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Can tugged and pulled on his tie, he really wasn't use to wearing one and this one felt particularly tight and suffocating. But not as suffocating as the people around them seemed to be based on the look on Tin’s face. Can slipped his hand into Tin’s giving it a squeeze to remind him that he was next to him and that Tin wasn’t alone in this pit of snakes. Seeing the slightly taller boy’s reaction to the crowd Can understood why Tin had been so adamant that he could repay the broken window by accompanying him to a few of these kind of functions. Though Can still thought it wasn’t all his fault, if Ae hadn’t ducked the football it would have hit his face and not the driver’s side window of Tin’s stupid expensive car. The only thing Can had been thankful for was that the ever angry IC student hasn’t been in the car at the time.

Can had contemplated just leaving a note apologizing for the damage but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. So he fished the ball out of the car and used it as a seat as he waited beside Tin’s car for him to arrive. As anyone would have been in that situation Tin was pissed off, if Pete’s quick whispers from the angry Tin’s side were to be believed Tin was already having a monumentally bad day. It really didn’t help matters when Can rubbed at the back of his neck with a bashful blush murmured about not being able to afford to pay to fix it.

“What” Tin had yelled as he turned on Can and following his line of site he spotted the very rough looking shoes donning his feet that he was scuffing on the ground “of course you can’t afford it, look at you”. Tin said hitting on a sore point for Can.

“Look asshole I said I was sorry. I could have just walked off and you would have never known who did it” Can’s strong tone and straight posture broken through Tin’s anger and amused him.

“Lot of good it does me if you can’t compensate for the damage you have caused” Tin gestured to the broken glass scattered around.

“I was hoping to work something out, like a payment plan or something” Can snapped while Tin stood thinking over the idea while Pete tried to calm the situation down.

“Alright you can be my boyfriend” Tin said looking Can up and down, once he got his hair cut and into some decent clothes he might just pass for boyfriend material.

“What?” Can asked slowly walking backwards his hands held up in surrender, Pete looked on completely amused by the turn of events.

“Calm down Thai Program, I’m not being serious. Who in their right mind would date you? I just need someone to accompany me to a few functions I am expected to attend and having a boyfriend” Tin did air quotes on the word boyfriend “would annoy my parents and might be enough to get the gold digging bitches off my back”

Can put his arms down as he took a step back towards Tin “so you want me to pretend to date you?”

“Not as stupid as you look, small mercies I guess. Yes you can accompany me to an event this weekend in where I will introduce you as my boyfriend, hopefully it will annoy my parents enough that they kick us out”

“Why don’t you just not go?” Can asked not sure why Tin didn’t think of it.

“These events aren’t really something you can just not go to” Pete said trying to help Tin “even I have to go”

“Okay but I don’t have a suit” Can was a little hopeful that this would get him out of going.

Tin rolled his eyes as he opened his car door and lent in to get something out of the glove box “why am I not surprised, meet me here tomorrow after school” Tin handed Can a black embossed business card for what appeared to be a suit store. When Can looked up at Tin from the card he found the guy on his phone and judging on the conversation he was arranging for a tow truck.

That was how Can found himself in a very nice suit but a suffocating tie standing at Tin’s side. Based on the rundown he had been given over the days leading up to the event and at one stage a little bit of an over share when Tin got into the swing of things. Tin’s childhood hadn’t been a happy one and the people here and ones like them had been the reason why. Though it had still been a bit of a surprise to Can that the simple gesture of squeezing Tin’s hand had seemed to calm the tightly wound guy completely. When the people that had been talking to them had left Tin turned to Can informing him that he would go get them some drinks. Reluctantly Can let Tin’s hand go he didn’t like the idea of being left alone in a crowd of people that had Tin unnerved.

Just as Can was contemplating going after Tin a smug looking guy, that Can had already promised Tin not to punch after Tin had accidentally spilled to Can what he had done to him, was headed his way. Taking a calming breath Can waited to see how Tul would begin his ‘attack’ as Tin called it.


“So you got him here, I almost didn’t recognize him” Pete said as Tin approached the bar.

“Strange what a good stylist can do” Tin shot back before he placed his drinks order.

“Have you told him about your massive crush on him yet?” Pete asked finishing his wine and sliding the glass back to the bar tender.

“Have you told Ae you want him to fuck you yet?” Tin asked with a bit of bite as he took his drinks and walked away.


“I’ve not seen you at these events before” Tul slithered up to Can offering a drink.

Not wanting to seem rude Can politely accepted it but had no intentions of drinking it “that’s because I have never been before”

“So you are here as someone’s date?” Tul asked taking a drink out of his own glass watching Can very closely.

“Yes” Can said spotting Tin over Tul’s shoulder picked his voice up a touch “I’m a little nervous, I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the first time”

“I’m sure they will love you just as much as I do” Tin said breezing past Tul “here is your drink” Tin said handing Can the water he had asked for and took the drink out of his other hand and pushed it back into Tul’s “I see you have met my brother already” Tin said taking his spot next to Can.

“This is your brother, he looks nothing like I imagined” Can said linking his arm with Tin’s as he pressed against Tin’s side to whisper in his ear “it’s amazing how he manages to look so human”

Tin snorted into his glass as he went to take a drink making Tul shift uncomfortably knowing they were obviously talking about him. “It’s not like you to bring your toys to these events little brother” Tul turned his attention onto Can “our Tin tends to get bored easily and discard his partners quickly” Can knew this was a lie but kept his mouth shut “but you are the first boy I have known about him taking up with” Tul seemed happy with himself thinking he had annoyed Tin’s date and possibly sabotaged whatever their relationship was.

“Weird, it’s been what seven months now” Can said to Tul then stepped around in front of Tin to face him “how much longer do I have until you get bored of me baby?” Can asked pressing in against Tin.

Slightly bending forward Tin rubbed his nose against Can’s as his arm sipped around his waist pinning Can against him “I don't think it is possible to get bored of you, not as long as you keep being yourself". Watching Tul storming off in a huff had almost been payment enough for Tin's broken window, but Tin didn't want to let go yet and Can had agreed to accompany him to a few functions “let’s go somewhere and get a pizza, I’m starving”

“I haven’t met your parents yet” Can could have slapped his mouth, it wasn’t like him to turn down food, especially ones he liked.

“Another time, I want pizza” Can’s jaw dropped as he looked at the pout on Tin’s face, he was acting like well a spoiled kid and it was such a stark contrast to Tin’s normal straight laced self.

“Okay, pizza” Can said and was blown away by the smile that appeared on Tin’s face “I thought we agreed no drinking tonight” Can joked as he tried to step out of Tin’s hold he had only just realized he was still in to find that it tightened around him holding him in place.

Tin’s pout returned and Can couldn’t help but concentrate on the full soft looking bottom lip “I haven’t, it was ice tea”

“Okay fine, just let go, people are looking at us” Can tried to look down to hide his embarrassment but being so close to Tin he ended up resting his forehead on Tin’s shoulder.

Tin took the opportunity to soak in the feeling of having Can in his arms before he whispered in his ear “now they are all curious what we could possibly be talking about that would have you so shy but still happily in my arms”

Can’s head shot up ready to set Tin straight that he wasn’t happily anywhere when he was given a soft smile, it was the most gentle most open he had ever seen anyone use to look at him and it shook Can to his very core. Can used his actual strength this time as he pushed out of Tin’s arms, the slightly taller boy looked hurt but Can quickly grabbed his wrist dragging him across the room and out the door as Tin smiled at where they were joined.



When Tin woke up the next morning one of the maids informed him that he was requested to see his mother on the patio for tea. Knowing that after big society functions like yesterdays those woman that were close to his mother would come over and viciously rip apart everyone at the function that wasn't in their circle. This is why before Tin dropped Can off at home the night before he had gotten him to give him three love bits, one on his neck because Tin couldn't pass up a classic. One on his chest and the last one had taken Can some convincing but he had begrudgingly done it in the end, was on the bottom of Tin's stomach just above his underwear. This had all been done for this moment, his summons in front of these women. Tin climbed out of bed and removed his night shirt leaving him in just a pair of low slung sweat pants as he padded barefooted down stairs and out on to the patio.

Pretending to rub the sleep from his eye Tin stepped out into the attentions of his mother and her friends who all gasped at the half naked quite well toned boy. The second round a gasps told Tin they had spotted the telling bruises on his skin "you wanted to see me mother" Tin said fanning innocence they both knew he didn't have but she wasn't about to call her own son out in front of these woman.

"Why are you not dressed?" she asked putting her cup down with a bit more force then necessary.

"The maid made it sound like I needed to come right away" Tin said reached over his head to scratch at an imaginary itch on his back making his pants slip down just a touch.

"Go put some clothes on then come back" Tin had to bite down on the smirk that wanted to come out at her obvious annoyance.

"I can't I'm already running late to meet a friend" Tin let his voice get soft towards the end of his sentence as he brushed his fingers against the mark on his neck.

One of his mother's friends shifted forward in her seat curiosity getting the better of her "is it the charming boy from last night?" her question had even caught Tin off guard. Nodding Tin tilted his head contemplating questioning her about the charming comment when she pressed on seemingly encouraged by those around her. "My husband rolled his ankle going up the stairs when we arrived, the young man not only helped him the rest of the way but also administered first aid. Thanks to him my darling was able to play golf this morning" the ladies around the table all cooed their approval while Tin had to stop himself from rolling his eyes at their easy acceptance because of a saved round of golf.

"Don't let us up hold you up Tin, you should harry for your date" one of the others said now enthusiastic that Can had been approved of. Tin smiled a tight smile as he gave a small bow and turned to leave, Tin had to hold back a laugh at the collective gasp that issued from the woman at the scratches on his back from Can's nails. It had been an inspired idea by Can and Tin would be sure to thank him with his favored pork skewers.

Back in his room Tin quickly got dressed as he called Can, it was on the second try that Can finally answered "what could possibly be worth waking me up for?"

"Rolled omelet with bacon and anything else off the menu" Tin said smiling at how great his morning was playing out and the fact that he got to hear Can's pouty morning voice was just the cherry on top.

"Fine come get me" Can voice sounded a little strained as he obviously forced himself out of bed.


When Tin pulled up out the front of Can's house Can was in the yard playing with the fluffiest dog Tin had ever seen, Tin didn't know how he had missed the large fluffy mess every time he had come by before. Climbing out of his car Tin let himself into Can's yard, at the sound of the gate the dog’s attention was on the intruder. He immediately ran over dropped onto his back at Tin's feet and waited for belly rubs. Tin's hands had already started to move along the happy puppy's tummy before Can could stop him "Gucci isn't going to let us leave now" Can sounded a bit distressed but Tin didn't get what the problem was.

"Gucci?" Tin asked with a raised brow but at the bark response Tin realized his hands had stopped and got back to patting the shaggy mess "get his lead we will take him with us"

"Are you sure?" Can asked sounding hopeful but at the same time cautious "he might get your car dirty and he will definitely get it covered in fur"

"I can get it detailed besides I don't think you're one to comment on what others do to my car" Tin teased as he nodded towards the house encouraging Can to get Gucci's lead. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth Can ran inside to get Gucci’s things.

During the drive Gucci had his head out the back window making Tin smile every time he caught it in the side mirror. Can sat in the passenger seat wondering why he was feeling so warm every time Tin smiled. When they arrived at the street side café, that Tin had insisted on because Can would love the food, Can jumped out of the car and quickly got Gucci out as well. “Find us a table I’m going to see if Gucci needs to pee” Can threw at Tin before quickly walking off with the shaggy dog.

When they came back Tin had already ordered himself a coffee, Can a smoothie and a bowl of water for Gucci. Can smiled as he took his seat next to Tin which had been a bit of a surprise to Tin who thought he would have sat opposite him “I haven’t ordered breakfast yet, I thought you might like to look at the menu”

Once Can had made up his mind it had taken Can three tries to get the waitress to listen to his order as she had been too distracted patting Gucci. Finding it amusing Tin lent in and whispered to Can “maybe I should take Gucci to the next function he is quite a hit”

Strangely Can felt like he was getting pushed aside for Gucci and it upset him but he couldn’t work out why “no you can’t, Gucci and I come as a package deal. If you want one you have to take the other” Can was loud enough for the tables either side to hear him and Tin’s laugh which was even louder making Gucci curious. The inquisitive pup put his front paws on Tin’s leg.

With Gucci on one side and Can on the other Tin felt a warmth spread through him that he hadn’t felt before but he knew he didn’t want to lose it. Patting Gucci’s head with one hand Tin place the other over Can’s that was resting on the table top “okay, I’ll take both” Tin’s smile split his face and made him look like a kid while Can’s attention was shifting between that smile and Tin’s hand on his. It had taken until the end of their meal for the pleasant tingling feeling on the back of Can's hand to dissipate. It was however replace shortly after by Tin interlocking their fingers, holding Can's hand the tingling returned and begin traveling through the hyperactive boy’s body.

Can wanted to kill Gucci for whining until Tin had picked up his lead and taken Can's hand to set off for a walk. It wasn't until they ran into someone Tin knew that Can realized what they would look like. To outsiders Tin seeming like an ever doting boyfriend happily hand in hand with his lover while they walked their dog. Can wanted to escape but Tin's grip was to strong and there was no way he was going to abandon Gucci though even with the little interaction Tin has had with Gucci Can was sure Tin would smother the pup with love. Can started getting restless as his mind kept running in circles about the way Tin smiles and how nice he was being too Can despite the whole broken window thing and the fact that he seemed to instantly love Gucci. Slightly tugging on Tin's hand Can heard a small chuckle escape him before he excused himself from the conversation and walked away letting go of Can's hand only to wrap his arm around Can's shoulders.

The rest of the day had been a blur to Can and by Monday morning he was sure that he no longer hated Tin and would go as far as to consider them friends. But Can's mind was still going through trying to work out him and Tin that he didn't realize that his feet had taken him to the International College building. Can felt a smile fill his face when Tin had spotted him and without so much as a word to the seniors he was talking to he walked off and up to Can "aren't you going to be late to class?" Tin said mirroring Can's smile.

"Well as my boyfriend I figured you should walk me to class" Can's cheerful voice had been caught by those passing by, some of them shot curious glances while others stopped in their tracks to openly stare at them.

"Sure" Tin said slipping his hand into Can's as they walked out of the building and towards the Sports Science building. Reaching Can's classroom Tin was reluctant to let the boy go, the entire walk there Tin had been curious about what spell had made Can approach him like that but he feared that if he voiced it the spell would be broken.

Trying to pull his hand free Can found that Tin wasn't going to ease up on his hold "I need to go in to class before I am late" Can felt Tin's hand ease up slightly at his words but the pout from two night ago was back on his face. Signing Can pushed up slightly on his tip toes pressing a kiss to Tin's cheek "now go" Can urged Tin as he felt Tin's hand go completely slack letting Can rush into the room leaving Tin in the hallway flummoxed.


When Tin walked into his class he was twenty minutes late, he had a soft smile on his face and seemed to be walking on air. Taking his seat next to Pete Tin had completely missed the Teacher questioning why he was late as he sat down still in a Can induced daze. Realizing she wasn’t going to get an answer out of her dazed student she told Pete that he would need to make sure Tin saw her after class.

Tin didn’t have a problem catching up once he emerged from his Can filled thought and by the end of the class he had already drafted up half of the assignment assigned during class. The only reason he was bothered by getting held back after the class was because he wanted to see Can, he had swallowed the insults that were on the tip of his tongue and apologized to the teacher for his behavior in the hopes of getting out of their faster. Accepting the apology letter he now had to write as punishment Tin ran out of the room and had made it outside only to find Can waiting for him with Ae and Pete.

Tin’s week only improved with lunches spent either at the IC canteen or at the Sports Science canteen. By Tuesday it seemed like everyone in the school knew they were “dating” which was fine by Tin, he had been called many things in his life but Can’s boyfriend was by far his favorite. Can didn’t seem to have an issue with Tin seeking him out and even by Thursday afternoon when Tin was waiting by the stands at the end of football training Can had greeted him with a hug. Tin had so desperately wanted to kiss Can or initiate a hug but he could still feel the reluctance in Can when he initiated them and didn’t want to push him too far too fast.

