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Aizawas adopts Bakugou and Shinsou

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Today was the day that the class gets to find out their second gender. "Oh I'm so excited! Today we finally learn our second gender! I hope I present as an omega! Oh I might even present as as a prime omega!" Mina said excitedly. "Forget about it. The chances of you presenting as an omega is small. I mean they do only make up 10% of our population. The prime omegas only make up .1%. You might get lucky and get an omega, but a prime omega keep dreaming." Sero said. Mina pouted at him and he just smiled. "Hey at least she still has a chance." Kiri said. "I bet your going to present as an alpha." Denki said. Mina and Sero looked at each other before they started laughing. "Yeah, like our sunshine boy could ever be an alpha, I have a better chance at being an omega! He's to nice to be an alpha. Honestly, I wouldn't even be surprised if he was an omega." Mina said between her laughter. "Hey! I thought so to. But don't you guys remember when you got hit on when we were at the mall? He got in between even though you were totally flirting. He looked like he was about to punch the poor guy in the face!" Denki explained. "I was just a little upset that some random guy was hitting on her." Kiri said his face gaining a little bit of anger from remembering that episode. "Oh your right! I think you might just be right." Sero said. "Guys..." Kiri groaned out. They all laughed.

Aizawa crawled into the classroom with his sleeping bag. He looked over the class and seeing Bakugou was missing. "Anyone know were Bakugou is?" He asked. When they gave a shake of their heads he carried on. "Well as you know today we will be taking your second gender test." He continued on boredly "As you know I'm an omega and Present Mic is an alpha and my mate. I will say this once do not think for a second you are better than anyone because of your class." He glared. They nodded their heads. They weren't expecting a reaction like that. "Follow me." He said crawling out of the classroom.

They followed him down a flight a stairs that lead to big open room with 10 different doors. Class 1-B was already there and waiting for them. "We have 6 doctors here so we'll do 3 from each class at a time." Aizawa explained. They lined up by their class number. Finally 3 hours later they were done with testing and headed back to the classroom.

Today was a half day so they could head home early. They decided to stay for a little longer so they could chat with each other. "Does no one know where bakubro is? I mean he doesn't seem like to skip school, even if he was badly sick." Kiri said. "Um, he might just be in another country." deku said. "Why would he be in another country?" Momo asked looking confused. "His dad is a fashion designer while his mom is a model. So they end up leaving the country sometimes. If they plan to be gone more than 3 day they take Kacchan along." He responded. "How long is he usually gone when this happens?" Aizawa said scaring everyone, they didn't realize he was in the room. "Um, it's usually a week. The longest he had been gone was a month. That was only because they were having trouble with some of their models and designs. So it took them longer to get back." He explained. Aizawa gave a nod before laying back down and going to sleep. "Aw we don't get to see blasty for a week!" Mina groaned. "I know it's going to be so quiet without him." Denki complained.They were right the rest of the week passed by in a nice quiet atmosphere that just didn't seem right.

It was monday of the next week and it seemed like Bakugou wasn't going to show. Everyone was in there seat waiting for the bell to ring when the door slammed open, and came in Bakugou with his usual glare. Just as the Bakusquad was about to run up and give him a hug. Aizawa gave them a glare that made them sit back down. "Well since Bakugou is here. We are going to hold on, on telling you your class. We'll let Bakugou go take his test and we'll announce the results next week." Aizawa explained. He turned towards Bakugou and told him to head to the teachers lounge and find Present Mic. Class continued on and a hour later Bakugou walked in with Present Mic following behind him. The rest of class passed by quickly and it was time for lunch.

The Bakusquad sat at their regular table. "Come on Blasty! You have to tell us how your trip was! Come on you must at least have pictures of where you went!" Mina said excitedly. "Fuck off raccoon eyes! It's none of your fucking business where I went!" Bakugou yelled little explosions going off in his hand. "Anyway, dude it was so boring without you! I didn't realize how quiet it would be without you! At least give us a heads up before you leave again!" Kami exclaimed. The group laughed at that and continued on chatting. Not once noticing the looks passed between Shinsou and Bakugou.

The rest of the day passed and it was finally time to go home. Everyone left except for Bakugou and Shinsou. They checked and made sure the door was closed and that no one was in the hall. "How bad was it this time?" Shinsou asked. Bakugou let out a sigh and leaned against the table. "It wasn't as bad. The bitch kept most of it to my back. It's still bruised but i can move and fight as long as no heavy pressure is applied." Bakugou replied. "Katsuki you can't keep living like this! You have to tell someone!" "Hitoshi, you know exactly how that went the last time I told someone. They didn't believe me just thought the bruises were from me getting into a fight again." "It won't be the same. The teachers here will help us!" "You know I can't do that! Yeah maybe in the past i wouldve went to ask. But i can't! If i did leave what will happen to my father! I can't leave him to that crazy bitch! Who knows what she will do if I try to get help! She already threatened me said if I tried to get help she will kill him! Kill him! I can't let that happen! I don't care if I have to suffer to keep him safe than so be it!" Bakugou finished tears streaming down his face. Shinsou walked over and pulled him into a hug which he returned fully. They stayed there in each other's arm for a while. Bakugou was the first to pull away. "Your telling me to get help, but what about you? You've been stuck in that foster care since the accident happened. It isn't right how they treat you like some fucking animal!" He yelled out in anger. Shinsou let out a sigh looking down. "There isn't anything I can do. Even if I did get help what than? I'll just be sent back into the system and might even end up in a place exactly the same or even worse." He said. They sat there in silence lost in their own thoughts. They were knocked out of it when the last bell rang for any students left in the building to leave. They walked to the gate where they parted to head 'home'.

