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Some good shit MHA/BNHA rare pair one-shots

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Howdy y'all! Just wanted to let ya know that I'm gonna close requests, but dw! I'm getting the fic up to 30 chapters (i've got some unfinished prompts still to go), and even when that's done I'm still working on other fics!


sidenote, if you're into omegaverse stuff I'm about to dip my toe in, and I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing there so requests are v much appreciated!
(here it be: )

(and if ur into other kinks im gonna have a separate fic for non-omegaverse smut ;3 )

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Ojiro sat at his desk, diligently taking notes. After a grueling fifteen more minutes of class, Aizawa released them for the day, everyone began packing up. He bent over to retrieve an escapee pencil when he felt his tail brush against something solid. Assuming it was another student, he turned around with an embarrassed flush creeping up his face.

“Sorry, it has a mind of its own sometimes…” he trailed off, silenced by the glare from the boy now in front of him. He prepared to apologize again, but the blonde had already whirled around and stalked out of the classroom. “…okay?”


“Did you ask?” Kirishima prodded his friend in the side, dodging the punch that followed with a chuckle.

“What do you think, dipshit?” Bakugou grumbled, eyes downcast.

“Bro, you said – “

“I know!” he yelled out “I didn’t mean to back out, it just happened!”

“Huh?” Kirishima cocked his head to the side in confusion. Bakugou huffed.

“I had it planned out, right? Walk up to him, ask him out. Foolproof.”


“But then the bastard had to go and be cute and shit! I couldn’t – what.” He shot a stern look at his friend, who had been trying to hold back laughter.

“I’ve never seen you look so soft and emotional, bro, it’s like…are you the real Bakugou? Did you secretly steal his identity or something?”

“I fucking swear to – “

“I didn’t say it was a bad thing!” Kirishima opened the door to the dorms “Look, movie night’s tonight, why don’t you ask him to sit with you?”

Bakugou thought for a moment, mulling it over in his mind. He’d been trying to ask out that oblivious tailed man for a while now, but every time he tried talking his mouth felt like it was full of sandpaper. He’d never been one for words, so maybe actions were the better way to go. Yeah, he’d sit next to Ojiro, maybe snake his arm around him once the movie started…

“Hey Bakubro, you’ve been standing there for a while…you okay?” Kirishima’s voice broke him out of his thoughts and he looked over. Kirishima shot him a toothy grin, “Man, you’ve got it bad.”

“Shut up.”



A knock at the door made him peel his eyes away from his textbook and notes. Ojiro figured this was a good excuse for a stretch break and got up to open the door, wondering if perhaps Hagakure wanted to try giving him suggestions on how to improve his hero costume.

“Hello?” he stretched his limbs, opening the door. A toothy smile and red eyes blinked back at him.

“Hey! You up for movie night tonight?” Kirishima said enthusiastically, holding up a DVD case. “It’s a Thursday bro, Disney night!”

Ojiro glanced back at his bed, study materials scattered across it. “I would, but…”

“Oh come on, the test isn’t ‘til Friday!”

“But – “ Ojiro cut himself off, not knowing if Kirishima was joking or not. He did know Fridays came after Thursdays…right? The innocent twinkling in Kirishima’s eyes didn’t hold any answers for him. He sighed, summoning a small smile. “Sure, sounds fun.”

“Yesss!” he accepted a sudden fist-bump from the excited redhead “Bakugou’s gonna be so pumped!”

“Oh?” Ojiro found himself perking up “Is it his favorite movie or something?” perhaps Bakugou had a softer side he’d never known about before. To be fair, he thought, it’s hard not to like Finding Nemo.

“Uh, yeah! Anyway, see you later!” the redhead bounded off, leaving a fairly confused Ojiro standing in the doorway of his dorm.



He’d debated for a good half hour whether or not to change into pajamas before the movie. Eventually, Ojiro settled on some comfortable sleep shorts and a t-shirt. If anyone looked scandalized at the idea of pajamas on the common floor, he could just tell them it was a casual outfit. He felt a bit proud of himself for coming up with something like that, then chided himself. A hero shouldn’t feel too prideful of anything, especially something as stupidly simple as that. When he looked up from the floor, he was surprised to find that his feet had taken him all the way down the stairs and into the common room. A small portion of the class was gathered on and around the assembly of couches all scrunched together around the television. He put his hand up in a small wave, which Kirishima returned and then patted the cushion beside him. Ojiro sat, unsure why someone would willingly give up a seat on the end of the couch. It was, after all, the favored spot by far. Perhaps Kirishima was being conscientious of his tail? Speaking of…he wiggled the tip of his tail over the armrest of the couch, letting fall over the edge. He’d made the mistake of sitting on his tail too many times, and cringed internally at memories of falling over due to his tail having fallen asleep.

“Hey bro! Glad you made it, people kept backing out because of some stupid studying thing! Pretty rude if you ask me.” Kirishima joked.

He was about to reply when a stern voice cut through the room, bringing his attention to its owner, one Bakugou Katsuki.

“Maybe if you were more responsible you’d be studying with them, ass-head.” He shuffled over to the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of water.

“I’m almost always studying with you, bro!” Kirishima pouted, waving him over.

“Yeah, nothing better than a Bakugou study session! Wait, no, yeah pretty much anything is.” Kaminari said from another couch, play-fighting with Ashido and Sero over the remote.

“Watch it, Sparky.” Bakugou snapped, Kaminari giggling and going to back to what he’d been doing. Bakugou went to sit down on the other side of Kirishima, but the other boy slid over, patting where he’d been sitting before. Bakugou narrowed his eyes.

“Sorry bro, first come first serve when it comes to arm rests!” Kirishima winked, looking to Ojiro for a split second before turning his attention back to the grump of the room.

“Yeah, whatever.” Bakugou huffed out, plopping down on the couch next to Ojiro. His arm draped over the back of the couch, dangerously close to Ojiro’s shoulder. He tried to think of a time he’d seen Bakugou this relaxed and failed. It felt intimate somehow, seeing a side of Bakugou he rarely showed the rest of the class.

Ojiro’s tail twitched, tip flicking back and forth lazily. He flushed; if he tried hiding it now, it’d be too obvious. But if he let it keep wagging, people would see it and…he wasn’t quite sure what they would do beside maybe comment on it and then go back to what they’d been doing, but the anxiety didn’t know that so he continued to worry.

As everyone got settled and the movie began, Ojiro found himself feeling sleepier and sleepier. It didn’t help that the boy next to him seemed to be a human hotpack. He speculated that it must be because of the boy’s quirk. Of course, the fact that he himself kept heating up whenever Bakugou shifted slightly closer to him didn’t help. He was thankful for the dimmed lights for hiding his blush, but could they be turned up a little bit so he didn’t fall asleep so easily?

Eyes drifting closed, Ojiro felt a weight across his shoulders, pleasantly warm and comfortable. In his sleepy state, he couldn’t do much but hum and lean against the body next to him, tail slowly flicking from side to side off the side of the couch.

He didn’t know at what point in the movie he’d fully fallen asleep, but boy howdy had he. Still half asleep, he cracked open an eye to see the common room completely vacant except for him. After a few seconds of falling back asleep, he realized whatever he was leaning against was also breathing, so there was in fact another person in the room besides him. He snuggled closer, tail curling around whoever it was. Ojiro hoped they wouldn’t mind, and judging by the way they nuzzled closer to him he figured they didn’t. Sleep found him again, and he snoozed until commotion woke him several hours later.



“Gentlemen! We must all be prepared for today’s written exam, and sleeping through class is a sure way to fail!”

Bakugou groaned, opening his eyes to see Iida’s figure looming over the couch he was sprawled across.

“Ah, you are awake! I will leave it to you two to get ready for the day then.”

You two? Bakugou felt something shift in his arms, just about jumping out of his skin when he was met with a bed-headed Ojiro looking up at him softly. His mouth went dry. Goddamn he looked adorable.

“Mm…class soon?” Ojiro stretched in his arms, yawning with just about the cutest squeak Bakugou had ever heard in his damn like.

“Yup.” He said stupidly, unsure of what to do. He desperately didn’t want to push Ojiro off of him, didn’t want to stop holding him for one moment. But, people were starting to get ready around them, some of them sending strange glances at the two of them.

“We should get dressed,” Ojiro stretched one last time, sitting up slowly, turning to face Bakugou “you’re…very nice to sleep against.” He smiled shyly. Bakugou’s eyes flicked to movement behind Ojiro. Was that his…god fucking damnit that was adorable. His fucking tail was wagging.

“You, you too,” Bakugou mumbled. Now was the perfect time to ask, just do it now you little shit. He felt his face heat up and looked away, too distracted trying to hide his blush to feel the couch cushion beside him dip down. Something very soft quickly brushed against his cheek and he sucked in a breath, snapping his head forward to look at Ojiro.

“I-I’ll see you in class, Bakugou.” Ojiro smiled, resting his hand a moment on Bakugou’s shoulder before standing up and heading to his dorm to get dressed.


In a daze, Bakugou brushed his hand against his cheek, feeling like he was burning up from the inside out.

Walking into class later, he ignored the snickering and comments from Kirishima about his big goofy smile.

Chapter Text

The class had mostly gone back to normal after the…incident. Except it hadn’t, not really. Shoji sighed, flipping over on his futon. He blinked, looking at the clock on the floor. 4;27 blinked back at him.

Everyone’s physical wounds had healed, and yet…he formed a hand on the end of one of his tentacles and flexed it. He’d never blamed Tokoyami or Dark Shadow for what had happened, not even for a moment; in fact, he felt awful for putting his friend in that situation. His mind drifted to Midoriya, who hadn’t hesitated to throw himself into danger, despite his injuries. Shoji winced at the thought of seeing one of his friends banged up so badly…he turned to his other side again. Was Izuku a friend? He certainly hoped so, there was just something so inspiring about that mumbling, energetic ball of nerves. His brain reminded him of his many thoughts of going beyond friendship, but he chided it and shoved it back. Now was not the time. It was never the time, he sighed.

“Damn…” resigned to the fact that he wouldn’t be getting back to sleep anytime soon, Shoji gathered himself into a standing position and made his way into the kitchen. Maybe he could get away with making a cup of tea without waking anyone. Something warm sounded nice right about now.

Quietly padding into the kitchen, his sleepy eyes barely noticed the tuft of green fluff peeking from over the top of the couch.

“Midoriya?” he asked quietly, flicking on the electric kettle. He was met with a squeak and a thump. Walking over curiously, he found Izuku in a pile on the floor, appearing to have fallen off the couch. “I did not mean to scare you.” He apologized, offering a hand up. Izuku nodded, squeaking again when two more hands assisted him in standing when he wobbled a bit.

“Y-you didn’t, uh…why are you – “ Izuku cut himself off with a yawn “…w-why are you up so late?” he paused, frowned “…early?”

Shoji shrugged “I could ask you the same, but I think we both know the answer.” Padding back over to the kettle, he got out two mugs from the cupboard and plopped a teabag in each. “Would you like some tea?”

“Um…” Izuku fiddled with the hem of his shirt “…yes?”

They stood in silence as the water boiled. Izuku shuffling nervously – or was that just how he normally was? Shoji wasn’t sure – and Shoji keeping an eye and an ear on the kettle. The click of the kettle turning off seemed to flick a switch, the world returning to normal, or whatever counted as normal now.

Bringing their mugs over to the couch, silence still hanging in the air, though less tense. He noticed Izuku’s eyes flicking from him to his mug a few times, then off to the side. He looked as if he wanted to say something, gnawing on his lip like that, yet he remained quiet. Shoji wasn’t one for much talking, but there was something in Izuku’s eyes that made his heart ache.


“Yes?” he said quickly, eyes zipping over to meet Shoji’s.

“Do you…want to talk about it?” he wasn’t sure, but had a strong inkling that Izuku wanted to talk about ‘the incident’.

“I-it?” Izuku fumbled, almost dropping his mug “I-I don’t know what you mean, haha…”

“Training camp…Kamino…” he said softly “It’s been bothering me too. Do you want to talk about it?”

“I-I…” Izuku set his mug down on the table and gave Shoji a shaky thumbs-up, wiping at his eyes with his other hand “I-I’m fine, I…” he hid his face in his arms, unable to stop his quiet sobs.

Shoji’s body seemed to move on its own, delicately scooping up the green-haired boy and placing him in his lap, wrapping him in all six arms with a few hands rubbing soothingly along his back. He didn’t say anything, just let himself be something warm and soft for Izuku to cry onto.

“I-it’s my fault…” if it hadn’t been for his enhanced hearing, Shoji might not have heard the almost inaudible whisper from the shaking body in his arms.

“It is not.” He whispered firmly, hugging Izuku closer.

“I-it is though, I-I’m the one that couldn’t save Kaachan, a-and I messed up everything by trying to save him, a-and…” he sniffled, burying his face in Shoji’s chest to mumble the rest.

“I don’t know what that last one was, but I can assure you it isn’t true. You couldn’t have known what would happen. And,” he tipped Izuku’s head up slightly, wiping away the still-flowing tears “although I still stand by that I do not agree with your choice to go alone…it was brave of you. You did what a hero would do, Midoriya.”

“A-a hero w-wouldn’t let their friend get hurt…”

“Bakugou only sustained minor bruising, remember?” he frowned as Izuku looked down.

“N-no, I…I mean yes, but…I meant you…” he closed his eyes, sucking in a breath to try to hold back the next wave of tears.

“Oh.” It came out as more of an exhale than a word. “It wasn’t your fault…it wasn’t even Tokoyami’s fault…” Shoji slid his newly healed hand over to Izuku, causing the latter to jump as he brushed it over one of Izuku’s. “See? All is well, no harm done.”

As he was about to retract his hand, Izuku held it and gave it a small squeeze. Shoji froze, feeling himself flush under his mask. If he thought he was blushing then, though, it was nothing compared to how hot his face felt when Izuku brought his hand up to his mouth and kissed it, mumbling apologies and “sorry” into it, eventually leaving it to cup his cheek, sighing contentedly.

Shoji held the boy tighter still, wondering just what he was supposed to do with something so precious.

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“ – Sero and Todoroki. Next – “

Sero didn’t hear the rest of what his teacher was saying, too busy fending off winks and finger guns from Kaminari to hear what any of the other sparring groups were. He briefly heard Aizawa mentioning something about close range and long range, and had almost shoved Kaminari far enough away to begin paying attention again when his eyes caught Todoroki’s. There went his focus again, somersaulting out of a third-story window onto a trampoline, never to be seen again. Farewell, friend.

“ – ero! Hey man, you’re up!” he heard over his right shoulder. He blinked. Had Kirishima said something to him?

“Hey, earth to tape-boy!” Kaminari waved a hand in front of his face, shocking him back into reality. Sero considered saying that out loud, but the look on his classmates’ faces told him he should probably shut up for the time being.


“If you’re not ready, we can go later. I just thought it best to finish up quickly.” Todoroki said evenly. Oh god oh no oh fuck –

“Nah I’m good to go!” Sero smiled despite how much of an ass he’d made of himself already, stepping into the practice area with Todoroki. The intensity of his gaze made Sero’s smile falter for a moment, a blush finding its way up his neck. He was glad the class had turned back to Aizawa, who was further explaining the assignment.

“Alright, normal rules. Try to either incapacitate your partner or have them surrender, whichever comes first. You two,” Aizawa turned to Sero and Todoroki “I want you to work on your close combat skills. Both of your quirks work well for long range attacks, so you haven’t been practicing much else. Go whenever you’re ready.”

Sero nodded, standing to face Todoroki. He dug his heels into the ground, waiting for an attack, surprised when none came.

“Hey, y’know you’re supposed to – “ he didn’t get to finish his thought due to a line of ice speeding towards him. He yelped, slinging himself over to the side just in time. “Alright!” he grinned, getting ready for another attack. When nothing came for a solid few seconds, he decided to go for broke; aiming straight for Todoroki, he let out a string of tape from his left elbow. Todoroki narrowed his eyes.


Through some miracle, Sero managed to avoid any major bodily harm by swinging himself around quickly. He did land on his ass pretty hard, but it was better than throwing himself into the wall of flames Todoroki had been.

“Lookin’ hot there, Todoroki!” he said before he could stop himself, giving the boy a goofy smile and a playful wink. Todoroki froze, eyes wide, startling Sero so much he almost stopped running at him. What the hell was he doing? He shook his head. Now was the best chance he’d ever get to try to get the upperhand, if he could only –

“Oh.” Todoroki looked down at his limbs, now taped together. “Unfortunate.” He said as he began to lean to the side, unable to move his legs to catch himself.

Sero rushed over to keep him from slamming into the ground, grabbing him around the middle. “Hey, you okay? You kinda blanked there.” He laughed nervously, propping Todoroki up and helping him hop out of the practice area so the next pair could go.

Sitting awkwardly on the benches off to the side, Sero tried to think of anything to say that wouldn’t make him sound like an asshole. ‘Hey sorry for kicking your ass’ wasn’t gonna work, neither was ‘haha well I guess now you know if you’re into bondage or not’, and ‘you look real cute tied up y’know’ sure as hell wasn’t gonna fly.


“Hm?” he looked over at Todoroki, and jesus fuck he wasn’t asthmatic but he definitely needed an inhaler right then. The boy’s smooth hair was falling into his face without his hands available to push it away, his eyes roaming around Sero’s body. His breath caught, was Todoroki…no, he wasn’t the sort of person to check someone out when they were looking, was he?

“Sero?” Todoroki cocked his head to the side, and Sero could’ve exploded right there and then, because fuck was that cute. Wait, why was he holding out his hands like that? Was that an invitation? Good lord, they were right in front of their classmates, they couldn’t just hold hands like that!

“What?” Sero breathed. Todoroki gestured to his ankles and wrists, and Sero felt the flush from before come back full force. “Oh shit, sorry, uhhhhhh,” he looked around for anything sharp, scissors or keys, just something. “Er, you don’t have anything on you that’d help, do you?” with the shake of Todoroki’s head, Sero sighed. “This might hurt a little bit at the end, but for the most part it’s just gonna be awkward.” He shrugged, trying to find the end of the tape around Todoroki’s wrists.

He was careful to stay focused on unwinding the tape from Todoroki’s wrists, but every once in a while he’d accidentally graze the other boy’s hand with his and mutter an embarrassed ‘sorry’. To Todoroki’s credit, he didn’t show any hint of, well, anything, which Sero was grateful for.

Getting on towards the end of the bindings, Sero noticed Todoroki wince a little as he tugged the tape from his skin. He slowed down, gaining a relieved sigh from the other. He couldn’t stop his smile from widening at that; he’d done something Todoroki liked! At least, something to help in a situation that was more or less absolutely his fault, that is.

“Here, uh, sorry again about that. My tape’s always been really sticky, which I guess is great if you’re trying to catch villains.” He rambled, gently rubbing Todoroki’s freed wrists. “Not so great when you’re sparring with a classmate you’d rather not hurt, haha,”

“You don’t have to worry about hurting me. Recovery girl – “

“I-I meant that I don’t like hurting friends! Ah shit, sorry, forgot about your ankles for a hot minute, here – ” he began leaning down to go at the tape keeping Todoroki’s ankles together.

“It’s fine, I can – “

To nobody’s surprise, their foreheads smashed together spectacularly, sending Sero reeling off the bench while Todoroki just let out a quiet ‘ow’.

“Shit, sorry! You alright?” he said from the ground, looking up at Todoroki’s frazzled expression.

“I’m fine. What about you?” he offered a hand, which Sero gladly took.

“Yeah,” he said, back on the bench “lemme get the rest of that tape for you.”

Before Todoroki could protest again, Sero bent down to undo the tape around his ankles. It proved much easier than the bindings on his wrists, given that pants don’t feel a whole lot when you rip tape off of them. Right as he finished, though, the position he was in sunk in; just about laying over Todoroki’s lap. He pulled back quickly as soon as the last of the tape was off.

“Thank you.” Todoroki said, not commenting on Sero’s obvious blush.

Sero couldn’t focus on anything for the rest of the class except for how nice Todoroki’s hair looked blowing in the wind – god he was cheesy.




“Soooooo,” Kaminari plopped down on the couch next to him, batting his eyelashes “looks like ya really swept icyhot off his feet~” he said sing-songy, laughing at Sero’s light punch to his arm.

“C’mon man, you know nothing happened.” He couldn’t help himself from grinning though. It had been nice to be so close to Todoroki.

“You basically held hands!”

“Because I taped his arms together.” Sero snorted, taking a sip of his soda. A noise from the kitchen drew his attention and he looked over. Seeing Todoroki standing there just about made him spew his soda all over the couch.

“It was a good tactic, Sero. You should be proud.” Todoroki’s small smile did him in; Sero doubled over, coughing from having soda slip into his lungs. “Are you…?”

“I’m good,” Sero croaked hoarsely, giving Kaminari a secret kick for the smirk he knew was on his friend’s face “went down the wrong pipe is all.”

Kaminari nudged him, snickering “Bet you’d like him to go down your pipes – ow!” he yelped, rubbing his shin.