At lunch on Friday Tin had been in the Sports Science canteen sitting beside Can enjoying the way that every time he got excited or riled up with his friends he would press himself against Tin’s side like he was trying to soothe himself. Tin had been lost in his thoughts when their conversation caught his ear “so Can are you two coming to the pub tonight with the rest of the team?”

“I forgot to ask” Can’s back had gone straight as he turned to look at Tin “are we going?” Can’s voice was soft and light, Tin thought he would agree to murder someone if Can asked him like that.

Tin shrugged hoping that the heat he was feeling in his body hadn’t made its way to his cheeks “I don’t see why not”

“Really we don’t have one of those fancy functions to go to?” Tin felt something in his chest drop, up until that point it had seemed like Can was asking because he wanted Tin to go like anyone would their boyfriend. But this made sense, Can did owe him a debt and Can was not one to run from his responsibilities.

“No, we do next weekend but you are fee to do what you will this weekend” Tin glanced around finding his bag he quietly excused himself and headed off for his last class. With every step Tin felt his legs get heaver, he wanted to slap himself for using his broken window as an excuse to get Can to spend time with him. Now he was stuck in a strange limbo of never being quite sure if the feelings between them were real or for the sake of the debt.

Tin arrived to class early, collapsing in his chair he wanted to scream out in frustration when at that moment Can came running into the room “Tin what happened?”

Tin blinked up at Can who was holding his face in his hands as he worriedly looking into Tin's face “nothing, I have class” Tin said knowing that the empty room they were in didn’t support his story.

“Not for fifteen minutes. Talk to me Tin, you were happy one minute and then back to your old closed off self. Don’t you want to go out tonight? I thought you guys had all become friends”

“We are” Tin said grabbing Can’s hands and pulling them off his face “but what we have is just an agreement and it shouldn't interfere in all aspects of your life. You go, have fun and if you need it you can call me to give you a lift home”

Can stood with his hands still held in Tin’s but they were now at his sides as he tilted his head processing what Tin had said “agreement?” looking into his face Tin saw Can’s eyes light up like he just solved a puzzle “the window” Can instantly looked a bit sheepish “I had totally forgotten about that” Can pursed his lips while he thought about the situation. With a slight nod Can looked into Tin’s eyes “can I do something else to pay you back or can we set up a payment plan?”

Tin felt his heart plummet into his stomach and he had to fight to get his voice to come out “sure, I’m sorry I got you to do all the fake boyfriend stuff”

“Oh I was going to keep helping with that” Tin’s head snapped up at Can’s words “I had fun messing with your brother and the food was amazing. Plus I enjoy spending time with you so I don’t see why I can’t help out a friend” before Tin got a chance to say anything the other students begun to arrive and Can was picking up his bag to leave “I’ll see you after class” Can said with a smile that warmed Tin back up.


Tin happily found himself sitting in the corner of some pub chatting with Pete while the football team chatted and yelled about a professional football match neither Pete nor Tin had seen. “Things seem to going well with you and Can” Pete said with the teasing smile he always used with Tin when he thought he knew better then Tin.

“Yeah I guess, he now sees me as a friend” Tin said sipping at his drink.

Pete shrugged his smile still firmly in place “it’s a step up from asshole”

“Speaking of assholes has Ae used yours yet?” Tin took great joy in seeing the smug smile drop from Pete’s face as it slowly morphed into shock.

“Tin!” Pete yelled just as the room fell silent.

Ae was instantly at his blushing boyfriend’s side glaring a hole through Tin who was biting on his lip trying to hold in his laughter as Pete tried to avoid telling Ae what Tin had said to him. Can came over to see what the fuss was about just as Ae was getting into Tin’s face, pushing in between the two Can pushed Ae back while Tin and Pete shared happy contented looks over their boyfriends shoulders. Pete finally managed to drag Ae off to calm down outside while Can kept his back pressed to Tin’s front as he continued his conversation with his friends.

As the evening wore on Tin grew restless as his body screamed at him for sleep but he didn’t want to cut Can’s enjoyment short. Deciding he couldn’t stand it anymore Tin pulled out his wallet and handed some bills to Can “I have to go home and get some sleep, use this to get a taxi when you are ready to leave” Tin said with a long blink before pressing a kiss to Can’s forehead and tried to leave but Can grabbed on tightly to his sleeve.

“Hey guys we are going, see ya” Can yelled over the noise of the group then gave Tin an encouraging shove towards the door. Climbing into Tin’s car Can could see that Tin was running on fumes “you should have said something sooner” Can poked at Tin’s cheek waking the tired boy up a little “looks like I am going to have to go home with you to make sure you make it” Can smiled as the sleepy Tin brightened a bit.

“So you’re staying over tonight?” Tin asked starting the car because if they were already at his house Can wouldn’t be able to say no.

“Sure, you’ll have to lend me some pajamas”


When they reached the Medthanan house Can was asleep on Tin’s shoulder, shaking his head at the strange boy Tin woke him with a softly said “Can, Can we are here”

Rubbing his eyes Can sat up as he looked around confused “where are we?”

“My house, come on we can use the lift to get into the house” Tin said like every house had underground parking.

When they stepped into the house Can’s eyes grew wide “how many people live here? This place is massive”

“Great for hide and seek, shit for family bonding” Tin said offhandedly as he took Can’s head and lead him to his bedroom.

Walking in Can’s jaw dropped, Tin’s bedroom was larger than his and his sister's put together and had its own private bathroom. Can watched as Tin walked over to one of the wardrobes and pulled out two sets of pajamas and some towels “did you want to go first” Can flushed as his mind invoked an image on Tin standing in the shower as water tumbled down his body. Rushing Can scooped up the clothes and towel off the bed and slammed the door shut when he was safely in the bathroom.

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When Can reemerged from the bathroom freshly clean Tin had nodded off on the couch at the foot of the bed. Creeping over Can saw the way Tin looked truly relaxed as his features had become sleep soft, watching the even rise and fall of Tin’s chest Can felt himself lean forward. As though his body moved on its own Can felt Tin’s lips underneath his own as he pressed a very brief and light kiss to Tin’s lips. Pulling back Can immediately poked at his own lips not really sure if he had done it or if he imagined he had. Can gently woke Tin and sent him off for his own shower, when he came back to the bedroom Can was pretending to be asleep but his nerves were strung too tight. Climbing into bed Tin let out a comfortable sign that was quickly followed but deep even breathes indicating he had fallen asleep.

Rolling over Can could just make out Tin’s face as the moon came in through the windows on the other side of the bed. Listening to Tin’s rhythmic breathing relaxed Can and the next time he opened his eyes he was pressed against Tin with his head resting on Tin’s chest. Can heard the sound of a page turning, chancing a look up he found Tin holding a book above his head as he seemed lost in the written world in his hands. “Morning” Can mumbled against Tin’s chest.

Placing his book down on the bed beside him Tin shifted a little back down into the bed “Morning Can, how did you sleep?” Can could feel Tin pressing a kiss to the top of his head.

Blushing Can pressed closer “great, your bed is really nice”

Tin’s arms loosely wrapped around Can as he bit his bottom lip trying to get the words out right “so what are your plans for the day?”

Sitting up out of Tin’s arms Can looked around the room making sure he remembered it correctly from the night before “I was going to say we could just hang out here but looking around it doesn’t seem like there is anything to do” Can put on his cute pout as he clutched at the blanket still covering him “and I need food”

“A projector screen drops from the ceiling and the maids can bring us food” Tin said hopeful that Can would want to spend the day is bed.

“What do you mean drops from the ceiling?” Can asked as he jumped onto this knees and looked up at the ceiling trying to see it.

Smirking Tin grabbed a remote from his bedside table, Can heard a chirp then the sound of a small motor as a white screen dropped down to hang just above the couch. Can’s eyes were fixed on the screen as the projector started up, Can let out a startled gasp as the last thing Tin had watched was still on the projector paused mid action. “Tin is that” Can got out as the screen turned black. Can looked back at Tin who seemed like he was stuck in a mix of embarrassment and panic “it’s not a big deal, I’ve watched porn too. I mean I would rather watch a game of football but I get it”

Tin glared at Can badly wanting him to shut up as every word was just adding to his embarrassment when it dawned on Tin that Can either didn’t realize or didn’t care that the couple on the screen had been two men. “Can we just forget about it?” Tin asked handing Can a tablet that was connected to the projector “look through the library and pick something to watch, I’ll go get us some breakfast”


Walking back into the room the sounds of moaning, grunting and skin slapping together met his ear. Tin almost dropped the tray of food “what the hell are you doing?”

“You said to pick something and I was curious” Can said matter-of-factly “that pizza boy is totally going to get fired, unless his boss in fine with people paying with sex. Though I guess his boss does he since already had a vibrator in him when he was delivering pizza” Can laughed “do they all have terrible story lines or is it just this one”

“It's was a butt plug and most porn don’t bother with a story line” Tin grumbled as he sat the tray down next to Can “can we please turn it off?” Tin didn’t mind watching porn he just didn’t want Can to see that the pizza boy currently getting pounded into kind of resembled him and that was why Tin had watched it....... a few time.

Seeing Tin’s discomfort as he got back on the bed next to him Can hit the stop button but that didn’t stop his mouth “so does this mean you are gay?”

“What?” Tin had not expected the question and wasn’t sure how he should respond.

“It’s fine if you are, I was just asking because the whole boyfriend thing was meant to be to get at your folks but your fine with all the touching and you’re watching gay porn so I figured you know” Can shut his own rambling up by shoving a piece of toast into his mouth.

Tin looked down at his hands “I don’t know, I guess” Tin said sounding a bit frightened “I don’t know. I’m fine with girls but sometimes I meet a guy and I think that I’m alright with that too”

“I can understand that” Tin looked up at Can surprised to be met with acceptance instead of disgust.


They had gotten to their fifth horror movie in a row their lunch plates cleared away and a bowl of popcorn sitting in the well of Can’s crossed legs when Can half looked at Tin and half at the screen “so what kind of guy is your type?”

Tin almost choked on the water he had been drinking “why?” Tin got out between coughs.

“I just want to know, plus a few of the guys on my team are gay. I might be able to set you up” Can wanted to bite through his own tongue, he really didn’t like the idea of setting Tin up with someone else.

“No thanks” Tin got out when the coughing subsided.

“Why what’s wrong with the guys on my team?” Can said putting the bowl on the bedside table before turning back to Tin getting ready to defend the honor of his teammates.

“Nothing I guess, I just kind of already like someone” Tin drew his legs up towards his chest not sure if he wanted to do this, not sure he wanted Can to know just yet.

“You do, who?” Can had gotten so close Tin could feel his breath on his face “do I know them or is it one of those snobby handsome pretty boys from last weekend?”

“I am one of those snobby handsome pretty boys” Tin said hoping to steer the conversation away from his crush that was now pushing his knees down so that his legs laid flat on the bed.

“I would describe you as guarded more than snobby but definitely a handsome pretty boy” Can said straddling Tin’s lap as he reached up to play with Tin’s hair.

“I don’t think I’m guarded around you” Tin said a slight tremble going through his body knowing that he had just given Can the change to find out anything he wants as long as he realizes what Tin has done.

“No not anymore” Can murmured as he kept playing with Tin’s soft strands “I could ask you anything and you would tell me the truth wouldn’t you?”

Tin swallowed down his nerves “yes” Tin rested his hands on Can’s hips hoping to ground himself as the ominous music from the horror movie still playing seem to echo his emotions.

“Is Pete your type?” Can didn’t look at Tin’s face, his eyes locked on Tin’s hair.

“He’s my best friend” Tin said like Can should understand where Pete stood for him.

“I know that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be attracted to him. Pete is still very beautiful even if he is your best friend” Can said his eyes now pinning Tin to get an answer.

“No, he is not now nor has he ever been my type” Tin said rolling his eyes “sounds like he may be yours though” Tin teased as Can’s hands stilled in their tasseling of his hair.

“Beautiful isn’t really my type” Can lent down pressing his lips to Tin’s who sat there shocked and unmoving. Pulling back Can panicked but continued “handsome is more my type”

Tin snapped out of his shock when he felt Can’s ass lift off his lap, using the hold he had on Can’s hips Tin pushed him back down as he pushed forward sealing their lips together. Tin’s body relaxed against the bed head when Can’s hands found their way back into his hair. Feeling himself getting hard Tin rolled his hips up into Can and was rewarded with a moan as Can pressed in closer rocking his own erection against Tin.

Clutching at Can’s back Tin deepened the kiss by slipping his tongue into Can’s moaning mouth enjoying the clumsy but eager way Can responded. Can had even let out the cutest laugh that Tin had ever heard when Tin had chased after his lips as Can pulled away “so am I your type?”

“I thought that would have been obvious” Tin said rolling his hips pressing his hard cock up into Can.

A wicked grin crossed Can’s face just before he pressed back in. Tin growled as he lifted himself and Can off the bed enough to push Can backwards onto his back and ending with their heads at the end of the bed while Tin’s body lay on top of Can’s pressing him into the bed. Can let out a surprised cry when Tin rolled their erections together as he ran his tongue up Can’s neck and nibbled at his jaw. Unsure how far he was prepared to go Can did know that he wanted to see Tin at least partially naked. Grabbing the hem of Tin’s shirt Can pulling it up and with a little help from Tin off.

Tin had just worked off Can’s top when the door to his room burst open “you have been cooped up in here all day, what could you possibly b-” Tin’s mother stopped talking when she spotted Tin half naked hovering over someone who had their head buried in his chest. Tin could practically hear her rolling her tongue in her mouth before she pursed her lips in distaste “get dressed and come down stairs” she turned to leave but paused by the door “both of you”

Tin felt Can flinch at the sound of the door slamming “you don’t have to listen to her, you can just leave if you want” Tin said as he climbed off Can and looked for some clothes.

Can rolled off the bed keeping a step behind Tin “like hell I’m leaving you to face that alone” Can had sounded strong and confident.

“How is that the hottest thing I have ever heard” Tin said in a low voice as he pulled Can towards him and into a searing kiss.


When they had finally come down stairs Can was in a borrowed shirt and his slightly beer stained paints from the previous night while Tin was his impeccably dressed self with Can’s hand solidly in his. Sitting down in the lounge room Can couldn’t help himself, he looked around at the overly expensive furnishings in the massive room his eyes wide and his mouth agape. If he were honest the only thing in the room that he actually like was Tin and having him pressed from shoulder to foot made him feel a little better and less small compared to the people and the space.

Seeing the way Can was looking around the room Mrs Medthanan smiled to herself as she planned how to get rid of the eye sore “do you like the house?” Tin knew this really wasn’t a question so much as her rubbing their wealth in Can’s face.

“Not really” Can sounded a little absent as he finished taking everything in, hearing Tin’s snort and seeing the look on her face Can quickly continued “I don’t mean it’s not a great house, it’s just not to my taste”

Raising a brow at him Mrs Medthanan just watched him as the maid served the tea “what about our family home is not to your refined taste?”

Tin rolled his eyes at “family home” and clenched his fist at her dig at Can’s taste but he calmed down when Can give a light squeeze to his thigh and left his hand to rest there. “It is a bit large and quite flashy with all the European finishes. I like the feel of a smaller more intimate home where love isn’t stretched thin over the vast floor space and the moment my mum starts cooking you can smell the wonderful aroma in every room in the house. I like that if my little sister needs help with anything she can call out to me and there isn’t a fear of a room being unused because we forget that a corridor exists” Can smiled at their hands as Tin threaded his fingers into Can’s.

“That sounds wonderful” Tin whispered to Can who gave a slight nod of acknowledgement.

“Well some people aren’t really born to understand the finer things” She said sipping her tea and glaring at their joined hands.

“You know what? You could be right. Tin is one of the finest treasures there is to find and very few people understand or appreciate him” Can said as his phone started to ring “excuse me I need to take this” Can said seeing mum on his phone screen. Getting off the couch Can walked to a far corner of the room feeling the eyes of the Medthanan’s on him.

“You can’t honestly be serious with you attentions towards this boy, if you insist on taking up with a man why not someone with better standing. What about the Pichaya boy? You and he get along” his mother spat not trying to keep the conversation from Can.

“Yes I am serious, no one has made me feel the way he make me feel and Pete and I are just friends, we will never be more then that” Tin snapped back more angry at her being disrespectful towards Can then her actual words.