A week later it was finally time to learn their class. They were brought to the gym by Midnight. All Might, Mic, Aizawa, Nedzu and the 3 doctors that helped the class were their. "Today you get to find out your class. To make it easier we will go Alpha, beta, omega, and if we have any primes they will go last." Nedzu explained. "Starting with our alphas, Iida Tenya, Ojiro Mashirao, Shoji mezo and Tokoyami Fumikage. Next our betas, Aoyama Yuga, Ashido Mina, Koda Koji, Sato Rikido, Jiro Kyoka, Sero Hanata, and Hagakure Toru. Next our Omegas, Asui Tsuyu, Uraraka Ochaco, and Kaminari Denki. Next our Prime alphas, Kirishima Eijiro, Todoroki Shoto, Midoriya Izuku, Yaoyoruzu Momo, and Shinsou Hitoshi. Last our Prime omega, Bakugou Katsuki." Nedzu finished. The gym was quiet before it collapsed into chaos. Having 2 omegas in a class was rare on top of 5 prime alphas. But the chances of there being a prime omega it has never been heard of in Japan! The teachers were shocked to hear the results, this has never happened that any of them could recall. The chaos was interrupted when a pretty big explosion went off. "Leave me the fuck alone! I don't give to fucks what class I am i will beat all you extras and become the top hero! So leave me the fuck alone and go talk to each other about your classes!" Bakugou yelled before stomping his way to the entrance and leaving. The rest of the class watched him leave before continuing there talk on their class. As they were talking Shinsou took this chance to go after Bakugou.

Shinsou found Bakugou laying down under a tree and looking up at the clouds. He laid down beside him and was quiet letting Bakugou talk when he wanted to. "You know," Bakugou started. "I should probably be more surprised; but I guess deep down I already knew i would present as one. From all the stuff I searched about the classes. The prime omega was the one that just sounded like me. I mean must people would expect me to present as an alpha because of how I act. The only problem with that is that I care, I love helping people, I love taking care of the kids, I will die for the people I care and love about. I knew an alpha would never fit me. A beta is a pretty neutral type. An omega is always nice and calm. The only difference between any prime is their attitude. Like Kiri, and Deku their both soft and have a happy personality, but if you push them over the edge or make them mad they will show the traits of an aggressive alpha. I've always felt the need to protect everyone in someway, I hope that feeling never goes away. I want to be close and care for our classmates, but I don't want them finding about what's going on. Is it bad to keep pushing them away for my own selfish reasons?" Bakugou said looking towards Shinsou. "No, I don't think it's selfish at all. You don't want them finding out and trying to help only to get hurt themselves. I think it's great you are protecting them even if they don't know it. The bitch is a Prime Alpha right?" He got a nod in return. "So it would be even more dangerous if they tried to challenge her right now. We've only just got our class. They would all be easily swayed by her alpha voice; but Katsuki know this I promise I will find a way to get you and your dad out." Bakugou gave him a smile before snuggling close to him. "Hey Hitoshi?" A grunt he got in return. "Do you want to make a pack bond?" He asked, nervous that he would say no. "Of course Katsuki." Bakugou gave him a bigger smile before nuzzling his scent mark which Shinsou returned. They stayed like that the rest of the day not wanting to go back to class.

A couple of weeks by and everything had calmed down and returned to normal. Everyone had formed some kind of pack bond with each other. Well except for Shinsou and Bakugou the class thought. Class had started and Shinsou hadn't shown up to class, no one thought anything of it just thinking he wasn't feeling well, but Bakugou go was restless and no one knew why. It was halfway through 2nd period when Shinsou stumbled in. He looked fine except for the fact that he was limping. "Are you alright Shinsou?!" Mic exclaimed looking him over for anymore damage. "Yeas just had an accident. Wasn't paying attention and ended up tripping just landed my leg wrong." He responded. "You need to go to recovery girl. Self study till I get back." He said before leading Shinsou out. Everyone continued on but were still worried. A few mins later they returned. Bakugou and Shinsou stared at each other before Shinsou dropped the gaze and shook his head which made Bakugou frown more.

It was the end of the day and everyone had headed home, except for Bakugou who was now sneaking into the teachers lounge. He had a few minutes before any of the teachers would return. He wrote a note and put it on top of 1 of Aizawa pile before quickly leaving.