Sero shrugged innocently, making a noncommittal noise. When he looked back up at Todoroki, he startled when he noticed how much closer the boy had gotten. If he squinted, he could see his individual eyelashes as they swept over those lovely eyes –

“Sero? May I talk with you?” Shit.

“Yeah?” he ignored the nudge from Kaminari and stood up, following Todoroki into a vacant hallway. “What’s up?”

“Today’s sparring match…” Todoroki looked uncharacteristically nervous, at least compared to how Sero felt, the boy’s eyes shifting to look at anything but him.

“I honestly didn’t expect it to end up like that, haha…took me by surprise.” Sero rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Yes, but um…” he shifted his weight from one foot to another “…there was something you said, during the match…”

Oh god oh no oh fuck oh shit what had he said? He’d kind of forgotten by this point, he’d been too busy thinking about the half-cold-half-hot boy…

“…I asked Midoriya what it meant, and, ah…Sero,” Todoroki finally met Sero’s gaze, causing him to inhale sharply in anticipation. “Sero, I…I too think you are warm.” Jesus fucking…was he blushing?! Oh lord that’s fucking adorable, Sero thought to himself. Todoroki blinked at him expectantly. Ah shit he had to answer with something. Uhhhhhhhhhh

“You…think I’m warm?” nice.

“Yes. I do.” Todoroki’s voice was barely a whisper, and oh christ his eyes were closing and he was leaning in oh shit fuck –

Warm lips met his, and Sero let out the most embarrassingly un-manly squeal he’d ever heard come out of a human being. He quickly threw his arms around Todoroki, pulling him closer and immediately deepening the kiss. Oh wow, there was a tongue sliding along his lip. Sero was about .3 seconds away from turning into a puddle when Todoroki ran his hands along his sides, and fuck he just moaned oh god that was embarrassing. How was Todoroki being this hot –

“Oh god,” Sero pulled away, snickering. At Todoroki’s confused (and slightly hurt) expression, he gave him a quick peck to reassure him. “Sorry, sorry, just…I think you’re hot, Shoto, not warm. You were close, though.” He nuzzled into Todoroki’s neck, feeling the boy’s flush heat up further. He felt Todoroki mumble something against his hair and giggled, “Hm?”

“Can I…kiss you again?” he said quietly. Sero grinned.

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Chapter Text

“Just ask him already, hair for brains.”

“I can’t do that!” Kirishima exclaimed “I-I can’t just…arg! I don’t even know if he likes guys…” he sighed, letting his head fall onto his notebook. He tensed as a textbook thwacked against his back, and turned to shoot a confused look at his friend. “What was that for?!”

“You tellin’ me that you look at Speedy McLegs, Mr. I’m-Always-Dressed-To-The-Nines, never-even-looked-at-a-girl-in-any-indecent-way-before, undercut-hairstyle-having-ass, and you think he’s straight?”


“Christ you’re stupid.”

“Hey!” Kirishima pouted. “So…what do I do?”

“How am I supposed to know?!” Bakugou shouted, closing his notebook with a huff. “If you want a date with Sonic, you gotta ask him out.”

“But I – “

“Shut up. Just man up and do it already.”




Iida made a final sweep of the locker rooms, ensuring that everyone had changed into their uniforms and exited safely. Not that he doubted his classmates’ abilities to dress themselves, certainly not! It was just that, well…he felt like he had to make up for being so distracted lately. He kept noticing himself zoning out when something important was announced, or he’d miss something that easily could’ve been avoided, things of that nature. He sighed, making his way out of the locker rooms. He’d been hoping maybe Kirishima had lagged behind – no, it was improper to have thoughts like that! Iida flushed despite his efforts to suppress his thoughts from wandering to the wild-haired boy.

His determination to improve, not only in combat but in classes as well, made something in his heart flutter. Sure Kirishima wasn’t the best in class, but it made his efforts that much more admirable.


“Hm?” he blinked, furrowing his brows trying to get a sense for where he was. Familiar walls and floors…ah, the hallway just off the locker rooms.

“You okay man?” Kirishima asked worriedly, waving a hand in front of his face “You seem kinda out of it.”

“Oh! I was just thinking about, um…” Iida paused, panic taking over. He couldn’t say he was thinking about the boy in front of him, that would be much too forward! Then again, he couldn’t lie without reason to a friend, a respected classmate that hadn’t done anything to deserve dishonesty like that! Crap –

“Sorry, guess I tied it too loose, haha…” Kirishima chuckled, flopping his tie. Iida realized his gaze had fallen to his classmate’s chest, and thanked any higher power out there that had been probable cause.

“Not to worry Kirishima, I am happy to assist!” Iida’s mouth and hands moved before his brain could tell him not to, and he was suddenly retying Kirishima’s tie for him.

He frowned when the red-head’s shirt collar got caught on itself, and it took him a minute to realize that Kirishima had buttoned his shirt up one button off. Without thinking, he began unbuttoning it from the top, more focused on the task of fixing his friend’s uniform than anything else. However, he looked up sharply when a soft noise escaped Kirishima’s lips, a soft blush decorating his cheeks.

“Man, I’d thought about you undressing me before but never quite like this,” he laughed awkwardly. Slowly, his face fell and his eyes widened, the reality of what he’d said sinking in. “I-I mean, uh, not that it’s in a bad way! I mean…um…”

Iida froze, repeating the words in his head, steady flush rising up his neck. He was positive his entire face was red by this point, and he forced himself to say something. “You’ve…thought about me undressing you?”

“N-not often! Mostly it’s just thinking about, uh, holding hands and talking and…kissing, sometimes,” Kirishima ended in a mumble, unable to pull farther away due to Iida’s grip on his shirt. “I-I didn’t mean to tell you like this, but uh - !!” he was cut off by a pair of clumsy lips on his. It was just a peck, but it made his entire body feel as if it were on fire.

“Sorry! I shouldn’t have done that without asking, that was rude and disrespectful.” Iida scolded himself, turning away in embarrassment. “One must remember that consent is key in any interaction, and I – “ he stopped when he saw the look in Kirishima’s eyes, the smile on his face.

“Iida…” Kirishima leaned in, grin widening at Iida’s shiver as he placed his hands on the taller boy’s hips “…I consent to you kissing me until I can’t remember my own name.”

Iida flustered, babbling incoherent sounds until Kirishima’s lips met his again. Despite getting minimal oxygen into his lungs given their current situation, Iida felt like he could finally breathe. He leaned in hungrily, using both arms to pull Kirishima closer, letting out a gasp of surprise as his back fell against the wall.



Shit shit shit shit was this what Kaminari felt like when he short-circuited?? Kirishima desperately tried to pull himself back into his body. Not that he was particularly attached to it, it was more of the fact that Iida was kissing him and he wanted to be fully present for that thank you very much. He felt his eyes fluttering closed, and sighed at the sensation of having another body pressed so close to his.

Kirishima just about moaned when he felt a hand carefully brushing through his hair. Instead, he only gasped and pulled away for a moment before trying to go back in for another kiss. He whined when that same offending hand cut him off by gently pressing against his mouth.

“Was that okay? Did I go to far?” concern painted Iida’s face, and Kirishima could feel himself starting to melt.

“Yes, god yes that was super great, you have no idea,” he rambled, letting his head fall against Iida’s chest. He smiled as the hand returned to his head, softly petting his scalp.

“Thank you for…for choosing me, Kirishima.” he heard Iida say, clearing his throat nervously. “I know I can be a bit much, I’ve been told the way I talk can be intense sometimes, and I – “

“Woah woah woah, you’re not allowed to be the insecure one here!” Kirishima joked, looking up and cupping the side of Iida’s face in one of his hands. “Just look at you! Top of the class, working super hard in training every day, not to mention the best class rep ever!” he smiled at the redness returning to Iida’s face “And then there’s, uh, me. Y’know…I’m still honestly in shock about all of this. I’m barely passing my classes right now, and – “

“Kirishima.” Iida said sternly, putting his hand comfortingly over Kirishima’s. “Good grades are not a prerequisite for my affection.”

“I-I know, well I guess I didn’t know I guessed, but – “

“Look at yourself! Do you see your determination in class, in and out of training? I find myself wishing I could match your enthusiasm for everything you do. You possess incredibly admirable traits, Kirishima, and you shouldn’t ignore them!” he finished, pulling the shorter boy into a tight squeezing hug.

“T-thanks man,” Kirishima gasped out, smiling despite the tears collecting in the corners of his eyes. “Hey, don’t uh…don’t we have class?”

With a yelp, Iida jumped off of him, checking his watch with another yelp. He wasted no time in hurriedly buttoning up Kirishima’s shirt properly, again apologizing for touching him without his expressed consent, and pulled him down the hall to their next class. Kirishima couldn’t contain his laughter, especially not at the incredibly serious look on Iida’s face. God, if he wasn’t head over heels before, he sure was now.

Chapter Text

“Hell no.”

“Language, Bakugou.” Iida said tiredly without looking up from his homework.

“Sorry about that, I meant fuck no.”

Iida sighed, setting his pencil down and pinching the bridge of his nose. “I understand that you may be uncomfortable with it, but Kirishima and – “

“Of course it was his idea, idiot…” Bakugou mumbled, flicking through his phone distractedly. Iida gave him a pointed look.

“…and Ojiro” he held back a satisfied smile at Bakugou’s sudden attentiveness “both thought it might be fun to go on this double date. As I understand it, they are both rather excited about it, and it is our duty as their boyfriends to make it a pleasurable experience for them!”

Iida sat rigidly in his chair, waiting for any sort of response. Anything. He frowned as minutes passed by and not a word came out of Bakugou, not even a twitch.

“…is that a no then?” he ventured, shoulders dropping a little.


Iida sighed disappointedly, “Well I suppose we can’t make you do something you don’t want to, though keep in mind that – “

“No I didn’t mean no like no, I meant – ugh, just,” Bakugou made a strangled noise, face heating up. He turned away, mumbling something.

“Despite being in good health, there is no way I could have understood that with the way you were facing. Is something the matter?” Iida asked curiously, peering over at his…friend? After a quick thought, he supposed that yes, they were friends. In a sense, anyway, but then again most things involving Bakugou turned out to be a little unorthodox.

“We haven’t actually…” Bakugou gritted his teeth, the tips of his ears turning pink “…gone on any dates yet.”

“Oh? But you’ve been together – “

“For months, I know!” Bakugou shouted, throwing his arms up “And I’ve tried so many times, but every time I talk to him I…” he trailed off, his expression hard.

Frustrated? Iida mulled it over for a moment. Why would he be frustrated? It couldn’t be with Ojiro, he hadn’t really done anything…and besides, whenever he was brought up in conversation Bakugou tended to have a much softer expression on his face. Could it be Iida? Perhaps, but he’d only pointed out that their boyfriends had wanted to go out as two couples, which wasn’t that strange was it? What was he missing?! Iida looked over at Bakugou, who hadn’t moved a muscle since he’d stopped talking and was looking down at his lap with a scowl. Maybe…

“Every time you talk to him, you…get nervous?” the curt nod he receives in response encourages him to continue. “It’s normal to be nervous about that sort of thing! Asking someone out is no easy task, even if you’re already dating. Why, even I get flustered when Kirishima even mentions – “ he’s cut off in his ramblings by a smack to the arm.

“You don’t get it!” Bakugou hissed, crossing his arms over himself. “It’s been what, two months? Three months? And I haven’t done shit. Oji’s such a great fucking guy, and I don’t have the balls to even ask him out to dinner? What the fuck is that?!”

“I-I, um,” Iida found himself lost for words. He’d never been on the receiving end of a Bakugou rant before, nor had he ever heard the other boy express any emotion other than anger before. To be fair, he thought, frustration could be considered a subset of anger, but then again is WAS laced with affection and concern for Ojiro, and besides human emotions are much more complicated than one-word descriptions and – oh he was still talking at him. Oh. There he goes.

“ – not like I want to freeze up, it just happens! He deserves so much better than me, I have no fucking clue why he sticks around!”

“…because he likes you?”

“Yeah, but why?! I’m an asshole!” at least he’s self-aware, thought Iida with a frown.

“He obviously sees something in you that makes him want to be around you.” Iida decided to leave it at that, thinking it best not to include how he wasn’t entirely sure what it was Ojiro saw. His tailed classmate must have great vision.

“What could he possibly – “

Iida cut him off with a hand in front of his face “You’ll have to excuse me,” he said calmly, taking out his phone and dialing quickly “important phone call, can’t wait another moment.”

“You goddamn – !”


“Don’t ‘shh’ me you son of a b – “

“Hello Ojiro!” Iida said loudly, waving a hand at Bakugou dismissively. “Excuse my lack of bluntness here, but ah, is there any particular reason you like Bakugou? No, no, I’m just curious,” he laughed lightly at Ojiro’s confused tone.

“Glasses…” Bakugou growled, glaring daggers at Iida.

“Mm, he seems to be on the angry side most of the time though doesn’t he?” Iida said into the phone, glancing over at the seething blonde. Probably best to stop messing around with him, as fun as it was. He pulled the phone away from his ear, tapping the ‘speakerphone’ button.

“ – not just that…” Ojiro’s voice crackled through the speakers. Bakugou stopped his glaring and payed rapt attention to the phone, eyes laser-focused. “He’s…gosh, where do I start? He’s got like…this subtle way of showing affection, y’know? Like um…oh! Whenever I fall asleep on one of the common room couches he’ll put a blanket over me, or uh, shoot what’s another one…oh yeah! Er, don’t tell him this it’s embarrassing, but whenever he sits just a little bit closer it…makes me feel all warm inside. I haven’t seen him be all that physical with any of our classmates that often, and when he wants to be close to me it…I dunno…makes me feel special?” there’s a pause, and Bakugou holds his breath. “I-I hope that, uh, answers your question? It’s definitely not the whole story, but it’s what I can think of at the moment.” Another pause. “Iida?”

“Hm?” Iida blinks a few times, not realizing his mind had been drifting to other things. Mainly what his boyfriend was probably doing at the time…maybe working out…

“Have you asked him yet? If so, what’d he say?” Ojiro asked hopefully, sounding excited.

“Well…” Iida trailed off, looking at Bakugou’s wide eyes and frantic nodding “…he said he’d be delighted to spend time with you! Not quite in those words mind you, there was a fair bit of foul language.”

Ojiro’s laughter crackled out of the phone, accompanied by the comment of “That sounds like my Katsu! Anyway, thanks for asking for me, I meant to ask him earlier today but remembered all of the homework from Aizawa-sensei…sorry, I got a bit off topic there!”

“Not a problem, Ojiro! I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”


Bakugou kept staring at the phone even as Iida turned it off and placed it back on the table, continuing with his homework. Iida couldn’t help from stealing concerned glances at him though, and when after half an hour Bakugou still hadn’t moved he decided to intervene.

“I’m…sorry if I pushed you into agreeing. That wasn’t my intent. I simply – “ Iida cut himself off when he saw Bakugou shake his head slowly.

“He actually likes me…” Bakugou said quietly, almost to himself.

“I should hope so!” Iida furrowed his brows “You’ve been dating – “

“No, I mean…he’s never called me that before.”


“He’s…he’s never called me by my first name before, but just now he…he…” Bakugou trailed off, repeating what he’d heard over and over in his head. ‘That sounds like my Katsu’…’my Katsu’…god he was in deep. Just the sound of Ojiro’s laugh over crappy phone speakers had made his heart skip a beat. God fucking damnit, he was supposed to be stronger than this…not that he particularly minded in this case, but still.

“I believe I understand your situation,” Iida mused, getting a confused look from Bakugou. “Allow me to explain. Do you know the expression, ‘head over heels’?”

Bakugou groaned.





Here they were, at a restaurant together and he was definitely not uncomfortable. Not at all. The dress shirt he was wearing definitely wasn’t cutting into his neck at all, nor was the belt he’d chosen to wear restricting his movement every time he shifted in his seat. Kirishima bit the inside of his cheek, looking around the table. Everyone was close to being done with dinner it seemed, so that meant the date would be over soon! He slouched, frowning at himself for thinking that way. He should be happy to be spending time with his friends and partner! And he was, he definitely was enjoying their company, but…the location sucked ass.

Gaudy curtains framed the windows, and fake candles dotted the tables to give the restaurant an ambience that more creeped Kirishima out than made him feel a sense of romance. Not to mention that he felt very much out of place; it was by no means a ‘fancy’ restaurant, though everyone else there was dressed rather nicely and seemed to be carrying on polite conversation, while Kirishima was just…Kirishima. Bright red hair gelled to the heavens, loud barking laughs that made other diners look over at their table every once in a while with disapproving frowns.

Looking over to Bakugou and Ojiro, he smiled at how his friends seemed to be having a good time at least. Bakugou payed close attention to Ojiro as he told a stories about how many things he’d accidentally knocked over with his tail when it had first grown in.

Thankfully, the dinner ended shortly after they paid and, with a quick word from Bakugou that he and Ojiro would be heading back to the dorms to watch a movie, Kirishima was left alone with Iida on the sidewalk as they watched their friends depart.

“Would you like to walk around some?” Iida offered, holding out his hand for Kirishima to take.

Kirishima nodded, folding their fingers together haphazardly as they started off down a nearby path. Iida steered them towards a public park, which had Kirishima beginning to relax despite the constrictive clothing he was wearing.

“Are you alright?” Iida asked from beside him, sounding worried. “You’ve been tense ever since we arrived. I thought maybe…are you uncomfortable? We don’t need to publicly show our relationship if you’d like, after all it’s only us that really need to know – “

“Nah, it’s uh,” Kirishima felt his face grow hot and gripped his boyfriend’s hand tighter “I just felt a little out of place there.”

Iida cocked his head to the side, slowing his pace. “How so?”

Kirishima squirmed. “People kept, y’know, staring at us. At me.”

Iida led them to a bench and sat down, Kirishima following suit. The park was peaceful this time of night, if not a bit chilly.

“I guess I just felt weird in there.” Kirishima shrugged, giving Iida an uneasy smile.

“I’m sorry that situation was uncomfortable. I will ensure our next date doesn’t follow the same parameters as this one.” Iida said firmly, eyes filled with determination. “Although…I regretfully admit that I may have been part of the problem.”


“You said people looking at you made you feel uncomfortable, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of you the whole meal.” Iida confessed, cheeks tinging pink.

“O-oh…” Kirishima couldn’t have stopped the smile forming on his face if he’d wanted to.

“Although, something is a bit off…” Iida squinted, looking closely at Kirishima, whose breath caught as he felt Iida’s hand on the collar of his shirt. “…may I?”

“God yes,” Kirishima let out, sighing as two buttons were undone “I thought I was gonna die in there, I could barely breathe.”

“As you boyfriend and class rep, I must point out how irresponsible that is!” Iida exclaimed, rubbing gently at the red mark left on Kirishima’s neck.

“Well the shirt was a bit tight yeah, but the real reason I couldn’t breathe is because you take my breath away.” Kirishima whispered coyly, chuckling at the surprised noised from Iida. “Kaminari told me to use that one, glad I actually took his advice for once – ah!” Kirishima cut himself off with a squeak, pulling away from Iida slightly “S-sorry, just hurt a little bit. Guess I won’t be wearing this shirt again anytime soon.”

Iida nodded, pulling his hand away. “Noted. When we get back to the dorms, I shall get you some ice for that. It’s small and should heal quickly, but one can never be too careful.” he thought for a moment “There is…something I can do to help now, though.”

“Eh?” Kirishima tilted his head. Unless Iida had some secret ice quirk that he’d never noticed before, he – oh, OH. He keened as he felt warm lips on his neck, following the angry red line his shirt collar had carved into him. “Ten – ah…” he sighed, leaning into Iida as his boyfriend lapped a line down his neck, coaxing all sorts of embarrassing squeaks out of him.

“Eijirou…” Iida whispered, sending a shiver down Kirishima’s spine “…as much as I enjoy you and your company, we should head back to the dorms…it isn’t proper to be out here like this, in fact it is quite illegal for a couple to – mmmph!” he melted almost immediately into the kiss, even whining a little when Kirishima pulled back.

“Let’s go, then.” Kirishima winked, taking Iida’s hand.

Chapter Text

Today was the day. He was going to walk right up to Ojiro, smile, and ask him out. Simple, he kept telling himself. Super simple stuff.

“Oh, hello Kirishima! Can I help you with something?” or maybe not.

Kirishima blinked, cursing his feet for moving him in front of Ojiro’s desk without his knowing. Oh god Ojiro was right there, he was Right There in front of him and smiling that small smile he always had on and fuck he should really say something shouldn’t he.

“Kirishima?” Ojiro chuckled, waving a hand in front of his face “Anyone in there?”

“Yep that’s me!” Kirihsima found himself saying, forcing himself to smile despite his nerves. “Sorry, been training a bit more lately and haven’t figured out my sleep schedule yet.” he said sheepishly, hoping Ojiro would buy such a stupid excuse.

“No problem, I get how important sleep is.” Ojiro waved him off good-naturedly. “Speaking of, have you noticed how Aizawa-sensei seems to be more tired that usual?”

They continued into casual conversation, Kirishima managing to keep his fidgeting to a minimum as he laughed along with Ojiro and tried to keep his composure when the other boy’s arm brushed against his.

