and I was feeling extra vocal today. “Oh, you give it to me so good, Katsu!” He groaned and slipped out, grabbing my hand and dragging me to the horror room. He threw me on the couch and quickly climbed on top with his dick in his hand. My legs were in the air as he thrust in, his pace thunderous, plunging in and out as a torrid string of curse words flew from my mouth. “Fuck, oh fuck! Oh yes, Katsu! So deep, oh god.”

“You like my cock, baby? You take it so good. I love fucking your pussy. I love that it’s just for me.”

“Just for you, just like you cock is just for me. Make me cum on it, Katsu. Make me cum on your amazing dick.” I purred as he shifted into overdrive. My legs rested on his shoulders as he obliterated me, face flushed as our eyes met. He blushed seeing the state I was in, and that he was the one making me feel this way.

“I love you so much. Cum for me, baby.” He whispered as he allowed his hand to land on my folds, finger harshly rubbing my clit as my legs began to tremble around his head. One more thrust sent me over the cliff, walls collapsing and sucking his cock as I screamed his name.

“Katsuuuuuu! Oh YES!” He trembled and came, his warm seed squirting and coating my insides as I writhed beneath him. Collapsing to my chest, he stayed sheathed because we both just realized we were on a couch, not the bed. Usually we had a clean up plan in place, we had fucked in every room already at least once, but neither of us had grabbed a towel. The closest thing was his sweatpants and he grabbed them for a sacrifice. “Sorry.” I giggled as he pulled out, catching the mess with the legs.

“Worth it. I have plenty more.” He laughed as he kissed my forehead.

“So, what are we doing today?” I asked as we made our way back and headed upstairs to get dressed.

“How about we stay naked in bed all day?” He grinned.

“I have nothing else to do…”

Working for Endeavor was a dream come true, but working with Katsuki was the best thing ever. He had been overjoyed when we told him we were engaged, and even offered his hall for the reception. I told him Mom was in charge, and he laughed, saying it would be a huge party on the island. He would be invited, of course, along with all our friends and coworkers. We decided on a date, the last Saturday in August. Mom panicked, saying there wouldn’t be enough time to get everything ready, but I just laughed. It was only February, and we were having it at her hall, so that was taken care of. She worried about everything too much. I was actually scared to see what she already had planned. She only does things full steam ahead, and I could only imagine what she had in store for us. I was sitting with Mina on her porch, she had already stopped working as she approached month five of her pregnancy. Hero work was too much for her, and she was bored out of her mind.

“Ahh…I wish I could do something.” She whined as she slurped noodles. She was showing now, and everyone was always wanting to pat her belly.

“Mina, you are doing something. You are growing a baby. Save your strength and rest now, because soon you won’t have time for anything!” I chuckled as she rolled her eyes at me.

“I know, I know. I’m just glad I’ll be done by the time your wedding comes. The idea of finding a dress that would fit now is UGH.” She snorted as I giggled. She was due the middle of July, so she should be recovered by then and also be in desperate need of a night out. “I’m already planning on leaving the kid with Mom for it. My first official vacation after childbirth.”

“Wow, thinking ahead, are we?”

“Speaking of thinking ahead, do you know where you are having the ceremony yet?”

“No. Mom has tossed a bunch of suggestions at me but I don’t like any of them.”

“What do you like?”

“I don’t know, that’s the problem. I can’t land on a place…”

“Well, it’s going to be on the island, what about a favorite place?” I thought about it a minute and…wait!

“Oh, Mina! Thanks! I think I thought of something, and it shouldn’t be a problem!”

“Really? Where?”

“The beach. There is a beautiful spot overlooking the ocean that I used to go to when I was in need of some alone time. It would be perfect.”

“But, weather!”

“It can pour if it wants. I’ll marry him in a downpour if that’s what mother nature has in store.”

As I walked home, I fished out my phone and called Mom. She would be happy I finally decided on a place. I put it back in my pocket, deciding to run the idea by Katsu first, just in case. I couldn’t imagine him having a problem with it. The boys had both come home an hour ago, but Katsu never came over to Mina’s to say hello. I opened the door and shouted.

“Hello? Katsu? You home?”

“Yep, coming…” I heard him yell from outside. Why was he outside? The door wall was open, and there was a ruckus before I saw Katsuki’s head pop in, huge grin on his face, followed by a flying mess of fur, running right for me.

“What the?” I laughed as a puppy jumped at me feet. A red and white shiba inu, and it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. “Katsu?”

“I figured this place needed some livening up. I saw this little girl and couldn’t say no. She’s six months old, and I was waiting for you to get home so we can name her.”

“You got us a dog?” I yelled, half excited and half confused. Just after we moved in, I had mentioned that I had always wanted a dog, and now that we had the house maybe we could get one. I knelt down in front of her and she licked my face, whining as she pawed at my feet.

“Maiden. What do you think of that for a name?” I cooed at her as she flopped on her belly for rubs. Katsuki laughed from behind me, approaching and kneeling with me.

