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If anyone asked them what happened to them, they often say it was a fight or an accident. A lot of "I gave them what they deserved" or "I'm pretty clumsy" tumbling from unsteady lips. It's not that they didn't want to admit what was wrong at home, it was just harder to see what would happen to them if they admitted what was wrong.

The thought of their other parent, none the wiser of what their one parent started to do. It wasn't ideal, it never had been as long as any of them could remember. And they weren't exactly sure when their parents became so angry at them. They didn't know what they did to recieve the punishments.

But they never mentioned it to anyone.

Except each other after the group chat had been made.

Todoroki to the chat:
Does anyone have anymore burn cream?

Midoriya to the chat:
No burn cream here, but I finally got my aloe plant from Uraraka! Wanna come over? My father is out of town on a business trip for a week.

Todoroki to the chat:
Sure, see you in fifteen

Midoriya to the chat:
See you then

Kaminari to the chat:
Would Mom Midoriya mind us having a sleepover? It is a Friday night after all

Midoriya to the chat:
Let me go ask!

Midoriya to the chat:
She said you guys can come over! She's making dinner right now.

Momo to the chat:
I'll be over there soon. I'm at Mina's right now, but I need some time with you guys. ♡

Bakugou to the chat:
See you in five, nerd

Midoriya moved to collect several blankets from his bedroom and the hallway closet. He began to set up the living room for their sleepover. He paused to answer the door when there was a knock, letting Bakugou in easily.

"Hey Auntie Inko," Bakugou said as he passed the kitchen. He recieved a happy greeting before he continued on to the living room with Midoriya, settinghis bag to the side. He helped the other finish setting up the blankets and pillows without complaint. He then stayed by the door, greeting the others when the other three ended up showing up at the same time.

"Took you guys long enough," Bakugou teased the three gently.

"Not all of us live right next door," Kaminari said playfully as he moved forward. He grabbed Bakugou's arms, the other returning the action, and they wrestled each other to the living room.

Momo laughed softly and walked with Todoroki after closing the door. "Here," she said softly and gently took Todoroki's bag and set it down beside her own.

Midoriya came out of his room with his aloe vera plant, smiling brightly. He laughed when he saw Bakugou and Kaminari wrestling each other still. "Here, sit on the couch and I'll apply the gel," he said to Todoroki as he nodded to the door. He sat on the couch with the other and carefully began to treat Todoroki's newest burns.

"He really went hard on you today," Bakugou said after he caught his breath from wrestling with Kaminari. He was looking at Todoroki with a worried gaze now.

"Yeah," Todoroki sighed softly. "He was pretty stressed because of work today." He ran a hand through his hair after Midoriya finished treating his burns. He pointed a thumb at Midoriya suddenly though before looking at said male with narrowed eyes. "It's not as bad as his though," he said, informing the others of Midoriya being hurt.

Midoriya squeaked in surprise, eyes wide now. "I-I'm not hurt," he stuttered quickly.

"Bullshit," Bakugou snapped. He moved over to Midoriya and pulled at the fabric of Midoriya's sweats lightly. "You never wear sweats at home, or when we hang out," he growled lowly.

"Unless you're hiding something," Momo added softly. She sat beside Midoriya and gently took his hand into noth of her own. "What happened?" She asked gently.

Midoriya hesitated a bit further until he recieved a firm look from Kaminari. "My father..." he trailed off, swallowing hard. "He did the thing again," he whispered, lowering his gaze.

"He WHAT?!" Bakugou shouted, jumping to his feet. It took Todoroki grabbing his hand to remind him where they were. "He branded you again?" He hissed.

Midoriya nodded slowly with his gaze still lowered. "I'm fine, really. It doesn't even really hurt-"

"Don't lie," Kaminari interrupted. "It's okay for it to hurt. Remember, we don't have to lie to each other." He moved forward and hugged Midoriya carefully. "Just relax," he cooed.

Midoriya hugged Kaminari back tightly and hid his face carefully against Kaminari's shoulder. "I'm sorry," he said to the others.

"It's okay," the replied all at once.


Momo smiled fondly as she looked over the boys for a moment. They had the time before dinner playing video games while she had gone to help Inko make dinner. The boys were being against each other while playing a game, all trying to get the upper hand.

"They are a wild bunch, aren't they?" Inko asked softly as she walked up to beside Momo.

"Yeah," Momo agreed softly. "But they're all so sweet and amazing," she added fondly. She looked to Inko when the older woman touched her arm lightly.

"You'll take care of them, right?" Inko asked softly. "I know they can handle themselves, and they'll always have your back. I just...could you watch out of them?" She asked softly.

Momo looked back over to the boys and felt her love the the boys swell. "Of course," she promised Inko softly. "I will always watch out for my boys," she promised then.

"Oh, is dinner done?" Midoriya asked softly when he looked up. He smiled brightly at the two nods he recieved from Inko and Momo. "We'll be there in a minute," he promised before turned back to the other boys to get their attention.


"Are you guys excited for the camping trip we'll be taking soon?" Kaminari asked curiously as they settled down for the night finally. They had watched two movies, danced a little and played a few more games. It was nearing morning now and all of them were getting pretty tired.

"Yeah! It's going to be fun. And we'll be camping for a whole week," Midoriya said happily. He was sprawled out on the blankets lazily, right arm thrown over Bakugou's stomach.

"It'll be nice to get away for the old hag for so long," Bakugou sighed. His arms are folded and under the back of his head, eyes closed.

"And we'll get to know our classmates better," Momo said happily. She smiled from her spot on the couch. She had a fluffy blanket thrown over her, thanks to Bakugou having put it there before laying down.

Todoroki was sat up still, helping Kaminari rewrap one of his cuts. "And we'll get a whole week to basically hangout together without sneaking around," he said fondly. The room fell quiet after he spoke, comfortable silence settling over them.

"You know," Momo started a little later. "I can sleep on the floor with you guys," she said softly.

"Hell no!" The boys nearly shouted in unison.

Momo just laughed warmly, covering her mouth subconsciously.