This was going to be a lot harder than anticipated.





“Oi, shitlord – “

“ – or shlord, if you will – “ Kaminari interjected, getting an elbow in his side from Bakugou.

“Shut up. Hey.” Bakugou jabbed Kirishima in the side, getting his attention. “Fucking pay attention.”

“Huh?” Kirishima tore his eyes away from watching his classmates spar. “But I am paying attention?”

“Not to the fight you’re not.” he scoffed, folding his arms. “Stop oogling the monkey man and focus on their fighting tactics.”

Kirishima choked, gaining a few hard slams on the back from Sero to steady his breathing once again. “I…what?! I’m not – !”

“Yeah yeah whatever, just pay attention.”

Kirishima pouted. He hadn’t been “oogling” Ojiro, at least not intentionally. It was just hard not to look at him…hm maybe that sounded a bit like oogling. But he was watching the fight! He definitely was! He just kept getting distracted watching Ojiro flick his tail around, god he wished he had half the agility or a quarter of the split-second decision-making skills as him…

“Oi.” another jab to his side brought him from his thoughts.


“Just fucking ask him out, dipshit.” Bakugou said quietly, though in Bakugou volume it was more of a regular person’s speaking voice.

“Shhh!!” Kirishima slapped a hand over Bakugou’s mouth “You can’t just – oh my god bro did you just lick me?!”

“Ask him out.” Bakugou hissed, glaring daggers at him.





Mina had said Ojiro was in the common room reading. Okay. Now was the time. He could do this. Kirishima paced his room, thumbing at the hem of his shirt. All he had to do was take the elevator down, walk up to him, ask him out.

“Hey Kiri, did you – “

Kirishima yelped, jumping a good foot into the air before turning around to see Mina standing in his doorway with an amused expression.

“I guess that’s a no, you haven’t asked him yet?”


“Would it help if I went with you?” she suggested, tugging on his sleeve.

“I…you know, maybe? Thanks Mina…” he sighed, letting himself be led into the elevator.

The doors opened with a ding and they stepped out, Mina dragging him towards the couches. As soon as he saw the light tuft of hair, however, Kirishima found himself practically digging his heels into the carpet and grunting in protest.

“Kiri – stop that – Kiri come on!” she whined, pulling his arm with both hands.

“But what do I say?” he whispered desperately, trying to tug his arm back.

“Wha – you haven’t thought about what you’re gonna say?!” her jaw dropped. “Kiri!!”

Movement brought Kirishima’s attention back to the couches, where he met a pair of curious eyes. He blinked back. Shit.

“Hey Oji!” chirped Mina, jerking Kirishima over to the couch “Whatcha reading?”

“I’m…not entirely sure how to describe it, actually,” Ojiro chuckled, slipping a bookmark in between the pages. “Tokoyami recommended it to me, and while I do enjoy reading it, it can…a bit confusing?”

“That’s great, Kirishima loves weird shit! Why don’t you tell him about it while I go get a snack alright? Okay see ya!”

Kirishima sat on the couch awkwardly, not sure what to do with his arms.

“Would you…like to hear about it?” Ojiro asked shyly, wiggling the book a little.

“Huh? Oh, yeah sure!”

Ojiro smiled, cracking open the book to the first page and squinting as he followed along with his eyes. “Let’s see, starts off…kinda normal I guess? It’s a little wordy, here I’ll try to explain it in a way that makes sense…”

Kirishima payed rapt attention, hanging onto every word Ojiro said. He didn’t understand the plot of the story in the slightest, but for some reason the way Ojiro was telling it made him never want to leave that spot ever again.

“…and there’s actually a few more books to this, it’s a bit of a series. Just by the titles they sounds really weird – ah, weird in a good way I mean – and interesting. I think the next one is The Restaurant at the End of the Universe or something like that?”

“Hm…” Kirishima found himself wondering what sort of restaurant that would be…probably something a lot of people enjoy, maybe outside seating…? No no no that doesn’t make sense in space, what was he thinking.

“Something on your mind?” Ojiro nudged him gently, breaking him from his thinking spell.

“O-oh, uh, I was just thinking…that’d be a real weird place to put a McDonald’s.” thank you, brain. Very insightful.

“Oh?” Ojiro’s lips quirked up into a smile.

“Like…imagine you’re an astronaut and you get a hankering for a burger and fries, but then the closest place is all the way at the end of the universe. Sounds inconvenient, y’know?”

Ojiro’s laugh filled the room, making Kirishima’s heart swell. God damn he had it bad. Once he’d managed to calm down a little, Ojiro responded with “What…what about Earth?”


“I suppose it would depend on where in space the astronaut is, though odds are Earth is going to be closer than the end of the universe, right?”

“Oh…hm…y’know I kinda forgot about that for a second.”

“Wha – our planet?”

Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment “...maybe?” he froze as he felt something soft brush against his cheek.

“You’re blushing, it’s cute...” Ojiro said softly, bringing his tail back to rest by his side. “Ah, sorry if that was too forward…”

“Would you like to out go get me with food?” Kirishima blurted. “Erm, I mean, go out? To get food? With me?”

Ojiro smiled, taking one of Kirishima’s hands in his. “I would love to out go get you with food.”

“That wasn’t my fault, you made me nervous.” Kirishima defended, flushing darker.

“I make you nervous?” Ojiro’s eyebrows knit together.

“Well yeah! Have you met you? You’re so manly! Always super polite to everyone, keeping everyone’s best interest in mind, not to mention how strong you are man! Like yeah your tail is super strong but so is the rest of you too! I couldn’t not stare at you during practice, you were so – “ Kirishima cut himself off, looking away “I, uh, didn’t mean to say that last part, kinda slipped out.”

“Are you hungry right now?”


“Are you hungry?”

Kirishima thought for a moment, then shook his head. “Not really. But, uh, why?”

“Me neither. We can go get something to eat later, so for now do you want to just hang out here?” Ojiro asked, laying his tail across Kirishima’s shoulder.

“Yes!” Kirishima said quickly, then cleared his throat. “Um, yeah that sounds good to me.”

Ojiro chuckled, opening his book to where he’d placed his bookmark. After a minute or two, Kirishima risked leaning more into the boy next to him. Finding no resistance, he eventually found himself laying his head on Ojiro’s strong shoulder, almost eye-level with the pages of the book. Kirishima still didn’t really understand it that well, but with the steady hum of Ojiro reading under his breath and the sound of the pages turning every now and then he was more than content to sit there until the very end.

Chapter Text

Shoji sighed. The past hour had been a shitshow. No, the whole day had been a shitshow and this was just the jazz-hands finale to everything. What had started off as a normal training outing had, predictably, ended in a villain attack.

“Shoji! Shinso!” someone called from his left, and he turned. Iida waved him over frantically, dragging over a heap of orange and black that looked suspiciously like Shoji’s boyfriend.

He took a quick look at his surroundings; disheveled classmates, ruined architecture…to be fair, it had been less of an attack and more of them stumbling upon something illegal, with the following fight really as the villains defending themselves in a sense. Whatever the case, Iida looked pretty damn worried, and Shoji made his way over quickly, noting the purple-haired boy that joined him.

“He’s been badly hurt, yet insists on still fighting – “ Iida gestured to Bakugou, grabbing him roughly by the arm as he tried to sit up “ – and I need you two to assist him in leaving! The pros should be here soon, but there is no telling what will happen between now and when they arrive.”

Shoji nodded.

“With all due respect…” Shinso began, sending a disinterested look towards Bakugou “…I have to refuse. I can’t think of a worse idea than trying to manually remove this fucker from a fight.”

“Shinso!” Iida exclaimed, moving out of the way as Shoji made to pick Bakugou up.

“Touch me and you’re dead.” the blonde growled through gritted teeth, holding his arms tightly around his midsection.

“See what I mean? He’d honestly be safer here.” Shinso shrugged. Shoji sent Iida a sympathetic look, poor guy looked about ready to scream.

“That – “ Iida gestured to their right, where a villain was using their quirk to send cars flying at their classmates “ – is safe?!”

“Listen to mindfuck. I – oi!” he thrashed as Shoji picked him up effortlessly, thankfully too spent to use his quirk.

Shoji rolled his eyes, starting off in the direction opposite the fight. Asshole or not, he’d prefer to help keep his classmates alive.

“Ah – thank you, Shoji!” Iida called after him, helplessly gesturing Shinso to follow them. Shinso sighed at something Iida said to him, squaring his shoulder and jogging for a few seconds to catch up to them.

“PUT ME DOWN YOU MULTI-ARMED BASTARD!” Bakugou struggled, in vain, to wriggle himself out of Shoji’s vice grip.

“No.” he replied simply.

“Why the fuck not?!” when Shoji remained silent, Bakugou snarled. “YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU BUT RIGHT FUCKING NOW I SWEAR TO GOD – “

“Bakugou.” Shinso sighed, turning to look at him “Why are you such a colossal asshole?”

“I’LL SHOW YOU COLOSSAL ASSHOLE YOU SON OF A – “ Bakugou froze, eyes turning glassy.

“Now be a good boy and let him carry you.” he said tiredly, watching as Bakugou’s body went limp. He didn’t relish those around him when he woke up from that…that would be him. Unfortunate. Shoji relaxed his posture some, enjoying the freedom of not having to constantly brace for impact.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”





They weren’t in the middle of nowhere, but boy howdy were they far fucking away from anywhere deemed habitable. Aizawa had said something about ‘needing to be able to adapt to different terrains’. Shoji thought it best not to remind him that the USJ had perfectly adequate terrain diversity while still being within city limits.

“Can he still see and hear?” Shoji asked quietly, shifting his hold on Bakugou to better support the boy’s head.

“Probably. I’m more worried about what he’ll do once he’s out.” Shinso’s expression turned to a frown, looking at Bakugou with perplexed eyes. “Um.”

“Something the matter?”

“Yeah, he’s…not under my control anymore. Stop for a sec, set him down.” Shinso commanded, immediately scanning up and down Bakugou’s body, zeroing in on a dark stain on his lower abdomen. “Motherfucker…” Shoji’s blood ran cold. He knew he’d been injured, but…

He watched as Shinso kept swearing under his breath, reaching into a small pouch on his costume to bring out a small bottle and what looked like a small hard candy.

“Styptic powder.” Shinso said, uncapping it and ripping open Bakugou’s costume. He sucked in a breath at seeing the puncture. Damn that’s deep.

He shook the bottle over the wound, blood still trickling out slowly, using the ripped pieces of Bakugou’s costume to help further staunch the flow. Shinso looked laser-focused, hardly blinking as he stared down at his classmate. Slowly, Bakugou’s chest began rising and falling in a steady rhythm again, and Shinso let out a breath of his own.

“He should be fine.” Shinso said finally, sitting back on his heels. At Shoji’s blink, he explained. “Powder helped stop the bleeding. I don’t think he even lost that much blood, but it’s deep so…he’ll likely be out of commission for a while.”

“I see.” Shoji nodded, sitting down next to him. “What’s that?”

“Hm?” Shinso flicked his eyes to the hand Shoji had nodded towards, eyebrows scrunching together. “I…don’t know. Not really. Got a few from a support student, she said it would help with short-term pain and healing, though apparently they’re still working out all the kinks.”

“Could it be dangerous?”

“Mm,” Shinso held it up, squinting at it “…nah. Probably.”

Both of their gazes shot to Bakugou as the boy stirred, Shoji instinctively reaching to pick him up again in case he resumed his struggle. Even when that didn’t happen in the following moments, Shoji’s hold on him remained. He couldn’t be too careful, and it was oddly comforting to hold Bakugou so close to him.

“Hey.” Shinso tapped Bakugou’s arm, getting a groan in response.

“Fuck you want.” one eye popped open. It was progress, at least.

“Here.” in one fluid movement, Shinso unwrapped the small candy and popped it into Bakugou’s mouth, closing his mouth forcefully he swallowed out of surprise.

“T-the fuck was that?!” Bakugou sputtered, sending a murderous glare his way.

“It’s medicine, you ass.”

“Well how was I supposed to know that? Could’ve been – “

“What. Rat poison? Arsenic?” Shinso challenged, standing up. “Not everyone’s out to get you.”

Bakugou flushed, squeezing his lips together tightly. After standing as well, Shoji patted him comfortingly with a free hand and, surprisingly, wasn’t swatted away. Progress.

After a bit of walking, Shinso sent a glance Bakugou’s way.

“Spit it out.”


“Whatever you’re going to say. Otherwise you look like you’ll explode.”

“Fucking – “ Bakugou took in a breath “fine. First off, fuck you – “

“ – as per usual. Please continue.”

Bakugou growled under his breath, tensing. Shoji snuck a hand over to Bakugou’s and gave it a squeeze, hearing a little horn of victory go off in his head at Bakugou’s returning it. More progress.

“Fine. You said not everyone’s out to get me. Sure, I’ll give ya that, ‘s probably true. But,” he gave Shinso a look “from what I can see, you’ve had it in for me since day one.”

Shinso snorted. “That so? Lemme ask you something then, Blasty McSplode; why do you think that is?”

Bakugou gave him another look, to which Shinso huffed.

“See? That’s the shit I’m talking about. You were such an ass when I met you that it was pretty fucking easy to not like you right away. Do you honestly think I just hate people for the fun of it? That I just go ‘hey, you know what would be fun? if I just shit all over this one guy in class 1-a, yeah that’d be fun.’ While we’re on it, I don’t hate you. You’re just an asshole.”


“I was serious when I said I wasn’t here to make friends. But I’m not a dick, Bakugou.”

“Yeah, well,” Bakugou looked away, lips pressed into a thin line “for the record, I don’t hate you either.”

Shinso blinked, confused. “Then why the fuck – “

“Because I’m me!” Bakugou shot back, baring his teeth “That’s just how the fuck I am! I know I’m an asshole, I’m trying to fucking fix it okay?!”

“…okay.” Shinso said after a moment. He gestured for Shoji to move his arm a bit, to which Shoji did so albeit with a confused eyebrow raise. Shinso gently pressed his fingers to the makeshift bandage on Bakugou’s abdomen, checking for blood.

“Hey hey, I know we just had a moment or whatever but I ain’t the type of person to just – “ Bakugou’s face scrunched up in pain. “Congrats. You fucking found it. Now get off.”

“It’s stopped bleeding,” Shinso said, removing his hand gingerly “and feels warm to the touch, just as the support student said it should. Hopefully that means it’s working.”

“Whadda you mean ‘hopefully’?!” Bakugou glared, folding himself closer to Shoji.

“They’re still testing it, apparently.” Shoji said, squeezing Bakugou’s hand again.

Bakugou let a breath out through his nose, closing his eyes tightly. “You know fucking what? Fine. Today’s a great day to be a hamster. Fuck it.”

“Guinea pig, I think you mean.” Shinso supplied boredly, waving down an approaching aid car.

“Don’t push you luck, mindfuck.”

Chapter Text

Shoji shuffled down the hallway, nearly half-asleep from the day before. He hadn’t heard from Bakugou since he’d been checked into the hospital, though had heard through the class 1-a grapevine that he’d been discharged sometime around 2. Where he’d gone off to after that, Shoji had no idea. If it had been him, he would’ve gone straight to his dorm and slept for a week straight.

As it was, Shoji was content with just sleeping a bit more into the following morning. Yawning as he trod over to his futon, he almost missed the tuft of blonde hair poking out from under the covers. That was new. He slowed his movements, making sure his dorm door was closed before reaching out a hand to brush through Bakugou’s unruly hair.

“That better be you, babe…” Bakugou mumbled, leaning into his touch with a sigh while Shoji held back a chuckle.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like shit.”

Shoji pulled back the sheets, gently feeling along Bakugou’s abdomen for a bandage or…anything, really. When he didn’t find any hint of the wound from before, he met Bakugou’s sleepy gaze with confused eyes.

“What?” Bakugou blinked at him slowly.

“Your injury…?”

“Oh, yeah that’s all good.”

Shoji let out a frustrated grunt. His boyfriend was a real ass sometimes, even when he didn’t mean to be.

“C’mere.” Bakugou tugged him down, scooting over to accommodate him. It was more of a rough pull than a tug, and had Shoji nearly slamming down on top of his boyfriend instead of onto the empty space of the bed.

“Kats – “

“I’m sorry for yesterday.” Bakugou mumbled, nudging himself into Shoji’s embrace. “I didn’t mean to yell at you. I know you’re not phased by that shit but I still feel bad about it.”

“It’s o – “

“Don’t you dare say it’s okay.” Bakugou grabbed onto the end of one of Shoji’s arms, giving a light squeeze. “‘Cause it’s not. It’s a real shit thing to do to your boyfriend who’s just trying to help you.” he finished through gritted teeth, face sliding more and more into the pillow.

Shoji hummed, forming a hand to rub down Bakugou’s back comfortingly. After a moment, he formed a mouth on the end of another arm, leaving a few kisses along Bakugou’s shoulder before quietly whispering ‘thank you’ to him.

“What the hell for?” Bakugou whispered back, most certainly not trembling to any capacity. Not that he would ever admit it if he were.



“In the time I’ve known you, you’ve grown so much as a person. Yesterday is a great example, you talked things through with Shinso rather than resorting to physical violence.”

Bakugou snorted, burying his face in Shoji’s chest to hide his growing smile. “It was a yelling match, babe.”

“I stand by what I said.”

“Fuck,” Bakugou let out a breathy laugh, squeezing Shoji’s hand tighter “what did I do to deserve you, eh?”

Shoji shrugged, rolling over a moment to pull the covers over them. “Goodnight.”

“Hey universe, I’d like a fucking answer. I’m genuinely curious.”

“…goodnight Katsuki.”

Chapter Text

Tokoyami sat on the furthest couch, trying his best to focus on the book in his lap. It was one of the few days of the week he had free time, and he’d be damned if he was going to let it be overshadowed by other people talking loudly in the common space. He supposed he could always move to his room, but the common area couches were so much more comfortable. So, he stayed put, letting out a sigh of relief when his classmates finally disbanded and went their separate ways. He could finally have some time to himself, he thought as he happily nestled further into the cushions.

That is, until a certain flamboyant blonde came over and plopped himself onto the other end of the couch Tokoyami was sitting on. He gave a huff of disapproval, but otherwise made no hint of acknowledgement, continuing on with his book. There was a cushion of buffer between them, he needn’t worry just yet, he told himself.

Aoyama, for his part, wasn’t being as obnoxious as he had been earlier, talking and laughing loudly with his classmates and all. On the contrary, Tokoyami noted, now he was merely doing something on his phone, earphones in and mostly still save for his foot tapping rhythmically against his thigh.

Then the humming started.

Admittedly it wasn’t the worst tune in the world, but it was certainly distracting Tokoyami from the page he was on; he’d been reading the same paragraph over and over again for the past few minutes and hadn’t soaked in a single word. Clearing his throat, he made an attempt to get Aoyama’s attention. Alas, the boy continued to hum along to his music, blissfully unaware of the world around him. Tokoyami sighed. He was going to have to actually interact with someone. How dismal.

“Excuse me,” Tokoyami started off quietly, frowning at the nonexistent response he received. He didn’t have it in him to talk much louder, and he was already so comfortable where he was... “Dark shadow, could you…?”

“Yeah yeah, whatever!” Dark Shadow scoffed, manifesting from Tokoyami’s torso. The shadowy bird zoomed over to Aoyama and tapped the boy with a claw (finger? feather? he was never sure as to which it actually was).

“Ah?” Aoyama popped out an earbud, looking curiously to the side, smiling when his gaze fell upon Dark Shadow. “Bonjour, petit corbeau~ Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Your humming.” Tokoyami said curtly. Aoyama visibly brightened, turning his phone screen towards him.

“A very enchanting tune, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head as of late! If you would like, I could send you – “

“I, er, thank you, but I meant that it was a bit distracting.” Tokoyami gestured to his book, feeling his neck redden in embarrassment. It was times like these he was thankful for his choker.

“Ah, no problem.” Aoyama said, smile never wavering. “I shall let you get back to your book, oui?” he finished with a wink, putting his earbud back in. True to his word, the humming from before didn’t return for the next ten minutes.

Just when Tokoyami had settled back down into a comfortable reading position, a tapping at his leg caught his attention. Dark Shadow.

“What.” he whispered, not taking his eyes off his book.

“I’m bored. I wanna sit with him.”

“What?!” he hissed back, trying in vain to stay focused on the plot of his novel.

“It’s not like you’re doing anything interesting!” Dark Shadow shot back, moving further away from Tokoyami.

“Don’t.” he said sternly, giving up on his book. “It’s rude to interrupt someone, Dark Shadow.”

“He’s got a real shiny belt y’know…” Dark Shadow said slowly, eyeing Aoyama’s waist.

“Don’t.” Tokoyami repeated, turning back to his book after Dark Shadow gave him a frustrated huff.

That should have been the end of it, but alas it was not to be. Tokoyami got about three more lines of reading in before a strange sensation caused him to look up. It wasn’t necessarily a bad sensation, just…strange. It was almost as if Dark Shadow was – Tokoyami almost blanched when he looked to the side. Dark Shadow, with the smuggest goddamn smile, getting head scritches from Aoyama. The boy in question was still focused on his phone, it was just that now his other hand was combing through Dark Shadow’s plumage.

