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Static Wings and Electric Fury

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Kaminari watched in amusement at what was happening in front of him.

“Bakubro! Calm down! What happened?”

“Who the fuck ate my ice cream? I’ll say this one last time, or I’ll personally throw them off a cliff!”

Kaminari snickered as Sero let out a squeal from behind the counter, while Kirishima tried to stop Bakugo from blowing the couch up, Mina recording beside himself at a safe distance, barely stifling laughter. Bakugo turned and stared right at Kaminari.

“Pikachu! Was it you? Huh?”

“No! I swear it’s not me!” Kaminari glanced at his friend who was hiding behind the counter, who was pleading with his eyes. “Have you perhaps tried asking the person hiding behind the counter yet?” Sero’s eyes widened and pouted at him at his best friend’s betrayal. Kaminari laughed out loud when he saw Mina’s camera zoomed in on Sero’s face.


“Sorry! I didn’t know it was yours! Don’t kill me- eeek!” Sero screamed as Bakugo glared daggers at him and started walking towards him menacingly.

“So it was you.”

“Noooooo don’t kill meee!”

“Bakugo, I’m sure Sero didn’t mean to eat it! We can go buy ice cream now, there’s still time!”

Mina shot her hand up, “Oh! How about Kami and I go out to get ice cream for all of us here? We can watch a movie or something!” Kaminari brightened at the suggestion and grinned widely.

“Yeah! It’s going to be so much fun! Mina let’s go! There’s still a few hours before curfew.” Kaminari and Mina went to grab their wallets while Kirishima started to list suggestions for what movie they were going to be watching.

“We’ll get going now, any requests for ice cream flavours?” Mina said when she got back, standing with Kaminari near the door. “The usual’s fine!” Kirishima grinned widely.

“Wait! I’ll go with you!” Sero stood up but was held back by Bakugo.

“Oh no you don’t. We don’t need one more dumbass out without me or hair for brains there to control you idiots. Besides, you ate my ice cream and now you’re going to pay for it.” Bakugo growled and smiled devilishly. Sero squeaked as little explosions exploded from the former’s palms.

“Alright kids, behave and try not to kill each other!” Kaminari yelled, smirking before walking out with a laughing Mina leaving behind a growling Bakugo, a frightened Sero and an oblivious Kirishima.


“Well, shit.”

Kaminari and Mina stood behind the big glass doors of the store, carrying three bags of ice cream between them, looking at the rain that was absolutely pouring outside.

“Well shit indeed.” Mina sighed. “ Too bad we didn’t bring umbrellas.”

“It was perfectly sunny when we got out! Stupid September weather. Oh no, how long are we going to have to wait? The ice cream is going to melt!”

“Maybe we can see if we can put it in one of the fridges in the store? Of not, we can just freeze it back at the dorms using the freezer.”

“Or we could just ask Todoroki! I’m sure he’s willing to help!”

“Kami, that’s an amazing idea!”

“All we have to do now is wait for the rain to stop.”


It’s been three hours. Frankly, Kirishima was concerned even though he knew it was just the rain that was delaying his friends from coming back. Even so, he couldn’t help but be worried for Mina and Kaminari.

“Hey, Katsuki, do you think we should go look for them?”

Sero’s stared at the two before him at Kirishima’s use of Bakugo’s first name. Kirishima promptly blushed as he remembered Sero’s presence.

“Hah? Why? They can come back when the rain stops.”

Sero seemed to make a sound that sounded conspicuously like a question but his words were entirely muffled because of the tape covering his mouth. Kirishima met Sero’s pleading eyes and got his meaning.

“Oh sorry, uh, Bakugo, can Sero have the tape removed from his face yet?”

Sero made a noise and wiggled his arms.

“And unbind his arms?”

“Nope, he deserves his punishment, and getting a taste of his own medicine. He’s finally making use of the sturdy nature the tape offers. Who told him to eat my ice cream? Huh?”

“Oh, uh, sorry Sero.” Kirishima grinned sheepishly as Sero made an annoyed face, eyes on the TV in front of them. “But like, I still think we should go look for Mina and Kaminari. We’ll bring umbrellas and get them back as fast as possible.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary, you worry too much you idiot.” At that point, Sero made a panicked noise which captured Bakugo and Kirishima’s attention, nodding at the TV.

Kirishima took notice of what was broadcasting on the screen. Apparently, in this rain, there was a villain attack. The villain was not caught yet but thankfully no one was injured.

“If you’re so worried just call them.” Kirishima, deciding to take Bakugo’s advice, took his phone out and started dialling Mina’s number. After a few beeps, no one picked it up and went to voicemail. He tried to call Kaminari but ended up immediately to voicemail. Kirishima frowned in concern, knowing that it was probably because of poor connection and whatnot, but still admittedly very worried.

“Bakugo, let’s go look for them. Just in case. More people is better, right?” Kirishima said, unconsciously pouting.

Bakugo glanced at Kirishima, then promptly said “Fine. Let’s go.”

“Um, Sero?”

“We can leave him here.”

Sero made a noise of protest, and Kirishima helped Sero get up from the couch. Bakugo made no movement of stopping him, so Kirishima removed the tape around Sero’s arms and ripped the tape off his face.

“Owwww that hurt! Did you have to do that?” Bakugo turned to look at Sero and said, “Would you rather have your mouth taped up again then?”
That shut Sero up. Kirishima went to grab umbrellas and returned with 4 umbrellas.

“...why do you have so many umbrellas?” Bakugo stared at Kirishima, Sero looking like he had the same question as well.

“Ah well, I always forget where i put umbrellas, then buy new ones, and then i find the ones that I thought were lost?”

“Okay, let’s just get going. Who knows if those careless idiots are hurt or not.”

“Awww, our bakubro cares about us!” Sero said, earning a whack on the head from Bakugo using an umbrella.


“...a villain attack…”

“... be careful! Actually...”

What? Oh, the TV inside the store says there was a villain attack nearby. Mina was saying something again, but the static inside Kaminari’s mind was getting louder, and it was getting harder for Kaminari to focus on what Mina was saying.

“...aminari? Helloo earth to Kaminari!” Mina was waving her hands in front of him.

“Oh! Sorry! The rain is making it difficult to focus, haha.”

“It’s fine! Do you want a bit of ice cream?”

“Mina, it’s your second tub already. You already ate your caramel, and now you’re almost finishing my vanilla! When i said you could have a bite or two i didn’t mean the whole tub!” Kaminari said, trying to sound stern but failing miserably. Mina laughed at his poor attempt and Kaminari ended up laughing with her. He hoped that the static inside his mind would shut up, and that the goddamn rain would stop. His body was tingling with electricity and he was trying hard to rein in the power that urged to be let out, and so far he’s doing fine. Stupid September rains.

