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After the way he snapped at him Can was sure Tin was going to get mad, watching him get off his seat and come around to his side of the table Can froze waiting for whatever it was that Tin was going to do. When he felt Tin's hands hold his cheeks he grew confused but that was quickly swept away by the press of Tin's lips to his.

Remembering the sensations from last time they kissed Can opened his mouth to invite Tin in and Tin hungrily accepted. His tongue pushed in and rubbed against Can's thrilling him and filled him with a warmth he had come to associate with the handsome snobby pretty boy.

When Tin pulled away Can was dazed but happy and now sure that Tin did feel something for him even if it wasn't love. He did feel something more than friendship for him and Can could accept that "you are strangely amazing" Tin said falling into a crouch at Can's side.

"What are you doing Tin?" Can asked looking around to see if anyone was watching them to find that they were blissfully alone.

"After this morning I would understand if you don't want to stay with me, it's a lot to deal with" Tin wanted to bite his tongue as he offered Can a way out, especially since the reason he had had the lunch made was that he planned on asking Can to be his boyfriend. Actual boyfriend and not just a boy friend in disguise.

"Fuck no; if that kind of shit was going to scare me off I would have taken the goddamn money. Besides I can't leave you alone with those people" Tin dropped onto his knees as he lent forward wrapping his arms around Can's middle and burying his face in Can's stomach. Can's fingers quickly made their way into Tin's hair rubbing at his scalp and onto his neck.


"So how did it go?" Pete asked when Tin returned from lunch, his hair a chaotic mess and a smile that he couldn't stifle.

"It didn't" Tin said dropping into his seat as Pete raised an eye brow at his messed up hair "my mother paid him a visit this morning and offered him money to stay away from me" Tin said watching Pete to see his reaction.

"Shit" Pete said softly like that would stop it from being a swear word "what did he do?"

Tin's smile got wider and Pete could clearly see his love for Can in his eyes "he told her I am worth more to him than money and the fact that she can't see my true worth makes him realize just how much I deserves a better family"

"So you told him how you feel about him" Pete said as he took the stack of handouts from the person in front of him and separated copies for himself and Tin.

"I gave him an out" at Tin's words Pete turned to him with the stack of papers and smacked him over the head with them.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Pete yelled disrupting the whole class who were all dumbfounded by the events.



Even after two hours of running around at near top speed Can was still angry, he couldn't give a shit about missing class, hell if the woman had asked he would have just met her at a cafe. The offer of money had stopped bugging him when Tin showed his gratitude for him turning it down. It was how much the woman didn't know her own son and seemed fine with taking away any happiness he found if it didn't fit her plan for his life. That was what still had Can chewing on the inside of his cheek in frustration as he packed away the training equipment after Techno had taken great joy in reminding him it was his privilege for the next month. As Can collected his stuff to head home he decided that he would get back at her by showing her that what she tried to pull would have the opposite effect. Sitting on the bus heading home Can pulled out his phone and called Tin to see if he wanted to spend the night. It had only taken one ring for Tin to answer "were you playing on your phone?" Can asked instead of offering a greeting.

"Actually I was typing you a message" Tin sounded like he was away from his phone and the telltale tapping of keys told Can he must be on speaker while Tin worked on his laptop.

Can's anger started to soothe just hearing Tin's voice "really? Was it to ask if you could come over because I was thinking that maybe you would want to spend the night at mine" hearing the clatter in the back ground Can thought their conversation might not be as private as he had originally thought. On the off chance that it was Mrs Medthanan Can voiced something he had been thinking about on and off since Saturday "I was thinking we could pick up where we left off when we were interrupted in your room"

The sound of tapping on keys stopped and there was a change in the ambient sound as Tin obviously took him of speaker "I'll be there soon"


Can had just changed in to some sweatpants and an old shirt when there was a knock at the door. Seeing the way Gucci whined and scratched at the door Can was sure it was Tin, Gucci almost knocked the boy over in his excitement to see him. Walking in Tin noticed the house was strangely quiet and strangely still considering how boisterous Can's family could be "where is everyone?" Tin asked while Gucci followed him as he followed Can towards the kitchen.

"Dad's got a double shift at the station so he won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon" Can opened the fridge looking for food "mum has the night shift at the hospital so she should be home sometime in the morning" Can checked the cupboards hoping to find something he could eat fast "and Lay is staying at a friend’s"

"So we have the house to ourselves?" Tin asked walking around the counter and advancing on Can who walked himself backwards into the pantry door.

