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I'll spend my life in the comfort of your smile

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Seeing his breath in the cold winter air, Giorno buried himself deeper into the scarf wrapped around his neck. With the sun dipping below horizon, the temperature also started to drop even further. With the weather reports threatening snow in this particularly cold winter, Giorno found it to interfere even with his personal life, and despite the warm clothing he did not enjoy winters even when they were normal, much warmer ones – even if usually he would go to places with a car. However, this time wishing to get some fresh air and stretch his limbs he had decided to walk over to Mista’s who had long since went home for the day already. Picking up the pace, he could almost feel the warmth of the apartment.

Almost shivering already, Giorno was thankful to have finally arrived at Mista’s apartment. Ringing the doorbell, he could only hope that the other was home. They did not have any agreements or plans for meeting, but it was usually on a few specific evenings during the week that the two spent time together – whether discussing work or simply spending time together. It was not something he had told anyone but Trish – who in turn had let the gossip move on to Sheila and Fugo, who all greatly enjoyed teasing him about it – but it was these moments of calm that he greatly enjoyed.

Hearing footsteps approach the door which soon after opened, Giorno was met with a bright smile that more than enough to make him forget about the cold and surely even enough to melt the snow that would surely soon arrive if the dark clouds on the sky were to indicate anything.

“Good evening, Mista.” And really, he could only smile in return.

“Don’t just stand there all night, come on in.”

Being ushered inside, Giorno gave a thankful smile. Even if Mista’s smile and presence warmed him up, the cold air was a mean thing and Giorno still preferred spending time inside with him. Taking off his shoes and hanging his coat, the two chattered about work as usual. There were some important deals to be made in the next few days and running by their plans for said meetings never hurt anyone.

Settling down on Mista’s couch, Giorno quickly started warming up again. There was something about the apartment that seemed so homely that left him so comfortable, especially when compared to his own apartment that occasionally seemed to be even slightly too luxurious. It was a good place to deal with business, but it left out the warmth of a home.

Mista – who was following close behind – continued on towards the kitchen, only stopping at the door frame to ask what he wanted to drink.

“I don’t think I have any coffee left, though.” Sheepishly rubbing his neck, Mista was aware that he had to go buy more at some point but spending each morning at Giorno’s apartment and sharing breakfast with him and occasionally others of their close circle, left him with having little to no need for holding any at his own apartment. He could always pick up a cup of coffee on his way home even from a café around the corner.

“Tea is just fine.” Giorno replied with a gentle and understanding smile that made his heart jump to his throat. He could swear that some day the smiles that were directed at him would be the death of him.

“Right.” Almost stumbling in his words, he could feel the blush creeping up his neck. Keep it together, Guido. “Tea it is then.”

Not caring for tea, himself, Mista did have some fancy brews for Giorno thinking they would make for a better drink than regular teabags sold at a grocery store. Though he had learned how to brew tea already in his youth, the skill had not come to a use before joining Passione.

Rummaging the kitchen cabinets for something to add to bring some sweetness into the tea, his hand stopped on the jar of honey. He recalled reading somewhere about the health effects of having honey in a hot drink during winter and knowing Giorno he would need the extra boost in the form of something sweet.

 “Honey?” Calling out to the living room, Mista decided to ask Giorno if he would want any. Knowing he was most likely immersed in work matters or reading a book, Mista picked up the jar and started making his way to Giorno to show it to him. The tea would take a few minutes still, so it would not matter if there was no-one keeping an eye on it.

“Yes, dear?” Almost answering to the question by asking if he wanted any honey in his tea, Mista suddenly stopped dead in his tracks as the words hit him. Eyes wide and mouth open like a gold fish, he could only stare at Giorno who – albeit more slowly – also realized what he had said.

Looking up from the magazine on his lap and turning his gaze to Mista, Giorno felt his whole face turn red. Hardly believing what he had said, his mind was running blank as he tried to think of something to say, to explain his words. His face warming up by the minute, he only wished that the ground would open up below and free him of the situation. With the sounds of water boiling stopping and the click of a machine turning itself off, Mista was the first one to say anything.

“You. Uh. You want some honey in your tea?” Stammering slightly, Mista ended the question with a quiet laugh, making light of the situation.

“Yes, thank you.” Though the situation was incredibly embarrassing, there was a slight smile tugging at his lips. The amusement of the misunderstanding was there along the embarrassment, but thankfully Mista seemed to let it go as he returned back to the kitchen for the tea.

Shortly returning with two steaming cups of tea, slight awkwardness was still lingering in Mista’s chest, wondering what it was that made Giorno reply like such to his question. Could it be that he--- Despite the curiosity he pushed the thoughts and feelings away. He shouldn’t be thinking of such things when Giorno was there with him.

Besides, there were more important things to talk about.

“I will need you keeping an eye on others during the meeting. Discuss with Sheila the best course of action.” Giorno held little to no trust towards the men, but this was an important deal he could not miss. Taking a sip of the tea from the mug now in his hands, Giorno visibly relaxed as the hot beverage warmed him up properly. Letting out a content sigh, he leaned back against the comfortable couch. It would be way too easy to relax and fall asleep – and on a couple occasions it had even happened – but he wished to spend more time with Mista outside business.

“Oh!” Hearing Mista pulled Giorno out of his thoughts as he turned to look at the man. “It really is snowin’. Didn’t think it would happen.”

Snow was rare enough as south as they were, only appearing during incredibly cold winters. It was a beautiful sight, a pristine white coat on everything, but also incredibly cold. Giorno could remember a couple snow days from his childhood, seeing all the kids in the neighborhood being excited for the snow and the days off from school. It was a joy he never shared for multitude of reasons.

