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His mother had never had the strongest body. After his birth, her health deteriorated even more, there was no way she would’ve survived another pregnancy. There wouldn’t have been any need for a second child, had she birthed a healthy Alpha boy. Namjoon was healthy. He was a boy. He was, however, not an Alpha. After taking one whiff of his baby boy’s sweet, citrusy omegan scent, his father made a decision.
He got his first pill at three years old. A simple scent blocking one, nothing too strong. His first hormone injection at 6, to get tall. His first heat suppressant at 13, his first extra testosterone shot a few weeks after. A customized Alpha-scented perfume was his daily best friend. His body did protest with every new medication, and most days he wasn’t able to go outside, but after a while it accepted the changes. He grew extremely tall for an Omega, he built up muscle mass more easily, got a deeper voice and thicker body hair. He didn’t mind, wasn’t angry at his father for putting him through all this. Living as an Alpha gave him all the advantages he wanted: he got the best private tutors, he was able to quench his seemingly endless thirst for knowledge in politics, diplomacy and economics, he was allowed to his father’s business meetings and could contribute to the important decisions that were made, and learned how to lead a company from a young age. He could do whatever he wanted, and nothing stood in his way. The thoughts of him basically cheating and lying to everyone around him were quickly shoved to the back of his mind at the endless possibilities opening up before him. No one knew, except for his parents and Dr. Kang, his personal doctor and Omegologist, who had been sworn to secrecy.
At 17 he got his uterus removed, in hopes of eradicating any omegan instinct and bodily function he had left at this point. The most reliable procedure for that would have been to remove some of his scent glands, but not only would that have been extremely dangerous, it would also raise some suspicion since their absence would definitely be noticed. He underwent the procedure in a very high-end Hospital in Canada under a false Name and also false age - they made him a year older than he actually was. His parents fought a lot, his mother opposing to the procedure and trying to change his father’s mind. The night before his surgery his mother sat on his bed. He heard her sniffling when she opened the door, so he pretended to be asleep, not wanting to see her tears fall. She gently stroked through his hair and was quiet for a long time. “I’m sorry, Namjoonie”, he heard her whisper suddenly, “I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything from the very beginning. I’m sorry I ruined your chance to live how you want”. His heart clenched. He wanted to tell her ‘I don’t mind’, because really, he didn’t, he never wanted to live as an Omega anyways, but he didn’t say anything. Not because he was supposed to be sleeping, but because something gnawed at the back of his mind. Something like doubt. Something like how maybe, maybe he didn’t mind as less as he thought he did.

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As the heir to another big company the same age as Namjoon, Hoseok was introduced to him when they were five years old. With his sunny personality and heart-shaped smile the elder was easy to befriend. Since he was being homeschooled, Namjoon was elated to finally have a playmate and they became the best and closest of friends. The young Alpha was basically his link to the outside world. The endless list of medication he had to take threw his hormones completely off and most days he reeked of Omega, therefore he wasn’t really allowed to go outside. On the days his body managed to keep his Alpha image up he would spend the time with his friend.

In middle school Hoseok introduced him to an upperclassman of his that he had been practically gushing about for the past few months (“Ahh Namjoon-ah, he’s so awesome, and he’s really talented, he’s on top of his class and he plays basketball really really well and he also plays the piano and omg you HAVE to meet him you’ll LOVE him!!”). Namjoon did, at first, absolutely not love him. Min Yoongi was a really short Beta with small cat-eyes, a small button nose and small pouty lips, had a seemingly cold demeanor and a severe case of resting-bitch-face syndrome. He did, however, secretly have a heart softer than butter and Namjoon couldn't actually hate him. He found himself - as expected - competing with Yoongi for the status of Hoseok’s best friend from the first time the elder stepped through the front door. They looked at each other for only a second and Yoongi’s eyes screamed “Oh it’s on”. Hoseok stayed painfully oblivious to the situation and continued to introduce them and immediately declared all three of them best friends. However, Namjoon and Yoongi soon discovered there was absolutely no need to compete when they realized they were fighting for two completely different kinds of love. That day they officially became friends (because honestly, Yoongi WAS cool!), and instead Namjoon had to deal with Yoongi crushing hard on his best friend - who, in turn, remained oblivious.

In high school Namjoon’s body had calmed down and adapted to the Alpha treatment enough that he could go out regularly, so he enrolled in the same private school as Yoongi and Hoseok. He was the happiest he had ever been: suddenly he had more friends and social contacts, more highly educated teachers he could discuss about economics, politics and literature with and an entire city to explore. His two friends finally got their shit together and made their relationship official after a single date. If an Alpha and a Beta dating was already pretty rare, both of them being the same gender was even more unusual, but none of their families seemed to complain - probably because they wrote it off as fleeting teenage love that would pass as soon as Hoseok found an Omega. They were less indifferent, however, when the happy couple was still going strong three years later and proceeded to mate as soon as Hoseok graduated and got into University. Yoongi’s parents suddenly got distant - although not cold - after they announced their mated status, while Hoseok’s were only one step away from disowning him and cutting all ties with him. The only reason why they didn’t was because he had an older Alpha sister who was willing to take over the company, therefore they only stripped him of his status as the heir. Hoseok, now freed from his duties as a successor, couldn’t care less and pursued a dance career instead, happier than ever before. Yoongi hadn’t really cared about his parent’s opinion anyways and since he, too, had an Alpha as an older brother he chose a major in music production.

Namjoon enrolled into the same University as them, despite his father urging him to go to an even more prestigious one, choosing his major in economy and a minor in music production - Yoongi and Hoseok had gotten him deep into rap and hip hop around high school. Needless to say, his professors were delighted to have the brilliant heir to one of the most powerful companies in Korea sitting in their classes. He skipped through most of his first-year classes and advanced quickly to more difficult ones, but he mastered them all - obviously. That way, he soon had some lectures together with Yoongi and left Hoseok alone in others. His oldest friend would never stop grumbling at him for betraying him like this.

