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A Touch of Cinammon

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Bed him? Katsuki mused. Of course he would bed him! Why wouldn’t he bed a forward little cutie and sexy incubus, who’s served himself up on a silver platter of his own accord?

How did this even happen? Honestly? Katsuki didn't know. It just happened that after he came back from work, the bastard was sitting on his knees on top of the bed, wearing a fucking leather black thong, and that's just it.

Then he did a dogeza.

Katsuki would be lying if he say that he didn't choke upon seeing the stranger's ridiculous position.

"What's your name again?" Katsuki asked for the second time around.

What? It was not his fault that he was getting distracted of those plump ass, the smooth stomach, those cute inverted nipples, those pouty lips, those freckled cheeks and those innocent green eyes. Not to mention, the little shit has this bat-like wings at the back, a pair of pointed ears and a tail with a heart-shape at the end, swinging back and forth. A tiny, fluffy patch of hair was just above his crotch, barely grown in at all. Katsuki's red eyes sparked dangerously at the sight—this was definitely the embodiment of his wet dreams.

Katsuki was a one lucky bastard.

However, he didn't have any sex drives because reasons, and due to exhaustion from work. He was the symbol of peace after all, working as a cop. And yet, here he was, having a sex talk to a symbol of sex.

Heh. Katsuki almost laughed at his bad sense of humor.

"Midoriya Izuku."

Nngh—and that voice?

That voice just made him think of fucking satin sheets and wild green hair sprawled on a white pillow. Green eyes staring back at him with so much arousal that—

"I'm Katsuki Bakugou." He introduced himself nonchalantly, as if he wasn't thinking any lewd thoughts at the moment.

Those big green eyes blinked back at him.

Damn. Katsuki cursed inside his head.

It blinked again, "Ka—Kats—Kachu-ki? K-Kachuki? Kat—"

Damn. Katsuki cursed again. But this time, it was mixed with disbelief. "Fine. Call me anything you want."

"K-Kacchan then?" He asked, giving the blond a stare from those watery green eyes.

Fucking hell. This must be a dream. After all, incubus goes for women, not some gay man like him.

The corner of Katsuki’s lips raised, "Dance for me.”

Those watery green eyes blinked, "Excuse me???"

Katsuki pretended to be unhappy, "Striptease—no, you're already almost naked. Do a pole dance or just dance, you can choose one. Don’t say I didn’t give you a choice.”

"B-But you just have to give me fluids…"

"You want my fluids?" Katsuki tilted his head, "You gotta earn for it."

The incubi bit his lower lip before murmuring, “Where do I find a pole in your room?”

Katsuki's face was still expressionless, "Oh."

“So you want me to… to dance?”

The blond raised his eyebrow, “Are you dancing or not? As soon as you dance, I’ll give my fluids, I swear.”

The little shit actually did what was told. Hence, 10 minutes later.

Katsuki leaned back on his seat and complained unhappily, “Hey, freckles, is that you call a dancing?”

The incubi’s face reddened and the sharp Elf-like ears were all red, "I… I’ve been clapping my hands and shaking my hips a couple of times, can’t you see?"

Katsuki waved his hand, “Forget it, I’m letting you off this time. Get off of the bed."

"W-Why? Are we going to do it on the floor?" He asked, a bit confused, but got off of the bed.

"No! I'm going to sleep!"


Katsuki ignored him and laid down on the bed, covering his body with the blanket. He was about to fall asleep when a hand suddenly felt on his crotch area.

"The fuck?!" His eyes snapped open and he threw a glare at the innocent looking demon.

"But your penis is hard!"

"Fuck off!"

When he woke up the next day, the incubi wasn't there anymore. So Katsuki just shrugged it off and considered it as just a dream. After all, incubus is a demon in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleeping women in order to engage in sexual activity with them. In other words, the little shit last night in his room was just his delusions. That was the only reason Katsuki could think of on why a little demon like him would be interested in getting fucked by a human male.

However, when he get back home, he found the incubi in his home again. And the worst of it??? He was still naked except his leather black thong and various kinds of adult toys were spread on Katsuki's bed! The blond could see gags, what seemed like an egg vibrator, chastity belt, and a lot of other hardcore fetish toys, presaging the impending fall of someone’s moral integrity.

