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Shelter from the Storm

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Bakugo suspects the teachers are getting bored of the prescribed training. That’s why everything always goes so wrong - because their overlords are bored.

Still, it’s never been so spectacularly terrible as today.

Huddled in their two remaining tents, the wind and rain howling outside, it’s hot and humid. The girls must be in a similar state in their own tent, which is half the size of this one and rather less sturdy. Even so, it’s cramped. He’s half on top of someone’s legs and there’s a shoulder digging into his side.

The company could be worse, and it could be better; Bakugo had had the great fortune to be in the same group as Kirishima and Kaminari, as well as the poor luck of being stuck with Deku, Scarface, Exit Sign and the Miniature Scumbag. In the other tent: Uraraka, Ashido and the invisible girl. It’s a mixed bag - the most powerful quirks are here, but this exercise hardly relies on those - it’s more about survival skills, none of which anyone besides Uraraka and himself seem to have. The other issue is that the group is full of leaders, which means that no one will shut up to let him tell them what to do. All he gets is backtalk.

However, all of this pales in comparison to the absolute horror of not having any of his stuff. Not only is he presently dressed in some of Kirishima’s clothes, but his own supplies had been the best of anyone’s - he’s experienced, you see, from mountain climbing and hiking all his life - and no one else thought to bring what Bakugo would consider basics. Unfortunately said supplies are presently floating somewhere down the river and he’d been disallowed by the perky peace-mongers to go and get them when they’d been out in the storm. Of course if one of them hadn’t knocked him into the river in the first place, this wouldn’t be a problem...

“This is fun,” says Kirishima without a hint of irony. Bakugo considers smacking him, but the tent probably couldn’t survive the ensuing confrontation so he leaves it.

“How is this fun?” asks Kaminari forlornly. Bakugo agrees with the sentiment, if not the whiny way it’s said.

“We’re all together, huddled up. It’s like camp.”

“It’s not like camp,” says Bakugo. “It literally is camping.”

“I know it’s not ideal, but if we organize well, I think that we can sleep in relative comfort,” says four-eyes, and, half standing, he begins to point, jabbing his straight hands in lines as though measuring the tent, “If we have people lie, feet-to-head across the tent, plus two people lying perpendicular, we should have just enough space for everyone to stretch out comfortably.”

“Are you okay, Midoriya?” Todoroki asks. Bakugo can see Deku nodding jerkily. He looks pale and sweaty, but Bakugo has other concerns.

“Not all of us have sleeping bags, or even blankets, and the ones we do have are wet.”

“I’ll unzip mine and we can share it as a blanket,” says Kirishima.

“That’s not my point.”

“What is, that you just wanna complain?” says Kaminari, rolling his eyes. “Look, I get it, you’re mad that I knocked you into the river.”

“Yes. Yes I am.”

A hand is rubbing over his shoulder. Kirishima. Bakugo lets that go.

“Do you think we could peek into the girls’ tent?” asks grapehead, to which Kaminari emphatically nods and gasps, “I bet they’re in pyjamas by now.”

Suddenly, Deku stands, and lurching for the door, stumbles across everyone’s legs in his haste to exit the tent. He leaves it unzipped too, and the wind catches it, sending it flapping violently and spraying them all with rain. Everyone starts yelling, and the two closest to the door grab for the tent and yank it closed. Even with it zipped half way up, they can all still hear Deku outside vomiting.

“What the fuck?” screeches Kaminari, “Are we all gonna get sick now?”

“Did he eat something strange?” ponders Glasses. “We had all had the same food for supper.”

Bakugo lies down. The tent is starting to smell funky. Seven teenage boys do not for a pleasant atmosphere make. He’s done with this whole fucking outing, this stupid, stupid fucking training.  

The others chatter amongst themselves for a while, going step by step through Deku’s probable meals while Bakugo picks at a stray thread coming off someone’s backpack. For a second he shuts his eyes, just in time for a gust of bracing (but fresh) air to hit his face as a soaking-wet Deku re-enters the tent after twenty minutes outside, zipping it shut behind him. He sits on his haunches there, by the door, explaining in a rough voice, “In case I have to go back out.”

“Did you eat something weird?” someone asks, and the conversation begins anew. Bakugo wishes desperately that he had something else to do rather than have to listen to the inane ramblings of his classmates. He can’t even go to bed because there isn’t enough room for him to properly fall asleep when he knows President Karate Chop is going to make him move as soon as everyone else gets tired.

Kirishima lies down alongside him a few minutes later. “Bored?”

“Yeah,” grumbles Bakugo, “and it stinks in here.”

“It’s not so bad,” says Kirishima with a grin that shows all of his sharp teeth, “Kinda manly.”

“You’re so full of shit,” says Bakugo and rubs at his nose with the back of his hand. It reeks in here, he can’t believe Kirishima is fine with it. Has someone not showered in a week or something? Or is someone wearing some sort of offensive cologne? Likely culprits...Pikachu and Bobble Head. He glares at them out of the corners of his eyes.

“Sorry your stuff got lost.”

“Not your fault. I’m going to beat the shit out of Zapdos tomorrow though. He should be the one giving up his stuff for my comfort, not you.”

“I never said I was gonna give it up,” says Kirishima. “I said I’ll share. And I’m happy to do that, for you.”

“If I push Kaminari in the river tomorrow will you be sharing your shit with him tomorrow night?”

“No,” a chuckle, “You’re special.”

Bakugo tries not to focus on the warmth spreading from his stomach, lest his face go pink to reflect it. Actually, it’s a bit hot in here in general, and he announces that, partially to cover for any inadvertent colour that might have made its way to his cheeks. Kirishima shrugs, “I don’t think it’s that bad. Actually, I kinda wanna get into the sleeping bag.” He reaches out, laying his hand against Bakugo’s upper arm, “You feel hot though. Hope you’re not sick too.”

“I feel fine.”

“Hmmm,” says Kirishima, his hand drifting up Bakugo’s shoulder, over his jaw, the back of it coming to rest against his forehead. It feels cool and pleasant against Bakugo’s skin, “Okay, but you tell me if you start feeling shitty.”

“Why, what are you gonna do about it if I am?”

“I dunno, hold your hair back while you puke?”

“Kirishima,” snaps Deku suddenly from across the room. Kirishima looks over his shoulder. From this angle, Bakugo can see Deku’s face. He looks annoyed, which is an unusual expression to see on him. “Don’t touch him like that.”

“Uh, sorry,” stammers Kirishima, sounding confused, and his hand slowly pulls away from Bakugo’s face.

No. Nope. That’s not okay. Bakugo sits up quickly. Deku jerks a little as though the movement has jostled him, even though they are at least six feet apart. “Hey, you can fuck right off. You don’t get any say in what Kirishima and I do.”

“It’s just,” Deku seems out of breath, and he takes a deep gulp of air every few words, “inappropriate in a crowded tent, Kacchan.”

“I don’t give a shit.”

“It’s okay, Katsuki,” says Kirishima. Deku’s upper lip lifts into what looks like a snarl.

“No, it’s not. Kirishima and I were barely touching. If you have a problem with me, Deku, we can take it outside, but I’d rather not fight if I’m in danger of getting puked on.”

“They were barely touching,” murmurs Todoroki, sounding irritated. Everyone else seems to be stunned into silence, which is so...weird for this group. Usually they would be mocking Deku for being a prude. Bakugo glances around. Every single one of them is displaying submissive body language, except for Todoroki.

Suddenly it clicks.The smell. The heat. This...weird shit.

He can’t help himself, he snarls it, furiously, “Oh fuck no, no you are not!”

Deku frowns at him, “Not what?”

“No. No.” Bakugo clenches his fists, “You are not presenting right now.”

Todoroki sits up.

“I’m not,” says Deku, eyebrows going up. “I can’t be.”

He can’t be indeed. Who in their right fucking mind would have expected Deku to present as an alpha?

“You are,” says Todoroki, confirming Bakugo’s worst fears, “It makes sense now that Bakugo says it. Stay calm, I went through this before, it’s not too bad if you keep control of yourself.”

Bakugo swallows. No one else here has presented, which means they’re all betas. The good thing is that it means the only one here that Deku is gonna want to fight with is Todoroki. The bad thing is that alphas in their first rut are crazy, and there’s presently one in between Bakugo, the sole omega in the class, and the only exit.

It’s a good thing he takes his suppressants every day without fail, but he finds himself immediately wishing that he had his stuff so that he could take a blocker right now. He tightens his fists. It’ll be fine. He just...can’t show any submissive behaviour.

“Please don’t tear up my tent,” says Kaminari meekly. It’s the most simpering Bakugo’s ever heard him. Pleading, almost.

“He won’t,” says Todoroki. He’s close to Deku, but not too close, approaching him with hands outstretched, speaking softly like he’s addressing a wild animal, “Midoriya, listen to me.”

Midoriya isn’t listening, not really. Bakugo can see from here that his pupils are blown wide, that his pale skin is damp and probably not from the rain. The smell has to be coming from him. “I’m not -- how can I be an alpha?”

“Stay calm. Your first rut will be really short, but it will be intense, do you understand? You need to stay away from me and away from other alphas, so I will go to the girls’ tent. Betas are good for calming you down when you’re stressed so I suggest you all just relax and take it easy.”

“No,” blurts Bakugo, “You stay here. I’m not putting up with this.”

“It can’t be helped, Bakugo,” says Todoroki with a sympathetic half-smile. He’s posturing too, subtly as he is wont to do, projecting quiet confidence across the tent. Bakugo hates, with every fibre of his being, that the attitude makes him want to obey . To just shut up and sit back down and let Deku...snuggle, or whatever it is that alphas do with betas to chill the fuck out.

Even with his desire to break his natural programming, he pauses long enough that Todoroki turns to leave, and by the time Bakugo’s grabbing for his still damp jacket and crawling out after him, he’s already halfway gone. Everyone else is watching in silence, cowed by the pheromones currently hanging in the thick, muggy air. They must be terrified to move because almost no one reacts as he crawls by, knees knocking their legs, but Bakugo is not going to stay here when there’s an alpha about to go into a frenzy.

“Move,” Bakugo says when he reaches the door. Todoroki is already out in the rain, but Deku is in the way now, leaning across the door as though to block him.

His eyes flicker back and forth over Bakugo’s face, down to his throat, and Bakugo feels goosebumps break out over his arms as Deku’s gaze lingers on his trapezius muscle.

“Move,” he says again, but Deku is reaching out to him, curling fingers around his wrist and pulling him closer. Bakugo is on his knees, Deku sitting back on his ass, and he is unable to resist being dragged forward as green crackles up Deku’s hand and forearm.

“You smell so good, Kacchan,” Deku sighs out what had been a huge inhale through his nose, his other arm coming up to curl around Bakugo’s waist. Bakugo presses a palm deliberately to Deku’s forehead.

“Let me go or I’ll blow your fucking head off.”

“No,” says Deku, pushing his face forward, into the center of Bakugo’s chest and inhaling again, “Oh god, Kacchan, you smell so good .” Again, he inhales, “I want to,” he doesn’t finish the thought but his hand pushes up beneath Bakugo’s shirt at the back, “You’re so warm.”

“Todoroki!” Bakugo yells out of the door, which is flapping loudly in the wind where it’s mostly-zipped, getting both hands on Deku’s shoulders and trying to push him away. He’s curling tighter around Bakugo’s body, mouth open, hot and wet against his breast, even through the t-shirt. Bakugo can’t actually blast him off without really hurting him, which renders his threat somewhat moot unless he’s actually in dire circumstances.

“I don’t like you wearing this,” says Deku, and Bakugo feels fingers puncture the material over the base of his spine, “You shouldn’t be wearing his clothes.”

“Fuck off,” says Bakugo, and then, much louder, “Todoroki!”

“Kacchan, why do you smell -- and feel like this? You’re so soft, I want to touch you all over... What are you doing to me?”