A year after he started University, there were first signs of trouble in YoonSeok paradise. The cause: An Omega called Park Jimin. After the first week of classes Hoseok couldn’t stop gushing about that one talented freshman in the contemporary dance class he tutored, and Yoongi had just smiled fondly while letting his mate rant. Hoseok was a naturally bright person, he found joy in the smallest of things and got really enthusiastic about them. However, a few months later he began to frown every time the Omega was mentioned - which was almost daily. He became broody and irritated, and one day he just exploded. He accused the Alpha of cheating when Hoseok joined their lunch table smelling sweet like Honey and Lemongrass - unlike his usual scent of pinewoods and cinnamon, combined with Yoongi’s chamomile. It was terrible, their screaming reaching every corner of the big University cafeteria, hundreds of eyes staring at them and Namjoon couldn’t do anything except sitting there as his two best friends had their biggest fight ever. It wasn’t long, but it only ended when Hoseok, in a fit of rage, used his Alpha voice on Yoongi, telling him to shut up and go away. In the matter of a second the cafeteria went so silent you could hear a pin drop, the two mates freezing in shock when they realized what just happened. Yoongi regarded Hoseok with the most betrayed and hurt expression Namjoon had ever seen on anyone’s face, before turning on his heel and running away. Hoseok just broke down, burying his face in his hands and sobbing silently while the other people dared to speak again - the hall filled with low murmurs that were definitely about what they just witnessed.

In the following week Hoseok slept in Namjoon’s guest room, refusing to go outside and even skipping meals. Namjoon on the other hand suddenly had two patients - he couldn’t call it anything different - to take care of, since Yoongi was in about the same state. He went to his classes, studied and also had to run between two apartments to deliver meals and to make sure his hyungs didn’t die. On day six at eight in the evening there was a knock on his door, so silent that Namjoon, completely exhausted and sleep deprived after playing nurse for so long, almost didn’t hear it. When he opened up he thought he died and went to heaven, because it looked like an angel appeared before him: a small omegan man stood there, golden locks and cherubian face, biting nervously on his full bottom lip. He introduced himself as Park Jimin, aka the cause of this entire mess, and Namjoon couldn’t help but feeling a little disdainful towards the young man who actually managed to tear apart his friends. That feeling didn’t last long, however, as Jimin broke down crying when Namjoon glared daggers at him after hearing his name, making him panic a little at the sudden outburst. Hearing his sobbing, Hoseok came running from the living room, pushing Namjoon rudely aside to envelop the small Omega in a hug. Baffled, Namjoon watched the scene before him, only snapping out of it when he heard Hoseok call their visitor “Jiminie” and crooning affectionately to calm him down, something he had only ever done with Yoongi before. He blurted out a “What the fuck”, grabbed them both and dragged them to the couch where he sat in front of them and demanded answers.

There was an uncomfortable silence before Alpha and Omega admitted they felt an attraction towards each other. Namjoon sat in stunned silence, feeling anger towards his oldest friend boiling in his veins, before it suddenly was Hoseok’s turn to burst into tears. He cried and pleaded, swearing to everything holy that he loved Yoongi more than his own life, that he would never leave him for anything in this world, but there was also Jimin, and everything about him was so perfect and he had no idea what to do. Namjoon decided that this was the time to peace out. He hadn’t slept properly in six days, his head hurt from constantly worrying about his friends, he had enough. So he called Yoongi and told him to come over immediately, feeling a bit of satisfaction when he saw Hoseok and Jimin panicking in front of him. Ten minutes later he guided Yoongi into the living room, instructing the three men to “fucking talk it out” before fleeing to his bedroom and crawling into bed. But of course he couldn’t sleep. The voices from the living room started out calm and quiet, slowly picking up in volume, getting more and more aggressive before ending in screams once more. Groaning, Namjoon made his way back into the living room, finding the mated pair almost at each other’s throats and Jimin sitting frozen in place, tears streaming down his face. When Namjoon tried to step in, Yoongi pushed him away, saying he had enough and made his way out the door. Hoseok followed, which caused Jimin to get up and run after them, and obviously Namjoon had to follow too, pleading for them to stop and talk properly. Still screaming at each other, they left the apartment building, running out onto the streets. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, the sound of a car horn, brakes screeching and a thud as Yoongi hit the ground.

He didn’t die. He “got away” with a concussion and a compound fracture on his right femur. He was unconscious for 48 hours, but once was awake he made a quick recovery. The doctors only kept him a little longer just to be sure. It still didn’t help Hoseok and Jimin being nervous wrecks, beating themselves up and feeling too guilty to face Yoongi - not that he wanted to talk to them anyways. He was adamant on not letting anyone see him except Namjoon.
Jimin was the first to gather up the courage a week after Yoongi’s admission to the hospital. Namjoon was just visiting him to deliver some notes for classes they were taking together when the Omega walked in. Yoongi’s expression immediately soured and at that, Jimin looked terrified. Props to him for not running back out the same instant. Namjoon laid a hand on his friend’s shoulder and willed him to calm down. Taking a deep breath, Yoongi pointed to the chair Namjoon had been sitting on before and Jimin hesitantly stepped closer. He sat down and what continued was an excruciatingly awkward minute of deafening silence. Namjoon decided it was better for him to just leave, those two obviously needed to talk.

That talk must have gone no too bad since he saw the Omega again two days later, alive and well, when he came back to visit Yoongi. He saw him a second time the next Saturday, again following Tuesday, then on Friday, then two times a row on Sunday and Monday. Everytime Jimin was leaving the hospital room just as Namjoon arrived, he had a smile on his face and greeted him happily before walking away. Yoongi refused to talk about their meetings, of course. But he wasn’t scowling anymore and the subdued smell of chamomile, calm and contend, permeated the room, along with Jimin’s happy lemongrass and honey scent. Namjoon never pried, only smiling wistfully as he detected the smallest hint of a blush on Yoongi’s pale cheeks. The week before his friend’s discharge, Namjoon was just saying his goodbyes before leaving the hospital room when he saw Jimin in the hallway, dragging along a Hoseok who looked ready to pee his pants. Namjoon had only talked to him a few times, the Alpha was feeling too miserable and holed himself up in his dorm room when he wasn’t attending class or practising his dance routines. For all his outgoing sunshine personality, he had a terrible coping mechanism. Namjoon knew the guilt was eating Hoseok up from the inside, and that he was scared Yoongi would break their bond and leave him the moment they saw each other again. When the Beta smelled his mate nearing his room, his expression darkened immediately. He may have not wanted to see him, but Namjoon knew he was hurt that Hoseok didn’t even try. Sensing a storm coming, he hastily scurried away before Alpha and Omega could step into the room. Walking passed them, he shot them an encouraging smile. Jimin returned it softly, Hoseok only whimpered miserably.

