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Russian Roulette

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February 13

"Baby boy, you want another drink?" Bucky was squatting down beside Steve, who was leaned over the table coloring.

"Mhmm, milk please." He looked up then and Bucky kissed his cheek before walking away.

It had been nine months since Red Skull had been killed. Rumlow and Rollins had been sent to prison along with anyone else. Steve had made sure his friends were taken care of.

Lorna had connected with Dr. Strucker being adopted into the family. She moved in just one floor down with some of her friends, Blink included. She also became the owner of Red Room, with Natasha and Dottie working at the managers.

Peggy moved back to England when she was able to, Sharon going with her. Darcy got a job as an intern using her new degree and Tony's influence.

Some of the girls chose to stay in the line of work. Steve actually still looked over that part of the business, reporting to Bucky every week.

It was weird at first, actually being professional with him. He had an issue with flirting with him and getting distracted, but Steve quickly found Bucky wasn't that easy to distract.

Steve just barely healed from his wound a month or two before had decided he wanted to try little space. Bucky had gone out with him and they bought some kid things Steve thought he would like.

He'd been blushing the whole time, but that could also be the many elders gushing how cute their baby must be. It was definitely that.

"Sounds like they really want to see that baby." Bucky had whispered as he held Steve close his hands on his stomach. Steve swatted at him as he put the coloring books in the basket.

Now, they were in the living room with Bucky sitting behind him cuddling him as he colored in his superhero book. They had the channel set to Nickelodeon, though it was late enough the sitcoms were on.

"Almost done with the picture?" He kissed his cheek then. Steve nodded seems showed him the finished picture with the colors shaded and everything.

"I finished!" He smiled at him and turned around getting on his knees.

"I think we should go to bed now. We have that big valentine's party at Tony's tomorrow and didn't you want to take Peggy out shopping with some of the others?" He pulled Steve into his lap as he talked and he just yawned and rested on him.

"Yeah. I don't wanna though." He pouted a bit then and heard a small chuckle.

"Come on, you gotta." Bucky carried him to the bedroom and Steve was slowly getting out of his headspace and back to reality.

"I love you." Steve kissed him then and hopped down. He got dressed for bed and stretched out getting into Bucky's space too.

"I'd love you more if you'd ever let me sleep with some decent room." He crawled into bed curling up not to move Steve at all.

"You love me. Otherwise you wouldn't be buying my friends dresses." Steve rolled over to cuddle Bucky then resting his head on his chest. "Or saving all of them." He smiled then softly.

"I'd always save anyone you wanted." He kissed the top of his head and got comfortable. Steve did the same pulling the covers almost over his head.

February 14

Steve hadn't wanted to wake up, but seeing the girls made him actually get up. Steve got out of the car to see he was the last person. Natasha followed him inside.

Peggy was already picking dresses out while Darcy, Lorna and Wanda already had three each. Natasha separated only a little to look at the red dresses- Bucky had insisted she get an outfit too.

"See you guys wasted no time." He smiled and went over to the suits. "Bucky's wearing black and maroon. What goes good with that?"

"Red!" Darcy spoke up looking at the purple section.

"No, purples." Peggy looked up from the pink dress she was looking at.

"Blue would look good." Lorna walked over to the fitting room as she spoke. Steve sighed and looked through the suits.

"I think dark blue would be great." Natasha smiled next to him now. She held a single dress and looked at the fitting room. "I'll be back."

She wasn't out by the time Steve and the rest got into a room. They chatted among themselves as they dressed.

"So, Stevie, tell me about Bucky." Darcy spoke up changing the subject from the usual banter.

"What about him?" Steve pulled up his pants as he spoke.

"She's asking about the bed." Peggy laughed as she spoke.

"He's still my boss." Natasha sighed and the other girls laughed.

"He's also my brother." Wanda and Lorna spoke at the same time. Steve smiled as he finished buttoning his shirt.

"Fine. I'll ask later." Darcy huffed. "I'm ready."

The other girls all agreed and Steve threw on the jacket before unlocking the door. He wore a midnight blue suit with a pale red shirt and no tie. He was barefoot, though he wasn't looking for shoes yet.