The incubi’s pure, innocent, harmless appearance(albeit the leather thong) and his actions…The contrast between the two was quite wicked and shocking.

Katsuki was stunned.

"What the fuck was that?" It was a rhetorical question.

The man watched as the corners of this innocent incubi's mouth curved up, like a child who found a new toy and a little friend to play with, "These are toys? Perhaps you don't know how to use them? I could teach you though."

Izuku Midoriya, please fucking tell me you’re joking or this cop won’t be able to sleep tonight thinking of how the incubus race’s talent for forging was used for this!

"No…” Katsuki said instead.

The green-haired devil blinked. “You said you would give me fluids.”


"W-Where are you going?!"

Katsuki didn't answer. He dashed to the door and ran outside of the room. However, he didn't even get to the living room because a weight suddenly hit his back and tackled him on the floor. A loud thud was heard when his front and face landed on the goddamn floor.

Fuck. It hurts like hell! It's like someone broke his jaw!

A pair of hands grabbed Katsuki's crossed behind his back, he looked over his shoulder and saw the little devil tying him up with black leather belts of varying thickness. After doing this, he flipped Katsuki—for a small person, he has so much strength that the blonde wouldn't be surprised at all if the green-haired smashed his head and he'd lose consciousness. He then straddled Katsuki's stomach and stared down at him with his innocent green eyes.

"The fuck are you doing?!"

He was a cop, for fuck's sake! Why weren't he fighting for freedom?! Perhaps he liked it too?! No. Katsuki quickly shook his head mentally.

"This was what shown in the guide book!"

"Guide—what the fucking shit! Just let me go!"

"No, Kacchan! This is next.” Izuku took a ball gag and slipped it gently into Katsuki’s mouth. “And this…”

His mouth was blocked. Speechless. And Katsuki had never been this frightened in his whole life, even when he fought big time criminals… But this… when he saw the devil pulling a pair of nipple rings with a tiny bells attached to them, and at the thought of those things penetrating his body, Katsuki shook his head so hard it almost flew off.

He struggled to free himself but his body was tied up by the belts and the incubi was straddling him, Izuku's thighs were gripping his sides, so he couldn't really move.

"It won't hurt." The green haired smiled down at him. He was like a nurse or a doctor, who was reassuring a child who was about to get an injection. "I won't hurt you, Kacchan..."

As he was saying this, the incubi's fingers deftly and swiftly popped off of the buttons on his dress shirt slowly, until pectorals and ripped abs were visible. Then he clamped the nipples with the rings. Although, as Izuku had said that there was no pain at all, Katsuki still felt uncomfortable. More so than the injuries he get whenever he fights criminals.

After he was finished, the green-haired stared at his masterpiece. As a result of being bound in that position, Katsuki's chest was thrust out as though inviting others to touch it.

“It’s beautiful, Kacchan. Your bakutiddies…"


A muffled scream could be heard from the blonde. If only he wasn't gagged at all, the incubi would definitely hear a litany of curses from him. In different languages.


Katsuki's eyes widened as he stared at the egg vibrator from Izuku's hand. When the incubi saw his expression, he quickly apologized and put it down beside his body, "I'm sorry! I won't use it then!" Then he proudly declared, “I’ve peeped at how All Might sleeps with his man in bed, so I know all about it. I will teach you, Kacchan!"

The blond didn't know who All Might was, and he didn't give a fuck. All he wanted right now was for this demon to get off of him!

When Izuku leaned down, to lick one of the protruding points on his chest, Katsuki surprised him by knocking his head against him. The incubi groaned in pain and his body slumped over the blonde's.

Overcoming the sharp pain in his forehead, Katsuki overthrow the little shit, the unconscious form of the devil rolled off him and laid supine on the floor. He then used all his strength to get up and go to the kitchen to slice off the leather belt, niplle rings dangling on his chest.

Ah. Shit.

“Ah man, stop brooding and get laid already.” Kaminari—his co-worker, leaned on his shoulder, whining.

Katsuki shrugged him off and threw daggers at him, “Hah!?”