It had been another exhausting day with that problem child breaking his arm. Again. All Might, Mic, Midnight and Aizawa entered the teachers lounge to finish grading papers. When Aizawa picked up a pile to start grading a small piece of paper fell to the ground. He picked it up. "What's that Shouta?" Mic asked looking at the piece of paper. The other 2 teachers came over to look at it. "Isn't that young Bakugou's handwriting? What does it say?" All might asked. "It just has an address and some directions for when we get there and a time." Aizawa said looking confused. "Well why don't we go. I don't think Bakugou would just give us an address to mess with us." Midnight said. They all agreed and continued working until there was an hour to get there.

When they arrived at the destination, it was a run down part of the town were most villain activity happens. That's not what they found weird though, it was the fact that the location was a foster care. "Why would young Bakugou send us here?" All Might asked looking around the area for anything out of the ordinary. "I don't know but we'll probably find out when we follow the rest of the directions." Aizawa responded. They sneaked around the building to the back were they reach a door that looks like it leads to a cellar but it was chained up. "We need to break it." Aizawa said. "We can't do that! We're trespassing on somebody's property!" Midnight exclaimed quietly. "Yes it is, but whatever is down there Bakugou wants us to find or see." Aizawa explained. All might looked hesitant but he used one for all to break the lock.

They continued down the stairs that lead into a big room. What they found was horrible. There Shinsou was hanging from the ceiling with chain cuffs. A muzzle was on his face, and his shirt was on the floor so they could see all the different whip marks on his back. Midnight brought a hand to her mouth, tears falling, she couldn't believe someone could be so cruel, to a child no less. The other 3 quickly rushed over to get him down, he didn't stir one bit so he must have been drugged. Midnight Had called the police so when they got out the place was surrounded by police officers. They were arresting the caretakers while the children were escorted out. They got Shinsou in a ambulance, and Mic and Aizawa followed behind it. Midnight and All Might stayed behind to give their statements.

When Aizawa and Mic arrived they had already pulled Shinsou into emergency.

When they got into the waiting room, finally let his emotions go. "How could anyone do that! A child Hizashi! A fucking child! No one deserves to go through that! I'm going to tear those fucking people apart! Hurting my child!" His scent coming through of a very mad omega. Mic came over and hugged his mate calming him down. "It's not fair Hizashi…A child should never have to experience that." He said quietly letting the tears fall as he clings to his mate. Mic just held him closer. He wasn't doing much better but he knew if he let his mate go his anger would get the best of him and it wouldn't end well.

They sat in the waiting room were Midnight and All might had come to wait with them. It was a hour later that the doctor walked in and told them they could see Shinsou. They entered the room to see Shinsou laying in the bed peacefully. They sat around his bed as the doctor told them of his injuries. "Luckily the drug he was under was just plain sleeping pills so he should wake up in a few hours. We had to make 15 stitches to close the wounds on his back. He is highly underweight, but with a good diet he should be able to get back to where he needs to be." The doctor explained. He left the room and told them he would come check up on them in the morning. "How could we have let such a thing happen?" Midnight asked quietly. They all stayed silent, no one had an answer to it. There's no excuses they could make. They should have noticed; but one thing for sure is there going to make damn sure he won't have to go through it again. "I'm going to adopt him." Aizawa said there was no changing his mind, and Mic was happy to gain another child. With that Aizawa and Mic headed out to go get some paperwork done. 3 hours later they returned with papers and smiles on their faces. "Were you able to adopt him?" Midnight asked. Their smiles got even bigger when they show them the adoption papers. Midnight let out a little squeal. "Aww! Looks like Eri's getting an older brother like she wanted." They settled around the bed knowing that none of them will be leaving till he woke up.

When Shinsou came to consciousness he knew something wasn't right. First of al why was he laying down? He knows for a fact he was hanging like he always is. Next, he didn't wake up to the usual darkness and shouts that wake him, instead he woke up to a peaceful morning with the sun shining in his face. Lastly his face didn't feel heavy. He brought his hands up to his face to no longer feel the muzzle there. He slowly sat up and looked around the room, realizing he wasn't in the cellar, but in a hospital bed with his teachers sleeping on one side of his bed. He sat there wondering if they were the ones who brought him here, and if so how?

Aizawa stirred bringing his hand up to rub the sleep away from his eyes. He looked around the room to make sure nothing was out of order before his eyes landed on the now awake Shinsou. He quickly sat up and shook the other 3 awake. It was Midnight who got her surroundings first and when she did her eyes landed on Shinsou. She got up quickly and pulled him into a hug. "We're so sorry that we didn't realize!" She cried out. Shinsou just sit there shocked in her arms as she continued on. "We have no rights to call ourselves heroes or teachers. We didn't even realize you were suffering and probably have never noticed if it wasn't for Bakugou. We have failed you as teachers, we have failed you as heroes. I hope you can forgive us for making you have to suffer for so long." Midnight cried as she held him tighter. Shinsou brought his hand up to return the hug. "I don't blame any of you guys for this. And you said Katsuki sent you guys?" He got a nod in return.