“Mina, my wallet’s going to be empty if you buy any more ice cream. And i just got my allowances!”
The allowance part was a kind of lie but he did just got his paycheck. And he wasn’t going to spend all of it so soon. “I have to save money, Mina!”

Mina giggled and answered through a mouthful of ice cream. “Alright then, how about… one month of borrowing my nintendo switch? I’ll let you use it if you don’t break it or something.”

“You said so yourself! No refusing my requests this following month!” That is, if he can control his electricity surges from damaging her nintendo switch, because of the damn humid September weather. Still, Kaminari smiled smugly because that’s what he does normally, when his body wasn’t tingling with electricity and the building pain from controlling them. Sometimes Kaminari hated his quirk and the backlashes it brought him. It made him so weak. Kaminari mentally slapped himself. His quirk is useful! He could take out villains! He helps people! He’s gotten better at controlling his power, and hurts no one now! Except himself that is, but he counts it as an accomplishment that he hasn’t hurt anyone else since he moved into the dorms.

“Guys! There you are!” Kirishima’s voice brought him back to reality.

“Kirishima? Why are you here? Oh! You brought umbrellas! Thank god we can leave now and Mina can stop eating ice cream that I bought using my money!”


Bakugo and Sero walked in, and handed them umbrellas. “We have to get back soon. It’s almost curfew and it’s raining even harder. Plus, there’s a villain running about and we should be careful.”

“Oh my god a calm and caring Bakugo, are you sure the one we have here is the real one?” Mina laughed when Bakugo glared at her and started to growl.

“He’s definitely the real one. He taped my mouth shut and my arms together using my tape earlier! Bro, why’d you expose me like that?” Sero said as he stood next to Kaminari, clutching his chest dramatically.

“Dude, it was either we tell him the truth or he was going to blow the dorms up. I made the choice that was for greater good!” Kaminari chortled at Sero’s eye rolling and “yeah right” despite him grinning as well.

Sero handed him an umbrella and Kaminari gratefully accepted it, and before he remembered the metal umbrella being an excellent conductor of electricity and the electricity thrumming in his veins, Kaminari’s hand came into contact with the umbrella to hold it and Sero flinched from the surge of electricity Kaminari sent.

“Oh shit, sorry, I didn’t mean to! The rain is affecting me and I can’t really stop it and- ”

“It’s fine! It doesn’t hurt, it was just the unexpectedness, you don’t have to apologize! It’s just static electricity” Sero quickly reassured Kaminari.

“Alright, thank god it was just static electricity. I don’t want to accidently zap someone into c… a dumbass i like i do with myself, haha, let’s get going, the ice cream is going to melt.” Kaminari mustered his best smile and tried to forget how he was about to launch into another anxiety attack, deciding to ignore the chest and muscle pain and his beating heart. The static in his mind started to become noisier and more noticeable, and was giving Kaminari a headache.

When they headed out of the store and into the rain, the white noise in Kaminari’s mind became a hundred times noisier. He barely registered any of the conversation during the trip back to UA, and was Kirishima and Bakugo sharing an umbrella? If Kaminari focused enough, he swears they’re holding hands as well. He couldn’t be too sure. Everything around him was blurry and he was struggling to contain the power which surged through his veins. He could try shocking himself like he always did when he was overcharged, to clear his head and get the excess electricity out of his system at the same time, but he felt like he had gathered too much energy this time, and if he let a little power surge out, the rest would be even more difficult to contain.

All Kaminari knew was that his body was trailing behind his friends’, his mind was a mess of white noise and static, unable to think clearly. At one point Mina had to prevent him from walking onto the road and avoid being hit by cars, and only when Mina had grabbed him and shouted his name in his ear, that he broke out of his stupor for a brief moment, and uttered a ‘sorry’ with an apologetic smile on his face.

He vaguely registered his friends’ voices around him and easily dismissed them as their chattering. He was sure his name was called but he couldn’t distinguish whose voice it was, and that if he opened his mouth he would probably be speaking nonsense anyways, so he didn’t bother replying.

He knew his friends probably noticed that he was acting out of it, but he couldn’t really do much about it. He would explain it was the rain afterwards. In the past few months of living together at the dorms, he had made sure to stay in his room to release some of his charges, to avoid accidentally zapping someone and make himself feel a little better, so his friends wouldn’t know about his condition with rains. Although he could bet that Bakugo, being the smartass he is, had already figured it out, based on Kaminari’s behaviours during classes when it was raining or very humid days. To be honest, he wasn’t sure what was causing whatever was happening to himself. Sure, he had always been tingly and overcharged but this time was way worse than usual. He hoped when he went back to normal he would be able to properly apologise to his friends about his state. At the moment, all he could do was try to hold down the surges his body was dying to let out and try not to electrocute someone. Speaking of which, apparently the group had already arrived at U.A. grounds, Kaminari barely noticed, recognising the huge gates and the buildings.

Kaminari could feel sparks fly off his hands, he had so so much energy stored inside him, and his entire body hurt trying not to let out what is definitely a huge wave of electricity that could badly harm his friends who were standing so close to him. His whole body protested against the idea of keeping the power in control, like a glass threatening to tip, spilling the golden liquid that was his power, but Kaminari’s determination to keep his friends safe was even greater, his hands barely steady enough to hold the glass and shield it from outside forces that threatened to break it. He wasn’t going to lose control his own goddamm quirk! He was so close to the dorms. He just had to hold control for just 5 more minutes, then when he gets to his room, he can get it all out. Just a little further. He can hold it until then. He could-


And just like the fragile glass that was Kaminari’s body, small cracks littering the surface like the scars upon his body, Kaminari didn’t react fast enough, the words, hitting the surface of the glass, caused a large crack on it, and golden liquid started to seep out. He tried to stop it with his hands, covering the cracks that were starting to increase, desperately hoping it would stop the rest of his power he accumulated from surging out. Of course, it didn’t work. Like a dam that was broken, all the power he had stored inside him came rushing out, a force that could neither be stopped or controlled. Kaminari had been aware that his good friends had noticed the wave of electricity that was sent through the air when he had been startled, and the glowing electricity that was surrounding their dear friends’ body. They, as the good friends they were, tried to get closer to help him, while one of them had went to look for a teacher. Because his friends were in close proximity, his kind heart did not dare hurt any of them, and decided to try to direct and steer the energy upwards.