That talk must have gone exceptionally well though, seeing as the following day Hoseok was quite literally beaming brighter than a million suns, not being able to sit still for longer than half a minute. “YOONGI LIKES JIMIN”, was the first thing he crowed when he saw Namjoon - which was five minutes before a lecture in the middle of a jam packed auditorium. The hall went silent, heads were turning and Namjoon was ready to die from second-hand-embarrassment when Hoseok, oblivious to the sudden silence, added: “AND JIMIN LIKES YOONGI AND I LOVE THEM BOTH.” The only reason why Namjoon didn’t turn around that second was because he saw his precious childhood friend smiling so happily and really wanted to go hug him, audience be damned. So he did just that and ignored the disembodied “congrats!” coming from some corner of the hall.

After Yoongi’s discharge the three of them went on their first date. Namjoon was also unbelievably happy to have both of his best friends back, finally being able to sit together with them to talk and laugh. Jimin was a delightful addition to their little group, being happy and outgoing just like Hoseok, but still more on the adorable side instead of obnoxiously loud. The little Omega loved to be spoiled by them all and Namjoon was more than happy to do so, since he now had a cute dongsaeng to take care of. They became a throuple very soon, all three of them not wanting to wait any longer. Seven months later, when Jimin had his second heat in their relationship, they made their mating official, Yoongi beet red in the face the next day as Jimin was hugging him happily and Hoseok was excitedly jumping all over the place, declaring himself the happiest Alpha on earth. Namjoon was smiling softly at his friends’ antics, silently wishing them all the best for their future since he, probably, couldn’t have what they had, unless he let his true identity be revealed.

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Namjoon was the first one to graduate and nobody was surprised. At age 22 he had a Master’s degree in Business and started working at his father’s Construction company, Kim Construction, one of the most powerful and leading companies in all of Asia and Oceania. As the son of the CEO he was responsible for many things, one of them being business meetings. Most of these meetings were held in one of the large conference rooms in the main building, other business partners preferred to discuss and negotiate over dinner at high class restaurants. Yet others, mostly representatives from smaller companies, liked to keep it casual and invited him to go for a drink. Those were the easiest to work with, Namjoon was a gifted negotiator and would always gain their complete trust and interest two beers in. Whatever business they had to discuss was quickly handled in an hour, after that Namjoon liked to keep their new collaborators for a few more drinks to really strengthen the newly formed partnership. Those kinds of business meetings ended mostly in him walking out of the bar around one in the morning, level of alcoholization ranging from slightly buzzed to completely shitfaced.


It was on a late autumn night like this that he staggered into an alleyway in an attempt to catch his equilibrium and take a few deep breaths. He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing, cursing himself for ordering those last two beers. When he opened them again, the first thing that caught his attention was a movement behind some trash cans standing at the back entrance of a café. Thinking he might find a cute stray kitten he looked closer, only to catch a glimpse of once-white sneakers disappearing under a dirty blanket. Making up his mind he inched his way to the trash cans as to not startle whomever was behind them. Turns out, being drunk made said task quite difficult, causing him to trip over his own two feet and land flat on his nose right in front of those sneakers. Groaning, he lifted his head and stared straight into the biggest, prettiest doe eyes he had ever seen, blown wide in shock.


Needless to say, his first impression on Jungkook, 19, Omega, was disastrous. Offering to take him home with him, after correctly deeming the boy homeless, made the situation even worse - obviously, duh - and resulted in the Omega starting to throw his fists and flinging a string of curses at him. It took quite a while to get him to calm down, Namjoon pleading for Jungkook to stop punching him for a second so he could convince him he had no ill intentions. It took more than fifteen minutes and Namjoon couldn’t blame him - who would trust a disheveled, slurring drunkard who couldn’t even stand straight. Luckily, it seemed, Namjoon had regained part of his wit and negotiation skills and soon enough Jungkook was trotting behind him - there was no way he could get him inside a cab - at a safe distance of a meter and a half. Namjoon had apparently also regained some common sense and did not, in fact, lead him back to his apartment. There was no way he could take care of the boy in his state, and Jungkook looked in dire need of a bath and some good food.


One of the things he had learned in all the years of their friendship was to never wake up Yoongi without a cup of coffee ready at hand. Only Hoseok and Jimin could do that without being in danger of getting slaughtered. Drunk Namjoon at two a.m. couldn’t care less though, and grinned stupidly at his friend’s furious face, eyes glinting with murderous intent and dangerous growl rumbling in the Beta’s chest. Any insult Yoongi might’ve thrown at him got caught in his throat, however, when he saw the trembling Omega behind Namjoon. It seemed the night was full of terrible first impressions. Jungkook looked ready to bolt at any second and Yoongi’s muttered apologies and explanations didn’t help a single bit. The situation got even worse when Hoseok appeared behind his mate, the presence of another (since Namjoon was supposed to be one) Alpha freaked the boy out and had him whimpering. Hoseok immediately tried to calm him down, speaking softly and emitting his scent reassuringly in hopes of showing that he was posing no threat. Three strangers talking at Jungkook at the same time to stop him from fleeing had the exact opposite effect though, and he got more and more insecure and tried to slowly back up.


The saving grace was a sleepy Jimin shuffling to the entrance, all soft and pouty, mumbling “What the fuck is going on here” while rubbing his eyes with his sweater paws. The appearance of a fellow Omega - and such a disarmingly cute one at that - had Jungkook stop struggling. Spotting the dirty and thin boy looking at him like a deer in headlights, Jimin’s eyes went wide with endearment and he scurried over to gently take him by the hand, cooing: “Omygod what a sweetheart, aw look at you, come in here honey, let’s run you a warm bath and get you some delicious food”, while he led him into the apartment. The other three were left stupefied at the doorway while Jungkook followed his new hyung without a single protest. Looking back, Namjoon liked to call that day “The day Jimin adopted Jungkook”. The truth, however, is, that they all did, him included.

When he went back to the throuple’s apartment the next day, all sober and terribly hungover (but he tried very hard to not let on anything), he saw the three of them sitting at the kitchen table, mothering and pretty much spoon feeding a now squeaky clean Jungkook. He was giggling and blushing at the attention and Namjoon almost had a heart attack. When the Omega saw him entering, he stood up, walked up to him and thanked him with a shy smile and big doe eyes and Namjoon was gone.