It was than that detective Naomasa walked in to ask some questions. Shinsou started explain how ended up in foster care. "I lived with my parents in a nice quiet neighborhood. They were kind and caring people. They weren't the richest but they made do. Me and Katsuki had met when we were 8 so we used to spend a lot of time together. I didn't have a lot of friends back then cause if my quirk, but Katsuki didn't mind. Than the accident happen when I was 10. I was at school when I was called to the office and told my parents had died in a car accident. It was a little bit after the accident that I was sent to foster care. My aunt didn't want me because of my villain quirk. My grandparents on my dad side had disowned him for marrying my mom and my grandparents on my mom side had passed when I was 4. When I got there it wasn't so bad, but it changed when I had accidentally used my quirk on one of our caretakers. They became frightened of me and had put me down in the cellar. It used to be worse than what it is now, but they started lessening it when I joined U.A." They sat there shocked before it was Mic that broke it with a growl. "That… what we just saw. Was not the worse you have been in?!" When silence was the only reply. Mjc got up from his seat and was about to go fucking murder so people. Aizawa had stood up and grabbed him holding him back. "let me go Shouta! I'm going to go murder those son of a bitches!" He yelled he knew he could break out of Aizawa's hold if he wanted to, but he subconsciously knew he didn't want to hurt his mate so he wasn't putting in all his strength. "I know Hizashi, but let Naomasa settle this they will go to jail for life. You can't go to jail, Eri needs, Shinosu needs, and I need you. I know your mad but you have to calm down or you will do something you regret." Aizawa said still holding on to him and letting his scent calm his mate. It took a few minutes but finally Mic calmed down and sat back down. "How long has Young Bakugou know about this?" All Might said. Shinsou was hesitant to respond, he didn't want to get Katsuki in trouble for anything he didn't do. They noticed his hesitation before Might spoke up again. "If your worried about Young Bakugou, he will not be getting in trouble." He said. It seemed to settle his mind and so he spoke. "H-hes known since the beginning." He said quietly. "Why did either of you not tell anyone?" Naomasa said. "W-we did… it's just that no one listened. I mean who would listen to the kid with a villain quirk, who hangs out with the kid who likes getting into fights and is always angry?" He said looking down and staring at the sheet. No one could say anything, it's just horrible knowing that their are people who could just sit by and let a child suffer.

As they sat in silence, there was a commotion in the hall. Just as Aizawa went to go see what the noise was about the door slammed open and in walked a pissed off Bakugou. He didn't seem to realize anyone else was in the room cause as soon as his eyes landed on Shinsou, he let out a breath and his face relaxed. He walked over still not noticing the others in the room. He stood by the bed before letting himself sit on the bed and pulling him into a hug which Shinsou returned. "You stupid idiot! You said it wasn't so bad! Coming to school with a fucking limp isn't so bad?! God damn it! You said you would tell me if it gets worse Hitoshi!" Bakugou yelled at him, tears streaming down his face as he hit him, but making sure they wouldn't hurt him. "I know, I'm sorry." He responded hugging him closer as he cried. They stayed that way until Bakugou ended up falling asleep, from the exhaustion and worrying about him. He rearranged him so he was laying down by his side, he then leaned down and scented him which Bakugou gave a happy little content sigh before snuggling closer.

The others in the room couldn't believe what they had saw. They knew they were close but wasn't this close. The way he reacted to Shinsou scent must mean that they are in a pack bond together or, "Are you guys m-" Midnight started but was cut off by Shinsou. "No were not, we are just in a pack together. He has somebody he likes and I have someone I like." He responded. "Ok, well there's only one more thing to do before they can release you." Aizawa said pulling out papers and handing them to him. Shinsou looked confused but took the papers and started looking through them. As he was going through them he couldn't help the tears that gathered. Bakugou woke up when he felt the trembling. He got up and looked to see what could've made Shinsou cried. He took the papers that were in his hand and looked through them. When he finished he had a big smile on his face and he hugged Shinsou. "You deserve it. I will be fine, but you will accept. Or I will explode your fucking face." Shinsou laughed at that before turning to the others who were shocked that Bakugou could even smile like that. "U-um. Y-yes I'll be in your care." He stuttered out. The teachers gave a smile before they were interrupted by a voice that sent a shiver down their spines. "Oi, I dont give 2 fucks if your my teacher or a hero. If you hurt Hitoshi in a fucking way. I will hunt you down and kill you." Bakugou coldly said glaring at all of them. They all nodded knowing that if they didn't he would continue. It was at this moment that Bakugou phone rang. He answered and they talk, well more like yelled at each other, before he put his phone away with a sigh. He got up and scented Shinsou before heading to the door. "See ya extras tomorrow, the old hag wants me home." He said with a growl. Shinsou and him shared a look that no one seemed to notice except for Aizawa. Bakugou let out a sigh, shook his head no and continued on his way.