Just then Tin felt a hand softly on his shoulder breaking him from the glaring contest he found himself in with his mother “Tin, mum wants to know if you would like to come over for dinner?”

“Yes, tell her we will be there soon” Tin said with a bit more force then he planned as he stood shooting his mother one last hate filled look and headed out of the room taking Can with him.



When Tin and Can walked into the Kirakorn house hold Lemon had been setting the table and dropped all the utensils onto the table in her shock. Gucci woke at the sound and bolted over to the two who in unison crouched down with matching smiles as they rubbed and patted Gucci’s fur. “Can” Lemon hissed trying to get his attention “Can” she hissed again when it hadn’t worked the first time. Stepping up next to Can while still being ignoring she bent down and grabbed Can’s arm yanking him up and dragging him away. Which in their house was only a couple of steps, with their backs to Tin she whispered “Can is that the friend you spent the night with?” Tin heard every word.

“Yes that’s Tin he’s-” Can stopped himself not sure what to say now that they were in a weird position, they weren’t really boyfriends and friends didn’t seem like enough to describe Tin.

Tin looked up from his crouch where he was rubbing Gucci’s tummy “we’re close friends” Tin offered also unsure how to describe them and very unsure that if they were dating would Can want to tell his parents.

“Wow Cantaloupe your friend is very handsome” Can’s mum said as she walked out of the kitchen finding Lemon rushing to finish setting the table.

“Mum not my full nickname” Can whined but the damage had been done, Tin had a wicked smile on his face as he awkwardly bowed to Apple still crouching beside Gucci.

“Can is short for Cantaloupe?” Tin asked smiling as he tried to stand but Gucci's whine filled the space "maybe we should take him into the yard to play" Tin suggested but secretly he just wanted an excuse to play with the giant puppy.

Can saw right through Tin's request, it had been love at first sight for those two and Can couldn't find it in himself to be mad. Tin had already brought Gucci a bunch of new toys and when Tin was around Gucci followed him around like a lost puppy, Can found it ridiculously cute. Walking into the laundry Can retrieved a basket of toys then headed past Tin pulling him to his feet and dragging him outside while Gucci followed his tail moving so fast it was a blur.

Lemon and Apple watched from the shade of the house as Tin and Can played with Gucci. Lemon had gotten a photo of them playing tug-of-war Can holding one of Gucci's stuffed toy with Gucci on the other end, losing the fight Tin came in to help wrapping himself around Can grabbing the toy just above Can's holding points. Lemon lent on her mother's shoulder just as Gucci let go sending Tin and Can tumbling to the ground laughter ringing out as Gucci ran laps around them. Can rolled off Tin onto the ground next to him, looking at Tin Can felt the urge to push his hair away from his eyes. Giving himself this indulgence Can reached up but the moment he touched Tin's face the laughter died as an intense aura settled in around them "close friend" Lemon whispered to her mum who hid a chuckle.

"I remember your father and I were 'close friends' for a while" Apple said turned and heading back into the kitchen to finish with the dinner preparations.

After dinner Tin helped Can with his assignment, every unnecessary touch followed by a blush or over reaction was seen and cooed at by the family. They watched as Can seemed to pull Tin in but the moment Tin pushed in further then Can wanted him to be he would push him back, this would then be followed closely by Can pulling him back into the space he had just pushed him out of. "So" Oak said drawing out the word as he watched his son and Tin "are they dating?"

Apple looked at them again with a more appeasing eye then before "I think they are, they just don't know it yet"

Nodding his agreement Oak looked at the boys again then back to Apple "and we approve of them getting married?" he joked.

"Of course" Apple said with a tight nod turning on the TV and ignoring the boys as they danced around each other.



Most of Can's Sunday was filled with his mum and sister asking questions about Tin, a large portion of which Can could only answer after he had messaged Tin to find out. After about the twelfth question of the day Tin called Can to find out what was going on. Oak watched as Can paced up and down the yard as he chatted away on the phone. When the conversation ended Can laid down on the bench seat throwing an arm over his eyes as he let out a happy sigh. Taking his chance Oak approached his happy son "hey Sapling"

"Hey dad" Can said a little suspiciously since his dad hadn't called him that since he hit his teens.

"Can was talk about something?" Oak asked picking Can's legs up and sitting on the bench dropping Can's legs on his own.

"What did you want to talk about?" Can asked curiosity and apprehension coursing through him as he pushed up on his elbows.

"I just wanted to make sure you knew that your mum and I would be fine with it" Oak lost his words his nerves getting the better of him now that Can had removed his legs from his lap and was sitting upright next to him.

"Fine with what dad, what are you talking about?" Can was staring at the ground in front of him as his mind kept repeating 'don't be talking about Tin, don't be talking about Tin, don't be talking about Tin'.

"Fine with you and Tin dating, if that is what's going on" Oak quickly added the last part as Can got to his feet.

"We aren't dating, Tin and I are just hanging out, we’re friends" Can said turning to look at his dad so desperately wanting to tell him the whole story but fear of disappointing him froze the words in his throat.

"That's fine too Sapling, I just wanted you to know that we love you and we will keep loving you no matter who you love" Oak said as he got up and pulled Can into a hug.

"I like him dad, I really like him but I don't know how he feels about me" Can said into his dad's shoulder insecurity thick in his tone.

"Based on how he was with you yesterday I would say he likes you too" Oak said scuffing up Can's hair as his son kept his face pressed into his shoulder.

"I want to believe that dad and I think he feels something for me but I keep hearing things about him and his best friend. Trust me they are perfect for each other and if Pete decides he wants Tin I don't think I would stand a chance" finally putting his insecurities into words Can was thankful for the strength of his father’s arms because his knees became weak and Can didn't like his chances of them keeping him up.

"Cantaloupe if you think Tin is the one you have to talk to him about it. This friend of his may be no more to him then Good is to you and you will have held back and suffered for nothing. It might not be easy but the greatest things in life never come easy" Oak's words sat heavily with Can throughout the rest of the day and made it near impossible to sleep that night.



Can had been sluggish in getting to school and when he did arrive there was a flashy blue high end car parked out the front of the Sports Science building. Not in the mood for whatever weirdness that was going to be Can kept his head down and headed for the steps into the building when he felt a strong grip on his shoulder "would you please come with me?"

Can looked over his shoulder to see a man in a very nice tailored suit (Tin had taught him how to tell the difference between off the rack and tailored), looking past him Can saw a familiar figure in the back of the car "no I have to get to class" Can tried to step forward but was held in place by the hand on his shoulder.

"I'll ask again, would you please come with me" the man’s tone was less pleasant this time and Can had no doubt how this was going to play out.

"You’re not really asking are you?" Can got the shake of a head he expected "and Mrs Medthanan will hold you responsible if I don't get in the car?" there was a tentative nod in response "any chance we can go somewhere I can get some breakfast?" Ca got a huffed laugh and nod for his question as he allowed the driver to walk him to the car. When he opened the back door Can climbed in without uttering a word to Tin's mother.

"You're being awfully rude" she commented as they drove away from the school.

Can spared her a sideways glance "you're basically kidnapping me and you want to accuse me of being rude"

"You didn't have to get in the car" she said tapping her fingers against a thick envelope that lay in her lap.

"We both know that is bullshit. Now how about you get to the point of this abduction and then we can both get on with our days" Can said still not really looking at the woman.

"Well at least you're honest" looking at Can's scuffed up shoes and worse for wear bag she was feeling confident as she dropped the envelope into Can's lap.

"It's one of the things your son likes about me" Can said not really sure if it was true as he picked up the envelope and looked inside "let me guess, leave my son money?" Can queried as he flipped through the stack before throwing it back into her lap.

"What not enough? You didn't even count it" Mrs Medthanan reached into her purse at her feet pulling out a second envelope the same size if not a bit bigger and dropped them both into Can's lap.

"You're not getting it, you can't buy me" Can said throwing both packets into the empty front passenger seat "your son is worth more to me than money and the fact that you can't see his true worth makes me realize just how much he deserves a better family" Can lent forward to talk to the drive "let me out of the car"

"No, not until we are done talking" Mrs Medthanan said as the car kept going.

Looking back at her and actually taking in her appearance Can couldn't help but notice how small she seemed with her dependence on intimidation and money "we are done and I sincerely hope to never talk to you again" Can turned back to the driver "now pull over"

"Don't pull over" Mrs Medthanan snapped at her driver who Can understood had to follow her instructions but they didn't understand the lengths he was willing to go to.

Can calmly sat back in his seat winding down his window as they pulled up at a set of lights. Trying the door handle first it was locked like he expected, Can quickly threw his bag out of the window and climbed/ fell out of the window himself. Hearing the driver get out of the car Can grabbed his bag and bolted disappearing through a maze of winding backstreets. Calling his team captain to come get him Can found a busy cafe and waited for the reliable senior to arrive.

Despite being told the truth of what happened Techno hadn't believed him and put him on equipment duty of a month as punishment for missing class and making his senior miss class too. Can considered himself lucky that he had missed only one class considering the morning but when lunch rolled around Can's anger over the abduction had reached boiling point. Storming into the International College building Can's anger eased when he found Tin heading out of the building "I was just coming to find you" Tin said holding up a large lunch box "I brought us lunch"

Can looked at Tin's smiling face and frowned knowing that he had to tell Tin what happened and Tin wouldn't take it will. Tin followed Can curiously as the boy lead him out of the building and away from people by the wrist. Finding a table in the shade of a tree Can and Tin sat down "I have something to tell you and you're not going to like it" Can said causing Tin to slow his movements as he worked on unpacking their lunch.

"What level of not like it are we talking about? Mad at people or punch a guy kind of not like" Tin continued with pulling the food out because he had been excited to show Can who despite their conversation was already eyeing stuff off.

Craning his neck to look at all the foods Can kept his voice steady "it depends on how much you care about me"

"So murder a guy" Tin side under his breath but Can still caught it.

Shocked a little by Tin's reaction Can took a deep breath "your mother was waiting for me this morning when I got to school"

Tin froze as he was handing Can a pair of chopsticks "what did she do"

"Abducted me, tried to pay me off so that I would leave you and ultimately forced me to climb out of the car window so I could get away" Can said counting the events off on his fingers while he kept an eye on the chopsticks.

Seeing the way the boy obviously wanted to eat Tin handed over the chopstick as he dropped into his seat "I need you to tell me the whole story"

Can told Tin exactly what happened right down to until he arrived back at school with Techno in between bits of the bento Tin had brought them. Tin silently vowed to pay for the drinks next time the team went out drinking "how much did she offer you" Tin asked curious how much his mother considered his love to be worth.

"About this much" Can said holding his thumb and forefinger apart roughly the thickness the envelopes had been.

"You don't know how much was there?" Tin was amazed that Can hadn't found out the amount that had been in it.

"No Tin I don't know, I didn't fucking ask and I wasn't about to count it because I was never going to take it so what does it matter how much was in it?" Not sure he could convey all he felt about Can's response with words Tin came around to his side of the table to kiss Can. Tin pushed everything he felt for Can into the kiss and hoped beyond reason that Can would understand completely how he felt.

Chapter Text

After the way he snapped at him Can was sure Tin was going to get mad, watching him get off his seat and come around to his side of the table Can froze waiting for whatever it was that Tin was going to do. When he felt Tin's hands hold his cheeks he grew confused but that was quickly swept away by the press of Tin's lips to his.

Remembering the sensations from last time they kissed Can opened his mouth to invite Tin in and Tin hungrily accepted. His tongue pushed in and rubbed against Can's thrilling him and filled him with a warmth he had come to associate with the handsome snobby pretty boy.

When Tin pulled away Can was dazed but happy and now sure that Tin did feel something for him even if it wasn't love. He did feel something more than friendship for him and Can could accept that "you are strangely amazing" Tin said falling into a crouch at Can's side.

"What are you doing Tin?" Can asked looking around to see if anyone was watching them to find that they were blissfully alone.

"After this morning I would understand if you don't want to stay with me, it's a lot to deal with" Tin wanted to bite his tongue as he offered Can a way out, especially since the reason he had had the lunch made was that he planned on asking Can to be his boyfriend. Actual boyfriend and not just a boy friend in disguise.

"Fuck no; if that kind of shit was going to scare me off I would have taken the goddamn money. Besides I can't leave you alone with those people" Tin dropped onto his knees as he lent forward wrapping his arms around Can's middle and burying his face in Can's stomach. Can's fingers quickly made their way into Tin's hair rubbing at his scalp and onto his neck.


"So how did it go?" Pete asked when Tin returned from lunch, his hair a chaotic mess and a smile that he couldn't stifle.

"It didn't" Tin said dropping into his seat as Pete raised an eye brow at his messed up hair "my mother paid him a visit this morning and offered him money to stay away from me" Tin said watching Pete to see his reaction.

"Shit" Pete said softly like that would stop it from being a swear word "what did he do?"

Tin's smile got wider and Pete could clearly see his love for Can in his eyes "he told her I am worth more to him than money and the fact that she can't see my true worth makes him realize just how much I deserves a better family"

"So you told him how you feel about him" Pete said as he took the stack of handouts from the person in front of him and separated copies for himself and Tin.

"I gave him an out" at Tin's words Pete turned to him with the stack of papers and smacked him over the head with them.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Pete yelled disrupting the whole class who were all dumbfounded by the events.



Even after two hours of running around at near top speed Can was still angry, he couldn't give a shit about missing class, hell if the woman had asked he would have just met her at a cafe. The offer of money had stopped bugging him when Tin showed his gratitude for him turning it down. It was how much the woman didn't know her own son and seemed fine with taking away any happiness he found if it didn't fit her plan for his life. That was what still had Can chewing on the inside of his cheek in frustration as he packed away the training equipment after Techno had taken great joy in reminding him it was his privilege for the next month. As Can collected his stuff to head home he decided that he would get back at her by showing her that what she tried to pull would have the opposite effect. Sitting on the bus heading home Can pulled out his phone and called Tin to see if he wanted to spend the night. It had only taken one ring for Tin to answer "were you playing on your phone?" Can asked instead of offering a greeting.

"Actually I was typing you a message" Tin sounded like he was away from his phone and the telltale tapping of keys told Can he must be on speaker while Tin worked on his laptop.

Can's anger started to soothe just hearing Tin's voice "really? Was it to ask if you could come over because I was thinking that maybe you would want to spend the night at mine" hearing the clatter in the back ground Can thought their conversation might not be as private as he had originally thought. On the off chance that it was Mrs Medthanan Can voiced something he had been thinking about on and off since Saturday "I was thinking we could pick up where we left off when we were interrupted in your room"

The sound of tapping on keys stopped and there was a change in the ambient sound as Tin obviously took him of speaker "I'll be there soon"


Can had just changed in to some sweatpants and an old shirt when there was a knock at the door. Seeing the way Gucci whined and scratched at the door Can was sure it was Tin, Gucci almost knocked the boy over in his excitement to see him. Walking in Tin noticed the house was strangely quiet and strangely still considering how boisterous Can's family could be "where is everyone?" Tin asked while Gucci followed him as he followed Can towards the kitchen.

"Dad's got a double shift at the station so he won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon" Can opened the fridge looking for food "mum has the night shift at the hospital so she should be home sometime in the morning" Can checked the cupboards hoping to find something he could eat fast "and Lay is staying at a friend’s"

"So we have the house to ourselves?" Tin asked walking around the counter and advancing on Can who walked himself backwards into the pantry door.

"And Gucci" Can said in a small voice as Tin pressed a hand to his hip pinning him against the door "Tin what are yo-"

Can's sentence cut short when Tin's tongue licked a strip along his neck before he sunk his teeth in enough to get a hiss from the trembling boy "I'm picking up where we left off" Tin said against Can's neck "if memory serves me, you were at least half naked, underneath me and we were both achingly hard" Tin breathed the words into Can's neck sending another shiver through his body.

Can remembered, he had even jerked off to the memory but hearing Tin say it against his skin as he felt Tin's fingers brush against his stomach made Can instantly hard. Stilling Tin's hand Can looked a little worried as Tin pulled back to look in his eyes "I don't know if I'm ready to....." Can let the sentence hang not really sure how to finish it.