Next to him was Natasha wearing a strapless red pencil dress that matched her long blonde and red hair. Darcy leaned on the door beside her with a cute, somewhat short, black dress the puffed out at the end. She even found stockings to match.

Lorna woke a black dress with dark green that only showed when it hit the light, which Wanda matched with the exact same dress but in red.

Peggy wore a black dress with polka dots in velvet black on her chest. It had a white strip separating that fabric and the bottom half, which had tulle underneath it. They were all barefoot.

"I think we all found our dress. And they say girls take forever to shop." Darcy smiled and went back in the room.

"We still have to find shoes and accessories." Peggy bounced back into the room and Steve laughed and did the same.

They all changed and within an hour had shoes. Once the girls bought accessories- Steve already owned what he would wear- they went to lunch.

Now, Bucky was paying, so they could have gone anywhere. Steve suggested the cheap taco place they went anytime they celebrated. They all agreed.

"I think I want a drink." Steve was reading the list and decided on ordering a strawberry daiquiri. The others ordered the same with the exception of Natasha.

They got their food and ate between gossip.

"Owning a club is hard! I mean I gotta make sure the girls are taken care of and I've banned so many people. We still have the brothel show, but my regular girls don't do that anymore." Lorna ate while she talked and wiped her hands.

"I understand. I actually opened up a cafe with Sharon. Angie is working with me on opening up one here too, though I won't be able to come back it's still nice to be able to work while I'm here." Peggy had gotten bert accent back through the year.

"Guys, Bucky has be meport to him weekly. Do you understand how annoying that is when I live with him. He doesn't even let me distract him." He sighed eating one of his chips.

"Updates on the case of Brock Rumlow and Jack Rollins." The table went silent. They all turned to the tv as the news continued.

"Their hearing has finished and they will be released on parole. They will serve five years of said parole where they cannot get near any of the old Hydra gang victims." They spoke to the point and Steve felt light headed.

"I want to go home." Steve blurted it out and the girls didn't seem to mind at all. Wanda got up and paid as Natasha went to get the car. They all climbed in and Steve felt like he was going to throw up.

"I can't believe they got out." Darcy was watching the buildings go by as they drove to her new home. She had a duplex with her mentor, Jane Foster.

"Let's not talk about it. They aren't out yet." Peggy was shaking and soon they dropped the girls off. Lorna and Wanda stayed in the back, but no one talked after that.

Steve ran out when the car stopped and was at the elevator pulling hid key out before the others got into the door.

"What's the rush? I thought I was the speedy one here." Pietro smiled until he saw Steve's face. "What's wrong?" He helped him with the key, since Steve was shaking too much. He couldn't breathe.

"It's a news report. I'll tell you in the room." Wanda walked up and they piled into the elevator. Natasha sectioned Steve off and pulled him close. He liked that.

They got off at Lorna's floor and Natasha followed Steve into his own. He wanted Bucky. He needed Bucky. He went to the living room then to the study. Where was he?

He heard voices and went to the office to open the door slowly. He sighed when he saw it was just Bucky and Tony. He went to sit in Bucky's lap and nuzzled him.

"What's wrong?" He held him close and looked at Natasha. Tony was leaning in the chair with his leg up on the arm. He was also messing with something off of Bucky's desk.

"Skull's boys are being released on parole." Natasha spoke and Steve felt Bucky tighten his grip on him. Tony dropped the item sitting up straight.

"That's not possible. Who did that?" Tony sounded pissed and Steve remembered his kids were once victims too. He sighed and tried to not think of it. He wasn't a victim. He couldn't be.

"We'll handle it." Bucky spoke though he shook with anger. "I'll have someone look into it, but we shouldn't let this ruin our day. We only have five hours to get ready right?"

Tony stood up then and nodded. He put the item on Bucky's desk then and Steve noticed it was a glowing circle like thing. It looked familiar too.

"I'll see you tonight." He walked off, Natasha leading him away. Bucky and Steve didn't move though. Bucky too mad to think and Steve too nervous to stop shaking.

It took them an hour to both calm down. They spent another hour cuddling just to cuddle and another messing with each other. Only when they had to did they get ready.