As the other teachers discussed what they were going to tell the class for their absences, Aizawa was lost in thoughts. What was that? There something going on that their not telling us. But is it my place to intervene? What if it's as bad as Shinsou or even worse? Will they tell me? Will it be to late? "Shouta? Are your ready to go?" Mic said waving his hand in front of his face. "Ah yeah lets go." With that they all got up and headed out. Midnight and All Might left when they bid them goodbye. Shinsou, Aizawa, and Mic climbed in to their car and headed home.

The ride to the house was silent no one knowing what to say. When they arrived it was to a 2 story house with a small garden in front. They walked up to the front door and opened it. When they walked in there was sound of someone running across the floor before a young girl turned the corner and ran into Aizawa's open arm. "Welcome home father, papa!" The young girl greeted happily. "We're back. Were you good for the babysitter?" He asked taking off his shoes and heading to the living room with the other 2. "Yes! Does that mean I can have a candy apple?" She looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. "Well, let me go talk to the babysitter and see." He placed her down and went over to talk to the babysitter. They chatted for a few minutes before he paid her and she was on her way. "Well it seems like you were a good girl so yes you can have a candy apple." Eri let out a little cheer. "Well we have a surprise for you sweetie. You remember how you always wanted an older brother?" Mic said. He got a nod in return. "Well this is Hitoshi and from now on he'll be living with us." Eri looked over at Shinsou before running over and being asked to get picked up. He looked hesitant but picked her up. "Hi! I'm Eri and your now my new older brother! Your going to love it here! Father and papa are the best parents!" Eri said excitedly, happy that she has an older brother. She told him how she enjoyed living here and how she came to be here. As she told her story he felt anger build up inside of him. How can anyone force a child to do something like that? As she told of her time here with Aizawa and Mic he can see that she wasn't having the childhood she was supposed to and it brought a smile to his face. The rest of the night passed by quietly, well as quietly you can have with a 6 year old. When Shinsou went to bed that night he thought through all the stuff he had gone through that day, but when it came to the moment when he spent time with the small family, he couldn't be happier.

A 2 month passed by, the sports festival had already ended with Bakugou coming in first and being chained to the rock. Usually at that time the people would find out what your second class was if the class had wanted to. They decided not to tell cause it would've caused a stir if they found out just who was in the class. Then the Kamino incident happened, All Might lost his powers but was able to defeat All for one and force the LoV into hiding. All Might and Aizawa were now doing the rounds to the houses and the Bakugou's were the last stop. When they knocked it was quiet, until a young woman's yell that told Katsuki to get the door. There was some kind of response but they weren't able to understand. When the door opened there stood Bakugou in sweatpants and a black shirt. He looked at them for a second before moving to let them in. When they entered the home it was a nice normal 2 story house, but were there would be pictures of them or awards. The walls were bare. The atmosphere inside the house was tense, instead of it giving off a nice homey feel. It felt like one wrong move and everything would collapse, like some kind of illusion.

They were lead to the living room were Bakugou sat down by his dad and his mom took his otherside. They took the seat opposite of them it was quiet. It was broken when Aizawa spoke, "We are here to ask you if you will allow us to continue you teaching Bakugou to becoming a hero at our school. It was our carelessness that ended up getting your son kidnapped and for that we apologize." He said bowing his head which All Might repeated. "It's not your fault if our son wasn't so weak, he wouldn't have ended up in such a position." Mitsuki said with a laugh. "Shut it old hag!" Bakugou yelled but ended up get smacked. "Is that anyway to talk to your mother!" She yelled back at him. They argued for a while with Masura trying to calm both of them down. "Ahem, so as we were saying if you were to agree. Young Bakugou will be staying on campus in the dorms that will be done by the end of next week." All Might explained, looking uncomfortable with what he had just observed. "Of course, he has to get stronger so go ahead and take him." Mitsuki said, the teachers couldn't pick up on it but there was a bit of anger to those words. Bakugou and Masura picked up on it and knew she was mad. The teachers bid them goodbye and left. Mitsuki went back to cooking. It was silent the rest of the night and they knew it was going to end well. 2 days just got to make it to monday.