"We don't have to go that far" Tin's voice was soft and caring as he pulled his hands out from under Can's shirt but placed them back where they had been just with the layer of material between "I will follow your lead, if you want to go slow we will go slow. If you want to go fast we will go fast and if you want to stop just let me know"

Somehow Can could feel the balance shift to him and he tentatively grabbed the hem of Tin's shirt lifting it off and letting it drop to the floor, Tin's hands returned to their spot on Can's shirt clad torso waiting for Can to give him some indication of what he was allowed to do. Can guided Tin's hands down to the hem of his shirt and gave him a nod to let him know that he could remove it. Seeing Can grow shy Tin couldn't help himself he cradled Can's face and pressed a searing kiss to his lips while his body pressed against Can's pushing him against the door. "Tin" Can breathed when Tin had finally pulled back "we should go to my room"

Growling Tin nipped at Can's neck before pulling back and letting Can lead the way. Walking into Can's room Tin looked around to find horror movie posters and football posters side by side and a strange collection of sea creature soft toys hanging from the certain railing. Wanting to get Tin's attention back on him Can grabbed Tin's belt "this might get in the way" Can said fumbling to get it unbuckled.

"Let me help" Tin's voice had been quiet as he softly pushed Can's hands away and made quick work of getting his pants undone. Smiling Can's hands dived back in sliding in between the waist band and Tin's underwear as he pushed Tin's pants down. Walking backwards towards his bed Can took in Tin's form but mostly the way his hard cock strained against his light blue underwear that Can committed to memory. When Can felt his bed hit the back of his legs he pushed his own pants down leaving him in his own underwear that already felt wet with precum.

Seeing Can lay himself out on his bed Tin's mind kicked back in pushing him across the room to crawl over Can who happily pulled him down on top of him.

Feeling the way Tin was responding to his touch encouraged Can's exploration of the other boy. Tin let out a surprised but happy moan when Can's hand rubbed and grabbed at his cock through the thin material. After that it didn't take long for Can to pull both of their cocks out of the constricting material and began rubbing them together Tin's hips rocking as he controlled their kisses. The feel of their velvety skin rubbing together combined with the way Tin was kissing and sucking at his neck had Can squeeze just a little tightly, Tin threw his head back as he moaned thrusting his hips as he and Can came all over Can's hand and his own stomach.


Laying in Can's small bed cleaned up after their activity with Can in his arms Tin felt truly right and happy. Closing his eyes Tin could feel Can tapping his feet against his while he played with the fingers on Tin's right hand "Can?" Tin waited for the hum to let him know Can was listening to him "did you mean what you said to my mother?"

"I don't know what part your talking about but yes I have meant every word I have said to her" Can glanced up to find Tin's eyes still closed "why?"

"I was going to ask you something today but I chickened out" Tin was finding it so much easier to do this with his eyes closed.

"Did I realize that the pizza boy from your porno and I look alike?" Tin eyes snapped open as he shifted to get a better look at the smirk on Can's face.

"What when did you.... No, I was going to ask if you would be my boyfriend, but how did you?" Tin sounded nervous and Can wasn't sure what part had done it to him.

Holding up Tin's hand Can closed it into a fist before pulling out one finger "when he showed up on screen with the pizza" Can lifted up a second finger "yes" lifting up the third Can felt Tin shifting around "I have used a mirror Tin, I know what I look like"

Can laughed as Tin climbed on top of him pressing their naked forms together all the warmth they had was from shared body heat and a sheet that was only just covering them "so you will be my boyfriend, like real boyfriend. As in hi I'm Tin and this is my boyfriend Can now please excuse us while we go over there to make out?"

"You can stop with the introduction at; this is my boyfriend Can"


The rest of the night was spent with lazy kisses and random conversation that jumped through topics neither of them really sure how they got to each one. At one stage Can found his blanket that had been kicked off the bed and pulled it over them so that they could sleep, which they did wrapped around each other pressed close together.


Can woke with a moan as he felt a hot wet heat surround his throbbing cock, looking down he found a lump under the blanket. Before he could say anything he was sucked into the back of Tin's throat and with a thrust of his hips he filled Tin's mouth. Pulling back Tin swallowed Can's cum before he moved up the bed and out from under the blanket "good morning Cantaloupe, we have to go to school"

"Don't used my full nickname"



The moment Tin walked into his house a maid run to inform his mother of his arrival and by the time he had reached the kitchen she was at his heels "Tin, if you ever pull something like that again-"

"You'll what mother? Send me to my room? Take my car away? You wouldn't want people to see the son of a Medthanan taking the bus" Tin spat at her as he got himself a drink from a fridge.

Snatching the bottle out of Tin's hand Mrs Medthanan threw it into the sink "do you know who those people where, who you offended? It was bad enough that you were ignoring them as you typed away on your lap top but to walk off like you did. After a call from that-"

"He is my boyfriend mother and yes I know who they are. I know that the reason you brought them here is so that I can meet their boring as hell daughter. I have no interest in her and never will" Tin said plainly as he grabbed another bottle out of the fridge.

"She will be accompanying you to the charity function this weekend" Mrs Medthanan snatched this bottle too and sent it to join the other one in the sink.

Raising a brow at her behavior Tin pinched the bridge of his nose "I am taking Can"

"No, you are taking Daisy or I will take away your car and you can use the family car with the chauffeur" Tin saw the seriousness in her face and knew that without his car hanging out with Can would become difficult.

"Fine" Tin spat then headed to the sink to grab one of the bottles of water his mother had thrown in before he headed to his room. Once he was safely closed in his room Tin pulled out his phone to call Pete, after a few rings his call was picked up "Hey Pete I have a favor to ask you"



Tin kept up a blank mask as he walked into the ballroom that had been booked out for the charity function arm in arm with Daisy. A girl Tin had quickly learnt on the way over was only boring and demure when her parents where around. On more than one occasion Tin had to push or slap her hand away as she had tried to slip her hand on to his crouch. Tin heard a few whispers as he and Daisy found their table and Mrs Medthanan joyously smiled as her son walked around in the company of such a fine girl. However as Tin and Daisy fell into conversation with some of her friends there was a wave of barely concealed gossiping that broke out and Tin knew Pete had arrived. Looking over at the door way Tin saw Pete looking as handsome as always but tonight Tin was just interested in the sorter guy holding onto Pete's arm. Can's smile was something Tin would never get sick of seeing and the way that Daisy's hold got tighter told Tin that his face was obviously showing his heart.

Pete and Can made the circuit around the room and while Tin watched their progress his mother's friend that had been so approving of Can for helping her husband approached Tin. "Tin dear, isn't that your friend accompanying Pete tonight" she looked a little concerned as she handed Tin a drink.

"It would appear so" Tin whispered to her with a cheeky smile as he took the offered scotch.

"You obviously didn't mean anything to him if he moved on the moment he got the chance" Daisy sneered to her friends amusement. Tin just rolled his eyes as he pulled her towards their assigned seats letting everyone speculate as to the situation and his mood knowing that they were all wrong.

Daisy had turned her back to Tin so she could talk to people at the table next to theirs, Tin idly flicked through his phone while he listened to the conversation and waited for Pete and Can to join him. "What happened? Why are you here with Tin and why is the guy he brought last time here with Pete?" Tin over heard someone at the other table ask Daisy.

"Tin decided to accompany me so I guess that guy just found the next rich guy to attach himself to" at Daisy's response Tin saw red and was about to set her straight when a familiar voice drew his attention.

"Good evening Tin" turning around at Pete's greeting Tin saw his smiling boyfriend.

"Pete" Tin keeping his voice devoid of emotion as his hand twitched to reach out and pull Can to him. But they had a plan that Tin wanted to see it play out and Tin's part started the moment Can took the seat next to him leaving Pete to sit on the other side of Tin's boyfriend. Everyone watched silently as the three boys settled in, most eyes on the boy who was now both literally and figuratively in the middle. But Tin didn't utter another word even as the food was served and the conversation around them picked up, not even when someone has snidely asked Pete how he met Can. Pete had given a small laugh and simply looked the guy in the eye as he informed him that Can was one of the players for the school football team, a quip about the sport building stamina had Can blushing and the tabled stunned out of commenting.

A speech was made thanking everyone for coming and for their generous donations as the servers continued to bring around the food. Tin couldn't help but watch the way Can's eyes lit up as the first course was sat in front of him, Tin laid a gentle hand on Can's leg to tell him not to start eating yet when he saw Can about to dive in. Tin stifled a laugh at the way Can was longingly looking at the food but didn't dare touch it until he felt Tin give a squeeze to his leg. Can was easily the first one finished and everyone at the table held a collective breath as they watched Tin watching Pete wipe food off the corner of Can's mouth. It had been a bit harder than Tin had thought it would be to watch them play pretend. Tin was thankful that he had spent the week leading up to the event practically glued to Can to the point that he had needed to clean down the back seat of his car or answer some embarrassing questions. But still hearing Can quietly thank Pete with a sweet tone he had hoped to keep for himself had been a little hard.

When the main course had been brought out the people at their table had noticed the way that Tin kept putting food on Can's plate and the way that Can seemed to have shifted closer to Tin. When Can had reached for his glass he noticed it was empty, Pete and graciously moved to fill it from the water jug in the middle of the table only to find it empty too. As Pete called for one of the servers there was a gasp from Daisy as she and the others watched Tin swap his full glass for Can's empty one. Not liking the attention Tin was giving to the boy that should be below her Daisy wrapped her arms around Tin's pulling him towards her and away from Can "Tin now that dinner is over I want to dance"

Tin had been about to coldly reject her when his mother had seemingly appeared out of nowhere "that sounds like a wonderful idea, Tin would love to Daisy" not wanting to cause a scene at that particular moment Tin got out of his chair followed by Daisy who hadn't released her iron grip on his arm. When the two were out of ear shot Mrs Medthanan turned to Can with barely veiled distaste on her face "you should have taken the money, at least then you would have something now that you have been cast aside"

Those that where listening in where on the edge of their seats not a hundred percent sure what was going on but the fact that this guy seemed to be getting ready to stand off against her was something they hadn't expected. The soft but sure huffed laugh that came out of him had shook them "you still don't understand him" Can said as he got to his feet making her step back so that she wasn't in his space "and you keep underestimating me, even if you handed me that stack of money now I would just use it to slap some sense into you" shock was mirrored on the faces of those that had heard Can's words except for Pete who was attempting to shove his napkin in his mouth to stifle his laughter.

Everyone watched as Can moved across the room to Tin and Daisy who were beautifully moving around the dance floor, their steps wonderfully in time as their fluid movements had them gliding across the floor. They stopped when Can tapped Tin on the shoulder and requested to cut in. Daisy looked at Can like she had smelled something bad but decorum taught her to accept the offer and make at least one turn of the floor if her current dance partner agreed. Seeing Tin give a firm nod of approval she lifted her hands off of Tin, the moment Tin was out of her grasp Can spun him around and danced away from her leaving her with her hands held in the air poised for a partner to take the lead. A few snickers could be heard as her rejection sunk in and turning towards the floor to add insult to injury Can obviously didn't know how to dance.

The two kept fighting over who was to lead and who was to follow "let me lead you don't even know how to dance" Tin said as Can tripped over his foot and was only saved from falling by Tin catching his fall.

"Since I don't know the steps what does it matter who leads" Can said as Tin pulled him back to his feet "plus we both know how much you like it when I take the lead" a blush coloured Tin's cheeks as Can laughed a bubbly happy laugh. Feeling Tin now moving to his pull Can began to very uncoordinately pull Tin around the floor as both boys laughter rang out and blended together as it filled the air around them. Tin only stole back the lead when the song was coming to and end so that he could pull Can into his chest and press a soft sweet kiss to his smiling lips. Can quickly melted into Tin's from as he returned the press as he slipped a hand into the hair at the nape of Tin's neck.

Watching the ecstatic couple laughing as they stumbled their way around the dance floor one the Daisy's friend hastily moved into Tin's empty seat and lent across to Pete "aren't you annoyed that Tin has stolen your date?"

Looking at the girl like she had just asked what rhymes with orange Pete almost didn't bother answering but when he looked around he could see that others where just as curious. Which made Pete sure that they were just as dumb and for the first time he understood why Tin was always so put out when he had to deal with them. Knowing that Tin had caused the splash he had wanted to when he saw the boys kiss Pete figured playing with the ripples couldn't hurt "Can and I are friend, besides he is obviously dating Tin. He would have brought Can himself but Daisy forced her way into being Tin's date" there seemed to be a smug satisfaction on the friend's face that Pete didn't know how to read and he didn't want to try.

After the happiest couple at the function had danced or more accurately stumbled their way through another song Can had to excuse himself to use the bathroom. Tin made his way back to the table and dropped into the seat that had been Can's as he placed a drink in front of Pete "thanks for bringing him" Tin's smile had been a great reward for Pete as he was happy just to see his best friend happy but that didn't mean he wouldn't hold it over Tin's head the moment he could use it to tease him.

"He is actually quite a pleasant and thoughtful companion, I can see why you would have fallen for him" Pete said teasing Tin and starting up a new round of gossip as the game for the others seemed to be trying to discover the dynamic between the three boy.

"Well keep your mitts off, you have your own Thai Program lover, this one is mine" Tin said with a put on pout the made Pete giggle.

Just as Pete went to tease Tin again the doors on the side of the room burst open and a body came flying through and crashed to the ground "the lady said to stop" Can's voice had rang out as the room fell into a hushed lull of people trying to work out what was happening when a girl rushed out behind Can with disheveled hair, ruined makeup and holding on to a broken strap on her dress "now apologize to her for being a colossal dushbag" Can said stripping off his coat. The guy crunched into a ball on the ground expect Can to hit him again but when it didn't come he looked over to see that Can was wrapping the girl in his coat.

Tin rushed over to find that it was the same guy from their able who had thought it would be funny to ask Pete about how he met Can expecting to start a fight between the IC friends "what happened?" Tin asked as he looked Can over to make sure he was okay.

"This waste of human space was assaulting this poor girl. I told him to stop but he told me to fuck off, seeing as how he wasn't going to stop himself I stopped him myself" Can said in an aggressive tone Tin put down to adrenaline.

There was no doubt in Tin's mind that Can was telling the truth but the girl he had saved seemed to think it was necessary to rush forward and grab Tin's arm. "He's telling the truth, your boyfriend saved me" the tear streaks down her face made Tin feel sad for her but he was more concerned about getting Can calm.

"I know, Can doesn't lie" Tin said patting her hand that was still holding firm on his arm before turning to Can "come on Can we will get out of here"

"No!" Can turned an angry face on Tin "I'm not leaving while this piece of shit is still here with her"

"Fine, we will take her with us" Tin pulled his arm out of her grasp so that he could wrap his arms around Can's shoulders "come on, let’s get her home"

Can nodded stepping out of Tin's hold and walking over to the girl "are you alright, did you want us to take you home?" Can asked the still shaken girl.

"Please" her voice sounded like she was about to burst into tears again. Trying to take a step to approach Can her legs shook as her own adrenaline wore off and Can dived forward catching her before she fell. Using his shoulders to support her Can led her towards the exit with a displeased looking Tin following closely behind.

Can gently helped her get into the back of Tin's car "are you okay?" Can asked softly as she buckled herself in.

"I think so, I'm May by the way" she said offering her savior a small smile.

"I'm Can, lets get you home" Can shut the door and made his way to the passenger seat. As Can walked around the car Tin watched May in the rear view mirror as she watched every step Can took.


When they had dropped May off at her house Can had done the right thing and walked her to the door but Tin had been too annoyed at seeing her looking at Can the entire way there and had stayed in the car. Tin had regretted it when at her door she took off Can's coat and was Can's hands were in the air trying to put it back on she pushed forward pressing herself into his chest her arms wrapped around him as she hugged him tight. When Can made it back to the car Tin could have bitten through the steering wheel and as his boyfriend closed himself back in the car Tin jumped on him pressing a hungry kiss to his lips as his tongue ventured forward into Can's mouth. When they pulled apart Can was breathing hard and looking at Tin like he wanted more. Glancing over Can's shoulder Tin saw that May had seen the whole thing and a devious smile pulled at his lips "come home with me" Can shakily nodded at Tin's request his eyes constantly traveling up and down Tin's form as Tin started the car and drove them back the Medthanan house.

