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The Soldier Dreams

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“Sergeant Barnes.”

“Huh?” he snapped out of the fog in his head.

“What do you think, Sergeant Barnes?”

“About what?” He’d messed up, probably. He’d already messed up a few times since being discharged from the infirmary into these temporary quarters. He cleared his throat and shook his head lightly. “ Ma’am. About what, Ma’am?”

Miss Carter was sharper than the perfect curve of her judgemental eyebrow, which she arched at him now. The universal language of any woman making that face meant bad news. If they had been in Brooklyn, standing outside a bar or a dance hall, Bucky would expect a slap to the cheek.

Instead, Miss Carter leveled him with a stern look, and his mind shouted at him to maintain his composure. “Are you going to join the squad,” she asked, cool and collected, drumming her short nails against the tabletop, “or not?” Miss Carter sighed and scooted up onto the surface of the table, crossing her legs almost casually.

Bucky bit the inside of his lip because, well, what a set of gams, smooth, pale, and strong. He clenched one fist and released it, pointedly not looking up at her slightly unbuttoned green jacket, not wanting to stare at the movement of her ample bosom--but holy hell, it had been a long time since he’d laid eyes on a woman like this one. Then he remembered he still hadn’t answered her question. He inhaled to speak, but was stopped again.

“Honestly, Sergeant, you could go home if you wanted. The SSR wouldn’t fault you at all. The ordeal you’ve been through, the circumstances were just,” she swallowed almost audibly, “harrowing. You could return to New York, be with your family. Ste-- Captain Rogers informs me you have younger siblings and your parents waiting for you.”

Miss Carter leaned forward, dropping her voice conspiratorially. “Between us, Sergeant Barnes, I believe your knowledge and skills would be nothing short of an asset to the team if you stay. I would personally make sure Colonel Phillips makes it worth your while. Double your pension when this is all over.”

Bucky wrung his hands, and words automatically left his mouth. “What did Steve say?”

Miss Carter smirked, shuffling off the top of the table. She walked up to Bucky and slid a soft, cool hand under his chin. He allowed her to tilt his face down so his eyes locked with her golden brown stare. He felt so small under the powerful current of her attention. “I didn’t ask him, Sergeant. He told me to speak with you, to get you in. Said you were his right-hand man. Said you are the only one he’d trust to fight by his side.”

Bucky’s blank face melted into a frown, despite Miss Carter’s sure hand tethering him to the world. “Little bastard,” he muttered. Peggy’s eyebrow shot upward. Bucky realized he’d broken decorum yet again, probably the dozenth time since getting back to camp. “If you only knew all the trouble he’s gotten me into over the years. Uh, Ma’am.”

“So you’ll be joining then?” The corners of Miss Carter’s mouth turned up, not quite yet a smile.

“What choice do I have?” Bucky shook his head gently. “He’s...we’re…” He chose to very un-professionally sit on his hands and not finish his train of thought. He wasn’t about to disclose how he really felt about Steve--he’d have sooner run back to Azzano without a weapon.

Miss Carter leaned in and touched both sides of Bucky’s face. Bucky froze in shock, but the physical contact was enough to elicit a tantalizing shiver up his spine. “I know, darling,” she purred in his ear, her voice syrupy-rich, almost a whisper. “He’s told me everything, James.” Before Bucky could close his suddenly gaping mouth, Agent Carter added, “As I may have mentioned before, you and I have a mutual interest at heart here.”

She stood up straight and took a step away, pulling her cool, authoritative demeanor back on like a comfortable house-dress. She smoothed out the front of her skirt. “It’s ultimately your choice, Barnes, but the Captain and I would both be most pleased if you bring your talents to the SSR.” Both of her eyebrows were raised, awaiting an answer.

“I’ll do it, Ma’am. I’ll join your team. I want to stay,” he conceded as his heart began to leap around like a frightened rabbit. Bucky’s chest began to heave. He felt like he couldn’t breathe in, not enough. He balled his hands at his sides, and his brain registered that Bucky was ready to throw punches, fire a gun, anything for a fight. His voice came out thinly as he declared to Agent Carter, “I want to kill every last one of those HYDRA sons-of-bitches.”

His skin itched, and he clenched his teeth.

He didn’t say: Steve is going to need as many of us as he can get, because I know death doesn’t rank high on the list of things Steve cares to avoid.

He didn’t say: I would pound on the gates of Hell to get Steve Rogers back, just like he would for me. And now I definitely owe him one.





“Buck?” Steve’s voice came from outside the flap of the tent.

“Go ‘way, Stevie.”

“I talked to Peggy. She told me you’re not going back to Brooklyn.”

Bucky called out, “Last I checked, there’s still a war on,” then rolled over on his bedroll, putting his back to the tent flap. “I ain’t leaving the job unfinished. Miss Carter knows that.”

“She’s Agent Carter, Bucky. Better make sure you get it right.” Silence for a beat. Two beats. Then, quietly from outside: “Can I come in?”

