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Beneath the Base and Beat

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Jungkook honestly had no idea why he was in this frat house. This was definitely not his type of scene. He wistfully thinks of his dorm. It’s safe there, comfortable. He should’ve just stayed there and played Overwatch. He would be having so much more fun right now if he had.


But Taehyung, his rambunctious roommate, had convinced jungkook it was high time that he went to a party. “You’re such a goody two shoes Kook! You have straight A’s and nothing due until a week from now. You need to let loose!” Tae had ranted, not for the first time.


Jungkook loves his best friend, but taehyung was just too enthusiastic sometimes. He decided to blame his boredom on Tae, it was easier than admitting that he shouldn’t have listened.


His face contorted as he took a drink of the alcohol in his cup. It was bitter and cheap, definitely not his first choice of beverage. Maybe he should just leave.


Tae was somewhere with his boyfriend, most likely in some frat boy’s empty room balls deep in Yoongi. He felt himself slightly gag at the image. Again, he loved Tae, but the details he got of their relationship were not necessary.


His wallowing was interrupted but loud cheers at the front of the dance floor. It looked like someone was going to do a keg stand. Jungkook rolled his eyes at the drunks cheering the person on.


When the guy had accomplished his task, his eyes met Jungkook’s. A smirk appeared on the stranger’s face, and Jungkook’s eyes widened, before he pulled his gaze away.


That might’ve been the prettiest man Jungkook had ever seen. He looked like a angel, but from hell. His leather pants stretched perfectly around his thighs, and his white shirt was fitted to leave nothing to the imagination. His face, though, was the true showstopper. It seemed like something carved by the gods, something that should be painted in the Sistine Chapel.


The chants filling his ears told him who this man was. “Jimin, Jimin, Jimin,” the crowd cried. Jungkook knew exactly who that was, and knew he was bad news.


After the incident in the den, Jungkook had moved to the kitchen for some water, hoping it’d clear his head. He found a couple doing something less than PG and a group of what looked like seniors snorting coke. After squeezing into the small cooking area, he located the tap.


Pouring out the old beer and filling his cup with water, he finally was able to think. The walls of the kitchen damped the bang of the bass in the den, and his thoughts no longer had to scream to be heard. His mind wandered to Park Jimin again.


He was the dean’s son, that’s how he got away with so much. Him and his friends we’re known vandals and drug dealers. Jungkook had never heard of jimin himself perpetrating any of these crimes, though. His reputation might just be his friends’ that was gifted to him too.


Despite how much of an asshole he seemed to be, he was beauty incarnate. Why do all the prettiest  people have ugly personalities? Jungkook couldn’t get the smirk he was given out of his head. He was royally fucked.




The cheers around Jimin did nothing to drown out his thoughts. He keeps seeing the boy’s face, his wide eyes behind circular glasses. They twinkled with innocence, and Jimin was intrigued. It obviously wasn’t this boy’s idea to be here, but Jimin was so thankful he was.


See, Jimin wasn’t just known as the bad boy, he was also know for his abilities of seduction. Many innocent freshman had fallen for the male, and all were left in the dust when Jimin found someone else to torment.


As the bass drum bumped and the alcohol flowed, Jimin found his next target. The timid boy in spectacles and overalls would soon be another to fall prey to jimin.




It wasn’t hard to find the boy who had caught his eye. The kitchen had emptied out since Jungkook came in, leaving him alone when Jimin arrived. The older acted as though he was there just for a drink refill. “Nice party, huh?” Jimin asks, attempting to talk to the other.


“Uh, yeah, I guess?” Jungkook responds, eyes on his shoes.


Jimin smirks at the boy’s shy demeanor. “You don’t get out much do you?”


Jungkook looks up at that, surprised jimin is even still there. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Jungkook asks, not liking the tone of the question.


“I just mean I’ve never seen you before,” Jimin says with a shrug, “I don’t think I’d be able to forget you,” he added. he downed another slosh of alcohol, and jungkook just stared in disbelief.


“I—,” Jungkook starts, but rethinks. After a few seconds of silence, he gains the confidence. “You’re right, I’ve never been to a party before,” Jungkook finally says, gaze falling back to the floor.


“Well,” Jimin says and finishes his new drink, “I’m glad you came to this one.” And at that, jungkook’s face warmed.


“well, i’m Jim—,” He tries, but Jungkook interrupts.

“I know who you are,” he says with finality, but realized how rude he sounded, “I mean, you’re really popular,” Jungkook balked.


Jimin chuckled at the younger. “Well, since you know me, what’s your name, cutie?” Jimin asks.