Chapter Text

Once inside Tin's room with the door firmly locked Tin made quick work of getting Can's clothes off. Seeing Can naked, hard and willing on his bed Tin ripped at his own clothes until they were scattered on the floor and his body was pressing down on Can's. Before Can knew what was happening Tin had made his way down his body licking at the head of his cock. Can was in such bliss as Tin slid down Can's length letting his saliva pool and run down Can's hard cock he slid two fingers into Can's moaning mouth. As if on instinct Can began sucking and licking Tin's fingers only stopping when Tin pushed all the way down his length the head of his cock getting squeezed by the top of Tin's throat. Tin took the fingers Can had slicked up and rubbed them against Can's tight hole, to his surprise Can let out another moan as he pushed towards them. Encouraged by Can's actions Tin gently pressed one of the fingers in.

Feeling the tight hot passage pressing on his finger Tin probed around before sliding the finger out almost to the tip and slowly pressing in again. A delighted shiver ran through him when he felt Can pushing down on the finger seeking more, Tin obliged pressing the second finger in but the hitch in Can's breathing and the way the boys previously wriggling body stilled Tin could tell it had been too much. "Can you bear with it for a second I promise it will feel good again" Tin said looking at the strain on Can's face "it is as far as I will take it tonight".

As Tin's words soaked in a tension seemed to leave Can's body and Tin returned to sucking on Can's cock. Once the pain in the stretch eased Can's body started moving again accompanied by moans the filled the space and made Tin happy. The first time Tin had found the bundle of nerves Can's back arched off the bed. It had been completely unexpected and it had only taken a couple more hits for Can to explode in Tin's mouth. Panting and sated Can's body felt like a puddle as the soft blankets beneath him seemed to be hugging him and pulling him towards sleep. It wasn't until Tin helped him climb under them and into bed the he realized that Tin still hadn't come and was achingly hard "let me help yo-"

Tin pushed Can's hands away seeing that the boy was now beyond sleepy "It's okay just go to sleep" Tin urged wrapping the blankets and himself around Can, careful to keep his hips back so that he didn't get tempted. When he heard Can's heavy even breaths he slowly and carefully climbed out of bed and with soft steps walked to the bathroom and sealed himself in the room. It had taken a shower and two slow pleasurable wanks to get his body to calm down.


When Tin woke up the next morning it was to a fully dressed Can gently nudging him awake "hey baby, I made you breakfast but I have to go"

"Go!" Tin sat up right away almost knocking the tray out of Can's hands.

"Yeah my dad is here so I have to go, I will see you at school tomorrow" Can placed the tray on the spot had had been sleeping and tried to get up but Tin held onto his wrist.

"At least let me walk you out" Tin said quickly rushing past Can to find some sweatpants and a shirt, pulling them on he saw that Can had made him French toast and coffee his heart screamed at him telling him not to let Can leave. As they walked through the house they were watched by the maids they passed and when they reached the front of the house Tin saw a police car waiting with a police officer Tin didn't know holding open the back door. "Can I kiss you?" Tin asked unsure if Can had told his family they were dating but Can's response was answer enough as he pressed a kiss to Tin's lips. With a soft smile Tin watched Can walk down the steps and realized that the clothes Can was wearing were his as his suit from last night was laying over his arm.



Tin had slept in on Monday morning and had missed his chance to give Can a lift to school so when lunch rolled around he was more than ready to see his boyfriend. What he hadn't expected to see when he walked into the Sports Science canteen was May handing Can what looked to be a lunch box. Tin knew she didn't go to this school so it was unclear how she had even found Can. Tin pushed that to the back of his mind as he approached them hearing what May was saying "I just wanted to thank you again for saving me on Saturday night and to also ask you if I could have your number" if Tin hadn't been mad before he was now and Can's faculty friends cheering the interaction on wasn't helping.

"Why do you want his number?" Tin asked as his tone took on an icy edge as he stopped at Can's side and gave her a glare.

"Oh crap Can got busted cheating" Tin instantly recognized Can's team captain but his issue right now was the blushing May.

"Captain don't say unnecessary things" Can snapped at him and the group that had taken joy in watching Can and the mysterious girl, turning back Can could see that Tin was ready to murder and May was growing upset.

Taking a step towards her Tin kept his voice low but deep "why are you here May? Why are you asking my boyfriend for his number?" Tin could tell his jealousy was getting the better of him but he wasn't willing to back down.

Taking a step back May straightened up her shoulders and gave Tin a leveling look "because I like him" Can stood in shocked silence at her declaration while his friends whistled and cheered her on.

"He is already dating someone" Tin snapped and threw a glare over his shoulder causing Can's friends to stop their noise making.

"Doesn't mean he can't be stolen away" May said squaring off with Tin whose response was all action, he took the box she had given Can out of his hands threw it in the trash then grabbed Can's wrist and dragged him away to the shock of all but Good and May.

"Tin why did you do that?" Can asked as he was being dragged further and further away from the canteen.

Turning to face him Tin's face was twisted with anger "why? Because I messed with your chances with her"

Can pulled his wrist out of Tin's hold and grabbed his cheeks between his hands "you threw away perfectly good food" Can looked serious delaying Tin's absorption of Can's words but once he had he wanted to laugh.

"Your problem is the food?" Tin asked seeing Can's face slowly moving into a pout.

Can squished Tin's cheeks with the palm of his hands "I'm hungry Tin and that food had looked delicious"

Tin pressed a quick kiss to Can's lips before beginning to drag him again but this time he had a destination, a nearby cafe where he could feed his wonderful boyfriend.


As the week wore on Can found that more and more people he didn't know were adding him to Facebook and even though he had chosen to ignore them or just outright rejecting the requests he was also receiving private messages. They were either pictures of Tin when he was younger with his arm around different people. He had rolled his eyes because what did it matter it was before he knew Tin and he already knew about Tin's past, Tin had told him himself. Or they had been messages telling him how he didn't stand a chance compared to Pete. Those were the ones that hurt because he knew how close they were and he knew that Tin had asked Pete out one time; Tin had insisted that it wasn't like that but it was hard for Can to let it go.

On Friday night Can found himself spending his time at Tin's, it wasn't hard for Tin to get him to agree to spend the night. All Tin needed to do was give Can the soft but mischievous smile and Can's heart would thump so hard he would agree to anything Tin asked.

They hadn't been in Tin's room long when all of a sudden they were naked having ripped at each other’s clothes and Can was bent over Tin's desk. Can's nails scrapped at the table top as Tin's tongue pushed in stretching him with the hot wet strong mussel, venturing forward Tin and slipped in a finger to join his probing tongue when he heard Can gasp out "I'm going to cum". Tin reached between Can's legs giving a few firm tugs to Can's twitching length making him spill on the floor. Tin stood grabbing some lubricant he rubbed it over his own hard cock and after adjusting Can's legs Tin slipped it in between his pressed thighs rub against Tin's length. Tin's hard hip thrusts had Can's thighs hitting against the edge of the desk, trying to ease himself away from the desk he pushed back against Tin adding the last bit of stimulation that sent him over the edge. Can could feel Tin's hot cum running down his legs and he couldn't help but thrill in the sensation knowing that he had done that to Tin.


As Can laid with his head resting on Tin's chest with Tin running his hand soothingly up and down Can's back Can's mind wondered back to the messages that had been making it harder and harder for him to even want to pick up his phone. Which had been a two pronged spike as it meant Can hadn't been able to play his games, needing to do something with his idle hands Can started drawing patterns on Tin's chest enjoying the way he flinched when he ventured to close to his ribs. He especially enjoyed the way Tin's breath hitched when he scrapped a nail across a nipple, Can was just ghosting his hand along Tin's stomach and down past the hips when Tin's phone chimed out his ring tone freezing Can's questing.

"Hey Pete what's up?" Tin's voice rang out with a happy lit as he pulled himself out from under Can and slipped into a dressing gown. Can's stomach churned as he watched the way Tin smiled at whatever Pete was saying, the heat in the sheets from Tin's body slowly seeped out with his absence. Can felt like a ball had caught in his throat when Tin's head threw back and his laughter carried over, Can tried to swallow the lump down but with each attempt he felt closer and closer to tears. Scared that Tin would be able to read him straight away Can rushed out of bed and locked himself in the bathroom, worried that Tin would try to find him before he was ready to face him Can turned on the shower and threw himself under the freezing cold spray. After some adjustment to the temperature Can crouched down and worked on getting his emotions under control.

Out of the corner of his eye Tin had seen Can disappear, quickly getting Pete off the phone Tin made his way to the door only to find it locked. His panic growing Tin had raised a fist the bang on the door when he heard the shower turn on, choosing to believe that Can had just wanted to get clean Tin sat leaning against the wall next to the door keeping an ear out for the water to shut off. It was more the half an hour when Can finally made an appearance, the moment he saw Can's face looking down on him Tin knew that it was something more than the need to get clean. Climbing to his feet Tin grabbed Can's hand and pulled him towards the bed and in under the blankets. Once they were settled in with Tin hugging Can to his front as they lay on their sides facing each other Tin waited for Can to say what it was. It took Tin cradling his face and running his thumb across his cheek before Can finally said the words that had lodged in his throat and made it hard to swallow "how do I compare to Pete?"

"You don't" Tin had quickly replied making Can feel like his throat had been cut "there is no way to compare you two, you are completely different people who mean completely different things to me". Feeling Tin's hold tighten Can let himself hope that it meant Tin truly cared for him but Can couldn't bring himself to ask. Can couldn't bring himself to ask Tin how he actually felt about him, because what if he was just attracted to him physically? His heart would be crushed. Accepting the words he was given Can pressed in against Tin and pushed himself to sleep, that night Can had a restless sleep filled with constant images of Tin leaving him for a faceless figure that no matter how Can looked at it was so reminiscent of kind, gentle Pete. Can had sat bolt upright just before Tin's alarm was set to go off and wiped a tear off his cheek before Tin begun to stir.

Can wanted to cry out when he remembered that he was accompanying Tin to another frustrating function and Can couldn't help but wonder if rich people had anything better to do then contently go to event and functions all the time. He also understood why Tin would want to bring someone to make the functions more bearable. Can got through the day almost completely robotically, he only started being himself again when Tin's nerves had become so frazzled by Can's lack of personality that he had pulled the boy back onto the bed and put on a nature documentary. It took all of ten minutes for Can the brighten back up, seeing the up take in Can's behavior Tin begun to relax.


The sight of Can in a suit was something Tin had enjoyed the first time he had Can try one on, the boy had the perfect form for the cut of an average suit. So having him now next to him body hugged by a well-chosen jacket Tin's eyes kept wondering to his happy boyfriend. When Tin pulled into a parking spot Can had both their seat belts unbuckled and he was straddling Tin's lap before Tin had even put the parking brake on.

"Do we really need to go in?" Can said through his kiss swollen lips as Tin tried to work out how Can had moved so fast but with his boyfriends hands in his hair and body pressed against his he really didn't care.

"Unfortunately yes, I told Pete we could make it and I'm not going to let him down" Tin said as a small crease formed in his brow.

Can rolled his hips and revelling in the way Tin sucked in his breath "I'm sure Pete would understand"

"No Cantaloupe" Tin snipped pushing him back over into his seat, Can instantly felt the churning in his stomach from the night before return "I'm not abandoning Pete" Can watched as Tin climbed out of the car and stood by waiting for him to follow with a slight frown on his face.

When they had gotten inside Can told Tin he was going to find the bathroom and immediately walked off without waiting for a response from his slightly confused boyfriend. After splashing his face with some water and making sure his was presentable after the way Tin had been gripping and pulling at him in the car and feeling more level headed and less emotionally turbulent Can headed back out to find his boyfriend. When he did spot Tin he was already with Pete happily chatting and smiling together "they look so great together" Can heard someone to his right say but chose to ignore it because he already knew they looked good together when the next comment stung his chest.

"I know what you mean, when I had heard Tin was dating a guy I was sure it would be Pete. They had always been so close, it wouldn't have surprised anyone if they got together" Can looked over at Pete and Tin again this time seeing the way Pete tapped Tin's arm as something was said between the two.

"Have you seen the one that Tin is with, I don't get it and I heard he is from some middle income family" Can fists clenched at the mention of his family.

"It won’t last" was the last thing Can heard from them as he moved past them and up to Tin's side ignoring the return of his churning stomach.

Tin's arm immediately found his way around Can's waist putting a smile on Can's face as his stomach instantly calmed down, he accepted the drink Tin offered him. Seeing Can Pete put on a pout "it's not fair Tin, you flaunting your boyfriend and I can't get Ae to agree to come no matter what I do" Pete said with a blush remembering some of the more salacious things he had offered to do and ended up doing anyway all for Ae to still refuse to come.

"I can just tell Ae I saw someone hitting on you at tonight's function, I'm sure that will make him come to the next" Can said wishing Ae was here so that he wouldn't be the only odd one out.

Pete's eyes lit up and he clapped his hands together in front of him "oh Can that would be great"

"And not that far from the truth, everyone here seems to think you and Tin would be perfect together" Pete and Tin looked at each other at Can's words.

"I'm not going to lie that would just be weird" Pete said as Tin nodded his agreement.


After a few drinks and pleasant conversation Tin and Pete left Can by the bar as the went to say hello to Pete's mother who had just arrived. Can watched Tin's back as he walked away to greet Pete's mum as he tried to work out the extent of his feeling for Tin. At best he knew the warm and fuzzy feelings made him smile. Can watched with a small contented sigh when he saw the relaxed smile Tin used for people he cared for when he was flanked by two girls wearing dresses that left far too little to the imagination and far too much perfume. Looking at them Can thought that he recognized them but couldn't quite remember how when one of them rested her hand on Can’s arm as she lent in like she was going to whisper something but kept her tone normal “It must be hard for you, being Tin’s boyfriend and watching him with Pete”

Looking down at the offending hand then up to the smirk on her face that was hiding something more behind it, Can put on his mask of indifference that Tin had shown him how to do “no they’re best friends”

“Only because that is all Pete would give him” the other girl chimed in from Can’s other side and the churning returned with a wave of panic that Can desperately tried to keep off his face.

“You will only ever be runner up to his true love” the first girl said like a verbal punch in the gut before they walked off leaving Can to watch Tin. Watch the way he talked to Pete and gave gentle reassuring touches to the gentle looking boy. It wasn't the first time Can had seen it but with Pete and Ae being happy together he had dismissed it as his insecurities; but it would make sense, they came from the same world and understood each other in a way that Can never could.

Feeling the ball in his throat again and the sting of tears behind his eyes Can ran for the bathroom before his stomach decided to try and escape out of his mouth. Can hadn’t finished throwing up when he heard the last person he wanted to deal with right at that moment “Can are you okay?” Tin knew it was a stupid question but he didn’t know what else to do. Hearing Can heave again Tin started to panic “Pete can you get him a glass of water”

Can felt a ball of rage instantly build inside him, the only why having Tin there could have possibly been worse was with the presents of Pete and Tin had done it. He had brought along the person he loves so that they could watch the pathetic excuse for a person that loves him throw his guts up as anger, rage and despair ripped through him. The realization that the depth of his feeling for Tin was love didn't go unnoticed but at that very moment it was Clouded over by everything else. Can could feel a sob ripping at his throat but he knew the moment he let it out it would be followed by more so he choked it down and anything else that threatened to come up. Feeling like he had gotten some semblance of control over himself Can got off the floor wiped his face and flushed the toilet as he threw open the stall door. "I think I eat something bad, I'm going to get a taxi home" Can felt proud that he had sounded normal but the moment Pete walked back in with a glass of water in his hand the rage flared up again but looking at Pete with his sweet smile and kind eyes Can's rage crumbled. As a wave of pure sadness rolled over him Can skirted around Pete "why did it have to be you" he said so quietly that he was sure Pete didn't hear it as the first tear broke free.


Sitting in the back of the taxi Can rolled into a ball as he let the tears flow freely, he didn't know how it had happened but he had fallen in love with Tin and now he had to work out how not to be.

Watching Can climb into the taxi Tin could tell there was something wrong; something massively wrong. Storming back into the hall Tin found Pete talking to some very sheepish looking girls that Tin instantly recognized as friends of Daisy, crossing the room people were scrambling to get out of his way when they saw the anger on his face. "What did you fucking do!" Tin yelled almost at the top of his lungs drawing the attention of the whole room.