Bucky breathed a dramatically long sigh, just to bother Steve, then answered, “Yeah. Okay.”

He heard the sound of canvas being displaced, and Steve’s heavy-booted footsteps. Bucky hadn’t planned to leave his bedroll until morning. Something plopped to the ground, softly. “Brought you some new clothes,” Steve said, “for the morning. Standard Sergeant’s uniform. I think it’s your size.”

“Mmph,” Bucky acknowledged to the crook of his elbow, slung over his face.There was a metallic clink of the tent lantern being picked up and extinguished. “What if I wanted a night light, Rogers?”

There was a hint of heartsickness in Steve’s voice when he said, “Didn’t think you got scared of the dark, Buck. That was always me,” and huffed out a humorless laugh.

Bucky didn’t say what came to mind immediately, which was that he didn’t feel scared knowing Steve was close by, even though this giant, sturdy new Steve still looked like a stranger for the most part. He moved differently. He angled his shoulders all wrong--they were always too straight. Steve now looked down to look into Bucky’s eyes. For the first time in who knew how long, Bucky felt small. If he turned around, Bucky felt certain he’d see helplessness coming for him. He made the decision to continue facing forward.

“C’mon, pal,” familiar, nearly unchanged fingers brushed at the small of Bucky’s back. Steve always had hands that seemed too large for the rest of him. Now they were sturdier and warmer. “Make room?”

Bucky scooted begrudgingly. “They’ll find you in here,” he grumbled at Steve.

“The lights are out in the whole camp,” Steve whispered, his breath tickling Bucky’s ear.

Overwarm, solid arms wrapped around Bucky’s body. He breathed in deep, settling himself. After a few moments of quiet, Bucky couldn’t contain himself anymore. “She told me it was my choice to go home. If I wanted.”

There was a pregnant pause between Steve’s inhale and his words. “And you didn’t want to?” Steve’s hand petted absently against Bucky’s filthy, greyed undershirt, then he fisted a handful of the thin fabric. “It’s a hell of an offer, Buck. You could go back, help your Ma, take care of your sisters.”

Bucky flinched. “You know my choice, Rogers. You already brought me the fuckin’ uniform. You want me on your six, just like back home, and I’m damn sure you’ll get yourself killed without me. Me being here drastically increases the odds that we’ll both make it home.” Once the words were out of his mouth, Bucky realized he hadn’t added alive to the end of his sentence.

Steve began to pull away, but Bucky reached behind to tug his body closer. Steve took a hitching breath, like his chest was suddenly tight. Bucky guided Steve’s arm around him again and glanced over his shoulder for any signs of movement outside of the tent. Steve had tied everything down tightly so no one else could see inside. Bucky laced their fingers together. “Stevie,” he whispered, low, knowing Steve’s new miracle body would pick up the faintest sounds he could make, “you remember the night I shipped out?”

Steve hummed affirmatively, his chest vibrating at Bucky’s back. “And I put on your jacket?”

“Heh, yeah.” Bucky managed a smile at the memory. “But you remember what you said? Before we, uh--” he scoffed, cheeks growing warm.

Steve squeezed him. “That they should send me with you, so we could have each other’s backs. That Barnes and Rogers were a force to be reckoned with.”

Bucky squeezed Steve’s hand, hard as he possibly could. “And now you’re here, and I’m not gonna fuckin’ leave you here, alone, charging into whatever burning shitholes you find without any backup.” He chuckled, amused at how familiar this all felt.

“For the record, you jerk, that’s the first shithole I ever charged, and it wasn’t burning when I got there,” Steve defended with a cocky turn to his voice. Bucky tried to elbow him in the ribs, but Steve caught his arm. He pressed his face against the back of Bucky’s neck and inhaled, planting a delicate kiss to his hairline.

Bucky wriggled until he was face-to-face with his best guy. Steve beamed, and Bucky could still make out every detail in the darkened tent. He slid his hands under the collar of Steve’s green uniform jacket, working downward to feel the new strength of Steve’s chest. He pressed forward into Bucky’s touch. “I still don’t think green is your color, Stevie.” Bucky smirked, fond. “Always looked best in blue.”

A quiet rumble of a laugh shook Steve’s body, then he leaned in to capture Bucky’s mouth in a kiss, soft then deep. It stole Bucky’s breath, and he loved it.




The moon had been uncharacteristically bright over Brooklyn that night. It lit the bedroom through the sheer drapes, and Steve’s skin glowed with the soft light around it. Bucky threw his head back against the pillow, biting his own fist to keep from being too noisy. Steve’s lithe little body undulated, all sinew and defined ribs, with Bucky’s cock seated fully inside him. God , he always made this so good , but this was different. Special, maybe too sad if Bucky allowed himself to think too hard on it.

But rational thoughts outside of this moment seemed like distant dreams.

Steve was beautiful like this, wrecked with lust, long-fingered hands gliding over his own torso, playing with his own nipples, palming at his half-hard cock. It wasn’t anything new to Bucky, but it was always one of his favorite things to see.