After lunch they questioned the young boy as to why he had been where Namjoon found him. The smile left his pretty rosy lips the moment Hoseok had finished asking and the Alpha got three dirty looks for changing the subject so suddenly and making Jungkook remember obviously bad memories. The boy admitted being from the quite large Jeon pack in Busan who still took pack dynamics, traditions and status very seriously. Packs themselves were pretty rare nowadays and were mostly big, rich families that wanted to make sure the money they made was kept only amongst kin. Almost all of them were even associated with dangerous underground organizations. His own pack was no Mafia clan at all, but was still very strict when it came to values, success and, especially, securing power. His father was the CEO of a big insurance company and the pack leader, and Jungkook was his only Omega son.They had wanted him to mate with the Alpha son of another influential pack from the area to increase their influence. Jungkook had been strongly opposed to his family’s idea and had packed his things and left without a word. Jimin nodded darkly and mentioned that he - since he also originally was from Busan - had heard a lot about the packs of his home region before his family had moved to Seoul.

They decided unanimously that Jungkook would stay with them and live with Namjoon since he was the only one to have fully graduated and had a fulltime job, a lot of money, as well as a bigger apartment and a proper guest room (three, actually). Namjoon agreed in a heartbeat. A few weeks later he almost began to regret his decision, because as soon as Jungkook became comfortable he turned into an absolute little shit. He teased, he played pranks and annoyed the hell out of his hyungs - his main target being Namjoon while he was trying to get some work done. No one could actually be angry at him though, because he was still very sweet and helpful and absolutely endearing. However, the four of them decided it was time for their youngest to get out there and find new friends, now that he had recovered. The evening they asked him if he wanted to attend university he cried and hugged and thanked them, happier than ever before. In spring he enrolled and Jimin pulled a few strings to get him a job at a the same coffee shop he worked at because Jungkook insisted he wanted to earn money and contribute to the costs at least a little bit - not that paying for his education would inconvenience Namjoon in any way.

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Irony - maybe fate - had it, that, if Namjoon found Jungkook while drunk in an alleyway, he would find the Omega’s soulmate in a very similar way around a year later.

It was after another business meeting at a bar that he walked through a small nearby park to cool his head. He wasn’t anywhere as drunk as when he found their youngest Omega, but he definitely was feeling it. So when he saw a huddled figure covered in two ratty blankets lying on a park bench he didn’t hesitate to approach it. As he drew closer to its face he found that the person wasn’t sleeping at all, but was glaring and growling warningly at him. Alpha, he thought, catching a whiff of the boy’s scent. He smelled like sunflower honey and summer’s meadow, a smell that would mix perfectly with Jungkook’s fruity strawberry scent. Funny, how this was the first thing he thought of. More important though, was how he definitely smelled dangerous at the moment, since he probably was even more defensive at the presence of another Alpha. Namjoon wouldn’t be put off.

“Do you need a home?”, was the first thing he asked.

“Fuck off, asshole”, was the answer with which Taehyung, 22 years of age, responded.

Namjoon just chuckled and sat on the edge of the bench near his feet. Taehyung sat up and scooted to the other end of the bench and growled even louder, a deep scowl marring his beautiful face. That’s how they stayed for the next ten minutes, Namjoon assuring the younger time after time he was no danger and asking him if he wanted to come live with him. The answer he got every time was an annoyed huff and silent treatment. At one point Namjoon stood up with a resigned sigh, walked to the hot drink vending machine nearby and returned with a steaming cup of coffee. “I’ll come back again, let me know if you change your mind”, he said, and walked off after leaving the cup at Taehyung’s side.

And return he did, five days in a row. Being sober helped a great deal at gaining the younger’s trust. Taehyung’s wariness and resentment turned to stubborness and he refused to be taken in “like some kinda stray dog”, his words. But they both formed a connection through their time together, Namjoon bringing the younger small meals, hot drinks and thick blankets to survive the freezing temperatures. When asked what he was doing out there on the streets Taehyung’s expression became dark and he only replied with a clipped “Abusive dad”. Namjoon decided not to pry after that.

He had almost made his peace with Taehyung not going to come home with him, when everything changed on day six. He approached the Alpha with a smile and a bag of sandwiches and Taehyung greeted him with his adorable signature boxy smile. As Namjoon got close though, his expression changed. His caramel eyes went wide, his nose flared and a low growl vibrated in his chest. Namjoon froze on the spot as Taehyung got really close and began to sniff around his body searchingly. He felt panic spread in him, had he forgotten to take his suppressants? His scent blockers? His Alpha-Perfume?

He was prepared to give any kind of excuse when Taehyung spoke up: “This scarf, whose is it?”.

Confused Namjoon looked down on himself - and noticed he’d accidentally taken Jungkook’s scarf instead of his own.

“M-my friend’s”, he replied, not understanding Taehyung’s reaction at all.

“Take me to them”, the younger demanded.

“Wai- what? Listen, I’m not going to take you to him when you’re looking this scary!”

“Please. I need to meet him”. Taehyung implored with such an urgency in his soft, deep voice that Namjoon almost gave in.

“Why?”, he asked instead. Taehyung went quiet for a while and Namjoon saw his throat working but no words came out. When he finally spoke it was one word, spoken with such reverence and longing it sent shivers down Namjoon’s spine.



He didn’t understand. Well, he did, but not completely. Before Namjoon could ask more though Taehyung went and grabbed him by the sleeve, pulling him into the direction he came from. He managed to shoot Yoongi a message with one hand (“My aptmt asap”) before speeding up and leading Taehyung home.

They met the Yoonminseok throuple just as they arrived in front of the main entrance, the three running towards them as they spotted Namjoon.

“Namjoon!”, Yoongi started, “you scared me with that message, what -”. He stopped when he saw Taehyung behind the taller. He stared for a few seconds, then turned back at Namjoon with a raised eyebrow.

“Joon-ah, you really need to stop collecting pretty homeless boys.” God that sounded so wrong and Yoongi knew it because he started grinning darkly.

“Hyung what the fuck, it was just Jungkook, stop making me sound like a pervert!”, he grumbled and started speed walking into the building.

