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Can tugged and pulled on his tie, he really wasn't use to wearing one and this one felt particularly tight and suffocating. But not as suffocating as the people around them seemed to be based on the look on Tin’s face. Can slipped his hand into Tin’s giving it a squeeze to remind him that he was next to him and that Tin wasn’t alone in this pit of snakes. Seeing the slightly taller boy’s reaction to the crowd Can understood why Tin had been so adamant that he could repay the broken window by accompanying him to a few of these kind of functions. Though Can still thought it wasn’t all his fault, if Ae hadn’t ducked the football it would have hit his face and not the driver’s side window of Tin’s stupid expensive car. The only thing Can had been thankful for was that the ever angry IC student hasn’t been in the car at the time.

Can had contemplated just leaving a note apologizing for the damage but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. So he fished the ball out of the car and used it as a seat as he waited beside Tin’s car for him to arrive. As anyone would have been in that situation Tin was pissed off, if Pete’s quick whispers from the angry Tin’s side were to be believed Tin was already having a monumentally bad day. It really didn’t help matters when Can rubbed at the back of his neck with a bashful blush murmured about not being able to afford to pay to fix it.

“What” Tin had yelled as he turned on Can and following his line of site he spotted the very rough looking shoes donning his feet that he was scuffing on the ground “of course you can’t afford it, look at you”. Tin said hitting on a sore point for Can.

“Look asshole I said I was sorry. I could have just walked off and you would have never known who did it” Can’s strong tone and straight posture broken through Tin’s anger and amused him.

“Lot of good it does me if you can’t compensate for the damage you have caused” Tin gestured to the broken glass scattered around.

“I was hoping to work something out, like a payment plan or something” Can snapped while Tin stood thinking over the idea while Pete tried to calm the situation down.

“Alright you can be my boyfriend” Tin said looking Can up and down, once he got his hair cut and into some decent clothes he might just pass for boyfriend material.

“What?” Can asked slowly walking backwards his hands held up in surrender, Pete looked on completely amused by the turn of events.

“Calm down Thai Program, I’m not being serious. Who in their right mind would date you? I just need someone to accompany me to a few functions I am expected to attend and having a boyfriend” Tin did air quotes on the word boyfriend “would annoy my parents and might be enough to get the gold digging bitches off my back”

Can put his arms down as he took a step back towards Tin “so you want me to pretend to date you?”

“Not as stupid as you look, small mercies I guess. Yes you can accompany me to an event this weekend in where I will introduce you as my boyfriend, hopefully it will annoy my parents enough that they kick us out”

“Why don’t you just not go?” Can asked not sure why Tin didn’t think of it.

“These events aren’t really something you can just not go to” Pete said trying to help Tin “even I have to go”

“Okay but I don’t have a suit” Can was a little hopeful that this would get him out of going.

Tin rolled his eyes as he opened his car door and lent in to get something out of the glove box “why am I not surprised, meet me here tomorrow after school” Tin handed Can a black embossed business card for what appeared to be a suit store. When Can looked up at Tin from the card he found the guy on his phone and judging on the conversation he was arranging for a tow truck.

That was how Can found himself in a very nice suit but a suffocating tie standing at Tin’s side. Based on the rundown he had been given over the days leading up to the event and at one stage a little bit of an over share when Tin got into the swing of things. Tin’s childhood hadn’t been a happy one and the people here and ones like them had been the reason why. Though it had still been a bit of a surprise to Can that the simple gesture of squeezing Tin’s hand had seemed to calm the tightly wound guy completely. When the people that had been talking to them had left Tin turned to Can informing him that he would go get them some drinks. Reluctantly Can let Tin’s hand go he didn’t like the idea of being left alone in a crowd of people that had Tin unnerved.

Just as Can was contemplating going after Tin a smug looking guy, that Can had already promised Tin not to punch after Tin had accidentally spilled to Can what he had done to him, was headed his way. Taking a calming breath Can waited to see how Tul would begin his ‘attack’ as Tin called it.


“So you got him here, I almost didn’t recognize him” Pete said as Tin approached the bar.

“Strange what a good stylist can do” Tin shot back before he placed his drinks order.

“Have you told him about your massive crush on him yet?” Pete asked finishing his wine and sliding the glass back to the bar tender.

“Have you told Ae you want him to fuck you yet?” Tin asked with a bit of bite as he took his drinks and walked away.


“I’ve not seen you at these events before” Tul slithered up to Can offering a drink.

