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What Dreams May Come

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The Enchanted Forest. A Short Time Later.
(Seated around a table in a tavern located in the real Enchanted forest, Xena and Gabrielle talk with Ruby and Mulan.)
Ruby: “So, how’re you guys finding the united realms?”
Xena: “Well, it’s very different to what we’re used to.”
Gabrielle: “But a lot better than Jappa. Right, Xena?”
Ruby: (Winces:) “Still kind of a sore spot for you two?”
Xena: (Unconsciously rubbing a faded bruise on her arm:) “You could say that.”
Mulan: (Changing the subject, quickly:) “Have you decided where you’re going to make your home yet?”
Gabrielle: “Not yet. I think Xena and I are going to continue to travel around the realms for awhile. It was the thought of settling down somewhere that caused all the trouble to begin with.”
Xena: “That’s not exactly true. All I said was, maybe we shouldn’t spend our lives wandering around Greece and that we go far away, where no one knows us.”
Gabrielle: “Right, and then we were found by that messenger, which lead us on your little suicide mission. Trouble will find us wherever we go and whatever we do. I just prefer when we look for it together.”
(Ruby and Mulan exchange anxious looks as Xena and Gabrielle continue talking.)
Xena: “You know if there was any other way, I would never have left you.”
Gabrielle: “Well, thanks to our new friends, we discovered that the world still needed Xena: Warrior Princess.”
Ruby: (Cutting in:) “A-and Gabrielle, the battling bard.”
Gabrielle: (Smiles:) “Thank you.”
Mulan: “So, if you’re not settling down anytime soon, where are you likely to head next?”
Xena: “As far as I’ve seen, the Enchanted Forest is most like back home for us.”
Gabrielle: “Which means we’ll need to move on soon or Xena will get bored and try to kill herself again.”
Xena: (Purses her lips:) “You know, I really don’t think you’re being fair. It’s not like- (Xena catches the glint in her wife’s eye and realises Gabrielle is teasing her:) Oh, very funny.(Gabrielle starts laughing along with Mulan and Ruby:) Laugh it up. Go on, I deserve it.”
Ruby: (Laughing:) “You really kinda do, Xena.”
(They continue laughing with Xena even managing to crack a smile.)
Mulan: (Stands:) “I think we should get going. We need to be at the coronation ceremony by noon.”
Ruby: “Right. (Stands:) Sorry, we need to go. Our friends are announcing the name of their baby and Snow will kill me if I miss another big moment.”
Gabrielle: “Oh, well it was great seeing you.”
Xena: “Yeah, we’ll see you around sometime, huh? (Bidding their goodbyes, Ruby and Mulan leave the tavern while Xena and Gabrielle sit in awkward silence for a few moments:) Hey. We’re going to be okay, right?”
Gabrielle: (Smiles:) “We’re going to be fine. Just don’t ever try and leave me again.”
Xena: “Oh, I promise.”
Gabrielle: “Hm. So, a royal coronation?”
Xena: “Yeah, sounds pretty excessive to me.”
Gabrielle: (Nods:) “Agreed.”
Xena: “But then it’s not like the Amazons didn’t find any excuse to have a party.”
Gabrielle: “Hey, those weren’t parties, they were traditions.”
Xena: “Uh huh.”
Gabrielle: “Well, as long as they don’t name their baby ‘Hope’ they should be fine.” (There is a brief moments silence between them before both women begin laughing. Leaning in to kiss her wife, Xena is welcomed with open arms by Gabrielle.)

Wonderland. Palace Courtyard. 
(Ruby and Mulan arrive just in time to gather with other family and friends to hear the name of Emma & Regina’s child.)
Regina: (Her glass raised:) “Everyone, we’d like you all to meet our daughter: Maria.”
(The group burst into applause and raise their glasses to toast the new arrival while Regina and Emma stare lovingly at one another.)
Henry: (Kisses Regina on the cheek:) “Congratulations. (Kisses Emma on the cheek and reaches for the baby:) Now, you two go and mingle with your guests while I spend some time with my baby sister.”
(Taking Maria into his arms, Henry walks over to sit with Ella and Tiana.)
Ella: (Chuckling as the baby begins to cry:) “I’m pretty sure she wants her sister-in-law.”
Henry: (While Ella holds Maria, smiles:) “She’s a smart girl.”
Tiana: “So, Henry, how does it feel being an older brother?”
Henry: “It feels pretty great.”
Tiana: “And, er… how does it feel not being the Author anymore?”
Henry: “Are you kidding? That was the best decision I ever made.”
Tiana: (Chuckles:) “How about you, Ella? How are your people finding being a part of the united realms?”
Ella: “Oh, you know, it’s an adjustment. I still don’t think they know what to make of Richard as their King, but he’s changed a lot. I know Roberta will make a great Queen, that’s for sure.”
Tiana: “I was surprised after everything that you didn’t want to take back the throne of Valencia yourself?”
Ella: “Well, it wouldn’t be fair to my people. Now that I’m in this world, I finally have a chance to find my mother. To let her know there’s a cure for the Curse of the Wounded Heart and that we can be a family again.”
Tiana: “I’m so happy for you. Remember, if you ever need help navigating Wonderland, you know just who to ask.”
(Smiling, Tiana glances over at Will who stands with Robin and his sister Alice.)