This night, however, was definitely different from the usual. 


Bucky knew something was happening when he’d hustled back from the dance hall, and Steve was pacing the floor of the apartment, shirtless, with the lights out. "You waited up for me, punk? I didn't know you cared," Bucky slurred, a little tipsy from his neighborhood buddies buying him bourbon, a little heady from twirling too many girls on the dance floor, just in case he'd never see another woman again. He threw his jacket over Sarah Rogers' old rocking chair.

"Don't ruin this, jerk," said Steve, more quiet and stern than usual. "Been waiting for you for too long already." Bucky poured himself a glass of water from a pitcher Steve had left on the counter all day and smiled at his best guy. Steve very deliberately looked Bucky up and down, licking his lips. Then he very deliberately unbuttoned the top button of his pants. "I thought I'd surprise you," he said, his voice gone reedy. "I got ready for ya and everything. But I think I'm gonna do one more thing."

Steve strutted to the rocking chair where he robed himself in Bucky’s new Army uniform jacket, slight beneath the structured wool shoulders. Steve looked entirely ridiculous if you ignored his face. Bucky figured he could fit three Steves in the uniform jacket alone, maybe two more in the pants. The sleeves flopped past his hands like Dopey from Snow White. Bucky knew not to say anything.

“Don’t get anything on it,” Bucky said. “They’ll have my ass over it.”

Steve smirked, swaying back and forth, a little drunk in the green coat. "I'll have your ass over it first, handsome."  

Steve was a feral creature. When he put his mind to it and set his small jaw, Steve looked downright dangerous . It usually preceded a terrible idea, but that night, Bucky was caught by it. By him . This tiny predatory thing that wasn’t going to let him go until he’d devoured exactly what he desired. Bucky's pulse hammered.

“M’not gonna dirty it, sweetheart,” Steve purred, crowding his small frame up against Bucky next to the bed. “Unless you do it first, but you wouldn’t. You’re such a good boy, after all.” Steve reached up and scratched at the back of Bucky’s neck. “I just thought I’d roll around in it a little. Make sure it smells like me when you get on that boat tomorrow.” Steve somehow shimmied his arms so the sleeves fell down toward his pointy elbows. He reached up on tiptoe, threaded both hands roughly into Bucky’s hair, yanked his head down, and kissed him breathless.

Then, for all the weight Bucky had on his fella, Steve managed to topple Bucky onto the mattress, and roll around they did. Steve didn’t have much to say. He never was a talker in bed when he was determined. Time moved impossibly slowly and too fast at the same time as they slowly peeled each other out of their clothes, hands and mouths and tongues everywhere.

A last night’s act of desperation.

Steve, straddling Bucky’s hips, leapt forward and pinned Bucky’s wrists over his head. “Don’t. Fucking. Move,” he gritted out, concave chest heaving. Steve hopped off the bed, grabbed Bucky’s uniform jacket, and shrugged it back on.

“Stevie, what are you--”

“Shush, you.” Steve bit out, his voice cracking in the middle of the command. “And give me a hand? Already said, I got ready before you came home.” He teased the tip of Bucky’s dick with his fingers, spreading all the pre-cum leaking there down his shaft. Bucky steadied himself at the base so Steve could line his hole up. Steve, clad in only the uniform jacket, let out a small cry as he impatiently sunk down onto Bucky’s cock.

His face contorted at the stretch, but then the floodgates of Steve’s mouth crashed open as he slowly began to move his hips, little-by-little. “Wanna feel this, Buck. Wanna feel you in me for days. Want you sore all the way to Europe, you understand?” The slow, slickened drag of Steve all around him made Bucky moan and grasp at Steve’s thin thighs. Steve echoed his pleasure. “So good inside me like this, Buck. And your face-- unh, unh --God, you should see your pretty face right now. Wanna always remember you like this, sweetheart.” Steve began to pant more desperately and leaned back. The uniform jacket slid down off his shoulders, pooling behind him against Bucky’s knees. He shifted up and down, trying to set a brutal pace, but something seemed off.

Steve slowed his movements and pulled the jacket back up around himself, cocooning his slight frame. Sweat was glistening at his temples, strands of his golden hair plastered to his skin. The hint of a wheeze had made its way into his breathing. Bucky began to worry he was over-exerting himself. Steve hugged the body of the jacket around himself and stilled. His long eyelashes rested atop his sharp cheekbones as he gently closed his eyes. When Steve opened them again, they were watery. He blinked too many times. He sniffled.

Bucky reached up to touch Steve’s cheek, ever-so-gently, and Steve actually let him. None of his usual don’t treat me like a china doll, Buck, I like it like this attitude. A tear slipped down and splashed against Bucky’s hand. “Steve--”

Steve inhaled sharply and yanked the jacket off himself, tossing it to the floor. He spoke almost in a whisper, adjusting so Bucky slipped out of him.

“I know that look, you dumb punk, just fucking talk to me,” Bucky pleaded.