“I like that, I think it’s perfect. Maiden. Mai for short.”

“What do you think about a beach wedding?” I asked as I turned to him. His eyes lit up and he smiled.

“A beach wedding? I think that sounds amazing. I’d marry you on a trash heap, though.” He laughed as I slapped his arm.

“Ok, I’m calling Mom. Now maybe I can get a few weeks of peace.” He laughed and I grabbed my phone. It rang once and she picked up. She must have been holding the damn thing.

“Hi darling. What’s up?”

“I think I have decided where to hold the ceremony.”

“Oh, that’s great news! Where? The marina? The ballroom?”

“The beach.”

“The beach. You are trying to kill me, aren’t you?”

“No, Mom. Not kill you. I know you can pull this off. You know the spot I’m talking about. Where we used to go swim. That’s where I want to get married.”

“Ok. Your wedding. The reception is still at my place, right…”

“Yes, Mom. Your hall will be amazing for the after party. We also decided that the ceremony it’s self will be small, just friends and family. Everyone else will gather at the hall to wait for us so we can celebrate.”

“I think that is a great idea, hon. Really. A smaller ceremony is easier, and people just want to party anyway. Send me a list of who you are inviting to both, and I will arrange everything. Except the weather. You will just have to keep your fingers crossed on that.”

“I know, and I’m not worried. The universe will cooperate, I just know it.”

The next six months passed so fast I almost couldn’t blink. Preparations for the wedding were all handled, and it was suddenly the night before we left for the island, and in two days we would be married. Maiden was the best present ever, and I loved that dog so much. She was still growing, and she made the best companion. She was gentle, and loving and got along with everyone. Which is why she was going to stay with Mina’s Mom along with the baby while we went to get married. Mina had a beautiful baby boy about a month ago, and Maiden didn’t like leaving his side. Eijiro had asked her to marry him after she gave birth, and she said yes. Their wedding was early next year. I had taken the last month off from work since I was having to travel back and forth so much for all the preparations. Mom said I didn’t have to, but I wanted to see for myself what she was planning. She did a wonderful job, and I didn’t have to correct her on much, except the giant ice sculpture, I talked her out of that and the doves flying off after we said I do. Don’t need any of that, either. The caterers had put together a wonderful menu, and the cake was amazing. Katsuki didn’t have a problem going with the more American style wedding, and Mom went nuts. I decided to go that direction as well, opting to walk down the aisle in a traditional white kimono, but instead of a bunch of wardrobe changes I picked out a western wedding dress. It was gorgeous and so American Katsuki was going to die. The skirt had a huge train that I would remove after our entrance at the party, and the beautiful white satin and lace gown would blow everyone away.

“Do you have everything packed? I don’t want to have to rush around in the morning…”

“Katsu, calm down! Everything is ready to go.”

“Ok, just checking.” He laughed as he poked his head into the bedroom. Mai and I were laying on the bed when he crawled in. “Two days. Just two days until you will be Bakugo Anna.” He whispered as he kissed my neck.

“I can’t wait, my love.”

I was sitting in the makeshift dressing room Mom had put together at the beach. Everything was amazing, she had thought of everything. Mother nature also was on her best behavior, it was a beautiful late summer day and bright sunshine filled the sky. Sitting in front of the mirror I couldn’t believe how much my life had changed in just over a year. Today I was marrying the love of my life, the love of all my lives, my soulmate. The man I would spend the rest of my life with, my partner. My lover, my other half.

“Sweetie, you look beautiful.” Mom choked back tears as she entered. I was ready, and I heard the music start to play. This was it. Dad walked in and teared up, extending his arm so he could walk me down the aisle. My eyes landed on Mitsuki first; she had a tissue to her eye as I passed her. Mina and Kiri were holding hands as Mina openly sobbed. Rick was beaming, and Rita was holding her daughter in her arms. Then my eyes fell to him, the most handsome man I had ever laid my eyes on. Our eyes met and he beamed, the smile so wide it looked like it hurt. The minister began and I know he was talking, but I didn’t hear him. All I could hear was the blood rushing in my ears. I loved him so much and I couldn’t believe this was really happening.

“It’s time for the vows, Bakugo you may begin.” He looked at me with tears in his eyes.

“I don’t think I ever expected to find someone like you. I know I didn’t. From the moment you punched me in the face I knew you were special, but I had no idea we were destined for each other. Being your soulmate is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I will love you forever. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, Anna.”

“Katsuki, I always believed in soulmates. I dreamed of finding mine, and just over a year ago, it happened. You let me in right away, showing me a side most don’t get to ever see. I will forever be grateful I forgot my gloves like a crazy person for that interview. It was the best mistake I have ever made. It led me to the love of my life, and best friend. I will love you forever, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” The minister continued, speaking words I wasn’t paying attention to. Our eyes were locked on one another, staring into our souls as the words bounced off my ears. Finally, he said the words I was waiting for. This was an Americanized wedding, after all.

