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The Apology

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A reporter stood in front of a mall, loud noises could be heard in the background as she spoke. “This just in, a group of UA students have been attacked while outside of the main facility, by what looks to be The League of Villains. Pro-Hero Eraserhead was chaperoning the class during the Incident.”



“All civilians have been evacua-” The reporter paused as the mall collapsed



“The mall has collapsed news has come in that the hero-in-training deku and the leader of the league of villains are under the debris and the villains have not stopped their attack.”



“The building is still unstable.”



“It’s been a few hours since the attack there are no signs of Deku or Shigaraki”



“Before the building collapsed both were severely injured”



“It’s been almost 6 hours since the collapse if they don’t get them out of there soon they might die of blood loss or lack of oxygen.”



Inside of the collapsed building the two sat opposite of each other having long since given up fighting. They just talked.



"I...want to say I'm sorry. I know I don't represent hero society as a whole or even other people and I might never get to, but I want to apologize. I want to apologize on behalf of all who have hurt you, whether it be physically or emotionally. I want to apologize because no one ever helped you because you had to rely on All for One, that he was your only option. Because no matter who you are, you are just another person. A person who deserves a chance to be redeemed, to be forgiven. I apologize on behalf of the heroes who see it as a curse to even speak your name. We’re actually really alike, you know. We just chose different ways to change society. I chose to be a hero to help correct the current one. You chose to tear it all down and make a new one.” Tears streamed down Izuku’s face as Tenko limped over to him and sat down next to him.”



“Hey It’s not your fault kid you can’t change society. You're not the one who should be apologizing”



“Tenko, I really am sorry”



“I told you, it’s not your fault brat.”



“... brat”