What is he doing? The shirt tears up the back. Bakugo can hear Kirishima whimper from somewhere behind him. “Todo --” he starts, but suddenly his back hits the floor of the tent and Deku spreads out on top of him, pushing the air from his lungs.

“Don’t call for someone else, that’s not fair,” he says against Bakugo’s neck, his nose pressing into the corner where his jaw meets his throat. A moment later, a tongue presses down against his pulse. Bakugo reaches out to the side, gripping fingers, tight, over someone’s knee. Kaminari’s. Almost immediately his hand is jerked away, pulled tight to his chest and held there and Deku is breathing against his neck, “Don’t fear, I am here...”

Deku is a lot bigger than he’d been in first year, of course, big enough that it’s uncomfortable to breathe against his weight. He’s put on a lot of muscle in the intervening years and it makes him an imposing figure, big enough to wall Bakugo -- who has barely grown since beginning high school -- in against the floor. Bakugo hates it -- but hates even more that it feels good --

Reason prevailing, he shoves at Deku, crying out as fingers curl into his hair and wrench his head to the side, displaying the full length of his neck. “No!” he chokes, as Deku rubs his cheek against the flesh presented to him, “Get the fuck off!”

“You’re an omega, Kacchan?” whispers Deku with what sounds like wonder, and his teeth scrape over the tense cords of Bakugo’s neck. “This whole time?”

Just the last couple of years, and he’s been on such heavy suppressants the entire time that not even presented alphas had sniffed him out. He’s never even had a heat - they’d stopped the first one in its tracks and he’d never cared to try again, no matter how his parents had nagged and berated that he needed a hormone break.

“M-Midoriya,” says Kirishima, and the sound of his voice makes both of them tense where they’re spread out in the center of the tent. Deku lifts his head, the weight rising off of Bakugo’s throat. “He doesn’t want to.”

All of Deku’s teeth are visible. Suddenly the smell in the room is absolutely overwhelming, and Bakugo has to shut his eyes to fend off the dizziness from being so close to someone pumping out alpha pheromones. For Kirishima to have spoken at all, when there’s a large alpha in rut right in front of him, must have been very difficult. “I don’t,” Bakugo gasps in agreement, partially to take the attention off the beta sitting two feet behind his head. “Get off me. This is rape.”

“You want it...I can smell it.” Deku looks down at him. Bakugo had been right about his pupils; the green iris is hardly visible, giving his eyes an alien look. He looks like he’s high on something, except that his expression isn’t blissful or relaxed; it’s hungry.

But the weird thing is: Bakugo really doesn’t want it. Not even from an alpha this powerful. He can’t help but grimace. “No, I don’t. I’m not an omega, Deku, stop trying to kid yourself.”

It works, kind of. Enough that Deku pulls back to look down at him, clearly confused. For a brief, beautiful moment, Bakugo dares to wonder whether he might pull it off, whether his attitude might, for once, play to his favour. Whether acting so completely contrary to typical omega behaviour might indeed fool an alpha in rut , one who has his nose jammed up against his scent gland.

But then Deku’s mouth closes over his neck and he can feel his teeth testing the resistance of his flesh. “Get off!” he shrieks, panicking immediately, and detonates his hands against Deku’s shoulders. The teeth puncture his skin slowly despite the blast, Deku sliding his hands nonchalantly up Bakugo’s arms until he can press his wrists into the floor. His hands are almost completely green and the tent is lit by the eerie light, the glow playing off the scorched skin of Deku’s shoulders.

“No!” he twists and bucks within Deku’s grasp, setting off his hands again, as he feels a tongue slide over his neck. No no no no this cannot be happening. He’s still on his suppressants -- why can’t Deku control himself?

From the bite: a burning, aching feeling that seems to spread under his skin. He tries again to set off his blasts, to warn Deku off him, but to no avail. This time they come out weaker than he’d expected, and he begins to panic. Heats shut down a lot of quirks as the body switches over to becoming receptive to a potential mate.

He’s going into heat.

He’s going...into...heat.

He can feel tears gathering at the corners of his eyes, and tries not to blink lest they fall. Beyond the present, the tight grip of Deku’s hands and the weight of his body, he can see the others shifting. They must be able to smell it as his pores open up, as his scent starts to fill the tent. Even Betas are not immune to an Omega in heat, though they would certainly be able to resist attempting to rape him, unlike Deku, they’re going to find themselves in a state of arousal in not too long.

The knowledge that these guys will be watching him get fucked, and will be turned on by his smell, is repulsive.

Fingers are tucked beneath the waistband of his (Kirishima’s) pants, yanking them down to his knees before one big hand spreads on an asscheek and then squeezes. “Kacchan, your body is perfect,” mumbles Deku, nearly unintelligibly.

“Get off me,” snarls Bakugo in response.

No such luck. A finger traces down the cleft of his ass, pausing over his hole before continuing down to his perineum. “You’re not wet,” says Deku quizzically. He’s not. Not yet. Bakugo swallows heavily. A moment later, fingers wrap around the curve of his ass, pulling his cheeks apart so that Deku can thrust his face forward, and then he feels it --

Deku’s -- tongue --

The noise Bakugo makes is one of disgust and alarm, and he attempts to kick at Deku with limbs that suddenly won’t coordinate with his brain. It feels so weird, so alien --

It’s nasty.

Deku’s such a fucking filthy -- oh, fuck!!

He squirms as Deku’s mouth hits the right spot, tongue tracing his entrance, pushing forward in little motions. “Unnhh,” is all he manages as he tries to tell Deku again to leave him alone. His limbs are starting to feel heavy, the room is starting to spin. Everything feels hot.

“Oh,” gasps Deku, pulling back just a little, “Your slick.”

A finger eases its way into Bakugo’s asshole. It goes easy, lubricated by Bakugo’s traitorous body. “There it is,” cooes Deku, as though he’s trying to be reassuring. “You taste so good, Kacchan.”

“Mmmnnnh -- nooo --” he’s moaning the words so he snaps his jaw shut. How disgusting, that Deku is tasting his slick...

“Yes,” the mouth is back, worshipping the spot where Katsuki’s flesh is tight around his finger. Bakugo sobs into the plastic floor of the tent. A second finger is pushed in. That goes easy too, but it feels really weird. It feels unnatural to have something pushing him open, even if it does...kinda...feel good...

God, what would Deku say if he knew Bakugo’s never put anything up there before? Not even his own fingers, he’s been so in denial about his secondary gender. He’d probably love it, the sick fuck. “Stop,” Bakugo chokes out, “I don’t like it.”

Deku does not respond at all.

Desperate, he looks out at his classmates, and croaks, “Help me.”

It’s such a difficult thing to say, even like this. The words taste acidic on their way out.

It’s not even worth it - no one does anything.

No matter how he fights, no matter how he scrabbles, digs his fingers deep enough into the tent's floor to rend the packed dirt beneath it, he can't break the solid circle of Deku's arms. Even when he reaches out, searching, for Kirishima or one of the others to help him, his hand is simply pulled back by the man on top of him.

No one will do anything... They're all betas. Everyone is just going to watch as Bakugo is raped.

And rape it is, for he hasn't even given Deku any of the customary physical signs of submission, as if the vocal cries of, "No, stop!" Weren't enough. Even lost in the hormones of rut, Deku must realise deep down that he's doing something wrong. There's no way he doesn't realise, right? Right?

Deku's cock is huge, engorged as all alpha dicks are in the throes of rut, and he thrusts it in without much care for the comfort of the omega beneath him. At first it's hard, the stretch too much, the movement too rough until Bakugo's body finally catches up with the sudden heat and starts secreting copious amounts of slick. It's enough to run down his thighs, to make disgusting wet sounds as Deku pounds into him.

Deku groans into his ear when he feels it, wordless until the end of the sound, which edges into, " -- Kacchan --!"

It sends shivers down his spine, and fat tears well up in Bakugo's eyes as it sinks in that this is happening and there's nothing he can do to stop it.

Deku is mating him. That's the reality of the situation, and nothing, not his quirk nor his bodily strength nor his classmates are going to stop it.

The worst part of it is that it feels good as it feels bad, tingles of desire and pleasure gathering as the way is eased by his body's own lubricant, as the heat pours into his brain until there's hardly any room left for thoughts besides more, and harder.

Eventually, finally, Deku comes, great spurts of cum pouring into him. It's awful, and it's incredible, and Bakugo's gut twists as the realisation slams into his head that this could get him pregnant. Pregnant with Deku's kid. Disgusting.

The only silver that he hadn't knotted him. No knot, no bond.

As soon as Deku relaxes even an iota, peeling clenched fingers off Bakugo's wrists, revealing skin bruised black in the shape of handprints, Bakugo attempts to crawl out from beneath him.

Deku reaches for him immediately, trying to pull him back into his embrace. The urge to cuddle must be strong, now. Having just mated an omega in his first rut, Deku must want to snuggle up to him.

Bakugo doesn't want that.

"Fuck off," he says, kicking at Deku as he curls arms around Bakugo's chest, pulling him in tight. His dick is still inside him, and Deku sinks him lower onto it as he curls around him, the thick knot pushing against his hole. For a moment his brain wonders what it might feel like, to have it push inside, and something trembles deep inside before he reminds himself -- this is Deku, he doesn't want this.

No knot, no bond.

"I love you," Deku is sighing against the back of his neck, sharp teeth grazing the skin as though he's contemplating a traditional bonding mark. "I love you so much, Kacchan. I always have."

"I fucking hate you," sobs Bakugo. Being held up like this gives him a great view of the others in the tent, all of whom are averting their gazes to the floor or somewhere close to it, except Kirishima, who, as Bakugo stares at him, chances a glance up at his face. He's crying too. Bakugo swallows.

Deku growls. Kirishima drops his line of sight.

"Let me go," says Bakugo.

"No," says Deku petulantly, "Kacchan belongs with me."

"Fuck off."

Deku does not fuck off, rather he takes the opportunity to bury his face against the curve of Bakugo's neck, inhaling at the spot where Bakugo's jaw meets his ear. Bakugo can feel Deku's cock twitch where it's still buried to the hilt inside of him.

That miserable fact implies that there will be a round two, and even as he thinks it, his body immediately responds and he feels a thick gob of slick drip down along Deku's dick.

"Mmm," hums Deku, his hands smoothing up over Bakugo's belly, fingers dancing over his nipples, "Kacchan needs more, huh?"

"No," blurts Bakugo, even though he's burning up inside with need. It's like there's an itch that needs scratching, and he thinks again about how good it might feel to have Deku's knot rubbing up inside him. That would hit the spot, wouldn't it? Wouldn't it feel so good to be stretched out that open? To feel so fucking full?


Deku gently nudges him, and slowly, without aggression but without sympathy, turns Bakugo on his dick, pushing his arms and legs into the right spots so that they're facing each other.

Bakugo bites him in the nose, but barely have his teeth closed than Deku is yanking back his head before pushing forward again, shoving their mouths together with a hand tangled into Bakugo's hair at the back of his head to make sure he can't pull away. Because Bakugo was attempting to bite, his teeth are bared, and he tastes blood in the kiss almost instantly.

"Fuck," he snarls, but Deku uses his grip on his hair to pull him closer again, jamming in his tongue and smearing blood over their lips.

It's not a nice kiss. It's a demonstration of superiority and dominance on Deku's part, a clear indication that he is in charge.

For Bakugo, mentally, it is the opposite of attractive. Having someone he hates mush their face into his, grinding their split lip again his own is far from erotic. If it had been at the end of a good fight, maybe, but right now it's vile.

Physically though...something about this makes heat curl deep in his gut, makes his body throb with need, with the desire to have Deku move his cock inside of him, to ram into him over and over until they both come.

He hates it, but the smell of Deku is making his head swim. No longer is it in revulsion but in need.

Growling into Bakugo's mouth, Deku wraps both his hands over Bakugo's hips and with green energy crackling up his arms, rather easily lifts him where he sits in his lap before letting him slide back down his still-hard dick. "Oh, fuuuck," groans Bakugo. It doesn't hurt anymore, not at all. It feel amazing.