"And Gucci" Can said in a small voice as Tin pressed a hand to his hip pinning him against the door "Tin what are yo-"

Can's sentence cut short when Tin's tongue licked a strip along his neck before he sunk his teeth in enough to get a hiss from the trembling boy "I'm picking up where we left off" Tin said against Can's neck "if memory serves me, you were at least half naked, underneath me and we were both achingly hard" Tin breathed the words into Can's neck sending another shiver through his body.

Can remembered, he had even jerked off to the memory but hearing Tin say it against his skin as he felt Tin's fingers brush against his stomach made Can instantly hard. Stilling Tin's hand Can looked a little worried as Tin pulled back to look in his eyes "I don't know if I'm ready to....." Can let the sentence hang not really sure how to finish it.

"We don't have to go that far" Tin's voice was soft and caring as he pulled his hands out from under Can's shirt but placed them back where they had been just with the layer of material between "I will follow your lead, if you want to go slow we will go slow. If you want to go fast we will go fast and if you want to stop just let me know"

Somehow Can could feel the balance shift to him and he tentatively grabbed the hem of Tin's shirt lifting it off and letting it drop to the floor, Tin's hands returned to their spot on Can's shirt clad torso waiting for Can to give him some indication of what he was allowed to do. Can guided Tin's hands down to the hem of his shirt and gave him a nod to let him know that he could remove it. Seeing Can grow shy Tin couldn't help himself he cradled Can's face and pressed a searing kiss to his lips while his body pressed against Can's pushing him against the door. "Tin" Can breathed when Tin had finally pulled back "we should go to my room"

Growling Tin nipped at Can's neck before pulling back and letting Can lead the way. Walking into Can's room Tin looked around to find horror movie posters and football posters side by side and a strange collection of sea creature soft toys hanging from the certain railing. Wanting to get Tin's attention back on him Can grabbed Tin's belt "this might get in the way" Can said fumbling to get it unbuckled.

"Let me help" Tin's voice had been quiet as he softly pushed Can's hands away and made quick work of getting his pants undone. Smiling Can's hands dived back in sliding in between the waist band and Tin's underwear as he pushed Tin's pants down. Walking backwards towards his bed Can took in Tin's form but mostly the way his hard cock strained against his light blue underwear that Can committed to memory. When Can felt his bed hit the back of his legs he pushed his own pants down leaving him in his own underwear that already felt wet with precum.

Seeing Can lay himself out on his bed Tin's mind kicked back in pushing him across the room to crawl over Can who happily pulled him down on top of him.

Feeling the way Tin was responding to his touch encouraged Can's exploration of the other boy. Tin let out a surprised but happy moan when Can's hand rubbed and grabbed at his cock through the thin material. After that it didn't take long for Can to pull both of their cocks out of the constricting material and began rubbing them together Tin's hips rocking as he controlled their kisses. The feel of their velvety skin rubbing together combined with the way Tin was kissing and sucking at his neck had Can squeeze just a little tightly, Tin threw his head back as he moaned thrusting his hips as he and Can came all over Can's hand and his own stomach.


Laying in Can's small bed cleaned up after their activity with Can in his arms Tin felt truly right and happy. Closing his eyes Tin could feel Can tapping his feet against his while he played with the fingers on Tin's right hand "Can?" Tin waited for the hum to let him know Can was listening to him "did you mean what you said to my mother?"

"I don't know what part your talking about but yes I have meant every word I have said to her" Can glanced up to find Tin's eyes still closed "why?"

"I was going to ask you something today but I chickened out" Tin was finding it so much easier to do this with his eyes closed.

"Did I realize that the pizza boy from your porno and I look alike?" Tin eyes snapped open as he shifted to get a better look at the smirk on Can's face.

"What when did you.... No, I was going to ask if you would be my boyfriend, but how did you?" Tin sounded nervous and Can wasn't sure what part had done it to him.

Holding up Tin's hand Can closed it into a fist before pulling out one finger "when he showed up on screen with the pizza" Can lifted up a second finger "yes" lifting up the third Can felt Tin shifting around "I have used a mirror Tin, I know what I look like"

Can laughed as Tin climbed on top of him pressing their naked forms together all the warmth they had was from shared body heat and a sheet that was only just covering them "so you will be my boyfriend, like real boyfriend. As in hi I'm Tin and this is my boyfriend Can now please excuse us while we go over there to make out?"