"I love it." Bucky was wiping his own suit when Steve walked out with his suit. He also added a few accessories including his necklace, bracelets, rings, and earrings. "You're missing something though."

"Uh, no? What else could I even need?" Steve looked over himself before Bucky pulled him closer to where he sat on the bed. Steve rested his hands on his shoulders as Bucky smiled up at him.

"This." Bucky smiled as he fished out a black box revealing a diamond ring. "Steve, will you marry me?"

Steve smiled and kissed him. He was crying a bit and he hugged him tightly sitting beside him. He just couldn't believe his luck!

"You haven't said anything baby." Bucky chuckled a bit, though he sounded nervous.

"Yes! Yes I will." He smiled and slid on the ring to smile. It fit perfectly.


They got to Stark Tower soon after that. They were let in and Steve quickly found the girls and Peter. They were playing some drinking game again.

"What's this game?"

"Well, Russian roulette with vodka." Peter smiled as he finished setting it up. He had everyone look away when he poured the drinks and soon they picked a cup.

They played ten rounds and Steve sucked at the game. Five times he picked the vodka and by the tenth he was done playing. He went to find Bucky and wrapped his arms around him mostly for support.

"I see the kids were playing games again." Tony gave Steve a small grin as he drank his own drink slowly.

"I'm only two years older than Steve and Peter." Bucky huffed and helped Steve sit down to pull him close. Peter plopped down beside Tony smiling.

“We played Russian roulette again! Oh, please don’t tell mom.” Peter smiled as he leaned over the table a bit. “With the stuff on the news I thought Steve would need some good time before Uncle Bucky goes all crazy.” He giggled at a bit and drank the water that was no in front of him.

“What news?” Bucky looked at him before turning his gaze to Steve. He looked down at his own water and frowned leaning back in the chair. “Tony?” He looked away then and Tony sighed.

“The hearing was today. It didn’t go so well for us. The lawyer tried his hardest, but the boys claimed they were being used by their father. They played victim and-”

“And they’re getting out.” Bucky was pissed off and Steve knew that. He was sure they all knew that actually. “I think I need a minute.” He moved Steve up and started walking away to hold Steve close and take him out to the patio. There was very few people out there and who were there quickly left at the sight of Bucky.

“Bucky, it’s going to be okay.” Steve leaned against the wall in the corner of the patio, the only place where the windows didn’t show them. He liked the little alcove there and not just because it could fit both him and Bucky (they had found this out during one of his panic attacks).

He pulled Bucky into the alcove with him. They were pressed up against each other and it calmed them both down. Bucky leaned against the wall a bit using his elbows and forearm to stop himself from squishing Steve. Not that he would mind though.

“I’ll make sure everything is okay. I’ll have my guys look them and-” Bucky was cut off when Steve kissed his neck above his scent gland. He pulled him closer then and smiled softly. “That’s not fair you know.”

“I think it’s plenty fair. Besides, I’m too drunk to worry about this, so you should be too.” Steve smiled and wrapped his arms around him then.

“Oh yeah, both of us drunk will definitely make this better.” He held in a laugh as he smiled.

“Drink enough to relax, then we can go home and I’ll make sure you don’t think about anything but me.” Steve pressed against him then, arching his back an unnatural way, but it got the desired reaction.

“You’re terrible when you’re drunk.” He smiled and pulled him close kissing him then.

Someone cleared their throat then and they pulled apart quickly. Pepper was standing their lips thin and looking at them. She was rocking a bit, though not from drinking. She also held a electronic notepad, though Steve had never seen her without it.

“The upper party is about to start. Tony told me to come get everyone invited.” She smiled before walking away.

“I can’t believe I have to up there again.” Bucky groaned and walked towards the entrance to the building. “I hate heights.”

“Says the man with the twenty-fifth floor apartment.” Steve laughed and walked into the crowded room to find the elevator. Happy was there either letting people pass or pushing them away. He walked over and smiled holding Bucky by the hand.

“Well if it ain’t Steve. How have you been? It’s been a good week or so since you’ve visited.” Happy smiled letting them in and holding the door open for the others walking over.