Deku exhales in a huff, Bakugo's name on him lips as he sets up a pace, still fast, frantic, but slicked up by Bakugo's body and Deku's previous load. It's easy to pretend they're alone, that there aren't other people in the room, watching them, seeing Deku's cock splitting him open over and over. All he has to do is focus on the way it feels.

It's so hot. Deku's body feels so big, so solid beneath his hands, where his thighs press into Bakugo's ass. His own dick leaks, painfully hard where it arches up against his belly.

"Baby," murmurs Deku against his neck, teeth sharp, "Kacchan you feel so good."

"Haa," is his reply, breath leaving him almost against his will, the sound dangerously close to a moan. He does feel so good. So fucking good. He wants to come.

Everything feels so sloppy and his head is spinning, he's sweating but he knows it won't light (and this is why, isn't it? Because his quirk would be out of control if he was able to use it right now). He's being stretched, the friction feels incredible.

Deku's fingers are digging into him, bruising, but even that feels good now, the sensation of being claimed overwhelming and amazing. Deku is so strong to have dominated him. He's proven himself worthy by the very act of subjugating Bakugo.

"Come, Kacchan," Deku is hissing. "Come for me."

"No," he refuses. It's to no avail. He is going to come, without even a touch to his straining cock, because being fucked in the ass is perfect, enough that his eyes are rolling back until with a strangled shout, he's coming all over their stomachs. He slumps forward, arms over Deku, pushing his forehead into his shoulder, everything spinning and blotches exploding in his vision as the orgasm feels like it keeps going as long as Deku keeps moving his dick.

"F-fuck," he moans, "Don't stop."

"Won't," promises Deku, "But m'close."

Bakugo is embarrassed of the noise he makes to that, something between a wail and a moan, as the negative of Deku stopping fucking him wars with the positive of feeling another nice hot load inside of him. Everyone can hear him. God.

He can't feel their eyes, he knows they're all in a submissive pose right now, with the stench of a rut surrounding them, but at the same time, Bakugo is all too aware how the smell of a heat can drive even betas a little bit crazy. Not the...rape your childhood friend/antagonistic rival crazy, but there's no way anyone in this tent is sitting here without a boner. Especially not when they can hear him, the noises he's still making as his body continues to clench, to come. The sounds of Deku's cock, slickly pushing inside of him, of skin slapping together.

Deku comes. This time it sets off another wave of pleasure for Bakugo, rather than disgust, as he feels the warm liquid fill his gut. He could get pregnant!

The thought puts him over the edge again (as if there was another edge?) and his softening dick spurts again, clear liquid this time as he comes again, much harder than the first time. This time his vision actually greys out, and he doesn't even manage a moan because the sensation paralyses him, rushing up his spine from that spot deep inside him until it reaches his wide open mouth and unseeing eyes.

Deku seems to take great delight in it, swiping fingers through the mess left on their bodies and pressing his index inside his own mouth.

"Kacchan tastes so good," he moans, then licks his lips in a gratuitous show of visceral enjoyment. Bakugo doesn't have the energy to be disgusted because as soon as he comes down from the absolute heights of his orgasm, he's thinking about the way Deku's knot feels against his hole. If Deku just...pushed a little, it might pop in...

"Midoriya," comes a weak voice. It takes a second but Bakugo realises it's Iida. Deku's head slowly turns. His fingers dig deeper into Bakugo's flesh. There's a squeak from the man who had spoken, but he continues with shaky breath, "May I leave? go and get a teacher...?"

Bakugo cries out as Deku's grip starts to bruise. This appears to restore some sanity to his face, as he looks back to Bakugo and, with what looks like significant effort, unclenches his fingers. "Sorry, Kacchan," he says, and then, to Iida, "Why?"

"To get you some help? You've obviously entered into your first rut very abruptly, and I think some medical care would..."

"No!" snarls Deku, and literally everyone but Bakugo flinches back. He obviously catches himself, clearing his throat and trying again, voice strained and croaky. "The storm is really bad, you could get hurt wandering around outside."

Privately, Bakugo thinks that they're probably under surveillance in some manner or another, and an distressed student exiting a tent would send up enough alarm to have the teachers swoop down in a matter of minutes to render their aid. He does not say this, however, because he's too busy making embarrassing little mewling noises and trying to get some friction by rocking back and forth on Deku's cock. It had felt so good to come that last time that his brain is stuck on it, going in circles around and around as he tries to hold on to the sensation.

"Oh, Kacchan," groans Deku, as Bakugo grinds down against his knot. "Hold on a second." Bakugo internally thanks whatever deity there might be that Deku is in rut, because there's no way he'd still be hard otherwise. "Iida-kun," rasps Deku, obviously struggling to keep it in check, "Please stay here. I don't need medical assistance and neither does Kacchan."

"But," says Kirishima, "You were so rough on him, how do you know he's okay?"

"Does he look like he's in pain?" asks Deku and thrusts a little bit, making Bakugo moan.

"He wouldn't even feel it if you hurt him! Look at all the bruises! You could have broken something."

In a far away place in his mind, Bakugo is thankful to Kirishima. He's brave. He's a good friend. But he can't express it right now. He feels like he has a fever and nothing quite sits right in the world. It's all a little off kilter.

"Kirishima-kun, I appreciate your concern for Kacchan, but I can take care of him. He doesn't need --"

Someone unzips the tent. Bakugo can't see who it is, but he can smell it, and the stench of alpha permeates the room. Suddenly, Deku is gone, his weight lifted from Bakugo's back, his dick pulled out so fast that Bakugo leaks all over his own thighs, his entrance struggling to close around the sudden absence of Deku's cock.

"What --" Todoroki starts, but Bakugo can hear it as he's pushed down, Deku turning to grapple with him as soon as he's in through the door. "Midoriya, what's going on?" He gasps, likely taken aback by the fact that Deku's fucking dick is out, and by the nude Bakugo still spread over the tent floor. Kirishima reaches for him, pulling him up and close and out of the way as Deku's fist closes over Todoroki's forearm, breaking through the shield of ice he'd hastily formed to protect himself.

"Stay away from Kacchan," snarls Deku, and it's a miracle that he can even use words when faced with another Alpha in such a situation, and just as well that they'd already gotten through two rounds or else he wouldn't be lucid enough to talk at all. The thing is...they've gotten through two rounds and it must stink of Bakugo's heat in here, enough anyway that it sets Todoroki off as well. As Bakugo glances over his shoulder at him, he sees his pupils suddenly explode in size.

"You need to -- you need to call the teachers --" Todoroki attempts.

Deku pushes him again, teeth all bared, "Leave us alone."

"No!" roars Todoroki, all rational thought clearly, suddenly, gone.

He shoves Deku back, climbing atop him and clawing at him, the two trading blows as they fight to be the one on top.

Cold rain peppers them from the open tent door as it flaps furiously in the wind. Carefully, Kirishima wraps around Bakugo, pulling him away from the two alphas smashing into each other in the center of the room. "It'll be okay, Katsuki," he says desperately, "I won't let them get ahold of you."

It's a nice sentiment, but Bakugo wants them to get ahold of him, wants them to fuck him, fill him, breed him. "I want a fucking alpha," he wheezes against Kirishima's warm, pink cheek. His fingers tangle in Kirishima's sleeves as he peers over his shoulder at the battle. He doesn't care who wins but he wants it done fast so the winner can claim him as their prize.

Ice smashes and scatters over the small audience, all of whom just as it goes down. Hero trainees or no, these are two much more powerful alphas going at it, and human nature is to back down from that sort of conflict. If it were two alphas other than Deku and Todoroki, sure, but this is above their collective pay grade.

"He's mine," sobs Deku, "he always has been."

"He doesn't want anything to do with you!" shouts Todoroki back, shoving at Deku, "he's made that clear."

"He was begging for me!"

"He'd beg for me if given the chance!"

"Get off me!" Deku shoves Todoroki back, and he hits the side of the tent. Then he turns to Bakugo and snarls, "Stop touching him, Kirishima!"

"No!" Squeaks Kirishima, "I won't!"

Deku's face looks nothing like him. It's a mask of rage, of possessiveness, and for a moment it looks as though he might kill Kirishima for such a statement, until Bakugo raises his arms with hands outstretched and sighs, "Fuck me again, alpha!"

The fury dissipates and Deku drags him forward by the ankle, Bakugo willingly going, spreading his knees in a invitation as he curls fingers over Deku's shoulders.

Deku plunges in his cock in one go, slamming in to the hilt, and Bakugo....pretty much comes instantly. "Ohhh!" he moans, throwing back his head. "Oh Deku, fuck me harder."

His request is acquiesced to immediately, and Deku fucking pounds the shit out of him, cramming his cock in over and over, each slide like ecstacy, each withdrawal painful and empty for the moment that elapses before the next thrust. Still, it seems Todoroki had been pushed aside but not dealt with, because barely has Deku gotten started than he's pushed aside, and suddenly in the space of a usual thrust, a freezing cold cock is shoved inside Bakugo.

"Ohhh, hmm," he moans. God that feels amazing. Todoroki moans along with him, but the fighting continues. Now, them being basically on top of him, he's jostled between the two, cocks thrusting into his hole as soon as one or the other can manage it, his body pressed between two bigger, solid torsos and bracketed by arms crackling green, glowing red, or encrusted with white.

The smell is so good.

Two alphas in rut; it smells incredible.

A cold mouth closes over one of his nipples, a warm hand pinching the other; teeth scrape over the back of his neck. There's a hand in his hair but he doesn't know whose, another digging into his thigh. Somebody kisses him, and a moment later, the heads of both dicks push against his ass, and he begins to open for them before they both pull back as their owners snap at one another.

"Yes, both," he moans, "both at once, fuck, you think you're gonna break me, you pussies? Do it!"

They do.

They press in both at once, making strangled sounds of pleasure as they push their faces against his chest and his back.

As for Bakugo? He screams as he comes clear all over himself and Todoroki, moaning as the orgasm goes on and on as he clenches around their cocks.

"Oh, Bakugo," he hears, moaned into his ear. Todoroki. "You feel so good."

Deku is panting, "Kacchan, Kacchan," over and over again against the nape of his neck, every word like a prayer. Usually Bakugo would be annoyed by this but he can still hardly see through the pleasure and he's much more concerned by the desire for Deku to sink his teeth into his throat and mark him.

Todoroki comes first, groaning deep and loud as cum that's boiling in comparison to his cock fills Bakugo up.

"Ah!" exclaims Deku as he feels it, and buries his nose into Bakugo's neck. "God, Kacchan you're so full."

"Come in me Deku," Bakugo demands, "Fucking knock me up. Put a fucking baby in me!"

"Oh god Kacchan," moans Deku, "I want to. I wanna see you -- big --"

Todoroki, pupils blown as wide as they can go snaps at Deku over Bakugo's shoulder, "He's mine."

Deku snarls at him and the two begin to try to push each other off Bakugo. This, along with their tugging and dragging Bakugo results in him being clawed and bruised as they both try to pull him closer. When Todoroki kisses him again it tastes metallic.

Deku shoves Todoroki off, takes a swipe at him, and Bakugo is buffered between the two of them. He whines when they pull out, when the sensation of coming finally fades, leaving him feeling empty and bereft. "No," he weeps, "I'm not done."

Todoroki sends out a blast of ice. Deku smashes it as it comes, coating Bakugo in a thin layer of snow. Todoroki grabs his leg and without any ado whatsoever, sinks balls deep into his ass.

It takes a moment but then Bakugo realises....balls deep means knot deep as well. It's not fully inflated yet, but Bakugo is now so loose and stretchy that the half-full ridge had sunk into him with no problem.

Horror does not occur to him, instead he begs for more. "Your knot!" He moans, "Your knot! Your knot! More!"

"Take it," hisses Todoroki into his ear.

"Give it to me," pleads Bakugo, but then there are hands in his hair and he's being dragged to the side and down, face to face with Deku who snarls, "Don't ask for him."