"We thought it would be a harmless prank, we didn't know that you and him were that close" one of the quivering girls said as she shrunk under Tin's intensely ferocious stare.

"Well it obviously wasn't fucking harmless, now what did you say to him?" Tin's volume had dropped a little but the room was as silent as the grave and his voice with all its anger carried across everyone.

"We told him that you were really in love with Pete and that the only reason you and Pete weren't together is because Pete turned you down" the second girl's voice had been so small that Tin thought he might have heard them wrong.

Taking a step towards them Tin dropped his voice so only they would hear "this is the last time I ever want to see your faces, if you so much as turn up in my social media feeds I will make your lives a living hell"

Tin turned to leave but came face to face with his mother and father "enough Tin, we sat quietly by and let you get it out of your system but this scene you have created is taking it too far"

Tin felt a bubble of laughter escape him "sat quietly by? You tried to pay him off to leave me, how the hell is that sitting quietly by?" Tin stepped around them to continue his path towards the exit but stopped turning back to face them Tin rolled his shoulders as he looked his father dead in the eye "next time don't underestimate the man I love" he bit out before he finally left.


When Can got home he pulled and yanked at his suit until it came off not caring the he broke some of the buttons as he went. Twisting at the knobs Can made sure the shower was hot before he stepped in under the spray trying to clean off the feel of Tin on his skin. Leaning against the tiled wall Can let gravity drag him to the ground as the hot water pelted against his skin feeling like little rocks. He felt so stupid giving so much of himself to Tin as his father’s words came back to him "Cantaloupe if you think Tin is the one you have to talk to him about it. This friend of his may be no more to him then Good is to you and you will have held back and worried for nothing. It might not be easy but the greatest things in life never come easy" Can rocked himself as he tried to calm down. He had meant to talk to Tin but before he had gotten the chance so much had happened, so many feeling were felt.

Shaky but ultimately fine Can finally climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself when he heard a muffled but obviously heated conversation before the bathroom door was thrown open. Tin stepped into the steam filled room and slammed the door shut leaning his weight against it to keep it shut "Can what they said isn't true. I have never had feelings for Pete that were beyond friendship" Can blinked at Tin not believing that he was actually right in front of him. At his continued silence Tin panicked "please Cantaloupe I can't lose you"

"Why?" Can finally said as his mind and tongue kicked in "why do you care if I'm not there, because we do things, look at yourself Tin if you want to do things with another guy you could easily get one"

"I don't just want anyone Can, I want you" Tin snapped angry at Can's words "I have since we first met, I didn't know it at first with us fighting all the time but I have loved you for a while now" Tin yelled out unable to hold his tongue "the day you agreed to be my boyfriend, my actual boyfriend is one of the happiest days of my life"

"But you told me yourself that you can't compare Pete and me" Can said still confused as everything still wasn't lining up for him.

"That's because in my heart you are the standard, others don't compare to you" Tin finally moved away from the door to pull Can towards him and into his chest. The water clinging to Can's body begun soaking into Tin suit while the boys clung to each other Tin burring his face in to Can's wet hair. Feeling the slight trembling leave Can's body Tin pulled back slightly cradled Can's cheek guiding him to look up into Tin's eyes "I love you Can" Tin whispered before bending in and pressing his lips to Can's.


The sound of muffled talking subsided and having seen the sate the two boys had been in worry took over Oak's actions, pushing open the door Oak watched as the two boys jumped apart looking shocked and embarrassed. Grabbing the back of Tin's collar Oak dragged the boy out of the room and away from Can "get dressed Can then come down stairs to talk" Oak said while Tin quietly let himself be dragged away as he kept his eyes fixed on Can until they had walked around a corner.

It didn't take long for Can to get dressed and to join them but as a result his thin pajamas clung to his body where he didn't quite dry himself properly. Tin's eyes were easily distracted by the cling of Can's shirt around his navel, seeing the look in Tin's eyes a smirk pulled at the corner of Can's lips but was dropped the moment Oak coughed to get their attention.

The conversation with Oak had been uncomfortable and on more than one occasion Can had to stop his dad from talking for fear of everyone dying of either embarrassment or acute discomfort. But by the end of it Tin was sure of two things, one Can's parents happily accepted their relationship and two Oak had no clue how far into their relationship Tin and Can were. But in spite of the embarrassing and awkward moments Tin was happy because he had got to tell Can his true feelings, the only thing he needed now was to know Can's. Oak smirked as Can walked Tin out to his car clearly seeing that the boys wanted the stay together but neither one was willing to voice it.

When Tin and Can reached the car Can felt himself getting pressed into the side of it "you never responded to my confession" Tin breathed into his ear before giving it a nip.

Can shivered at Tin's hot breath against his ear and neck. Wrapping his arms around Tin's neck Can gave Tin a nervous smile "I love you Tin, with everything I have I love you"

Chapter Text

Can spent a blissful week playing games on his phone now that the stream of messages had stopped coming in. Which only happened after he had decided not to hide it and admitted to Tin about all the private messages he had been receiving, Tin's solution was to help him respond to every single one. For each photo he had been sent they re-enacted them sending the updated version to the sender. For each of the messages telling Can he would never stand a chance compared to Pete they sent a group photo of Tin hugging Can and Pete getting hugged by his boyfriend Ae with a gap in between the two couples. It even seemed like for now Tin's parents were willing to leave well enough alone and let the boys enjoy some happiness for a while. But Tin not being willing to chance their strained if not temporary acceptance had begun looking for an apartment.

"What are you doing?" Pete asked looking over Tin's shoulder as their class began to wrap up for lunch.

Flicking past apartments that don't allow pets and any that where too far from the school Tin was finding it harder than he thought to find a place that he liked "looking for an apartment"

"What's wrong with that one?" Pete said pointing at a random but very luxurious looking apartment.

"That whole building had a no pet policy" Tin said with a small sneer.

Pete easily guessed that Can must have a pet because he knew Tin didn't, but not wanting to pass up an opportunity to tease his best friend Pete smirked as he looked at Tin "I don't think furries count as pets"

"You would know" Tin was quick to quip making the smirk drop from Pete's face "Can has a dog and as the boys come as a package deal I need a place that will allow us to house our fluffy mess"

"Okay, just so you know I'm never going to let 'our fluffy mess' go, in fact Fluffy Mess is now your name in my contact list. But are you telling me that even though this place is perfect you won’t look at it because it has a no pet policy" Pete said pointing at an amazing looking apartment on Tin's phone.

"The fact that it doesn't allow for pets means it isn't perfect" Tin said slapping Pete's hand away "if you are going to be nosy you could always help me look"

Pete sat back in his seat "there is an apartment a couple of floors above mine that is available, they will even allow you to house your fluffy mess" Pete said a bit teasing and a bit smug as he put air quotes on “fluffy mess”.

"Really? Sounds great" Tin said already building hope that it would be the answer to his apartment problem.

"Yeah but it's a three bedroom place so it's going to be expensive" Tin gave Pete a look to remind him who they were "yeah you're right, I'm dumb" Pete's flat tone delivery put a smile on Tin's face

"That Thai Program boy of yours has gotten to you" Tin said gathering his stuff to head to lunch.

"You're one to talk....fluffy mess" Pete teased giving Tin's shoulder a slight shove.


Later that afternoon Tin and Pete walked around the empty apartment two floors up for Pete's place. Tin looked over everything with a critical eye trying to decide if it was right for him, Can and Gucci. He had just looked over the third bedroom which Tin thought at best could be considered a study and wondered if Can would be annoyed if Tin gave Gucci his own room.

Tin was standing in the bathroom his eyes locked on looking at the shower but his eyes had slipped out of focus as he begun to imagine Can standing under the water as it clung to his him and ran down his body. Lost in his own happily wet Can world Pete's voice snapped Tin out of his fantasies and confused him "how did Can take the news that you were getting an apartment?”

"What do you mean?" Tin tilted his head as he tried to think of what Pete could possibly mean.

"You're ultimately getting this place for the both of you, have you asked his opinion?" Pete asked with a raised brow and an amused smirk "I got Ae's opinion when I was looking"

"Do you think I should?" Tin looked like a lost kid not sure if he was taking the right steps in this world making Pete almost choke on his words.

"Bring him tomorrow after school, he might not have an opinion on this place but the fact that you asked for one will go a long way" Tin nodded his agreement not willing to tell Pete (especially considering Pete had already changed Tin's contact name in his phone to Fluffy Mess) that he already had his heart set on making this place his home.


The following day Tin had told Can at lunch about his plans to get an apartment, whatever reaction Tin had been expecting it wasn't the one he got. Stealing piece of chicken off Tin's plate Can smiled brightly at the news "what kind of place are you looking for?

"One that you and Gucci can visit" Pete held in his laugh at the way Tin mumbled out his words afraid of Can's reaction. There was no end of the amusement that Pete got from watching Tin be tentative around Can.

Can's smile faded a touch as he looked at Tin holding off saying anything until his emotions stopped and he could decide how he felt about it. Because even though he felt annoyed, concerned, thankful and happy; over it all an overwhelming affection for his boyfriends was the strongest. "Can is everything alr-"

Tin's words were cut off as Can threw himself into Tin's lap and his tongue into Tin's mouth. Tin responded right away his hands on Can's back drawing Can's chest to his as he returned as good as he got neither boy willing to back down. Even when Pete had dumped a cup of water on them, they pulled apart enough to wipe the excess of their faces. Can pushed back Tin's hair and dived in again, it took Ae physically dragging Can off Tin for the boys to break apart.

Watching Ae and Can walk out of the canteen to head to their afternoon classes a very wet Tin looked at Pete "do you think he is okay with me getting an apartment?" Pete smacked the back of Tin's head getting a wet hand in the process.


"What the hell is wrong with you" Ae said still dragging Can by the collar towards their faculties "you two will get arrested for public indecency if you keep that shit up”

Can seemed to fidget a bit and looking at him Ae could see his face was dusted with a light pink "I think I want to sleep with Tin" Can burst out as his face quickly became red.

Coming to a standstill Ae said the first words that came to mind "wait, you guys aren't sleeping together?" Ae looked at Can confused "I thought you two would have....." Ae wasn't sure what he thought now that he had this new information.

"Well" Can started rubbing the fingers of his hands through each other "we have done somethings but we haven't gone all the way" Can couldn't look at Ae's face anymore so he locked his eyes on his shoes "Tin left it to me to choose when we take each step, I've just never felt ready before now". At the silence hanging in the air Can looked up to see Ae with a dumbfounded look on his face "what, have you got a problem with our relationship?"

"No" Ae yelped his hands rising in mock surrender "no, I have just been underestimating Tin and really not giving him enough credit" Ae said slowly starting to move again while he still seemed a little lost in thought. Almost at the Sports Science building Ae finally land on what he wanted to ask "what made you decide that now was the right time?"

"Moving out on your own is a massive life decision Ae and Tin has been think about and making sure I fit into that life. If that doesn't show his love and sincerity towards me I don't know what could" Can's face and tone was more serious then Ae had thought possible for the usually hyperactive guy. Ae couldn't do more than smile and nod before running of towards the Engineering building before he was late for his own class.


That afternoon Can followed Tin into the apartment, the building manager letting them go on their own as Tin had been up only the day before and he was busy dealing with other matters. Tin watched as Can took the lead looking around excitedly at the new space and all Tin hoped was that Can didn't think it was too big. He had felt his love deepen for Can when Can had told his mother that he like a home where ‘love wasn't stretched thin over vast floor space’. The idea of being in a small warm welcoming home with Can had become his dream. When Can opened the smallest bedroom door Tin quickly joined his side so that both of them were looking at the space "what is the chance of you letting me use this as Gucci's room?"

Can pivoted on the spot turning his whole body completely to face Tin "that is one of the most over indulgent things I have ever head of" Tin's shoulders dropped at Can's rejection "it is absolutely stupid crazy and I love it. Gucci should have his own room, I'm upset he hasn't had one until now" Can jumped on the surprised Tin pressing a hard kiss to his lips "did you want to show me our bedroom?"

Tin walked Can backward as he continued to press kisses to his lips as they stumbled and laughed their way across the apartment. When Tin pushed open the door Can threw a glance over his shoulder to see a large empty space that would easily fit Tin's bed, a desk and still have space. "There is a bathroom behind that door and a walk in wardrobe behind that one" Can looked at where Tin pointed and almost like a cartoon Tin could swear that where Can had been was now just a dust outline of him and the solid form was at the door to the walk in robe.

"Tin this is insane, we are going to have to get more clothes just to fill it" Can joked as he hung from the coat rail.

"Come check out the bathroom" Tin encouraged worried about the rail being able to support Can's weight.

Can excitedly moved into the big open space "the shower is big enough for two, I approve" then looking at the large bath tub Can shot Tin a mischievous look "ever had sex in a bathtub"

"Not yet" Tin smirked turning to head back into the bedroom needing to put space between him and Can for fear of not being able to hold himself back. As Tin leaned against the bedroom doorway something Can had said sunk in "OUR BEDROOM!!!" Tin yelled sounding a bit panicked drawing Can out of the bathroom.

"What, what's wrong with it?" Can said looking around the room trying to spot the problem but it looked just the same as before only with a panicked Tin standing in the doorway "what is it, what happened?"

"You said our bedroom" Tin stepped towards Can "ours, as in yours and mine, ours" Tin stopped right in front of his boyfriend who had moved from a ready to fight pose into a stiff statue.

"I'm sorry" Can's voice became unsure as his eyes darted around the space "it's yours, I didn't me-"

"Stop" Tin pressed a quick kiss to Can's lips "it is ours, I was hoping it would be ours but I didn't think you would want to move in and I was too scared to ask if you would"

"You have to stop being scared to ask me things. There isn’t a lot of things in this world I would deny you" Can slipped his hands around to Tin's back hugging to his front as he slipped his hands up the back of Tin's shirt running his hands across his heated skin.

"Can, will you move in here with me?" Tin said as a shiver ran through him as Can started drawing circles on his back.

"Try and stop me"


Before leaving the apartment building Tin settled all the paperwork and payment details with the building manager who seemed a little weary of letting two young boys take the apartment until he saw Tin's last name. Rolling his eyes at the complete attitude change in the older man Tin looked over to see Can bouncing on the balls of his feet "what are you doing?"

"Working on getting rid of my nervous energy" Can said like it was obvious but at seeing Tin's blank face Can explained "I have to run it by my mum and dad that I am going to move in with you. I have already had to sit through two embarrassing conversations with my dad because of you I'm not looking forward to a third"

"Third?" Tin questioned because he only remembered one but Can was quick on his feet and we outside by the car while Tin had to finish with the lease agreement.



Having chickened out of telling his parents the previous night that he was moving out Can sheepishly followed Tin around the furniture store the not sure if he had the right to give his opinion on the items. Tin wasn't worried about Can telling his parents because if Can didn't do it he was going to, so seeing the normally loud active boy walking around with his invisible tail down Tin decided to try and pull him out of it. "What do you think of this couch?" Tin asked over his shoulder at Can who looked up at him with big eyes.

"This is a great choice, sturdy and straight forward design and comes in a range of colors" the overly happy sales person said as she watched Tin with a keen eye.

Can looked at the couch and then up at Tin's face then at the couch again "you hate it, why bother asking for my opinion?" Can lent to the side to look around Tin and the sales girl, spotting two couches that while sat next to each other didn't look like they belonged together. One was a deep blue that looked soft and over stuffed while the other was an earthy brown leather with a straight and neat design. "The one over their looks more to your taste" Can said jutting his chin towards the brown couch.

Looking over Tin could instantly tell which one Can was talking about but Can had been wrong, since he developed his crush on the sad puppy of a boy Tin's tastes in many things had changed. Striding over Tin had made it seem like he was heading for the brown couch but as he got close he turned to Can grabbed the surprised boy turned him around and pulled him into a hug. With Can's back pressed to his chest Tin took the last step back and fell backwards into the blue over stuffed couch taking Can with him. Can had been too sunned to speak or even make a sound, a shiver moved through his body when a felt Tin's breath on his neck "you're right this is far more to my taste" Tin said against Can's neck before lifting his head to the sales girl whose eyes were wide with shock "we will take this one".