“I get you though.” The other blonde shrugged his shoulder, “I mean, it was truly tragic for a pure virgin like you, no one taught you how to do the deeds, no books to read and no porno to watch. So how would you learn on your own? It was really difficult. Definitely too difficult." Kaminari shook his head, "That's why I get why you're always pissed, because you need to let out that sexual frustration."

Right there and then, Katsuki badly wanted to point the Glock 22 he was carrying at the other cop and then pull the trigger. But he refrained himself, he was not a murderer. Instead, he threw a glare at him. Kaminari gave him a sheepish smile.

How the fuck this dunce face even knew that—HE WAS NOT A GODDAMN VI—Okay fine, he was. But who gives a shit? It wasn't his fault that his standards were too high that he didn't find anyone who he could fuck.

And Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku—he dubbed him that for being useless, was definitely his type. But yesterday… Katsuki didn't want to talk about yesterday.

"You know what?" Dunce face was still talking, "To have your hentai self be awaken, it's amazing indeed!"

But maybe… maybe Kaminari was right. Maybe he badly need to get laid to let out this sexual frustration.

"Okay, dude. Since you're a virgin. Learn from thy predecessor also known as me, for I am great in sexin'. Heck! I'm prolly one of the greatest fuckers here in Musutafu!"

Ruddiness crept up Katsuki's cheeks as he spat out, "Shut the hell up, dunce face!"

Kaminari laughed out loud that some of the passersby glanced at them. Jesus, the bastard couldn't really keep his mouth shut. They were on the goddamn road, and he was talking about sex?!

"Come, this brother of yours will teach you some advices privately."

"Fuck off! Just so you know, my ass is still pristine!"

He snickered, then cleared his throat and seriously said, "Just a reminder, Bakugou. Once you go green—"

Katsuki cut him off, "You turn into hulk."

Kaminair burst out laughing again, but he recovered quickly. "Once you turn green, you can never stop."

The blond silently agreed. Because right now, he was craving for that green-haired devil who makes him want to do bad things with him—no, it doesn't involve breaking his neck.

"Am I not still allowed to eat you?" The dweeb asked him upon seeing him going back him.

At the sight of Izuku looking like a kicked puppy, Katsuki's entire heart melted into mush. Were incubus a natural-born seducers? The blonde thought. Or did they possess some kind of powerful man-teasing technique passed down from generation to generation? He couldn’t figure it out, nor did he care much about it as he stared down at the green-head. After all, all he had to do was to give up some of his fluids,which would help to strengthen the little fellow anyway.

He sat down on the bed, "Hey Deku—" the incubi's brows furrowed at the name, but he didn't dare comment on it, "Incubus are supposed to hunt down females, not gay men. Didn't, uh, what the fuck's the name again—?

"All Might?"

"Yeah, didn't he teach you?"

Seemed like the dweeb didn’t quite understand what Katsuku meant. He asked, “If an incubus calling is to seduce women, then why did my Master slept with a man? Is it wrong? Are we not allowed to sleep with a man? Are there any guidelines that we must follow? Is there any regulation on what kinds of women we must seduce?"

The barrage of questions gave Katsuki a terrible headache. He rubbed his temple using his fingers.

Seeing that the blond had no interest in answering his questions, Izuku continued rambling on, “Also, are you afraid that I have no knowledge about sleeping with a man? Don't worry, Kacchan! I've read somewhere that to lure a man into bed, one must be lewd enough, it was rather vague about how one should go about being lewd, but I had a good memory to fall back on since I still remembered most of the things I’d seen while peeping in on All Might! Please don't tell this to All Might. Also I read the guidebook Kama Sutra to last me a lifetime! I knew a lot of positions like Hamstring Stretch, Lotus Flower, Reverse Cowgirl and more! I can do them since I'm flexible enough. I could even pass as a porn star!"


No longer able to stand the way the incubi was mumbling like a walking encyclopaedia, Katsuki exploded at last, brushing the little thing off with the most rightful of answers. “You’re a real wooden-headed dummy! How can you call yourself an incubus if you want to get fucked by a man?!”

"But…" Izuku blushed, and it made his freckles looked as charming as a delicate, pink flower in the pale moonlight. "B-But Kacchan you're so pretty… I couldn't help wanting to sleep with you. The first time I saw you, I thought I must seduce this man..."