Honestly.... Bakugo doesn't give a single fuck who knots him, who knocks him up, who bonds him and who owns him. A far away, niggling part of his mind protests this. It's the part that had kept him on heat suppressants, that had fueled his desire his entire life to remain independent rather than a claimed omega beneath someone's thumb.

But at this time, that voice is quiet, drowned out by the rest of his brain screaming YES. "Fuck me," he says as Deku tries to drag him away and half succeeds, ending up with Bakugo twisted between the two of them, his mouth occupied by Deku's as Todoroki continues to pound him in the ass.

It's so big and it feels so good that he moans into Deku's mouth even though his back is twisted painfully. He kisses back with abandon, twining his tongue around Deku's as their lips slide together. "I didn't finish," groans Deku. "Use -- use your mouth --"

He shoves Bakugo's head down towards his crotch, and Bakugo twists even more uncomfortably so that his head is almost facing the opposite way of his pelvis. That doesn't stop him from going at it with enthusiasm, gagging himself on it and sucking it down like it's about to dispense the fucking elixir of life.

"God," gasps Deku, thrusting forward a little until Bakugo is choking, but he fucking _loves it_ even when Deku's knot begins to fill out and his jaw begins to creak.

Todoroki's knot is beginning to catch, pulling at his rim in a way that's almost painful. Everything is so wet and sloppy down there now that it's dripping down his thighs. When he moans, it's around the massive dick plugging his mouth, and Deku gasps too.

Finally, Todoroki sticks, but just as Bakugo is about to scream his pleasure at the too-full feeling of being knotted, Deku's catches as well, just behind his teeth, and he can barely take a desperate breath before he gets pumped full from both ends.

It's the fourth load of cum in his asshole and it feels amazing. It tastes incredible against his tongue and he swallows it down as his entire body erupts in shivers of pleasure. It feels beyond good, no longer an orgasm but something past that, an ultimate satisfaction. He feels so good, so complete and perfect. Like the knots inside him are filling a space he hadn't known existed.

He could get addicted to this feeling.

He's dizzy, too, by the time Deku finishes, from the lack of air, but finds that if he relaxes and tilts his head, he can just breathe past it.

Both the other boys take a little time to come down enough to shift into a better position, but they do, curling around him. Deku in particular takes a while to settle, and keeps trying to pull out of his mouth, only to yank back against his teeth and then make Bakugo gag when he gives up and moves forward again.

Bakugo's body is all pleasant tingles and he's sleepy, and he settles down quickly, dozing as he's moved into the right position for Deku and Todoroki to be reasonably comfortable.

He's half awakened when Deku manages to pull himself free of his mouth, and he whines at the loss of contact, until Deku shushes him, lying down beside him and wrapping his arm over his waist. Todoroki readjusts too, his now softening dick still inside Bakugo's ass as they all drift off to sleep again.

The next time he wakes up, it's to Aizawa's concerned face.

And then he remembers that half the boys in his class had just watched him beg for it, come all over himself and then get knotted from two ends.

Guess there's not really any point in pretending he isn't an omega anymore.

Chapter Text

He's pregnant.

He knows that quickly, almost as soon as he's been sat down in the ambulance, gleaming silver shock blanket wrapped around his shoulders.

The moment he's left alone, that the quiet is able to sink into his ears - he knows. That's an Omega's prerogative, after all, some superhuman ability to procreate, and it burns him to know that that's the only quirk of his that anyone is going to care about anymore.

"Where is Kacchan?" he hears, from some distance away. The voice sounds panicked, as though the paramedics will have done something to Bakugo in the ten minutes they've been separated. There is no other reaction he can muster but to roll his eyes at that.

He assumes they calm Deku down because no one comes for him until the same friendly paramedic who had set the blood pressure machine going returns.

"Blood pressure is high, but that's normal," she says, with a kind smile. "Your heat can be very stressful on your body. Hopefully next time it'll be in a more comfortable setting."

"I want the morning after pill," is what he replies to her.

"I -- what?" she says.

"Give me the fucking -- plan B or whatever it's called." His fingers curl tighter into the crinkly fabric wrapped around him, clenched so that no one can see how badly they're trembling.

"I don't have...any of that with me. You'd have to get it from a doctor..."

He scowls at her. "Then mention it when we get to the hospital."

There's a long moment then, where she just...stares at him, and then, with slack, open mouth, she manages, "Buh -- but you're an omega."

Ohhhhh he just about loses it. Both his palms crackle but don't catch as visions of blowing up this ambulance dance through his head.

She startles but he doesn't care. There is a priority in this situation and that is to take care of what's currently going on in the part of his body that he likes to pretend isn't there.

He asks again when he reaches the hospital. It's the first thing he demands of the doctor when she attempts to examine him, keeping his limbs tucked in around himself protectively until she responds to his question.

"So, you're pregnant," is all she says, writing something down on the tablet she had put down  before she'd started reaching for him.

"Yes," he says, "and I want to get rid of it."

Her impassive face doesn't change. "I understand," she says, "But I will need to examine you before we can talk about anything else, in order to make sure there are no more pressing matters."

"Like what?" snaps Bakugo. What could be more pressing than getting this parasite out of him?

"Like whether you have internal bleeding," she says.

Oh. Right.

He'd been fucked by two alphas in rut at the same time, manhandled and --

"Fine," he says, and lets her examine him.

In the end, it's just bad bruising, and a hairline fracture in one wrist where Deku had squeezed too hard. He's given a splint for the arm, and told to rest and take it easy for a few weeks. The doctor leaves, and he assumes she'll come back soon to help him deal with the whole...pregnancy thing, but she doesn't. It's Aizawa who next enters the room, hours later.

Truthfully, Bakugo's exhausted, and if it weren't for the urgent, nagging thought that he needs that pill, he would already be asleep. As it is, he's already halfway there, snuggled deep into the blankets and surrounded by pillows in a kind of makeshift nest (the nurses were probably told to do that, he thinks, as a method of helping to calm a hysterical omega). 

"Aizawa-sensei," he says when he sees him, snapping up to attention as best he can. "Where's the doctor?"

"She said you were all settled and that you'd be released tomorrow," Aizawa says, flatly, pulling up the single, plastic chair in the room. It makes a terrible scraping noise against the laminate floor. "How are you feeling?"

"What does she mean, I'm settled? I need that pill!"


"The morning after pill."

There's a moment of silence so thick that Bakugo is certain it could be cut with a knife. Aizawa sighs, rubbing at his face. He seems dejected. Bakugo doesn't blame him - the guy just arranged a field trip where one of the students got gangbanged and knotted in a tent full of classmates. He deserves to feel shitty.

"Oh, Bakugo..."

"What?" he snaps.

"They're not going to give you a pill like that. Not without your alpha's permission."

Bakugo's entire body goes ice cold. He hadn’t thought of that, but they’re bonded, aren’t they? They’d both knotted him before they’d knocked him up. "W-what--?"

"Decisions about your reproductive care are made by your alpha."

What? He feels sick. Sick enough that he has to turn away, clapping a hand over his mouth as his stomach roils.

It's okay, he tells himself, as panic bubbles up in his chest at the thought of being forced to keep it. Todoroki or Deku won't want to have kids either, not so young. They'll give it to him, it's just a matter of convincing them - to give him the pill, and to release him from their bond, in whatever order makes more sense. 

"Let me talk to Icy Hot then," he croaks, once he's willed away the nausea. "He'll let me have it." Todoroki is a better bet than Deku, anyway, who definitely cannot be trusted with decisions regarding Bakugo's body.

"They're still trying to work out what happened," sighs Aizawa. "Both of them are with the police."

GOOD , Bakugo thinks vindictively. He hopes they get a good fucking scare out of the experience. "Call them then. Get Todoroki's permission over the phone."

"It's a complicated situation, Bakugo. It's not a common scenario, an omega having two alphas. It's going to take time to figure out the legal details. Whether one can give permission or if you need both, or if Midoriya will be required to rescind his claim on you."

That's the first positive thing he's heard today. "Forced to rescind it? Why would he be?"

"You weren't in heat when he started claiming you. It was induced by his bite. Therefore you weren't an eligible omega at the time."

"Both of them should give me up then!"

Oh god, please. Please. Please let his obsession with suppressants and blockers be his saving grace. 

"They might have to," mumbles Aizawa thoughtfully, "But more likely than not, Todoroki's claim will be shown legitimate. You were in heat then. We have eye witnesses that you begged him to knot you."

Deflated, Bakugo looks down at where his hands are pressed to the white sheets. They're rough and scarred. Not the hands of an omega. He hopes Deku is forced to give up his claim. It's still not ideal, but having one alpha instead of two isn't so bad, and he could do a whole lot worse than Todoroki Shouto.




Deku isn't forced to give up his claim. His lawyer (provided by UA, obviously in an attempt to help save their own reputation) argues that Bakugo had presented himself and that Deku had been driven by his scent to mark him and begin his heat. By extension, this means that Bakugo had asked for it. Which obviously means Deku owns him for life.

Bakugo trembles in anger and cries when he hears about it.

That's not fair. He hadn't! He'd tried to remove himself from the situation and Deku is the one who had escalated everything.

It turns out that even though it's incredibly rare these days, there are laws around this sort of thing - an omega with two alphas. A specialist is brought in from up north and by the time he arrives, it's been too long for Bakugo to use plan B. It's going to have to be an abortion.

He doesn't give up. When they sit down with the specialist, Bakugo's parents off to the side of the room, the first thing he asks is, "Do I need permission from both of them to do things or just one?"

"Well..." says the specialist, "First, let me introduce myself, I am Handa."

"Who cares?" says Bakugo as the alphas on either side of him politely greet the man. Todoroki snorts. Deku looks horrified.

"Kacchan, don't talk to people like that."

Bakugo whirls around on him, eyes wild, "Don't try to tell me what to do, fucker. You won't own me if I fucking kill you."

Deku frowns but doesn't say anything else.

Handa's eyebrows are up. “Is he always like this?”

“Yes, ‘he’ is,” snaps Bakugo.

"I have to admit I haven't met an omega like you before. They told me a little of your background, but I hadn't expected you to be quite so...unique," he says, and it comes out condescending, like he's telling a child that they're special.

"Look," spits Bakugo, "I don't care about all of this, what's normal, what we should do. I want to know what we can do, what the legal rules are. I want to know the fastest way to get the bond broken with these two morons to get me back to what I'm supposed to be doing."

"What you should be doing," says Handa, "Is getting ready to move into your alpha's home so you can spend the rest of your days filling it with children. But unfortunately, you three decided to do this when you were teenagers, before you were ready, and in a scenario where something like this double claiming could happen."

"Katsuki," says his mother, suddenly, "Calm down."

He's shaking so badly she'd seen it from the back of the room.

His tongue sticks to the roof of his mouth as he opens it, and as levellely as he can make it, he says, "You're acting like I chose for this to happen. I was raped!"

Deku visibly flinches beside him.

"An omega in heat can't be raped," says Handa.

Bakugo can't hold it. He stands abruptly, fists clenched, his chair skittering out behind him.

"You should be careful where you have heats," says Handa, shuffling around some papers on the desk. "That's all I'm saying."

"Are you kidding me? I was on suppressants!"

"Obviously you weren't being diligent with them if Midoriya was still driven to mate with you."

"Are you fucking with me?!" shouts Bakugo. He is this close to flipping the desk between them. "You're fucking saying this is my fault?!"

"Bakugo," says Todoroki from his left, "Calm down."


"Fuck you!! Fuck all of you! Fucking release me from the bond or I'm going to lose it!"

"Calm down!" shouts Deku and grabs for his wrist. Bakugo reels back with his other hand and punches Deku dead in the face.

The entire room erupts into chaos as Deku stumbles back, clutching at his face. Blood is spurting from between his fingers. Broken nose, then, good.

Todoroki is also up out of his chair, grabbing for him. This time Bakugo sets off his quirk, forcing Todoroki back and away from him with a dark plume of smoke. Handa is retreating too, skittering around them to huddle half behind Bakugo's parents.

