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The Standard

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Once inside Tin's room with the door firmly locked Tin made quick work of getting Can's clothes off. Seeing Can naked, hard and willing on his bed Tin ripped at his own clothes until they were scattered on the floor and his body was pressing down on Can's. Before Can knew what was happening Tin had made his way down his body licking at the head of his cock. Can was in such bliss as Tin slid down Can's length letting his saliva pool and run down Can's hard cock he slid two fingers into Can's moaning mouth. As if on instinct Can began sucking and licking Tin's fingers only stopping when Tin pushed all the way down his length the head of his cock getting squeezed by the top of Tin's throat. Tin took the fingers Can had slicked up and rubbed them against Can's tight hole, to his surprise Can let out another moan as he pushed towards them. Encouraged by Can's actions Tin gently pressed one of the fingers in.

Feeling the tight hot passage pressing on his finger Tin probed around before sliding the finger out almost to the tip and slowly pressing in again. A delighted shiver ran through him when he felt Can pushing down on the finger seeking more, Tin obliged pressing the second finger in but the hitch in Can's breathing and the way the boys previously wriggling body stilled Tin could tell it had been too much. "Can you bear with it for a second I promise it will feel good again" Tin said looking at the strain on Can's face "it is as far as I will take it tonight".

As Tin's words soaked in a tension seemed to leave Can's body and Tin returned to sucking on Can's cock. Once the pain in the stretch eased Can's body started moving again accompanied by moans the filled the space and made Tin happy. The first time Tin had found the bundle of nerves Can's back arched off the bed. It had been completely unexpected and it had only taken a couple more hits for Can to explode in Tin's mouth. Panting and sated Can's body felt like a puddle as the soft blankets beneath him seemed to be hugging him and pulling him towards sleep. It wasn't until Tin helped him climb under them and into bed the he realized that Tin still hadn't come and was achingly hard "let me help yo-"

Tin pushed Can's hands away seeing that the boy was now beyond sleepy "It's okay just go to sleep" Tin urged wrapping the blankets and himself around Can, careful to keep his hips back so that he didn't get tempted. When he heard Can's heavy even breaths he slowly and carefully climbed out of bed and with soft steps walked to the bathroom and sealed himself in the room. It had taken a shower and two slow pleasurable wanks to get his body to calm down.


When Tin woke up the next morning it was to a fully dressed Can gently nudging him awake "hey baby, I made you breakfast but I have to go"

"Go!" Tin sat up right away almost knocking the tray out of Can's hands.

"Yeah my dad is here so I have to go, I will see you at school tomorrow" Can placed the tray on the spot had had been sleeping and tried to get up but Tin held onto his wrist.

"At least let me walk you out" Tin said quickly rushing past Can to find some sweatpants and a shirt, pulling them on he saw that Can had made him French toast and coffee his heart screamed at him telling him not to let Can leave. As they walked through the house they were watched by the maids they passed and when they reached the front of the house Tin saw a police car waiting with a police officer Tin didn't know holding open the back door. "Can I kiss you?" Tin asked unsure if Can had told his family they were dating but Can's response was answer enough as he pressed a kiss to Tin's lips. With a soft smile Tin watched Can walk down the steps and realized that the clothes Can was wearing were his as his suit from last night was laying over his arm.



Tin had slept in on Monday morning and had missed his chance to give Can a lift to school so when lunch rolled around he was more than ready to see his boyfriend. What he hadn't expected to see when he walked into the Sports Science canteen was May handing Can what looked to be a lunch box. Tin knew she didn't go to this school so it was unclear how she had even found Can. Tin pushed that to the back of his mind as he approached them hearing what May was saying "I just wanted to thank you again for saving me on Saturday night and to also ask you if I could have your number" if Tin hadn't been mad before he was now and Can's faculty friends cheering the interaction on wasn't helping.

"Why do you want his number?" Tin asked as his tone took on an icy edge as he stopped at Can's side and gave her a glare.

"Oh crap Can got busted cheating" Tin instantly recognized Can's team captain but his issue right now was the blushing May.

"Captain don't say unnecessary things" Can snapped at him and the group that had taken joy in watching Can and the mysterious girl, turning back Can could see that Tin was ready to murder and May was growing upset.

Taking a step towards her Tin kept his voice low but deep "why are you here May? Why are you asking my boyfriend for his number?" Tin could tell his jealousy was getting the better of him but he wasn't willing to back down.