Steve slid up Bucky’s body, straddling his stomach, just sitting. He hunched a little to look Bucky straight in the eye. He wiped at his own eyes ferociously, then landed a solid punch into the pillow next to Bucky’s head. “I got no less of a right than anybody else,” he muttered. “I should be going with you.” Bucky just looked at Steve, not sure what to say or do next.

Steve let out an angry grunt, beat his fists against Bucky’s chest, and shouted, “Why can’t I go with you? I should be going with you! Don’t leave me here alone, Bucky.” Steve began to sob and his entire body shook, his hands now resting, limp and defeated, at Bucky’s shoulders. “Please don’t leave me. You’re all I have.”

Bucky reached up and pulled Steve down against him, wrapping the small man in his arms. He rocked him gently as Steve broke down completely. “You’re all I have left, Buck,” Steve whispered, his voice catching. “If you don’t come back, what the hell am I supposed to do?”

Tears dripped onto Bucky’s collarbone. He kissed the top of Steve’s head, then swallowed hard. For once, Bucky was completely speechless. His lungs were tight, heart squeezing.

Bucky had been trying, all day, all night, through the scrape behind the movie theater, during the failed double date at the Stark Expo, to choke down the fear of going to war. He was going to fight, and he was going to make it back home to Steve, his family, and Brooklyn in one piece--or at least that’s what he’d been repeating in his mind ever since basic training.

If Bucky dwelled on the potential finality of his serving overseas, well--he would simply stop thinking about it. He would be there, fighting for what was right. It was a much grander, deadlier scale than fighting some back-alley hooligan trying to rough up a dame, a Jew, or a little guy, but Bucky’s guiding sense of right and wrong made it easier to join the fight. 

But a battlefront in Europe or the South Pacific was no place for Steve Rogers, because it barely seemed like a place for Bucky Barnes.

After several beats of silence, Bucky loosened his grip on Steve. Steve maneuvered around on the tiny mattress and settled with his head on Bucky’s chest. “Sorry, Buck,” he mumbled. “Don’t know what came over me there.” He began to draw soft, lazy circles on Bucky’s skin with his index finger.

“It’s okay,” Bucky soothed with a small smile. “You shouldn’t worry about me. I’m a tough bastard. Best sharpshooter from training, too. Bet I can shoot Hitler and get home in time for your birthday.”

“Shut up,” said Steve, shoving Bucky’s shoulder.

“You’re gonna miss my golden voice yammering on all day.” Bucky smirked, then pulled Steve over for a kiss that began furtively and turned into something passionately soft. The room and the whole world dissolved away, until all that was left was Steve, sweet and pliant under his touch, and Bucky’s own pulse. Was this what it was meant to feel like when you find a soulmate? They limited their touch to each other’s faces for a long time, until Bucky’s hands slid softly down Steve’s back. Steve arched his body against Bucky’s, silent and needy.

They abandoned the frantic pace Steve had set earlier. Bucky focused on memorizing every movement Steve made, every perfect freckle on his slight frame, the way each individual vertebra of his curved spine felt beneath his wandering fingertips. Eventually, he slid into Steve from behind, holding him as close as he possibly could, entering him with languorous strokes that made his entire body shudder. Steve was not one to be this vulnerable; he hardly ever let Bucky make love to him.

When they exhausted themselves, Steve curled up to Bucky’s side. Bucky thought he heard Steve mutter something as he fell asleep there, his face nearly in Bucky’s sweaty armpit. It didn’t sound quite like the words Bucky hoped for, but it sounded fond all the same.

Around one in the morning, Bucky jolted awake to Steve’s teeth clamped on his neck and Steve’s erection pressing against his hip. “I didn’t get to finish earlier,” he grumbled, digging his blunt little fingernails into Bucky’s pec.

Bucky gasped and tried to hide how giddy he felt. He loved this little firecracker so much. This was the Stevie he usually had in bed with him--clever, tricky, a little sweet, and desperate to be in charge. Bucky heard the tin lid of the Vaseline container hit the floorboards, then felt Steve’s long artists’ fingers sliding down the cleft of his ass, carefully spreading slick over his hole.

“I told you, Buck,” Steve growled, ”want you to feel it all the way to Europe. Gonna ache for me until I can get to you over there.” Without warning, Steve's finger slid inside of Bucky, past the knuckles.

“Oh god, Stevie,” Bucky gritted out through his teeth, “‘M yours, Stevie. All yours. Always have been. Take me. Please.” His breath caught in his throat as he surrendered.

And as the night wore on, Steve emptied into Bucky, Bucky emptied into Steve--they gave each other everything, eventually collapsing, tear-stained and sweaty, into each other’s arms.



“Captain Rogers, I wanted to have a word, is now a bad--”

Agent Peggy Carter of the SSR stood in the open door in her pressed green uniform, a look of utter shock on her face. Until this moment, Bucky hadn’t thought it was possible for this woman to show any feelings beyond a poised confidence, “Time?”