"You can stop with the introduction at; this is my boyfriend Can"


The rest of the night was spent with lazy kisses and random conversation that jumped through topics neither of them really sure how they got to each one. At one stage Can found his blanket that had been kicked off the bed and pulled it over them so that they could sleep, which they did wrapped around each other pressed close together.


Can woke with a moan as he felt a hot wet heat surround his throbbing cock, looking down he found a lump under the blanket. Before he could say anything he was sucked into the back of Tin's throat and with a thrust of his hips he filled Tin's mouth. Pulling back Tin swallowed Can's cum before he moved up the bed and out from under the blanket "good morning Cantaloupe, we have to go to school"

"Don't used my full nickname"



The moment Tin walked into his house a maid run to inform his mother of his arrival and by the time he had reached the kitchen she was at his heels "Tin, if you ever pull something like that again-"

"You'll what mother? Send me to my room? Take my car away? You wouldn't want people to see the son of a Medthanan taking the bus" Tin spat at her as he got himself a drink from a fridge.

Snatching the bottle out of Tin's hand Mrs Medthanan threw it into the sink "do you know who those people where, who you offended? It was bad enough that you were ignoring them as you typed away on your lap top but to walk off like you did. After a call from that-"

"He is my boyfriend mother and yes I know who they are. I know that the reason you brought them here is so that I can meet their boring as hell daughter. I have no interest in her and never will" Tin said plainly as he grabbed another bottle out of the fridge.

"She will be accompanying you to the charity function this weekend" Mrs Medthanan snatched this bottle too and sent it to join the other one in the sink.

Raising a brow at her behavior Tin pinched the bridge of his nose "I am taking Can"

"No, you are taking Daisy or I will take away your car and you can use the family car with the chauffeur" Tin saw the seriousness in her face and knew that without his car hanging out with Can would become difficult.

"Fine" Tin spat then headed to the sink to grab one of the bottles of water his mother had thrown in before he headed to his room. Once he was safely closed in his room Tin pulled out his phone to call Pete, after a few rings his call was picked up "Hey Pete I have a favor to ask you"



Tin kept up a blank mask as he walked into the ballroom that had been booked out for the charity function arm in arm with Daisy. A girl Tin had quickly learnt on the way over was only boring and demure when her parents where around. On more than one occasion Tin had to push or slap her hand away as she had tried to slip her hand on to his crouch. Tin heard a few whispers as he and Daisy found their table and Mrs Medthanan joyously smiled as her son walked around in the company of such a fine girl. However as Tin and Daisy fell into conversation with some of her friends there was a wave of barely concealed gossiping that broke out and Tin knew Pete had arrived. Looking over at the door way Tin saw Pete looking as handsome as always but tonight Tin was just interested in the sorter guy holding onto Pete's arm. Can's smile was something Tin would never get sick of seeing and the way that Daisy's hold got tighter told Tin that his face was obviously showing his heart.

Pete and Can made the circuit around the room and while Tin watched their progress his mother's friend that had been so approving of Can for helping her husband approached Tin. "Tin dear, isn't that your friend accompanying Pete tonight" she looked a little concerned as she handed Tin a drink.

"It would appear so" Tin whispered to her with a cheeky smile as he took the offered scotch.

"You obviously didn't mean anything to him if he moved on the moment he got the chance" Daisy sneered to her friends amusement. Tin just rolled his eyes as he pulled her towards their assigned seats letting everyone speculate as to the situation and his mood knowing that they were all wrong.

Daisy had turned her back to Tin so she could talk to people at the table next to theirs, Tin idly flicked through his phone while he listened to the conversation and waited for Pete and Can to join him. "What happened? Why are you here with Tin and why is the guy he brought last time here with Pete?" Tin over heard someone at the other table ask Daisy.

"Tin decided to accompany me so I guess that guy just found the next rich guy to attach himself to" at Daisy's response Tin saw red and was about to set her straight when a familiar voice drew his attention.

"Good evening Tin" turning around at Pete's greeting Tin saw his smiling boyfriend.