(Will returns Tiana’s smile.)
Will: “So, Dream World Robin Hood is settling in okay?”
Robin: “Will, it’s okay, I think we can just call him Robin Hood.”
Alice: “Thank goodness, cause that would be a bit of a mouthful. I’d probably end up calling him 'Drobin’ or something.”
Robin: (Laughs:) “He’s doing great. I haven’t introduced him to Roland or the merry men yet though.”
Will: “Yeah, that’s gonna be tough to explain.”
Robin: (Nods:) “It may be a little awkward for awhile, but I think the world is better off having Robin Hood in it. Even if he’s not my dad.”
Will: (Handing them both glasses of champagne:) “I’ll drink to that. (They drink:) Just as long as he doesn’t beat me up like the last version did.”
(Laughing, Alice gives her brother a sympathetic hug.)

Kingdom Of Valencia.
(King Richard stands fixing a cabinet when Roberta enters.)
Queen Roberta: “I have a little surprise for you, my love.”
King Richard: “Really?”
Queen Roberta: “Mmhmm. Gareth’s stood waiting outside with it.”
King Richard: “How I love you, my Queen.”
Queen Roberta: (They kiss:) “And I you, my King.”

(Reunited once again, Belle extends her hand to Rumplestiltskin and they begin to dance to a familiar tune as baby Gideon sleeps soundly in his bed.)

(Moving closer, they share a lingering kiss.)

Kingdom Of Valencia.
(Stepping outside, Richard can hardly believe his eyes when a burst of bright orange flame lights the sky.)
Gareth: “For you, my King.”
Richard: “Oh my god. I have a dragon!”

Arendelle. A Few Weeks Later.
(Standing under a beautifully designed frozen archway, Hook and Maleficent are about to tie the knot.)
Archie: “Are you ready to recite your vows?” 
Hook: “Mal, when we met, there was just one thing that mattered to me - getting my revenge. And you did something that no one else ever could. You showed me that a heart full of love was the most precious treasure of all, and one that I don’t intend to lose. They say that a captain’s heart belongs to his ship. And with this ring, it now belongs to you.”
Maleficent: “Killian, I spent so much of my life on my own. And then, you walked into my life and everything changed. Despite years of separation, heartache and pain, we have found each other again. Our hearts may not be without darkness but together we have always managed to find the light. A light that I see shining every time I see our daughter’s smiling face. I never thought I would truly find my happy ending, but thanks to you, now I have.”
Archie: “Do you, Killian, take this woman to be your wife and to love her for
all eternity?” 
Hook: “I do.”
Archie: “And do you, Maleficent, take this man to be your husband and love him for all eternity?” 
Maleficent: “I do.”
Archie: “Then it is with great pleasure that I now pronounce you husband and wife.” (The congregation applauds as Killian and Maleficent kiss.)

Emma: “I did not see this happening, did you?”
Regina: “You mean after I trapped Maleficent in her dragon form for thirty years and you killing her with your father’s sword? No, I can’t say I did. But what’s more amazing is that we were all invited to witness it.”
Emma: “I just think after everything that’s happened, all the history between us and our families, everyone decided it was time to just let it-”
Zelena: “Don’t you dare.”
Emma: (Chuckles:) “Spoilsport.”
Regina: “I thought you were bringing someone?”
Zelena: “I was… but we agreed to wait awhile before we took our relationship public.”
Regina: (Watches her sister closely before her eyes widen:) “You’re not… You can’t be dating-”
Emma: “Surely not again?”
Zelena: (With a twinkle in her eye:) “Third time’s the charm.”

At The Altar.
(Lily kisses both her parents in turn.)
Lily: “I’m so happy for you two.”
Hook: “Thanks, love. I know it meant everything to your mum that you were here to give her away.”
Lily: (Smiling at Maleficent:) “I was honoured to do it. Now go, the dance floor is waiting for you.”
Maleficent: “Dance? I don’t dance.”