All he felt, was a staggering amount of electricity and energy pumped into him. He could feel his feet being lift off the ground.  All he could see was blinding light, until his eyes could see nothing. He felt the sensation and pain of being overcharged, his muscles felt like it was being torn apart and his whole body on fire. He was deaf to the whole world apart from his own horrendous and ghastly screams. Before he knew it, his body hit the ground. All he saw was black, and he could hear no more.

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Sero liked to think he was a good friend in general. After spending so much time with his beloved bakusquad, he cared deeply about his friends and wanted to help them.


Which was why he grew increasingly worried about Kaminari when he noticed him acting off.

He had first noticed it when he handed Kaminari the umbrella. His friend looked agitated, and not his usual laid-back demeanor.


Sero thinks that what makes the bakusquad whole and unique is each of the members’ unique personality and their contribution.

While Kaminari and Mina are the fun of the group,  Bakugo being the annoying mom with anger issues and Kirishima being a literal ball of sunshine and the one to handle Bakugo, Sero liked to observe and remember things about his friends, so he could help in ways that are more subtle.

He remembers games that would calm Mina down when she was on her period, what brand of hair dye Kirishima uses, or how Bakugo is a little hard of hearing, probably due to his quirk. And in this case, Sero remembers noticing how Kaminari has always acted a little agitated or separated himself from the others during rainy days.


Sero was pretty sure Bakugo noticed as well, with him being the smartass he is, plus everyone knows he’s actually super observant but just chooses not to care and has a short temper. It’s common knowledge that while Bakugo studies really hard, he’s also very intelligent.


It seemed like Bakugo wasn’t too concerned about Kaminari’s behaviour, so Sero decided not to think much of it, since he did know the rain probably does something to him because of his quirk, albeit still worrying.


His worries grew when they walked back to school as well. During the walk back, Kaminari has not uttered a single word, despite usually being a chatterbox and leading the conversation.

Whenever Sero looked back to check on him, Kaminari would always be in a daze, his eyes glazed, seemingly looking down. Without Kaminari in the conversation, Mina chatted with Sero while Kirishima and Bakugo walked ahead of them, sharing one large umbrella.


Not hearing Kaminari’s loud obnoxious voice, Mina and Kirishima also frequently sent worried glances towards Kaminari. Before, although Kaminari acted a little agitated and anxious during certain days, it was always subtle enough to go unnoticed among the class. He wasn’t particularly the best at controlling his quirk, so it wasn’t uncommon when he accidently short circuits or explodes the microwave or something.


Right now though, Kaminari was absolutely silent, and he looked very tense.

It seemed like Mina and Kirishima picked up on Kaminari’s silence, and they along with Sero shared a look of worry.


“Kaminari? Are you feeling alright?”

Kirishima turned back to look at them, stopping to ask.

Kaminari offered no response as he stopped as well, his empty expression not changing.


“Sparky will be fine. Just why the fuck are you so worried? It’s not our problem if the rain messes with his quirk.” Mina and Kirishima’s mouths formed a little “O” as they realized why Kaminari was acting off, Sero being low key impressed Bakugo managed to explain the situation in just a few words.


Bakugo continued, “Or do you want to stay standing here and risk getting sick? I’m going to get back to the dorms and fucking study for the test we have next week. I don’t care if you don’t care for your health and grades but I fucking do.”


And with that, he turned and started walking forward, holding the umbrella.


“Hey! Wait! It’s raining and my clothes are getting wet!” Sero watched as Kirishima ran after him, and hearing a “Don’t fucking run in the rain!” Himself internally laughing at concerned mother Bakugo’s appearance.


“Come on, let’s go. I can’t wait to get back and drink a nice hot cup of chocolate!” Mina said, practically drooling. They walked forward, making sure Kaminari was following.


“Jesus, you just bought ice cream and ate, was it a whole tub? How are you still so slim?” Sero laughed, gesturing at the bags him, Kaminari and Mina were carrying.


“Says the person who chomped down a whole bag of Snickers in a few hours. There were forty eight pieces in it! Forty eight! And you’re still lean as a stick!”


“You’re just salty you didn’t get to eat any.” Deciding to ignore Mina’s last comment, Sero replied, only to be responded with “Yeah, so? Maybe I am.” Sero rolled his eyes dramatically, and noticed Kaminari was still carrying a bag of ice cream he and Mina bought while clutching the umbrella on his other hand. Glancing at the bag Kaminari was carrying, he said “You know, on second thought, I’ll carry the ice cream.” And thus proceeded to take the bag from Kaminari. Not because he didn’t trust Kaminari with the ice cream, but he was pretty sure leaving it in the hands of someone who was pretty much brain-fried wasn’t the best decision.


“Hey, you know how Kaminari looks kind of like him in his ‘whey mode’ right now? Minus the actual ‘whey’s and dorky smile, he’s practically the same and unresponsive, which probably means he won’t remember anything either since he’s only like half conscious.” Mina’s eyes gleamed as she spoke.


“I was thinking we could like, build a pillow fort and wrap him in a blanket burrito, so when he comes back to reality we could smother him with soft pillows and hot chocolate and ice cream.” Mina squealed, listing more things for their impromptu sleepover later. Sero cracking his signature smirk, knowing it would be the perfect opportunity to embarrass and show love for their pikachu boy, and take a good few photos for blackmail purposes for good measure.


“Kirishima would definitely be on board with the idea, so all we need to do is to convince Bakugo, in which won’t be difficult if we leave it to Kirishima.” Sero said, glancing at Bakugo and Kirishima walking way in front of them. As they turned a corner, Mina continued to ramble on games they could play. Sero’s instincts suddenly tingled and made him alert all of a sudden. It urged him to check on Kaminari, and when he looked, Kaminari was on the edge of the pedestrian road, half a step away from stepping out onto the road where he could be easily hit by a passing car because he didn’t make the turn.


“Kaminari! Stop!” Sero cried, panicked.


“My god! Kaminari!” With practised ease, Mina sled towards Kaminari, taking advantage of the wet and slippery street. Sero watched with panic then relief as Mina grabbed Kaminari and brought him back to where she and Sero were standing just as a car zoomed past where Kaminari would have been standing if not for Mina, splashing them wet. Kirishima and Bakugo were also back with them the instant they heard Sero’s panicked cry calling Kaminari.


Kaminari looked nothing more than dazed and a little startled. His brows crinkled when he frowned, seemingly unaware of what could’ve happened.


“Sorry…” Kaminari mumbled, looking at Mina’s direction, his gaze unfocused. He sheepishly smiled a bit, his posture still as stiff as ever.