Not wanting to seem rude Can politely accepted it but had no intentions of drinking it “that’s because I have never been before”

“So you are here as someone’s date?” Tul asked taking a drink out of his own glass watching Can very closely.

“Yes” Can said spotting Tin over Tul’s shoulder picked his voice up a touch “I’m a little nervous, I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the first time”

“I’m sure they will love you just as much as I do” Tin said breezing past Tul “here is your drink” Tin said handing Can the water he had asked for and took the drink out of his other hand and pushed it back into Tul’s “I see you have met my brother already” Tin said taking his spot next to Can.

“This is your brother, he looks nothing like I imagined” Can said linking his arm with Tin’s as he pressed against Tin’s side to whisper in his ear “it’s amazing how he manages to look so human”

Tin snorted into his glass as he went to take a drink making Tul shift uncomfortably knowing they were obviously talking about him. “It’s not like you to bring your toys to these events little brother” Tul turned his attention onto Can “our Tin tends to get bored easily and discard his partners quickly” Can knew this was a lie but kept his mouth shut “but you are the first boy I have known about him taking up with” Tul seemed happy with himself thinking he had annoyed Tin’s date and possibly sabotaged whatever their relationship was.

“Weird, it’s been what seven months now” Can said to Tul then stepped around in front of Tin to face him “how much longer do I have until you get bored of me baby?” Can asked pressing in against Tin.

Slightly bending forward Tin rubbed his nose against Can’s as his arm sipped around his waist pinning Can against him “I don't think it is possible to get bored of you, not as long as you keep being yourself". Watching Tul storming off in a huff had almost been payment enough for Tin's broken window, but Tin didn't want to let go yet and Can had agreed to accompany him to a few functions “let’s go somewhere and get a pizza, I’m starving”

“I haven’t met your parents yet” Can could have slapped his mouth, it wasn’t like him to turn down food, especially ones he liked.

“Another time, I want pizza” Can’s jaw dropped as he looked at the pout on Tin’s face, he was acting like well a spoiled kid and it was such a stark contrast to Tin’s normal straight laced self.

“Okay, pizza” Can said and was blown away by the smile that appeared on Tin’s face “I thought we agreed no drinking tonight” Can joked as he tried to step out of Tin’s hold he had only just realized he was still in to find that it tightened around him holding him in place.

Tin’s pout returned and Can couldn’t help but concentrate on the full soft looking bottom lip “I haven’t, it was ice tea”

“Okay fine, just let go, people are looking at us” Can tried to look down to hide his embarrassment but being so close to Tin he ended up resting his forehead on Tin’s shoulder.

Tin took the opportunity to soak in the feeling of having Can in his arms before he whispered in his ear “now they are all curious what we could possibly be talking about that would have you so shy but still happily in my arms”

Can’s head shot up ready to set Tin straight that he wasn’t happily anywhere when he was given a soft smile, it was the most gentle most open he had ever seen anyone use to look at him and it shook Can to his very core. Can used his actual strength this time as he pushed out of Tin’s arms, the slightly taller boy looked hurt but Can quickly grabbed his wrist dragging him across the room and out the door as Tin smiled at where they were joined.



When Tin woke up the next morning one of the maids informed him that he was requested to see his mother on the patio for tea. Knowing that after big society functions like yesterdays those woman that were close to his mother would come over and viciously rip apart everyone at the function that wasn't in their circle. This is why before Tin dropped Can off at home the night before he had gotten him to give him three love bits, one on his neck because Tin couldn't pass up a classic. One on his chest and the last one had taken Can some convincing but he had begrudgingly done it in the end, was on the bottom of Tin's stomach just above his underwear. This had all been done for this moment, his summons in front of these women. Tin climbed out of bed and removed his night shirt leaving him in just a pair of low slung sweat pants as he padded barefooted down stairs and out on to the patio.

Pretending to rub the sleep from his eye Tin stepped out into the attentions of his mother and her friends who all gasped at the half naked quite well toned boy. The second round a gasps told Tin they had spotted the telling bruises on his skin "you wanted to see me mother" Tin said fanning innocence they both knew he didn't have but she wasn't about to call her own son out in front of these woman.

"Why are you not dressed?" she asked putting her cup down with a bit more force then necessary.

"The maid made it sound like I needed to come right away" Tin said reached over his head to scratch at an imaginary itch on his back making his pants slip down just a touch.

"Go put some clothes on then come back" Tin had to bite down on the smirk that wanted to come out at her obvious annoyance.

