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Some good shit MHA/BNHA rare pair one-shots

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“Just ask him already, hair for brains.”

“I can’t do that!” Kirishima exclaimed “I-I can’t just…arg! I don’t even know if he likes guys…” he sighed, letting his head fall onto his notebook. He tensed as a textbook thwacked against his back, and turned to shoot a confused look at his friend. “What was that for?!”

“You tellin’ me that you look at Speedy McLegs, Mr. I’m-Always-Dressed-To-The-Nines, never-even-looked-at-a-girl-in-any-indecent-way-before, undercut-hairstyle-having-ass, and you think he’s straight?”


“Christ you’re stupid.”

“Hey!” Kirishima pouted. “So…what do I do?”

“How am I supposed to know?!” Bakugou shouted, closing his notebook with a huff. “If you want a date with Sonic, you gotta ask him out.”

“But I – “

“Shut up. Just man up and do it already.”




Iida made a final sweep of the locker rooms, ensuring that everyone had changed into their uniforms and exited safely. Not that he doubted his classmates’ abilities to dress themselves, certainly not! It was just that, well…he felt like he had to make up for being so distracted lately. He kept noticing himself zoning out when something important was announced, or he’d miss something that easily could’ve been avoided, things of that nature. He sighed, making his way out of the locker rooms. He’d been hoping maybe Kirishima had lagged behind – no, it was improper to have thoughts like that! Iida flushed despite his efforts to suppress his thoughts from wandering to the wild-haired boy.

His determination to improve, not only in combat but in classes as well, made something in his heart flutter. Sure Kirishima wasn’t the best in class, but it made his efforts that much more admirable.


“Hm?” he blinked, furrowing his brows trying to get a sense for where he was. Familiar walls and floors…ah, the hallway just off the locker rooms.

“You okay man?” Kirishima asked worriedly, waving a hand in front of his face “You seem kinda out of it.”

“Oh! I was just thinking about, um…” Iida paused, panic taking over. He couldn’t say he was thinking about the boy in front of him, that would be much too forward! Then again, he couldn’t lie without reason to a friend, a respected classmate that hadn’t done anything to deserve dishonesty like that! Crap –

“Sorry, guess I tied it too loose, haha…” Kirishima chuckled, flopping his tie. Iida realized his gaze had fallen to his classmate’s chest, and thanked any higher power out there that had been probable cause.

“Not to worry Kirishima, I am happy to assist!” Iida’s mouth and hands moved before his brain could tell him not to, and he was suddenly retying Kirishima’s tie for him.

He frowned when the red-head’s shirt collar got caught on itself, and it took him a minute to realize that Kirishima had buttoned his shirt up one button off. Without thinking, he began unbuttoning it from the top, more focused on the task of fixing his friend’s uniform than anything else. However, he looked up sharply when a soft noise escaped Kirishima’s lips, a soft blush decorating his cheeks.

“Man, I’d thought about you undressing me before but never quite like this,” he laughed awkwardly. Slowly, his face fell and his eyes widened, the reality of what he’d said sinking in. “I-I mean, uh, not that it’s in a bad way! I mean…um…”

Iida froze, repeating the words in his head, steady flush rising up his neck. He was positive his entire face was red by this point, and he forced himself to say something. “You’ve…thought about me undressing you?”

“N-not often! Mostly it’s just thinking about, uh, holding hands and talking and…kissing, sometimes,” Kirishima ended in a mumble, unable to pull farther away due to Iida’s grip on his shirt. “I-I didn’t mean to tell you like this, but uh - !!” he was cut off by a pair of clumsy lips on his. It was just a peck, but it made his entire body feel as if it were on fire.

“Sorry! I shouldn’t have done that without asking, that was rude and disrespectful.” Iida scolded himself, turning away in embarrassment. “One must remember that consent is key in any interaction, and I – “ he stopped when he saw the look in Kirishima’s eyes, the smile on his face.

“Iida…” Kirishima leaned in, grin widening at Iida’s shiver as he placed his hands on the taller boy’s hips “…I consent to you kissing me until I can’t remember my own name.”

Iida flustered, babbling incoherent sounds until Kirishima’s lips met his again. Despite getting minimal oxygen into his lungs given their current situation, Iida felt like he could finally breathe. He leaned in hungrily, using both arms to pull Kirishima closer, letting out a gasp of surprise as his back fell against the wall.



Shit shit shit shit was this what Kaminari felt like when he short-circuited?? Kirishima desperately tried to pull himself back into his body. Not that he was particularly attached to it, it was more of the fact that Iida was kissing him and he wanted to be fully present for that thank you very much. He felt his eyes fluttering closed, and sighed at the sensation of having another body pressed so close to his.

Kirishima just about moaned when he felt a hand carefully brushing through his hair. Instead, he only gasped and pulled away for a moment before trying to go back in for another kiss. He whined when that same offending hand cut him off by gently pressing against his mouth.

“Was that okay? Did I go to far?” concern painted Iida’s face, and Kirishima could feel himself starting to melt.

“Yes, god yes that was super great, you have no idea,” he rambled, letting his head fall against Iida’s chest. He smiled as the hand returned to his head, softly petting his scalp.

“Thank you for…for choosing me, Kirishima.” he heard Iida say, clearing his throat nervously. “I know I can be a bit much, I’ve been told the way I talk can be intense sometimes, and I – “

“Woah woah woah, you’re not allowed to be the insecure one here!” Kirishima joked, looking up and cupping the side of Iida’s face in one of his hands. “Just look at you! Top of the class, working super hard in training every day, not to mention the best class rep ever!” he smiled at the redness returning to Iida’s face “And then there’s, uh, me. Y’know…I’m still honestly in shock about all of this. I’m barely passing my classes right now, and – “

“Kirishima.” Iida said sternly, putting his hand comfortingly over Kirishima’s. “Good grades are not a prerequisite for my affection.”

“I-I know, well I guess I didn’t know I guessed, but – “

“Look at yourself! Do you see your determination in class, in and out of training? I find myself wishing I could match your enthusiasm for everything you do. You possess incredibly admirable traits, Kirishima, and you shouldn’t ignore them!” he finished, pulling the shorter boy into a tight squeezing hug.

“T-thanks man,” Kirishima gasped out, smiling despite the tears collecting in the corners of his eyes. “Hey, don’t uh…don’t we have class?”

With a yelp, Iida jumped off of him, checking his watch with another yelp. He wasted no time in hurriedly buttoning up Kirishima’s shirt properly, again apologizing for touching him without his expressed consent, and pulled him down the hall to their next class. Kirishima couldn’t contain his laughter, especially not at the incredibly serious look on Iida’s face. God, if he wasn’t head over heels before, he sure was now.