To say that Katsuki was shocked was an understatement. No one have ever told him that, let alone telling him that he'd like to seduce him. Sure, he was what you call an ikemen and there were women and men who wanted to do Katsuki, but unfortunately for them, he only used his dick to pee. They didn't even get a chance to see it.

The incubi in front of him wasn't bad himself. Although Izuku looked like a goddamn porn star for parading with only a black leather thong, he was charmingly innocent. His large animated green eyes were set in a small, round face; his dainty little nose was complemented by a sweet rosebud mouth. And those freckles—there was no doubt that he was truly a cute incubus.

Izuku threw him sneaky little glances. Yet, as if this wasn’t enough for the little fellow, he even crawled in all fours and nuzzled against Katsuki's hand, rubbing against it like a kitten and kissing the palm from time to time.

"Fine! Let's do it!" He agreed.

Izuku dragged Katsuki into the center of the bed and began grabbing at his shirt. “First, we must take off your clothes.”

After his shirt, off came the pants, the socks, and the shoes. Stripping him except his underwear. Even the incubi took off of his thong. His young, slender body was delicate. His skin was smooth, a narrow waist and long legs; his built was incredibly good. And even his dick was exceptionally exquisite.

“Next, you put your arms around me, and we lie down together.” Proactively, Izuku snuggled against Katsuki's chest and made the man wrap his arms around him. Then, he tried to recall the details of all the intimate romping he’d seen in All Might's bedroom.

Following the scenes in his memory, he kissed Katsuki on the mouth and made the man kiss him back. It was sloppy, awkward, as if they were just lapping at each other's lips. But Izuku's lips tasted sweet, just like his scent, and Katsuki didn't get tired of smelling it nor tasting him over and over again. Moreover, Izuku was an eye candy. Kissing an eye candy didn't taste bad.

After the exchange, Izuku pointed to his nipples with a blush and murmured, “I-I'll kiss you here…"

"Why the fuck do you have to kiss me bere? I'm not a girl—"

"Ah! I know, Kacchan! But your bakutiddies are big and it looks delicious!"

Katsuki sputtered, "I'll suck yours instead! Jesus, dweeb, look at yours! It looks like a baby's!"

"Kacchan, why would you look at a baby's nipples! You pervert!"

"What the—I'm using a simile, you shit! I ain't a pedophile!" As he was saying this, he couldn't help massaging Izuku's chest muscles a few times, and the moment he did that he heard the incubi's breathing hitch. Katsuki's head went down, his mouth latched on the inverted nipple and his free hand went to fondle the other.

“O-oi! It… it itches…” Seemed like this was the first time his nipples had ever been played with in this manner, and they were far too sensitive. Because when the blonde licked on it, Izuku ducked, trying to escape the naughty tongue toying with his nub. “I-I don’t know.. it feels weird,” When Katsuki looked up, innocent green eyes blinking back at him, "But I-I saw All Might's partner crying out after being kissed there. He seemed to feel really good.”

"All Might here, All Might there. Shuddup!" Katsuki groaned and pinched one of Izuku's inverted nipple, causing him to yelp, "Stop blabbering on and on about another man's name!"


Hooking his arms around the incubi's torso, Katsuki started licking and sucking on those tips again. Izuku let out an odd cry once more, “Ah!”

“What’s wrong? ”

“Uh…nnngh...” The green haired was too embarrassed to speak. He hummed and hawed for a very long while before admitting with great reluctance, “It felt good…”

Katsuki was very satisfied with the answer, so he tasted again and started to fully dedicate himself to the task at hand. He latched on to the nipples of the incubi like a baby. His nipples were licked and sucked repeatedly. To be honest, Katsuki never knew that a man’s nipples were an erogenous zone. Until he felt the hardness of Izuku's dick rubbing against his stomach, as if trying to find the right friction, and the mewls that coming out of the other's mouth.

The blond, who was sucking hard, finally let go when the nub popped up. The nipple was so swollen and very red as if scarlet liquid would pour out if he pinched them. After staring for it for awhile, he latched to the other nipple.