"I can't I'm already running late to meet a friend" Tin let his voice get soft towards the end of his sentence as he brushed his fingers against the mark on his neck.

One of his mother's friends shifted forward in her seat curiosity getting the better of her "is it the charming boy from last night?" her question had even caught Tin off guard. Nodding Tin tilted his head contemplating questioning her about the charming comment when she pressed on seemingly encouraged by those around her. "My husband rolled his ankle going up the stairs when we arrived, the young man not only helped him the rest of the way but also administered first aid. Thanks to him my darling was able to play golf this morning" the ladies around the table all cooed their approval while Tin had to stop himself from rolling his eyes at their easy acceptance because of a saved round of golf.

"Don't let us up hold you up Tin, you should harry for your date" one of the others said now enthusiastic that Can had been approved of. Tin smiled a tight smile as he gave a small bow and turned to leave, Tin had to hold back a laugh at the collective gasp that issued from the woman at the scratches on his back from Can's nails. It had been an inspired idea by Can and Tin would be sure to thank him with his favored pork skewers.

Back in his room Tin quickly got dressed as he called Can, it was on the second try that Can finally answered "what could possibly be worth waking me up for?"

"Rolled omelet with bacon and anything else off the menu" Tin said smiling at how great his morning was playing out and the fact that he got to hear Can's pouty morning voice was just the cherry on top.

"Fine come get me" Can voice sounded a little strained as he obviously forced himself out of bed.


When Tin pulled up out the front of Can's house Can was in the yard playing with the fluffiest dog Tin had ever seen, Tin didn't know how he had missed the large fluffy mess every time he had come by before. Climbing out of his car Tin let himself into Can's yard, at the sound of the gate the dog’s attention was on the intruder. He immediately ran over dropped onto his back at Tin's feet and waited for belly rubs. Tin's hands had already started to move along the happy puppy's tummy before Can could stop him "Gucci isn't going to let us leave now" Can sounded a bit distressed but Tin didn't get what the problem was.

"Gucci?" Tin asked with a raised brow but at the bark response Tin realized his hands had stopped and got back to patting the shaggy mess "get his lead we will take him with us"

"Are you sure?" Can asked sounding hopeful but at the same time cautious "he might get your car dirty and he will definitely get it covered in fur"

"I can get it detailed besides I don't think you're one to comment on what others do to my car" Tin teased as he nodded towards the house encouraging Can to get Gucci's lead. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth Can ran inside to get Gucci’s things.

During the drive Gucci had his head out the back window making Tin smile every time he caught it in the side mirror. Can sat in the passenger seat wondering why he was feeling so warm every time Tin smiled. When they arrived at the street side café, that Tin had insisted on because Can would love the food, Can jumped out of the car and quickly got Gucci out as well. “Find us a table I’m going to see if Gucci needs to pee” Can threw at Tin before quickly walking off with the shaggy dog.

When they came back Tin had already ordered himself a coffee, Can a smoothie and a bowl of water for Gucci. Can smiled as he took his seat next to Tin which had been a bit of a surprise to Tin who thought he would have sat opposite him “I haven’t ordered breakfast yet, I thought you might like to look at the menu”

Once Can had made up his mind it had taken Can three tries to get the waitress to listen to his order as she had been too distracted patting Gucci. Finding it amusing Tin lent in and whispered to Can “maybe I should take Gucci to the next function he is quite a hit”

Strangely Can felt like he was getting pushed aside for Gucci and it upset him but he couldn’t work out why “no you can’t, Gucci and I come as a package deal. If you want one you have to take the other” Can was loud enough for the tables either side to hear him and Tin’s laugh which was even louder making Gucci curious. The inquisitive pup put his front paws on Tin’s leg.

With Gucci on one side and Can on the other Tin felt a warmth spread through him that he hadn’t felt before but he knew he didn’t want to lose it. Patting Gucci’s head with one hand Tin place the other over Can’s that was resting on the table top “okay, I’ll take both” Tin’s smile split his face and made him look like a kid while Can’s attention was shifting between that smile and Tin’s hand on his. It had taken until the end of their meal for the pleasant tingling feeling on the back of Can's hand to dissipate. It was however replace shortly after by Tin interlocking their fingers, holding Can's hand the tingling returned and begin traveling through the hyperactive boy’s body.

