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Two or five hearts for the price of one

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The first incident was in Qing Qing City. An extraordinary child was born who radiated light. After that, reports of people with superpowers popped up all across the globe.No one knew what was causing this phenomenon. Before long, the supernatural became the norm. Dreams became a reality. The world became a superhuman society with about 80% of the population possessing some uncanny ability. Our streets look like scenes from comic books. A city swirled with chaos and confusion, a new profession dominated our collective consciousness. It was an age of heroes.

The ones easily recognizable, people like All Might, had strong or flashy quirks one whose quirk couldn’t easily be triumphed over by knowing their quirk. Then there are underground heroes who thrive on not having their quirks known or their specialties, heroes like Eraserhead. I think it’s all bullshit, however. There are “heroes” out there like endeawhore who use their power to bully people into what they want. Then there are heroes like Midnight and Mount Lady who use their bodies to attract fame and wealth, and I mean it works for them but still, it’s sick and cheating the system. Aspiring heroes who just want to be neck-deep in pussy like Mineta. This is the hero society we have created.

A society of people with bad ideas becoming heroes because then it’s “legal” to blackmail the innocent. That is what was born from the original quirk a quirk named radiance. Fucking ridiculous name for a quirk, if you ask me. I prefer my quirk organ donor, or as the doctors named it, Fleshbags. Something that I can use to be a true hero with. I can give organs but unfortunately, it gives way into the organ market. A shady group of individuals who use their quirks to harvest organs from people. They have quirks to numb the pain, to make people forget they were kidnapped five hours to three days, and many other quirks. That’s the organ market that’s the hell I was introduced to when I was six.

Now you may not know a lot about me, my life, my world, or hell even my universe. However, that’s not going to change the story I have to tell you. My name is Izuku Yamada, I’m the 9th successor of One For All, 45 years old. Now I’m choosing you to be my successor. The 10th successor and the third symbol of peace. This is my story of how I became the greatest hero ever or some bullshit like that. Really this is just a set of tapes so you understand my story and struggles with this thing that I’m giving you so you know what to expect since all of your possible mentors will be dead or not as close as I and the 8th successor are well I mean were.

First things first train your body up a lot so that you do not break all of your bones. I did that a lot and it hurt like hell. I’ve also had some misadventures in quirk usage and unfortunately due to the nature of this quirk you will too. I’ve literally lost gallons of blood due to my birth quirk and been through hell. You will too if my quirk manifests within you. There will also be some hardships hero life isn’t the best of lives and some of the actual best die young. I know of a few cases where aspiring heroes died before they even got their official hero licenses. Which is a hard pill you need to swallow and be prepared for Kiddo. So yeah here’s your chance to be a hero I saw in you what makes a true hero so why the fuck not, okay? I know my husbands are going to kill me for retiring so early but I might be able to stave off on my powers for a couple years before you become a hero and take my place.

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On July 15th 20XX a baby boy was born to Midoriya Inko, and Midoriya Hizashi. The couple was ecstatic. Their first baby. They named him Midoriya Izuku. Midoriya Hizashi took a few months off of his major business and worked mainly in Shizuoka Prefecture keeping close to help his lovely wife with his son.

Midoriya Hizashi was less than pleased when his son started having blonde, and green hair. He already hated his son’s unusually bright green eyes. However, this anger wasn’t directed in the wrong place. He understood it wasn’t little Izuku’s fault and swiftly decided to divorce Inko. He wasn’t cruel and gave child support to Inko under one caveat she never contact him again. Now you see this relationship was already failing Hizashi falling out of love like a brick falls from the sky, hard, fast, and out of nowhere. He’d been going on more and more business trips lately and had been seeing women who didn’t have dark green hair or eyes that could hold both kindness and sharp ferocity of protection. These women had soft eyes and knew how to play him out of his money.

Midoriya Inko kept his last name despite the divorce. To many Inko was horrible for what she did to Hizashi. Maybe she was brave for getting revenge the way she did. No one knew and most didn’t care to know. However what most didn’t know is that Inko was overprotective and a little too dependant on little Izuku. She would never let him out of her sight unless it was her childhood friend Mitsuki Bakugo and her husband offering to watch them. In this cruel world these two people were the only ones she could trust with little Izuku.

Now the Bakugos had a son named Bakugo Katsuki who was two months older than little Izuku. Inko and Mitsuki had high hopes for their sons to be the best of friends despite any differences they may have in temperament or worldviews just like the two of them had. Sometimes fate could be cruel to those who didn’t deserve it. Oh lord if they had known what was to come of themselves and their sons they would’ve thought twice about how they raised them.


Meanwhile across the country a young man named Yamada Hisashi was having a crisis. He was in love with his best friend and fellow pro hero Aizawa Shouta but he was so damn sure he was straight from how he flirted with his female classmates and even was guilty of a couple one night stands. He was planning on going to one of their best friends and her girlfriend to discuss how he should approach the situation. Especially when in this case there was more than arousal and a burning desire to be with someone physically now he just wanted to be with Aizawa in a romantic sense going on dates, and living together all of the domestic fluff his best friend described living with her partner.

He honestly didn’t know exactly what he wanted, but now he was here standing in front of their apartment door fist up to it ready to knock when Kayama Nemuri opened the door smiling Fukukado Emi right next to her smiling. They seemed to know the exact crisis going on in his head before he could even spill the beans. The two led him inside and they had a long discussion on how he felt towards Aizawa and Nemuri threatening to bury him if he ever dare hurt a single hair on that man’s head and it wasn’t consensual.

Hisashi paled at the thought of what the two heros could and would do to him if he hurt Aizawa. The three of them, mainly Nemuri and Emi, tried to discern his feelings when a knock at the door startled the three. Oh how fate had plans for this poor love-struck fool involving a hurt Aizawa. Apparently the young underground hero had gotten into a fight with young villian with a porcupine quirk.


The three of them were aware of his hospital aversion. They knew why he had it but there was no way they were prepared for the large gaping hole in his shoulder and how to care for it. They had very little choices in the situation other than to call Recovery Girl and prey to whomever may exist above that they could just the four of them take care of Aizawa.