“Pretty homeless boys?”, came an unsure voice behind him.

“Just a coincidence, Taehyungie, calm down. Also, it’s only you and Kookie”, Namjoon replied without turning around, already knowing they were all following him. He pressed the elevator button and turned around.

“Kookie?” The elevator pinged and they all got on.

“...The one you wanted to meet”, Namjoon said, pressing the button.

“Wait why would he want to meet our Kookie?” Jimin was scowling at the young Alpha.

“You’ll see.” Namjoon’s heart sped up as they arrived at his penthouse. He didn’t know what was going to expect them. How would Jungkook react? Would he feel the same pull towards Taehyung or would he just feel creeped out at a stranger declaring himself his mate? He opened the door and called Jungkook.

“Welcome home, hyung!”, he heard the Omega call and soon footsteps were nearing the entrance. “Oh! You brought the other hyungies, what’s the occ-”


Silence. Complete silence. Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s gazes locked and everything went quiet, everyone stopped moving, everyone knew. The scent of sunflower honey and strawberries started to permeate the room as they stared into each others eyes.

Then, a low growl. As if in trance, Taehyung started approaching Jungkook slowly, the rumbling in his chest never ceasing, his eyes never leaving the Omega. Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok and Jimin all watched completely spellbound, not even daring to breathe. Then, almost in slow motion, the throuple turned their heads towards Namjoon, a million questions reflected in their eyes. Namjoon only could give them a helpless shrug, unable to give an actual explanation.

Taehyung had reached Jungkook, his growling getting louder and his supposed mate’s softly joining. They were both almost exactly the same size, Jungkook being quite tall for an average Omega. The Alpha leaned in and began to scent him, his nose rubbing at the Omega’s right scent gland on his neck. Slowly, Jungkook began to reciprocate, his arms snaking around Taehyung for support as he was getting a little overwhelmed. They stood that way for minutes, movements getting more sure and determined the longer it took.

The other four started to make their way quietly to the kitchen. Their stealth was not needed though, since Taehyung and Jungkook were too absorbed to notice anything. They made tea and placed some snacks on the table, already prepared for a long, long talk.


After almost thirty minutes the growling had died down and the two youngest emerged from the hallway, a little flustered and disheveled, holding hands. Namjoon motioned for them to sit down and they followed, never letting go of each other’s hand. More awkward silence.

“So.” Hoseok was the first one to speak. “What the hell was that.” Taehyung cleared his throat before he replied.

“My wolf recognised him as my true mate and his reacted”, he said matter of fact, as if it was the simplest thing on earth. Four gaping mouths were the only response. Then, Yoongi spoke up hesitantly: “But...don’t you have to be a shifter for that?”

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The concept of a true mate, or, in other words, a fated mate, was foreign to most people in the world. It had been thousands of years ago, when humankind became more and more civilized that they had turned away from their ability to shift into their second nature - wolves.

They started to deem it “barbaric” to turn into a “wild, instinct driven animal”, so they stopped. They raised their children and prevented them from shifting, from listening to their inner wolf. Gradually, those who never shifted in their lives started to have children on their own, who were born without the ability.

Of course that didn’t eradicate some features like heats, ruts, and individual scents produced by special glands on their necks. Some sort of inner wolf always stayed, as much as people hated it. That way, generation after generation, the population of non-shifters grew. At some point, shifters were even persecuted and killed.

In the late 1700s though, there was a change of heart: with the Age of Enlightenment came a new sense of understanding for the second nature. Shifters were suddenly no longer considered wild animals, after studies had shown that, even in their wolf form, they regained some part of human consciousness and were even able to understand human language. Shifters were then heavily sought after, especially in the military, since their strength as a powerful wolf was very useful in battle.

The shifter population, however, was minimal. A few hundreds for every million non-shifters. Through warfare their number diminished even more. Royal and noble families then started to take it upon themselves to restore the population and arranged matings between non shifters and shifters. Not all children that were born had the ability, but there were still born enough to keep the number stable. Since then, however, it didn’t grow. If anything, it diminished again, although slowly. Many were born with strong animalistic instincts, had sensitive noses and ears and could communicate with shifters who were in their wolf form, but the shifting ability fell out. If some families were lucky, the ability to shift reappeared in one of the next two generations, but those cases were very rare. That’s how the world population of shifters sank steadily, until it got reduced to the few hundred living currently, each of them descending from an ancient and noble family.


“Well, I’m a descendant of the Andong Kim clan.”

Namjoon and the others looked at Taehyung with eyes as big as dinner plates. The younger understood immediately what they were thinking and shook his head. “I’m no shifter”, he said and continued to give a hurried explanation of his descent. Something about his great-grandmother being the daughter of a shifter from that noble family who was disinherited for refusing to go through an arranged mating with a shifter. “Some traits stayed, or resurfaced, apparently”, he finished. Absentmindedly his thumb caressed the back of Jungkook’s hand.

It took some time for the others to wrap their head around that fact. “How’s it feel?”, Jimin asked then, a small grin on his face.

Jungkook and Taehyung both blushed furiously. “Pretty fucken’ awesome!”, the youngest replied finally, red as a beet but grinning happily. Jimin, and Hoseok laughed at that, while Yoongi scolded him for using such foul language - but with no real bite to his tone. Everyone could see the fondness in his eyes, although it was obvious the Beta was still a little wary of the strange Alpha that had declared himself their baby Omega’s mate so suddenly.

Namjoon only shook his head and smiled at his friends. Silently, he wondered how exactly it felt to have someone so special, someone literally predestined for you, but he quickly shoved that thought into the back of his mind. It’s not like he would ever experience it.

Chapter Text

“Tae! Joon-hyung! Food’s ready!”, Jungkook’s voice came from the kitchen.

“Coming, baby!”, Taehyung’s voice answered from another corner of the penthouse.

Namjoon smiled to himself and closed his laptop, standing up to leave his study. No matter how much time went by, he would always get all warm and fuzzy inside at the prospect of a joint meal with his two favourite dongsaengs. Even when he was a child, he very rarely ate together with his parents, or anyone, really. His father had always been busy, his mother often had been too weak to join him at the table and Hoseok - and later Yoongi - were obviously eating at their own place. Later, in high school and university his friends did keep him company quite often, but since they didn’t live together it didn’t have this domestic feeling Namjoon had always craved.

