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Sweet coffee

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 Hoseok plodded along the uneven pavement, body exhausted and muscles sore. The 5 am sunlight barely seeping through the tall skyscrapers of New York City. His body uncomfortably warm in his soley black attire. A thick black trench coat with jeans and chunky lace up boots. To top it all off a black face mask and baseball cap concealing his brightly coloured red locks. Something commonly associated with a serial killer the outfit did harbour him the generous amount of glares but it was highly necessary. It was either that or being mobbed by screaming girls and the latter always never worth the trouble. Of course he loved his fans and their excitement. he preferred it saved for organised events that were in a safe environment for everyone involved. 


He could really do with a caffeine boost after his all nighter spent at the studio rehearsing for his next show. He was part of a rapping trio named ACTION who had received quite the rise in popularity when a video of them in their practice room had gone viral. Each concert since then selling out rapidly and the venues catering for more and more fans each weekend. so when their manager had heard the rumours of Hoseok's dancing abilities he wasted no time in requesting the bubbly boy to prepare a dance solo for the next show. Yes he had dabbled in street dance when he was younger but that was years ago and he needed a lot of practice if he would be ready for a crowd. 


He found himself outside a small cafe dubbed 'kosys' he peered through the dimly lit niche before his gaze fixated on a pink haired charubic boy pottering around the establishment. A slight hop to his step as he set the tables accordingly and placed some of the fresh baked goods into the case. His dainty body adorned in a white dress shirt layered with a cream knitted pull over that had adorable pink accents on the hem and sleeves. A small embroidered strawberry situated just were his heart resided. He wore black trousers that fit his legs perfectly fashionably exposing an inch or so of his ankles. Finally a baby blue apron to protect the outfit from any spillages. The epitome of innocence. Hoseok found himself wondering how someone could look so cute yet so smart at the same time. 




His thoughts were Interrupted by the fumbling of the door handle. A small hand raised just in front of his face. The pink haired boy stood quietly in front of the man before ushering him inside. The aroma of coffee beans and baked goods that enriched the air paired with comforting tunes emitting from the well-ly camouflaged speakers relaxed the man. 


"you must be boiling in that coat sir feel free to hang it up." the boy said signalling towards the hat rack that was situated near the entrance. Hoseok smiled realising it was the first time the boy had spoke, his voice soft just how he had imagined. He freed himself from the restricting jacket and hesitantly removed his hat and face mask. He glanced over to the boy almost expecting some sort of reaction. the band had received a lot of screen time on the news and it was very rare of people their age to not know of his existence. Though the boy just giggled before mumbling. "red." hoseok knew the boy was referring to the blinding red that he had recently died his previously black hair. Feeling slightly self conscious in the younger gaze. "I like your hair mister." 




"hoseok" he muttered earning a sound of confusion emitting the boys mouth. "I'm hoseok." he grinned happily extending a hand to conclude the formal introduction. The innocent boy reluctantly accepted the hand shaking it delicately causing Hoseok's heart to flutter because this boy was so damn cute. 


"jimin." he responded before guiding him to a small table in the heart of the establishment. Hoseok sat on one of the navy blue suede seats that could be found scattered throughout the place. He grabbed a menu from the centre of the oak table scanning for anything of interest. Opting for a simple warmly brewed coffee as he couldn't think of anything else which would provide him the energy he desired. 


Within a few minutes of admiring the art and decor the cafe had to offer jimin stood professionally in front of Hoseok. Small notebook in one hand and pink feathered pen in the other. Hoseok chuckled a hearty laugh at the boys attempt of sophistication which was easily demolished by his choice in writing utensil. 


"ill have your finest coffee please." Hoseok spoke in a faux posh accent admiring the boy as he scribbled the incredibly simple order into his notebook. Hoseok tried to envision the younger handwriting. He imagined it to he immaculately neat possibly with little hearts in replacement for the dots on top of his 'i' s'. Jimin scurried off behind the counter and began making the drink. His face scrunched in what hoseok presumed was concentration resembled that of a chipmunk. The quiet hum of the coffee machine flowed through the air. And as if by magic seconds later the boy re-appeared in front of Hoseok. 


"our finest coffee." jimin announced proudly placing down the cup and saucer onto the table. 

"and a special gift." he revealed what he had been previously hiding behind his back as another tea plate sporting a delicious smelling chocolate chip cookie. 

"it's a new recipe I've been working on you'll be the very first person to try it." "well apart from me." jimin hastily added on the end. "don't worry you don't have to pay for it." face flushed. Jimin stumbled back to his work station trying to look busy whilst peaking at hoseok desperate for his approval on both the coffee and the cookie. 


Hoseok took a sip of his coffee and smiled warmly. It tasted sweet. Which came to no surprise when he thought about the younger boys cotton candy like personality. He found himself unsure of whether the coffee was sweet due to copious amounts of sugar or his preferred theory that everything the small boy touched turned sweet. Whatever it was he found the honey like substance addictive and gulped it down like he was dying of dehydration. Savouring the taste as it slid down his throat. 


Gently placing the mug down his stomach grumbled at the sight of the cookie on the adjacent plate. He had never been a lover of sweet things but the sheer fact that the younger had probably poured his heart and soul into making sure the cookie was absolutely perfect made the treat so tempting. It was still warm when he took his first bite crumbling effortlessly. He finished it within a few bites patting his stomach contently. 


He sat happily absorbing the atmosphere as jimin came over to clear his plates. Grinning expectantly. 

"that cookie was the most delicious thing I've ever tasted." Hoseok praised the boy who was now gleaming. "and that coffee was almost as sweet as you." the poor boy was now blushing furiously. 


Hoseok stood up and began to gather his things as the stunned boy stood frozen unsure of how to react. Hoseok pulled on his jacket, and slid on his cap. Looping one side of the face mask before turning back to jimin and whispering. 

"I forgot my wallet. I guess I'll just have to come here again."