Taking a step back May straightened up her shoulders and gave Tin a leveling look "because I like him" Can stood in shocked silence at her declaration while his friends whistled and cheered her on.

"He is already dating someone" Tin snapped and threw a glare over his shoulder causing Can's friends to stop their noise making.

"Doesn't mean he can't be stolen away" May said squaring off with Tin whose response was all action, he took the box she had given Can out of his hands threw it in the trash then grabbed Can's wrist and dragged him away to the shock of all but Good and May.

"Tin why did you do that?" Can asked as he was being dragged further and further away from the canteen.

Turning to face him Tin's face was twisted with anger "why? Because I messed with your chances with her"

Can pulled his wrist out of Tin's hold and grabbed his cheeks between his hands "you threw away perfectly good food" Can looked serious delaying Tin's absorption of Can's words but once he had he wanted to laugh.

"Your problem is the food?" Tin asked seeing Can's face slowly moving into a pout.

Can squished Tin's cheeks with the palm of his hands "I'm hungry Tin and that food had looked delicious"

Tin pressed a quick kiss to Can's lips before beginning to drag him again but this time he had a destination, a nearby cafe where he could feed his wonderful boyfriend.


As the week wore on Can found that more and more people he didn't know were adding him to Facebook and even though he had chosen to ignore them or just outright rejecting the requests he was also receiving private messages. They were either pictures of Tin when he was younger with his arm around different people. He had rolled his eyes because what did it matter it was before he knew Tin and he already knew about Tin's past, Tin had told him himself. Or they had been messages telling him how he didn't stand a chance compared to Pete. Those were the ones that hurt because he knew how close they were and he knew that Tin had asked Pete out one time; Tin had insisted that it wasn't like that but it was hard for Can to let it go.

On Friday night Can found himself spending his time at Tin's, it wasn't hard for Tin to get him to agree to spend the night. All Tin needed to do was give Can the soft but mischievous smile and Can's heart would thump so hard he would agree to anything Tin asked.

They hadn't been in Tin's room long when all of a sudden they were naked having ripped at each other’s clothes and Can was bent over Tin's desk. Can's nails scrapped at the table top as Tin's tongue pushed in stretching him with the hot wet strong mussel, venturing forward Tin and slipped in a finger to join his probing tongue when he heard Can gasp out "I'm going to cum". Tin reached between Can's legs giving a few firm tugs to Can's twitching length making him spill on the floor. Tin stood grabbing some lubricant he rubbed it over his own hard cock and after adjusting Can's legs Tin slipped it in between his pressed thighs rub against Tin's length. Tin's hard hip thrusts had Can's thighs hitting against the edge of the desk, trying to ease himself away from the desk he pushed back against Tin adding the last bit of stimulation that sent him over the edge. Can could feel Tin's hot cum running down his legs and he couldn't help but thrill in the sensation knowing that he had done that to Tin.


As Can laid with his head resting on Tin's chest with Tin running his hand soothingly up and down Can's back Can's mind wondered back to the messages that had been making it harder and harder for him to even want to pick up his phone. Which had been a two pronged spike as it meant Can hadn't been able to play his games, needing to do something with his idle hands Can started drawing patterns on Tin's chest enjoying the way he flinched when he ventured to close to his ribs. He especially enjoyed the way Tin's breath hitched when he scrapped a nail across a nipple, Can was just ghosting his hand along Tin's stomach and down past the hips when Tin's phone chimed out his ring tone freezing Can's questing.

"Hey Pete what's up?" Tin's voice rang out with a happy lit as he pulled himself out from under Can and slipped into a dressing gown. Can's stomach churned as he watched the way Tin smiled at whatever Pete was saying, the heat in the sheets from Tin's body slowly seeped out with his absence. Can felt like a ball had caught in his throat when Tin's head threw back and his laughter carried over, Can tried to swallow the lump down but with each attempt he felt closer and closer to tears. Scared that Tin would be able to read him straight away Can rushed out of bed and locked himself in the bathroom, worried that Tin would try to find him before he was ready to face him Can turned on the shower and threw himself under the freezing cold spray. After some adjustment to the temperature Can crouched down and worked on getting his emotions under control.