“I’m doing pretty good. I played Russian roulette with Peter and the others.” He leaned against the elevator railing. Happy laughed at that as he let three others into the elevator.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.” He let the door close then and Steve closed his eyes a bit leaning on Bucky.

“Have a bit too much to drink?” The voice made Steve open his eyes and he saw the other man. He was the definition of standard attraction, strong jaw, dark brown hair swept to the side, dark eyes. Steve would have looked forward to being rented by him a year ago. Now, he just pushed himself closer to Bucky.

“A little.” Steve nuzzled Bucky’s side and felt his arm wrap around him. He liked it. “I’m Steve.” He lifted his hand then for the other man to take.

“I’m Grant.” He took it and gave him a strong handshake, which was about five times stronger than Steve’s. “I’m here for my dad actually. We’re form Shield.” Steve hadn’t heard of it before besides a few papers on Bucky’s desk.

“The new gang? I didn’t think Tony would know anyone from there let alone invite them into his home.” Bucky rubbed Steve’s arm lightly as he looked at the man. The other two in the elevator were Lorna and Natasha, so Grant was the only one he didn’t know. He couldn’t shake the feeling like something was wrong though.

“Well, my father was friends with Howard Stark. I used to know Tony when we were kids, so when I told him about being back he insisted I come with my father to the party.” He smiled and the door opened. Steve couldn’t get out fast enough.

“I think I need a drink and a talk with Tony.” Bucky grumbled and started walking towards the bar. “You coming?” He looked at Steve, who just shook his head.

“I think I’m going to mingle, see you else made the cut.” He smiled and kissed him before walking to the other side of the room.

“Steve!” Shuri smiled as she walked over and hugged him. She had been working with him on his asthma, it was going slow, but it was nice. She was also dressed in a very formal african dress- something Steve only knew from her long talks about her traditional mother.

“What are you doing here?” He hadn’t thought this was the type of place for her to be.She didn’t seem like the social type.

“Peter invited me actually. He has a bit of a crush on me and honestly, not the worse guy.” She laughed as she pointed to him as he was balancing on a chair. “We agreed for me to come here, spend the night, then I can see all the labs tomorrow.” She seemed more excited about the labs, which made more sense to Steve.

“That’s awesome. Are Erik and T’challa here too?” He looked around a bit and tried to see if he could find them.

“They are and with their own girls. T’challa’s fiance and Erik’s current girlfriend. I don’t know how long this one will last though, but he seems to like her more than the others.” She looked around too before showing Steve where they were. Erik talking to Bucky about something while his arm was wrapped around some girl, who was not dressed in African attire. She seemed a bit interested in the conversation they were having, but didn’t speak up.

T’challa was talking with a group with his girl standing next to him and drinking one of the many mixed drinks that were being passed around. She only talked a bit, but was paying attention to the group and room very well. She smiled as she made eye contact with Steve.

“She’s ex-military. Something that she can’t talk about, but she’s real good at picking up on things. Erik’s girl is an ex-thief. It comes in handy from time to time. She works with that guy, Lang, and they work on security systems now.”

“You know along about them. Guess they talk about it among family?” Steve leaned on the wall then and looked at the room of people. She smiled and shook her head.

“I make it a point to know about the people my family keep in contact. I know that same about every single person in this room.” She was proud about it and Steve wanted to test it.

“Tell me about some of them then.” He pointed to a guy in a suit talking to Pepper, while Tony seemed very uninterested.

“Phil Coulson, agent of some kind. I think it’s Shield actually. They’re a big organization in the surrounding cities, but they’re moving into New York now. They’re different than all of us. He’s friends with Pepper too.”

“Do you know about Grant Ward?” He needed to know. She frowned a bit and looked at him as he was talking to an older man and a few other guests.

“He’s nearly thirty and in Shield. I don’t know much, but I know he was in a gang before that. Impossible to find out which one though. I know he’s lived in New York, but he’s worked outside of it until recently. He travelled a lot and no one knows anything about him or his dad, though his dad apparently rarely left his house a few years ago. Something changed though.” She swirled her drink a bit. “I’m looking into them though.”