Can tried to wriggle out of Tin's hold but the arms around his waist just tightened their hold until Can gave in and relaxed against his warm boyfriend. Letting out a large sigh Can turned a bit so that he could look back at Tin "how am I going to tell my parents?" Can's voice sounded worried and if Tin wasn't mistaken there was a little whine in their as well.

"With me holding your hand and refusing to let go until they agree to it" Tin answered in a straight forward manner that had Can's heart swell and melt.

"Let’s go find our new bed" Can said pushing out of Tin's lose hold and running off towards the bed section, Tin let out a small laugh as he watched Can's invisible tail perk up and wag like crazy.

It had taken the whole day but by the end of it Tin and Can had everything they would need picked out, ordered and delivery arranged. With some time lift before Can would need to return home the boys had decided to wonder around the shopping center together. Tin laughed at the way Can stared lovingly at a pair of football boots on display as he stroked the window they were safely in cased behind. Can ended up dragging Tin away from the shop to stop him from going in to buy them for him. Walking past an ice cream stand Can ordered a cone with two scoops and walked away with his goods dragging a frowning Tin "but I wanted one" Tin said with a pout that Can knew he only used with him.

"I ordered the coffee scoop for you" Can said holding the cone in front of Tin’s quickly growing smile. Wrapping his arm around his slightly blushing boyfriend Tin lent in running his tongue along the soft creamy treat.

"CAN!!!" hearing the name yelled the boys broke apart looking for the source of the cry. The search didn't take long when May rushed to Can's side grabbing onto Can's arm as a small group of girls Tin didn't recognize followed closely behind.

"So this is the guy that saved you from the creep?" one of the girls asked giving Can a cursory glance before raking her eyes over Tin.

"Yes, isn't he dashing" May's sweet smile was coupled with a tightening grip.

Stepping in front of Can Tin gave a wicked smile "I certainly think so" Tin voice had been smooth as he bent forward to take another lick of their ice cream. Without breaking eye contact Can raised the ice cream to his own mouth to lick along the path made by Tin's hot tongue. "So what are you girls doing here?" Tin asked as his attention moved to the group.

Feeling an anger grow in him at the shift of Tin's attention Can let out a low growl that Tin reveled in but didn't show any sign that he had heard it. Can tried to take a step towards his boyfriend who was giving his smiles to just anyone when he felt himself anchored to the spot. Looking at May Can wanted to push her off but he didn't want to be mean "that guy hasn't bothered you again has he?" Can asked trying to distract himself from Tin who he saw let himself get dragged into the center of the group.

"No, he even sent me an apology letter. Though I don't think it was sincere" May looked up at Can batting her eyes "you really need to let me give you a proper thank you" May's words and suggestive tone landed on deaf ears when Tin's laugh traveled over to Can whose last shred of control evaporated.

"Take this" Can's words where forced as he shoved the ice cream at May making her take it or risk getting it on her clothes. Now free of her hold Can stormed up to Tin turned him around and pressed a hard kiss to his lips, feeling his boyfriend melt in his hands Can pushed his tongue into Tin's mouth pulling a moan out of the slightly taller boy before he relented his attack. Looking into Tin's dazed eyes Can grabbed the front of his shirt "we are going home" Can growled before turning and dragging the brightly smiling Tin through the center and towards his car.


That night after a very amorous make out session in the back of Tin’s car the boys were sat at the Kirakorn dinner table Tin’s smile from Can's jealousy still on his face even though Can was nervously playing with his hand under the table while his food lay untouched. Lemon lent in towards Can and poked him in the cheek causing Can to jump in surprise "nothing! I haven't done anything" everyone turned a suspicious eye on Can, even Tin who knew why Can's nerves where so frazzled.

"Right" Apple said dragging out the word as she pushed some food around her plate waiting for the boys to make some announcement.

Oak not able to take the fast building tension put his utensils down "are you failing a class?"

"What!" Can's head snapped up "No, well maybe, I'm not really sure" scrubbing at the back of his head with his knuckles Can let out a small frustrated noise.

"What? Why didn't you tell me you were failing a class, I could have helped you study" Tin snipped at Can pulling his hand away so that he could turn his body and full attention to the situation.

"I don't think that is really the important matter right now" Can said a frown creasing his brow as his voice began to raise.

"I'm making it an important matter right now because you can't expect your parents to let you live with me if they can’t trust you to apply yourself to your studies" Tin snapped back voice raising just as much as the family sat stunned at both the implication that the boys wanted to live together and the fact that Tin was chastising their son about his studies.

"That has nothing to do with -" the family watched as Can stopped mid-sentence, his shoulders dropping in defeat all because of Tin's scolding look "you're right, I'm sorry" Can said in such a small voice that they all struggled to hear it. Can was exhausted from the worry he had been feeling since yesterday and even though he had managed a push it down during the day it had still been there pulling at him and wearing on him, only becoming magnified once everyone was at the table for dinner.

"So I guess we are discussing you two moving in together" Apple said having expected the boys to confirm what the family already knew, that they were dating. She had no clue that they had gotten to a stage of moving in together. At Can's sedate nod Apple continued "are you sure this is something you want to do, how well do you two really know each other?"

"Well enough to know that I am never going to let him go" Tin's voice carried so much honesty that no one was willing to refute his claim.

"And what is your plan if we are against it?" Oak asked more out of curiosity then an actual desire to stop them.

Can straightened himself up as he looked at his parents "asking you is more of a courtesy then an actual request. I love Tin, so Gucci and I are going to move in with him" despite Can's calm face Tin could feel him shaking next to him as he watch to see how his parent's would react.

"No" Apple flatly refused and raised a hand to stop Can's protest when he pushed to his feet in anger "Gucci needs a lot of space to run so he will be staying here, he can have sleep overs but he has spent too much of his life with a yard to play in to have that taken away from him now"

Tin and Can sat in dead silence simply blinking at Apple who was now calmly eating her dinner like it was any other day. Lemon stared at the boyfriends with wide eyes "Hey Can, can I have your room?"


By the end of the following week Can was relaxing on his brand new freshly made bed listening to the sounds of Tin going through his cleaning routine. Hearing the shower shut off Can sat up pushing himself against the bed head his eyes focused on the open bathroom door. Thinking about the way a naked wet Tin would look Can felt himself get hard, with a heavy breath Can rubbed himself through his pajama pants. Hearing the rustling of material Can pushed himself off the bed, stripped his shirt off and stopped in the bathroom doorway. Can bit his lip at seeing Tin's body move as he rubbed a towel through his hair "Tin" Can's voice was heavy with lust and when Tin turned to look Can’s way he found his boyfriend half naked and tenting his pants. Crossing the room in easy strides Tin picked Can up and slammed him onto the mattress. Tin sunk his teeth into Can's shoulder enjoying the hiss from the boy wriggling underneath him. "Tin....Tin" Can said on a hiss as he pushed Tin back a little "I want to do it, I want to go all the way" Can hid his blushing face behind his hands not able to stand the hungry look in Tin's eyes.

"You want to do it but you can't say it" Tin teased loving the sulky whine from Can as Tin liked a path up his neck.

Can rolled his hips up grinding against his mischievous boyfriend "are you going to make me say it?"

"Well how will I know it’s what you want" Tin continued to tease as he slipped his hand into Can's pants cupping Can's hard cock "if you don't say it"

Can felt Tin's hand travel past his balls and lightly rub against the tight mussels of his asshole "FINE" Can yelled as the frustration grew in him along with the itch to be touched that Tin was refusing scratch. Can used all his strength to push Tin sideways and onto the bed as he rolled on top on him "I want to sleep with you Tin, I want to have sex with you. I want you so deep in me that I will feel you for days" Can growled down at the heavily panting Tin.

Leaning up Tin grabbed Can's ass giving it a hard squeeze "how are you the hottest thing I have ever met" Tin ran his tongue along Can's stomach "get your pants off". Hearing the rumble in Tin's tone Can jumped off the bed stripping his pants off while Tin moved to the bedside table to pull out lubricant and condoms. A very naked, very hard Can walked up behind Tin sliding his hands along Tin's waist and yanking the towel off him "if you wanted me naked you should have said so"

Tin had Can face down, ass in the air and was stretching him open with a practiced ease. As he started working in the third finger, for the first time since they had started sexually exploring each other, he heard a hitch in Can's breath "are you able to handle it?" Tin asked as Can's body gave a harsh tremble.

"Yeah" Can breathed groaned into the bedding as he pushed back on Tin's hand "more" the word came out on a lust filled growl that snapped the last of Tin's reserve.

Pulling his fingers out of Can Tin slipped a condom and lubricant on "can you turn over for me baby?" Tin asked lightly guiding him onto his back. With his boyfriends legs over his shoulders Tin lined himself up with the wet opening and moved in slowly, pausing halfway when Can's face scrunched and his legs pushed against Tin's shoulders "is it too much?"

"No, just give me a sec" Can got out on a heavy breath as he tried to get his body to relax. Seeing that Can's erection had gone down a bit Tin took a firm hold of Can's cock as he kissed up and down Can's legs as far as he could reach without moving inside him.

Once he felt ready Can give Tin a nod and hum encouraging him to continue, lean forward almost bending Can in half Tin pressed a kiss to the quivering boys lips as he sunk into the base stopping his movements to let Can breathe through it. Taking Can's hand Tin guided it down to his abused hole "I'm all the way in, we are completely connected"

Swallowing thickly Can let his fingers splay either side of Tin's cock feeling where it disappeared into him "finally" Can said with a smile as he ran that hand up to his own cock squeezing at the base before stroking up and down it. "Please Tin, I need you to move" pulling out and pushing back in slowly Tin watched as Can's hand twitched tighter around his own cock refocusing the pain until something in him gave "deeper" Can breathed desperate to feel all of Tin. With a slight adjustment Tin was moving freely hitting the bundle of nerves Can had gotten use to experiencing but it hadn’t been to this intensity before. Hearing Can's breath becoming erratic like his hand movements along his cock Tin knocked Can's hand away replacing it with his own stroking in time with his hip thrusts. Hands fisted in the sheets Can felt a buildup inside him that was the same yet different to his other orgasms, letting the sensations roll over him Can legs pushed off Tin's shoulders as his back arched making his cum shoot up his chest and onto the bed. Seeing the beautiful display and feeling the tightening of Can's walls Tin couldn't hold himself back spilling into the condom.

Both boys sated they had barely gotten themselves cleaned off before they fell asleep in a tangle of limbs.

Chapter Text

Tin had tried to get Can to stay home the next day but the hyperactive boy couldn't be persuaded to take it off. So Tin had to watch his boyfriend walk off to class and Tin could swear that Can got hotter with every step of distance he put between them.

Walking into his own class Tin found Pete frantically finishing his homework "I think the idea of it is that you do that at home"

"Gee thanks for the revelation" Pete snipped as he continued to write not appreciating Tin’s sarcasm in his time of stress.

"That's wrong" Tin said pointing at an earlier question "and so it that one" seeing the frustration that he was causing to build in his friend Tin took the pen out of his hand and the sheet away.

"What are you doing?" Pete tried to take it back but seeing Tin fly through the sheet stilled his hand "thank you" Tin just gave Pete a tight nod while he worked on the sheet. "You seem to be in a good mood" Pete saw a smile pull at the corner of Tin's lips "did you get lucky last night?"

Turning to Pete he handed over the completed sheet with a broad smile "I’m lucky every night, I have Can by my side"

Pete's laughter rung out through the room "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Pete said trying to get his laughter under control "you went from brutal Ice Prince to warm puppy mush. Look at you, you little Fluffy Mess"

"I do your homework for you and you mock me. Why are we friends again?"

"The raw unadulterated animal magnetism that is our desire to never ever sleep with each other" Pete deadpanned as he shrugged looking over the answers Tin had written down.

"Oh yeah, that" the sarcasm was etched on his face and in his voice as his phone buzzed pulling his attention away from his friend.


When lunch rolled around Tin found Can in the corner of Sports Science canteen as instructed in his text, Can was longingly looking at his friends plates but none of them seemed willing to share and Tin understood why. Sitting down next to him Tin placed a tray of food down in front of Can "I love you" Can's voice was sweet but Tin couldn't be sure if he was talking to him or the food. Sensing Tin's annoyance Can put the spoon down that was less than an inch from his mouth turned to his cranky boyfriend and pushed him back from the table slightly. Climbing into his lap Can wriggled his hips making himself comfortable before he started eating. Tin was to shocked to even utter a word as their table mates watched them while Can happily eat his food.

Tin woke up when he felt food getting pushed against his lips "say ahhh" Can said tapping the spoon full of food against the uncooperative boy's lips.

"Um Can what are you doing?" Techno asked with a curious look at the boyfriends.

"Trying to get my boyfriend to eat some lunch" Can said still facing Tin who had taken the offered food with a smile.

"If you two are going to sickeningly feed each other I'm not going to eat with you" Techno mimed throwing up.

"Feel free to go elsewhere" Tin said as he nudged Can's jaw line with his nose letting Can know he was ready for more food. Letting out a small laugh Can prepared another spoon for Tin as Techno watched with disgust etched on his face.

Tin happily eat from the spoon held by Can as he slipped his arms around Can's waist hugging against his back, Can fondly smiled as he eat his own mouth full of food. "God, whatever" Techno grumbled looking at the ridiculously happy couple "did you need me to bring anything for the house warming party tonight?"

Straightening up Can looked back at Tin with a touch of worry on his face because he hadn’t run the idea past Tin before inviting people "do you mind if we host a house warming party baby?"

Tin's response lodged in his throat at being called baby, moving his hands on to Can's hips Tin's grip squeezes into them "I don't know, what do I get out of letting your friends traps through our home?" Rolling his hips down into Tin's lap as he rolled his head back Can whisper into Tin's ear. Techno watched as Tin's smirking face moved into something he couldn't quite read "don't be there before seven" Tin growled at Techno as he climbed out of his seat taking Can with him.

"Put me down Tin, I can walk on my own" Can cried as Tin threw Can over his shoulder and carried him out of the canteen to the surprised and shocked eyes of the other students.


Can felt the cusp of pain roll out along the pleasure he felt as Tin pressed him against a wall while he stretched him. Wanting to hear Can scream out his name Tin dropped to his knees, spread Can cheeks apart and began fucking Can with his tongue. Feeling his knees grow weak Can clawed at the wall trying to find something to hold to keep himself up. Feeling the instability in the naked boy in front of him Tin doubled his efforts pulling and playing with Can's balls.

Reaching behind him Can's finger thread through Tin's hair pulling on it and pushing him in closer as he spilled on the wall and floor as he screamed out Tin's name.

Pulling his hands away from the quietly murmuring boy Tin watched as Can's body failed to keep him up and slid down the wall "Tin my legs won’t work" Can's voice was so soft and weak making lust thud through Tin as the puddle of a boyfriend looked up at him with tears in his eyes. Scooping Can up in his arms Tin carried him to their room dropped him on their bed and stripped his own clothes off as he retrieved a condom and rolled it down his throbbing cock.

Can watched as Tin covered his cock with lubricant and pushed into him with one thrust ripping a moan from his throat as he trembling beneath his boyfriend. "You don't know how badly I wanted to fuck you when you dropped your cute little ass into my lap" Tin's voice was deeper than normal as he pushed in as deep as he could go.

"Ahhh, Oh god Tin please move, I need you to move" Can whined as his finger dug into Tin's back "I need to feel you fuck me"

"I love the way words sound coming out of your mouth" Tin said snapping his hips forward as he licked a hot stripe up Can's moaning throat. The moment Can's legs wrapped around him Tin felt himself push in deeper than before "you're squeezing me so tight" he said against Can's lips as Can huffed out panting breathes against Tin's face.

With every hit against his prostate Can's body trembled making his nerves snap with sparks that built up behind his navel and sped up his heart "Touch me Tin, I need to cum"

"Not yet" Tin whispered as he pinned Can's hands into the mattress "I want us to come together" Tin lent forward pinching Can's nipple between his teeth giving it a painful squeeze before using his tongue to lick away the sting.

Arching his back Can felt a wave of sparks add to the buildup in his already hyper sensitive body "Tin please" Can's voice shook as he pleaded and whined. Snickering Tin pounded harder as he swallowed Can's whines and moans and pushed his tongue into Can's mouth. Feeling himself get close Tin snuck his hand in between their bodies clasping Can's pulsing, leaking cock.