She visibly swallowed, closing the door behind her as she stepped into the room. A pretty flush bloomed on her cheeks. She pressed her red lips together and straightened her jacket. “Forgive me, gentlemen, I didn’t realize,” Peggy stated, matter-of-fact.

Steve moved one of his hands from Bucky’s waist and gestured at the door. Bucky thought she would turn and walk out, but Steve then said, “No, no, it’s fine,” with one corner of his mouth turned up in a challenge. Peggy immediately turned, clicked the lock closed, and started toward them.

“Uh, Steve?” Bucky asked, recognizing the now-large Steve’s posture as one bent arm away from a fighting stance. Bucky’s eyes darted between Peggy, Steve (who wasn’t taking his hands off Bucky’s body), and his discarded shirt on the mattress.

“Stay still, Buck,” Steve whispered in response, his voice still sex-soaked, low and ragged. “Wait right there.” Steve nudged Bucky back to sit down on the edge of the bed. Bucky moved to shrug his uniform shirt back onto his shoulders. “Sargeant,” the Captain ordered, “I didn’t say get dressed.”

Bucky looked up at Steve, beginning to mouth “What are you doing?” but Steve’s focus had turned to Agent Carter, who was removing her shoes.

“Captain,” she said, looking Steve up and down. “Do you mind if I…?”

“Of course not,” Steve replied with a confidence Bucky had never heard outside of their apartment before the war, when the shades were drawn, the door was locked, and at least one of them wasn’t fully dressed. His skin heated up as he wondered what Steve was trying to pull here.

Agent Carter crossed between Steve and Bucky, languorously shifting her hips in her fitted uniform skirt. She peeled off her matching jacket, neatly folding it in half. Just as she had the day Bucky arrived at camp, she gripped the bottom of his jaw and turned his face upward. “Sargeant, hold this please.” Unlike that day, Peggy’s thumb came up to stroke Bucky’s lips once, twice. Bucky held out his hands, and she laid the jacket over them. Her voice turned to warm honey. “Now there’s a good lad.” Her sharply angled eyebrows arched at him as he complied.

Steve blushed down his neck, the pink disappearing below his tightly fitted vest. Peggy turned to him with an assessing eye and a lipstick smirk. “Don’t you two make the prettiest picture. You’re as flustered as young boys who just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.”

Steve straightened and placed a hand on his hip. “Peggy, you know we’re--”

“My darling, of course I do.” She pulled a hairpin out from her curls, tossing some of her near-auburn hair over her shoulder. Bucky couldn’t help but smirk. He’d always picked up on flirtation much faster than Steve. Peggy stood before Steve, reached her hands up to rest on his pecs, and giggled. “Oh, Steve, you know nothing of seduction, do you? You sweet angel boy.”

Bucky’s smirk became a grin as Peggy turned to look at him. Then he laughed aloud.

“You got somethin’ you wanna say, Buck?” Steve was near-crimson at this point.

“Yeah,” Bucky said. “They turned you into some kinda Adonis, and it still can’t fix your capacity for flirtation. I tried, Pegs. I tried teachin’ him since 1932.”

“I haven’t heard any complaints from you about my technique,” Steve fired back at him, playfully but still embarrassed. Just then, Peggy kissed him, which prevented him from saying anything else that was stupid.

Bucky’s fingers curled into Peggy’s jacket, which he was still holding up in the air as if to present an offering. He thought to drop it on the floor, or place it on the desk, but he had been given an order. He licked his lips as a thrill shivered up his spine. He heard Steve hum as Peggy’s hand slid into his hair, their kiss deepening. Bucky had never had the privilege of watching Steve kiss anyone else this way. His cock stirred with interest.

“Oh Lord, but I am rather tired,” Peggy stretched, pushing Steve away and against the edge of the bed. It had been ages since any of them had seen a hotel room, even if part of the hotel had taken some battle damage. “Barnes.”

“Yes, ma’am?” Bucky responded quickly, shifting a little in a poor attempt to hide his growing erection.

“Be a dear and hang up my jacket. I’m going to get more comfortable, and I suggest you do the same.” Those full red lips formed a seductive smile as she looked between Bucky and Steve. She peeled off her skirt, leaving her in her underthings. Bucky hurriedly draped her jacket over a hanger and stripped himself of his remaining clothes. Peggy snapped her fingers. “Oh, really, Steven, you can get undressed too. Don’t just stand there all agog; it’s unbecoming of a Captain.”

Bucky glanced at Steve. Steve wrung his hands and looked at Bucky, his face still flushed.


“Yes, ma’am,” chorused Bucky and Steve.

Peggy laughed, a sound like music. “Aren’t you both so eager?” She was reclined in the center of the bed, leaning back on her arms. Her incredible legs were on full display, crossed at the ankle and still covered in stockings that ended in a tantalizing line on each milky thigh. Her underthings were plain and practical, but god, it had been so long since Bucky had seen any woman even half as gorgeous as Agent Peggy Carter. “Both of you, just waiting for your instructions.”