Can wanted to kill Gucci for whining until Tin had picked up his lead and taken Can's hand to set off for a walk. It wasn't until they ran into someone Tin knew that Can realized what they would look like. To outsiders Tin seeming like an ever doting boyfriend happily hand in hand with his lover while they walked their dog. Can wanted to escape but Tin's grip was to strong and there was no way he was going to abandon Gucci though even with the little interaction Tin has had with Gucci Can was sure Tin would smother the pup with love. Can started getting restless as his mind kept running in circles about the way Tin smiles and how nice he was being too Can despite the whole broken window thing and the fact that he seemed to instantly love Gucci. Slightly tugging on Tin's hand Can heard a small chuckle escape him before he excused himself from the conversation and walked away letting go of Can's hand only to wrap his arm around Can's shoulders.

The rest of the day had been a blur to Can and by Monday morning he was sure that he no longer hated Tin and would go as far as to consider them friends. But Can's mind was still going through trying to work out him and Tin that he didn't realize that his feet had taken him to the International College building. Can felt a smile fill his face when Tin had spotted him and without so much as a word to the seniors he was talking to he walked off and up to Can "aren't you going to be late to class?" Tin said mirroring Can's smile.

"Well as my boyfriend I figured you should walk me to class" Can's cheerful voice had been caught by those passing by, some of them shot curious glances while others stopped in their tracks to openly stare at them.

"Sure" Tin said slipping his hand into Can's as they walked out of the building and towards the Sports Science building. Reaching Can's classroom Tin was reluctant to let the boy go, the entire walk there Tin had been curious about what spell had made Can approach him like that but he feared that if he voiced it the spell would be broken.

Trying to pull his hand free Can found that Tin wasn't going to ease up on his hold "I need to go in to class before I am late" Can felt Tin's hand ease up slightly at his words but the pout from two night ago was back on his face. Signing Can pushed up slightly on his tip toes pressing a kiss to Tin's cheek "now go" Can urged Tin as he felt Tin's hand go completely slack letting Can rush into the room leaving Tin in the hallway flummoxed.


When Tin walked into his class he was twenty minutes late, he had a soft smile on his face and seemed to be walking on air. Taking his seat next to Pete Tin had completely missed the Teacher questioning why he was late as he sat down still in a Can induced daze. Realizing she wasn’t going to get an answer out of her dazed student she told Pete that he would need to make sure Tin saw her after class.

Tin didn’t have a problem catching up once he emerged from his Can filled thought and by the end of the class he had already drafted up half of the assignment assigned during class. The only reason he was bothered by getting held back after the class was because he wanted to see Can, he had swallowed the insults that were on the tip of his tongue and apologized to the teacher for his behavior in the hopes of getting out of their faster. Accepting the apology letter he now had to write as punishment Tin ran out of the room and had made it outside only to find Can waiting for him with Ae and Pete.

Tin’s week only improved with lunches spent either at the IC canteen or at the Sports Science canteen. By Tuesday it seemed like everyone in the school knew they were “dating” which was fine by Tin, he had been called many things in his life but Can’s boyfriend was by far his favorite. Can didn’t seem to have an issue with Tin seeking him out and even by Thursday afternoon when Tin was waiting by the stands at the end of football training Can had greeted him with a hug. Tin had so desperately wanted to kiss Can or initiate a hug but he could still feel the reluctance in Can when he initiated them and didn’t want to push him too far too fast.

At lunch on Friday Tin had been in the Sports Science canteen sitting beside Can enjoying the way that every time he got excited or riled up with his friends he would press himself against Tin’s side like he was trying to soothe himself. Tin had been lost in his thoughts when their conversation caught his ear “so Can are you two coming to the pub tonight with the rest of the team?”

“I forgot to ask” Can’s back had gone straight as he turned to look at Tin “are we going?” Can’s voice was soft and light, Tin thought he would agree to murder someone if Can asked him like that.

Tin shrugged hoping that the heat he was feeling in his body hadn’t made its way to his cheeks “I don’t see why not”

“Really we don’t have one of those fancy functions to go to?” Tin felt something in his chest drop, up until that point it had seemed like Can was asking because he wanted Tin to go like anyone would their boyfriend. But this made sense, Can did owe him a debt and Can was not one to run from his responsibilities.

“No, we do next weekend but you are fee to do what you will this weekend” Tin glanced around finding his bag he quietly excused himself and headed off for his last class. With every step Tin felt his legs get heaver, he wanted to slap himself for using his broken window as an excuse to get Can to spend time with him. Now he was stuck in a strange limbo of never being quite sure if the feelings between them were real or for the sake of the debt.

Tin arrived to class early, collapsing in his chair he wanted to scream out in frustration when at that moment Can came running into the room “Tin what happened?”