‘Do you know what could’ve happened? You almost stepped onto the road and could’ve been hit by a car!’ was what Sero wanted to shout at Kaminari, but he knew he couldn’t take his frustration and worry out on Kaminari, since he was clearly affected by his quirk. Sero could only sigh in frustration.


“Look, we’ll make sure Kaminari doesn’t accidently get himself killed or anything. He can walk in the center, and we’ll keep an eye on him, okay?” Kirishima looked just as worried as Sero was, while Bakugo, Sero noticed, kept silent, frowning as usual. Clearly Bakugo was worried, and Sero could not wait to use this against him someday. But right now, they had to safely get Kaminari to the dorms.


“Kaminari? We’ll have you walking in the middle, okay? Mina and Sero will walk beside you.” Kirishima said, looking at Kaminari, although it seemed like he didn’t hear Kirishima.


With Kirishima and Bakugo in front, they got in UA campus soon enough, all the while holding pretty meaningless conversations.


As soon as they got in, they hurried a bit more, the rain getting harder, thunder rumbling in the distance. The group could see flashes of light among the dark clouds, urging them to go faster.


“Kaminari! Come on!” Sero yelled when he noticed his friend was lagging behind.

A flash of lightning hit just the tall gates of UA, barely avoiding an accident because it’s electricity-proof, and it was enough to make Sero’s worry skyrocket as it was just close enough to have struck them, especially with Kaminari in the state he was in.


With the hard rain and thunder, it was no wonder if Kaminari had not heard him, so Sero yelled his name again, desperate to get his attention. He stopped in his tracks and turned back to walk towards Kaminari who was only a few feet away.


A flash of lightning struck the tree next to Kaminari, setting it on fire and startling the few of them with the exception of said person, who seemed to Sero hadn’t even registered what had happened and the danger he was in. Slightly panicking, Sero yelled his name again.


“Kaminari!” As if his panic had spread, the rest of them stopped and worry began to take over their faces, and if not, a hint of panic could be seen.


“Oi Sparky! You better speed up cause’ I’m not going to stand in this shit storm and get wet just to wait for your slow ass!” Holding their umbrellas, slightly shaking from the cold, they all turned in the direction of their blonde friend.


Just in reach of his friend, Sero yelled over the thunderstorm,




In an instant, they all felt a strong wave of electricity through the air the exact same time Kaminari dropped his umbrella. Umbrella abandoned and seemingly unaware of what he had done, Kaminari stood, posture tense, his heavy breathing obvious and eyes blank, while his friends stood in shock.


Sero had taken a step back when he was hit by the wave of electricity, more forcefully than others as he had been closest. He could see sparks of electricity in Kaminari’s hands, and the static in the air was unmistakably growing. Sero could almost feel the electricity on his skin, emanating from Kaminari, which only increased his worry and concern. Gripping the umbrella tightly while Kaminari stood in front of him sopping wet and quirk uncontrolled, he turned to Mina and said, urgently,


“Mina, get a teacher here as fast as possible. Kaminari isn’t controlling his quirk well and he might hurt himself.” Mina nodded before immediately sliding quickly away using her quirk, understanding the importance. Thunder rumbled in the distance, and the rain came down heavier than ever. The sky turned darker and the faint glow from Kaminari’s hands was more obvious than ever. Sero faintly noticed himself trembling slightly, not knowing if it was from the cold, or from something else.


Hearing footsteps, Sero turned to look and saw Kirishima stepping forward from the umbrella he and Bakugo were sharing towards him and Kaminari. The teen, whose usually spiked red hair was drooping down and softening, spoke up loudly and rather quickly, over the sounds of the pouring storm,


“Okay, so uh, all we have to do is watch over Kaminari until our teachers come. It won’t be long, so Kami’s gonna be alright. They’re pros, so it shouldn’t be long.” His voice trembled slightly, Sero noticed vaguely.


“Shitty hair is fucking right, you hear that, tape face? I can almost sense your anxiety. Sparky is going to be fine.”


Despite that, Sero couldn’t help but feel sick with apprehension. The whole exchange lasted not more than 20 seconds, but it felt like an entire minute. During so, the static they felt had increased so much Sero swears he can hear the cackling of electricity. And in a glorious moment, the single brightest strike of lightning appeared right above them.


Everything happened so quick, blink and you’ll miss it. Despite that, the three young heroes in training caught everything that happened because of their trained enhanced senses.


To Sero, it felt like everything happened in slow-motion. Less than a second before they saw the lightning, Kaminari’s entire body was illuminated by electricity, casting a golden light. Electricity cackled around the boy’s body, and his eyes glowed the most gorgeous shade of golden.


Right after that, pure electricity erupted from Kaminari into the sky. Electricity currents flowed smoothly out of Kaminari’s body, and it was met with the one produced from the sky. The two electricity currents collided, and stayed connected, not dispersing. As confusing as it had been, the feeling did not stay for long as different emotions easily overwhelmed the raven-haired boy.


“Beautiful” was not enough to describe the scene Sero saw next.


Kaminari was surrounded by golden electricity. As concerning as it had been, Sero could not help but be captivated by what he saw.

His friend looked absolutely stunning, and Sero felt like he was looking at a Greek god.

The boy in question was suspended in the air, rising steadily. The electricity he was surrounded with led one thick current of electricity straight into the clouds, and sparks of electricity surrounded him, cackling dangerously.

Denki’s hair glowed a stunning shade of magnificent golden while his eyes was an alluring mixture of different entrancing shades of gold.

The wind whipped fiercely against his hair and clothes, and he only looked more breathtaking.


As if that wasn’t enough, Kaminari looked even more staggering for what came next. It lasted for only a second, but one second was all it needed for Sero.

It looked like wings had erupted from behind said boy. The electricity sparks had arranged themselves in the form of a pair of large dazzling angel wings behind him. The electricity cackled a golden hue and for a brief moment, it looked solid and real. Sero was in awe. His mouth stood agape and eyes fixed.


It was the single most beautiful thing Sero had ever seen in his life.


It went away as fast as it came. The light dispersed and Kaminari fell to the ground, accompanied by the late arrival of the loudest boom of thunder they have ever heard.

Kaminari, no longer glowing, dropped to the ground before any of them could react. Clearly, the other two had caught every single thing and they were just as surprised as Sero was.

Not a second later, Sero and the other two rushed forward and crouched next to their friend.




“Holy shit bro!”




Sero’s heart was pumping a mile a minute. His best friend has just levitated and glowed and he wasn’t sure how to react. But right now, his meme buddy was unconscious and he was clearly panicking.