“Uhm, well, I--” Steve eloquently attempted.

Peggy laughed again, waving a hand in the air. “Oh goodness, why is it always the most beautiful men who have the least to say at times like these?”

Bucky ate it up. He always had; dishing it out or taking it, a good-natured verbal teasing in the bedroom turned him on. He attempted to fire back. “Blood flow, ma’am. It diverts away from the brain.”

“Hmm, I suppose it does,” Peggy responded, thoughtful. “As I said, I’ve had a long day, and I’m really quite tired. How about you two kiss each other, and then I won’t need to hear you talk about anything at all?”

Bucky blinked and looked at Steve, who was already on the move. And didn’t his Stevie love nothing more than a good challenge? When Steve’s hands clasped together behind Bucky’s neck, Bucky noticed that fire in his eyes. Their mouths crashed together, and they made out for what felt like an eternity.

“Very nice work, lads,” Peggy chimed in. “Really lovely. But I’m a bit cold over here by myself.”

Steve and Bucky pulled apart and grinned at each other. Steve went on Peggy’s right, and Bucky went to the left. They both pressed up close to her soft skin, trailing gentle touches down her arms, across her breasts and hips.

Peggy took a deep breath and spoke candidly. “Steve. James. I already said I’m quite exhausted, so I’m going to say this now--”

“I can leave if you’d like, ma’am, give you and Steve some privacy,” said Bucky, at the same time as Steve said, “Pegs, I’m sorry, but I could’ve swore I told you I wanted to be alone with Buck tonight and--”

Peggy smacked both of their heads simultaneously. “Why do men think they can always talk over women? One of these days, when I’m feeling more frisky, you’re both going to discuss that with me in a much more intimate manner.” Steve and Bucky both turned bright pink. “What I was trying to say,” Peggy rolled her eyes, sighed, and continued, “is that I think your devotion to each other, your love for each other, is beautiful.” She began to pet both soldiers’ hair. “I can only hope that someone will love me that fiercely one day.”

Bucky blinked in surprise as Steve reached for his hand and clasped their fingers together over Peggy’s belly. Peggy covered their hands with one of her own. “I helped Steve get to you. I made it possible for James to stay. And you’re both just--” Peggy yawned and shook out her curls, “--you’re both puzzle pieces that fit. And maybe you’ll find I fit the puzzle too, or maybe I won’t. But I believe that I love you both. I will do everything in my power to protect you.”

Bucky, speechless, leaned in and kissed Peggy on the cheek.

“Peggy, I don’t know what to say,” responded Steve.

“I told you already,” Peggy grinned wolfishly in Bucky’s direction, and he immediately knew where this was headed. “I’m tired of hearing men talking all day. Now hush, Steven, and go back to kissing James so I can enjoy my evening’s rest-and-relaxation!”

Steve looked at Bucky, somewhat stunned, while Bucky simply responded, “Yes, ma’am!”

Steve was awkward at first, kissing for the benefit of an audience, but Bucky acquiesced easily. When he wanted Steve desperately like this, he slipped under so easily. All those taut new muscles and warm skin were already a familiar drug that turned Bucky pliant in Steve’s hands. An involuntary whine escaped from his throat into Steve’s mouth.

An airy little noise, almost a purr, floated up from where Peggy was situated against the pillows, her panties pulled down to her thighs. Her slender, sure fingers petted through the thatch of soft hair between her legs, which were parted slightly. Bucky held Steve back with a hand on his pec and nodded down toward Agent Carter. Steve drew in a breath as a healthy flush bloomed across his chest. When Bucky leaned in to lick the sheen of sweat at Steve’s collarbone, Steve gasped loudly, and a gasp suddenly rose from beneath both of them.

Peggy’s clear, chocolatey brown eyes snapped open, her pupils wide and dark. “James, darling,” she panted, voice seductive as hell. “Steve and I were talking and,” she reached up and pulled the straps of her brassiere down her arms, freeing her breasts to the open air, gliding her hands over their round fullness, “we hoped we’d find time for you to really enjoy yourself.”

“Unf,” was the response Bucky gave, because Steve was palming at Bucky’s cock, which ached and leaked, twitching in Steve’s hand.

“Come here,” Peggy said, moving her hand from her breast to Bucky’s cheek. Bucky didn’t think there was much that would make him blush anymore, but this certainly did. Peggy craned her neck until Bucky kissed her softly. She pulled back, smiling. “Oh yes, that will do nicely,” she approved, then pushed Bucky’s head down to her breasts. Bucky took this as an order and began to mouth at one of her rosy nipples, feeling it tighten under his tongue. Peggy moaned quietly, then continued, “Did you teach Steve how to kiss, darling?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Bucky whispered, breathless, as he moved to suckle Agent Carter’s other breast. Dear god, what a beautiful pair. Hadn’t seen a woman’s tits this nice since Maggie Rourke’s in 1939, that time Steve let him go to her apartment as long as he told Steve everything when he got home.