Hook: “Of course you do, come on. (Taking her hand, Hook sweeps Maleficent onto the dance floor:) ♪ Tomorrow is uncertain ♪ 
♪ Who knows what it will bring ♪ 
♪ But one thing is for sure, luv ♪ 
♪ With you, I have everything ♪ 
Hook & Maleficent: ♪ There’s no storm we can’t outrun ♪ 
♪ We will always find the sun ♪ 
(They look to the Charmings:)
♪ Leave the past and all its scars ♪ 
♪ A happy beginning now is ours ♪ 
(Snow and David join them on the dance floor.)
Snow White: ♪ We celebrate together ♪ 
♪ A long-time wish come true ♪ 
David: ♪ What makes it even better ♪ 
♪ Today our story starts anew ♪ 
(Sharing hugs and words of congratulations, the Charmings and Jones feud is now finally over.)
Regina: (Stepping out to take Emma’s hand:) ♪ Let villains cast their curses ♪ 
Emma: ♪ We can overcome them all ♪ 
Regina & Emma: (Each pulling Zelena on to the floor with them:) 
♪ If we all stand strong together ♪ 
Zelena: ♪ There’s no way we can fall ♪ 
(The rest of the congregation, including the Dwarves, Archie, Marco, Blue, Tink, Elsa, Lily, Granny and Anna and Kristoff all step onto the dance floor to join in the singing. Meanwhile, Ella and Henry watch on happily as they cradle Maria between them.)
All: ♪ There’s no storm we can’t outrun ♪ 
♪ We will always find the sun ♪ 
♪ Leave the past and all its scars ♪ 
♪ A happy beginning now is ours ♪ 
♪ If we’re facing endless night ♪ 
♪ Take my hand and join the fight ♪ 
♪ Past the clouds, we’ll find the stars ♪ 
♪ A happy beginning now is ours ♪ 

Storybrooke. Main Street.
(Emma and Snow walk together along the street, Snow pushing Maria in the stroller.)
Snow White: "This is all so surreal. Back when I was running for my life in the Enchanted Forest, I never thought in my wildest dreams this is how my life would turn out.”
Emma: (Laughing:) “Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. And now I know a little about how you must’ve felt when the first curse broke. To wake up and find your child is now fully grown is very strange.”
Snow White: “But he’s happy though, Henry?”
Emma: “Oh yeah. He and Ella are combing through every inch of Wonderland, trying to find Ella’s mother. I’ve tried to offer my help so many times, but Henry won’t hear of it. Doesn’t he realise that finding people is my job?”
Snow White: (Smiles:) “I’m sure he does. I just think he wants to make sure you spend as much time with your daughter as possible.”
Emma: (Nods:) “To make sure I don’t miss with Maria what I missed with him.”
Snow White: “It’s very sweet.”
Emma: “Yeah, but now I feel bad about leaving her with you.”
Snow White: “Oh, don’t be silly. David and I have been dying to spend time with our grand daughter. You can’t back out on us now.”
Emma: (Laughs:) “Okay, okay. You can take her. Just, you know, don’t be surprised if you find Regina waiting at the door when you drop her back to us tonight.”
Snow White: (Smiles:) “We’ll take good care of her, I promise.”
Emma: “I know, Mom. And thank you.”
(Kissing Snow on the cheek, Emma turns to step onto the road when a taxi beeps its horn. Stepping back onto the sidewalk, Emma watches the taxi pass by. Sitting in the back seat with their arms around each other, Xena and Gabrielle clink their champagne glasses as they drive through Storybrooke.)

Swan-Mills House.
(Entering the house, Emma closes the door behind her and locks it. Throwing her keys into the dish on the side table, she calls out to her wife.)
Emma: “Honey, I’m home.”
Regina: “I’m in here.”
(Smiling, Emma walks towards the living room.)

Living Room.
(Upon entering, Emma stands stock still, taking in the scene before her.)
Emma: “I see you’ve started without me.”
Regina: (Reclined on the chaise lounge, utterly naked:) “Indeed I have.”
Emma: “Well then, I’d better catch up.”
(Sitting up, Regina watches with great interest as Emma makes quick work of her clothing.)
Regina: “Eager, are we?”
Emma: (Laughs while stepping out of her underwear:) “And you were what, just casually sitting here hoping to improve your tan?”
Regina: (Glancing behind her:) “The sun is very strong today.”
Emma: “Yeah, I noticed. (Taking a seat next to her:) So, anything on your mind?”
Regina: (Smiling:) “Only that I love you. And I plan on spending today showing you just how much.”
Emma: (Leaning in for a quick, chaste kiss:) “Mm. Good plan.”
Regina: (Running her hands through Emma’s hair, pulling her closer:) “I thought you’d like it.”
(Closing the remaining distance between them with a kiss, Regina allows herself to be laid back upon the chair as Emma covers her body with her own. Several sighs of contentment can be heard while the sunlight continues to stream through the windows, covering their bodies like a warm blanket.)


The End.