“You do your research.” He sighed and looked around again. He saw Tony stand up on the stairs then glass in hand. He knew something was coming and he decided to go find Bucky.

“Attention, attention. It’s now, oh, midnight. I know I used to have parties much longer, but it’s been six hours. I would like to be able to wake up tomorrow to see my little girl off for her field trip and my other kids all need some sleep. Especially the ones that played roulette.” He glanced at his kids then. “I thank you for this, but I would like you all to leave my house now. Downstairs is always open though.” He smiled as people started filing out.

Shuri and the panthers left rather quickly, like they wanted to leave. He noticed a few familiar faces with no names file into the elevator along with Grant and his father. Steve started walking for Bucky to stop him and pull him into his arms.

“What?” Steve looked up and wrapped his arms around him smiling up at him.

“Just wait.” He kissed his nose then and Steve giggled a bit before leaning against him.

It took about ten minutes for everyone to leave and only about twelve people were left. Tony and Pepper hadn’t moved and Steve looked around to see who was left. There was Natasha and Clint in the corner talking about something. Bruce was here, not sure if it was working or not, but his girlfriend was here. Betty was talking to Jane about something Steve couldn’t hear, though Thor wasn’t letting Jane get more than a foot away.

“What are we doing?” Steve looked at Bucky, but it was Tony who answered.

“I was asked to have you all here. Well, a certain few of you. The other half are just here for relationship reasons.” He smiled as he took another drink from the bar.

“Asked by who?” Thor looked at him and everyone followed suit. It wasn’t Tony who spoke up next though.

“From me.” A man with one eye, the other covered with a patch, walked in then and he looked scary at shit. He wore a long black coat and black shoes and clothes to match. He looked exmilitary to Steve and it wasn’t the something he wanted to deal with. He backed into Bucky and felt him wrap his arms around him.

“I need some help from you. I’ve been noticing some traits I need in my organization. I’m Fury, from Shield.” He stopped walking when he was beside the couch and looked at everyone. No one spoke up a bit too surprised to say anything.

“Why would we help you? We’re already in a group.” Clint walked over to him and sized him up. Steve was sure Clint could take him, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to see it happen. The man smiled and shook his head softly.

“I’m not interested in the gangs. We have bigger priorities. What I want is to let you know I will be in contact and I will be asking a favor of you soon.”

“I don’t think I want that.” Bucky looked at him with murder in his eyes, Steve knew that much. “I have some issues to be dealing with and I don’t want anything getting in my way.” He held Steve even closer the nad the guy laughed.

“Let me make myself clear. I will be asking a favor of Tony, Thor, Natasha, Clint, Bruce and Steve. Not you James.” The room fell silent then and Steve looked up at Bucky. No one knew his real name. Bucky was pissed.

“I think we should be heading out.” Steve spoke to everyone, but didn’t look away from Bucky. He tapped the side of his face and smiled at him. “Let’s go home.” Bucky looked down at him and nodded.

“I'll be in contact.” Fury looked at him as they walked out Natasha and Clint in tow. He turned to the others as the elevator door closed and Steve put all his attention on Bucky.

“Baby, you okay?” Steve looked at him and saw a blank look. He had only seen it a few times and it scared him. “Bucky.” He held the edge of his jacket and watched him.

“Steve, be careful. Remember what happened last time.” Natasha was ready to grab him if something happened. Bucky had only hurt him once though and it was the first time this had happened.

It hadn’t happened until two months into him living with him. Bucky had been normal before, but something on tv set him off. Steve had thought it was the show, but they weren’t sure. Bucky had stopped talking to him and froze. Steve had hurried to go to him not hearing Natasha tell him no.

It took only a touch before Bucky threw him against the wall breaking his wrist. He hadn’t blamed Bucky, though he blamed himself enough for them both. It was something to do with the years of brainwashing, he was sure of it. It messed his mind up like the surgery messed Steve’s body up. They were some pair.

“Steve…” Bucky mumbled and he kissed him. It was gentle and barely held feeling, but it was something. He smiled into the kiss and leaned against him. It wouldn’t be long before he was back to normal and Steve didn’t mind waiting.

