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Second Chances

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It's been over a year since her brother went south to meet the Dragon Queen and to ask for her help. Very few ravens arrived North from her brother the last informing them that the Dragon Queen had taken Kings Landing and that they were on their way to Winterfell.

She feared he had bent the knee, that he had let the beauty of the Queen blind him and forget the North just as Littlefinger had suggested.

She hears the horses arriving and the roars of three large dragons flying above Winterfell as she stands in the Courtyard with the rest of the Lords and Ladies of the North. Riders carrying the Targaryen banners enter and soon she sees her brother enter, quickly dismounting his horse and rushing over to their brother Bran.

She watches as he places a kiss on his brother’s forehead before he speaks.

“Thank you. Thank you so much,” Jon’s voice shakes, and she can see a few tears fill his eyes.

“No need to thank me. You deserved to be happy, so did she,” Bran answers with a small smile before Jon turns around to walk towards the horse carrying the Dragon Queen, not sparing a glance in her direction.

To her surprise, she sees the queen only holding the reins of her horse with one hand while the other cradles something small, bundled up in furs.

She carries a smile upon her face that only seems to brighten as Jon walks over to her.  Jon has a matching smile on his face, and she knows her brother has fallen for the Dragon Queen.

The Northern Lords and Ladies all seem to pick up on this as well and they all tense as they watch the queen descend from her horse. But before she does, she gently hands what she’s cradling over to her brother who beams at receiving it. With one arm he carries the small bundle while with the other he helps the Queen dismount her horse.

With their arms linked they both make their way towards her. When they nearly arrive before her a little hand escapes the bundling and reaches for her brother’s face. It leaves her breathless and frozen as she realizes what her brother is carrying.

The two monarchs instead of realizing the gravity of the situation simply laugh as the Queen moves to cover the little arm up.

“I told you that he would wake as soon we dismounted,” the Queen says, in what can be described as a teasing tone and her brother laughs some more, startling most of the Northern Lords and Ladies for they had never once heard her brother laugh much less smile.

“Aye you were right as always,” he answers and at that moment they don’t look like a King or Queen but rather two young parents attending to their child.

Both their attentions turn to her and away from the child.

“Sansa,” her brother starts, “I would like to introduce you to Queen Daenerys of House Targaryen and Prince Aemon of House Targaryen, my wife, and my son.”