"Cum with me" Tin whispered into Can's ear both of them pulsing, cumming with loud moans that filled their bedroom.


Hours later Can was quietly sitting on the overstuffed dark blue couch drinking a beer as he watched Tin happily chat with someone across the room. Even as the room bustled with his friends Can could feel himself staring a hole through Tin knowing that he shouldn’t be but he was jealous that someone else was getting his boyfriend's attention. That someone else was receiving Tin’s laugh and smile, something in Can demanded that they should be only for him. It took a moment for Can to realized that someone had been talking to him, trying to get his attention “is everything alright Can?” Pete asked in his usually sweet way but Can’s confusing thoughts and the alcohol had him blurting out his mind to Pete.

“When you and Ae started sleeping together did it change the way you looked at him? Does it infuriate you to see him talking and being kind to others? Do you think about just pushing him down and fucking him yourself?”

The stream of questions flustered Pete as they hit him all at once and filtered through slowly. Dropping down onto the couch next to Can Pete took a deep breath decided how he was going to answer the boy who looked at Pete like he was lost. Drinking down the last of his own drink Pete rolled his shoulders as he prepared to answer Can’s questions truthfully “yes, at first I looked at him with an innocent desire but once we started sleeping together it changed to a lust that I sometimes have trouble controlling”

Can looked both shocked and impressed “what do you do about it?”

“Thankfully Ae is a bit.....completely lust driven himself so I just have to say or do something that I know will flick his switch and then I can just let myself get swept up in his flow” Pete looked a bit shy as he blushed keeping his eyes down.

“I wonder what Tin’s switch is” Can said absentmindedly before he put his hand on Pete’s knee “what about seeing him with others?”

“It did to begin with but that was mostly before we were dating. Now it’s only if someone else approaches him. I’m still a bit worried that Ae will meet the right girl and he will be taken from me” Pete gave a sad smile that annoyed Can because he knew Pete should have more confidence in himself and his love.

“Ae love’s you more then he likes breathing. You never have to worry about someone taking him from you, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even consider others as human let alone as love interests” Can said squeezing Pete’s knee as he shuffled closer to whisper “during games Ae is always watching you in the crowed to make sure no one take you away from him”

Pete seemed to brighten at Can’s words “that’s impossible, no one is better than Ae”

“Tin is, Tin’s way better than Ae” Can pouted before giving Pete a mischievous smile.

“Oh are we going to start comparing boyfriends now; because I’m afraid you are going to lose” Pete teased Can who seemed to rise to the challenge. So much so the he was on his knees hovering over Pete who was using the arm of the couch as a back rest.

"Oh you want to compare your quick to anger, football obsessed boyfriend with a pervert for a roommate. To my brilliantly smart, six pack having Adonis" Can's voice had gotten louder the more excited he got and now people were starting to listen in on their conversation.

"You mean my crazy strong, super kind, honest and loving Engineering student boyfriend. Then yes I'm more than willing to compare" Pete said crossing his arms and staring up at Can with a raised eye brow.

Can let himself fall forward placing a hand either side of Pete on the arm rest holding himself up off the normally kind boy who was refusing to back down "Tin is phenomenal in bed, he has made me feel things I didn't know the human body could feel" Can whispered down to Pete who smiled up in return.

"It would seem that there they are evenly matched" Pete's smirked as Can gave a brief nod of agreement with a bright smile.

"What the hell are you two doing?" Ae's gruff anger broke them out of the bubble they had gotten in and turning to it they were met with a set of very unimpressed looking boyfriends. Ae didn't know what to think about the situation he had found his boyfriend and one of his best friends in. He knew how Can felt about Tin but how they had gotten into the situation was a mystery. Tin on the other hand had jumped to irrational jealousy, walking over Tin didn't utter a word as he pulled Can off of Pete and into his arms caging him to his body.

Can had been concerned for all of two minutes until Tin's arms were wrapped around him, pushing up on to his toes so he could reach properly Can pressed a kiss to the corner of Tin’s frown. The moment their lips connected Tin melted his lips forming a soft smile before he shifted his head slightly to capture Can’s. Breaking the kiss Can saw out of the corner of his eye that Ae take his spot on the couch next to the soft but handsome boy "Pete what were you and Can doing"

"Talking" Pete said softly but at Ae’s continued worry Pete added "which lead to a small argument"

"You're still wrong by the way" Can interrupted having turned around in Tin's arms to face the other two.

"No I'm not, Ae is far better" Pete said sitting up a bit straighter as he felt himself getting pulled into the argument again.

"Far better at getting angry" Can teased because while on the outside it looked like they were arguing both Pete and Can knew that what they were really doing was bragging. That was why when they chipped at the others boyfriend they stayed away from insecurities.

"Have you even met your boyfriend? The night you left that charity function early Tin came back in so angry that he scared the living hell out of the two that had caused the mishap. He then called his parents out in front of everyone for trying to bribe you to go away. That was anger" Pete had honestly thought Tin would have told Can but based on the shock colouring Can's face the boy hadn't known.

"What the hell Pete?" Can could feel the vibrations of Tin's words as they rumbled through Tin's chest and into his back.

Looking over his shoulder at his annoyed boyfriend Can gave Tin a soft smile "you did that for me?"

"Of course, you are my boyfriend, they can't treat you like that" Tin lent in pressing their lips together enjoying the shiver that ran through Can when he lightly ran a finger down his neck.

Breaking the kiss Can looked at Pete with a triumphant smile "told you Tin is better"

"Better what?" Ae snapped stopping Pete from objecting.

Can and Pete looked at each other with matching smiles "boyfriend" the boys said in unison.

Laughing Tin tightened his hold on Can "well Can is right I am the far better boyfriend" Tin looked smug as he watched Ae waiting for the reaction.

Not failing to rise to the bait Ae was off the couch staring Tin down "fuck off, like hell you are"

Looking down at Ae Tin rested his chin on Can's shoulder "you won’t even go to social functions with Pete while I have never missed a single one of Can's games"

"Pete and I have already discussed that and you haven't been dating long so that's not really that impressive" Ae said crossing his arms so the he wouldn't be tempted to take a swing at Tin.

"Irrelevant of what Pete agreed to he still wants you to go with him" Tin watched as Pete pulled back a little when Ae's eyes trained on him "and I wasn't talking about since we started dating, I meant I have been to every single one of Can’s games"

Ae looked back at Tin before his shoulders dropped and a frown appeared on his face "when is the next one again?" Ae said looking up at Pete with puppy dog eyes.

"Tomorrow" Pete's voice was soft but they all heard the hopefulness in it making Ae truly feel how much he had let his boyfriend down by not going.



To help Ae feel better and more comfortable about going to the one of so so so many charity events that Tin and Pete were obligated to go to each year the four boys went together. Sitting in the back of Tin's car Ae watched as Can's hand wondered on to Tin's leg, palm up, waiting for when Tin was able to navigate one handed so that he was able to hold the drivers hand. "How you feeling Ae?" Can asked looking over his shoulder seeing the boy looking nervous "relax, you can't be hated as much as I am in this crowd" Can offered an encouraging smile.

"I doubt you are hated" Ae said rolling his eyes but looking at Pete he could see that he was wrong "what did he do?"

"Mainly dating Tin but it doesn't help that he punched a guy in the face" Pete said watching Ae's jaw drop.

"He was a pervert trying to assault a girl" Can jumped in trying to defend his actions in that situation before Ae could ask.

"And told my mother that he would slap some sense into her with a stack of money if he had it" Tin glanced at Ae in the rear view mirror.

Can turned to look at Ae "in my defense the money I was referring to was money she had tried to bribe me with to stay away from Tin" Can saw Ae's eyes widen with shock "though I think what most of them hate me for would be making Tin happy" Tin laughed under his breath as he pulled up to the valet.


Walking into the room Can ignored the break out of whispers remembering what Pete had told him about the way Tin had left the last gathering of these rich people and started laughing. The other three looked at him as he slipped his hand firmly into Tin's "let's go greet your parents" Tin's eyes widened with shock before he broke into laughter at the mischievous smile on Can's face.

"You know what baby, I think that is a wonderful idea" Tin set off to find his parents with Can in tow.

Silently hoping that it was going to turn into a spectacle Pete quickly followed behind pulling Ae along with him.

Finding a spot on the edge of the chaos about to unfold Pete handed Ae a drink as they kept their eyes on their friends.

"Good evening Mr and Mrs Medthanan" Can said with a vibrant smile as he greeted them respectfully "it's great to see that so many idle people can gather again to support whatever ridiculousness this event is for"

Tin and Can watched as Mrs Medthanan's face twist and turn red with anger. Pulling in a deep breath she set herself to yell at her son's odious partner when a deep booming laughter issued from beside her. Turning she found her husband's head thrown back as his laughter rang out, calming himself Mr Medthanan looked at Tin and Can "I like this kid" he said addressing Tin before turning to Can "who are you?"

"Can Kirakorn" Can gave another respectful bow "Tin's boyfriend" Can saw Mrs Medthanan tense up as she sucked in a sharp pull of air as the smile fell from Mr Medthanan's face.

"So you're the one that has causing my wife endless frustration and getting my son to stand his ground" he paused looking Can over "keep it up!" everyone stared between the two in shock.

Seeing someone he had wanted to talk to Mr Medthanan excused himself but paused when he was next to Can "do me a favour Can, go a little easier on my wife; she’s not use to not getting her own way"

Can turned to Tin with his usually bright smile that quickly shifted into mischievous as his hand wrapped around Tin's tie pulling him into a brutal kiss that had Tin clawing at Can's back and ass to his mother’s distaste .


After that night Tin stopped attending the high society functions no matter how much his mother had protested and to his mother’s greatest vexation the girls stopped accepting blind dates with him. And despite the three months of blissful function free peace when Can had seen the invitation insisted that they attend the Halloween themed event, Tin had steadfastly said no. Can tried to convince Tin by pouting but Tin stuck to his guns, until Can moved on to his fail safe. Pushing Tin down onto their couch it had only taken a couple grinds from Can’s hips to get him to say yes. But Tin had gotten his own by pushing Can sideways onto the couch and after a bit of fumbling and a lot of kissing Tin had Can naked knees spread on the couch leaning forward over the back of the couch.

Tin didn’t waste any time as he licked, sucked and bit his way down Can’s back. Tin drew a sharp cry from his shaking boyfriend as his hand came down hard on Can’s ass cheek leaving it slightly red with a pleasant sting.

“Eager to bend over for me aren’t you” Tin said against Can’s stinging cheek before his tongue came out and soothed it with a slow lick.

“Fuck you” Can let out on a gasp when Tin reached in between his legs as lightly squeezed his balls.

“No my sweet Cantaloupe, I’m going to fuck you” Tin said as he pulled Can’s cheeks apart and slipped a lube slicked finger into Can’s hole pumping it in and out a few times before adding a second finger. Feeling Can’s mussels tighten the intruding fingers Tin added a third making sure to avoid the bundle of nerves that would bring Can relief. Enjoying the sounds of Can's shuttering moans Tin felt his own stiff cock give a twitch.

Getting Can stretched out and eager to take him Tin admired the scene. Taking in the way that Can was obviously fighting the mussels in his legs to keep him up and the way his hips seemed to move towards Tin seeking more pleasure. Smiling Tin slipped on a condom and pushing inside his well-prepared boyfriend in one go "I think we need to get your little hole a plug" Tin said pulling all the way out to watch the way the mussels retracted before pushing back in with a hard thrust "keep you open and ready for me to fuck you any time you want it"

Can couldn’t help the shiver that pulsed through him along with the excitement and lust that was spurred by Tin's words, letting out a loud moan Can spilled on the couch beneath him "does the idea excite you that much?" Tin said with a few more hard thrusts before his hips stilled.


The costume party had been over two weeks later and Tin had grown increasingly frustrated that Can was keeping his costume secret. He had also not only roped Pete and Ae into going as well but also into giving him a lift so that Tin would get to see the costume the same time everyone else did.

When Tin arrived dressed as a doctor and without a date there was a flurry of whispers until May approached him "are you here on your own Tin? Where is our champion of justice Can? I am curious to see what he has come as" Tin’s anger was rising quickly at the suggestive way May talked about his Can.

"He going to be coming as my boyfriend so keep your filthy hands to yourself" Tin snipped picking up a drink from a passing tray.

"So over protective Tin, it's a very unattractive quality" May said adjusting her maid outfit down to show more cleavage.

It was at that moment that Ae and Pete walked in, Pete dressed as Captain America and Ae as the Winter Soldier. Tin laughed at how well their costumes matched their personalities but immediately stopped when he caught sight of Can. His boy was dressed in a polo shirt, black dress short and a cap holding a pizza box, Tin’s body started moving on its own as he forced his way across the room. On his way through he heard people mocking Can’s outfit but they were quickly shut up as Tin scooped him up into his arms Can’s legs wrapped around Tin’s waist as Tin slammed them against the nearest wall. Can looked down at Tin with a bright smile “so you like my costume?”

“Like it? I want to fuck you through this wall” Tin growled before pulling Can’s bottom lip into his mouth and sinking his teeth into it.

Can felt the sting of skin breaking as his lip was slowly released from Tin’s mouth “everyone is looking”

“I don’t care” Tin growled as he ripped the collar of Can’s shirt aside and bit right at the junction where neck meets shoulder. Grinding up into his boyfriend Tin felt a sense of satisfaction when he heard an embarrassingly loud moan rip from Can’s throat. Letting Can’s legs drop to the ground Tin moved over him blocking the crowd’s view of his quivering boyfriend as the boy tried to catch his breath “you’re not normally this sensitive, is it-” Tin glanced over his shoulder then back to Can “is it because of all the people watching?”

“No” Can wrapped his arms around Tin’s neck as he whispered in his ear “I have the full costume on”

Tin looked confused trying to think what more had been to the costume in the porno when his eyes went wide. Reaching around behind Can and gently grabbed at Can’s ass letting his middle fingers press in between the cheeks feeling the slightest vibrations through the material “you have a vibrating butt plug in?” Tin’s voice gave a slight quiver as he stepped back to look at Can who was leaning against the wall using it to hold himself up while he waited for his body to come down from the high Tin had just put it in.

“What have you done to him” Ae’s voice sounded from Tin’s side pulling him out of all the mind numbing thoughts he was having especially one about how Can would have looked preparing himself for the plug.

“Fallen in love with him all over again” Tin let his voice carry as he pushed back in to hold onto Can “come on we are going home”

“No, I just got here” Can said pulling away from Tin’s hold. Bending over to the pick up the pizza box Tin caught a glimpse of Can’s underwear.

Unable to convince Can to leave Tin stack to his side, there was no way he was going to let anyone get close to his boyfriend not when the minx was wearing a thong while dressed as a porn star who was ready to go at any time. But as they moved through the room Tin's mind kept wondering off to all the things he wanted do to his already stretched and stuffed boyfriend when the conversation happening around him floated through "I will admit I don't really understand the point of your costume" a zombie said with a smirk as he looked over the pizza boy costume again.

Before Tin realized who the statement was aimed at Can was already filling the group in on something Tin would rather people didn't know "it's for Tin, it's a character from his favourite porno"

The collection of shocked faces stared at Tin who just moved in behind Can giving the group a shrug as he slipped his arms around the pizza boy’s waist. Pressing himself close causing Can to shiver as the plug moved "well that explains Tin nailing you to a wall when you arrived" the zombie said through his shock while Ae just shook his head.

"Not for the first time I would bet" Pete said barely under his breath.

"Jealous Pete?" Tin teased with a wink as Tin's fingers wandered up his shirt and into the waist band of Can's pants.

"Ae's strong enough to pin Pete to a wall" Can chastised Tin as he slapped at Tin's wandering hands.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Can, but that’s not really something I want to discuss with people let alone a room full of strangers” Ae slipped a protective arm around Pete as the taller boy seemed to squirm a little as the blush on his cheeks deepened as Ae whispered something into Pete’s ear.

As much as Tin wanted to leave he was enjoying the feeling of Can leaning back against him as the people he had grown up despising could do nothing but watch him I his happiness. The knowledge that Can was standing in front of these people totally devoted to him and ready for him made Tin hard. Which he put to use as he subtly rubbed himself against Can and his plug waiting to see how long it would take for Can to snap and drag him off to a dark corner.