Bakugo shoves a finger into Todoroki's chest. "Release me from the bond."

"I will," says Todoroki, "If Midoriya will too."

"Why is that fucking conditional?"

"Because," Todoroki swallows, "I want to be bonded with you... And if I have to release you to yourself so that you're happy, then that's fine, but if I release you and you're still someone else's, I... I won't."

Despite himself, Bakugo’s heart swells a little at such a sincere expression of affection. But it doesn’t matter. He wants out, and Todoroki is willing to give it to him. 

That just leaves one problem, "Deku."

"Kacchan, you just broke my nose," grumbles Deku, grabbing at the box of tissues sitting atop the desk. "I'm not in the mood to discuss this with you."

"I need you to release me right now."

"No," says Deku.

Oh, this bastard . "Why not?!"


Bakugo picks up the chair he had just been sitting in with the intent to smash it over Deku’s head, only to have it yanked from his hands by Todoroki, on whom he had turned his back in order to threaten Deku. "Bakugo, come on," he says.

"You'd better have a better answer than 'because', Deku! I'm not a kid you can fob off with non-answers like that."

"Because I love you, Kacchan," blurts Deku, "I always have and I always will and I never imagined I would get to be with you like this and now I am, I - I don't think I can give it up."

Bakugo feels like his head might actually explode. "Deku, need I remind you that I hate your guts? There is no scenario in which I would be okay with being bonded to you, much less as a result of you raping me in front of all of our classmates."

"I didn't rape you," he has the audacity to say. "You presented to me."

They both know that isn't true.

"I would never want to be in a bond with you."

"Yes you did, Kacchan! You begged me for it!"

Bakugo screams wordlessly, turning to storm from the room.

They don't let him leave. They make him stay, make him sit down and drink a glass of water as if he's the one being unreasonable, rather than Deku, who has essentially been rewarded with a lifetime of Bakugo as his property as a result of his crime.

"Let's talk about this rationally," says Todoroki.

"How am I supposed to be rational when I'm being blamed for you two fucking me, and Deku is being a grade A bitch and refusing to release me."

"Katsuki, stop it," snaps his mother from beside him. "You're the one acting like a little bitch. Yes, this happened, you got claimed, but no one fucking hurt you. It's a just a fact of nature."

Bakugo fumes. No one hurt him? He's been degraded to someone's property. He was raped. Deku fucking broke his bones trying to hold him down. No one seems to give a shit about that, though.

"Yes," says Handa, clearing his throat as he reorganizes the files on the desk. He seems to be pretending like he didn't just dive out of the way behind Mitsuki when Bakugo had been upset. "Well. Bakugo, regardless of your feelings on it, legally, this is a legitimate claim."

Bakugo has to swallow down the fury in his stomach as he fights not to remind everyone again that Todoroki and Deku could end this any time they wanted to.

"So how does it work, with two of us?" asks Deku, dabbing at his nose.

"This used to be a more common occurrence, before suppressants. Often an omega would go into their first heat and present unexpectedly. Nearby alphas would be attracted by their scent and if their show of dominance did not indicate a clear winner, sometimes two alphas of equal strength would end up bonding the omega at the same time."

Sounds like a fucking history lesson. "Drop the exposition," Bakugo tells him.

Handa sighs, "So the laws are complex. Both of them are charged with your care. They both must contribute to providing for your lifestyle. Since they're both going to be pro heroes, I'd say you got lucky."

"Why, because I get to spend their money? How fulfilling," says Bakugo flatly.

"Better than having two alphas with nothing," says Handa.

Bakugo supposes that's true, but honestly he'd rather have a poor alpha whom he loved than Deku, even if he becomes a billionaire. 

"So they both have responsibility?" says Bakugo, "Does that extend to them making decisions for me?"

"Why are you so interested in that?" asks Deku. Bakugo ignores him, waving his hand in a tight circle to indicate that Handa should go on.

"Well, essentially, for small items, you need only the permission of one alpha. But for bigger things, education, large purchases, healthcare decisions, you need both."

"What the fuck," says Bakugo, feeling his heart sinking. It's going to be impossible to get both of them to agree to stuff, at least when it isn't in their interest. With one, he might be able to wheedle the answer he wants with some creative arguments and attractive posturing. With two, he's going to be overruled every time. "That's so... inconvenient!" The weakest word for what it is, but yes.

"Well," says Handa, "yes, but that can't be helped. They both have an equal claim over you, so you can't ask that one gives up his natural right to preside over you. What some alphas have done in the past is essentially assigned responsibility for different aspects of the Omega's care. So one might oversee day to day if he has more time."

"But medical stuff, reproductive decisions...? That's both of them?"

"Why do you want to know?" asks Deku again.

"I just do!"


"Fuck off, Deku," Bakugo snarls, spit flying from his mouth in his fury. Deku doesn’t seem to have gotten the message from the first time Bakugo lost it today and continues.

"Tell me why you want to know!!"

"Because I guess I fucking need you both to agree to me getting an abortion!"

Literally everyone in the room startles at the statement. The room is absolutely silent in horror for a few moments, before Deku croaks, "I knew it."

(Bakugo gets it, in a sort of disconnected way. He's never heard of an omega wanting an abortion either. Every so often there are news stories about some poor omega being forced to get an abortion by an abusive alpha. It's supposed to be in their genes, he thinks, to want to carry children.

Well, not him.)

"You're pregnant?" whispers Todoroki a moment later.

"Yes," he grits out, "But not for long."

Todoroki's face is a heart wrenching mix of emotions - surprise, happiness, hope. And then disappointment when what Bakugo is saying sinks in.

Deku though, it's victory. Pure victory.

He knows he's won.

He knows that if he wants Bakugo to carry his child (which he certainly does, looking at his expression), he can force him to. There is nothing Bakugo can do about it.

He has no choice.

Bakugo blinks back the furious tears that rise to his eyes. He's not going to cry here, in front of all these people. "Are you going to let me be a hero?" He croaks.

"Of course," says Deku immediately. Todoroki nods at the same moment. At least that doesn't seem to be in question.

"So then let me have an abortion."

"Kacchan," sighs Deku, "let's talk about that later, when it's just the three of us."

Oh god, his eyes are burning but if he blinks the moisture will spill over. "If you don't let me get rid of it, I won't be able to finish school. There's no way I can be a hero if I have kids."

"We'll get a sitter," says Deku. "We'll work out a way."

"I don't WANT kids, though," says Bakugo, tears overflowing now, "You're really going to make me carry one to term? You're really going to force me to do that?"

No one seems to be able to answer that, because despite the fact that Bakugo desperately doesn’t want to have a baby, it doesn’t actually matter what he thinks. It isn’t forcing him, because his body is basically the property of his alphas and he has no right to decide what to do with it anyway. All omegas want to please their alphas, and all omegas want to have children. There’s very little room for variation in the societal role placed upon him by his secondary gender.

So the conversation goes nowhere. When he gets back to his dorm room that night, Bakugo cries until he feels sick.




The class is supposedly happy for them. Some people act like his owner is Deku and others Todoroki, depending on their particular relationships with the two. UA lets him keep his room, in name, but it seems that he’s expected to go and sleep with one of his overlords, because omegas obviously don’t deserve any privacy.

To everyone’s collective surprise, he doesn't ever go to either room - the idea of being alone with either of them makes him feel physically ill. 

The feeling is definitely not mutual.

Both of them are constantly touching him, trying to get close to him. Todoroki takes to bringing him an iced tea every morning. Bakugo likes this particular type of iced tea but he doesn't let himself drink it until the evening when he's alone because he doesn’t want to make it seem like he enjoys the gifts.

Deku kisses him sometimes, in public, daringly darting in to press a peck to his cheek. Bakugo hates that this makes his instincts go haywire, that his first reaction is to lean into him, tilt his neck to the side to present submission.

More than anything, he hates the thing growing in his gut. He isn't allowed to do practical training anymore and has to sit on the sidelines and watch as everyone else continues to improve. There's only a couple of months left before they all graduate, but it's agony.

They're going to have to come up with a different final exam for him in order for him to graduate, something that doesn't involve fighting or aerobatics or something else which could make him fall or land on or get hit in the stomach.

He doesn't like this. Having accommodations cheapens the accomplishment, and he's certain it means he won't be able to graduate top of his class.

The race is on, then, to get the parasite out of his stomach.

Bakugo tries several times to convince Deku and Todoroki to let him have an abortion. Neither of them seem to want to, but Bakugo is pretty sure getting Deku to agree is the key. Todoroki is more reasonable than Deku by some measure, so having one under his belt will probably convince the other.

"Deku," Bakugo says one night, having worked up the desire (the courage) to see him alone. Deku had let Bakugo into his room with stars in his eyes, obviously delighted by the prospect of having his omega in his territory.

"Yes, Kacchan?" says Deku, sitting at the edge of his bed and reaching out both arms to welcome Bakugo into his embrace. Bakugo goes, mostly because he wants something but also because the urge to be held by Deku is almost overwhelming.

Big, thick arms wrap around him once he stands between Deku's knees, pulling him forward against Deku's broad body. Fuck, he smells so good.

Their size difference is obvious like this, and he perches his hands on Deku's shoulders, resting them there. Fuck, fuck, fuck, he just has to fully commit to using his only advantages as an omega... The ability to make an alpha want to do anything for him.

Just do it, Katsuki!

"I'm unhappy," he says, and tilts his head a little, exposing more of his neck, the slowly healing scar of Deku’s teeth still visible.

Deku's scent spikes. Good, good, and no surprise that Deku is already incredibly invested in his little pet's happiness. "You should come and stay with me, Kacchan," he says as if that's the solution to all Bakugo's problems.

"I'm unhappy about school," Bakugo clarifies.

"Oh," says Deku, his tone suddenly flat. Dammit, Deku is too smart and had instantly made the connection to what Bakugo really wants, rendering Bakugo’s disgusting attempt at omegan diplomacy completely pointless. Bakugo purses his lips, glad Deku can't see his face like this. "Not this again."

"Deku, please," begs Bakugo, feeling the stab to his pride even as his system begins to light up at the combination of submissiveness and proximity to an alpha to whom he's bonded. "Just until I graduate and start my career. I'll give you as many babies as you want after that." (Lies, but Deku doesn’t need to know that.)

"You can still pursue your hero career," says Deku, voice muffled as he presses his face into Bakugo's shoulder. "You wouldn't be you if you weren't working towards being the greatest hero out there."

"So you want me to be me, with all the same goals and... the same dreams... but you want to control me and my body...? And have me accept that like the little bitch I am?"

Deku sighs, pulling back and tilting up his chin so that he can look at Bakugo's face. "It's more complicated than that, Kacchan. You know it is. You're an omega and I'm an alpha and just... That's how it is."

"But you can give me permission to do the things I want to do!"

Deku reaches up, and with a big hand, cups Bakugo's cheek, rubbing down it with his thumb. "I think you would regret it if you got an abortion. You're an omega, you know that'll really mess with you and your hormones. Trust me, I understand, but UA is willing to work with you, and in eight months you'll have the baby and be able to get back to it."

"I don't want it though," cries Bakugo, tears quickly springing to his eyes and gushing down his face. "It feels wrong."

"It'll feel better later," Deku has the audacity to say. Then, gently, he rocks him forward onto his toes, so that Bakugo's mouth is close enough for Deku to catch in a kiss. "Once you get used to it. You've been on suppressants so long you haven't gotten to really experience all the good parts of being an omega."

"And what exactly are those, Deku?"

Deku lies back onto the bed, arms still tight, and drags Bakugo on top of him. He lies along Deku's big body like he's some sort of moving, breathing mattress.

"You know, when we were kids, I always assumed you'd be an alpha. I mean, you acted like one, you postured like one, so I thought it was only a matter of time until you presented. So I used to dream that I would be an omega, and that you would notice me. That you'd finally want me, because our secondary genders were compatible."