Monday came around and there was no sign of Bakugou. It passed like this the next 2 days and Shinsou was restless. Usually Bakugou would have called or texted him to tell him how he was doing, but there hasn't been anything from him since that last text sunday night. Aizawa had walked in and spotted Bakugou's empty seat. "No Bakugou again?" He said to himself quietly and marking it down. The rest of class passed by in a blur. It was Midnight teaching when he suddenly felt his pack bond weaken so quickly. The only reason a pack bond would weaken so quickly is if one of the other members wanted to break the bond or they were seriously hurt. Shinsou really hoped it was the former. When he felt the bond weaken he stood up so quickly knocking his chair to the floor. The class looked towards him wondering what was going on. When they saw his face look so pale they, they knew something was wrong, but before anyone could ask he was out the door running. Midnight and the class looked shocked, but it was Midnight who knocked out of it first and started running after him. As she ran after him he called up Aizawa and told him to meet her at the gate and that Shinsou was running that way. When Shinsou arrived at the gate there stood All Might, Mic and Aizawa with Midnight coming up behind him. "Hitoshi you just can't run out of-" Aizawa started but was interrupted by a frantic Shinsou. "He needs help! You guys need to move!" He yelled trying to get pass."Who needs help?" Mic asked holding on to him so he won't run off. "Katsuki! He needs help! Please just let me pass!" He yelled desperately trying to get out of his hold. The teachers shared a look before nodding. "We'll go to his, but you need to calm down." Aizawa said. Shinsou allowed himself to be lead to the car, and they were off. The class had arrived when Shinsou had mentioned Bakugou needing help. "We need to follow them." Deku said. Momo had pulled out her phone and called her driver to come pick them up. 5 mins later he arrived and they were off.

When Shinsou and the teachers arrived the house was quiet, all lights were off, looking like no one was home. But Shinsou didn't care he got out of the car and went to the door. He knocked and when there was no answer checked the door, but it was locked. He pulled out a bobby pin he just keeps around and opened the door. The teachers followed behind him not sure what they would find or if they would find anything. He checked the whole house but he couldn't find Bakugou. Just as he thought that maybe Bakugou was just wanting to break the bond, he picked up the smallest hint of blood. He Followed the smell until it got stronger the closer he got. The teacher also started picking up on it to. When they came to the door that held the strongest smell of blood, they heard a quiet whimper come from behind it. They opened it and wasn't ready for what they saw. Laying there in his own blood was Bakugou, cuts and bruises all over his body. They were all recently, with how badly the wounds are still bleeding. Shinsou immediately went over and carefully gather Bakugou in his arms and taking him out of the room. Bakugou let out a whine from the movement, but was otherwise silent. "Come in Katsuki. You can't close yours eyes." He said tears streaming down his face as he lightly tapped Bakugou on his face to keep him awake. Bakugou opened his everything coming into focus slowly. His eyes landed on Shinsou who was holding him. "Haha looks like the bitch did a number on me this time." Katsuki said before coughing. "You can't speak right now. Help is on the way. You just need to stay awake." He pleaded out. "Hey Hitoshi, if I don't make it. Tell my dad I love him. I don't blame him for any of this. Make sure he gets away from that bitch, and please make sure he's alright. I know he will blame himself for this, but please tell him it wasn't his fault." He cried out as his eyes started closing. The class had just arrived and wasn't ready for the scene in front if them. "H-He's not breathing…He's not breathing!" He yelled out frantically! Aizawa rushed over and gently place Bakugou on the floor before starting CPR. "Come on Bakugou. You can't leave us!" Aizawa yelled continuing. It worked for the first few times, but than he started not getting any responses from him. "God damn it! At this rate we'll lose him! How long till the fucking Ambulance arrives!" He yelled frantically trying to get Bakugou to give any kind of response. "5 mins! We just have to keep him alive for 5 more minutes!" Midnight cried out holding on to her phone tightly as the tears came down. "Fuck! We don't have that long! It's not working anymore I'm not getting any responses from him! We need the ambulance now!" He yelled out. It was Kaminari who walked out from the class and over to Aizawa and them. He placed his hand on Bakugou's chest. "I-I've never done this. I'm not even sure if it will work. But I know for a fact I will try my damn hardest I will not have him die on us!" Kami said with determination. Aizawa and Shinsou backed up as Kaminari got to work. "Clear!" nothing. "Clear!" Nothing. "Clear!" Nothing. Just as they were thinking it wasn't going to work they heard a sharp intake of breath before Bakugou went silent again. "Clear!" Bakugou took in a few shallow breaths before falling silent again. "Clear!" This time when he did it Bakugou let out a gasp, but was taking in air shallowly but still breathing. It was than that the heard the sirens and a group of people rush in. They quickly gathered Bakugou and sent him off to the hospital. They followed behind the ambulance.

When they arrived they had already taken Bakugou into surgery. They were then escorted into a private waiting room. They all sat in silence all lost in their own thoughts, cause they all felt they were to blame for not noticing. They don't know how long they were sitting there for but the quiet was broken when Bakugou's dad came barging in with distress. His eyes scanned over everyone before they landed on Shinsou. He quickly walked over, but he couldn't say anything, no words wanting to pass his lips. But Shinosu knew what he was trying to ask and just nodded his head. Masura collapsed to his knees, crying. Repeating over and over how he could've let this happen. Shinsou got down and hugged him allowing him to just cry into his shoulder. When he finally calmed Shinsou explained how he had found Bakugou. Masura was feeling so many different emotions, but anger and guilt were his main ones. They continued sitting in silence and waiting on news of Bakugou. The quiet was broken by screams and yelling coming from out in the hall. Than barging into the room was a angry Mitsuki. Shinsou and Masura and intercepted her. "You are not allowed to be here!" Shinsou growled at her glaring her down, the cause of all of Katsuki's suffering. "I can fucking be here if I want! It's my fucking son in there!" She growled back. The teacher's got up just in case they had to break up a fight. "No you do not, especially when your the one who sent him there." Masura growled at her. The room went deadly silent before Mitsuki broke it with her angry yell. "Fucking bitch had it coming to him!" She yelled aiming for Masura who flinched back. The teachers grabbed her before she could attack him and pinned her down arresting her. She struggled to get out of the cuffs but they wouldn't budge. They then called the security guard to escort her out and have her taken to the police. When she was taken away Aizawa had called up Naomasa.