“Oh! I’m jungkook,” he says a little too loudly for the atmosphere. ‘You bumbling idiot,’ he thinks, but Jimin was still smiling.


“A cute name for a cute boy,” he responds and Jungkook’s blush is back, “wanna dance?”




The dance floor was just as crowded as when Jungkook first stood in the corner of the den. now, though, he is in the middle of it.


Jimin dragged him through the horde of people to the smack dab center. Gyrating bodies were swarming around him to the heavy bass. Jimin joined them, his hips swaying to the beat like a professional. Jungkook stood mesmerized, probably looking like an idiot standing stock-still in a group of moving people while Jimin was a vision. He looked lost in the music as he moved along with the crowd.


“You gonna come dance with me, baby, or are you just gonna watch?” Jimin giggled, softly grabbing the younger’s hand and pulling him to his chest. “follow my lead,” Jimin said.


Jungkook slowly warmed up to moving and felt the beat infiltrate his soul. The thump of the drums felt freeing to Jungkook, it felt like he was finally relaxing in the tense environment. He felt Jimin pull him closer, and his arms wrapped around Jungkook’s neck.


“Having fun now, baby?” Jimin asked with a seductive tone. Jungkook nodded, smiling as he looked into Jimin’s eyes.


Jimin smirked and started moving them closer together, before he flipped around. Jungkook’s hands involuntarily fell on Jimin’s waist, Jimin’s own hands curling into the hair at the taller’s nape.


Jungkook felt a stir below as Jimin grinded back onto him along with the music. As the song changed to a faster tempo, Jimin sped up his hips, making Jungkook groan.


“J-jimin hyung,” he gasped out, already feeling overwhelmed by the onslaught of his senses.


“Feeling good, baby?” Jimin asks with a chuckle, and he turns his head to see Jungkook out of the corner of his eye. The boy’s eyes were hooded and dark, his mouth open slightly. Jimin smirks at the younger’s fucked out expression and swiveled his hips harder on the bulge.


“Fuck,” slipped out of jungkook’s mouth and Jimin giggled in glee.


“So desperate and i’ve barely done anything, kookie,” Jimin breathed out. the music continued to pump through their veins and Jimin kept teasing along with it.


Another song passed before jimin was finished with his teasing, becoming just as desperate at jungkook. He could feel jungkook’s length, even through the layers of their clothes. Saying Jungkook was packing would be an understatement, and Jimin wanted it inside him.


He turned back to face Jungkook, his eyes full of mischief. His nails lightly scratched the skin of jungkook’s neck and he reached up to whisper into his ear, “Let’s get out of here baby.” The shiver than ran through Jungkook was felt by Jimin.


He giggled and bit Jungkook’s ear lobe softly, causing Jungkook to let out another groan.


“Ok?” Jungkook basically asked in response to jimin’s statement.


“Are you asking or telling kookie? do you want to have sex with me?” jimin lifted his eyebrow.


Jungkook knew his answer to that question. “Yes, i want to have sex with you,” he said with purposeful confidence. Jimin laughed fully for the first time that night, grabbed his hand, and said, “Ok darling, follow me.” 



If Jungkook had been thinking he would have remembered that he wasn’t very experienced in the sexual realm. He would’ve remembered his first, and only, time was with a girl in high school when they were both ways too drunk. He would’ve remembered the disaster that day was.


But he didn’t remember. Whether it was the alcohol, that he didn’t have much of or just him being drunk off jimin he didn’t know, and he was ok with that. For once he was ok with not worrying until it killed him. For once, he did what he wanted without thinking of the consequences.


Jimin’s apartment off campus stunk of weed and stale alcohol, so not much of a change from the frat house they’d left.


On the way, jungkook had remembered that Tae was at said party and would be worried sick if he heard nothing from Jungkook, so he shot him a short text. He thought that Tae might not even see till the morning, so he should be in the clear of his best friend’s wrath.


“You can sit on the couch, baby, I’ll be right back,” Jimin said to Jungkook seductively. He back away into his bedroom and Jungkook plopped on the couch.


When Jimin was gone, it fully sunk in why exactly he was here. he was in Park Jimin’s apartment. Park Jimin wanted to have sex with him. He was still reeling by the time Jimin had come back into the living room.


“Ready Kookie?” Jimin asked, gesturing to his bedroom.


Jungkook nodded his head enthusiastically, walking past Jimin and into the elder’s bedroom.


Compared to the rest of the apartment, it was surprisingly organized. Jungkook sat on the edge of the made bed, his eyes on his hands in his lap.


He heard the lock click, and two feet appeared in his vision. He felt two fingers pull his chin up and his eyes to Jimin’s.