“Are you all okay?” Sero’s homeroom teacher’s voice rang out from behind him, followed by,


“What happened?” Sero turned around and looked up to meet Aizawa’s tired eyes. His tone suggested irritation but was laced with worry.


“Sensei! Kaminari- he-”


“There was lightning! Then-”


“Shut up-”


“-electricity, and his quirk-”


“-the storm was-”


SHUT THE FUCK UP! Sensei, sp- Kaminari got struck by lightning and fell unconscious.” Bakugo managed to get out, gesturing towards Kaminari who was propped against Kirishima. Sero shared a worried look with Kirishima, glancing at the unconscious boy.


“Don’t worry about your friend. He’ll be healed properly.” Sero turned to look at the elderly healing pro hero, then finally noticed Midnight and Mic sensei behind Aizawa and Recovery girl.


“Oh dear, all of you need to get back as soon as possible. You’re all going to catch a cold.”

As if to prove her point, Kirishima sneezed in the brilliant history of good timing. Sero only just noticed none of them were carrying umbrellas, presumably blown away by the wind. Aizawa sighed.


“Look, all of you can explain once we get inside and have you properly dry and warm.”


Soon enough, Sero, Kirishima and Bakugo arrived in the warm building, entering the teachers’ lounge where most teachers were at, where they rejoined Mina.


“Oh my god, is Kami okay?” Mina asked the moment she saw them.


“He’s at Recovery Girl’s right now, so he should be okay.” Sero answered. Mina sighed in relief and Sero felt the same. If Midoriya’s notorious broken bones could be healed, then Denki should be fine. Kirishima sneezed after humming an agreement.


“Oh my god, you guys are sopping wet!”

This time, it was Sero who sneezed in response when he tried to say something, Kirishima softly snickering.


“Ashido, you weren’t so different when you came barging in.” Aizawa sounded vaguely annoyed, Sero noticed with suppressed laughter. Mic laughed.


“From what Kan told me, this little listener here threw her umbrella aside the moment she stepped in and slid here across the school halls in her acid, then finally sliding the door open with the loudest bang!” Mina was in a shade of red and guiltily laughed.


Mic’s loud voice had attracted a few other teachers’ attention, who were also curious as to what had happened.


After given fluffy blankets and hot chocolate (and tissues for sneezing), Aizawa, Mic, Midnight sat across them, each on a couch with the softest cushions Sero has ever felt.


“Alright, now, care to explain what happened?”




Kaminari woke with tremendous pain on his back. His limbs were tired and his mind foggy, but despite that, he actually felt better than the rest of the past week.


He opened his eyes slowly, meeting familiar bright lights, and immediately recognized himself in Recovery Girl’s nurse’s office, the smooth and soft linen beneath him proving correct. He glanced at the clock on the wall and notes idly that it was around 4 in the afternoon.


He vaguely recalls releasing a lot of electricity at once. Like, a lot. Wait, he was with his friends, wasn’t he?


He sat up immediately in a state of frenzied panic, hoping none of them had gotten hurt.

Realising he was the only one in the room, he sighed in relief knowing at least none of them needed Recovery Girl’s treatment.


Pain sprouted from his back, having sat up and moved so suddenly and aggressively. Kaminari groaned in discomfort.


“Oh? Look who’s up!” Recovery girl showed up from behind white curtains.


“Um, could you tell me how my friends are?” Kaminari inquired. Walking next to Kaminari’s bed, Recovery Girl looked up and smiled at him.


“You don’t have to worry. They’re all fine, except it seems that a few have gotten a cold last night.” Kaminari visibly relaxes, and utters out a soft “thank god.”


“Speaking of which, Kaminari kun, you should also be fine and returning to your classes soon. You seem to have been struck by lightning, but due to your quirk, you weren’t affected much apart from physical and quirk fatigue.”


“Oh, thank you very much. Uh, also, my back feels a little painful. Is that normal?” Kaminari noted with worry.


“It is normal to feel pain in certain body parts. My quirk obviously doesn’t heal everything, and no matter how compatible you are with electricity, being struck by lightning is sure to have side effects. I’ve run a few check ups and you should be fine. Perhaps you’d like some painkillers?”


“Yes! Thank you very much.”


A while after taking the painkillers and Recovery Girl’s check ups proving he is indeed fine, the pain subsided and was quickly forgotten.


In fact, Kaminari felt completely fine and fully convinced he was properly healed, he went back to classes soon after.


For a week, the back pain sometimes did come back, but after a few painkillers they went away, so Kaminari didn’t think much of it. That is, until it started worsening to the point that painkillers didn’t help much and his friends were starting to notice.

Chapter Text

For the next few weeks, Kaminari had started sitting out Bakusquad movie nights or sleepovers more and more, and he suspects that the rest of his friends are catching on.

He couldn’t help doing so, despite how much he did want to hang out with his friends.


After the night with the terrible storm, he had somehow released a lot of his electricity and naturally, he lacked the usual energy and felt tired for a while. He did quickly regain his energy back though. For the first few days, he was given day offs to rest, along with Kirishima and Sero because they had caught colds. 


Apparently Bakugo had somehow managed to avoid catching one, in which Kaminari partly suspects the reason why is because of his quirk which makes his body temperature higher than average. 


Mina also escaped the fate of stuffy and runny noses, or in Kirishima’s case, sneezing every three seconds. According to Sero and Kirishima who was sick with him, she had gotten to the warm teachers’ lounge much earlier than the others and was given hot drinks when she tried to get help from the teachers.


Speaking of which, Kaminari was filled in on what had happened as his memory was fuzzy and only remembered pain. It wasn’t exactly sharp pain, but more of the numb but intense kind. One day during the time the three were left in the dorms when everyone else had lessons, they had hung out in Sero’s room when they all felt better and played Mario Kart. When they had depleted enough of their energy, but not tired enough to go to sleep, they had taken out fluffy blankets to cuddle and just talked about random things, including what had happened on the night with the storm.


Apparently Kaminari had been struck by lightning, and he had “lost control of his quirk”, as Kirishima had put it. They didn’t elaborate further apart from the fact that Mina had to go look for teachers for help, and that when they arrived he had fallen down already. As Sero had said, there wasn’t much to elaborate, actually.


Kaminari had apologized profusely, but the other two immediately reassured him that everyone had off-days. He was glad to have such kind and considerate friends, but he still felt bad about the whole incident. He sheepishly told them about his issue with rain and moisture, knowing it was foolish to think that they would hate him and look down on him more than they are already, but a small part of him did. Afterall, it was that little part of him which stopped him many times when he tried to tell his friends. 