Out of the corner of his eye Tin had seen Can disappear, quickly getting Pete off the phone Tin made his way to the door only to find it locked. His panic growing Tin had raised a fist the bang on the door when he heard the shower turn on, choosing to believe that Can had just wanted to get clean Tin sat leaning against the wall next to the door keeping an ear out for the water to shut off. It was more the half an hour when Can finally made an appearance, the moment he saw Can's face looking down on him Tin knew that it was something more than the need to get clean. Climbing to his feet Tin grabbed Can's hand and pulled him towards the bed and in under the blankets. Once they were settled in with Tin hugging Can to his front as they lay on their sides facing each other Tin waited for Can to say what it was. It took Tin cradling his face and running his thumb across his cheek before Can finally said the words that had lodged in his throat and made it hard to swallow "how do I compare to Pete?"

"You don't" Tin had quickly replied making Can feel like his throat had been cut "there is no way to compare you two, you are completely different people who mean completely different things to me". Feeling Tin's hold tighten Can let himself hope that it meant Tin truly cared for him but Can couldn't bring himself to ask. Can couldn't bring himself to ask Tin how he actually felt about him, because what if he was just attracted to him physically? His heart would be crushed. Accepting the words he was given Can pressed in against Tin and pushed himself to sleep, that night Can had a restless sleep filled with constant images of Tin leaving him for a faceless figure that no matter how Can looked at it was so reminiscent of kind, gentle Pete. Can had sat bolt upright just before Tin's alarm was set to go off and wiped a tear off his cheek before Tin begun to stir.

Can wanted to cry out when he remembered that he was accompanying Tin to another frustrating function and Can couldn't help but wonder if rich people had anything better to do then contently go to event and functions all the time. He also understood why Tin would want to bring someone to make the functions more bearable. Can got through the day almost completely robotically, he only started being himself again when Tin's nerves had become so frazzled by Can's lack of personality that he had pulled the boy back onto the bed and put on a nature documentary. It took all of ten minutes for Can the brighten back up, seeing the up take in Can's behavior Tin begun to relax.


The sight of Can in a suit was something Tin had enjoyed the first time he had Can try one on, the boy had the perfect form for the cut of an average suit. So having him now next to him body hugged by a well-chosen jacket Tin's eyes kept wondering to his happy boyfriend. When Tin pulled into a parking spot Can had both their seat belts unbuckled and he was straddling Tin's lap before Tin had even put the parking brake on.

"Do we really need to go in?" Can said through his kiss swollen lips as Tin tried to work out how Can had moved so fast but with his boyfriends hands in his hair and body pressed against his he really didn't care.

"Unfortunately yes, I told Pete we could make it and I'm not going to let him down" Tin said as a small crease formed in his brow.

Can rolled his hips and revelling in the way Tin sucked in his breath "I'm sure Pete would understand"

"No Cantaloupe" Tin snipped pushing him back over into his seat, Can instantly felt the churning in his stomach from the night before return "I'm not abandoning Pete" Can watched as Tin climbed out of the car and stood by waiting for him to follow with a slight frown on his face.

When they had gotten inside Can told Tin he was going to find the bathroom and immediately walked off without waiting for a response from his slightly confused boyfriend. After splashing his face with some water and making sure his was presentable after the way Tin had been gripping and pulling at him in the car and feeling more level headed and less emotionally turbulent Can headed back out to find his boyfriend. When he did spot Tin he was already with Pete happily chatting and smiling together "they look so great together" Can heard someone to his right say but chose to ignore it because he already knew they looked good together when the next comment stung his chest.

"I know what you mean, when I had heard Tin was dating a guy I was sure it would be Pete. They had always been so close, it wouldn't have surprised anyone if they got together" Can looked over at Pete and Tin again this time seeing the way Pete tapped Tin's arm as something was said between the two.

"Have you seen the one that Tin is with, I don't get it and I heard he is from some middle income family" Can fists clenched at the mention of his family.

"It won’t last" was the last thing Can heard from them as he moved past them and up to Tin's side ignoring the return of his churning stomach.

Tin's arm immediately found his way around Can's waist putting a smile on Can's face as his stomach instantly calmed down, he accepted the drink Tin offered him. Seeing Can Pete put on a pout "it's not fair Tin, you flaunting your boyfriend and I can't get Ae to agree to come no matter what I do" Pete said with a blush remembering some of the more salacious things he had offered to do and ended up doing anyway all for Ae to still refuse to come.