Not that Tokoyami minded; on the contrary, it had begun to feel rather soothing, but he still had his pride to uphold, damnit. He wasn’t some pet, he was –

“Hrmn.” Tokoyami let out an inadvertent grunt as Aoyama petted farther down Dark Shadow, catching the boy’s attention.

“Ah, pardon monsieur, I could not resist his puppy eyes.” Aoyama chuckled, stroking Dark Shadow’s beak.

“It’s not…bad.” Tokoyami said stiffly, ignored Dark Shadow blowing a raspberry at him.

“I must admit, I’ve always wondered what yours felt like, corbeau.” Aoyama said, unasked question hanging in the air as he patted the cushion next to him invitingly.

“You can read sideways, can’t you?” Dark Shadow quipped, and Tokoyami would’ve flicked him in the beak had he been closer.

“I trust you to tell naught but a soul about this, Yuuga. I know where you live.” Tokoyami threatened as he repositioned to lay on his side, letting out an undignified squawk when Dark Shadow nudged him so that his head fell onto Aoyama’s lap instead of the cushion.

“Mon corbeau, we live in the same dorm!” Aoyama laughed, ghosting his hand over Tokoyami’s feathers. Tokoyami instinctively twitched away, getting another breathy laugh out of Aoyama. “I will tell no one, you have my word.”

Tokoyami didn’t respond, just grumbled something unintelligible and opened his book. It was a bit awkward, he had to keep it perched on the edge on the couch in order to be able to see the entire page all at once, though he supposed that didn’t really matter if he needed to block one of the pages anyway with his other hand in order to keep the book from closing in on itself.

None of that mattered, though. Not when Aoyama suddenly ran his hand softly against his scalp, against the grain. Normally, Tokoyami would be worried about how “fluffed-up” it made him look, but the way Aoyama moved was so gentle, and, well, it felt nice to have someone touch him like that.

Aoyama’s hand made its way to the back of Tokoyami’s neck, playing with a few of the downier feathers down by his nape, sending a shiver through his body.

“Was that alright? Are you uncomfortable?” Aoyama asked, pausing in his movements.

“No, I…” Tokoyami fidgeted with the cover of his book “I…I mean yes, just…do that again please…”

“Oui, whatever you say~”

Tokoyami sighed as Aoyama continued to pet through his feathers, this time with both hands, every once in a while going back to brush the softer feathers of his neck. Book forgotten by this point, Tokoyami let his eyes drift closed, shuffling the rest of his body closer to Aoyama.

“Sweet dreams, corbeau…” he heard Aoyama whisper above him, soon after feeling something warm and soft press against his beak for a moment before retreating. Strange.

Chapter Text

Izuku gritted his teeth, digging his heels into the dirt as he skidded across the ground. This villain wasn’t going down without a fight, and damn what a fight it was; he’d already had to drag several civilians out of a collapsing building while simultaneously blocking constant hits from the villain.

“Looks like you’re getting tired, Deku!” the villain taunted, insectoid wings zipping too fast for Izuku to track with his eyes. “Could it be, little old me, the one to beat the number one hero?” she held her hands to her chest in mock surprise.

“Whatever you’ve got going on with your boss, you can just – “ Izuku twisted to the side, narrowly avoiding the oncoming volley of poisonous darts fired from the villain’s…tail? He hadn’t had time to read the debrief too closely, the most he’d gotten was that Rei Suguyami, ex-assistant for the second-largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, had suddenly attacked the office of her old employer.

“Just what, talk it out? Hah!” she spat, dodging his punches with a series of spiraling spins, landing on the ground panting. “That bastard doesn’t deserve the chance to talk after what he did to my team!”


Pausing for that split second was Izuku’s downfall; before he could react, three darts pierced through the chest of his hero costume. He sucked in a breath, falling to his knees with a frustrated grunt. This wasn’t supposed to happen, he thought angrily as he fought to keep his composure. He was the number one hero now, he couldn’t let himself be beaten so easily.

“Be a good boy now and stay down.” she said sternly, flying over to him and easily knocking him down to supporting himself on his hands and knees.

“Y-you…I won’t let you get away…” Izuku managed to get out, shooting a glare up at her. “All those people, innocent civilians, you – “

“I didn’t hurt any of them, did I?” she blinked her large compound eyes at him, narrowing them to slits. “My fight isn’t with you, and it isn’t with any of them. My only goal is giving that rat-bastard what’s coming to him.” she gestured to the now-smoldering office building. “Don’t worry, it’s privately owned, by him of course. The only thing hurt should be his massive fucking wallet.”

“W-why…you, you could’ve filed a complaint…about whatever happened…” Izuku fought through the dizziness of his vision to see her expression turn sour.

“You think I didn’t try that?” she hissed, grabbing him by the collar and hoisting him up to face-level “You think I didn’t do everything in my power to protect my team? You think I just stood by as that man experimented on my co-workers, my only family? Tell me something Deku, what would you have done? If the only way for justice to prevail were to dabble in villainy, would you save your loved ones or would you side with the law?”

He slumped in her grip, a sudden wave of static in his head rendering him unable to answer for a moment.

“I see.” she said quietly, setting him back down. “You know, I respect you. Our fight has been fun, but I’ll be leaving now – “

“No…” Izuku said weakly, scratching at a larger piece to try to pull himself up.

“Stay down.” she glanced at the darts still embedded in his chest. “Mm, you’ll want to take those out. They won’t kill you, but they’ll keep pumping you full of venom until they’re empty.” she explained, twirling an unused dart between her fingers nonchalantly.

Despite the growing feverish feeling washing over his body, Izuku forced himself to stand, yanking one of the darts out and gripping it tightly in his fist.

She smiled sympathetically, flitting up off the ground a few inches “Ah, to be young and fearless again.” she turned to leave, eyebrows furrowing together when her wings met resistance. “Wh – “

“Greetings! I understand you’ve been giving Deku a hard time down there!” a booming voice crashed down on them from…somewhere. Izuku did his best to look around without falling over, wincing as he pulled a second dart from himself. Maybe while she was distracted…

“You’re not usually stationed here, are you?” Rei asked curiously “I don’t recognize you from the list of heroes in the district – not so fast, you.” without turning her head, she sent a weak kick Izuku’s way, knocking the darts out of his hands. Damn, he’d forgotten about those multi-directional eyes…he wondered just how far to the side she could actually see?

“I was passing through the area, and couldn’t bear to pass up the opportunity to join such an animated fight!”

“May I at least have your name before I render you immobile?” she asked, raising her tail, ready to shoot darts as soon as the body attached to the booming voice presented itself.

Izuku heaved a breath, tugging at the collar of his costume. Too hot, everything was too hot. He panted, falling to his knees once more.

“I told you to take those out.” she scowled at him, tugging the last dart out herself. “I have no intention of making you suffer.”

“S-says you…”

“Yes, says me – there you are!”

“My hero name is Gale Force! Nice to meet you!” a forceful gust of wind pushed Izuku flat against the ground. Not that he was going anywhere fast anyway, but it would’ve been nice to get a warning. Managing to look over, Izuku saw that Rei wasn’t too much better, her wings useless against the constant rippling wind currents.

Izuku must have blacked out for at least a few minutes after that, because he was now being hoisted up by large, warm hands. Warm was an understatement really, every touch to his body made him feel as if his skin were sizzling. His costume felt much too tight, why had they made it so tight to his skin?! Izuku panted, desperately trying to get more air to his lungs.

“Breathe, Midoriya! The fight is over, you can relax!”

That was…Gale Force, Izuku remembered him saying. He didn’t recognize the name, but the voice…no, he’d definitely heard it before. It couldn’t have been at UA, nor any of his agency meetings. Something else then…?

“Midoriya?” a hand waved in front of his face, and Izuku’s eyes slowly rolled over to look towards the person’s face. Sharp features, short-cropped hair, intense gaze…that student from Shiketsu? The one Todoroki fought with during the provisional license exam way back in their first year at UA??

“I…Inasa?” Izuku ventured, gritting his teeth as he tried to sit up. He felt a river of sweat pouring off of him, his body’s attempt to cool him down not working in the slightest, though he appreciated the effort.

“You remembered!” Inasa grinned down at him, easily lifting him in his arms as he stood.

Izuku squirmed, now much too close to another heat-producing organism for his situation to be any sort of bearable.

“I noticed you had things sticking out of your chest earlier, what were they? You aren’t bleeding, I checked.”

“U-um, I think…um…” Izuku squeezed his eyes shut, concentrating “…n-not sticks, um…I-I think, p-projectiles? F-from her…tail?”

“Oh, her darts! The EMTs said the effects shouldn’t last too long.” Inasa explained, shifting Izuku in his arms a little as he strode down the sidewalk.

“W-where…are we going?”

“I was instructed to take you home! They felt you would be more comfortable riding it out there than in a hospital.”

“And…” Izuku shivered, his body probably confused as to what to do at this point “…you know where I live?”

“Oh…” Inasa slowed to a stop, giving Izuku a sheepish smile. “My apologies, I took off without thinking! I will do better next time, I assure you!”

Not quite sure how to respond, Izuku settled on just telling Inasa his address, in too much discomfort for the thought of privacy to even cross his mind. He trusted that the other hero wouldn’t tell anyone, and if he did, well…he didn’t think about that. He’d deal with it later, if it came to it.

“Here we are! I should stay with you until you are able to at least walk, hm?” Inasa said, accepting the keys Izuku’s shaking hands offered him.

“T-thanks…” Izuku gasped as he was placed onto his normally very soft and comfortable couch, now turned unbearably warm and irritating.

“Are you alright? Well of course you’re not alright, that much is clear, but is there something I can do to help?” Inasa have him a concerned look, sitting down next to him.

“U-um, I-I’m sorry to ask this, but…um…” Izuku thought for a moment, sweat beading on his brow. Fuck it, he could be embarrassed later, right now he’d rather claw his own skin off than suffer any longer. He swallowed hard, squirming against his hero suit. “C-could you help me get out of this?”

“Of course!” Inasa answered cheerfully, picking Izuku up and wandering around the apartment for a moment before finding the bedroom.

“U-um!” Izuku squeaked, shooting Inasa a questioning look. The man shrugged, setting him down on the bed.

“There was a large window.” he explained, gingerly running his fingers along the seams of Izuku’s hero costume and frowning.

“Zipper’s in the front.” Izuku panted out, feeling as if he were three seconds away from blacking out again.

“Ah, thank you!” in one swift motion, Inasa unzipped Izuku’s costume with gusto, a welcome gust of air hitting the shorter man’s exposed chest. At that, Izuku couldn’t help but let out a moan of relief, nodding his head at Inasa to keep going when he hesitated for a moment. “Damn, you must’ve gotten hit pretty hard by those darts.” Inasa whistled, stripping Izuku of his suit and tossing it to the side.

“Yeah…three got me…” Izuku croaked, flopping back against the cool sheets with a relieved sigh. “Thank you…it feels like I have ten fevers stacked on top of each other…”

“Some ice, then?” Inasa offered, already walking off to find the kitchen. Izuku didn’t bother to respond, as the man returned within seconds with a towel wrapped around a small pile of ice cubes.

A cool, wet cloth was pressed to Izuku’s head, and he closed his eyes as he let out a slow breath. That was so much better, good lord it felt like heaven. He relaxed further as Inasa pressed the bundle of ice to his chest, over the bruises the darts had left. Izuku tensed as the ice moved around, somehow surprised whenever it managed to cool down a new spot.

“You must relax, otherwise you won’t cool down as quickly!” Inasa chided, replacing the cloth on his forehead.

“Sorry…” Izuku mumbled, forcing himself to relax into the bed, not going limp enough to be a nuisance, but enough to get an approving grunt from Inasa.

“I admire the resolve you showed while fighting, Midoriya.” Inasa rumbled quietly, slipping an ice cube into Izuku’s mouth after a bit of hesitation. “The determination you showed to keep going, the passion in your actions…it is truly inspiring.” a hand on Izuku’s bicep made him flinch, though now that his bare skin was able to breathe, it felt…nice. “Forgive me for saying this at such a time, but I have always admired you, not only your morals and work ethic, but your…physique as well.”

“I-I…um…t-thank you?” Izuku cracked his eyes open, startled to see how much closer Inasa had gotten. His heart thumped in his chest. Had he just…was he…what was happening?

“It would be inexcusable to take advantage of someone in a situation such as yours! However…” Inasa glanced down, cheeks reddening “…excuse my looking, I…I couldn’t help but notice your, ahem, ‘problem’ down there. If you would allow me, I could assist you.”

Izuku knew he was already flushed, his whole body practically by this point, yet he also knew that his face was now completely red if it hadn’t been before. He had two options in front of him: 1) turn Inasa down and spend however much longer the symptoms lasted with a throbbing erection and burning shame, or 2) take Inasa up on his offer, possibly speeding up his recovery.

“Ah, I see I have overstepped my bounds, excuse my rudeness.” Inasa bowed, taking Izuku’s silence as a refusal.

“W-wait, um, I-I wouldn’t…be opposed…” Izuku looked away, taking an unsteady breath. He should at least try to return the complements Inasa payed him. He looked up at the man leaning over him, good lord was he large. Not fat or too tall, just…large. “Y-you’re a great hero, a-and from what I saw a great fighter, um…sorry, I’m having trouble, um, focusing…” he swallowed, looking into Inasa’s eyes pleadingly.

Inasa grinned, giving Izuku’s thigh a reassuring pat. “No worries, you don’t need to focus on anything right now except feeling better. I, on the other hand…” he lowered himself to Izuku’s crotch, nuzzling the bulge straining against the fabric of his underwear.

“Hah…nngh…please…” Izuku found himself letting out uncontrollable little squeaks and moans, only getting louder as Inasa pulled his underwear down and blew cool air over his cock. He squirmed as Inasa closed his mouth around him, trying to shift away. Inasa noticed, popping off quickly to give Izuku a concerned look.

“Too warm?”

Izuku nodded, groaning as a hand closed around his length and pumped it while Inasa rooted around for something on the bed.

“Maybe this…tell me if it’s not good, okay?”

“Okay – ah!” he yelped at the sudden chill against his cock, shivering in pleasure “yes, ah, that’s perfect, ah, I-Inasa…” he arched his back, trying to drive himself deeper into Inasa’s inexplicably cold mouth.

A clinking sound from beside him caught his attention, causing him to look over. The ice, of course. Izuku let out a breathy laugh, melting into a moan as a chilly fingers tweaked one of his nipples. He was so close, and yet…it wasn’t enough. Izuku desperately thrust himself into Inasa’s patient mouth, orgasm just a frustratingly out of reach.

“I-Inasa…” Izuku gasped, grabbing one of the man’s large hands.

“Hm?” he looked up quizically, Izuku’s cock still in his mouth.

“I-i need – hah – you inside,” Izuku panted, spreading his legs wider “…please…” He’d never felt so lewd in all his life, but the look Inasa gave him let him know it was received well. He kept himself from whining as his cock fell from Inasa’s mouth, only letting out a small squeak.

“I’ll go slow, hm?” Inasa said reasurringly, looking around for a moment. “Ah, do you happen to have…?”

“Top drawer, purple tube,” Izuku breathed, closing his eyes tightly as something very cold prodded at his entrance “Inasa…hah…what…?”

“Thought it’d help cool ya down.” Inasa said distractedly, searching the top drawer of Izuku’s nightstand.

“I-it…it’s – nnnngh! Oh woah…” he let out a long moan as the ice cube slipped inside him, the sensation entirely different from what he had been expecting. A slick finger followed close behind, slow and unsure. “Nnngh…please…you can add another…” he whined, wiggling his lower body to try to get it deeper inside him.

Inasa chuckled, adding another finger, a third one following after only a few strokes as Izuku whined desperately and wiggled against him again. He slowly began stroking Izuku’s length in time with his thrusting fingers, again bringing Izuku so deliciously close to release that his eyes began prickling with tears.

“Please, not enough – hah – Inasa please – nngh!” Izuku babbled, tugging weakly at the pants of Inasa’s costume.

“I only have two more fingers for you, Midoriya!” Inasa chuckled, slipping in a fourth “Ah, that would make it one more…”

“N-no…you don’t – nngh – understand…” Izuku forced himself to sit up awkwardly, reaching a hand out to brush against Inasa’s crotch. Inasa froze, looking down at him with raised eyebrows. “Please…”

Not a second later, Inasa’s clothes lay crumpled on the floor and Izuku found himself laying on his back. Inasa took a moment to pop another ice cube in Izuku’s mouth before slotting their hips together, brushing against the shorter man’s entrance.

“You look absolutely ravishing like this…” Inasa whispered, moving the bundle of ice back onto Izuku’s heaving chest, taking care to pay special attention to the growing bruises there.

“Y-you’re…um…r-really hot…I-I mean, looking, um, temperature too but that’s – ah!” he cut himself off with a yelp, not expecting Inasa’s cock to be able to slide in with such ease.

They stayed there for a moment, both panting, until Izuku wiggled his hips pleadingly. Inasa started out with slow, shallow thrusts, much to Izuku’s dismay. He did what he could to let Inasa know to go harder, but the stimulation from both the hand on his cock and the cock in him left him with very few methods of communication other than moaning and weak pawing.

“Come now, if I go too fast you’ll be sore later.” Inasa scolded, only getting a whine in response. He sighed, gripping Izuku’s hips tighter. “You’ll let me know if it’s too much, alright?”

Without any more warning than that, Inasa slammed into Izuku roughly, snapping his hips faster than Izuku could keep track of. His tears were flowing freely now, though he nodded to Inasa to let him know he was feeling okay. A lot more than okay, really.

All at once, Izuku felt himself tense up and then release, letting out a long drawn-out mewl as he came. He felt himself to limp, letting out a sigh of contentment. He didn’t know how long he stayed like that, only roused from his half-sleep by a cold, wet cloth dragging across his chest. He opened his eyes curiously to see a partially-clothed Inasa wiping him down with a towel.

“Ah! Hello, just cleaning you up a little. The ice had melted, and I thought, well, why not?” Inasa stepped out for a moment, presumably to put the soiled towel in the sink, returning quickly. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m…” Izuku took stock of his body parts, wiggling all of them successfully. He still felt groggy, but nothing compared to before. “…better? I’m still kinda warm…just warm though. Thank you for…everything.” Izuku felt his face grow warmer, looking away in embarrassment of what they’d just done.

“It was my pleasure!” Inasa barked out a laugh, a hand falling on Izuku’s shoulder good-naturedly. “Er, hopefully your pleasure too?”

“Y-yes!” Izuku squeaked, sitting up. “It was, um, really good.”

“Glad to hear! Though I enjoyed our time together, I do not wish to overstay my welcome. If you would like me to leave soon…” Inasa trailed off, looking over to Izuku expectantly.

“U-um, I…I’m actually not sure, I’ve, er, never been in this situation before. Sorry…”

“Not at all, not at all!” Inasa sat down on the bed next to him, handing him his discarded underwear from earlier.

“T-thanks…” Izuku mumbled, quickly slipping them on while Inasa respectfully averted his gaze.

“I have a request, though once again do not feel any pressure to fulfill it if it does not interest you!”


“I…” Inasa fidgeted with the bedspread. “May I kiss you?”

“What?” Izuku had expected something more…more. More out there, maybe?

“Ah, nevermind, that was a bit of an unprecedented question, I apologize – “

“Hold on, hold on, I didn’t say no!”


Izuku swallowed, scooting over to Inasa. “I-it wouldn’t be right to send you away without thanking you, right? S-so…” he leaned closer, their breath mingling together. Taking the plunge, he thrust forward and connected their lips. Maybe a bit too hard, but he’d done it and he was proud of himself for that. It wasn’t a particularly noteworthy kiss, though it was nice and they both pulled away smiling, which had to count for something.

“Thank you for that thank you.” Inasa said, moving to stand up. “You’ll be alright if I leave?”

“Y-yeah, thanks…”

“I’ll be off then!” Inasa said cheerfully, not bothering with his shirt as he slipped on his coat. “If you need me, you know which district to find me.” he winked, placing a scribbled-on scrap of paper on Izuku’s nightstand before making his way out.

It took Izuku a few moments to regain his senses, and he smiled as he finally read the note Inasa had left him. It contained a phone number, an address, and the most horrifying attempt at a smiley face he’d ever seen. He saved the number in his phone, just in case.

You never know.

Chapter Text

Yuuga dragged himself out of bed and down the elevator, making his way into the dorm kitchen with a yawn. Normally he wouldn’t bother with doing anything this early, but they had a day off from classes today and he figured he could get a nap in sometime during the day. Besides, he’d already been working on the dough for a day or two now, and it would be a shame to not just go ahead and finish.

Turning the dial of the oven, Yuuga dug around in one of the drawers and slid on an apron, tying it loosely in the back. Not that he planned on making a mess, one could never be too careful especially when one wears silk pajamas. Now that he was already here it seemed like a waste to go back up to his dorm, though.