Ever since Jungkook had moved in almost three years ago that had changed. After deciding Jungkook was ready for university, he didn’t want to move into a dorm or maybe his own flat. The young Omega had said he didn’t want Namjoon to spend even more money on him, and he also didn’t want to live away from him. When Jungkook told him the second reason, looking at him with sparkling bambi eyes, Namjoon hadn’t been able to protest, his heart melting away like butter. It was nice coming home to him after a long day at work, the boy welcoming him with warm hugs and food, sometimes even a prepared bath. The joint meals, however, sometimes were the highlights of his day.

When Taehyung appeared and became Jungkook’s mate, Namjoon had assumed they wanted to move out. When he confronted the couple about that, however, the youngest had frowned and pouted and asked him if he wanted to get rid of them that badly. A quick glance at Taehyung told Namjoon that the Alpha would have gladly had his mate all to himself, but if Namjoon already was weak to the Omega’s pout, Taehyung was absolutely helpless. There wasn’t anything left to discuss after that, so they both continued to live with him. Namjoon had never regretted anything. Hoseok, Yoongi and Jimin always had been like brothers to him, but living with the two boys, sitting together at the table or lounging together in the living room truly made Namjoon feel like he had his own little family.

The only disadvantage was that he practically was the third wheel at all times. Also, he had to invest in a pair of good earplugs to tune out their... special night time activities. Or sometimes daytime, they sure were active. It was even worse when one of them went into rut or heat, in which case he got exiled from his own home for a few days. During that time he rented a hotel room. The nice thing about being a mated Alpha-Omega pair though, is that the heats and ruts usually synch up after some time. That way he only had to deal with it around three times a year.

Sadly, Taehyung and Jungkook weren’t the only ones. For all the pills, injections and medical procedures, Namjoon’s body still had its own seasonal urges. If anything, the medications made it worse. He didn’t have regular heats, and had absolutely no signs of preheat the days before it hit fully. The positive thing was, that every heat of his lasted a maximum of two days, usually it lasted only around twelve hours. Those hours however, were filled with excruciating pain. It was like his body was rebelling against him, reminding him of his true nature and punishing him for hiding it and lying to everyone around him. The shorter his heat, the more intense it was. During heat, an Omega’s temperature usually rose two or three degrees; but Namjoon quite literally burned up and became delirious with fever. His body got way more sensitive than that of a normal Omega, to an extent where every single touch felt like a million needles pricking his skin or rough sandpaper sanding the flesh off his bones. That way, taking care of his arousal was an impossible task.
All that lead him to spend the entirety of his heat in the bathtub. He had invested in a really big and deep one where he could float around in icy cold water which only felt mildly cooling to him. A small floaty wrapped around his neck prevented him from drowning while almost unconscious, but it still was dangerous as he was alone and no one could supervise him. That way he held out all his twelve hours, praying it would be over soon. Afterwards, he’d stumble out of the bathroom, exhausted and shriveled up like a raisin, and lie down another couple of days on his bed, only nibbling on some snacks he’d store in his mini-fridge before going down into the kitchen to finally eat something warm and substantial. Jungkook and Taehyung, who would always think he’d been on his rut, would greet him energetically, and Namjoon would also have to act all chipper to mask his physical and mental exhaustion.

However, while it was difficult to hide his secret living with them he was so grateful that they were there with him, giving him a sense of domesticity.
Sitting at their dinner table and sharing the food Jungkook had so lovingly prepared reminded him of that once again.

“It’s delicious, Jungkookie”, Namjoon complimented, and Taehyung enthusiastically joined the praise. Both of them chose to not mention that it was slightly too salty- once again - since Jungkook wouldn’t notice it anyways. He’d just came from the gym and now probably craved salty food, so they just made sure he drank enough water since he tended to forget.

“Hyungie, stop trying to drown me!”, the youngest complained when Taehyung held his glass to his lips yet again.

“Oh no, you be a good boy and drink, Jungkookie. I know you forgot to, your water bottle was barely half empty when you got back home! And don’t try to convince me you re-filled it, because I know that’s a lie. That’s the third time this week, sweetheart!”

Jungkook pouted, but didn’t protest anymore. The boy had developed a passion for working out and worked hard to keep his body in top shape. After being kept soft and slim by his parents for so many years in order to be mated off to some random influential Alpha, he now fully enjoyed being in control over his looks. Taehyung sure as hell didn’t seem to mind that his Omega had more muscles than himself - quite the contrary. Namjoon saw the young Alpha checking out and fondling his mate’s bulging biceps and thighs more often than he wanted to witness.

He still smiled fondly at their antics and thought about how cute it was to see Taehyung pamper Jungkook. He shoved another spoonful into his mouth when he heard his phone ping. He frowned, knowing it was from his father because of the specific ringtone and wondered why he contacted him at almost 9pm. Still chewing he got up from the table and went to the kitchen counter where he’d left the device.

>Father< 8:43 pm
Namjoon, come to my office first thing tomorrow morning please, we have received a request from a highly respected public figure. I cannot disclose more information over text, it’s important that we discuss this matter as soon as possible.

Namjoon’s eyebrows shot up. This sure was something else, his father never wrote him the night before, no matter how important the client. Whoever this was, they were extraordinarily influential.

"What is it, hyung? You look concerned." Namjoon looked up to see Jungkook and Taehyung staring at him.

Namjoon shook his head.

"Nothing. Something big is gonna happen at the company it seems."

He resumed eating, speeding up a little because he knew he had to get to bed early. If his father was this serious he was going to need the energy and he also needed to head to work a little earlier than usual.

"Slow down, hyung", Jungkook tutted. "You'll hurt yourself".

Namjoon smiled at his dongsaeng's concern.

"Don't worry, Jungkookie". He took a last bite and then stood up to carry the empty plate to the kitchen
"I'm going to sleep early. You two don't stay up too late either, I know you have morning classes. Good night!"

"Good night, hyung!", they echoed. Jungkook even stood up and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

Namjoon chuckled and made his way to his bedroom. He changed into his pajamas, brushed his teeth and took his cocktail of pills, one after another, after another, after another. Lastly he put the syringe with his hormone injection on his bedside table, knowing he'll have to take it first thing in the morning before he went to breakfast.