“Hey, Denks, it’s okay to ask for help. We are here for you!” Sero had said gently when he must’ve somehow noticed an expression Kaminari made that showed his insecurity.


“You hear that, Kami? We’ll try our best to help you get through whatever things. That’s what friends are for!” Kirishima had also responded, offering his help and kindness.


Kaminari had never been so glad to be alive, to have met his wonderful friends and actually becoming their friend.


He was content knowing his friends still didn’t hate him. Afterall, his issue with rain wasn’t the biggest and didn’t concern him much, being used to it.


Speaking of concerns, the growing pain on his back was starting to bother him, especially when he had already taken painkillers. He would’ve liked to have taken more but he was on medication for his cold and already had pills for his ADHD, which would’ve been the least of his concerns if he wasn’t jumpier than usual.

He was pretty sure taking more pills than necessary wouldn’t be good. He didn’t know if he could overdose on painkillers, but he wasn’t going to take that risk.




Sero didn’t think much of it at first.


After their nice “manly-bro-bonding” moment, as Kirishima so insistently called it, it felt like an unseen weight had lifted and made his chest lighter. 

The panicked look of Kaminari’s face as Kirishima and Sero explained what had happened had prevented them from explaining further. Sero wanted nothing more than to chase the terrible guilt present in Kaminari’s eyes away as he apologized for something that was out of his control. Accidents happen, no one got hurt and it was easily fixable. His blonde friend didn’t look any less guilty when he heard that, but seemed to accept that things turned out okay in the end.


When the trio had finally gotten better, their sniffles reduced enough to not bother them and go back to class, the three of them, Mina and Bakugo sat in the common room and would play video games, using “celebrating getting well” as the reason, all of them knowing full well it was an excuse.


It went like any other gaming session. A lot of yelling, shouting, Bakugo winning and Kaminari demanding a rematch while Mina silently fumed in a corner, Kirishima eating the snacks they prepared in frustration of coming in last place again , and Sero sipping juice at the side.

At one point, Ochaco and Midoriya each went a round with Bakugo, and to say it had been wild would be an understatement. (Most of them in the room were just glad nothing was broken. Except maybe Bakugo’s pride for that one round against Midoriya.)


As a keen observer however, he did notice Kaminari was a little out of it more than usual. When it was the others’ turn on the game controller, he would cheer less loudly than usual. Not that he wasn’t as cheerful, but there was definitely a twinge of pain ever so often appearing on his face.

Of course, he had just been sick not long ago, so Sero assumed these were some after symptoms of the sickness, so he didn’t think much of it. Kaminari didn’t seem to realize he was doing it, but it was really subtle so others didn’t see or react much to it, especially when most of them were focused on the close game in the common room, and adding to the fact it wasn’t unusual if you had an off day, considering that this is UA, a famous hero school with strict training.


Sero did at one point told his blond friend to rest if he felt unwell, but Kaminari had grinned brightly and assured him that he felt fine, so he left it at that.  




It was finally movie night! Kirishima had been looking forward to this, as he did with every other movie night, but he really, really liked snuggling up to Katsuki while drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows.


Tonight the Bakusquad was watching the movie in his room, and after dinner in the dorms the five, holding the usual drinks, hot chocolate with marshmallows floating on top, and into Kirishima’s room. After putting down the drinks, Mina and Kaminari went back to their rooms to drag their blankets and pillows for extra comfort, but also because they have two or more fluffy blankets and loads of pillows for some reason.


After they gathered and got settled quick enough because of the numerous times they’ve done this (which, by the way is a great way to relieve stress and have fun), they scrolled through different movies on Mina’s laptop to decide on a movie.

Kirishima had pushed his punching bag to a corner, so there was more space. He and Bakugo were on the floor right in front of the bed, with Mina and Sero next to Bakugo and Kaminari on Kirishima’s side, all bundled in blankets and holding pillows and cushions.


“Alright guys! Whose turn at movie picking is it this time?” Kirishima asked, looking around.


“Uh, was it not Mina’s turn?” Sero asked in reply, sipping his hot chocolate.


“God, I hope we’re not watching any dumb sappy korean movies again… What the fuck kinda taste is that? We should watch... Jurassic Park.”


“Katsuki, we watched IT last time and Sero almost threw up, so it’s not your turn at picking the movie.” Kirishima almost didn’t want to remember the experience… No, he didn’t squeal every time Pennywise appeared, neither did seeing red balloons the week after give him chills. That was not manly at all. Of course, he did feel bad for Sero. He briefly wondered about the guy who swings around in the air having a queasy stomach.


“It’s not my turn, so it’s either Kami’s or Kiri’s turn!” Mina said after a second of thinking. 

“Before Bakugo’s, it was Sero who picked Spiderman, right?”


“Tape face picks Spiderman every damn time.”


“Yeah, I do.” Sero responded sheepishly.


“Um… Before that, it was my “ dumb sappy korean movie ”, as our dear Bakugo here so nicely put it.”


“Since it’s not my turn…Kami!”


“Oh right! It’s Denki’s turn to pick a movie!”

Kirishima looked expectedly to said blond, who was a little too quiet than usual, but not unusually so.


“Um, I dunno. Maybe season 2 of Busted?”


“It’s a fucking series, not a movie.”

The bland response Kaminari gave was clearly unexpected, but he did look a little tired now that Kirishima looked closer, eyebags and all that.


“That’s true… We should find a weekend to binge the whole season though. That’d be awesome!”

Kaminari’s eyes glowed at the thought, and honestly Kirishima didn’t think the idea was bad at all. How could he resist a chance to snuggle beside his Katsuki all day? That is, if they manage to find a day where they’re all free from homework and studying. 


“Um, pardon my uneducated ass, but what’s ‘Busted’?” 


“Your uneducated ass is pardoned! Excuse me, how the fuck have you been living under a rock this whole time!” Mina points at Sero aggressively, hitting her drink and causing it to spill before Bakugo expertly stops it from falling over. Kirishima could practically feel his irritation growing, and before anything disastrous happens Kirishima intervenes.


“We can decide on a date where we could bunge both seasons? Right now, let’s just decide on a movie before Katsu decides to disown you guys.”

Kirishima feels Bakugo grumble beside him but doesn’t say anything, mentally cheering and adding one to his success tally.


Kirishima turns to look at Kaminari, but only finds him to be zoned out and looking into nowhere.

Okay, he was a little concerned. Kirishima pokes his friend’s cheeks gently, then squishes it.


“Hello! Earth to Kaminari~ Are you back?”