February 15

It took two hours.

Two hours of Steve constantly reassuring where Bucky was and who he was with. Thirty minutes alone to make him understand he wasn’t being used and another thirty to make him understand Steve hadn’t had him do anything. This was one of the easier days. Maybe Bucky’s medicine was helping?

"So, what are we going to do?" Steve was on his lap then petting his hair softly. Bucky had calmed down enough that they could talk.

"I don't know. I have people watching them already."

"How's that going?" He felt Bucky reach for his phone and stopped petting his hair. He didn't seem to like it, but he'd manage.

"Let's find out. Clint went over to get an update." He pulled Steve up against him and called putting it on speaker.

"Hey, boss." Clint sounded annoyed and frustrated.

"Something wrong?" Bucky robbed Steve's back then and kissed the top of his head.

"The cops saw one of the guys. Luckily, I have Sam's number, but it's still damn annoying. Didn't have anyone watching for two hours. They're in there though. Got a new apartment."

"Okay, just make sure to be careful." Bucky hung up then and kissed Steve. He rolled on top of him and Steve made a small noise as he hit the bed.

"You really gonna make me forget about it all?" Bucky smiled then and kissed Steve again moving to his neck to softly suck on it.

"Of course. Whatever you want tonight." He felt Bucky falter a bit and looked at him.

"Anything?" Bucky's eyes were dilated, but Steve couldn't tell what he wanted.

"Yeah." Steve wrapped his legs around him then and Bucky kissed him softly.

"Let me mark you." It was just a whisper, but it made Steve almost jump up in surprise.

"You really want that? That's permanent." He didn't actually expect Bucky to want that. He hadn't honestly expected him to want him forever. Bucky smiled and ran a hand through Steve's hair.

"I do. How do you feel about it?" Bucky's hand ran through his hair and Steve couldn't think properly. Thr alcohol had worn off enough he could think, but he felt light headed and he loved it. He loved this.

"Green." Steve pulled him into a kiss and he wanted this. God, he wanted this.

Bucky took his time undressing him and Steve in turn basically ripped off Bucky's clothes. He was pretty sure he actually heard a rip when taking it off. Bucky chuckled a bit as he did.

"Someone's needy." His voice was teasing and Steve was so weak to it. He rested his hands in Bucky's hair and smiled nodding.

"I'm always needy for you." He smiled and Bucky moved to kiss his neck kissing over his gland once before moving down to his chest then his stomach then his thighs. Steve was breathing heavy already and whimpered a bit as Bucky moved away.

"I love you." He moved and pushed into Steve then. Steve gripped the pillow softly as his back arched at the pleasure. Bucky leaned back over Steve and kissed him.

Steve grabbed his hair pulling it as Bucky started thrusting. He kissed Steve's neck sucking on it and moving to his chest leaving marks all the way down. Steve panted and moaned at the sensations given to him.

Bucky made a primal like noise and spoke in some other language that Steve didn’t know, but honestly he could care less. He could feel the tightness in his core growing and he kissed Bucky sloppily hiding another moan.

“Color?” Bucky whispered it almost and Steve just nodded and tilted his head slightly. Bucky chuckled thought it sounded breathless with his pants and shook his head. “I asked for a color, baby boy.”

“What’s greener than green?” Steve had to focus to actually get words out, but he managed it luckily. Bucky got what he needed from Steve could tell because he basically attacked his neck sucking and kissing without mercy. The neighbors must have heard him. He couldn’t imagine them not with how loud he was moaning from the pleasure.

He felt himself coming as he could feel himself release and land on his stomach. He felt the bite then and he could have sworn he blacked out. He saw stars and held Bucky close like he wouldn’t live without him pressed against him and at that moment he honestly believed it.

Bucky slowed as he came and Steve felt his knot tie them together. He didn’t mind it at all. He nuzzled Bucky’s chest and smiled wider than he had in years. He belonged to someone. He chose to belong to someone.

“I love you baby.” Bucky kissed him then. “Until the end of the line.”

“Til the end of the line.” Steve smiled and soon fell asleep cuddled close to his alpha.