He sighs, rubbing his face against Bakugo's cheek, "It's not a bad thing to be an omega, you know. I always thought how nice it would be to have you looking after me, holding me if I was sad, making me feel good if I was in heat. I thought about making a little baby with you. What he or she would look like… how it would feel to hold them and have them look back up at me with your eyes. What I would say to them if they were quirkless..."

Deku's hands spread across his back, holding him close. They're big and warm even through Bakugo's t-shirt. "When I presented as an alpha I was so scared at first. When I was puking my guts out all I could think about was how I'd never have that dream, the only other thing I wanted besides being a hero."

"You'd have found someone. Some nice little omega who would be happy to be with fucking pro hero Deku. Someone who wants to have your babies, stay home and take care of them."

"I don't want someone else. All I've ever wanted is you." Deku kisses at his face, warm, dry little pecks that smack of familiarity and affection. "I don't want someone who will just do whatever I want without questioning it. I want..." Deku turns pink, as though this is embarrassing to admit, "I like how demanding, and...mean you are. I like that you keep me on my toes."

Bakugo huffs at him and pushes him away as best he can. "How did you know that I was an omega?" he asks. It's something he's been wondering since this all started, "I was on suppressants."

"Kacchan, I've been in love with you for years. When you crawled past me in the tent, I could tell your scent was different. I know what you smell like, and it had changed just ever so slightly. The only thing that had happened which was different was that I had presented, which would mean that for your scent to have changed to me as an alpha, you had to be an omega."

Stupid Deku is too smart for his own good.

"I hate you," says Bakugo.

"No, you don't." Deku kisses him on the lips this time, pushing his tongue into Bakugo's mouth as if he owns him (and he does, doesn't he?). Unfortunately the show of dominance and confidence sends all the blood in Bakugo's body south and he gasps.

Dammit dammit dammit. "No," he moans.

"Come on, Kacchan," says Deku. "You belong to me."

Damn it, he does.




He's embarrassed, afterwards, that he had let Deku do that. This time he doesn't have the excuse of being in heat.

At least he hadn't completely debased himself like last time. No begging, no drooling, and no stupid ahegao faces. It had still felt amazing though, like there was a livewire inside him that Deku had kept setting off.

He also hadn't had the endless orgasm he'd had last time, but it had lasted two or three minutes total...long enough that he had felt a little crazy when he'd come down, like his brain had been scrambled.

Deku had cuddled him afterwards too and had refused to let go for so long that Bakugo had ended up falling asleep there.

All in all, a terrible experience and he hates himself for letting it happen.

He also had gotten no closer to being released from this nightmare of a relationship and the ever growing little worm in his stomach.

So he plans to try Todoroki, hopeful that if he can convince him to say yes, it'll be two on one against Deku, who had remained convinced that Bakugo would eventually accept how things are, despite this stance being incredibly hypocritical of him.

He was planning on talking to him at the weekend but Todoroki beats him to it, showing up at his dorm room at eight pm on a Thursday evening. Bakugo had been thinking about going to bed.

"Oh," says Bakugo, when he opens the door to a sullen Todoroki lurking in the hallway. "Hey."

"Hello," says Todoroki, "Can I come in?"

He doesn't actually wait for an answer, he just does it, pushing in past Bakugo and closing the door behind himself. "Just fucking make yourself at home then," says Bakugo flatly.

Todoroki hadn't taken a step back, and so he looms over Bakugo, reaching out a hand, pressing it to Bakugo's chest, and just casually pushing him back into the door. Then he leans forward.

It's a fucking kabedon.

"Hey jackass," starts Bakugo but Todoroki doesn't seem to be in the mood for it because he interrupts him.

"You had sex with Midoriya?"

The words die in Bakugo's throat. "Uh -" he says.

"I know you did," says Todoroki, and the blank look on his face is really freaking Bakugo the fuck out. "He told me."

"What, you two meet to gossip about me?" splutters Bakugo, in an attempt to turn around the conversation. 

"Yes," says Todoroki, "well, not to gossip, but to plan. We thought it would be unfair to you if Midoriya and I were not on the same page."

Bakugo hates that that is, in fact, very considerate of them, especially given that alphas are not well known for liking to share their omegas with anyone. He scowls up at Todoroki, "Well, whatever. Blame him, he's the alpha, so he makes the decisions, isn't that right?" Might as well reap the singular benefit of being an omega - namely that nothing is his responsibility.

"Then I'm deciding you're going to have sex with me too," says Todoroki, and before Bakugo can even squeak in protest, he's dragged up and off his feet by the huge hand wrapped in his shirt, pushed back against the door and kissed senseless.

Todoroki is a much different lover than Deku. Deku is energetic and easily carried away, obviously excited to get to fuck his childhood friend. Todoroki is more insistent, more steady, more serious.

He also makes sure to knot Bakugo, shoving it in even though Bakugo isn't ready for it yet (and the fact that it forms so fast can only mean that Todoroki has been turned on for a while thinking about what he'd wanted to do to Bakugo). He probably shouldn't find that hot but he does. 

He ends up basically sitting on Todoroki's knot, leaning against the wood of his door, still suspended above the ground by Todoroki's arms and body.  Of course, he comes for a few minutes once the huge thing is in, and Todoroki kisses him to swallow the sounds as he trembles through it.

Once he calms down, and his legs stop shaking, Todoroki moves them to sit down on the bed, holding Bakugo tight around the back and keeping them close.

"I really like you," says Todoroki into his ear, "I hope the baby is mine."

"What if it's not?" mumbles Bakugo against Todoroki's neck.

"I'll just have to knock you up again," Todoroki says. Bakugo hates that he slicks up a little more at that, as if the idea of being constantly pregnant is hot....

His body is disgusting, truly.

Chapter Text


It scares him, that he's becoming used to or even excited about the idea of being pregnant. This is not something that he wants, he wants his freedom and to be able to become a hero. So the baby needs to go.

Unfortunately once he hits 12 weeks, he's forced to go for an ultrasound, and there he's faced with the blurry black and white images of the things he wants so badly to get rid of. And "things" it is, because there's two of them.

"Twins!" gasps Deku, tears already gleaming in his eyes. Bakugo is too horrified at the news to move. Two. Two babies.

"Multiples are very common in young, healthy omegas," says the radiologist as she puts down the wand, passing Bakugo a few sheets of paper towel so he can wipe the jelly off his stomach. "Congratulations!"

Bakugo can't help it. Panic rises up his throat and comes out in the form of a sob. His eyes fill. His breath comes hard. It hurts. He doesn't want to have ONE baby, let alone two.

The radiologist seems astonished, and Todoroki asks her politely to leave as Bakugo starts to break down right there on the examination bed. 

He doesn't want to be pregnant. He doesn't want to have kids. 

Deku pushes Bakugo's face into his neck, clambering onto the bed beside him. "It's okay, Kacchan," he says, rubbing a big hand up and down Bakugo's spine. "It'll be fine."

Todoroki shuts the door to the examination room and joins them on the bed, which creaks ominously under their combined weight. He wraps himself around Bakugo from the back, arms extending so that he's hugging Deku too. Apparently all is well between his two alphas. They're getting along.

Bakugo cries onto Deku but the combined scent of his two alphas quickly works its magic on him, and he wilts into a boneless mess being held up by their strong bodies. (Stupid omegan instincts! He WANTS to be mad!)

"It'll be okay," says Todoroki, so firmly that Bakugo believes it. He hates himself for the sense of comfort that wells up in his chest at the reassurance, as though Todoroki’s word is the be all and end all.



He hasn’t been forbidden to see Kirishima, but he sees the way both of his alphas’ eyes follow them whenever they speak in class. The simple fact of the matter is that Kirishima is a beta, and therefore not a threat, biologically speaking. However, all four of them know just how close Bakugo and Kirishima had been before this had all happened. 

When he’s lying in bed, trying to sleep, Bakugo can almost admit to himself that he’d been in love with Kirishima. Almost. To pin down the emotion with a word would be too painful because one thing he knows to be true is that no matter how he feels, that avenue is closed. Unless both Deku and Todoroki release him from their bonds, anyway, which is seeming less and less likely as time creeps on.

“How are you doing?” asks Kirishima quietly. They’re sitting together for lunch. Bakugo would have liked to go outside but the weather is miserable. 

“Not good,” he admits, his voice almost too low to be heard amid the bustling of the cafeteria. 

“I’m sorry Katsuki,” says Kirishima, his voice trembling, “I never got to tell you, but I’m so sorry. I should have tried to stop them. I could have --”

“You couldn’t have,” says Bakugo, reaching across the table to grip Kirishima’s shoulder, “Deku in rut would have seriously hurt you if you’d tried.”

Kirishima shakes his head, but he presses a hand over Bakugo’s, weighing it down against his own shoulder, “I want to be a hero, but all I did while my best friend got -- got raped -- was sit there and watch. How can I ever call myself a hero after that?”

It’s funny, because as angry as Bakugo has been about this whole situation, he’d never been angry at the people around him, who’d sat and watched (or looked at the floor as the case may be). There’s a lot to be said for natural instincts, and betas just aren’t designed to interfere with alphas in rut. If they had, there would have been a good chance of Bakugo getting hurt, as Deku tried to keep him and fight the other occupants of the tent. Deku versus Todoroki had caused enough damage as it was, and the two of them had both been trying to fuck him more than they’d wanted to fight each other. 

He tells Kirishima this, as fat tears gather in Kirishima’s eyes and roll down over his cheeks. That he doesn’t think any less of him. That they’re still best friends and Kirishima’s still a hero. 

He doesn’t tell Kirishima about the distinct image he’d gotten, of Kirishima, unbreakable, cracked into a million tiny pieces by One For All.



It turns out to be a little tricky, looking for an illegal abortion. 

Abortion centres for omegas turns up quite a few results on google, but more than two thirds of them are anti-choice websites talking about how abortion for omegas should be illegal, no matter the circumstance. Maybe he’s feeling a little self-destructive, maybe a little desire to be outraged because he clicks on one of them, just to see their reasoning. 

Omegas are designed to procreate, it begins. It is their purpose. Studies have shown that omegas who have their pregnancies interrupted, by either miscarriage or abortion, suffer serious mental and physical side effects. High rates of depression, anxiety and suicide have been reported, as well as irregular heats post-abortion.

He hits the back button.

Who fucking cares? If it comes down to not being a hero versus not having a brat, he knows which one is going to make him more depressed than the other.

He goes to a clinic one day, skipping school (for the first time ever) with the excuse of morning sickness. They had made an appointment for him with an obstetrician over the phone but as soon as they realise he’s a claimed omega and that his alpha is not there, they ask him to reschedule for when his “husband” can attend. 

He doesn’t bother to tell them that he has two, since not having one is enough to bar him from accessing these services, and he doesn’t want to cause a scene, lest they actually give his ‘owner’ a call. So he’s forced to hang his head and leave quietly, which grates terribly at his pride.

It’s not like you can find illegal abortions through google, so he ends up spiralling down a rabbit hole of forums and omega support groups and weird websites, looking for anything to help him. Days go by before he finds something that seems promising, and even then the guy seems sketchy as fuck when Bakugo eventually gets a hold of his number.

They meet at the guy’s “office”, which is little more than a room in a nondescript house on the outskirts of town. It seems clean enough. The guy seems like a creep though. His limbs are long, his hair lank and flat. It makes his bones seem to jut from his sallow skin.

“I’m Doctor Suzuki,” he says, and Bakugo somehow isn’t surprised his ‘name’ is one of the most common surnames in Japan, “And you’re Ground Zero.”

“Right,” says Bakugo. He hadn’t told the guy that, but it’s not as though people don’t know who he is. He’s won three sports festivals.

“I didn’t know you were an omega,” he says, with a grin that makes Bakugo’s stomach turn. His eyes are sparkling.

“Not many people do.”

Suzuki chuckles indulgently, as though Bakugo is just being cute. “Alright, lie down, let’s have a look at you.” 