Kirishima’s hand was pushed away after Kaminari realized his position, and hearing his friend whine about hurting his carefully kept and well skincare on his face, it made Kirishima forget just a little about the blond’s eyebags and moments when he zoned out.


“Alright! Let’s watch Frozen 2! I can already sing along to all of the songs, so try to beat that! Ha!”


Just a teeny tiny little bit, but enough for him to not bring it up.




Something was wrong with her dear friend. It was awfully clear by now, and Mina was somewhat surprised no one else had. Or noticed enough to bring it up.


Clearly, no one in their right minds would reject a sleepover, and a Bakusquad sleepover at that! 

She supposed that once in a while someone could refuse to join one, but it’s not a Bakusquad sleepover when it’s not with all five of them present! 


Usually, the five of them would just lounge and play games, ranging from card games to crappy horror games found on someone’s laptop, to maybe slightly illegal downloaded games from sketchy websites that no one bothered to check or ask.


The point Mina was trying to say before she got slightly off track was, every Bakusquad sleepover consists of all five of them present, and when one isn’t available, they would just look for another time to do it with all of them present! And they all unanimously agreed on that rule!


Unlike the girls’ sleepovers where anyone free could join, ranging from just Uraraka and Mina themselves, to all of the girls in the class (which is, only six out of twenty, sometimes including Aoyama), Bakusquad sleepovers never happened with less than five of them! Which would’ve been fine, if Kaminari had been feeling off and not particularly for a sleepover, because they could always reschedule it!


When Mina had proposed in the group chat about another “Bakusquad Sleepover”, she was greeted with enthusiastic replies, and the one (1) not-very-enthusiastic one was ignored after said person reluctantly agrees (like every other time) after a little pestering from his rocky boyfriend.

Weirdly except another person!



You have (41) unread messages:


Pikabitch: um, i think i’ll skip this one, sorry (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)


Ashidont: aww, we can always reschedule it!!! is everything ok??


Pikabitch: yeah everything’s fine!!! just not quite feeling up to it these days :/// 


Pikabitch: sowwyyyyyy


Pikabitch: _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


6tapeelbows9: Resident energy pikachu not feeling up for a sleepover?


6tapeelbows9: (΄◉◞౪◟◉`)


Ashidont: i know!! hard to believe!!


6tapeelbows9: rip


DaddySharkDooDoo is online.


DaddySharkDooDoo: what’s the occasion??!!


Ashidont: kami’s not feeling up for a sleepover!!! 


DaddySharkDooDoo: what is this?? Σ੧(❛□❛✿)




Pikabitch: (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾


6tapeelbows9: rip


Ashidont: we can still, like put it off when you feel better!! rescheduling is always an option you know ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ


Pikabitch: no no it’s fiiine just let it happen!! idk maybe i just got decked too hard during our training session :((


Pikabitch: still, yall can go sleepover without me, i’ll be fine ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚


6tapeelbows9: that looks like something aoyama would use LMAO


DaddySharkDooDoo: did denks just use sleepover as a verb


Pikabitch: whats a verb


DaddySharkDooDoo : nvm


6tapeelbows9: rip


Ashidont: wait i think i have seen aoyama use the emojicon in the class gc???? 


Ashidont: ok goT OFF TOPIC AS HELL but kami r u sure we can re!! schedule it!! for you!!


Pikabitch : yes!! it’s!!! fine!!!! you guys go have fun at your sleepover, and i’ll join the next one!! 


Pikabitch: i pinky promise!!!


Ashidont: Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)


Ashidont: ...fine >:(


Ashidont: youre not getting away from the next one though!! i can and will organize a bakusquad and dekucrew sleepover w ocha next and i will personally force everyone to join


Ashidont: >:)


6tapeelbows9: you might as well invite the whole class damn


Ashidont: maybe i will


Ashidont: :))


6tapeelbows9: oh no


Pikabitch: @DaddySharkDooDoo watch ur boyfren thanks i value my life


DaddySharkDooDoo: i will!! no promises on the outcome though ://


Pikabitch: it’s fine he’s whipped as fuck for you we all know it


Ashidont: +1


6tapeelbows9: +2


DaddySharkDooDoo: shit u rite


DaddySharkDooDoo is now offline.


Pikabitch is now offline.


Ashidont is now offline.

Angeypompom is typing…






6tapeelbows9: rip

If someone wasn’t feeling fine, then Mina wouldn’t force them to do something they don’t want to, hence letting Kaminari off the hook… for now.


Apart from fully rejecting to go to a Bakusquad Sleepover (which he had never done so!!), Mina also noticed that Kaminari looked really tired these days. She supposed the main thing that got her concerned was that the whole Bakusquad understood the importance of having all five of them present, and usually no one would voluntarily not go to one, much less Denki .


To be fair, everyone had off days, so Mina supposed that’s why none of them had brought it up yet. She’ll probably stay quiet and give him space for a few more days, and if her blond friend still feels off, then no doubtedly she’ll definitely call an official Bakusquad-with-the-exception-of-Kaminari Meeting.




Bakugo wasn’t an idiot. Clearly, there was something up with Sparky. As uncaring as he may seem, being observant is a trait Bakugo considered crucial for a hero, especially if he was going to be the number one, yet most often overlooked because of his loud and explosive behaviour. He didn’t really care as long as he stayed at the top of the class and wasn't looked down upon. And if anyone dares underestimate him, then he’ll gladly blast that fucker to hell until they realize who they’re messing with.


If anything, being forced to spend time with the goddamn dumb extras who tags along with him makes the observations made inevitable, having to face them all the damn time. 


He did notice at the beginning when Sparky looked uncomfortable at times, but he didn’t think much of it as it could still be side effects of being struck by lightning, or the exhaustion caused by Recovery Girl’s healing or whatever.


Then it became more frequent to see a frown on the blond’s face, rather than the usual grin he sports effortlessly, and the smiles he gave were progressively becoming more strained.

Often at times he would see Sparky twitch and squirm, but those were different from his movements when he didn’t take his ADHD pills (which he knew how to identify because of course sparky would fucking forget to take his pills during random days, and who does he choose to bother? None other than yours truly.)


Apart from random twitches, the blond pikachu also sported a blank look more and more often. If he didn’t know better, Bakugo would think that sparky overcharged himself again, but his dumb mode is definitely different, from his movements to his expression. He also had been hanging out with the self proclaimed friends of himself less, instead opting to go directly to his room after school.


He wasn’t worried or anything, seeing the dumb blond like that somewhat ticked him off. If the latter could stay in his room and not do shit, why did he have to be stuck with the rest of the shitty extras? They stuck to him like annoying mosquitoes that buzz in your ear and never go away no matter how hard you try to kill them.