“You’re up early.” a deep voice almost made Yuuga drop the sheet of dough he was pulling from the fridge. Instead, all he did was jump and yelp, setting the tray down quickly and whirling around to see Tokoyami curled up on one of the couches nearby.

“Mon corbeau, you scared me!” Yuuga scolded, closing the fridge door with a huff.

“That was not my intent.” Tokoyami replied quietly, looking away. Yuuga sighed, making his way over to his brooding boyfriend.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” he said, taking one of Tokoyami’s hands in his own “you are not scary.”

Tokoyami averted his gaze once again, a strange look on his face.

“Oui, it’s true! You are cute, mon corbeau.” Yuuga brought the hand up to his lips, kissing along the knuckles.

“Stop that, I am not cute.” Tokoyami grumbled, leaning into Yuuga all the same.

“Non! You are too cute not to kiss!” he stated gleefully, landing a peck on Tokoyami’s beak.

Tokoyami sputtered an attempted response, neck flushing as Yuuga merely giggled and went back over to the kitchen.

A comfortable silence settled over the common area, the only sounds being Yuuga cutting up the dough into long triangles with a slender knife and the pages of Tokoyami’s book turning every few minutes. Enough time passed for Yuuga to roll up the croissants properly, and he was just about to put them in the over when he heard a surprised squawk from behind him.

“Quoi?” he asked without turning around. “Did something happen in your book?” he suggested, sliding the tray into the oven properly.

“Yuuga, he’s – “ Tokoyami croaked in warning, but it was too late. Suddenly, arms wrapped around Yuuga in a tight squeeze, taking the breath out of him.

“Mm, ‘morning…” Shinsou rumbled in his ear, swaying a little on his feet.

“Mon dieu!” Yuuga exclaimed once he’d caught his breath. He wriggled around in the embrace to glare at Shinsou, smacking him with an oven mitt. “Don’t do that!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Shinsou chuckled, letting him go “what’re you making?”

“You may never know,” Yuuga said, turning his nose up “they are only for good boyfriends, like Tokoyami over there.”

“Just a while ago you were yelling at me for startling you…” the bird boy interjected.


“Mm, does that mean neither of us…” Shinsou trailed off, eyes raking down Yuuga’s apron. His sleepy smile grew wider and, all too suddenly, he pulled Yuuga into a fierce kiss.

“Mmph!” Yuuga pulled back after a moment, gasping. “Que diable était-ce ?!“

[“What the hell was that?!”]

Shinsou shrugged, wandering over to the couch and plopping down next to Tokoyami with a smirk. “What? I’m just following directions. Apron said kiss the cook, so I kissed the cook.”

“T-that’s not – wipe that look off your face!” Yuuga flustered, crossing his arms over his chest.

“How long ‘til they’re done?”

“I…twenty minutes at least. Why?”

“Come over here then,” Shinsou said, motioning to the third cushion of the couch as he nuzzled his face into Tokoyami’s feathers “Mm, cozy…”

“I am a fearsome opponent, I’ll have you know. I am not ‘cozy’.” Tokoyami grumbled.

“Mon corbeau, you are cute and cozy, no getting around it.” Yuuga said, sitting down on Tokoyami’s other side.

“I am the abyssal darkness of the night.”

“Yes dear.” Shinsou mumbled into him, eyes falling closed. “You’re a very intimidating fuzzy boy, now where’s Dark Shadow I wanna pet him.”

As soon as Shinsou finished his sentence, a smoky face poked out of Tokoyami’s torso, nudging Shinsou’s hand.

“You said pets, now pay up you bastard.” Dark Shadow rasped, curling into Shinsou’s lap. Shinsou smiled, scritching the strange creature until it cooed in appreciation.

“Cute, non?” Yuuga whispered, intertwining his fingers with Tokoyami’s.

“I guess.” Tokoyami muttered, leaning back against the headrest of the couch.

Chapter Text

“Oi, shithead, this yours?”

“Hm?” Shinsou looked up from his homework, squinting at a purple ball of lint in Bakugo’s hand. “What am I supposed to be looking at.”

“It’s your fucking hair, dipshit! You shed like a fucking cat, at least brush it or something so it doesn’t get everywhere!” Bakugo’s annoyed tone was beginning to draw the attention of others in the common area, and Shinsou sighed. So much for a quiet afternoon.

“I don’t ‘shed everywhere’, and does it look like I care about brushing my hair to you?” he gestured lazily to his wild mane with his pencil, turning back to his homework. “If you want it brushed, do it yourself you bastard.”

Shinsou thought he’d seen the last of Bakugo for the day after hearing a loud huff and footsteps stalking off down the hall. Oh how wrong he was. He made it through three more problems before something tugged roughly at his hair, pulling his head up from his work.

“What the hell?!”

“Shut up, you asked for this.” Bakugo growled, wiggling a brush in front of Shinsou’s face before going back at hacking it through his hair.

“I wasn’t being serious you – fucking stop that, quit pulling like an animal!”

“Then stop squirming! God, it’s like trying to give a cat a bath!”

“Stop comparing me to a cat!”

“Then stop acting like one!”

“Asshole – “

“ – resistant motherfucker – “

“ – persistent jackass – hey!!” Shinsou yelped as Bakugo vaulted over the back of the couch, plopping himself down aggressively into Shinsou’s lap, legs straddling him on either side. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“Holding you down, you little shit.” Bakugo grumbled, dragging the brush through Shinsou’s hair again. Shinsou would never admit it out loud of course, but now that they’d settled down some the brushing was beginning to feel almost nice.

“I could brainwash you, y’know.”

“You won’t.” Bakugo stated matter-of-factly, moving closer to brush the back of Shinsou’s head. It took all of Shinsou’s composure to will himself not to turn red, to not give any indication that he was even remotely enjoying this.

“Who says?”

“I do.” Bakugo growled into his ear, sending a shiver down his spine. “Now stop squirming.”

Shinsou remained quiet over the next five or so minutes, though didn’t lose his glare. Nevermind how good it felt to have Bakugo in his lap, to have his hair brushed and toyed with, he wanted to wipe that self-satisfied smirk off that bastard’s face.

“Why the hell won’t it lay flat?!” Bakugo whispered to himself, discarding the brush in favor of trying to shape Shinsou’s hair with his hands.

“It just does that.” Shinsou shrugged, moving his hands to rest on Bakugo’s thighs.

“Wha – the fuck you doing?”

“Gotta put ‘em somewhere, and you’ve got me pretty much surrounded. Got a problem with it? You can move.”

Bakugo grumbled something incoherent but stayed where he was, even pressing a bit closer so that their chests barely grazed each other.

“There’s a good boy,” Shinsou purred, quietly enough for his comment to stay just between the two of them.

“Y-you – ! Stop smirking like you you little punk, I’ll – “

“You’ll what?” Shinsou drawled, trailing one of his hands around Bakugo’s waist to his ass, giving it a little squeeze. “What will you do, hm?”

“You fucking jackass, we’re in the fucking common room!” Bakugo hissed, letting out a growl when he was pushed off of Shinsou’s lap.

“Alright, let’s get a room then. Come on.” Shinsou tugged him up to standing, smirking at the way Bakugo stuttered a response as they made their way across the room and into the elevator. He ignored the stares from their classmates; if they assumed correctly then that was their business, not his. By 3rd year they should know that people fucked, and Shinsou had a hunch that a fair few of his classmates did, in fact, have sex at least every once in a while. If those weird thumps in the night were anything to go off of, anyway.

“You ass – mmph!” Bakugo’s eyes went wide as he was shoved against the wall of the elevator, Shisnou claiming his mouth in a sloppy kiss. He let out a moan at the hand now suddenly palming him through his pants, arching needily into the touch.

“Owo, what’s this? Already so hard, and I’ve barely done anything,” Shinsou teased, pressing himself flush against Bakugo.

“Y-you fucking – hah – furry!” Bakugo panted, shoving Shinsou off of him as the elevator doors opened, dragging said purple-haired menace by the arm into his dorm.

“If I’m a furry, what does that make you? A furry-fucker?”

“Can it.” Bakugo growled, slamming the door shut behind them and shucking off his clothes quickly, sitting on Shinsou’s bed impatiently once he’d finished.

“Hm?” Shinsou gave him an innocent look, sitting down on the bed.

“Listen here you smug bastard,” Bakugo lunged for him, tugging him down on top of him by the collar of his shirt “you’ve got me all riled up, so now you’re gonna fuck me into this bed until I can’t remember my own goddamn name. Got it?” he snarled, narrowing his eyes.

“If you insist, kitten.” Shinsou chuckled, kicking off his own clothes.

“Don’t fucking call me – ahh…” Bakugo melted into the bed, toes curling at the sensation of Shinsou kneading and kissing up his thighs.

“Don’t call you what?” Shinsou blinked up at him, tracing a finger along Bakugo’s attentive cock.

“F-fuck you…”

“I thought I was doing the fucking today.” Shinsou’s eyes twinkled with mischief as he leaned over to grab the lube from his bedside table. “I think you said something along the lines of me fucking you so hard you can’t remember your name? How’s that sound, hm?” he unfurled himself to place a line of kisses along Bakugo’s jawline, nipping here and there.

“F-fucker – nngh!” Bakugo opened his eyes to shoot Shinsou a glare “It’s fucking cold, you shit.”

“Mm, is it? My bad. Here, let me warm it up for you.” Shinsou set the bottle of lube down and pressed his finger into Bakugo, earning a soft groan. “Still cold?”


Shinsou grinned, seeing Bakugo’s ears reddening. “How about now?” he purred, sliding in another well-lubed finger. He thrust in and out a couple of times, enjoying the moans Bakugo kept letting out, cutting himself off from whatever he was about to say. “What was that, kitten? I couldn’t hear you, someone’s being awfully loud.”

“The fuck do you think?” Bakugo gasped, trying to keep his noises to a minimum. Not that biting his lip worked that well, but it was still an attempt.

“Mm…I don’t know, maybe I need to warm you up some more.” Shinsou said, easily sliding in a third finger.

“Just hurry up and fuck me!” Bakugo demanded, yelping as a hand fell down on his thigh.

“That’s not good boy behavior.”

“Fuck you!” it came out as more of a whine than anything, Bakugo wriggling out from under Shinsou so that he could get on all fours. He looked over his shoulder with a scowl, eyes boring holes into Shinsou’s. “Well? Fuck me!”

“So demanding.” Shinsou laughed lightly, slapping one of Bakugo’s prominently displayed cheeks. “It’s almost like you want to be punished, kitten.” Another slap, this time to the other cheek.

“What kind of idiot – nngh – would want that?”

“Oh, I don’t know…” slap “Maybe if someone secretly liked it, hm?” slap.

“Nngh…s-sounds like maybe you – ah – just like -ah – slapping my ass…”

“Maybe.” Shinsou whispered, holding Bakugo from behind to nibble at the tip of his ear. “Ready, kitten?”

A hurried nod was all the confirmation Shinsou needed. He pushed into Bakugo’s hole with a low groan, savoring the sound of Bakugo panting beneath him.

“Feel good, kitten?” he didn’t wait for a response, Bakugo’s relaxed posture told him all he needed to know, and began thrusting in and out at a slow, steady pace, hilting himself all the way each time.

“Mnh, touch me you fuck – ah!” Bakugo gasped as Shinsou’s hand fell on his asscheek again, harder than before.

“What’s the magic word?”

“F-fuck you – ah!”


Bakugo panted, thrusting back into Shinsou desperately, trying to get him to go faster or deeper or, hell, anything really at this point.

“What do you want, kitten?” Shinsou stroked his lover’s chest, brushing over an attentive nipple and bringing a quiet moan from Bakugo’s lips.

“T-touch me…please…”

“Good boy.” he rewarded him with a kiss to the back of his neck “That wasn’t so hard, was it?” he wrapped his hand loosely around Bakugo’s dripping shaft, stroking it at the same slow pace he was thrusting into him with. Bakugo gripped the pillow his face was squished into, crying out desperately now.

“H-hitoshi please, I need – ngah, fuck – harder, please I – nngh!” Bakugo begged, arching his back further and digging his toes into the sheets.

“Aw, how can I say no when my kitten asks so politely?”

“Hito – shit!” Bakugo yelped, slumping into the bed as Shinsou suddenly sped up, gripping his hip with one hand to slam into him, and pumping his dick furiously with the other.

“Such a good kitten, my good kitten,” Shinsou praised, pulling Bakugo harder against him with each thrust and biting down on the juncture of soft skin between the blonde’s shoulder and neck. “So beautiful like this…”

“Hi – to – shi – !” Bakugo mewled, legs shaking and tongue lolling out.

“You gonna cum, kitten?” Shinsou purred, moaning as Bakugo tightened around him and nodded, letting out a stream of sounds that sounded like they could have been Shinsou’s name.

Shinsou could feel himself nearing climax as well, not slowing his brutal thrusts even a fraction as he felt Bakugo shudder and warm liquid spill out onto his hand.

“Hitoshi, Hitoshi, nngh, so good, Hitoshi, aah, please,” Bakugo babbled, letting Shinsou pull him around by his hips to be fucked into like a doll, eyes rolling back as his cock rubbed up against his prostate again and again.

“Almost there, kitten,” Shinsou grunted, placing kisses down his lover’s back “can you take it?”

“Yes!” it tumbled from Bakugo’s lips immediately, long and drawn-out and full of want. “Please, Hitoshi please yes, yes, fuck me, nnnngh!” his voice pitched higher as Shinsou’s thrusts became more erratic, his breathing uneven.

“Good boy, so good,” Shinsou panted, squeezing Bakugo close to him as he came, a low groan filling the room.

“Mnngh, Hitoshi – !” Bakugo whined as hot cum filled him, and he shuddered again, muscles tensing then relaxing all at once as he came for a second time.

They stayed where they were for a few moments, panting. Eventually, Shinsou pulled out of Bakugo, laughing and grabbing a discarded towel from his floor to clean them both up.

“What’s so funny, chucklehead?” Bakugo mumbled, letting his body fall onto the bed as he was wiped clean.

“Nothing. Hey, what’s your name?”

He cracked his eyes open, sending Shinsou a glare. “Are you fuckin’ serious?”

“Ayup.” Shinsou tossed the towel to the side, sliding on his boxers and slipping into bed right alongside Bakugo. “Wanna know how hard I fucked you.” he said, nuzzling Bakugo’s neck.

“Fine. It’s kitte…” Bakugo’s sleepy state replaced itself with panic as his eyes widened. Shinsou snorted, sitting up.

“Oh my god.”

“I said Katsuki!”

“Oh my fucking god.”

“Shut up!”

“Looks like I fucked you and hard today.” Shinsou smirked, booping Bakugo’s nose. “Ain’t that right, kitten?”

“You son of a – “

They froze, a knock at the door ringing through the room.

“Hello? Shinsou? You, um, left your study materials downstairs and I, um, thought I should bring them up!” a muffled voice said.

Shinsou grinned, ignoring Bakugo’s death glare in favor of standing up and opening the door.

“Ah, Midoriya. Thanks, guess I was distracted.” Shinsou smirked over his shoulder, accepting his books.

“No worries, happens to me all the time!” Midoriya said. “Say, have you seen Kacchan? I heard him yelling earlier and I – “ he stopped, eyes tracking farther into the room as Shinsou placed his study materials onto his desk. “…oh!” he squeaked, turning around quickly and heading back down the hall. “HaveagoodnightShinsousorrytodisturbyou!”

“I’ll kill that Deku.” Bakugo grumbled, glaring daggers at the now empty doorway.

“Can we have a nap first? I’m tired.”

“Yeah, I wonder fucking why.”

Chapter Text

Bakugo let out another blast, significantly weaker than the last one. He immediately went to hold his arm, glaring at Iida from across the practice ring.

“Oh it’s on now, glasses.” he growled, preparing another blast with his good arm. Iida looked ready to dodge this one too, but goddamn if Bakugo wasn’t going to try to at least get in one solid hit.

The buzzer went off, signaling the end of training.

Bakugo faltered, tripping over himself in surprise. That round had definitely been shorter than the other ones that day, it had to have been! And of fucking course, it had to be the round he’d been miserably losing in. He landed on the floor in a heap, wincing as he fell on his overused right hand. Fuck. He’d definitely be feeling it a lot more later.

“Good round, Bakugo!” Iida said, jogging over and offering a hand to help him up “I must say, I was not expecting such rapid-fire blasts! I look forward to the next time we spar.”

“Yeah, fuck you too.” Bakugo grunted, pushing himself up with his good arm. Iida furrowed his brow.

“I beg your pardon?”

“You know exactly what you did. ‘S your fault I’ll be up all night, jackass.” he grumbled.

Iida flushed, opening and closing his mouth for a moment before speaking. “I-I don’t know quite what to say, I won’t deny that you have put me in similar situations before but, ah, it is wise not to talk of such things in a public area.”

“What?” Bakugo wrinkled his nose up. “I’ve never made your engines backfire or whatever, what the hell are you talking about? I meant my arm’s gonna be on fucking fire tonight, okay?”

“Bakugo!” if possible, Iida flushed even darker “I didn’t place you as someone to speak so boldly of…t-those sorts of things!” he said as they entered the locker room.

“The hell’s that supposed to mean? People talk about being in pain all the time.” Bakugo shucked off his gym clothes, tossing them in his locker.

“Y-yes, well, I…” Iida trailed off, watching the way Bakugo threaded his shirt around his right arm instead of putting his right arm through the sleeve like any normal human being. “Are you alright?”

Bakugo growled, forcing his clenched right fist into a middle finger.

“…is that a no?”

“I’ve been talking about how sore I’ll be after overusing my fucking quirk today and you’re just now noticing it’s about my arm? Where fucking else could I have been injured, dumbass? We didn’t land a single hit on one another.”

“Oh.” Iida said quietly, undressing and re-dressing into his uniform quickly.

“Not so fast you little shit.” Bakugo snagged Iida before he could leave, gripping his forearm tightly. “You didn’t answer my fucking question.”

Iida sighed, waiting for Bakugo to finish dressing before he led the both of them towards the dorms.

“Hey hey hey, that’s still not an answer!” Bakugo tried tugging his arm back, only getting a disapproving tongue click from Iida in response. “Hmph. Fine.”

They made it to the dorms rather quickly, Iida bursting through the doors and zooming over to the kitchen, grabbing something from the freezer, then shoving Bakugo into the elevator.

“Oi – !” Bakugo started to protest, but was yanked out of the elevator almost as quickly as they had gotten on, damn that sucker was fast, and found himself being pulled into own room. “You can’t just invite yourself into – “

“Any classmates that have gotten hurt are my responsibility to take care of.” Iida said sternly, motioning for Bakugo to sit on his bed. Grumbling, Bakugo obliged. “Hold out your arm.”

“Why?” Bakugo eyed him suspiciously, unconsciously tucking his right hand further away.

“So I can determine how to treat it!” Iida said exasperatedly, holding up a small bag of ice. “If it is bruised or inflamed, it needs ice. If it is muscle soreness or overwork, it needs heat. So, hold out your arm Bakugo before I…er…gently request again.”

“Fuckin fine, if it matters to you so much.” Bakugo stuck out his injured arm, hissing as Iida carefully ran a hand over it, gauging how to best offer help.

“Of course it matters to me. As class rep, the comfort and safety of all of our classmates is my top priority.” Iida said stiffly, slowly wrapping a hand around Bakugo’s wrist, giving it a little squeeze before moving down his arm.

“The fuck’re you doing now?” he asked, two seconds away from yanking his arm out of Iida’s grasp.

“Stop tensing like that.” Iida scolded, continuing to carefully massage Bakugo’s arm with both hands now. “There is no apparent bruising or swelling, so the most logical course of action is to heat the area while gently stimulating the muscles to relax. Unfortunately, I am not in possession of a heat quirk, and will have to make do with friction – “

“Why are you helping me.” Bakugo couldn’t help it, it just slipped out. He’d said it mostly to himself, but Iida’s widening eyes let him know he’s heard it.

“As I said before, being class rep – “

“Yeah yeah, I know.” Bakugo hissed, sending the taller man a glare. Well, no going back now. “That’s not what I asked.”

“Mm.” Iida slowed his movements, biting the inside of his cheek. “I…care for you.”

“What, because I’m a classmate and you’re – “

“No. I-I care for you in a way that’s…” he pursed his lips. “I apologize, I did not mean to confess this way, I – if you’d like to forget I’ve said anything, please do, I’m sorry I – “

“I like you too, glasses.”

“Oh?” Iida blinked. Of all the responses he’s expected, that hadn’t been one he’d even considered. “…are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. So, do you wanna fucking go out sometime?”

“It would be an honor!” Iida exclaimed, standing up suddenly “But as a rule-abiding member of this school, I cannot allow us to be in a closed room together – hm?” he stopped and turned, his hand having caught on something. That something turned out to be Bakugo, who yanked him closer with a grunt and smashed their lips together. After a moment of haze, Iida pulled away with an indignant sound, panting for breath. “That is precisely why couples are not allowed to be behind closed doors together! They may do things like that!”

“You don’t want to?” Bakugo smirked, stepping dangerously close.

“I-it’s not that I don’t, I do but…” he fell silent as Bakugo drew closer again, closing his eyes and leaning into the next kiss.