Izuku's reaction couldn't be stop, he arched his back as far as he could and he couldn't close his mouth.

Seeing the other's reaction, Katsuki asked in a low voice against the nipple, "Does it feel good?" He didn't wait for the incubi's answer, instead, he sucked hard and rubbed the nipple with his finger, repeatedly sucking, licking and rubbing it until if was stiff and upright.

As he was doing this, Kasuki began to think more and more of his semi-hardened dick that had continued to rise up.  

The green haired glanced down at Katsuki's crotch, which was making a tent at that time. The black cloth of his boxer was stretched to the limit and there was even a small wet spot on it.

Katsuki impatiently took off his boxer and kicked it to the side. No longer hindered, his erection was exposed. It was ready to go, the tip red and moist. The blonde immediately propped the upper half of his body, kneeling in front of Izuku, then the incubi absent-mindedly stroked his thighs, moving his hands from the outside to the inside. Kasuki didn't know if he was purposely not touching the hard shaft that was in the middle, or Izuku was just busy admiring the bulge.

He could no longer bear it, he grabbed Izuku's hand, pulling it down and pressing it against his bulge. "Touch me,” He whispered in a harsh voice, probably because of the lust, his voice sounded a bit rough.

The blonde cursed under his breath when that hand reached out, loosely gripping the top shaft with his full hand, pre-cum leaking from him to flow onto Izuku's hand, this caused the incubi's lower abdomen to shrank and Katsuki saw Izuku's cock had started to leak as well. The blonde couldn't wait for the hand gripping his dick to get going, so he started to pump his waist up and down.

The temperature in the room suddenly shot up. Katsuki groaned and turned his head, passionately kissing the incubi. He covered Izuku's lips with his, which the other didn't even protest and kissed him back. Completely absorbed in the moment, Izuku squeezed both hands, Katsuki's movements became rapid that it was like an intense battle between hus dick and the incubi's hands.

"F-Fuck!" Katsuki hissed. Even though he was so hard it felt like he would explode, the blonde asked the demon, in the gap between their kisses, "What else did you read in the guide?"

Izuku paused for a moment, then looked at him in a sex-dazed, "W-What?"

"What are the shits you've seen in the guidebook!"

"I… S-Something like holding your penis firmly, then bring it inside my mouth and suck..." The incubi stuttered, he couldn't speak clearly.

"So you want me to shut you up with my dick?" Katsuki interrupted, "Not creative." He spat, but his dick was once again leaking pre-cum, causing Izuku's hands to become wet with creamy bodily fluids.

Once Izuju heard what was left from Katsuku's mouth, his entire face blushed a deep crimson. Even the tip of his elf-like ears were painted slightly red. "I—"

He hadn't finished speaking when the blonde immediately covered his mouth again. And slowly, as if in trance, Izuku closed his eyes and bit on the human's lower lip. His tongue probing inside. Katsuki bullied his lips. Biting. Sucking. Licking.

"Climb on top of me." While talking against Izuku's mouth, the blond specifically moved moved his hands on his waist. That remark and action were simply an invitation to the devil.

Izuku climbed on top of Katsuki's body. Before his eyes was the blonde's energetic member and his own lower body was in front of Katsuki's face; it was the standard 69 position. And it was incomparably erotic.

"K-Kacchan… your penis is sugoi!" There was so much admiration in the devil's voice as he stared at the member with wide green eyes. "Is this eight inches or nine? One side had a rounded end, bisected by a gentle indentation with a small irregular hole in the center—"

"Stop talking! Use that mouth in a better use."

Izuku didn't answer, he was already in his own world. He traced his index finger along the seam that ran down the middle of the glans, the stimulation causing more transparent liquid to flow out. Due to the sensations, Katsuki lost control of his voice and a low gasp managed to escape his lips.

"Y-You better not disappoint me—holy fuck!"

Izuku gave a light kiss on the crown and it twitched, he took a deep breath before touching the tip with his tongue, the mushroom head swelled as he began to lick it like a lollipop. Katsuki couldn't help but groan.

