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50 Episodes - 50 Drabbles

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Take control of your own destiny.

Krystal Goderitch can’t remember where the advice came from, an old Disney movie or a margarita dream maybe, but she took it to heart regardless. She’s ashamed that it’s taken this long to realize that the old Krystal was never really in control. Sure, she was cute and sweet and basically perfect, but you know what isn’t cute? Getting kidnapped and almost murdered. Twice.

So yeah, the old Krystal is out.

New Krystal has a zero tolerance policy for Instagram creeps. New Krystal pays for herself on dates because she doesn’t owe anyone anything. New Krystal carries a knife.

Whoever these people are, they thought she’d make an easy target. And maybe they were right. But new Krystal doesn’t wait around for things to happen to her. She’ll find out who they are, and when she does…

She’ll be their worst fucking nightmare.