Tin blinked up at Can who was holding his face in his hands as he worriedly looking into Tin's face “nothing, I have class” Tin said knowing that the empty room they were in didn’t support his story.

“Not for fifteen minutes. Talk to me Tin, you were happy one minute and then back to your old closed off self. Don’t you want to go out tonight? I thought you guys had all become friends”

“We are” Tin said grabbing Can’s hands and pulling them off his face “but what we have is just an agreement and it shouldn't interfere in all aspects of your life. You go, have fun and if you need it you can call me to give you a lift home”

Can stood with his hands still held in Tin’s but they were now at his sides as he tilted his head processing what Tin had said “agreement?” looking into his face Tin saw Can’s eyes light up like he just solved a puzzle “the window” Can instantly looked a bit sheepish “I had totally forgotten about that” Can pursed his lips while he thought about the situation. With a slight nod Can looked into Tin’s eyes “can I do something else to pay you back or can we set up a payment plan?”

Tin felt his heart plummet into his stomach and he had to fight to get his voice to come out “sure, I’m sorry I got you to do all the fake boyfriend stuff”

“Oh I was going to keep helping with that” Tin’s head snapped up at Can’s words “I had fun messing with your brother and the food was amazing. Plus I enjoy spending time with you so I don’t see why I can’t help out a friend” before Tin got a chance to say anything the other students begun to arrive and Can was picking up his bag to leave “I’ll see you after class” Can said with a smile that warmed Tin back up.


Tin happily found himself sitting in the corner of some pub chatting with Pete while the football team chatted and yelled about a professional football match neither Pete nor Tin had seen. “Things seem to going well with you and Can” Pete said with the teasing smile he always used with Tin when he thought he knew better then Tin.

“Yeah I guess, he now sees me as a friend” Tin said sipping at his drink.

Pete shrugged his smile still firmly in place “it’s a step up from asshole”

“Speaking of assholes has Ae used yours yet?” Tin took great joy in seeing the smug smile drop from Pete’s face as it slowly morphed into shock.

“Tin!” Pete yelled just as the room fell silent.

Ae was instantly at his blushing boyfriend’s side glaring a hole through Tin who was biting on his lip trying to hold in his laughter as Pete tried to avoid telling Ae what Tin had said to him. Can came over to see what the fuss was about just as Ae was getting into Tin’s face, pushing in between the two Can pushed Ae back while Tin and Pete shared happy contented looks over their boyfriends shoulders. Pete finally managed to drag Ae off to calm down outside while Can kept his back pressed to Tin’s front as he continued his conversation with his friends.

As the evening wore on Tin grew restless as his body screamed at him for sleep but he didn’t want to cut Can’s enjoyment short. Deciding he couldn’t stand it anymore Tin pulled out his wallet and handed some bills to Can “I have to go home and get some sleep, use this to get a taxi when you are ready to leave” Tin said with a long blink before pressing a kiss to Can’s forehead and tried to leave but Can grabbed on tightly to his sleeve.

“Hey guys we are going, see ya” Can yelled over the noise of the group then gave Tin an encouraging shove towards the door. Climbing into Tin’s car Can could see that Tin was running on fumes “you should have said something sooner” Can poked at Tin’s cheek waking the tired boy up a little “looks like I am going to have to go home with you to make sure you make it” Can smiled as the sleepy Tin brightened a bit.

“So you’re staying over tonight?” Tin asked starting the car because if they were already at his house Can wouldn’t be able to say no.

“Sure, you’ll have to lend me some pajamas”


When they reached the Medthanan house Can was asleep on Tin’s shoulder, shaking his head at the strange boy Tin woke him with a softly said “Can, Can we are here”

Rubbing his eyes Can sat up as he looked around confused “where are we?”

“My house, come on we can use the lift to get into the house” Tin said like every house had underground parking.

When they stepped into the house Can’s eyes grew wide “how many people live here? This place is massive”

“Great for hide and seek, shit for family bonding” Tin said offhandedly as he took Can’s head and lead him to his bedroom.

Walking in Can’s jaw dropped, Tin’s bedroom was larger than his and his sister's put together and had its own private bathroom. Can watched as Tin walked over to one of the wardrobes and pulled out two sets of pajamas and some towels “did you want to go first” Can flushed as his mind invoked an image on Tin standing in the shower as water tumbled down his body. Rushing Can scooped up the clothes and towel off the bed and slammed the door shut when he was safely in the bathroom.