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Some good shit MHA/BNHA rare pair one-shots

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Izuku loved his boyfriend, he really did.


“Izuku, are you alright? You have been squirming in your seat all day. Is there something I can assist you with? Should I take you to Recovery Girl?”

But good lord was Iida dense.

“Izuku? Classes are over for the day. You’ve been unfocused as well as fidgety, are you sure you’re alright?”

“Y-yeah, I’m fine…” Izuku wanted to tell him, he really did, but Iida didn’t seem like the type of person to want to do the sort of thing Izuku needed help with. They’d only been dating a few months after all, and Izuku was more than capable of taking care of himself, but…god he wished he could, he really wished he could fuck his boyfriend.

The past few days had been especially torturous, with his boyfriend deciding to move his locker next to Izuku’s and make friendly conversation while in the nude. Izuku didn’t mind, not at all, in fact the problem was that he didn’t mind so much that he often had to smack himself to stop his eyes from wandering too far. Iida, Tenya fine-as-hell-Iida, of course, took no notice of Izuku’s internal struggle, strutting around with that amazing ass like he was class rep…which he was…Izuku groaned into his desk.

“You don’t sound fine.” he could hear the frown in Tenya’s voice, and felt himself being tugged to standing by large arms. “Come now, if you’re sick you should not – “

“I’m not sick!” he shouted in frustration, dropping his gaze guiltily. “Sorry, I…I’m just stressed, I think.” he offered a wobbly smile. “Wanna study together when we get to the dorms?”

Tenya’s frown remained, but he nodded and took the hand Izuku offered him. As they made idle conversation on their walk back, Izuku knew he hadn’t escaped yet. If he could just get through the study session without incident – which, by the way, he had NOT meant to offer, but the look in Tenya’s eyes made him look like a kicked puppy – he’d be able to make it until the evening and finally relieve his tension himself. Hopefully that’d be enough, though deep down Izuku knew it wouldn’t. A quick self-handjob was nothing when imagining the slick heat of your boyfriend’s mouth, or the tight embrace of –

“Ah?!” Izuku let out an undignified squeak at being picked up and hoisted over Tenya’s shoulder. Tenya shrugged, walking them into the elevator.

“You seemed deep in thought.” was his explanation, to which Izuku sighed. He wasn’t wrong, but he still had a right to pout about it! “I can feel you making that cute face again.”

“My angry face is not cute!”

“Whatever you say, dear.” Tenya hummed, pressing the 3rd floor button on the elevator. The ride was quick, and soon they were in Tenya’s room, Izuku being deposited in a heap on his boyfriend’s bed.

“Just because I’m muttering doesn’t mean I can’t walk myself places.” Izuku pouted, crossing his arms defiantly.

“You got stuck at a curb and kept walking into it instead of stepping over.”

“Okay, maybe sometimes – “

“And you almost ran into a bush. I caught you before you could.”

“O-okay, maybe more than sometimes – “

“Then there was that one time – “

“Okay I get it!” Izuku couldn’t help the smile from forming on his face. “Study now?”

They set up their materials, sitting across from each other with Izuku on the bed and Tenya sitting in his desk chair. After a good part of an hour, they’d gotten through a surprising amount of their homework, and Izuku had gotten surprisingly horny from just sitting around. To be fair, he’d been staring at Tenya for the past few minutes, imagining all the ways they could take a break from their work…and how much Izuku wanted that…but…

“Hm?” Tenya looked up from his work, perhaps feeling eyes on him.

“N-nothing,” Izuku looked away quickly, cheeks reddening. Now wasn’t the time to talk about that sort of thing, they still had so much to do –

“Are you thinking about me?” Tenya asked curiously, setting his study materials aside.

“H-huh?” that caught Izuku off-guard, causing him to drop his pencil. “I-I, um, yes?”

“Good, because I’ve been thinking about you all day.” Tenya said with a tone of relief, moving over to the bed and leaning towards Izuku, gently pushing the shorter boy’s schoolwork out of the way.

“O-oh, thinking as in – !” Izuku couldn’t finish his thought as lips covered his. He gave in far too easily than he’d care to admit, letting Tenya pull him into a deeper and deeper kiss until he was sitting on his boyfriend’s lap, moaning into his mouth as their tongues danced together. He groaned as his erection brushed against one of Tenya’s wandering hands, though jolted back to stutter an apology as soon as it sunk in.

“You did say you were stressed,” Tenya breathed against him, peppering kisses down his neck “would you like me to relieve that tension of yours?”

Izuku just about wept right there. Truth be told, he did allow a few tears to leak out, though mostly kept himself in check in anticipation for what was to come. He didn’t trust himself to speak just yet, and so nodded with wide eyes at hid boyfriend’s suggestion.

