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50 Episodes - 50 Drabbles

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Sarah is gone.

She’s always been good at disappearing. Sometimes that means ducking out on an abusive shithead. Sometimes it means leaving her family to pick up the pieces of the latest thing she’s broken.

But this, this is the last time. She’ll take what’s in her bag -- a couple changes of clothes and a stolen bag of coke -- and start again. Because she can. Because she knows he’s wrong.

We’re not good people, Sarah.

She knows it was only his idea of a joke, just another in a line of stupid things to come out of his mouth, but that was the end of it. That was when she knew it was over. She’d never admit it, but he hurt her more with those words than he ever could with his hands.

She’s not a bad person. Bad people don’t admit when they fucked up. Bad people don’t try to fix their mistakes. Bad people don’t come back for the people they left behind.

She’ll fix it. All of it.

Sarah is gone, this time for good.