He does, stretching out on the bed. It feels legitimate, like a real doctor’s examination table, and it’s covered in paper, just the way it would be in any other doctor’s office. That makes him feel a little better as Suzuki snaps on his latex gloves and pushes up Bakugo’s shirt to expose his belly. “Oh, look at that,” he breathes, and the hairs on the back of Bakugo’s neck stand on end, “Perfect.”

Every instinct is telling him to get this man away from him. He chokes the fear down, pushing it somewhere deep where it seethes in his belly like a slowly roiling pit of acid.

His hands, warm through the latex, slide down over Bakugo’s belly, along the gentle curve of his stomach. Deku and Todoroki are obsessed with it too, with running their hands down his tummy whenever they’re alone with him. It’s very firm, smooth. Even Bakugo gets the urge to touch it sometimes, to stand with his hands pressed over it. He resists this as best he can. 

“How far along are you?”

“Fourteen weeks,” croaks Bakugo. Every muscle is wound tight as he struggles to hold himself still there on the bed. 

“Multiples, then, given the size,” says Suzuki, his fingers pressing along the sides of Bakugo’s belly. It feels weird. “Good size, nice shape.”

“Look, dude,” snarls Bakugo, “I didn’t come here for gross little comments about my body. I came here to get rid of the parasites.”

Suzuki chuckles. The sound makes Bakugo’s skin crawl. “Well, Ground Zero-san, the bad news is that since you’re at fourteen weeks, you are too far along for medication-induced abortion. I can’t give you a pill to make it happen.” 

What? He’d thought you could just...get some drugs and your body would shit it out. That was his whole plan. To make it seem like a legitimate miscarriage by having it happen at home. 

“We must use surgical methods,” Suzuki continues. Surgical methods…? In a place like this…? “Most likely vacuum aspiration --” the words seem to fade out for a second as Bakugo’s pulse pounds in his ears. “We may be able to use the manual method but --”

The clinic suddenly doesn’t seem as clean anymore. Everything looks grey in the overhead fluorescents. Grimy. He tries to imagine this guy using surgical instruments on him to physically remove the babies inside him and he feels sick. 

He sits up, slapping Suzuki’s hands off him, “No.”

Suzuki, to his credit, doesn’t argue. He steps back, hands raised in the air, “Alright.”

Bakugo swallows, trying to get himself under control before the anxiety turns into a full-blown panic attack, “I don’t think I can.”

A shrug, “Most omegas can’t.”

That stings, being lumped in with ‘most omegas’, but he finds he can’t argue the point when his stomach is turning just thinking about having this man doing those things to him. “I need to think about it.”

“Think about it all you want,” says Suzuki, stripping off his latex gloves with a snap. “But the longer you go, the harder this gets. The harder it is for you to do, the harder it is for you to hide, and the fewer options we have to make it happen. You should have come as soon as you realised you were pregnant.”

“I thought my alphas would let me get it done legitimately,” he mumbles. 

Suzuki laughs again, “They never do. They never let you have what you want, and no one else will either, because you became a second class citizen as soon as you presented. That’s why I have this place: to help omegas who need it. Next time, come to me right away. Plan B, early stage abortion, I can help you.”

Bakugo wants these babies gone, but obviously he’d fucked that up. He nods sullenly. 

“Now,” Suzuki continues, “Just the small matter of the appointment fee.”

He pays it without complaint.




Another month into his pregnancy, they graduate. Unfortunately that means Bakugo's privacy has come to an end.

As the property of two alphas, he's bound to them legally and societally. The idea of him living apart from them is unthinkable and it turns out, once they get the place, that he doesn't even get his own room.

"I bought it," says Todoroki proudly. “My Dad lent me the money to get us started.”

"So?" grumbles Bakugo, even though it IS nice. They’re on the 23rd floor, close to downtown, with a view out over the city that really can’t be beat. "Which room is mine?"

"Ah, well," says Deku. "There are two bedrooms. One is mine, and one is Todoroki's. You'll sleep with one or both of us every night."

"We'll try to all sleep in the same bed when we can," adds Todoroki hastily, as though Bakugo is going to have a fucking problem with having fewer alphas infringing on his space. Deku is nodding along. It's clear they've talked about this.

"I want my own room," says Bakugo.

Todoroki and Deku exchange glances before Deku hazards, "We don't think that would be best for you, Kacchan." Obviously foreseeing Bakugo literally exploding, he quickly continues, "Omegas need lots of family time. I know you're not like other omegas, but Shouto and I are concerned that you're not letting your needs be met because you're worried about how it will be perceived. You can trust Shouto and I will never tell anyone about what happens in our home. It's just between the three of us... We want you just to try it, okay?"

"Why should I?" spits Bakugo. As if they think he just needs to try giving up his entire life and all his privacy in order to be a 'good' omega. What the fuck.

"Because, um," says Deku, "we're your alphas and we say so."


Yeah okay.

He stomps off to a random bedroom and slams the door behind him.




He doesn’t come out of what is obviously Todoroki’s room (the tatami mats are a dead giveaway) until hours later, when his phone battery is low, his stomach is grumbling, and Deku has done enough grovelling through the door, begging him to come and eat “just a little bit.” 

Being pregnant means being hungry, FYI, that’s just a fact.

Deku has cooked dinner. This makes sense because Todoroki seems like a domestic dud, just based on what Bakugo has seen around the dorms. The number of times Bakugo has seen Todoroki eating something burnt is just absurd, and he doesn’t need to live that way. 

“Hey baby,” says Deku softly, gesturing to a plate of steaming food across the table. Behind the gorgeous wooden dining table, the lights of the city spread out, little pinpricks of colour through the windows of the skyscrapers surrounding them. 

“Don’t call me that,” grumbles Bakugo, slumping into the chair. From here he can see into the living room and the back of Todoroki’s head. He’s watching the sixty-five inch television mounted on the wall. 

Though it sucks having no real choice in his living situation, they’d obviously put a lot of effort into this apartment. All the furniture is new, and everything had been set up before he’d gotten here. All he’d had to bring were his things from his dorm room, which are still sitting in the front hallway in their boxes. 

The curry is good. Pity about the company.

They watch a movie that evening, all snuggled up on the couch together. Bakugo had put up a protest but it had gone largely ignored. “You hid in my room all afternoon,” says Todoroki, pulling Bakugo closer and wrapping his arms around him, “It kind of ruined moving day.”

“What did you think was gonna happen? You thought I’d be psyched to get into a place you guys bought and decorated without even consulting me?”

“Kacchan, are you really trying to tell us that you would have co-operated if we’d asked you for input on the apartment?” says Deku where he’s arranging Bakugo’s feet on his lap. 

He wouldn’t have. He’d have told them to fuck off, that’s true. 

“Why didn’t you get me my own room?” he mumbles quietly as Todoroki tees up what they’re planning to force him to watch. It’s an action movie.

“We told you why,” says Deku. He sighs, a heavy, suffering sound, “Listen, we know how hard this is for you. You didn’t choose for this to happen, but neither did we. I’m sorry for what happened in the tent, but you have to know I didn’t do it on purpose, right? I was in rut and when I smelled you, all the rational thoughts in my head just...disappeared. It’s the same as when you were in heat - I couldn’t control myself, I couldn’t think about anything except how much I wanted you! I didn’t want to hurt you and --” his voice is getting wobbly with tears, “knowing I’ve done this to you is just awful. I want to be happy with you but when I see you so miserable it’s like a knife in my heart. I just...don’t know what to do to fix it.”

“Release me from the bond,” says Bakugo.

“What, release my pregnant omega from our bond?”

Okay, he does have a point there. While there are many biological aspects to being an omega that Bakugo hates, there are just as many making alphas’ lives more difficult. Their possessiveness and protectiveness to start - there’s no way an alpha’s hormones and instincts would let him release his omega when they’re pregnant. It’s rare enough that it happens ever, let alone when there are kids involved.

And it seemed like Deku had known from the beginning that Bakugo had gotten knocked up… so there was never a chance of him letting Bakugo go free. It had been an impossible dream from the start.

“Both of us care about you, Katsuki,” says Todoroki, his big hand coming to rest in the center of Bakugo’s chest. “It was hard at first to think about sharing you but knowing how Midoriya feels about you made it easier. We both just want what’s best for you.”

Bakugo gnaws at his lip, “Then why don’t you listen to me when I tell you what I need?”

“Because you’re not always the best judge of that,” says Deku, “Kacchan, I’ve seen you hurt yourself in pursuit of your goals before.”

“You never let yourself have a heat before us,” Todoroki chimes in, “And you know how bad that is for you, not taking a hormone break. No wonder it was so easy for Midoriya to set it off that night.”

“You cannot be blaming me for that,” snarls Bakugo, tears springing to his eyes. He tries to sit up, to get away from them, but they both hold him in place.

“Of course we aren’t,” says Deku, “It was my fault.”

Todoroki sighs, “We’re just trying to make the best of a bad situation now that it’s happened. We wish you would too.”

Bakugo feels too sullen to respond. So he just watches the movie, safe and warm in the arms of his assaulters. 



He gets big, fast. His tummy swells up, firm and round. 

It's embarrassingly easy.

Omegas don't suffer the same side effects that female betas do because there's less hormone adjustment. The pregnancy is mostly a breeze, except for the fact that the brats love to move around and kick to their hearts' content. Usually this is at night when he's desperately trying to get a little sleep when he’s got one or two giant men twined around him, but sometimes it happens during the day too. Once, memorably, he almost wets himself when one of the little bastards kicks him right in the bladder in the middle of the grocery store.

He’s allowed to work part time at Todoroki’s hero agency. Not as a hero. At a desk. As an administrative assistant.

It’s the worst thing he’s ever imagined doing, sitting at a desk, watching heroes come and go in their elaborate costumes, with nothing to do except starting their incident reports and answering the phone. He gets to type in times and locations and general details of hero work, and to read and file the finished documents, just to rub it in that this is stuff he can’t do right now. 

He doesn’t even have the agency to do as he pleases after work, because Todoroki usually walks him home on his lunch break, as if Bakugo needs protection to make it the four blocks to their apartment. Todoroki never says anything to that end or makes Bakugo feel like he doesn’t trust him - it’s clear that Todoroki just enjoys spending time with him - but the conscientiousness stings simply because Bakugo is so miserable in general. 

One of the major downsides of this, of being walked home by his alpha who happens to be one of the up and coming new heroes, is that the press quickly catches on. Bakugo is obviously pregnant by this time (some of his baggier shirts hide it well enough but even they give it away when he turns or sits down) and conclusions are quickly drawn. 

Naturally, this makes Deku jealous so he exhibits more alpha behaviour with Bakugo in public, and it soon comes out that Ground Zero is an omega with two alphas.

And that news is sensational.  

All three of them have been in the news before but nothing compared to this. 2A1O relationships are rare enough for anyone, but among celebrities? And with a pregnancy that obviously must date back to when they were still at UA? The speculation continues for weeks. Bakugo can’t leave the house without cameras being pointed at him. 

He hates it. 

He hates everything about his life.

Forced to live with these two, famous for the wrong reasons, a job that sometimes feels like pure torture. It feels like nothing else can go wrong.

Chapter Text

His first heat had been torture. It had hurt, both physically and mentally. And it had been humiliating, having to admit to his parents that he was a) an omega and b) experiencing a heat (which incidentally meant that he was desperate to get laid...not usually something you tell your mother).

But he'd technically been lucky. It had come on over winter break, during second year. This had been fortuitous for a number of reasons, the first and most obvious being that he hadn't been at school or in the dorms.

He knows exactly how it would have been if he had: he'd have gone to class anyway, ignoring the way his skin had crawled, the heat that had risen up his chest and neck, the slick that had eventually come in, soaking his underwear and gluing his pants to his ass and thighs.

He'd probably have been fucked in the dorms, by some over-enthused classmate. At least this way he'd made it another couple of years and had managed to finish school. Plenty of omegas don't. There's no requirement for them to complete secondary education, and many drop out once they're pregnant.

Plus, on the positive side? Winter is the best time to be in heat, because (as the name suggests), you get... very hot.