Namjoon leaned against the elevator wall and gasped for air. He was late. He woke up an hour earlier and still managed to be late. Correction, Jungkook and Taehyung had managed to make him be late. The two brats apparently had had a late-night Netflix and chill marathon and today he was the one who had to barge into their room thirty minutes before they had to leave only to find them butt-naked, littered with fresh hickeys and soundly asleep, even though they both had an 8am class to attend.

Namjoon huffed in annoyance when he remembered how he had to get them out of bed even though he was the one who had to get to work early. He fanned himself with his hand. The stuffed corset he put on beneath his shirt to make his waist broader and his hips narrower itched as hell from sweating.

The elevator pinged and he got off, rushing to his father's office. When he entered he was met with three expectant looks. Well, probably more judging than expectant. He bowed deeply.

"Please excuse my tardiness, father, sunbaenims."

His father sighed. The personal secretary, Mr. Yang, and the COO, Mrs. Choi, only frowned.
Namjoon withstood the urge to roll his eyes and only stood up straighter.

"If I may ask, what is the occasion?" Straight to business.

"Right". Mr. Kim cleared his throat and handed Namjoon some documents. "What you see here is a request from possibly the most prominent and also highest paying client we will ever have the honor to work with. The current leader of the Andong Kim pack, Alpha Kim Chaehee."

A heavy silence hung in the air. Namjoon almost felt his brain blank, he couldn't think, couldn't speak. After what seemed an eternity he regained his speech and took a deep breath.

" Did… did you say Andong Kim?"

"Yes", his father simply responded.

Andong Kim. The clan Taehyung descended from. One of the few remaining noble clans and one of the two remaining shifter packs in all of South Korea. Shifters. Namjoon had, obviously, never seen one in real life. The packs who had shifters were the most reclusive ones, remained mostly only within their own family and barely went out into public. Because of their status many shifters even remained anonymous. Namjoon remembered only vaguely that he had seen the former leader of the pack, Kim Seungchul, on TV when he was small, watching him announce his retirement due to health issues and leaving the pack to his Alpha daughter. But now he would stand in front of some of them. He would work with them and be responsible for their satisfaction.

Namjoon’s head spun. This was big. This was huge.

"If you're done with your mini-crisis I would like to go into detail", his father commented dryly.

"Uh sorry, yea, of course." Namjoon cursed internally. Way to be professional. He heard the secretary snicker.

"Alright then. Alpha Kim requested from our Company the construction of a luxury villa in Gangnam. The building will be home and home office to her son, who will assume the position of the CEO of a new business they plan to launch here in Seoul. The villa should contain the most modern and efficient security system, and maximum discretion should be maintained during the entire construction process. No information concerning the client should ever be released into the public without their explicit consent and should we fail to do so the contract will be terminated immediately without any sort of further payment, no matter how far into the process we may be."

Mr. Kim paused and looked up to his three employees standing around him.

"Namjoon, you will be the one responsible for our client. You will be their contact person, they will be able to reach you at all times." Namjoon swallowed thickly and nodded. His father continued: "Mr. Yang, you will receive details by tomorrow, send out all the information to the people involved. Mrs. Choi, I will meet you today at three pm to further discuss." The two employees nodded curtly.

Mr. Kim regarded all of them with another stern look.

"That would be all, you are excused", he then concluded. Namjoon and the two Alphas bowed and left the room.

As soon as he saw his two sunbaes leave down the hallway he collapsed into a chair in front of his father's office. He still couldn't believe this was happening. He felt his heart rate pick up at the thought of working with such important individuals. Namjoon had never been one to be easily intimidated and he never backed down from a challenge. But this. This made all sorts of anxieties and insecurities act up.

"What are you doing?"

Namjoon shot up from his seat at the sound of his father's voice. He turned around and met the man's stern eyes.

"You should get back to work, we still have other clients", Mr. Kim continued.

"Ah, yes, I'm sorry. I'm still a little… shaken." Namjoon scratched his head.

"Are you nervous?", his father inquired.

"... A little", Namjoon admitted.

"That's not good. Nervousness is a sign of insecurity, and insecurity is not something we need. Too much is at stake, Namjoon."

"I know. I'm sorry." Namjoon hated how much he was apologizing today.
Mr. Kim huffed.

"I gave you this job for a reason, Namjoon. I have personally been mentoring you since you were a kid, you have been working for some time now and you already have managed numerous important clients and never failed to deliver. Don't disappoint me now."

Namjoon straightened his back.

"Yes, father. I won't."

"Good", Mr. Kim replied and turned to walk down the hallway, leaving his son behind.

Namjoon took a deep breath and returned to his own office. He would receive more information soon, but until then he had other clients and projects to attend to.

Chapter Text

When he came home in the evening, Namjoon was greeted by the delicious smell of dinner. He couldn’t suppress a happy sigh at that, he had an exhausting day. He toed of his shoes, leaving them at the entrance in whatever position they landed, let his suitcase fall onto the floor and shuffled to the living room while loosening his tie and shrugging off his jacket. When he arrived, he flopped face-down onto the couch and stayed there like a dead man.

“Oh, Namjoonie-hyung? You’re finally home! We didn’t hear you coming, we didn’t even get an ‘I’m home’ from you!”, he heard Taehyung call from the kitchen, the last part definitely said with a pout.

Namjoon only grunted into the pillow as a response. He heard footsteps nearing and then felt Taehyung’s long fingers threading through his hair.

“Alright, you stay here for a bit, Jungkookie is almost done with dinner.”

Another grunt. Taehyung giggled. The younger shuffled back into the kitchen to set the table and Namjoon turned onto his side to get more comfortable. He felt himself drowsing off into a light nap when he felt a hand gently shaking him.

“Namjoonie-hyung!” It was Jungkook. “Come on, dinner’s ready! Welcome home, by the way”

Namjoon sat up groggily and smiled at the youngest. “Hi, Jungkookie. Sorry I didn’t greet you.” He got up to follow the Omega to the table.

“So, how was Uni, kids?”, he asked as he sat down.

“It went great, dad”, Taehyung said in a mocking tone. Jungkook giggled. Namjoon grinned happily as he took his first bite.

“Seriously though, how was your day?”