"I can just tell Ae I saw someone hitting on you at tonight's function, I'm sure that will make him come to the next" Can said wishing Ae was here so that he wouldn't be the only odd one out.

Pete's eyes lit up and he clapped his hands together in front of him "oh Can that would be great"

"And not that far from the truth, everyone here seems to think you and Tin would be perfect together" Pete and Tin looked at each other at Can's words.

"I'm not going to lie that would just be weird" Pete said as Tin nodded his agreement.


After a few drinks and pleasant conversation Tin and Pete left Can by the bar as the went to say hello to Pete's mother who had just arrived. Can watched Tin's back as he walked away to greet Pete's mum as he tried to work out the extent of his feeling for Tin. At best he knew the warm and fuzzy feelings made him smile. Can watched with a small contented sigh when he saw the relaxed smile Tin used for people he cared for when he was flanked by two girls wearing dresses that left far too little to the imagination and far too much perfume. Looking at them Can thought that he recognized them but couldn't quite remember how when one of them rested her hand on Can’s arm as she lent in like she was going to whisper something but kept her tone normal “It must be hard for you, being Tin’s boyfriend and watching him with Pete”

Looking down at the offending hand then up to the smirk on her face that was hiding something more behind it, Can put on his mask of indifference that Tin had shown him how to do “no they’re best friends”

“Only because that is all Pete would give him” the other girl chimed in from Can’s other side and the churning returned with a wave of panic that Can desperately tried to keep off his face.

“You will only ever be runner up to his true love” the first girl said like a verbal punch in the gut before they walked off leaving Can to watch Tin. Watch the way he talked to Pete and gave gentle reassuring touches to the gentle looking boy. It wasn't the first time Can had seen it but with Pete and Ae being happy together he had dismissed it as his insecurities; but it would make sense, they came from the same world and understood each other in a way that Can never could.

Feeling the ball in his throat again and the sting of tears behind his eyes Can ran for the bathroom before his stomach decided to try and escape out of his mouth. Can hadn’t finished throwing up when he heard the last person he wanted to deal with right at that moment “Can are you okay?” Tin knew it was a stupid question but he didn’t know what else to do. Hearing Can heave again Tin started to panic “Pete can you get him a glass of water”

Can felt a ball of rage instantly build inside him, the only why having Tin there could have possibly been worse was with the presents of Pete and Tin had done it. He had brought along the person he loves so that they could watch the pathetic excuse for a person that loves him throw his guts up as anger, rage and despair ripped through him. The realization that the depth of his feeling for Tin was love didn't go unnoticed but at that very moment it was Clouded over by everything else. Can could feel a sob ripping at his throat but he knew the moment he let it out it would be followed by more so he choked it down and anything else that threatened to come up. Feeling like he had gotten some semblance of control over himself Can got off the floor wiped his face and flushed the toilet as he threw open the stall door. "I think I eat something bad, I'm going to get a taxi home" Can felt proud that he had sounded normal but the moment Pete walked back in with a glass of water in his hand the rage flared up again but looking at Pete with his sweet smile and kind eyes Can's rage crumbled. As a wave of pure sadness rolled over him Can skirted around Pete "why did it have to be you" he said so quietly that he was sure Pete didn't hear it as the first tear broke free.


Sitting in the back of the taxi Can rolled into a ball as he let the tears flow freely, he didn't know how it had happened but he had fallen in love with Tin and now he had to work out how not to be.

Watching Can climb into the taxi Tin could tell there was something wrong; something massively wrong. Storming back into the hall Tin found Pete talking to some very sheepish looking girls that Tin instantly recognized as friends of Daisy, crossing the room people were scrambling to get out of his way when they saw the anger on his face. "What did you fucking do!" Tin yelled almost at the top of his lungs drawing the attention of the whole room.

"We thought it would be a harmless prank, we didn't know that you and him were that close" one of the quivering girls said as she shrunk under Tin's intensely ferocious stare.

"Well it obviously wasn't fucking harmless, now what did you say to him?" Tin's volume had dropped a little but the room was as silent as the grave and his voice with all its anger carried across everyone.

"We told him that you were really in love with Pete and that the only reason you and Pete weren't together is because Pete turned you down" the second girl's voice had been so small that Tin thought he might have heard them wrong.