“You sure you want to do this? we don’t have to Jungkook,” Jimin said, sincerity falling on his face.


Jungkook’s eyes stayed wide as he stared into Jimin’s. He thought of how sinful Jimin looked on the dancefloor. He remembered the look in Jimin’s eyes, look of pure want, that Jungkook had never seen directed at him. His eyes darkened as he made up his mind.


“Yes, please Jimin, I want you,” he said, voice oozing with desperation. His cock was throbbing in his boxers and he needed Jimin to touch him so badly.


“Ok, baby, if you’re sure,” Jimin said, moving closer to sit fully on Jungkook’s lap. Jimin’s thumbs softly petted Jungkook’s face, slowly moving their lips closer together. Jungkook glances to Jimin’s perfect lips, then back up into his eyes.


Jimin saw desire swimming below the stars in Jungkook’s eyes. As Jimin took the leap by joining their lips together, Jungkook thought, ‘Finally’. Heat rushed his face and he opened his lips for jimin’s tongue. Jimin’s hands pulled his face impossibly closer.


Soon, though, they both needed to breathe. Jimin bit the younger’s lip as he pulled away, and he admired the younger’s now swollen lips with a smirk.


“Feeling needy again?” jimin asked, knowing the answer.  Jungkook nodded and moved to join their lips again.


Jimin smiles into the kiss at jungkook’s enthusiasm. He teasingly grinds his hips down into jungkook’s obvious bulge. Jungkook lets out a hiss, and Jimin giggles at that. He repeats the motion, slowly growing faster. He realized Jungkook was still sitting up, so he lightly pushes him so he’s on his back, silky hair flying.


Jimin pounced on him, moving his hips faster, making groans leave Jungkook’s lips. He realizes Jungkook’s arms are by his sides, fists curled into the comforter like he was trying not to touch Jimin.


Jimin pulls his fists away and to jimin’s ass where it was grinding down. “You can touch me too, baby,” jimin groaned, cock starting to throb at the stimulation. Jungkook eagerly grabs handfuls of jimin’s cheeks, kneading them longingly.


“Y-you’re so perfect jiminie,” Jungkook finally speaks since they began. Jimin gasps at the unexpected praise and a drip of precome dribbled from his cock.


Jungkook was feeding a kink the younger didn’t even know Jimin had.


“Hyung, please, please let me fuck you hyung,” Jungkook pleads.


Jimin nods, “You’ve been such a good boy Koo, of course, you can fuck me.” He gives one last movement of hips before climbing off.


Jungkook watches with his mouth gaping as the boy strips down his clothes.


“Like what you see kookie?” Jimin slyly asks. Jungkook dumbly nods, eyes wide and eyebrows raised. Once Jimin was down to his boxers, tan skin on full display, he climbed back onto the bed with Jungkook and began unclipping the boy’s overalls.


“Not very fair if I’m the only one naked, huh baby?” Jimin questions with a quirked eyebrow. He pulled the overalls down Jungkook’s legs and onto the ground, revealing what the boy was hiding under the baggy denim. The thick thighs and toned calves shocked jimin, not expecting that jungkook would be as muscled as he was.


When jungkook sees jimin staring at the newly shown skin, he stutters out, “I know it’s shocking,” he takes a deep breath, trying to keep up the confidence in the face of the perfect person that is Jimin, “but I’ve been going to the gym lately. I hope that’s okay.”


He curls in on himself more the longer Jimin doesn’t say anything, just looking at his body. Insecurities and mean words twirled through Jungkook’s brain until finally, Jimin meets his shiny eyes again, tears starting to form in embarrassment.


Seeing this, Jimin quickly grabs Jungkook’s face, in an attempt to calm him down. “Oh, Kook, you’re amazing. Please don’t cry. You’re so perfect, just my type,” he laughs and pinches Jungkook’s cheek, “please don’t cry. I only want to see you cry in pleasure, ok?” Jungkook sniffles and nods, his smile returning easily.


Jimin pulls Jungkook’s lips back to his and grinds on the now bare thighs.


“Thank you, hyung,” Jungkook said with Jimin’s lips centimeters away.


”You have nothing to thank me for cutie, I’m just telling the truth,” he felt Jimin breathe out slowly, and Jungkook moved his hands down to his ass.


“Ready, baby?” jimin asks, and gets confirmation from Jungkook before pulling down his boxers.


His cock jumps to his stomach, almost purple. It might be the prettiest dick Jimin had ever seen. Later, he would describe it as “glorious”.


“Fuck baby, such a pretty cock,” Jimin basically moans out and starts stroking it slowly, squeezing around the silky head where precome is dribbling. Moans and whines we’re leaving Jungkook’s lips on every stroke.