“Taught me everything I know,” Steve beamed, scratching his blunt nails down Bucky’s back, hard enough to raise red lines.

Peggy threaded her manicured fingers in Bucky’s hair as she snapped, “Well don’t just kneel there preening, Steven. If you want him, there’s plenty left for you, isn’t there?”

Bucky laughed against Peggy’s skin, and she yanked at his curls, stopping his giggle entirely. He got back to work, exploring her torso with his lips and tongue, kneading at her breasts. He pinched a nipple to full hardness then took it between his teeth. All the while, Bucky’s back began to arch toward Steve, whose tongue traced a line from his shoulder blades to the swell of his ass.

Peggy cried out loudly and smirked, “James, you beast.” Steve giggled. Bucky blushed, then moaned as Steve bit one of his ass cheeks. Peggy grasped Bucky by the chin, and he froze in place. Steve popped up from Bucky’s hip to look at both of them reverently. Bucky felt Peggy’s hips arch upward, and she brought up the hand which had been between them. “I believe I’m ready to see what else your tongue is capable of, if you’d like.” She offered an outstretched finger to Bucky. “Hm?”

Bucky opened his mouth, and she fed it to him. He swirled his tongue around her digit--it was slick, sweet, tangy, a little bitter. His cock jumped as he groaned in his throat.

“Don’t worry, love, I didn’t forget you,” Peggy cooed as she pushed another finger past Steve’s lips.

Steve tipped his head back, exposing his beautiful throat as he hummed appreciatively. Then one of his huge paws was on the back of Bucky’s head, gently encouraging him to move lower. “Go on, Buck; she’s been asking me if you would. Heh, I told her you were talented.”

Bucky’s heart pounded and his mouth watered as he slipped between Peggy’s parted thighs. Getting his tongue in a girl had always been one of his favorite acts. Women were so silky and slick inside. Sure, Bucky loved men, especially Steve, but women got softer, wetter, and the way that little bundle of nerves would swell and get oversensitive with each pass of his tongue? Beautiful.

Bucky licked and gently nibbled as Peggy’s thighs twitched uncontrollably around his head. Steve disappeared for a moment, then his weight dipped the mattress and Bucky felt a slick pressure against his hole. Steve had gotten some Vaseline and was beginning to tease Bucky open, the way he went crazy over.

Peggy yanked Bucky up by the hair. “Enough, darling,” she panted.

Bucky didn’t really respond, as Steve gave a breathy chuckle and breached Bucky’s hole, just barely, with his pinkie finger. Bucky’s eyes rolled back--this was the only kind of torture he ever found acceptable. His whole body trembled.

“Steven,” Peggy smiled, “I don’t know what you’re doing to him, but just look at him. He loves that, doesn’t he?”

“Mm-hmm,” Steve nodded, continuing his lazy rhythm. In, and out. In, and out. Just past the first knuckle, timed with Bucky’s breath.

“Poor dear is shaking.” Peggy wrapped both arms around Bucky and stroked his back, his head cradled on her shoulder. She pressed a kiss to the top of his head. “You’re doing so well, James. So well. Sweet boy.”

“My good boy,” agreed Steve. He pulled his hand away, and Bucky whined at the absence. “So good for us both, isn’t he?”

“I’m very good,” Bucky slurred, still shaking.

“Help me out?” Steve smiled at Bucky, all the sunshine gathered on his face, even in the dim light of the hotel. Bucky reached down and tugged at Steve’s cock, spreading the impressive amount of pre-cum he found there, using the amount of pressure that made Steve lose his mind. Peggy surged up and kissed Steve, whispering something Bucky didn’t quite catch in his concentration.

Peggy spread her thighs wider, and Steve slipped a finger inside her opening. She moaned, and Steve added a second. As was Steve’s way, he moved slowly. Bucky kept stroking Steve, tracing circles around the head with his thumb.

“Ah, Steve,” cried Agent Carter. “Like that, oh god.”

Bucky wondered if the serum had made Steve an expert at all kinds of hand jobs. A cursory glance at Steve’s forearm revealed that Steve was in her with his palm toward the ceiling; likely he’d found that sweet spot inside that all women seemed to love. They all stayed like that for a few moments, everyone humming and gasping and wanting.

Peggy was the first to break. “Enough. Enough, Steven. Please.”

They all froze. Looks were exchanged--everyone’s eyes were dark, lips red from overuse.

“Pegs? You okay?” asked Steve.

“You know what I want to do.” Half her mouth curled upward, so wicked--just like Steve. It was a look Bucky enjoyed kissing off anyone who gave it to him. “Tell him.”

Steve looked at Bucky and turned crimson. Putting his hands on Bucky’s waist, he leaned in and whispered, sending a shudder through Bucky’s entire body, “She wants you, Buck. Wants to feel you inside. When was the last time you were in a proper dame?” Bucky shuddered again, involuntary, leaking an embarrassing amount onto Peggy’s milky white thigh. “Told her your dick feels so good.”