The point was, dumb pikachu was not getting better as they expected, but progressively worse. 

From what? He didn’t know, but the fact that the blond was not being his usual self was also becoming pretty clear to the class.


In class, whenever Bakugo happened to glance at him, Sparky was more out of it than when he’s in his daydream mode. During breaks or lunches he was more unresponsive than usual, but still a functional annoying pikachu. For anyone else, he could pass it off as just daydreaming but the damn pikachu was known for being jittery and can’t sit still for the love of god, so seeing him in his current state was a bit of a whiplash. However, the most obvious would be in Heroics Class.


During training, Sparky stumbled more and missed his shots frequently. His movements were clearly strained but Bakugo could tell he was indeed trying his best, not that he was not giving his all because he was looking down on others or some shit. Because of his poorer than usual performance, the blond dumbass got injuries way more often than usual, which garnered the attention and concern of the teacher in charge, and the other students in turn. 


There really wasn’t some big change about the blond. Really. Bakugo really shouldn’t be thinking about it too much, since Sparky was only being less enthusiastic, and his whole demeanor was less bright which was unusual with said person, especially with how long it’s gotten with no signs of him being better… Fuck it. He might as well start formulating a plan on addressing the issue with His Idiot, the other two Idiots, and The Idiot himself later. 


He really hoped it wasn’t something serious and would require his time and energy that could be spent on studying. Other less positive possibilities of the reason of Sparky’s unusual behaviour suddenly came into Bakugo’s mind, which he immediately pushed into the back of his mind because no way in hell would that ever fucking happen. 


All these useless thoughts about the blond which popped up in his head more and more frequently almost gave him a headache. Fucking hell, it must be a side effect of staying near idiots all the time. 


(It’s not as bad as he says it is, but like hell would he ever admit that .)




Kaminari knows about the others knowing there’s something wrong with him. He had noticed the reactions when he does something out of character, and the glances people send him and to others. To be honest, even he himself admits that it’s kind of difficult to not notice how he’s quiet instead of the usual chatterbox he is, or the numerous slips made during training that ended up with him being pinned on the ground.


To be fair, he doesn’t really know what was wrong with him either. After injuries from training, he was often sent to Recovery Girl’s. After patching him up, he was given a healing kiss but the pain in his back did not falter for even a second. If his body wasn’t hurt or needed healing, Kaminari figured it probably had something to do with his quirk. Even without Recovery Girl’s healing kiss, she would usually check him over for less severe injuries and let him go when he was deemed good enough to resume learning. Not once did she notice anything out of the ordinary, so Kaminari didn’t say anything either.


His quirk often gave him pain, but it was light enough that he could endure and even forget about it. Needless to say, this time, the case is somewhat more… severe. He had no idea what was happening nor why it was happening, but if it was going to bother everyone, he’d rather stay quiet about it, both figuratively and literally. Sometimes when it was particularly bad, he really wanted to scream, but he was pretty sure screaming at 3am wasn’t the best idea, even among all of the fairly stupid ideas that came from his mouth. To be honest, the level of pain he was going through wasn’t anything he hadn’t experienced before, but this time it was extremely unwanted and Kaminari wanted nothing more than it to go away.


Sometimes Kaminari wondered if it was all in his head, that the pain wasn’t really there. Afterall, Recovery Girl had not seemed to notice any irregularities in his body temperature, blood pressure, or even his cells. The notion of his brain making up all these pain was becoming more and more likely, which made Kaminari keep quiet about it even more. There’s no way he’s just going to tell the rest,


‘Hey! There’s something wrong with my brain that’s making up all the pain in my back which hurts me so much because I’m weak and may potentially ruin my career as a hero!’ 


Yeah, no .


Not only was he not able to control his quirk, it probably got so out of hand his brain was now imagining shit that’s affecting him more than it should be. So yeah, he lacks control over his quirk and there’s also problems with his brain.


Although he does believe that it’s his brain making it all up, the pain he feels on his back makes him feel like it’s anything but that. There was constant splitting pain on his back, especially the area near his shoulder blades. Although he was admittedly familiar with enduring pain, the kinds he was used to were usually the after effects of overusing his quirk or some other purpose using his electricity. The kind of pain he’s currently experiencing falls more into the being-torn-open category. He knows a bit about it as he used to trip and get cuts on his body a lot, and sometimes he still accidently slices himself with sharp tools, except this is undoubtedly at least a thousand times worse. (Un)Interestingly enough, the pain seemed to be coming from inside his body, instead of outside, which was… not any better. In fact, it was so much worse because he couldn’t do anything about it. Which... also proves his belongs-in-his-head theory!


Although admittedly sometimes he was close to ripping his back open just to check if there was anything causing the pain, he sees the clear concern and worry in his dear friends’ eyes, and how they’ve taken the effort to be more gentle and caring towards him. 


He didn’t forget how Sero lent him a few of his most treasured comics series for Kaminari to read after game night, nor did he miss how Kirishima leaned more towards him when Kaminari had begun feeling sleepy during the Bakusquad movie night to act as his pillow. He also noticed how it was Mina who told the girls in the class, probably via texting, that Kaminari was feeling off, that they had been kinder towards him, in which he knew through Jirou when he asked her why she didn’t poke him with her earphone jacks like she usually did. 


And last but not the least, the angry pomeranian that was Bakugo. Yeah, he was still a piece of shit and trash talked them most of the time, but Kaminari was sure he didn’t mean most of them. Despite his foul mouth, Kaminari believed that he stil harbours a soft side, much like how he aggressively cares for his “Dumb Idiots.” 


He clearly remembers the faint smell of caramel along with the sensation of being carried as he woke up the day after movie night. A while later when he was in his room reading the comics Sero lent him, he had the sudden realization that it was the same faint scent he remembers. Some time after he forgot about that, he saw Bakugo tell Kirishima something, which he then relayed to Mina via texting when Kaminari passed by behind them in the dorms. As he passed by, he thought he recognized the scent somewhere, and later had an epiphany in his room.


Ah jeez, that guy Bakugo. He’s such a tsundere.


Because of all his lovely friends, their immense care and love shown towards Kaminari gave him enough reason to endure and get through it all. He is going through so much pain right now for reasons unknown, and yet he is also being treated with so much care and love that it can almost make him forget about the confusing and horrible pain. ‘Friendship is magic’ and all that shit is cliche and all, but he had to admit that it was usually his friends who gave him the motivation to not only go through another day, but also to enjoy it to the best of his abilities. 


Wow, that’s sappy as heck. But also like, facts.