“It was awesome, my modern dance instructor finally expressed something akin to praise towards me! After so long!”, Jungkook reported excitedly. He had chosen a dance career just like Jimin and Hoseok and was absolutely thriving. He was definitely the best in most of his courses and also got a lot of recognition from all the teachers, but his modern dance instructor was apparently known as a terribly strict perfectionist who almost never praised her students.

“That’s awesome Jungkookie!”, Namjoon smiled.

“If you think that’s awesome get this: Remember the next big theatre project of my faculty? Well, I got the leading role!”, Taehyung announced proudly. The young Alpha was pursuing an acting career, specifically in stage acting since he also loved to sing and dance.

“Ahh both of my boys are doing so well!” Namjoon exclaimed exaggeratedly, wiping mock tears from his eyes. The two younger laughed and he found himself joining in soon.

“How about you, though, hyung?”, Jungkook asked when they sobered up. “How was work?”

Being reminded of his long day, Namjoon could only give a tired smile.

“Ahh well... Shitton of paperwork, nitpicking clients and also a scolding from my dad. Not one of my best days, to be honest.”

“Your dad?! Oh that’s right, you had to go and see him today! O my God, please tell us about that special client!!”, Taehyung exclaimed.

“Ah, hyung, stop that! Namjoonie-hyung had a hard day and you’re bombarding him with questions”, Jungkook scolded his mate.

“...Sorry”, Taehyung mumbled sheepishly, scratching his head.

“It’s okay, Taehyungie. To be honest, I don’t think I can tell you much about our client. We really need to keep it secret. Otherwise there’ll be an avalanche of media and reporters and whatnot.”

“Whoah, that important?” Taehyung’s eyes were so big, they were almost bulging out of their sockets. “Is it an actor? A politician? A-”

“Hyung, shut it”, Jungkook interrupted again. The Alpha pouted, but didn’t continue.

Namjoon couldn’t suppress an affectionate giggle. He didn’t plan on saying more, but then something came to his mind.

The Andong-Kim clan. The same clan Taehyung’s great-grandmother came from.

Namjoon battled with himself. He could tell them. He knew both of them could keep the secret, but it was still risky. Taehyung deserved to know that Namjoon would soon come in contact with his distant family, but on the other hand he didn’t know how that would benefit him. He could introduce the young Alpha, maybe? But what if the clients turned out to be stuck up asses? He would definitely not want to bring Taehyung anywhere near them. Also, how would he even introduce them? ‘Hey, there’s a kid living with me who’s distantly related to you, you wanna meet him?’ No, no, that definitely wouldn’t be the best idea, these were clients and he would be in a strictly professional relationship with them-

Namjoon’s head snapped up to find both of them staring at him.

“Ahh, sorry, I was thinking”

“Yeah, we kinda noticed. Your head was almost steaming”, Jungkook giggled.

Namjoon smiled sheepishly.

“Well uhm...I was thinking if I should tell you. I don’t know.”

“You don’t have to, hyung”, Taehyung said softly.

“I know, but… I think it’s important you know”, Namjoon answered, looking into the young Alpha’s eyes.

“Me?” Taehyung gawked.

Namjoon took a deep breath before continuing, making up his mind.

“Well, see...our clients are shifters”. He almost whispered the last word.

“WHAT?”, the two young ones shouted. Namjoon nodded and then looked at Taehyung.

“More specifically, the Andong-Kim shifters.”

Jungkook gasped loudly while Taehyung just stared, not making a single sound.

“...Hyung.”, he choked out after a while. “Hyung, does that mean that I get to meet them?”

“I don’t know, Taehyungie”, Namjoon smiled sadly. “I’m not sure how they’re going to be and if I’m able to convince them to meet you. You know how secretive shifters are, how they barely interact with outsiders. I...I just thought I should tell you. And, if there’s any possibility, I will try.” Namjoon patted his friend’s head and then stood up.

“Thank you for dinner, Jungkookie, it was delicious!”, he told the boy, who still hadn’t snapped out of it.

“Oh! Yeah, I’m glad you liked it, hyung!”, he laughed shyly after blinking the confusion away. “Not too much salt today, right?” A bunny grin spread across his face when he regained his composure.

“Yes Kook, not too much salt”, Namjoon chuckled. He helped clear the table and put the dishes away into the dishwasher. Meanwhile Taehyung cleaned the pots and pans quietly with a pensive look on his face. Namjoon dried his hands and went over to the Alpha to rub his back.

“You okay there, bud?”, he asked softly. Jungkook also finished putting the last plates away and made his way over to them, slinging his arms around his mate and laying his chin on the elder’s shoulder. Taehyung hummed quietly.

“This is just a lot, you know?”, he mumbled. “My relatives are coming to Seoul. People I never thought I would meet, people I probably won’t be able to meet even though they’re so close. I really don’t know how to feel about all of this. Maybe I’m thinking too much. Maybe I shouldn’t even think about meeting them, right? After all, my great-grandma was cast out. They’re not even family anymore, as far as I’m concerned”. Namjoon could see he was downplaying all of it.

“Hey, no. This is important. They are your relatives! They- what they are is engraved into your genes and you still have some abilities. Your origins lie in that clan and meeting them could bring clarity, wouldn’t it?”, Namjoon urged.

“Well, I don’t know. I’ve managed well until now, my instincts aren’t that strong. Mating with Jungkookie wasn’t a problem either, and that’s the strongest my wolf ever reacted”, Taehyung retorted.

“But it still would be great, I think”, Jungkook interjected. “Talking about it with someone who understands. Or someone you could explore how far your instincts go with, maybe you have more abilities that you think! Maybe someone who can explain how this whole instinct-resurfacing thing works? Your said your mom didn’t have any special traits left and your dad isn’t a shifter either, so it would be interesting to know why you have a deeper connection with your wolf, if there even is any explanation. Or, maybe, just to have someone who can be your family again.” He said the last part very softly.

Taehyung smiled at his mate and kissed his forehead gently.

“You are my family now, baby”, he mumbled and then looked up at Namjoon, who had to physically restrain himself from cooing at the adorable display in front of him. “You too, hyung. And also Jiminnie and Yoongi-hyung and Hoseokie-hyung. I have you guys now.” This time Namjoon couldn’t help but coo and put his arms around both of them.

“Whatever happens, happens, then”, he decided. The younger only hummed in agreement.

But inwardly, he had already made up his mind: Namjoon was going to get close to his client, whatever may come. For Taehyung.