“Wait here,” Tenya kissed him one last time before standing up to root through his dresser for something. “Hm…lubricated or non-lubricated…well I have lube right here, so that shouldn’t be an issue…Izuku, do you have a preference for ribbed or smooth?”

“Wh – what?” Izuku’s vision swam. Was this really happening? Were they actually going to have sex? Right here right now?

“I suppose we should go with the traditional smooth for our first time, less variables to worry about…” Tenya mused, holding something tin-foil-y in his hand along with a small bottle of…gel something.

Izuku shivered at Tenya’s touch when he returned, beyond needy at that point.

“Would you like to disrobe? It would make things easier for both of us, I think.”

Izuku nodded, fumbling to unbutton his shirt. Tenya was much quicker, and had all of his clothes off before Izuku had even gotten to his pants. Izuku wasn’t worried about the sex part of the sex really, though he was a little concerned about the, um, the putting-in part…he’d of course read articles, just in case, and squirmed uncomfortably at the thought of being stretched out wide. It just didn’t seem like it would feel good, but apparently some people loved it.

“I-Izuku honey, p-please refrain from muttering – ah – in the bedroom – nnh,” Tenya’s voice sounded further away than it ought to have been, and Izuku turned around to see why his boyfriend was laying on the bed if they were going to – oh my.

There lay Tenya, legs splayed to the side, two slicked-up fingers sliding in and out of his ass, eyes scrunched closed and soft pants coming out of his mouth. Izuku stared, transfixed, forcing himself to breathe out the air he’d been holding.

“T-tenya…” he whispered, crawling over to him. Tenya cracked an eye open and patted around on the bed for a moment with his free hand, eventually producing a small pack of foil and holding it out to Izuku. Ah, a condom, of course.

“Would you – ah – like some help?” Tenya offered as Izuku carefully ripped open the package.


Tenya nodded, taking a moment to push up his glasses and slide his fingers out of himself, letting out a high-pitched whine at he did. “Okay, so you know you put it on with some room here…then you roll it on…”

Izuku held back a moan at Tenya’s large, warm hand sliding over his cock. God, feeling so good from just putting a condom on, he really was pent-up.

“T-then, lube,” Tenya grunted as he pried off the cap of the bottle, drizzling a healthy amount onto Izuku’s dick “there, now,” he flopped against the bed, determination written across his face “penetrate me.”

Izuku would’ve made fun of him had he not been so ready to burst. Wordlessly, he mounted his boyfriend, tucking his toned legs over his shoulders. Tenya nodded for him to continue, biting his lip as Izuku lined himself up with his entrance.

“Try to go slow, this is our first ti – aah, oh my – !” Tenya gasped, Izuku unable to stop his length from disappearing into Tenya’s waiting hole. It had just sucked him in, and he never wanted to leave that delicious head and lovely tight squeeze. “Ah – I-Izuku – ah – I insist you move please – nnh!” he moaned as Izuku slowly slid out before ramming back in, unable to control himself.

“A-are you okay?” Izuku panted, keeping up his pace.

“Yes I believe so, I – oh please don’t stop whatever you’re doing, that felt fantastic – !”

Tenya kept babbling encouragements to his boyfriend, pitch getting higher as they continued, eventually breaking into words interspersed with whines. Izuku quickened his pace, feeling Tenya squirming underneath him along with his own orgasm just a few thrusts away. He came with a yelp, emptying himself into the condom. Tenya panted underneath him, eyebrows drawn together and hands grasping at the bedsheets.

“H-here,” Izuku said weakly, grasping Tenya’s erection and pumping it sloppily with his remaining strength.

“I-Izuku – ah – keep – nnnnnnnh!” he tensed, clamping down on the dick still inside of him as he came, hard and fast, onto their chests.

Izuku slid out, only spending enough time to slip off the condom, tie it off, and toss it into the trash can before returning to hug his boyfriend tightly with a happy sigh.

“Thank you.” he whispered, pulling himself closer to Tenya.

“That was…amazing.” Tenya breathed, wrapping an arm around Izuku. “But you know, we should shower…”

“Mm, five minutes…” Izuku mumbled into Tenya’s shoulder, nuzzling him as the other chuckled.

“Five minutes will turn into ten, then half an hour, and soon we’ll be going to bed without even brushing our teeth!”

“Msounds fine to me…”

“What am I going to do with you.” Tenya sighed, shifting around so that their chests touched. “You realize we’ll wake up all nasty, right?”

“Fiiiiiine,” Izuku groaned, sitting up reluctantly “one thing though.”

“And that is?”

“…we shower together?” Izuku asked shyly, fiddling with a loose thread in the sheets.

“Of course.” Tenya said, kissing the top of his head. “We got dirty together, now we must get clean together. It’s only fair.”