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Second Chances

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Ask me again in ten years…”

He had been told that in a different lifetime when everything he had done seemed wrong. And he’s sure if he had lived those ten years, his actions, his mistakes would have still been wrong.

But now everything seemed right.

In this lifetime everything seemed perfect.

Ten years into his reign with his Queen and it is already being referred to as the Golden Age of Westeros. They were loved by the people both high and low. The people had food, homes, and education. They chose their religion, their heirs and their leaders. The Seven Kingdoms were safe, peaceful, and prosperous.

The Reign of Dragons had come again.

But for the reign to continue, dragons needed to continue to exist.

Eleven dragons now flew the skies of Westeros. Flying free throughout the Kingdoms claiming both Dragonstone and Kings Landing as their homes. Upon their return to Kings Landing, they had discovered a nest Viserion had laid a clutch of eggs in. Two of the eggs hatched the other one, unfortunately, did not. Dragons were not slaves, but to keep them relatively peaceful they needed riders and right now, all but one had one.

Eight children.

Eight beautiful princes and princesses to love and cherish. The lights of their lives and reasons for their existence. Everything they ever went through it was worth having every single one of them.

Aemon, their heir, their first living child. The more he grew the more it became evident that he was indeed his father’s son and he would be a great king when the time came.

Rhaella, their second child, their fully Valyrian daughter, his mini-Dany. Born nine moons after his second resurrection, she was his everything. He was weak when it came to all his daughters, unable to tell any of them no, much to Dany’s amusement, but she had a special place in his heart.

Jaehaerys, their third child, was all Stark. Just born three moons short of two years after Rhaella, they named him after the Targaryen king who the North loved in honor of his northern looks.

All three of his oldest children were quickly inseparable and, if Dany’s dreams were anything to go by, will be amazing co-rulers one day.

Two years after his birth they had twin boys with Targaryen hair and Indigo eyes. A few who knew his father mentioned that he had the same shade of eye color as the twins. So, they named one of their sons Rhaegar and the other Daeron, after the Dragon knight he used to pretend to be as a child while playing with his brother Robb.

A year and a half later they welcomed another daughter, a fully Northern beauty. They had considered for a moment naming her after his mother and their lost daughter. But the reminder of the promise he was given stayed in their mind. Instead, she was named Alysanne, after the beloved Queen.

Just like their older siblings, their three middle children were close. The two brothers being completely overprotective of their sister.

Lastly, they had another set of twins named after his siblings Aegon and Rhaenys. They were now closing in on two name days, looking just like Aemon when he was that age hair and eyes matching their oldest sibling.

He loved them all, they both did.

Parenting wasn’t easy, especially seeing as they both lacked those experiences, for no matter how much his uncle tried to treat him as his own there had always been a difference between him and his cousins. However, they quickly learned how to balance both ruling and parenting, always keeping their children first but never neglecting the realm. It was not a rare sight for either of them to be holding an upset child while holding court or his wife feeding one of their children while in a council meeting.

To the people that made them seem more human, less like the untouchable royals that came before and more like themselves. Even though they were born royal their upbringings kept them grounded and they tried their best to instill those things into their children.

Their children were taught humility and honor but also passion and tenacity, learning about both their Targaryen and Stark heritage embracing the good of both Houses and rejecting but learning from the bad. With eight children taking up every moment of their day and filling every corner of their hearts, they believed they were done.

After the twins were born, they had decided to stop. Dany took moon tea every morning and yet, after a trip to their Waterfall, she became pregnant with their ninth child. Although unexpected they were happy.

A red leaf from the young heart trees brings him back to the present.

He’s sitting in the Dragonstone Godswood, Longclaw in his lap, just as Ned Stark used to do in Winterfell. He’s trying to distract himself from the fact that his wife was giving birth to their ninth child. He was kicked out of the room after things had gotten complicated.

Promise me, love. Promise to take care of them.

He shakes his head as his wife’s final words to him ring through his head. He had never felt so much fear than at that moment. Yes, there had been times during her other deliveries that were troubling but never had they feared for her life.