Taking a step towards them Tin dropped his voice so only they would hear "this is the last time I ever want to see your faces, if you so much as turn up in my social media feeds I will make your lives a living hell"

Tin turned to leave but came face to face with his mother and father "enough Tin, we sat quietly by and let you get it out of your system but this scene you have created is taking it too far"

Tin felt a bubble of laughter escape him "sat quietly by? You tried to pay him off to leave me, how the hell is that sitting quietly by?" Tin stepped around them to continue his path towards the exit but stopped turning back to face them Tin rolled his shoulders as he looked his father dead in the eye "next time don't underestimate the man I love" he bit out before he finally left.


When Can got home he pulled and yanked at his suit until it came off not caring the he broke some of the buttons as he went. Twisting at the knobs Can made sure the shower was hot before he stepped in under the spray trying to clean off the feel of Tin on his skin. Leaning against the tiled wall Can let gravity drag him to the ground as the hot water pelted against his skin feeling like little rocks. He felt so stupid giving so much of himself to Tin as his father’s words came back to him "Cantaloupe if you think Tin is the one you have to talk to him about it. This friend of his may be no more to him then Good is to you and you will have held back and worried for nothing. It might not be easy but the greatest things in life never come easy" Can rocked himself as he tried to calm down. He had meant to talk to Tin but before he had gotten the chance so much had happened, so many feeling were felt.

Shaky but ultimately fine Can finally climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself when he heard a muffled but obviously heated conversation before the bathroom door was thrown open. Tin stepped into the steam filled room and slammed the door shut leaning his weight against it to keep it shut "Can what they said isn't true. I have never had feelings for Pete that were beyond friendship" Can blinked at Tin not believing that he was actually right in front of him. At his continued silence Tin panicked "please Cantaloupe I can't lose you"

"Why?" Can finally said as his mind and tongue kicked in "why do you care if I'm not there, because we do things, look at yourself Tin if you want to do things with another guy you could easily get one"

"I don't just want anyone Can, I want you" Tin snapped angry at Can's words "I have since we first met, I didn't know it at first with us fighting all the time but I have loved you for a while now" Tin yelled out unable to hold his tongue "the day you agreed to be my boyfriend, my actual boyfriend is one of the happiest days of my life"

"But you told me yourself that you can't compare Pete and me" Can said still confused as everything still wasn't lining up for him.

"That's because in my heart you are the standard, others don't compare to you" Tin finally moved away from the door to pull Can towards him and into his chest. The water clinging to Can's body begun soaking into Tin suit while the boys clung to each other Tin burring his face in to Can's wet hair. Feeling the slight trembling leave Can's body Tin pulled back slightly cradled Can's cheek guiding him to look up into Tin's eyes "I love you Can" Tin whispered before bending in and pressing his lips to Can's.


The sound of muffled talking subsided and having seen the sate the two boys had been in worry took over Oak's actions, pushing open the door Oak watched as the two boys jumped apart looking shocked and embarrassed. Grabbing the back of Tin's collar Oak dragged the boy out of the room and away from Can "get dressed Can then come down stairs to talk" Oak said while Tin quietly let himself be dragged away as he kept his eyes fixed on Can until they had walked around a corner.

It didn't take long for Can to get dressed and to join them but as a result his thin pajamas clung to his body where he didn't quite dry himself properly. Tin's eyes were easily distracted by the cling of Can's shirt around his navel, seeing the look in Tin's eyes a smirk pulled at the corner of Can's lips but was dropped the moment Oak coughed to get their attention.

The conversation with Oak had been uncomfortable and on more than one occasion Can had to stop his dad from talking for fear of everyone dying of either embarrassment or acute discomfort. But by the end of it Tin was sure of two things, one Can's parents happily accepted their relationship and two Oak had no clue how far into their relationship Tin and Can were. But in spite of the embarrassing and awkward moments Tin was happy because he had got to tell Can his true feelings, the only thing he needed now was to know Can's. Oak smirked as Can walked Tin out to his car clearly seeing that the boys wanted the stay together but neither one was willing to voice it.

When Tin and Can reached the car Can felt himself getting pressed into the side of it "you never responded to my confession" Tin breathed into his ear before giving it a nip.

Can shivered at Tin's hot breath against his ear and neck. Wrapping his arms around Tin's neck Can gave Tin a nervous smile "I love you Tin, with everything I have I love you"