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A New Peace

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A New Peace





            Toshinori stared at the small bundle in his arms. His hands weren't as large as they had been when One for All had been his, but they were still large even in this withered form. They felt too big for the delicate nature of this particular bundle. If someone had told him he would ever be in this position, he would have laughed nervously and hidden behind his usual smile. This had only ever been a dream when he inheritable One for All and it gave him nightmares when he was the Symbol of Peace. Now that he was retired...this was too good. Did he truly deserve this happiness?


            The bundle gurgled and he rushed to adjust it so the silence would remain. Inko was sleeping, tired from the last thirty-six hours. She needed her rest and he...well...he needed time to think about this. Yes, they had had almost a year to figure this out, but that didn't make this moment any less surreal. His neon blue eyes gazed down and he smirked at the soft tuff of blond hair that stuck out. He let one of his fingers brush it. His fingers were so big comparatively.


            "Toshi?" Inko's voice muttered. He looked over, she was in her hospital bed. Eyes still closed, bags underneath them. She was completely exhausted and he was in awe of her more than ever before. This had been hard on her for her age and he couldn't thank her enough for this. He moved his chair over and took her hand without the IV. She was asleep still, he could tell by her breathing. It was better now. She had been having trouble in the last month but now that this was over, she sounded like she was getting good full breaths. He looked down at the bundle again. The morning light was just starting to filter in around the blinds, but Inko lay where the sun wouldn't bother her and even his narrow back could shade the bundle.


            "Mr. Yagi?" the nurse at the door whispered and he looked up. The nurse smiled as he entered. He was a tall young man with a secondary set of arms. He held up two trays. "Do you think the Misses is up for some solids?"


            "Uh...yeah, she may want something solid," Toshinori said as he looked at the nurse. The young man was placing a tray on Inko's table while placing the other next to Toshinori. As he did this with the secondary arms, his primaries were looking over the various devices still attached to Inko. "Should I wake her?"


            "Nah, she's had a long couple of days and the doctors think she did great," the nurse said. "You have a visitor. Izuku, I think. He's about worn a hole in the waiting area rug." Toshinori grinned at the thought as he shook his head.


            "He's supposed to be at school," he sighed and the nurse laughed.


            "Aren't you, Sir?" the nurse shot back and Toshinori blushed as he looked at the bundle. "You may want to eat, don't know how much peaceful time you will have now."


            "I can eat later," Toshinori said with another glance at the bundle.


            "I'll send the kid in and you can yell at him about school," the nurse grinned as he headed out.


            The bundle squirmed again and Toshinori carefully adjusted himself as he gently stroked the downy blond locks.


            "Mom!" a voice hissed and bright green eyes were peering through the door. A smile as bright as the sunlight trying to defeat the blinds was revealed. Izuku looked stunned as he saw his mentor. "How is she?"


            "Still sleeping, she needed it," Toshinori said as he smiled. Izuku approached and the two looked into the bundle.


            "She's so small," Izuku said looking at the infant.


            "Apparently they all are," Toshinori said. The blond locks stood up, making Toshinori think of his old hair style. She opened her eyes and looked up with neon green.


            "She's got Mom's eyes," Izuku grinned and Toshinori nodded.


            "I think they look more like yours," a tired voice said and both men looked over to the bed where Inko was looking at them with a smile.


            "Inko..." Toshinori said as he approached his wife of a scant eight months. She smiled as she reached and he quickly deposited the child into her arms. Inko gently looked at the infant.


            "You looked a lot like this at this time, Izuku," Inko sighed and Izuku grinned as he looked at his mother and It was still weird.


            "What's her name?" Izuku asked.


            "Yagi Kazuko," Toshinori said and Izuku grinned.


            "It's perfect!" he grinned and little Kazuko looked at the two greatest heroes to ever live, her father and her big brother.