“Do you, Anna, take Katsuki to be your husband?”

“I do.”

“Do you, Katsuki, take Anna as your wife?”

“I do.”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife; you may kiss the bride.” Katsuki grabbed me around the waist and picked me up, planting a passionate kiss on my lips as we twirled around to cheering from the small group of friends. We walked up the aisle hand in hand, as husband and wife for the first time and headed to change into our party outfits. Everyone except our parents were heading to the hall to let them know we were coming. Mom and Mitsuki helped me change and the guys met us at the car.

“Wow, that dress is amazing!” Katsuki cried as I grinned at him. I knew he would like it, it’s why I picked it out. He was in a stunning tux, solid black with a white shirt accented by a tie the same purple as my eyes. “Let’s go party!”

We made our entrance and everyone ohhed and ahhed before we served dinner. I was starving, and happy we decided to do dinner before the other shenanigans. Not that I didn’t want to hear stories from our friends and greet everyone, I was just hungry. The music started just after we finished eating, and Kirishima picked up the mic. Oh boy.

“Hi everyone, for those that don’t know me, I’m Kirishima Eijiro, and I have known Bakugo since we were in school. I have watched him go from an annoying jerk who didn’t give a damn about anything except being number one, to a mature, kindhearted man, who was lucky enough to find the love of his life. Here’s to you guys, Katsuki and Anna!” The crowd cheered and raised their glasses. Everyone turned as the giant cake was wheeled in. It was totally American; ten layers of buttercream complete with mini versions of us on the top in our hero outfits. He was so getting a face full of that. We walked over and Mom and the photographer snapped a few pics as we cut it together, and as I flung frosting in his face. We mingled, and chatted and had a great time with all our friends and family. Between the food, and drinks, and dancing, I was starting to get tired. It was almost time to head to our honeymoon spot for the night. Everyone was dancing and having a good time as the night wound down, and Katsuki took the mic.

“Thank you, everyone, for coming to celebrate with us. This is a night I will truly never forget. We couldn’t be luckier having friends like you all. Please, stay as long as you like, or until the food and booze is gone, But Anna and I are taking our leave. We will see you all again soon!” He finished as everyone clapped as we exited the hall and got into a car. He still hadn’t told me where we were going. He told me to pack a bag for three nights away from everyone else, so I was a bit excited.

“Can you tell me now where we are going?” I laughed as we pulled away.

“You will see.” We drove a bit in the direction of the beach and it was dark by the time we arrived. It was a small cottage right on the beach and my eyes lit up. “This is ours for three whole days. No one is around, we are totally alone out here. Let’s make the most of it, Mrs. Bakugo.” He cackled as he grabbed the bags from the trunk. It was a cute little place, a fireplace in the living room and small kitchen as you entered and a large, open bedroom upstairs. He dropped our bags at the foot of the bed and rushed me. His hands unzipped my dress and I shook it off, falling to my feet as I stood before him in my special surprise. The white lace bra and matching thong were adorable, and his tongue hung from his mouth as he grinned. “Almost as beautiful as you.” He crooned as his lips met my soulmark. Even after all this time, it sent a shiver up my spine. He stripped his tux and shirt, kicking them aside as he fell on top of me. “Bakugo Anna, I’m going to make you scream my name.” He started at my neck and kissed all the way to my panties, gently pulling them down and off as his hand moved to his boxers. He stroked his dick through them as I sat up and removed my bra, flinging it at him as he growled. He tossed my bra and his boxers across the room as he pounced, mouth suckling a breast as I moaned below him. I felt the tip graze my folds as he adjusted above me, sinking in slowly as my mouth caught his. Our bodies entwined in this passionate dance; one we had done many times before, but now it was different. We were married, husband and wife, together forever. We were starting a brand-new journey together. The sound of our flesh slapping was overtaken by our moans, his rhythm slow and steady as he began to push me to my limit. My arms wrapped around his neck and I whispered in his ear.

“You feel so good Katsu, make me scream your name!” I cried as he took the hint and began pounding me into the bed. He grabbed my ankles and tossed my legs over his shoulders as he obliterated me, mouth emitting foul words and his name like a symphony. “Oh yes, Katsu! Oh, right there, baby! Oh fuck, yes!”

“You are close baby, so am I. Cum on my cock like a good girl.”

“Yes, Katsu, fuck yes!” I screamed as my walls shattered around his dick, thrashing below him as he stared into my eyes. He leaned down close and whispered against my neck.

“I love you, Anna.” He lost control, thrusting once more to the hilt before releasing his seed into my trembling core. He rested on top of me, head nestled between my breasts and cock still sheathed in my pussy. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, Katsu, my husband. My husband, I love the way that sounds.”

“Get used to it, you better tell everyone you know.”

“I’ll shout it from the roof tops. This is the first night of the rest of our lives.” He rolled off and wrapped me in his arms, kissing the back of my head as he stroked my hair.

“I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”