“I’ll take you out this weekend then, won’t be behind closed doors.”

Chapter Text


Aoyama looked up from his desk to be met with the face of a very disapproving Iida. He cocked his head to the side, confused. “Oui?”

“As a UA student, it should be in your best interests to keep up a tidy appearance!” Iida chopped his hand up and down sternly, looking like he was only getting started.

Looking down at his uniform, Aoyama grew more confused. He’d tied his tie pristinely, tucked in his shirt properly, and done his hair up in its usual well-styled manner. He gave Iida a squint. Maybe their class rep needed new glasses.

“Don’t look at me like that! As class president, it is my job to make sure all of us strive to reflect well on our school! It is of course none of my business how any of you spend your alone time with your significant others now that we are in our third year, however – “

“Quoi?” he waved a hand at Iida to get his attention. “Monsieur, I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Iida coughed, flushing. “My apologies, I should have guessed that you may have missed it this morning, I did not mean to announce it as loudly as I did I – “

Aoyama twirled his finger around, encouraging Iida to continue.

“Right. Um. There are, ah, prominent marks on your neck that look…less that appropriate. It may be in your best interests to cover those up.”

“Wha – oh!” Aoyama laughed, fingers grazing along the small bruises on his neck “Non, these are from training, monsieur! I suppose they do look suspicious…”

“Oh! M-my apologies!” Iida’s face reddened further “I-I did not mean to assume anything about you and your boyfriend, I – “

“Non, non, you assumed correctly~” Aoyama said in a sultry tone, winking. He chuckled as Iida stuttered out another apology and went to sit at his desk, ears practically smoking in embarrassment.

A buzz from his phone made Aoyama jump. He took it out of his pocket, smiling as he saw his boyfriend’s contact name.


mon amour: tonight, behind the dorms. alone.


His smile slid into a frown. Bakugo was often cryptic about where and when they had their dates, and he should be excited to spend time with his boyfriend after not going on a proper date for so long, but…something felt off. Aoyama cast a look to the front of the class and, sure enough, he could see Bakugo quietly seething in his seat, staring up at the front of the classroom rigidly.


you: quoi?
you: did I do something?


Aoyama worried his lip as he watched Bakugo take out his phone to read his messages. Surely he was just in a bad mood, Aoyama couldn’t remember doing anything to upset Bakugo in the past month. Then again, they hadn’t really done much of anything in the past month, maybe that was the problem? Was Bakugo finally sick of him? Aoyama felt his stomach drop, trying to ignore the flashing “mon amour is typing” appearing and re-appearing on the bottom of his screen.

Class started too soon, in his opinion. He’d wanted to go up and talk to Bakugo, or at least wait until his boyfriend got a chance to type out whatever it is that he wanted to say, but he’d been granted no such luck.

Lunch came around, and Aoyama rushed to the front of the classroom to try to catch Bakugo before he made it out.

“Mon cher, I – “ the glare Bakugo sent him was enough to shut him up, freezing him in place long enough for his boyfriend to stalk out of the classroom.

“What was that?” Tokoyami murmured from beside him, still gathering his things together.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Aoyama sighed, following him outside “may I eat lunch with you today?”

Tokoyami shrugged, which Aoyama took as a yes. Or at least, not a no. They waited in line, Aoyama fidgeting when he spotted Bakugo across the cafeteria, scowl on his face. he almost dropped his tray when Tokoyami nudged him gently towards a table, his attention having been focused on not-looking-at-but-not-not-looking at the back of Bakugo’s head.

“Did something happen with you two?” Tokoyami asked after a few minutes of silence. Aoyama picked at his food, pressing his lips together. “Obviously something’s up. You’re always all over each other but today I haven’t seen you talk once.”

“Spill the beans!” Dark Shadow said, manifesting to take a slurp from Tokoyami’s juice carton.

“I…don’t know, I honestly don’t have any idea what I could’ve done. We’ve been seeing each other less and less recently, but that is because of our increasing schoolwork of course, not lack of feelings! Although, I’ve had the thought…maybe he is losing interest…you know we haven’t been on a date for a full month?”

“That’s…a lot.” Tokoyami said awkwardly, giving Dark Shadow a smack after he dug his beak into Tokoyami’s bowl of food. “Rude.”

“Mon dieu!” Aoyama slumped onto the table, pushing his tray forward. “What am I supposed to do?”

“…there there.” he felt Tokoyami give his head a tentative pat.

The rest of the day went by much the same for Aoyama, if not slower. Walking back to the dorm building at the end of the day, he contemplated when he should actually meet with Bakugo. He’d said “tonight”, but did that mean anything after 5pm, or did he mean nightfall? Aoyama frowned. There had to be at least a few hours of discrepancy between the two, the sun certainly was not setting anytime near 5 this time of year. He supposed he would wait and see.

As it turned out, Aoyama spent most of the late afternoon and evening studying with Iida, jumping suddenly when he looked outside to find the sky dark. He scrambled to clean up his study supplies, shooting Iida an apology before dashing outside.

Jogging lightly around the building, he let out a sigh of relief as he spotted a familiar silhouette leaning against the back of the dorm building, face illuminated by his phone.

“Bonjour! I hope I am not late, I was studying with Tenya – “

“You’ve been spending a lot of time with him, eh?”

“Oui?” Aoyama gave him a strange look. “Mon cher, if this is about our not spending time together, you are as much at fault as I am – “

“Who said it was about that.” Bakugo growled, roughly grabbing him by the arm and swinging him around into the wall. Aoyama let out a huff as his back hit cold brick, staring up into Bakugo’s eyes challengingly.

“What have I done to upset you?”

“Who.” Bakugo’s eyes flashed dangerously.

“Quoi?” Aoyama’s brows furrowed together. Who had he done to upset him? That didn’t make for a proper sentence, really. He frowned, brows furrowing further as Bakugo pressed into him, a hand drawing up to his neck.

“Who have you been with. Who made these.” he traced the bruises on Aoyama’s neck lightly, voice cracking. “I saw you with Glasses McSpeed this morning, you…looked happier than I’d seen you in a while. And you winked at him – “

“ – mon cher I wink at everyone – “

“ – and then you sat with that bird fucker at lunch, and THEN, you almost didn’t come to see me because of glasses again. I…did you get bored of me? Am I not enough for you anymore?”

Aoyama fixed him with a glare, pushing Bakugo off of him with a light shove. “You had me worried the whole day that YOU had gotten sick of ME!” he exclaimed, crossing his arms. “Abâtardi.”

“Then what – “

“They’re regular bruises! Oui, you know, from the hero course we are both enrolled in?!”

“Oh…I thought – “

“Non. I’m not done.” Aoyama held up a hand. “Do you think so little of me? That I would betray your trust like that? Have we had the best month of our relationship? Non. Do I still love you? Very much so. How could you think anything else?!”

Bakugo stood back, eyes wide. He shuffled his feet uncomfortably, running a hand through his hair. “So…they’re just regular bruises?”

“Oui. To even think – merde!” Aoyama squeaked as he was shoved against the wall again, squealing again at the pair of hot lips on his neck. “Ngh, mon cher what are you – “

“Giving them some friends.” Bakugo mumbled against his skin, hand wandering down to his waist.

“I’m still – ngh – mad at you – ah,” Aoyama panted out, trying to glare at him.

“Mhm.” Bakugo hummed, unbuttoning Aoyama’s shirt and flicking one of his nipples. Aoyama keened, slapping a hand over his mouth after he realized how loud he’d been.

“M-mon cher, we can’t – ah – someone might hear…”

“Then you better keep quiet, babe.” Bakugo growled, unbuckling Aoyama’s pants and twirling him around to face the wall. “If you can’t, I can think of all sorts of ways to keep that pretty little mouth shut.”

“Katsu – ah!” Aoyama groaned as the cold night air hit his now exposed hole, Bakugo having pulled his cheeks apart. He warmed quickly though, Bakugo lapping at him hungrily.

“I-I’m – ah – not taking you without lube, mon cher – ah!” his body shivered, stuck between wanting to push back into the welcoming mouth at his ass and wanting to thrust into the hand now wrapped around his cock.

“Who said anything about me fucking you?”

“I thought you might – ah!” Aoyama cried out as Bakugo slid his tongue into his hole, crying out again as a finger toyed with the weeping slit of his cock. “K-katsuki, hah, do you want me to – nnnnngh! S’il vous plait!” he moaned out, clinging to the wall for support. he was beyond caring who heard at this point, only focusing on all the sensations Bakugo was bringing him.

Bakugo continued with his ministrations, ruthlessly eating Aoyama out and jerking him off roughly, the way he knew his lover liked it.

“S’il vous plait, s’il vous plait n’arrete pas Katsuki, je t’aime tellement~” Aoyama moaned, tensing up and arching his back. Bakugo continued to pleasure him as he came, only stopping when Aoyama tapped him on the shoulder weakly and fell to his knees, pawing at his clothes.

“Shit, you okay?” Bakugo managed to whisper before Aoyama smashed their lips together in a very thorough kiss. When he pulled back, Bakugo reeled and said dreamily, “Guess you’re okay…”

“Oui,” Aoyama panted, still coming down from his high. He made quick work of Bakugo’s pants zipper, pulling both his pants and boxers down just enough for his hardened cock to pop free. “…oui…” he gave it a small lick, preening at the low moan it got from Bakugo “…autorise moi, satisfaire…mon cher…”

He let his eyes fall closed, taking Bakugo into his mouth with practiced ease. If there was anything he’d learned from dating Bakugo, it was that he could take dick like a champ. He swallowed around his cock, eyes rolling back at the feeling of having his throat to absolutely full. Breathing was difficult of course, but Aoyama didn’t let up bobbing his head up and down until Bakugo came with a strangled moan. He dutifully swallowed all the cum he could, licking his lover clean afterwards.

“I thought you were mad at me?” Bakugo said weakly, kissing lazily along Aoyama’s jaw.

“Oui, but I am no monster.” Aoyama huffed, fixing his clothes and standing up despite Bakugo’s protests. “I saw you needed help, that is all. Now, I expect an apology in the morning for being such a child about this morning, oui?” he turned around, beginning to leave. “Ah, one last thing…”

“Whatever it is, it can’t possibly be as bad as thinking you were with another man – “

“…have fun explaining your nightly absence to our class rep. I’ve only been gone for the length of a short walk, but you? Non.” Aoyama shot him a smirk, wiggling his hips more than was necessary as he walked away. “Dieu vous aide, mon amour!”
[“God help you, my love!”]

Chapter Text

Aoyama had had a shit week. Nothing really of note had happened to them, just little things that piled up on top of each other, like how they constantly found themself nearer to the back of the class during training exercises, or how Mineta kept giving them weird looks during class. They were grateful for their friends, of course, they made the week that much more bearable, but…Aoyama found themself worn thin.

“She’s pretty out of it today, huh?” speaking of that sour grape…

“They must be tired. Leave them be, Mineta.” Iida said sternly, giving Aoyama a pat on the shoulder as he walked by.

“It’s not like he’s been working hard!” Mineta protested, leaning forward across his desk. Aoyama let groaned, so much for enjoying the few minutes before class started.

“They.” Iida corrected, a rustling of papers letting Aoyama know he was setting out his materials for the day.

They felt a swell of pride in their class rep as Mineta remained silent after that, turning around in their seat enough to whisper “Merci…” to him with a tired smile.

It was going to be a long day.

The tipping point came near the end of the school day, during training. Aizawa had thought it to be a good idea for class 1-A and 1-B to participate in joint training sessions that day, calling it a “valuable learning experience”, which Aoyama thought was fair but…did it really have to happen today? Right this moment? When they were feeling so terrible?

Regardless, they put on a smile and kept up their confident attitude as they met with their group; each class had been split into groups of two, then paired with a couple from the other class. The exercise was simple, barely any different from the group training they’d done before in their own classes. Aoyama eyed up their teammates; Kirishima, class 1-B’s representative (the one with huge hands, they remembered), and, just their luck, the annoying one, also from 1-B. Aoyama huffed. There was only enough room for one obnoxiously flamboyant person in this team, they thought to themself as they continued eyeing up the blonde. He was attractive, sure, but did he ever shut up??

“Let’s show those 1-A wannabes who we are, eh Kendo? We could really – ow!” Monoma was cut off by a smack to the forehead, knocking him off-balance.

“Be nice!” that one must be Kendo, then. Aoyama decided that, out of class 1-B, they liked her the most.

“Hey wan, you ready to kick some butt?” Kirishima said energetically, patting Aoyama on the shoulder.

“Oui, I…what did you call me, monsieur?”

“Wan!” Kirishima grinned “It’s like, a mix of ‘woman’ and ‘man’, y’know?”

Aoyama let out a laugh, letting themself relax. “Oui, oui, I like it very much.”

The practice went fairly well, at least for the rest of Aoyama’s group. Aoyama stayed mostly to the outskirts of the fight, not putting their all into it. If Kirishima noticed he didn’t say anything, which Aoyama was grateful for. They just wanted to suffer in peace today, thank you very much. The big hands gal – Jendo? no, Kendo, they reminded themself – gave them a worried look after the buzzer sounded, but she also didn’t say anything. Monoma, however…

“Class A’s really out of it today, huh? All the better for us then!” he said smugly, ignoring a disapproving glare from Kendo.

“Yeah, but we’ll get ya next time! Good match, guys.” Kirishima said cheerfully, offering his hand to both of them. Kendo took it gratefully, gesturing over to Monoma.

“Sorry about him, he’s a bit of an ass. Not all the time, just most of the time,” she laughed light-heartedly, walking beside Kirishima on their way out of the training area.

Monoma sidled up to Aoyama, giving them a nudge “Hey, I was looking forward to going against your laser, but I guess you weren’t up to it today. Too bad~”

Aoyama slowed their walking, realizing with a start that their eyes were beginning to well up. They sniffed, hopefully it passed as nothing more, and lowered their head. Now was not the time or the place for crying, they could wait until they made it to the dorms.

“It’s a wonder we haven’t surpassed you,” Monoma continued obliviously “why, the quirks our classmates have are so much more interesting than 1-A’s! We’ve…certainly…” he trailed off, mouth slowly falling into a frown “…are you alright?”

“Oui.” Aoyama said, hoping to pass Monoma at their now brisk pace.

“Hey, I didn’t mean – “ Monoma caught them by the arm, pulling them to the side with an uncharacteristically worried expression on his face. “I-I didn’t mean you specifically! I think you’re – “

“Non, you were right.”


“I am not up to par with the rest of the hero course, oui? That is what you implied, and it is true. Now let me go, we will be late – “

“No it’s not!” Monoma pulled them closer “Just because some asshole says something doesn’t mean it’s true!”

“Spoke said asshole,” Aoyama commented dryly, wiping at their eyes with their sleeve. “Pulled me aside to mock me, have you?”

“What? No?” Monoma gave them a confused look. “I wasn’t lying when I said I was looking forward to going up against you, your quirk is…well…dazzling, to say the least. I’ve never really seen anything like it. Plus, I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to you properly since the Sports Festival, and…” he trailed off, fidgeting with his costume.

“Monoma!” they both jumped at the frustrated shout. Monoma paled, mumbling something about Kendo being an overbearing mother, and gently tugged Aoyama back towards the exit.

They wandered back over to their respective classes once they’d returned, loosely clumped around the viewing area. Aoyama approached Aizawa tentatively, asking if they could go see Recovery Girl. Perhaps it was their tone, or that they did look absolutely awful, that had Aizawa only squinting for a moment before waving them off with a tired ‘yeah sure’. Aoyama nodded, making their way over to the school’s main building.

“Sir, could I help? They don’t look well.”

Aoyama stopped, turning around and looking wide-eyed at Monoma. They weren’t the only one; most of 1-B had turned to stare at the blonde, Kendo shaking her head in disbelief. Aizawa looked between the two of them, heaving a sigh.

“I don’t have a problem with it. Just make sure Vlad knows you’re gone, I don’t want to be responsible for another class’s missing student.” Aizawa said, turning back to face the monitors.

With that, Monoma bounded over to Aoyama, who let out an inaudible whine. Why them, why today, why now. Once they’d gotten out of view of their classmates, Monoma tentatively slid his hand into Aoyama’s.

“Monsieur, what are you doing.” Aoyama said flatly, stopping to send Monoma what they hoped was a menacing glare. It probably resembled more of an uneasy unsureness, but one could hope.

“Apologizing.” he replied, looking down. “I didn’t think my first time talking to you would go…like that. I really didn’t mean to upset you, Yuuga, I know you’re – “

“You know my name?” Aoyama cocked their head to the side, vaguely registering that they hadn’t let go of Monoma’s hand yet.

“Yeah? I asked that speedy legs guy about you after the Sport Festival. At first he wouldn’t say much but then I told him I thought you were cute and – “ Monoma froze, cheeks tinging pink. “That last part slipped out on its own.”

“Q…quoi?” Aoyama thought they’d heard wrong. Monoma…thought they were cute? Well of course they were cute, everyone knew that, but it sounded more like…

“Really put my foot in my mouth there, huh.” Monoma made a face. “Well, no going back now I suppose. Yuuga, I think you are very captivating, and I would like to know more about you as a person, a-and…I’d like to take you on a date. If you want.” he worried his bottom lip between his teeth “…and take you out again as an apology for today.”

Aoyama blinked.

“Please…say something?” Monoma said quietly, looking nervous. “I-I understand if you don’t feel the same way, but it’d be nice to know so I can – oh, um, hello.” Monoma stilled as Aoyama threw themself around him, capturing him in a bear hug.

Slowly, Monoma hugged back, letting Aoyama sob into his shoulder for a few minutes before beginning to rub their back soothingly, whispering anything he could think of to help try to calm them down. They made it to Recovery Girl quite some time later, Monoma getting a bonk on the head from her cane for not bringing Aoyama in sooner. Once they’d been looked over and determined to just need some sleep, Monoma escorted them back to their dorm, apologizing all the way.





“You’ve got your thinking look on, love.” Monoma murmured, glancing up from the movie they were watching.


“You’re cute when you think.” he said, brushing a hand through his partner’s hair. Aoyama flushed, swatting his hand away.

“Non, false!” they frowned, snaking an arm out from under their shared blanket to poke one of Monoma’s cheeks. “See? You are the cute one.”

Monoma chuckled, placing a kiss on the crown of their head. “Why can’t we both be cute, huh? because if I’m cute, you definitely are.”

They snuggled closer, sighing as Monoma began playing with their hair. “Non.”

“So, what were you thinking about?” Monoma asked lightly. Feeling Aoyama tense, he frowned and nudged their shoulder gently. “Love?”

“It’s stupid, I…I was thinking about the day you asked me out.” Aoyama admitted quietly, cursing their eyes for betraying them as they felt tears rolling down their cheeks.

“Yuuga, love, you’re perfect and dazzling, and I’m so proud of you,” Monoma said, sitting them up to hold them properly in his arms “I can’t believe such a wonderful person agreed to date me.” he placed a kiss on Aoyama’s right cheek, wiping away a few stray tears.

“M-mon cher, I’m not – “

“Shh, not finished,” he whispered, kissing their other cheek. “Not only is your quirk captivating, the way you’ve managed to control and use it more than secure your place in the hero course here. Don’t ever doubt yourself, because even an asshole like me can see how amazing you are.”

“You are not an asshole – “ Aoyama protested, shut up by a peck on the lips.

“I am, but plus ultra I guess.”

“You’re impossible!” Aoyama giggled, giving his boyfriend a playful shove.

Monoma grinned, pulling Aoyama into a full-body squeeze. “Yeah but I’ve got you, and that’s all I care about.”

Chapter Text

“Oi, bird, c’mere.”

Tokoyami rolled his eyes, but walked over to the blonde regardless. He sat down in the plush chair next to Bakugo, looking at him expectantly.

“So, you know that purple freak – “

“ – Shinsou – “

“Keep your fucking voice down!” Bakugo hissed, drawing more attention to the duo. Really, if he was going to talk to Tokoyami about his crushes, why did he have to pick the common room to do it?

“Fine. What about him?” Tokoyami asked in a stage whisper, meeting Bakugo’s glare with a cool stare. They’d become closer since they’d started their second year at UA, Dark Shadow having taken interest in Bakugo’s excess body heat, constantly laying across his lap like a cat. Being the one to bear Dark Shadow, Tokoyami more often found himself being dragged to Bakugo by his quirk, which escalated into a mutual friendship.

“Cut that out. Okay, you know how he’s dating glasses?”

“Iida, mhm?”

“If you know who I’m talking about why do you need to say their names?!” Bakugo took a breath to compose himself. “Whatever. So remember when I mentioned that purple weirdo last week, well turns out – “

Tokoyami’s eyes widened. “Are you…jealous of Iida?”

“What?” Bakugo made a face. “Of fucking course not! What gave you that idea?”

“You’ve been pining after Shinsou, so naturally I assumed – “

“I haven’t been pining.” Bakugo grumbled, settling further into his cushion.

“ – assumed wrongly, it seems, that you would be jealous of his boyfriend.” Tokoyami finished, sighing as Dark Shadow manifested and crawled into Bakugo’s lap, as per usual.