It was 10 minutes later when Naomasa showed up, "Sorry for calling on you on such short notice." Aizawa apologized but than explained what was going on. He gave a nod before then proceeding to take everyone statements. When he got to Masura he asked him to explain from the beginning of when this started. "I think the change happened a little bit after Katsuki had gained his quirk. It wasn't a sudden change, it was small stuff like her yelling at us more than usually, than it turned to her starting to going out than coming back really late. Than the alcohol started she started to get physical, I took it when she got this way. I always told Katsuki to go to his room and lock his door. He didn't know why at first but he is a smart child and he picked up on it. That's when he started acting out taking the attention away from me. It was when Katsuki was 8 that he made friends with Hitoshi. They had started picking up on that something wasn't right. But it was a year later when Katsuki had showed up to there house covered in bruises that they knew something wasn't right. They had came and confronted me about it and I had told them everything. They said they would file for custody over Katsuki and try to help me find a way to get out. Than the terrible accident happened when they were 10. They were so close to getting custody over Katsuki, but than they had died in that car accident. After that accident, it was the worse she had beaten me or Katsuki. She then threatened to kill Katsuki if I ever tried to get help again. I'm not sure but she might have also threatened Katsuki to. This time was the worse that she has ever done, and it probably had to do with the fact that he was moving to the dorms. I wasn't there when it happened, i was at the office doing some last minute paperwork. If only I had been there." He finished sobbing. As Naomasa wrote, the others in the room couldn't believe that all this was going on, and it was still happening when he was going to school and no one noticed. Than the fact that while all of this was happening he still had the dream to become a hero. "One last question. Do you believe that Bakugou Mitsuki had a hand in causing the Shinsou's car accident?" He just got a nod. "Thank you for your time." He said before standing and exchanging a few words with Aizawa before leaving.

Izuku slowly got up and walked over to Masura and Shinsou and pulled them into a hug. Slowly the rest of the class joined the hug, they stayed like that for a few minutes before pulling apart and sitting down. Waiting on any news of Bakugou.

It was 11 hours later that a doctor finally walked in. They all stood up. "The surgery was a success, we were able to successfully clean and stitch up the wounds, and successfully patch up his 2 broken ribs." There was a pause. Everyone tensed up knowing what came out of his mouth next wouldn't be good. "Even though we were successful in our surgery. He suffered damage to his brain. As of right now were not sure if he will wake up. He is right now stuck in a coma that were only 15% sure he will wake up from." The doctor finished. The news took a moment to set in, and when it did the reactions set in. Most of them were crying, others were begging to god that he would wake up, some were angry and started punching the wall, others laughing, not able to process that this was actually was happening. It was Deku who spoke up, "will we be able to see him?" "As of right now, no. We don't want his condition to get worse, he's highly unstable as of right now." The doctor replied. He gave a nod before silently walking back to his seat. The doctor left to let them process this. It was finally a few minutes later that Aizawa was able to gather himself. "I know this is hard for all of us, but I'm sure Bakugou wouldn't want us all here worrying over him without us taking care of ourselves first. I know it's hard to leave, but you have parents who are all worried. We need to head home and when they allow visitors we'll come and see him." Aizawa finished, knowing they were all reluctant to leave. Momo had her driver take everyone home except for the adults and Shinosu and Deku. Deku had called his mom and told her what was going on. Masura will be staying at their house for now. Aizawa, mic, and Shinsou after dropping off Midnight and All Might headed home. When they arrived Eri had greeted them, but they just returned a quiet greeting. Eri had picked up on the mood and was quiet.

