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Just A Touch

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Chapter Seventeen


I was sitting on the couch, staring at the little piece of plastic in disbelief. Mai was laying across my lap, oblivious to what was transpiring. Katsu and I had just celebrated our third wedding anniversary last month, and our lives were perfect. Working together had really skyrocketed us in the public eye, and last polling he was ranked number two hero. I stayed put at five, which was fine with me. One day, Katsu would get that number one spot. He didn’t seem to care as much about it as I did at this point for him. Two months ago, we talked and decided it was time for me to stop taking birth control. I was thirty now, and we decided this would be a good time to think about starting our family. Our parents were thrilled but I warned everyone, I had been on the pill for a very long time, and it may take a while for me to get pregnant. I figured a year would pass. But, if this little test in my hand was right, it was happening now. I was so deep in thought that I didn’t hear him come in.

“Hey babe, whatcha doing?” He asked as he stopped in his tracks. I was holding the pregnancy test in my hand above my head. “Is…that what I think it is?” He shouted as he ran at me, grabbing it from my hand and letting out a loud squeal. “WE ARE PREGNANT?”

“Sure looks that way, babe. I have to call the doctor in the morning and set up an appointment to confirm, but this says yes!” He picked me up from the couch and spun me around. “You are going to be a Dad!” I grinned as he planted a long, lingering kiss on my lips.

“And you’re going to be a Mom.” He cooed as he held me close. I was going to be a mom.

The appointment went well, and it was confirmed, we were pregnant. Only about eight weeks, so we decided to keep it a secret a while, just to be on the safe side. That didn’t stop us from planning, already getting ideas for the nursery. At my fourteen-week appointment, we got some shocking news.

“Congratulations, you are having twins.” I remember the doctor saying before I passed out. Whoops. Katsu was grinning at me when I woke up.

“Do we want to know the sexes?” He laughed as the doctor smiled.

“Yes! I want to know, do you?”

“Yep, let’s hear it doc.”

“You have one of each.” A boy and a girl. Twins. That news changed everything. It made me the happiest woman alive.

My pregnancy was as easy as it could be when having twins. Mom almost passed out and Mitsuki had to catch her when we finally told them the news. I had officially retired from hero work, giving up my number five rank the next time the polls came out. I would have my hands full with my babies, and it was time to leave that world behind. Their Dad would still be helping to make the city safe, and that was all they needed. Mina and her son were hanging out with me while Katsu was at work, and as I walked across the kitchen to get some tea, I felt something wet between my legs. I turned to Mina and her eyes were huge.

“It’s time! Your water broke! Let’s go!” She shouted as the little boy grabbed my bag. She had been preparing him in the event they were the ones with me when it happened. He was so cute, hollering at me to get to the car in his four-year-old voice. I texted Katsu from the car as Mina drove with two simple words.

‘It’s time.’

He somehow beat us to the hospital and had called our parents, as per the plan. He was holding my hand when the first one came, our little boy. I almost broke his fingers as our daughter was born, both screaming as they were wrapped up and handed to us.

“They are perfect! Little angels…look!” He was beaming as they cooed, tears glistening in his eyes as we looked at the amazing things we had created. I thought our lives were perfect before, but now they were complete.

Both Mom and Mitsuki stayed with us for the first month. The addition we had built was completed while we were in the hospital, and the guys all pitched in and helped get it ready. We had added two bedrooms and a living/play space plus an extra bathroom since, well, we needed to. The babies would be staying with us in our room after the parents left, but for now they were helping take feeding and changing shifts so I could sleep. Katsuki was worried I would need help, but Mina volunteered to give me aid anytime I needed it. She was a stay at home mom now, with a second on the way, and she was with me most of the time anyway. I valued her friendship more than I could have ever expected. The house was quiet when he turned to me in bed, eyes shining as he smiled at me.

“How are you doing, Mom?” He laughed as he nuzzled my neck.

“I’m amazing. Our kids are amazing, and they will turn out to be wonderful people, and heroes.”

“I love you, Anna. I love our kids. I love our life. I’m so happy I found you and we made all this happen, together.”