As he sharpens his blade he prays. He prays to the old gods, to the new, to Rhollr himself to save his wife and child. For his children to keep their mother, he has no idea how he could raise all eight without her and they could not bear losing a child either.

He weeps, for how long he doesn’t know.

“Kepa,” a soft little voice calls out.

He quickly wipes his tears and turns to find his sweet Rhaella standing there.

“Rhaella, what are you doing up sweetheart?” he says opening his arms for his child to embrace him. He hugs her tightly as she does the same.

“Is Muña going to be alright?” she whimpers and he places a kiss upon her head.

“Gods willing. She’s the strongest person I know,” he says softly.

“I don’t want to lose mama,” she whispers into his shoulder.

“Shh. You won’t, you'll see,” he tries to reassure them both.

He stands, carrying his little girl back into the castle. He follows the lighted path, walking past all the Unsullied and goes towards their children’s quarters, making sure to stay clear of the room where his wife was giving birth. The Unsullied open the door for him and he walks into the room as quietly as he can, trying his best to not wake any of his other children. He lowers his daughter into her bed, sits on her bed and carefully tucks her in, placing a kiss on her brow.

Her eyes are full of fear and his heart clenches at being unable to make it go away.

He softly sings their lullaby, trying his best to give her some sort of comfort. He eventually watches as her little violet eyes, the same eyes as his wife, close. He carefully stands taking a moment to look around to room and feels a swell of emotion as he looks at all his children. For the night they had all decided to share a room. It didn’t happen often but whenever they were scared or felt their connection calling them to be together all eight of them slept in the same room.

He holds in his tears, not wanting to wake them with his sobs.

This is their legacy, their greatest achievements and no matter what happens tonight he needs to be strong for them all, to make sure they will never face what they did.

The door opens and he sees Missandei standing there. His breath catches, unable to tell what has occurred from their closest advisor’s face. He walks towards the door, his body trembling in anticipation and fear.

“Missandei…” he whimpers out, asking everything in her name alone, trying his best to stay standing.

“The Queen lost a lot of blood, the babe came feet first,” the advisor from Naarth starts and he feels himself go weak, everything starts to go dark. Missandei quickly extends her arms, trying to keep him standing. “They’re both okay my King. They’re both safe,” she quickly assures him.

He still crumbles to the ground, in pure relief. Missandei wraps her arms around him allowing him to let out all his emotions and giving him the comfort, he needs. He tries his best to collect himself quickly, wanting to go see his wife and newborn babe.

“Truly? They’re alright?” he asks, needing to hear it again.

“Yes, they are my king. The Queen is anxiously waiting for you, told me to come get you immediately,” she says.

He stands up, making sure to straighten himself before quickly making his way to their quarters. He’s congratulated by many as he makes his way there but doesn’t stop. He enters the room and hears his wife’s sobs, as she sits on the bed holding a little bundle. The concern comes back as he fears something may have happened to their child while he made his way here. His wife looks up to him and sobs even more, but not from sorrow.

“A…aegon… it's her,” she sputters out.

His heart stops for a moment, trying to understand what she is saying.

“T… truly?” he asks, walking towards them and receiving a nod from his wife. He sits upon their bed and there laying in his wife’s arms is their first and yet final daughter.

“Lyanna,” he sighs.

Somehow the babe seems to recognize his voice and opens her violet eyes to look at him. The door opens of their quarters and he sees all his children standing at the door. With a nod, they all make their way onto their bed surrounding their new sibling. Missandei helps the youngest twins climb onto his lap before leaving them alone.

They all gush about their sibling, taking turns kissing the dark-haired head and simply stare at her.

He takes a moment to look at them all, to look at his entire family.

They are truly complete now. All their children are alive, all their dragons have their riders and each dragon has three heads. He leans in to Dany, placing a kiss on her temple grateful for everything she has given him and for everything they have achieved together.

“I love you,” he says with all his love for his beloved wife.

“I love you too,” she returns.