This made the incubi more eager, he swirled his tongue and grabbed the base as he did so. And at the same time, he continuously hummed, savoring the taste. He then relaxed his throat and began to put the dick deep in his throat, he wasn't even halfway there when Katsuki suddenly pushed his hips up and forced his thing down the warm and wet mouth.

Izuku whimpered and almost gagged at first, causing tears to well up in his eyes. But he managed to take a deep breath and thought of things he had seen from All Might. The incubi started bobbing his head up and down his length, although it was awkward and his technique sucked majorly, all things were considered since it was his first time. Besides, it didn't really matter to the blonde. It was still fucking amazing to him. Izuku's tiny mouth was hot and tight, and he was doing all his best to suck on his thing, like it was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted.

Feeling his lower body inside Izuku's wet mouth, Katsuki hands became sweaty. He stretched out his hand and grabbed it's swaying tail, the incubi jolted but didn't dare let go of his dick. When that tail wrapped itself around Katsuki's arm, he held the green haired's sex closer to his face. And in a move unfathomable to himself, he took that long, hard thing into his mouth.

"Nnnghh…!" Izuku let out a long moan against his thing.

In the spirit of reciprocity, Katsuki also began to perform oral sex on him. Their two bodies were intimately connected. His mouth was full of the incubi’s scent and taste. In fact, Katsuki usually disliked being close to others to the point that he could smell their scent, but today he wasn't sure what to make of it. To his surprised, he felt that the smell was particularly arousing, causing his stomach to heat up and his erection to get even harder inside that tiny mouth.


Katsuki took the thing deeper into his mouth. He didn't feel choked at all, so he went even deeper. When he heard the other's moans, the blonde couldn't stop himself from continuing, although he lacked any skills, just like the other. With Izuku's hard cock in his mouth, he started to quickly move his head up and down, taking in as much length as possible with each movement.

And soon, the pace was getting and faster. Heavy, throaty pants, punctuated by earthy grunts, bounced around the room. And Katsuki knew that later or tomorrow—everytime he recall this day, he'd definitely get hard.

Yet this wasn't enough for him. Katsuki let go of the member from his mouth, it made a pop sound and a sliver line of saliva connected them. He left the dick wet and hanging in front of his face, and stared at the twitching hole of the incubi's ass curiously. It was his first time seeing an asshole. Good God, even he didn't know how his asshole looks like! But of course, he have some knowledge when it comes to this, he did his own research before when he found out that he likes sticks.

Katsuki's brow furrowed. He rubbed his finger along the sensitive edge of Izuku's hole, this made the incubi squirm above him, as if wanting Katsuki's finger to be inside. And so, the blonde didn't disappoint him by pushing one finger inside. He bit his lower lip as he concentrated on pushing that one finger inside the tight and wet hole, until he accidentally rubbed a spot.

“...Oh!” Izuku groaned inarticulately as his lower back stretched out tautly.

Katsuki once again pushed down with his finger, pressing down on the same spot and then rubbing it. Izuku couldn't even kneel straight on top of him, and so his knees went soft and he dropped down. However, after some seconds, he spread his legs apart even further because it was the only way he could keep himself propped up.

"What are you doing?! Continue sucking me!" Katsuki snapped as he increased the pressure and plunged his finger in and out of the hole.

Izuku moaned, and without hesitation, took Katsuki's dick in his mouth again. As the blond's finger went faster, the incubi also accelerated the speed of the blowjob, occasionally using his unpracticed tongue to lick along the head of Katsuki's dick. A salty taste gradually emerged between his lips and tongue. The blonde could feel that he was about to cum, so he added another finger inside, scissoring it and trying to make the hole wider and wetter. And then another. He even began moving his waist and several of the thrusting motions forced the cock deep into the back of the green-haired's throat, causing him to gag a few times.

“… Uhk!” Izuku coughed out. The fluid pouring into his mouth was too much. He got to swallow some of it—but most of them were spilled from his mouth.

"Why didn't you swallow it?! I thought you fucking need my spanks?!"

"B-But aren't we made of s-sperm? It will be cannibalism if I swallow it…" The incubi looked at him with tear-filled eyes, he looked like he was wronged.


Hey, dweeb, you ain't a goddamn human.