”Such a slutty baby, so desperate,” jimin continues. A high whimper comes from jungkook at the names, they made him feel even more pent up.


“What a big, useless cock. How are you supposed to make me come if you’re almost coming from a handjob, Kook?” Jimin smirks.


Jungkook’s eyes open wide before he starts insisting, “I can do it hyung, I can make you come. Please, please let me make you come.”


Jimin shushes the begging and removes his hands from Jungkook’s cock. He whines at the loss, but becomes excited again at Jimin peeling his own boxers off.


“Can you hold off a little longer baby? I need your help,” Jimin says, sitting back on jungkook’s thighs.


”Will you be a good boy while I sit on your pretty face?” Jimin requests while stroking his own cock lightly.


“Yes, Kookie will be good, please hyung,” Jungkook says, drooling slightly at the thought of Jimin’s perfect ass right in his vision. Jimin moves up the bed. He hovered over Jungkook’s chest.


”Tongue out baby,” he commands. When Jungkook complies, he sits on the waiting muscle, groaning at the feeling of Jungkook’s tongue on his sensitive hole. The younger tastes what he can only assume was lube, realizing what Jimin was doing while Jungkook was in the living room alone. He imagined Jimin spread out on the bed, stretching his hole while moaning Jungkook’s name. A shudder ran through him at the thought, and he began to lick and prod at his hyung’s hole like a starved man.


“Oh, fuck, kookie. That feels so good,”

Jimin moans out, moving his hips down onto Jungkook’s face. Jungkook switches the pace, slowing down and teasing the rim. Jimin let him have his fun for a few minutes, but soon got tired of the teasing.


“Baby, stop being a tease. I thought you would be a good boy for hyung? but you’re acting like a whore,” Jimin said condescendingly. Jungkook whimpered at the words, loving them but not wanting to disappoint his hyung. He picked back up the pace, causing jimin’s face to contort in pleasure.


“C-can i...?” Jungkook asks with pleading eyes, but Jimin has his eyes closed.


“Do whatever you want baby,” jimin forced out, too ravaged by Jungkook’s tongue to care. It was hard to make an intelligible sentence when you were as fucked out as he felt. The heat was licking up from his abdomen, his cells seemed to on fire with the feeling of pleasure.


Jungkook does as he desired, moving his hands from their hold on Jimin’s cheeks to meet his tongue at his hole. He felt how wet and loose the older had gotten, both from the earlier prep and Jungkook’s tongue-fucking.


“Please let me fuck you now hyung, I’ll make you feel good, I promise to be good,” Jungkook begs, eyes glassy.


Jimin smirks, recovering slightly from the abuse of jungkook’s tongue. “As you wish, baby.”


He slides back down Jungkook’s body after grabbing a condom from the bedside table. As much as he’d love to feel all of the younger, better safe than sorry.


He rolled it on the boy’s glorious length, lifted himself onto his knees, and sunk down onto the beautiful cock. His eyes rolled back at the stretch, every inch filling him up more than he could ever dream.


After Jungkook’s cock had bottomed out, for a moment, he just sat, adjusting to the pleasure.


But quickly Jungkook was growing impatient, though, trying to fuck up into his hyung, unsuccessfully because of the angle. Jimin pinches jungkook’s nipple in warning, making him keen.


“Be good, baby,” he scolded. He’d decided he was ready though, slowly lifting himself up and back down. He quickly grew into a rhythm, Jungkook meeting his movements with short thrusts.


An endless chorus of “Jimin” and ”hyung” was escaping Jungkook’s mouth. He couldn’t control his body anymore, it was completely controlled by the pleasure Jimin was giving him.


He felt the peak nearing, so he said, “Hyungie, close, I'm close.” Jimin wasn’t having it, riding jungkook harder to make himself come first.


“Not before me baby, be good,” jimin warned breathlessly. The climax was near, he could feel it coming. He fisted his cock a few times before it exploded, heat and pleasure spreading across his whole body. His come flew up jungkook’s chest, a drop landing on his lower lip.


He licked it, tasting the bitterness. A groan left his mouth at the taste that was so Jimin, and it pushed him over the edge. Shocks ran through him as he filled Jimin up. His muscles twitched slightly.


He breathed out, satiated, and Jimin stood up off his cock. He shakily removed the condom from Jungkook, threw it in the trash, and laid beside the boy.


Jungkook was still in a daze, sore in the best way. He felt little nibbles on his chest and neck but didn’t have a care about what it was. He fell into a deep slumber as jimin said, “you’re welcome, baby,” and fell asleep himself.