“I…see, here’s the problem,” Bakugo said quickly, petting Dark Shadow nervously “Iida’s not the problem, well I mean he’s part of the problem, but so is Shinsou and I-I just don’t know how much fucking more I can take of this! I doubt they’d even be into something like that, they seem perfectly happy together which is fine but goddamnit why do they have to be so fucking cute all the time – “

“So you are pining after both of them. My mistake.”

“I-I’m not pining!” Bakugo sputtered, earning a few ‘shh!’s from the other occupants of the common area. “Oh fuck off, I’m having a crisis over here!”

“Katsuki, it’s not a crisis.” Tokoyami pinched the bridge of his…beak? Bnose (beak nose)? Either way, he looked exasperated. “Just go talk to them. Ask them about it. Do…something.”

“That’s rich, coming from Mr. Can’t-talk-to-sparkles-without-stuttering Fumikage.” Bakugo grunted, resuming scritching Dark Shadow’s head, who cooed and arched into the touch like the weirdest, smokiest, creepiest fucking puppy he’d ever seen. God he loved that little fucker.

“That was uncalled for.” Tokoyami huffed, turning his attention to his phone. “A little bird told me they’re planning a movie night tonight, and few people are available to go.” he said nonchalantly, giving Bakugo a look. “And you are not busy.”

“I might be busy – “

“You.” he stared him down “Are not. Busy.”





Fuck Tokoyami, fuck feelings, and fuck the clock for not hurrying its ass up so he didn’t have to sit there on his goddamn bed like a lovesick loser. A buzz from his phone startled him into dropping it. Bakugo cursed, rolling off his bed to retrieve his device, pausing when he saw it had been a text from Tokoyami.


birdfuck: We’re setting up early.
birdfuck: They know you’re coming.

you: jfc u make it sound like i’m on ym way to murder them.

birdfuck: ym?

you: *my
you: you know what i meant you birdfuck.

birdfuck: Just get down here.
birdfuck: Wait, am I still “bird fucker” on your phone?

you: nah
you: hey you better not’ve said anything to them

birdfuck: All I said was “good afternoon” and “I’ll let Katsuki know we’re starting soon.”
birdfuck: Happy?

you: good
you: not rlly

birdfuck: Nervous?

you: no

birdfuck: Nappy? (Nervous/happy?)

you: shut up



The blonde grumbled to himself as he stood up, slipping out of his room. That bastard better not have said anything or there’d be hell to pay, regardless of how things turned out tonight. Bakugo stalked down to the common room, stopping a ways away from the couch that currently held Shinsou, Iida, and Tokoyami. He coughed, drawing all three pairs of eyes to him. Wordlessly, Tokoyami gave him a look and went to sit in a separate chair to the side. He was still within sight of the screen, so it wasn’t like he was creeping on them. At least, that’s what Bakugo tried telling himself.

“Ah, good afternoon Bakugo!” Iida greeted, standing up (much to his boyfriend’s displeasure) to direct Bakugo to the middle cushion.

“H’lo.” Bakugo mumbled, eyes downcast as he sat down. He felt the couch dip with Iida’s weight, and suddenly he felt himself very unable to breathe.

Oblivious, Iida began explaining the outline of the movie they were going to watch, carefully leaving out spoilers – not that Bakugo really cared, but it was still sweet.

“Hey,” Shinsou nudged him, barely giving him a sideways glance, “I won’t bite you, relax.”

“I wasn’t fucking worried about that.” Bakugo grumbled, though found his fists unclenching a little in his lap (when had they become fists?).

Shinsou hummed, turning his attention back to the screen with a shrug.

“ – think you’ll enjoy this film greatly, Katsuki! It has – “ Iida’s hand on his shoulder, combined with his first name flowing so freely from the man’s mouth, made him freeze. Bakugo could feel his face heating up, and slung his arm over the back of the couch to give Tokoyami a sly middle finger. He didn’t have to turn around to know Tokoyami was smirking at him, he just k n e w.

“Not worried my ass.” Shinsou mumbled, getting a weak glare from Bakugo. “What?”

“I said I wasn’t worried about you fucking biting me, dipshit.” that’s great Katsuki, call your crush a stupid name right as you’re trying to spend time with him and your other crush, great idea.

“Mm, I see.” Shinsou mused, tone quieting as the movie began to play. “So, you’re worried about something else.”

“I’m not – “ Bakugo started to hiss, but was cut off by a weight across his shoulders.

Iida gave Shinsou a disapproving look as he gave his shoulder a pat. Shinsou rolled his eyes but nodded. Bakugo thought Iida would slid his arm back, but (un?)fortunately, it stayed rested around Bakugo’s shoulders, Iida’s fingers lightly grazing his arm every time he shifted.

Bakugo simmered. He loved the feeling of being to close to the two of them, don’t get him wrong, but Tokoyami had definitely said something. No doubt left in his mind, that bird was getting fried tomorrow.

The movie could’ve been playing for twelve hours and he wouldn’t’ve noticed, mind able to focus on nothing but the arm draped over him. That is, until a weight pressed itself into his side, to which he almost yelped. Bakugo glanced sharply to his side, what the hell was that fucker up to?

Sleepy purple eyes blinked back at him. “Mm?”

“The fuck’re you doing?” Bakugo whispered, voice wavering more than he’d like. Shinsou smirked, stretching out for a moment before curling back up against his side. Yeah, no way Tokoyami hadn’t said anything. That fucker.

“Watching a movie.” he yawned, nuzzling his head against Iida’s hand, wild locks brushing through long fingers.

Bakugo opened his mouth to say something, but all that came out was a squeak. Slowly, he shuffled around enough to have his legs scrunched up underneath himself, and, even more slowly, he let his head make its way to resting on top of Shinsou’s.

“Are you alright? Oh…” Iida must have felt him shifting, and chuckled as he ruffled Bakugo’s hair. “Perhaps we should all get to bed, you two seem – “

“Mno,” Shinsou mumbled, burying his face in Bakugo’s neck “’m phleepy, but wanph cuphleph…”

“The fuck was that?” Bakugo said without any bite, sighing as he felt Iida shift the two of them to lean against him.

“Just because you’re a cute little shit doesn’t mean you can be an ass.” Shinsou murmured, flicking him weakly in the arm.

“Hey, watch it jackass.”

“Language, both of you.” Iida frowned, laying back so that Bakugo and Shinsou could lean against his chest easier.

“What about it?” Bakugo and Shinsou asked in tandum, exchanging cheeky smirks at Iida’s sigh.

“My boyfriends are impossible.” Bakugo froze, eyes widening.

“Boy…friends?” he asked tentatively, relaxing when he felt Shinsou nod against him.

“I-I suppose I should have asked, but in our defense we had noticed you acting somewhat interested, and then tonight when I put an arm around you you didn’t move away, which I am sorry for I really should have asked, although – “

“Tenya,” Shinsou said sleepily, dragging his head up to look at Iida “shut up babe. Of course he’s interested.”

“I-I…just wanted to be sure…” Iida trailed off, looking away in embarrassment.

“He is.” Tokoyami spoke for the first time in what had felt like days to Bakugo.

“Why the fuck are you still here?!” he growled, only held back from running at his friend by his now boyfriend drifting to sleep on top of him.

“I figured you would want pictures of your first date. Don’t worry, I will only send them to you.” Tokoyami said, standing up to stretch. “Have a good night.”

“Why you – !”

“Katsuki, his offer sounded sincere,” Iida said softly, running a hand through his hair “maybe talk with him later?”

Bakugo grumbled something about “what an asshole chicken nugget-lookin’ ass,” but let Iida calm him with light comforting touches and sweet words mumbled into the darkness of the common area. He never wanted to leave that goddamn couch, being sandwiched between Iida and Shinsou like this wasn’t something he’d ever thought about before, but damn if it wasn’t everything he’d ever wanted now that he had it.

Chapter Text

“C’mon, ‘zuku! Your turn!” Mina sang out, sliding the empty bottle towards him. Izuku groaned, standing up to spin it in the middle of their circle of classmates.

He didn’t know why he’d agreed to this, this stupid…whatever it was. They couldn’t call it a ‘party’, that would have the teachers invading the dorms to break it up. ‘Get-together’ had become the popular term, closely followed by ‘social engagement opportunity’, both of which had Aizawa rolling his eyes when someone let slip of their activities during class. They’d definitely gotten closer as a class now that it was their second year, but close enough to play spin-the-bottle-meets-7-minutes-in-heaven? Izuku wasn’t so sure.

“Spin already, monsieur. We are all dying to know who gets to spend time alone with you in the closet~” Aoyama said with a wink. Izuku swallowed thickly, giving the bottle a thwack.

“Just because we’ll be alone together doesn’t mean that anything…will…happen…” he trailed off, watching the bottle slow down, grinding to a halt. Slower, slower, pointing to…

“Mashi!” Mina cheered, jumping up to grab Ojiro by the scruff. “Into the closet now! Kami, set the timer!”

“W-wait, last time you got a minute or two to talk – “ Izuku protested, finding himself being dragged over to the closet along with his tailed classmate.

“Oh hush! See y’all in seven minutes.” Mina sang, shoving them into the dark closet and shutting the door quickly.

Izuku sighed, hearing giggles from outside. Something soft brushing against his arm made him jump with a yelp, followed closely by a series of embarrassed ‘sorry!’s from Ojiro.

“I-it’s okay! I just wasn’t paying attention…” Izuku blinked several times to try to get his eyes to adjust faster, only succeeding in running into Ojiro again. “S-sorry!”

“I think that time was my fault again, sorry about that,” he was beginning to be able to make out the outline of his classmate in the small dark room. “We’re in here for seven minutes right?”

“U-um, yeah…” Izuku noticed Ojiro giving him a nervous look “N-not that we have to do anything! It, um, it’s not really something I’m comfortable with anyway…the, um, casual stuff I mean.” he explained awkwardly, wringing his hands together.

Ojiro’s posture relaxed, his shoulders slumping to a more comfortable position. “That’s a relief…I didn’t want to disappoint, but at the same time – “

“You never disappoint!” Izuku exclaimed, seeming to startle his companion. “S-sorry, I-I just…you’re always so amazing! The way you use your quirk to its full potential – erm, this might be an odd question, but do you lift weights with your tail? I’m not sure how I’d go about it if I had a tail, but you just seem so capable with it, so agile and limber I – “ Izuku cut himself off abruptly, seeing the look on Ojiro’s face. “Sorry, I got, um, carried away there…”

“Don’t apologize, you didn’t do anything wrong,” Ojiro laughed lightly, putting a hand on Izuku’s shoulder. “I’m not sure if I agree with you though, I’ve always been more…average, don’t you think? And I’m okay with that, somebody’s gotta be average y’know?” His voice wasn’t sad, more…resigned? Izuku frowned, brushing him off and fixing him with an earnest stare.

“But you’re great! You should’ve seen you at training yesterday, the way you vaulted over that wall – “

“ – i-it was only because I got blown that direction by Bakugo – “

“ – and that immediate pin on Kaminari! Come on Mashirao, you’re amazing!” Izuku beamed, rubbing his thumbs over the hands he was holding in his own.

“Thank you.” Ojiro whispered quietly, looking away with a strange expression.

Then it sunk in. Izuku babbled incoherently, immediately letting go of Ojiro’s hands and apologizing profusely, face feeling like it was on fire. Good fucking lord how had Ojiro’s first name just slid out of his mouth like that?! He’d been careful to keep his feelings in check, to not let slip any hint of his crush even to Uraraka and Iida, and now here he was stuck in a closet with him for at least 3 more minutes and he’d just held his hands and said his name so easily it –



“You’ll…let me know if I’m reading this wrong,” Ojiro asked hesitantly, slowly reaching for one of Izuku’s hands and holding it gently “ah, do you like me?”

“U m .” he tightened his grip on Ojiro’s hand, trying to figure out how to back away in such a small enclosed space.

“If it helps any, I like you too…and…thank you for believing in me…” Ojiro ended with a shy whisper. Izuku felt the same object from before brush against his arm again, predictably yelping at the sentation. “Sorry! My tail does that when I’m…um…happy.” Izuku’s gaze fell to the side, where Ojiro’s tail was in fact swishing from side to side, fluffy tip grazing against the side of the closet to make a light thumping sound every second or so.

“Adorable.” Izuku breathed, transfixed by the tail’s movements. His hand reached out involuntarily, and he pulled back with a guilty expression as soon as he noticed.

“Don’t worry, you can touch it if you want.” Ojiro laughed, inching closer to him. “Here, I’ll make it easier on you.” he offered, bringing his tail around his body and bending it in Izuku’s direction. Wordlessly, Izuku put out his hand to give it a quick pat, which slowly turned into him running his fingers through the tuft of fur over and over again, smile on his face.

“So soft…” he said under his breath, getting a chuckle from Ojiro.

“Thanks, Tooru insists on brushing it. I personally don’t care either way, but…” Ojiro sighed happily, small smile on his face.

“What does it feel like?” Izuku asked curiously, finding himself leaning more and more into Ojiro’s pleasantly warm body. Seven minutes seemed much too short now, he could stay like this for a couple hours at this point.

“Sort of…I don’t want to say weird, that sounds bad, but it’s a good weird. Soothing, too, like how I imagine a cat feels getting head pats…”

Izuku giggled, an idea popping into his head. He parted the fur of the tail into two halves, attempting to make them stick up into points, more or less achieving his goal after a few seconds of fiddling around.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen it look quite like that.” Ojiro chuckled, looking amusedly between Izuku’s grin and his tail.

“Cat ears!” he said proudly, gesturing to the two spikes.

Ojiro held back a full-bodied laugh, clutching at his midsection “Izuku, how – “

“Time’s up!” Mina yelled before swinging the door open, both boys squinting and blinking at the seemingly harsh light of the common area. “Oh my fucking god, what did you – oh my god I can’t breathe – “ Mina gasped, leaning against the doorframe in a fit of giggles.

“Nice spikes, bro!” Kirishima flashed Ojiro a smile and a thumbs-up.

“Alright, who’s next…”

Izuku let the conversation fade away as he looked to Ojiro’s slightly flushed face, fluffing his tail one last time before walking back into the circle. Of course Ojiro followed closely behind, as they hadn’t separated their hands yet. It didn’t look as if that would happen anytime soon, which Izuku had no problem with at all.

Chapter Text

“Hey you sleepy bastard, did you get any last night?”

Shinsou lifted his head from his phone, raising an eyebrow at his boyfriend. “Get any what?”


“Oh. Not really, no – oh?” Shinsou found himself being pulled against a warm chest by strong arms. Strange, he hadn’t even noticed Bakugo sitting down.

“Fucking take care of yourself. Freak like you can’t afford to lose sleep.” Bakugo grumbled, ruffling Shinsou’s wild mane affectionately.

“Mm.” Shinsou shrugged, closing his eyes.

They sat like that for a while, Shinsou slowly drifting off to sleep and Bakugo tapping a bit too aggressively at his phone. Shinsou didn’t know what it said about him that both of his boyfriends were capable of giving off so much heat, but they were sure nice to snuggle up against. Maybe he just liked hot boys. He snorted to himself, quietly laughing at his own joke.

“Fuck’re you doing?! You’re supposed to be sleeping.” Bakugo scolded, grip tightening around Shinsou’s waist.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Shinsou mumbled, almost drifting off until he heard footsteps approaching the couch they were on.

“The fuck’s wrong with your eyes?” Bakugo asked the person, voice subtly laced with concern.

“Hm? This is how I normally look.” Todoroki’s calm voice floated over to Shinsou’s sleepy ears. He’d been wondering where their third had gone to.

“Bullshit. You stayed up late studying again didn’t you.

“I may have spent perhaps a bit more time than usual – “

“C’mere.” he felt Bakugo pat the other cushion beside him. A pause followed, presumably his boyfriends staring each other down. “Did I fucking stutter? It wasn’t a question, half n half.”

“Oh, so that was a command?” Todoroki sassed, though Shinsou felt the couch dip with his weight as he sat down.

“If it gets you to fucking sleep, then yeah.”

“Hitoshi would never act like this.” Todoroki’s voice sounded muffled, and Shinsou grinned. That meant Bakugo had successfully gotten both boys to lay on him, something he knew his short-tempered boyfriend not-so-secretly loved.

“Yeah, only ‘cause I never sleep either.” Shinsou mumbled back, curling more into Bakugo’s side. “Mmy’re warm, blasty.”

“He is,” Todoroki sighed happily, following Shinsou’s example.

“Hey, I still need at least one fucking arm!” Bakugo whisper-shouted, caught between wanting his phone and wanting his boyfriends to sleep.

He only got a “too bad” and “tough shit” in response, both Todoroki and Shinsou too far gone to be convinced into moving any more than a centimeter.

“You two are impossible.” he pouted, relaxing into the couch to better serve as a glorified pillow. Shinsou only smiled, biting back a remark that it had been Bakugo’s idea in the first place. He had a feeling Todoroki was holding back a similar reply, if the quiet chuckle he heard was anything to go by. “Stop that.”


“That mind-reading thing you guys do, yeah I fucking know about that, when you fuckin’ talk to each other about me. Creepy as hell.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Shinsou and Todoroki said in tandum. Shinsou cackled, only spurred into laughing harder by Todoroki’s obviously held-back giggles.

“You better be fucking asleep in the next five minutes or I swear I’ll – “

“Swear under your breath at us and pet our heads until we actually do fall asleep?” Todoroki offered, punctuating the end of his sentence with a yawn.

“…go the fuck to sleep.” Bakugo muttered, sliding a hand through Shinsou’s hair.

Chapter Text

Normally Kaminari wouldn’t have agreed to something like this, but no way in hell was he going to pass up the chance to tease Bakugo about having to take a remedial course. So when Kirishima suggested that the whole squad go over to visit, Kaminari really couldn’t refuse.

“D’ya think they’re doing something like we did in the exam?” Mina asked as they approached the building, steering the group in the right direction – Kirishima had proven himself unfit to follow the map early on in their adventure.

“Maybe? I dunno though, ‘casue if they failed the first time why would they have ‘em do it a second time?” Kaminari wondered aloud, getting a nod from Mina. Ah, it seemed as if the brain cell harvest was bountiful today.

“Maybe they’re doing something more like the sports festival!” Kirishima suggested energetically, pushing the door open with gusto “Like the cavalry battle but one-on-one! Or, teams or something! That’d be fun I th – BAKUBRO!”

The group spotted their spikey-haired friend and waved, making absolutely too much noise and definitely causing a scene, not that they really cared that much. Kaminari was about to follow his friends over to where Bakugo was sitting, but his mind clicked with an almost audible sound as he recognized the face of the person sitting along the edge of the rows of seats.

“Kami?” Mina tugged at his arm.

“Eh? I’ll be over in a sec, gotta do something first!” he flashed her a smile, walking over towards the purple-haired boy he’d seen at the exam. Mina shrugged, taking off after Kirishima to go help harass Bakugo.

Kaminari made his way over carefully, the only casualties being a couple of toppled chairs that honestly had it coming to them, what with being so easily wobble-able and all. He sat down next to the brooding boy, nudging him with his elbow.

“Hey, you’re that meatball guy, right?”

The boy jumped, ending with a glare in Kaminari’s direction. “Seiji Shishikura, Shiketsu second-year.” He said stiffly, refocusing his attention straight in front of him and falling silent.

“Second year eh? Means you’re my senpai~” Kaminari said with a wiggle to his eyebrows, not that Seiji could see it. Maybe out of the corner of his eye? Kaminari wasn’t sure, it was more of the idea of it that mattered, anyway.

Seiji pursed his lips, still stubbornly looking forward.


“Stop saying it like that.”

“Would you rather cute-little-eyes?” Kaminari joked, poking him in the arm “I remember blasty teased you about ‘em during the exam. But honestly dude? Suits your face, y’know?”

“They’re no smaller than anyone else’s.” Seiji said defensively, pulling his hat lower down on his head.

“Hey, c’mon man! Lean into it!” Kaminari giggled, snagging the boy’s hat and putting it on his own head. “This mean I’m a Shiketsu student now? Wouldn’t mind having you as an upperclassman.” he winked, pulling the hat down over his eyes. “Ah shit, who turned off the lights?”

“I can’t believe you passed and I didn’t.” Seiji scoffed, ripping the hat from Kaminari’s head.

“Hey! The lights are back!”

“You are the stupidest – “ Seiji cut himself off with a huff, putting his hat on the opposite seat and returning to silently staring in front of him.

“So…see any good movies lately?”

No response.

“Any favorite heroes?”

Still nothing. Kaminari sighed, time to pull out the big guns.

“Hey,” he whispered, leaning into Seiji’s side “remember when I beat you during the provisional license exam? You said I was a dumbass then too, didn’t you?” he felt Seiji stiffen even more and was immediately filled with regret. This is how he would die, turned into a giant disgusting meatball and not worth it at all. Rip in peace.

Seiji stood up abruptly, causing a few others in the room to look over. “You have no right – “ he didn’t finish, just groaned angrily and stormed from the room, fuming.