"Pete" Tin keeping his voice devoid of emotion as his hand twitched to reach out and pull Can to him. But they had a plan that Tin wanted to see it play out and Tin's part started the moment Can took the seat next to him leaving Pete to sit on the other side of Tin's boyfriend. Everyone watched silently as the three boys settled in, most eyes on the boy who was now both literally and figuratively in the middle. But Tin didn't utter another word even as the food was served and the conversation around them picked up, not even when someone has snidely asked Pete how he met Can. Pete had given a small laugh and simply looked the guy in the eye as he informed him that Can was one of the players for the school football team, a quip about the sport building stamina had Can blushing and the tabled stunned out of commenting.

A speech was made thanking everyone for coming and for their generous donations as the servers continued to bring around the food. Tin couldn't help but watch the way Can's eyes lit up as the first course was sat in front of him, Tin laid a gentle hand on Can's leg to tell him not to start eating yet when he saw Can about to dive in. Tin stifled a laugh at the way Can was longingly looking at the food but didn't dare touch it until he felt Tin give a squeeze to his leg. Can was easily the first one finished and everyone at the table held a collective breath as they watched Tin watching Pete wipe food off the corner of Can's mouth. It had been a bit harder than Tin had thought it would be to watch them play pretend. Tin was thankful that he had spent the week leading up to the event practically glued to Can to the point that he had needed to clean down the back seat of his car or answer some embarrassing questions. But still hearing Can quietly thank Pete with a sweet tone he had hoped to keep for himself had been a little hard.

When the main course had been brought out the people at their table had noticed the way that Tin kept putting food on Can's plate and the way that Can seemed to have shifted closer to Tin. When Can had reached for his glass he noticed it was empty, Pete and graciously moved to fill it from the water jug in the middle of the table only to find it empty too. As Pete called for one of the servers there was a gasp from Daisy as she and the others watched Tin swap his full glass for Can's empty one. Not liking the attention Tin was giving to the boy that should be below her Daisy wrapped her arms around Tin's pulling him towards her and away from Can "Tin now that dinner is over I want to dance"

Tin had been about to coldly reject her when his mother had seemingly appeared out of nowhere "that sounds like a wonderful idea, Tin would love to Daisy" not wanting to cause a scene at that particular moment Tin got out of his chair followed by Daisy who hadn't released her iron grip on his arm. When the two were out of ear shot Mrs Medthanan turned to Can with barely veiled distaste on her face "you should have taken the money, at least then you would have something now that you have been cast aside"

Those that where listening in where on the edge of their seats not a hundred percent sure what was going on but the fact that this guy seemed to be getting ready to stand off against her was something they hadn't expected. The soft but sure huffed laugh that came out of him had shook them "you still don't understand him" Can said as he got to his feet making her step back so that she wasn't in his space "and you keep underestimating me, even if you handed me that stack of money now I would just use it to slap some sense into you" shock was mirrored on the faces of those that had heard Can's words except for Pete who was attempting to shove his napkin in his mouth to stifle his laughter.

Everyone watched as Can moved across the room to Tin and Daisy who were beautifully moving around the dance floor, their steps wonderfully in time as their fluid movements had them gliding across the floor. They stopped when Can tapped Tin on the shoulder and requested to cut in. Daisy looked at Can like she had smelled something bad but decorum taught her to accept the offer and make at least one turn of the floor if her current dance partner agreed. Seeing Tin give a firm nod of approval she lifted her hands off of Tin, the moment Tin was out of her grasp Can spun him around and danced away from her leaving her with her hands held in the air poised for a partner to take the lead. A few snickers could be heard as her rejection sunk in and turning towards the floor to add insult to injury Can obviously didn't know how to dance.

The two kept fighting over who was to lead and who was to follow "let me lead you don't even know how to dance" Tin said as Can tripped over his foot and was only saved from falling by Tin catching his fall.

"Since I don't know the steps what does it matter who leads" Can said as Tin pulled him back to his feet "plus we both know how much you like it when I take the lead" a blush coloured Tin's cheeks as Can laughed a bubbly happy laugh. Feeling Tin now moving to his pull Can began to very uncoordinately pull Tin around the floor as both boys laughter rang out and blended together as it filled the air around them. Tin only stole back the lead when the song was coming to and end so that he could pull Can into his chest and press a soft sweet kiss to his smiling lips. Can quickly melted into Tin's from as he returned the press as he slipped a hand into the hair at the nape of Tin's neck.

Watching the ecstatic couple laughing as they stumbled their way around the dance floor one the Daisy's friend hastily moved into Tin's empty seat and lent across to Pete "aren't you annoyed that Tin has stolen your date?"