Katsuki shook his head in disbelief, and instead of retorting back, he ordered, "Come here." Izuku's tail let his arm go, he turned around like he was put under a spell and nestled into the blonde's waiting arms.

At this time, he discovered that he had also came and the white fluid flowed down Katsuki's muscular chest. Izuku reached out to touch in fascination, but he was pulled into a kiss. The kiss was lingering and intimate. The blonde then lifted the incubu's leg and drapes it over his waist, not wasting time, he covered Izuku's body with his own.

"Don't you think we need lube?"

"No!" Izuku shook his head, "We are like omegas, we have self-lubrication, so you don't have to—"

"What the hell is an omega—Nevermind." It was probably from the guidebook. Katsuki stared at him for a few seconds with determination, before he slowly, and carefully slid his dick inside Izuku's back entrance.

They both moaned as the blunt head went inside. Izuku wrapped his arms around Katsuki's neck, closed his eyes, and let him enter his body. The blonde held the slender waist in both hands then thrust inside. Izuku whimpered softly.

They both felt a surge of pleasure as he bottomed out. Fucking hell. Izuku's inside were hotter and wetter than his mouth, and Katsuki couldn't hold back much and used a fair amount of strength as he rocked his hips back and forth. His balls slapping against Izuku's ass as he penetrated him deeply, so deep that he hit the incubi's most sensitive place to make him feel an unbearable pleasure.

Overwhelming pleasure.

“Aah! K-Kacchan—nngghh…there!”

Katsuki watched in fascination as Izuku writhed under him and he was a moaning mess.


A sweat rolled down on the blonde's forehead, slid across his cheek, dripped down to his chest and flowed down on his abs in time with the thrusting. Then it was gone and went somewhere between his crotch and their joined body.

Their actions produced a lascivious wet sound inside the room. Just like that, all through the night, the bedroom was filled with the sounds of sweet mewling moans and the uncontrollable grunts of a man in the throes of lust, rising and falling in tandem amidst the cuckoo sounds outside.





"The fuck you want?!"

Kaminari snickered, "LSS?"

He frowned back at him, "LSS—what? Last song syndrome?"

"No. Last sex syndrome."

Katsuki almost spat out the coffee he was drinking. He shoot daggers at him, and Kaminari just grinned back at Katsuki. His eyes bright and unblinking as they stared at the explosive man… Something's working on inside his head, and Katsuki felt as if his hairs were standing on end and goosebumps were popping up because of the electrifying gaze.

"Tell me the truth, man, did you finally done the deeds? You look like someone who got devirginize!"

Something hot crept up his cheeks as he pictured the event last night, imagining Izuku. His breath hitching, his fingers digging deep into the muscles of Katsuki's biceps, urging him to move faster so he could go deeper and harder, making him moan his name.

He didn't have to say anything anymore for the other blonde smirked, throwing Katsuki sly looks. "Holy shit! I'm so happy that I might collapse!" Kaminari said exaggeratedly, "Did someone see that? Quick, someone record his face!"

"What's happening here?" Kirishima Eijirou—his redhead co-worker came at them.

"He got rid of his virginity!"

Kaminari's voice was so loud that the other cops inside the precinct glanced at them. Katsuki narrowed his eyes at him, if looks could kill, Kaminari would definitely already lying dead on the floor.

Kirishima snickered as he pulled a chair and sat down on it. He lightly tapped on Katsuki's back, "Our Bakugou is finally a man!"

"Oh man, I want to see your partner. It must be a cutie and has a lot of patience. I mean, lets be honest here, okay? If I were that person, I wouldn't fall for Bakugou."

"Fuck off! If the person likes me, it will be none of your business!"

Kaminari cackled, "Who wants to be in your business? I'm only stating a fact."

"So how was it?" Kirishima asked curiously. "Did you eat this person? Or did that person eat you? Did you hold yourself back—You should definitely shown no mercy!" he tsked,

"What the fuck?'

"There are so many different style and positions. You shoulda learned all of those!"

"What the fuck are you talking about?!"

"Did you use protection?! You definitely need it!" Kaminari added, laughing out loud.


"Just call me if you need a lotion and oil."

"Idiot!" Katsuki whispered yell, this caused Kaminari and Kirishima to laugh even more