I was in the kitchen, the tv was blaring from the living room. The twins were getting riled up over something. Great.

“Emma, Kure! Take it outside! Go see if Yagi and Keiki are out.” I hollered as I made dinner. They just had their fifth birthday and both developed their quirks. Our life was a living hell. Just kidding, sort of. Emma could blow shit up if she touched it just like Katsu, and Kure was full telekinetic, just like me. I was really getting tired of him floating shit around, like his sister. There was a huge explosion out back and before I could get to the door, Mina came running in, laughing her head off.

“Oh god, Anna! How are we still alive?” She chuckled as I looked out the window. Kirishima and Katsuki were in the yard with the four kids, and they were losing. They had Katsuki pinned to the ground and poor Kiri was levitating in mid-air above him.

“Because they know better that to try that shit on us.” I laughed. The doorbell rang and I ran to answer, we were having a family dinner tonight and everyone was coming. Mina and Kiri were like family, and Rick and Rita were bringing their two kids along with our parents who couldn’t get enough of the grandkids. Rick had moved to the mainland a few years ago with his family, and now Mom and Dad were having a hard time deciding if they would stay, or move to be closer to all of us. I was pretty sure within the year; they would be moved. Everyone had piled in and the kids came running as soon as they heard the grandparent’s voices. Mina flipped on the tv as we sat around the living room. This wasn’t just a family dinner, I hoped this would be a celebration. They were announcing the new hero rankings tonight, and with the current number one hero retiring, rumors were Katsuki would be the new man on top. The room fell hushed as the countdown started, even the kids were watching intently.

“Moving up to number four this ranking, Red Riot!” The anchor yelled as the crowd cheered. Kiri deserved that; he was a wonderful hero. His kids jumped on him in celebration. He told me a long time ago he never had any interest in what he was ranked, but I could see how proud he was, for him and for his family. They had announced everything but two and one now, and my heart was beating out of my chest. Could this really be happening for him? Was he really going to be the number one hero? It was something he had dreamed of all his life, something he strived for and even lived for at one point.

“The number two hero is Shoto!” My heart almost stopped. That meant… I looked up at him and there were tears in his eyes. This was it! He did it! You could feel the excitement in the air, even Dad had a tear fall down his cheek.

“And you know what that means!! Our new Number One Hero is GROUND ZERO!!!” The twins screamed and jumped at him, knocking him over as tears streamed down my face. Everyone was hugging and freaking out, and the next thing I knew the smoke alarm was going off. SHIT, DINNER! Whoopsie.

“Well, everyone. Looks like we will have to go out for dinner, since ours is on fire. My bad.” I laughed as the room exploded in laughter.

“I have a feeling I can help with that.” Mom said as she picked up the phone. “Hello yes. This is Tempest. Yes. We want to celebrate the news, is there any way…oh yes, that would be perfect! Thank you so much, see you soon.” She hung up and looked at me. “Come on, get the kids ready, we are going to the steakhouse. The owners are cleaning out the place for us.” She winked. Of course, they were. They knew very well who was coming. The grandma’s grabbed the kids and took them to wash up as Mina and Kiri took theirs and ran home to change. I followed Katsuki to the bedroom and before he could say a word, I wrapped my arms around him and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

“Sorry, I just had to know what kissing the Number One Hero was like.” I giggled as he attacked my neck.

“Does it feel any different?” He whispered before he caught my lips again, this time full of passion. I pulled away and grinned at him.

“Not really, you have always been my number one hero. I love you, Katsu.”

“I couldn’t have gotten here without you, you know. You made me who I am today. Being with you made me stronger. I love you, Anna, my wife and soulmate.” We headed back hand in hand and as we watched the kids pile in the car, a rush of happiness overflowed within me. We had done it. Looking back on our first meeting now, it was amazing we made it to this point. So many things had to be in the right place for it to even happen, we were so lucky. The Universe had smiled on us, and we were determined to live the life we were meant to. Happy, and together.

“Come on, Number One Hero. Let’s go celebrate!”