Looking at the girl like she had just asked what rhymes with orange Pete almost didn't bother answering but when he looked around he could see that others where just as curious. Which made Pete sure that they were just as dumb and for the first time he understood why Tin was always so put out when he had to deal with them. Knowing that Tin had caused the splash he had wanted to when he saw the boys kiss Pete figured playing with the ripples couldn't hurt "Can and I are friend, besides he is obviously dating Tin. He would have brought Can himself but Daisy forced her way into being Tin's date" there seemed to be a smug satisfaction on the friend's face that Pete didn't know how to read and he didn't want to try.

After the happiest couple at the function had danced or more accurately stumbled their way through another song Can had to excuse himself to use the bathroom. Tin made his way back to the table and dropped into the seat that had been Can's as he placed a drink in front of Pete "thanks for bringing him" Tin's smile had been a great reward for Pete as he was happy just to see his best friend happy but that didn't mean he wouldn't hold it over Tin's head the moment he could use it to tease him.

"He is actually quite a pleasant and thoughtful companion, I can see why you would have fallen for him" Pete said teasing Tin and starting up a new round of gossip as the game for the others seemed to be trying to discover the dynamic between the three boy.

"Well keep your mitts off, you have your own Thai Program lover, this one is mine" Tin said with a put on pout the made Pete giggle.

Just as Pete went to tease Tin again the doors on the side of the room burst open and a body came flying through and crashed to the ground "the lady said to stop" Can's voice had rang out as the room fell into a hushed lull of people trying to work out what was happening when a girl rushed out behind Can with disheveled hair, ruined makeup and holding on to a broken strap on her dress "now apologize to her for being a colossal dushbag" Can said stripping off his coat. The guy crunched into a ball on the ground expect Can to hit him again but when it didn't come he looked over to see that Can was wrapping the girl in his coat.

Tin rushed over to find that it was the same guy from their able who had thought it would be funny to ask Pete about how he met Can expecting to start a fight between the IC friends "what happened?" Tin asked as he looked Can over to make sure he was okay.

"This waste of human space was assaulting this poor girl. I told him to stop but he told me to fuck off, seeing as how he wasn't going to stop himself I stopped him myself" Can said in an aggressive tone Tin put down to adrenaline.

There was no doubt in Tin's mind that Can was telling the truth but the girl he had saved seemed to think it was necessary to rush forward and grab Tin's arm. "He's telling the truth, your boyfriend saved me" the tear streaks down her face made Tin feel sad for her but he was more concerned about getting Can calm.

"I know, Can doesn't lie" Tin said patting her hand that was still holding firm on his arm before turning to Can "come on Can we will get out of here"

"No!" Can turned an angry face on Tin "I'm not leaving while this piece of shit is still here with her"

"Fine, we will take her with us" Tin pulled his arm out of her grasp so that he could wrap his arms around Can's shoulders "come on, let’s get her home"

Can nodded stepping out of Tin's hold and walking over to the girl "are you alright, did you want us to take you home?" Can asked the still shaken girl.

"Please" her voice sounded like she was about to burst into tears again. Trying to take a step to approach Can her legs shook as her own adrenaline wore off and Can dived forward catching her before she fell. Using his shoulders to support her Can led her towards the exit with a displeased looking Tin following closely behind.

Can gently helped her get into the back of Tin's car "are you okay?" Can asked softly as she buckled herself in.

"I think so, I'm May by the way" she said offering her savior a small smile.

"I'm Can, lets get you home" Can shut the door and made his way to the passenger seat. As Can walked around the car Tin watched May in the rear view mirror as she watched every step Can took.


When they had dropped May off at her house Can had done the right thing and walked her to the door but Tin had been too annoyed at seeing her looking at Can the entire way there and had stayed in the car. Tin had regretted it when at her door she took off Can's coat and was Can's hands were in the air trying to put it back on she pushed forward pressing herself into his chest her arms wrapped around him as she hugged him tight. When Can made it back to the car Tin could have bitten through the steering wheel and as his boyfriend closed himself back in the car Tin jumped on him pressing a hungry kiss to his lips as his tongue ventured forward into Can's mouth. When they pulled apart Can was breathing hard and looking at Tin like he wanted more. Glancing over Can's shoulder Tin saw that May had seen the whole thing and a devious smile pulled at his lips "come home with me" Can shakily nodded at Tin's request his eyes constantly traveling up and down Tin's form as Tin started the car and drove them back the Medthanan house.