He'd cried over it though. There had been no positives at the time. He could still technically become a hero, but begrudgingly. There were no laws against it but many people disapproved of omegas having any jobs whatsoever, outside of the traditional "housewife" role. And, if he was ever claimed, his alpha could make the decision that he wasn't allowed to work. That would be the worst case scenario. Some dumbfuck telling him that he's not allowed to be a hero.

So he'd gotten suppressants and blockers and taken them religiously. Unclaimed omegas can expect heats every couple of months, but he never took a break from the pills long enough to experience a second one.

And thus, having skipped 8 or more consecutive heats, when Deku had bitten him, it had all come on at once.



He starts to wake up in cold sweats, anxious about something he can't put his finger on. Inevitably this sudden wakefulness is noticed by one or other of his partners, who have both slept in the same bed as him every night since they moved out together. As soon as he jolts awake, Todoroki or Deku will reach out for him, pulling him against them in a reassuring embrace.

It works every time. As soon as one of his alphas is holding him, he calms down.

It is equal parts soothing and annoying, because while no one likes to feel anxious, he can't help but to feel that he is unable to experience his natural emotions.

Deku is cuddling him tonight. He smells incredible, his body warm and broad and comfortable.

In the middle of the night, Bakugo can be honest with himself. He can let himself enjoy the way Deku fits perfectly against him, face buried in Bakugo's hair as he breathes him in. Even sleeping, if Bakugo reaches out for him, Deku will respond immediately in a way Todoroki doesn't. He hates to admit it but it's kind of sweet. Deku wants to be close with him always. It can be hard to hate it when someone loves you that much.




Bakugo is huge now. He's twenty two weeks along, just past half way and it terrifies him to know how much bigger he's gonna get. Both Deku and Todoroki love it. They regularly touch and kiss his belly, and both of them nearly had an aneurysm the first time Bakugo had directed them to the spot where one of the brats was kicking.

They go for another ultrasound, this time just him and Deku, since Todoroki is off fighting some sort of giant robot monster.

"Everything is looking very good," says the technician, "A typical Omegan pregnancy."

Bakugo tries to be happy that at least he's not experiencing too many side effects.

"Would you like to know the sex of the babies?" She asks.

Bakugo opens his mouth to respond. But. She's not talking to him, he realises when he looks up at her face. She's not even talking to them. She's talking to Deku. He snaps his mouth shut, feeling humiliated and hurt. He keeps forgetting it's not an omega's place to make decisions, until some kind soul does something to remind him that he is basically some kind of lower lifeform.

But then Deku looks down to him.

"What do you think, Kacchan?"

"No," he says. He doesn't want to know. He doesn't want to make it feel more real or to make the little parasites feel more human.

"Awww, really?" whines Deku. "Wouldn't it be nice to know so that we can prepare? Paint the den the right colours?"

"I don't wanna know," says Bakugo.

"Alright," acquiesces Deku.

Bakugo looks back at the technician who is staring at them. "No," he says again.

She, mouth hanging open, replies, "O-oh. Okay."

It’s only much later that he realises that he had told his alpha what to do, in public , and that Deku had been fine with it. No wonder the nurse had looked baffled. 




In hindsight, he thinks he should have realised even before the first heat that he was going to present as an omega.

Omegas tend to enjoy what is traditionally considered household labour (hence the argument that they are destined for it and best suited for staying home) and Bakugo has always liked cooking and cleaning. Doing the dishes is meditative for him. He likes to have a clean room and a clean house. It's satisfying to take something from dirty to spotless, a small victory that you can see and experience in real time.

He's also not very big. Certainly he's more muscular and with a bulkier upper body than the average omega, but he hadn't grown all that tall, and his waist is narrow and hands and feet small.

Still, he'd always assumed he'd be an alpha, simply because that's what he'd wanted to be. Everything he wanted, he eventually achieved. But there's no element of accomplishment when it comes to biologically assigned sexes. It's just...genetics.

It had been a rude and unwanted wake-up call. Surprise! You can't have everything you want, Bakugo Katsuki, no matter how hard you work for it.




The apartment has a little...extra room, (charitably called "the den") which they're planning to use as the nursery. Once the kids are a bit bigger, they'll either move or convert one of the rooms to the kids' bedroom, depending how the three-way sleeping situation is going.

Bakugo still fantasizes about the prospect of something going wrong, and somehow the babies just...not happening.

With two heroes' salaries, even starter salaries, they're not doing too badly. Both of them had skipped the sidekick phase and gone straight to heroism; Todoroki in particular had been able to negotiate a high paying position to start thanks to some of his Dad's contacts.

Deku is doing pretty well off the back of some incredible internships. Aaaand... Bakugo is making a tiny amount of money off his part time gig. So if they wanted to move? They absolutely could.

Maybe at the next place, he could have his own room. And yet.

...he'd miss this. Being held.




Everything chafes at him. He's feeling tired and stressed and anxious, and bloated. Useless.

His alphas obviously notice the non-stop bad mood, and simper, trying to find out what's wrong and how they can help. They can't, since they're the cause of most of it.

Then, as most people do, one day he just...loses it. The straw that broke the camel's back.

It's over nothing, but before he knows it, he's shrieking at Todoroki about how unfair they are and how much he hates him. Todoroki lets him rant. Tries to calm him down. Tries to placate him like you would a toddler having a tantrum, until it seems that there is a final straw for him too.

"Come here," says Todoroki, his voice deep and serious. Bakugo attempts to resist but he's dragged closer, Todoroki's big hand closing over his wrist.

He's pulled into the living room and when Todoroki sits down, he yanks Bakugo down too, tipping him forward over his lap. Then he spreads his legs wide enough to accommodate Bakugo's belly, and leans a heavy arm across his back.

"What are you doing?" Bakugo squeaks.

"You are being unreasonable," says Todoroki, "I'm going to discipline you."

The position abruptly makes perfect sense, and as Bakugo screams and attempts to get up, Todoroki yanks down his pants, and without any sort of prelude whatsoever, spanks his ass.

"What the fuck!"

"Calm down," says Todoroki.

He slaps him again. It's not hard, but enough to sting. The humiliation is the worst part of this by far.

"How am I supposed to calm down when you're fucking spanking me like I'm a little kid?"

"You're acting like a little kid so it only seems fair." Another slap. Ow, fuck. It's starting to build a little bit. Todoroki's hand is very big and covers a lot of surface area.

Spank, spank, spank.

Bakugo screams and twists in Todoroki's hold, but he has no leverage. Todoroki keeps hitting him. Bakugo feels tears spring to his eyes as his ass starts to burn. "I'm your fucking -- ow!! -- pregnant omega! I can't believe you're -- fuck!! -- fucking spanking me."

"That's exactly why I'm spanking you," says Todoroki evenly. "I know how unhappy you've been. I did some research, and I think Izuku and I haven't been strict enough on you."


"I'm not a kid!!" He wails, exactly like a child would.

"No, but you're an omega. We love you just as you are but," Todoroki lands a particularly smarting hit and takes a moment to gently rub Bakugo's ass as if to soothe it, "we're willing to try some different stuff if it will help you adjust better."

Bakugo just makes a furious noise as Todoroki slaps at him again and again. The worst part of everything is that, beneath the sting and soreness of his red asscheeks, he's feeling a stirring in his gut that can only be because of Todoroki's dominant behaviour. Bakugo wants him, even though he's hurting him. Even though this is humiliating and horrible.

And just to make matters’s obvious to anyone who cares to look that he’s turned on...

"Ah," says Todoroki, "maybe it's not as terrible as you first thought." And then he... he dips his fingers between Bakugo's asscheeks and they come away slick.

"F-fuck off," says Bakugo tremulously. He sniffs, trying to hold back the tears of frustration already springing to his eyes.

Another spank, this one harder than all the rest, and he yelps. "I don't want to hear you telling your alpha 'no,'" says Todoroki, "I want to hear you begging him for 'more.'"

"No," blurts Bakugo. The next hand to land on his ass is scalding hot and he feels himself leak a little more slick. His cock is starting to get hard where it hangs between Todoroki's wide-spread thighs.

"Hmm?" says Todoroki.

"No," croaks Bakugo.

It goes on like this, until Bakugo's ass is red and bruised and hot, until his hole is wet and his dick dripping. But he's stubborn. Hard to break. Todoroki obviously realises it too, and he wouldn't want to actually permanently harm his omega so...

"I want to fuck you," says Todoroki, manhandling Bakugo upright. "So I'm going to. If you know what's best for you, you'll submit like a good omega would."

Ughh fuck.

He puts up a token resistance but honestly, he wants Todoroki's dick in his ass like... like right now.

"Get off me," he says, as slick starts to trickle down his thighs.

Todoroki strips Bakugo's pants off entirely, then starts on his own. Bakugo tries not to stare hungrily at his belt as he does. Todoroki's hands are so big...and Bakugo knows just how big his cock is too... "You're forgetting to struggle," says Todoroki, with a grin.

"Fuck off," shouts Bakugo, snapping back to himself. He half heartedly attempts to shove Todoroki off. It doesn't work of course. Todoroki's got his dick out, and it's a simple matter for him to lift Bakugo into his lap, like the extra twenty pounds hanging off his front is nothing. He sinks in all the way, all at once and Bakugo can't help but to moan. It feels so good, being stretched wide, the aching pain of his ass exacerbated by the rough denim of Todoroki's jeans.

"Probably shouldn't be rewarding you like this," huffs Todoroki, as he immediately starts up a punishing rhythm.

Bakugo sobs incoherently as his mind is fucked out of his goddamn body. And then he comes, literally thirty seconds later.

"Fuck," groans Todoroki into his ear as Bakugo comes and comes and comes.

He shifts them, putting Bakugo onto his hands and knees on the thick rug so that he can pound him with abandon. His belly droops below him in a smooth curve as Bakugo arches his back.

Every thrust seems to hit his prostate, and it's only about forty-five seconds after his first orgasm ends that he comes again, this time hard enough that he sees stars. "There you go," grunts Todoroki as Bakugo drools, "that's more like it."

Bakugo is so fucking blitzed out of his mind that he doesn't hear the front door open. He doesn't even notice Deku until he's right in front of him. Until his hand is stroking through Bakugo's hair. "Hey, Kacchan," he croons. "You look like you're enjoying yourself, baby."

"He is now," says Todoroki. "He was misbehaving earlier."

"Sounds like business as usual," chuckles Deku. He strokes Bakugo's face. Bakugo blinks stupidly at him. He can hardly see Deku.

Todoroki groans. "Katsuki, I'm going to knot you."

"Do it," sobs Bakugo.

"Ask him a little nicer, Kacchan," says Deku, delicately kissing his face. "He's doing you a favour."

"Nnnnn," he groans.

"Go on," Deku sighs against his mouth. "Ask him before he finishes without knotting you."

Oh fuck, he doesn't want that. Having an alpha come in him feels good, but it's nothing compared to getting knotted. "P - pl --" he mumbles.

"What was that, Katsuki?" asks Todoroki. He's breathless. Relentless. Bakugo's ass hurts so bad.

"Please," he whines.

"Please what?" Says Deku.

Ugh god. God. The teasing only makes him more desperate. "Please knot me," he cries, fat tears overflowing both eyes at once and rolling down his cheeks.

"Okay, since you asked so politely," says Todoroki, and shoves forward just a little further. His knot pops inside and Bakugo whites out.




When he comes to, he's being held by both of them, wrapped up in their arms. He's still tied to Todoroki, seated in his lap with his back to Todoroki’s front. His arms are over Deku's shoulders, his face pressed to his chest. Above him, his alphas are talking, quietly, intimately. As soon as they notice he's aware of them again, they both dip down to kiss him, all over both his cheeks, his mouth and his forehead.

"You're such a good boy," coos Deku and Bakugo feels his face going red.

"Fuck off," he says.

"Don't ruin it now," laughs Todoroki.

God, he feels so good. It's that ultimate sense of satisfaction again, the feeling that he has served his purpose.

It’s the worst.