Bucky looked down at Peggy, at her mussed hair, her smudged lipstick, her perfect breasts. “I want to,” he said. This was an easy choice. Steve handed him a condom.

“I’m right here, Bucky. You can tell us to stop if it’s too much.” Steve petted Bucky’s flank. “I love you.”

“Love you,” Bucky whispered back. He situated himself between Peggy’s legs. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he pushed in, and she arched up to meet him as he sank to the hilt and moaned. “Oh my god. Oh my god, Peggy.”

“James,” she cried softly in his ear. “Oh, darling, yes.”

Bucky felt slicked up fingers over his hole again, tracing steady circles with a little pressure.


“Does that feel good, Bucky?”

Bucky actually laughed. “That’s what your askin’? I’m sunk into a beautiful woman, and you’re about to put your fingers in me, and you need to ask if it feels good?”

Peggy jolted her hips up, stealing Bucky’s breath. “Get to work, Captain. If you’re both talking this much, you could easily be doing more.”

“Oh, like this then?” Steve’s tone was light, jovial, but he pushed his entire index finger into Bucky’s hole with one go, and Bucky almost howled. God,these two were evil in the best way . If he didn’t survive this, he would be perfectly happy for this to be the end.

Peggy trailed little kisses along Bucky’s jaw. “Sweet, sweet James. You like that, don’t you? You want to be filled up while you’re inside of me? Think we can both give you more pleasure than you can stand?”

Steve was fucking his slick finger in and out of Bucky’s hole, hooking it forward into the spot that would surely make Bucky come too soon. Bucky made an embarrassing sound and scrunched up his face as Steve pulled out quickly, then was pushing two fingers inside past the ring of muscle.

“Keep moving, Buck. She likes it,” Steve encouraged.

“Not too fast, though,” Peggy said. “We should take our time.”

Bucky moved painfully slow, pushing deep into Peggy, then having Steve’s fingers pushing deep into him as he pulled back. His skin was slick with sweat; his mouth went slack having no more to say.

Suddenly, Steve pulled both fingers out. “Nnn-no!” Bucky stuttered. “Please, no.”

“Are you all right, darling?” Peggy asked with genuine concern.

“We can stop if you need to, sweetheart,” Steve soothed.

“No,” Bucky cried, arching his ass back toward Steve. “Please. Please. ‘M so empty now, Stevie. Please , ma’am, I need him inside me. Want him to fuck me while I’m in you, you hafta--” His chest heaved.

Peggy smiled gently as Steve squeezed one of Bucky’s thighs and sighed in relief. Peggy kissed Bucky hard when Steve’s weight lifted from the mattress. She squeezed his cock from inside, and he relaxed against her. “James, would you be a dear and move for me? Just a little.” He did as he was told, just short little thrusts inside her tight warmth. “Unh, yes. Like that. Oh my sweet boy.”

Steve’s weight dipped the mattress one more time and the blunt, warm touch of Steve’s slicked cock teased at Bucky’s hole. Bucky squeezed his eyes closed. He hadn’t thought it possible to feel this good ever again. Not after everything that had happened. “Easy,” Steve cooed. “Easy, sweetheart. I’ve got you.” Bucky voiced a shaky whine as Steve stretched him open. “Good boy. Good boy ,” Steve praised as he slid inside. “So tight for me, Buck, yeah.”

Bucky pushed into Peggy as Steve pushed into him. It was a slow, undulating dance of pleasure. For a moment, Bucky couldn’t tell where he ended and either of them began. He shook with it, sweat dripping off Steve onto Bucky’s back. Steve kneaded at one of Peggy’s breasts as she pushed up against Bucky, circling her clitoris with her own fingers. She let out a tiny desperate noise as her eyes clenched shut. She threw her head back, and Bucky’s groin became soaked with her as her mouth contorted in a silent scream. “James,” she panted, “oh James , my god, right there. More! Yes!” Steve slammed his hips into Bucky so that they both slammed into Peggy. Peggy turned her head and bit into the other pillow, her hand still rubbing maddening circles between her legs. This time she actually screamed, but it was muffled.

Bucky wanted nothing more than to come inside her as Steve brutally pumped into his hole. He wanted Steve coming inside him as he spilled into his condom, deep inside Peggy. He wanted to walk funny in the morning, damn the remarks of the other Howlies. Bucky’s entire torso shot upward, and Steve grabbed him around the chest, slamming into him as the orgasm overtook them both.

Bucky howled as his cock sputtered for what seemed like an eternity and his vision whited out. Pulled between two forces of nature, his skin tingling, everything hot with bright flames behind his eyelids.

A few minutes later, Steve pulled his softening cock from Bucky, and Bucky relished the feeling of Steve’s spend drooling out of him. Peggy stroked his face and kissed him so softly on the mouth. Peggy and Steve pillowed their heads on each of Bucky’s shoulders.

“ I love,” slurred Bucky, sleepy and warm.

“I love you, too, Buck.” Steve kissed his cheek.

“Darling, sweet boy,” Peggy purred. “Sweet love. Both of you.”