The next month passed by in a blur. They had moved into the dorms and Bakugou was finally allowed to have visitors. The next semester had started and there was no new changes on Bakugou. Another month passed and Masura was sitting by Bakugou's Bed holding his hand and praying to god his son would wake up. As he held his hand he felt a soft movement. He didn't think much of it, until there was another. His eyes shot up to his son's face where tired red eyes stared back at him. Masura tightened his hold on his hand and started crying. "Dad?" Bakugou asked quietly before he started coughing from not using his voice in so long. Masura quickly got up and filled a cup up with water before helping his son drink. As he let his son settle back down, he pressed the button by the bed to call a nurse. The nurse walked in, but quickly saw that Bakugou was awake and quickly went out to find a doctor. A few minutes passed before she returned with the doctor. The doctor was shocked to actually see Bakugou awake. "Looks like you were able to pull through. Since your awake, we have no real concerns. Were just going to keep you for one more month so you can get your body up and functioning again. Mr.Bakugou what is the last thing you remember?" He asked. "All Might and Aizawa had just came to our house to tell us of the dorms." He replied. The doctor wrote down some stuff. "It looks like he lost his memories on the incident. Were not sure if that's the only thing he lost so we'll have to check on that." He said. He checked over everything and made sure everything was alright before leaving. Masura turned to look at his son who had fallen back to sleep. He pulled out his phone and called Aizawa to tell him the good news.

Aizawa was in the middle of sleeping in homeroom when his phone rang. He answered it and sat up quickly startling the class. He talked on the phone feeling relief go through him when Masura told him the news. He bid him goodbye before hanging up. "Um, Aizawa sensei? Who was that?" Momo asked. He looked over the class before he let a smile overcome his face. "He's awake." The class was silent as they realized what he meant when he said that, before it broke into chaos. Different questions were asked. "As of right now he needs to let his body regain his functions back. So he won't be released for another month." Aizawa explained. The class settled but continued talking about Bakugou.

Another month and a half passed by. The class had gone and seen him. Bakugou hadn't suffered anymore memory loss. Mitsuki had been tried and found guilty of 1st degree murder and physical and mental abuse. She has been sentenced to life without parole. Today was finally the day of his release and the whole class and the teachers were there waiting for him. Bakugou was released after the doctor made sure nothing was wrong and he was on his way. When Bakugou and Masura walked out, he wasn't expecting to see everybody there waiting for him. As soon as the class saw him walk out, they ran over to pull him into a hug. It was a heartwarming for Bakugou, and he couldn't help but let the tears fall. They had all decided to go to a restaurant to hang out and talk, and help Bakugou catch up on what he missed.

It was 8 when everyone had finally called it a night and left. All that remained were Aizawa, Mic, Shinsou, Deku, and the Bakugou's. "Actually there's one more thing I would like to talk to you about Mr.Bakugou." Aizawa said. Masura looked confused but nodded his head. They all went to the Midoriya's house and were all sitting in the living room were Inko had served them tea and coco. "I know this might sound like I'm trying to take your son, but I hope you can forgive me. I know you told me how you were planning to move to the countryside and live with your sister right?" Aizawa asked. Masura gave a nod. "What?" Bakugou said looking between them confused. Masura turned to look at his son. "I-I don't think I can continue living here. I know she's gone, but I always feel like she is there even though she isn't. My sister when she found out what happened. She told me that we can go and live with her. I um, decided to take her up on her offer." He explained. "But dad… I don't want to leave, My friends! My dreams of becoming a pro-hero!" Bakugou exclaimed. "I-I know. Im s-sorry but I just can't stay here any longer." He said as tears poured down his face. He knew he was being selfish in forcing Katsuki to move, but he couldn't stand staying here any longer. He doesn't want to make Katsuki move but he has no other choice. He doesn't want to bother Inko when she's already having trouble with paying for and worrying about Izuku. A cough interrupted his thoughts. "That's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. If you were to give us the okay. Me and Hizashi would be willing to take him. This way he can continue going to U.A." Aizawa explained pulling out some papers and handing them to him. They sat in silence as he looked over it. When he finished reading he set the papers down. "Will I still be able to see him?" He asked nervous that the answer would be no. "Of course, you can come and visit him whenever you want." Aizawa responded. He gave a little nod before turning towards Katsuki. "Are you okay with this?" He asked, Bakugou was silent for a few seconds before giving a nod. Masura gave a little nod before signing the papers handing custody over to Aizawa. After this Mic, Aizawa and Shinsou bid them a goodnight before leaving.

The next day they stood outside of Mic's and Aizawa's house were Bakugou and Masura were saying their goodbyes. "You make sure you call me every night. Make sure you eat your meals." Masura ranted hugging his son tightly who returned it just as tight. They stayed there in each others embrace for a long time not quite ready to let go just yet. Finally after a while they pulled apart. Masura gave one last kiss to Bakugou's forehead before heading to the car. But before he climbed in he turned towards Mic and Aizawa and said out in a cold voice, "If I find out you did anything to hurt my son. I will find you and i will kill you." They both nodded their heads quickly. Masura gave one last smile and wave before climbing into the car and was off. They showed Bakugou his room. Eri was excited to have another big brother and showed him all her drawings.

A few months have passed since than. Bakugou has returned to school and his personality changed to. He now smiles more and is more happier and outgoing. He takes care of his classmates and is overprotective of the other omegas in the class. Bakugou and Shinsou made a pack bond with the BakuSquad and a family bond with Aizawa, Mic and Eri. Bakugou keeps in touch with his dad and is even planning to head down there to see him when summer starts. Life was peaceful and everything was right.

Well for now.