However, watching Mista who enjoyed the cold and snow greatly made the cold worth it.

Setting down his cup of tea, Giorno stood up and joined Mista by the large window.

“It really is a sight to see.” Despite saying that, his gaze turned from the ground quickly turning white to Mista’s face. Though the simple beauty of winter was breathtaking, Mista’s excited face was quite something else. A warm feeling spread throughout his chest as Giorno watched him.

“It’s been ages since it got cold enough for snow. We gotta drag everyone out while it’s still on the ground.” Mista started talking about plans for the next day while keeping his eyes on the snow. “Even Fugo would have to dress up properly in this weather. Those holes would be targets way too easy for snowballs.” Snickering at the thought, even Giorno found himself amused by it.

“I do believe Trish to be capable of winning even you in a snowball fight.” He could easily see it – Trish being a black horse and beating even Mista. Though like Giorno, she would likely soon retreat to avoid any major damage to her hair or makeup.

This in turn caught Mista’s full attention who turned to look at Giorno with a grin.

“Yeah? She’d definitely give you an ass kicking.”

“I do believe I will pass on this fight. It would do no good to show up in a meeting with wet hair.” Giorno could only laugh in return which left Mista’s breath hitch in his throat and swearing there was no being on earth more beautiful than Giorno Giovanna. Yearningly looking after Giorno who returned to his cup of tea, Mista noticed one thing:

He really was in deep.

The rest of the evening went by relatively calmly. The thought of the upcoming meetings only annoyed Giorno, so the topic of work was not brought up again. The mood set up by the snow gently falling outside was much too pleasant for such discussion either way. Mista, having read some magazines due to the insistence of Trish, even got Giorno to agree to have him braid his hair again. Giorno, who had not had time to redo his braid which he had made early in the morning, accepted the proposition with a laugh.

“Where did you even learn how to do this?”

“I’m a man of many skills.” Mista replied with a grin. Sitting on a taller kitchen chair, he had a hair tie wrapped around his wrist as he gently brushed Giorno’s hair.

Giorno only hummed in return, much too relaxed to reply with anything else. He rarely let others touch his hair, but Mista brushing out the light tangles in his hair and braiding it again was too comfortable to complain. That he let Mista do it for him spoke more about his trust and comfort with the man than he would ever actually say.

Eventually it got too late to stay over any longer. No matter how enjoyable the evening, there was still work to do before Giorno could retire for the night.

Looking out of the window Giorno frowned at the sight. During the couple hours he had spent with Mista, the snow had piled up considerably. So much so that he called a ride back to his apartment instead of trying to brave through the snow that was still piling up even more.

The offer that Giorno could stay over for the night was on Mista’s lips, unvoiced but strongly there. With a slight push of courage, he could say it, but he knew that the option would be bad for his heart. He was unsure if he would survive the sight of Giorno early in the morning, with his hair undone and face still sleepy. Even the thought of it left him weak.

So, he suggested that Giorno should order a ride home, and let him put on his coat despite it being the exact opposite of what he actually wanted. If he would not be able to spend the night with Giorno, he would at least make sure that his boss would get home safe. He knew how much Giorno disliked the winter cold after all, and even joked how he would most likely collapse on his way home if he were to walk the trip. Fashionable clothing would not protect anyone, least of all Giorno, from cold winds and snow. Even if he did look deliciously good in them.

“Stay safe.” Keeping the door open for Giorno, it was all he could say with a gentle smile that left Giorno’s heart soaring. If he had any less self-control, he would grab Mista’s sweater to pull him in for a kiss. But he was not that foolish and only smiled back at him.

“I will. Good night, Mista.” Stepping out, Giorno heard the door close behind him. A car was waiting for him at the end of the driveway, there to take him home. Hugging the jacket closer, Giorno took a couple steps towards the car before stopping.

In a surge of foolishness and bravery, perhaps initiated by the foolish comment he had made regarding Mista asking if he wanted honey in his tea, Giorno returned to the doorway and rang the doorbell again. It did not take long before the front door was opened by a confused looking Mista.

“Giorno? Did you forget somethin’?” With a slight frown, Mista wracked his brain, trying to think if he had seen anything of Giorno’s laying around. However, the thought process was quickly interrupted by the shock of Giorno not saying anything but simply pulling him down for a kiss. It was over fast – too fast if one were to ask him.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, dear.” Turning around around and escaping the situation, Giorno decided to leave any and all explanations and discussions for the next day. Despite the cold chilling him to the bones, his heart was beating fast enough to quickly warm up his body. Mista seemed flabbergasted enough to give Giorno a quick escape. This was enough bravery for one day.

His escape was quickly interrupted by Mista grabbing his arm, pulling him back to him and diving in for another kiss.

Giorno’s eyes wide, he could feel Mista grin into the kiss. Eyes fluttering close, he replied enthusiastically to the kiss. If his heart was not beating fast already, it surely was now. His senses being filled with Mista, his smell, his taste and the hand still grabbing his arm – though less tightly now – and another behind his back, pulling him closer. However, they still had to break the kiss soon enough to get some air.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, honey.” The grin Giorno had felt earlier was wide on Mista’s lips, now slightly red from the kiss. Giorno could not help but to smile in return. They still had to talk about this, but that could wait until tomorrow. Mista let him go and closed the door behind him again while he was walking towards the car absentmindedly.

Running his finger gently over his lips, Giorno Giovanna felt like the luckiest man in the world. A feeling much shared by Mista who was leaning his back against the door, with his hand running through his hair. Perhaps this was something called a winter miracle.