‘What did you do?’ Mina mouthed to him, concerned. He shrugged, figuring he could at least follow after the purple-haired boy to try and reconcile. He’d gone a bit too far, he admitted to himself, maybe he could make it up to Seiji. He wasn’t sure how, but apologizing would be a good start wouldn’t it?

“Hey man, sorry about – “ Kaminari said as he rounded the corner of the building. He collided with something solid, which caused him to yell and discharge a small shock into the object. “Christ!”

A garbled sound came from the object, which clued Kaminari in that it had been a person. Well, that and the fact that he was being slammed into a goddamn wall by said person’s…arms? He squinted, trying to figure out what was holding him down while he caught his breath.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” Seiji asked, eyes narrowed.

“Oh!” Kaminari squeaked. They were too close, much too close, which only made him discharge more electricity into the surrounding area.

“Stop that!” Seiji commanded, pushing him harder against the wall, knee now slotted dangerously close to Kaminari’s crotch.

“I-I can’t help it! C’mon man, lemme go – !“ his breath caught as Seiji’s knee made contact with his inner thigh. He had to hold back a moan, shame flowing through him. God he was pent-up.

Seiji’s eyes widened for a moment, before narrowing again with a smirk.

“I-I’m sorry I made fun of you, I was just joking around, a-and the flirting was just – fuck!“ Kaminari squeezed his eyes shut at the sudden pressure against his clothed dick, letting out a little groan as Seiji’s grip on his wrists tightened.

“Such vulgar language from a future hero,” Seiji brought his face closer, centimeters away from Kaminari.

“I know a way you could shut me up.” he challenged, seeing a flash of hesitation in Seiji’s eyes. “Ha, guess you don’t – mph!” soft lips slammed into his with bruising force, not that he minded.

Kaminari easily allowed himself to melt into the kiss, opening his mouth eagerly to allow their tongues to mingle together. He yelped as Seiji bit down on his lower lip, the noise morphing into a moan as an involuntary thrust brought their crotches together.

“F-fuck…” Kaminari gasped when they pulled apart, tilting his head to the side to allow Seiji’s mouth access to the small sensitive spot below his ear, squealing in pleasure as he felt himself being nipped, sucked, and groped into a state of arousal he hadn’t allowed himself for at least two weeks. He’d been busy, okay? But now that he wasn’t…hoo boy.

“I was mistaken earlier,” Seiji whispered, grinding against him without mercy “you’re not stupid, you’re just eager to please, aren’t you?”

“Y-yeah!” Kaminari nodded quickly, dipping in for another kiss and grinding desperately against him.

“Ah ah, not yet.” Seiji said, leaning away. Kaminari whined, straining against the hands holding him down.

“Seiji, please,” Kaminari panted, pants now uncomfortably tight “I haven’t cum in weeks, shit’s been so crazy I haven’t found the time to – nngh!” he cried out at the knee returning to press against his bulge, grinding down onto it greedily. Kaminari was past caring how desperate he looked, he needed to nut and boy howdy he was going to no matter who saw.

“Mm, needy aren’t we?” Seiji hummed, kissing Kaminari hungrily, taking the boy’s breath away at the intensity of it.

“M-mhm!” Kaminari moaned, eyes falling closed. “Please, I need – “

“Then be a good boy,” Seiji whispered in his ear “and cum for me.”

Kaminari didn’t know how someone’s voice could have such an impact on him, but there he was, cumming just from Seiji ordering him to. He keened loudly, loving the way his wrists felt a little sore from being held, his back a little cold and stiff from being pushed up against bricks for so long.

“Ah – good boy, Kaminari – mn…” Seiji panted out, palming himself through his pants. Kaminari watched, transfixed, as he watched Seiji cum in front of him. As he released, he pulled Kaminari in for one last deep kiss, leaving the electric boy seeing stars. So much so, in fact, he found himself letting off a bit too much electricity…

“Yey…” he said dumbly, flashing Seiji a goofy grin and giving him a thumbs-up.

“Did you…what did you do to yourself?” Seiji’s eyebrows pulled together in confusion.

“…yey.” Kaminari said again, wondering why his pants felt a little squishy. Ah well, that was a problem for future Kaminari to figure out, right now he felt kinda good and kinda stupid, and was content in just following Seiji back inside the building.

“I’ve come to return your…this one.” Seiji said flatly, shoving Kaminari towards his small group of friends.

“Oh god what’d he do this time?” Mina snorted, patting Kaminari’s head. She got an enthusiastic ‘yey!’ in response.

“Haven’t the foggiest idea.” Seiji said evenly, turning to face Kaminari. “I look forward to when we next meet, future hero.” Seiji finished, turning quickly and returning to his seat from before, putting his hat back on with a grumble.

“…who the fuck was that.” Bakugo squinted over at him.

“We fought him during the exam, bro! He’s the one who turned us both into fleshballs!”

“Never say that again.”

“What, talk about the exam?”

“No the other thing.”



“What’s wrong with fleshballs?”

"It sounds nasty, that's what!"

Kaminari watched the conversation unfold with wide eyes, completely invested. He put his hands in his sweatshirt pockets as he sat down to watch better, and let out a confused ‘yey?’ as he felt a scrap of paper brush against his fingers. That hadn’t been there before, had it? He took it out and looked at it, only seeing a jumble of numbers written on what seemed to be a scrap of notebook paper. He shrugged, putting it back in his pocket. He could figure it out later.

Chapter Text

Ojiro stiffened as he felt something tug on the tip of his tail, relazing when he realized it was just Kaminari, dicking around like normal in the seat behind him. It had become their classroom ritual over the years, so much so that a few of their other classmates had taken notice and tried it out for themselves. Ojiro didn’t mind all that much, it felt nice to have someone fluff up the fur, sort of like having someone brush your hair.

The problem was the rest of his tail. Especially with multiple people playing with his tail, it was easy for someone to accidentally slip and touch further down than they’d meant and…Ojiro fell forward in his seat, remembering the last time it had happened.

Hagakure had known about his…sensitivity, and it really had been an honest mistake, but…he flushed in embarrassment. She’d apologized for laughing, though he could tell he’d never live it down. It might even make the news some day; local hero pops boner from someone touching his tail.

“You okay, dude?” Kaminari tapped his shoulder, eyes concerned.

“I’m fine, just tired.” Ojiro smiled weakly, keeping his head down until the end of class.

He felt Kaminari carry on with playing around with the tip of his tail, sighing quietly to himself. He barely registered Aizawa dismissing the class for the day, and yelped as an unknown hand made contact with the base of his tail.

“Aw, Bakugo, you can’t just sneak up on someone like that!” Kaminari whined, packing up his things.

“Wanted to see what all the fuss was about.” Bakugo grumbled, running a hand up the length of the appendage. Ojiro shivered, holding in a moan. God, not now, why now? Did he even know what he was doing?! “It’s soft, I guess.”

“Nah dude, you gotta feel the fluff! Waaaaay soft, right Oji?”

“Y-yeah.” Ojiro stuttered, squeaking as Bakugo brushed against the base of his tail.

“You sure you’re okay?” Kaminari tilted his head. “You’re kinda lookin’ like you’ve got a fever there.”

“N-no I’m fine!” Ojiro felt his face heating up. He wanted to kick Bakugo in the shins, what the hell did he think he was doing? He probably didn’t know how his touch affected Ojiro, but still – “ah!” he froze, shocked at himself. Had he just…?

Kaminari’s brows furrowed, and he frowned as he shouldered his backpack. “Hey…definitely sounds like you’re in pain, are you sure you don’t – “

“I’ll take him to recovery girl.” Bakugo said, tracing lazy circles into Ojiro’s skin.

“Are you sure – “

“Yes.” Bakugo growled, sending a shiver down Ojiro’s spine. He probably hadn’t meant it to sound so…Ojiro couldn’t put his finger on it, what he was feeling.

“Alright, well…see you two later.” Kaminari shuffled uneasily.

“B-bye…” Ojiro waved, keeping his eyes on Kaminari’s back until he left the classroom. “Bakugo, you don’t have to take me to Recovery Girl, I really am fine – “

“Who said we were going anywhere?” he leaned forward, growling into Ojiro’s ear. “You really think I didn’t notice? I barely touched you and you…” he slowly dragged his hand along his tail, Ojiro letting out a whine “…fuck…”

“W-why stay…” Ojiro panted, keening as Bakugo’s mouth latched onto the back of his neck.

“I think you know why.” he said between licks and nips, pushing Ojiro’s chair aside and straddling the boy’s tail.

“A-ah, Bakugo – “ Ojiro moaned, yelping as Bakugo bit down harshly on his shoulder.

“Call me Katsuki.” he whispered, hands reaching around to begin unbuttoning Ojiro’s uniform shirt.

“K-katsuki…mnm…d-don’t stop…” shame coursed through him as he rutted up against his classmate, breaths leaving him in small puffs.

Bakugo kept his movements slow, torturously so. It took everything in Ojiro to not plead with him to start touching him more, and he just about cried when Bakugo slowed to a stop, dismounting his tail and shrugging on his backpack.

“See you around.”

Ojiro gaped, watching him leave. How the fuck…why the fuck…he squirmed, quickly packing up his own things as a mixture of embarrassment, shame, arousal, and frustration coursed through him. Now he was horny and angry (horngry, if you will), but his pride kept him from approaching Bakugo when he saw him in the common room later.

“What’s up with you today?” Hagakure asked, prodding his cheek with a finger. “Someone’s distracteeeeeeed~”

“I-I’m not distracted!” Ojiro defended, taking out his phone to hide behind. He frowned. Why wasn’t it turning on? Eh, he could stare at a blank screen, Hagakure wouldn’t know the difference.

“Mashi?” she poked him again, giggling “It’s upside-down ya goof!”

“O-oh, right…”

He flushed, catching Bakugo’s eye from across the room. Bakugo smirked, staring him down until he looked away, cheeks burning. Damn, he was planning something, and Ojiro would be lying if he said the thought didn’t turn him on at least a little.

“Oh, I see,” Hagakure said thoughtfully, patting his leg. “Remember, if he doesn’t treat you right I’ll beat him up!”







Ojiro had almost forgotten about…no, he hadn’t forgotten a thing, Bakugo had been on his mind constantly ever since that afternoon. He hadn’t seen any trace of Bakugo after leaving the common area though, and had deemed it safe enough to go take a bath later in the evening. Ojiro liked bathing late, barely anyone was up, and if they were they sure as hell weren’t crazy enough to want to take a bath at that hour.

How wrong he was.

As he slid into the large communal bath, he heard footsteps approaching from behind. Shit. Well, it wasn’t like he’d never been naked in front of his classmates before. He shrugged his towel off and placed it off to the side, closing his eyes and letting the warm water wash over his tired muscles. God, training the past few days really had been brutal.

A small splash next to him let him know the other occupant had slid in as well, and he opened his eyes to greet them, he was nothing if not polite, and froze. Bakugo stared back at him, almost like he was waiting for Ojiro to say something.

“About earlier…” Ojiro started nervously, tail curling around his legs under the water. “You weren’t…weirded out?”

“Huh?” Bakugo looked taken aback, mouth drooping into a frown. “Whadda you mean?”

“I-I mean, it’s a weird place to get turned on from, a-and it’s not like I didn’t like it! I just…I dunno, I thought maybe you found it weird, and that’s why you left?” Ojiro suggested, resisting the urge to scoot away when Bakugo stood to sit closer to him.

“I left,” he said quietly “because I wouldn’t have been able to hold myself back if I’d stayed.”

“Oh.” Ojiro’s eyed widened in realization. “Oh!”


“Would you want to…keep going? H-here, I mean…” Ojiro mumbled, lowering himself further into the water. He wasn’t shy, he would never admit to that, he was just…bashful. Which was another word for shy, his brain reminded him. Damn.

“That depends…” Bakugo shifted, pulling him closer by the waist. Ojiro held his breath, tail now swishing excitedly behind him. Their moment in the classroom came rushing back to him full force, making a heat pool in his stomach that wasn’t entirely unpleasant.

“O-on what?” Ojiro squeaked out, holding back a moan as Bakugo brushed his fingertips against the base of his tail.

“…on if you want to…”

Ojiro felt words escape him, and just nodded before letting his head fall onto Bakugo’s shoulder and his arms wrap around his broad chest, already harder than he’d care to admit.

“Good boy,” Bakugo praised, nipping at his ear “so obedient…”

“A-ah, Bak – “ he swallowed roughly “K-katsuki, please – nh!”

Bakugo wrapped his hands around Ojiro’s tail, slowly rubbing up and down. Had it not felt so incredible, Ojiro might have tried making a joke about it looking like a giant dick being jacked off. Unfortunately, all that was able to come out of his mouth were small whimpers and gasps of pleasure at being touched in such a way.

“God, look at how hard you are,” Bakugo murmured between kisses to his neck, Ojiro keening at every swipe of hot tongue against the sensitive flesh “barely touched ya,” one hand left his tail to slowly begin stroking his dick “and you’re already about to cum, aren’t you?”

“P-please,” Ojiro begged, trying to grip Bakugo tighter despite their wet skin.

“Not yet,” Bakugo purred, turning him around in the water and patting the edge of the bath “c’mon, up.”

“I-I’m not a dog…” Ojiro mumbled stubbornly, but sat up on the edge nonetheless. He shivered as the droplets on his skin began to dry, staring down at Bakugo questioningly. “Now what?”

“On your belly, ass towards me.”


“You heard. Get to it.”

Ojiro hesitated before lowering his legs back into the water, turning around, and laying awkwardly on the edge of the bath with his ass towards Bakugo, as per his instructions. Was he going to eat him out? Finger him? Just fuck him right then and there without prep? Ojiro shivered again, the thought of Bakugo brutally slamming into him not a totally unwelcome image. Maybe he’d –

“Nngh!” he cried out, all at once feeling his tail be absolutely surrounded by sensation. “Haah, Katsuki t-that’s – ah – a-a lot – !” he moaned, bucking into the touch.

Bakugo lifted his mouth from kissing his tail, slowing his hands “Too much?”

“N-no, please keep – “ he didn’t get to finish his thought as a wave of pleasure overtook him, Bakugo returning to his fast-paced stroking and licking.

God, he was going to cum without even touching himself even a little, Ojiro flushed hotter at the thought. Bakugo was making him feel so good, and with just his tail too…something about that made Ojiro’s head spin in the best way.

“You’re getting loud there,” Bakugo commented, slapping a hand down on a wet asscheek “gonna cum soon?”

“Y-yes!” Ojiro nodded frantically, squeaking as a second slap graced his other cheek.

“Not yet you aren’t. You’re not allowed until I say so, got it?” at that, he whined but nodded, unable to deny Bakugo when he used such a sensual tone.

“Y-yes sir – “ Ojiro flustered, about to babble something about how it had just slipped out of his mouth, when Bakugo turned him back around and gave him a heated look.

“Such a good boy…” he growled before diving in for their first proper kiss. It was more tongue than anything, so perhaps not a ‘proper’ kiss, but damn it felt good. Ojiro was going crazy, so ready to cum but not being able to rub against anything now, Bakugo had too good a grip on him.

“Katsuki please,” he squirmed, pulling his head back enough to speak “please, I need you to fuck me, I need you right now please I – nnh!” a warm slippery finger circling his pucker shut him up, gaining a smirk from Bakugo.

“Conditioner works well I’ve found,” Bakugo stated off-handedly, sliding the finger in with ease. Ojiro moaned, pushing into Bakugo’s hand desperately. “More? Already?”

“Y-yes,” he panted, not even flinching as another finger was added and a slow, steady rhythm was established. “Nngh, s-sir please, I need – ah!”

The fingers inside him began scissoring gently, stretching him deliciously wide. Any burn he might’ve felt was eased by the warm water, which he was grateful for. But it still wasn’t enough. Being stretched was nice, but he wanted to feel full, he wanted Katsuki inside him NOW.

“Fuck me, please, I need you,” he whined pitifully, tears forming in his eyes as he pushed against Bakugo needily.

“Since you asked so nicely…” Bakugo teased, pulling his fingers out slowly – much to Ojiro’s displeasure – and straddling the boy’s tail – much to his excitement. “Want it hard?”

Ojiro nodded quickly, tail finding its way between Bakugo’s thighs and sliding back and forth, pulling moans from Ojiro’s lips as Bakugo lined himself up with his hole.

“Nnnah!” Ojiro cried out as Bakugo slid into him carefully, frustratingly slow “Katsuki fuck me, fuck me hard please I need to cum so bad, please fuck me,” he babbled, barely registering Bakugo’s quickened pace and hard thrusts against him, mind now only on the way his tail felt like it was on fire being squeezed between Bakugo’s thighs like that, not to mention his prostate being pounded into with every new thrust.

All too soon, Ojiro was clenching around Bakugo with tears in his eyes, doing his best to hold back until Bakugo said otherwise. He stayed like that even as Bakugo let go inside of him, whining and whimpering at the boy collapsed on top of him, panting hard.

“K-katsuki, please…” he mewled, cock twitching between their bodies, aching to release.

“Wh…you didn’t cum?” Bakugo’s eyes shot wide, looking down between Ojiro’s flushed face and his straining erection.

“N-no, you said not to…” Ojiro slid into a moan as Bakugo trailed a finger up his dick, the tears he’d been holding in finally falling.

“God you’re hot…” Bakugo breathed, lowering himself down to Ojiro’s crotch and licking his lips. “Go ahead and cum inside, alright? I wanna taste you…”

“Wh – nngh!” Ojiro had just enough time to grip the side of the bath before Bakugo enveloped his dick in his mouth. He tried his best not to thrust up into it, he really did, though Bakugo didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. The boy bobbed up and down, swirling his tongue in a way that should be illegal, and all too soon Ojiro was cumming down his throat, mouth held open in a silent scream of ecstasy.

When his vision finally unclouded, he registered strong arms around his torso and a hand carding through his damp hair. The bath was noticeably cooler than before, though still a comfortable temperature. Mumbling against his skin made him perk up, turning a bit in Bakugo’s arms to try to look him in the eyes.

“Sorry, I didn’t catch that…”

Bakugo flushed, looking away with a huff. “Would you…want to go out with me?” Ojiro grinned, holding in a chuckle. “What?”

“Nothing, nothing, just…you realize what we just did, right?” Ojiro stifled another laugh. “And you’re embarrassed to ask that?”

“Yeah, and? ‘S completely different thing.” Bakugo grumbled, pulling him closer. “So? What’ll it be.”

“Yes.” Ojiro let his head fall back against his now boyfriend’s chest. “One condition though.”


“We get to do this again.”

“You bet your ass, sweet cheeks.”

Chapter Text

Izuku loved his boyfriend, he really did.


“Izuku, are you alright? You have been squirming in your seat all day. Is there something I can assist you with? Should I take you to Recovery Girl?”

But good lord was Iida dense.

“Izuku? Classes are over for the day. You’ve been unfocused as well as fidgety, are you sure you’re alright?”

“Y-yeah, I’m fine…” Izuku wanted to tell him, he really did, but Iida didn’t seem like the type of person to want to do the sort of thing Izuku needed help with. They’d only been dating a few months after all, and Izuku was more than capable of taking care of himself, but…god he wished he could, he really wished he could fuck his boyfriend.

The past few days had been especially torturous, with his boyfriend deciding to move his locker next to Izuku’s and make friendly conversation while in the nude. Izuku didn’t mind, not at all, in fact the problem was that he didn’t mind so much that he often had to smack himself to stop his eyes from wandering too far. Iida, Tenya fine-as-hell-Iida, of course, took no notice of Izuku’s internal struggle, strutting around with that amazing ass like he was class rep…which he was…Izuku groaned into his desk.

“You don’t sound fine.” he could hear the frown in Tenya’s voice, and felt himself being tugged to standing by large arms. “Come now, if you’re sick you should not – “

“I’m not sick!” he shouted in frustration, dropping his gaze guiltily. “Sorry, I…I’m just stressed, I think.” he offered a wobbly smile. “Wanna study together when we get to the dorms?”

Tenya’s frown remained, but he nodded and took the hand Izuku offered him. As they made idle conversation on their walk back, Izuku knew he hadn’t escaped yet. If he could just get through the study session without incident – which, by the way, he had NOT meant to offer, but the look in Tenya’s eyes made him look like a kicked puppy – he’d be able to make it until the evening and finally relieve his tension himself. Hopefully that’d be enough, though deep down Izuku knew it wouldn’t. A quick self-handjob was nothing when imagining the slick heat of your boyfriend’s mouth, or the tight embrace of –

“Ah?!” Izuku let out an undignified squeak at being picked up and hoisted over Tenya’s shoulder. Tenya shrugged, walking them into the elevator.

“You seemed deep in thought.” was his explanation, to which Izuku sighed. He wasn’t wrong, but he still had a right to pout about it! “I can feel you making that cute face again.”

“My angry face is not cute!”

“Whatever you say, dear.” Tenya hummed, pressing the 3rd floor button on the elevator. The ride was quick, and soon they were in Tenya’s room, Izuku being deposited in a heap on his boyfriend’s bed.

“Just because I’m muttering doesn’t mean I can’t walk myself places.” Izuku pouted, crossing his arms defiantly.

“You got stuck at a curb and kept walking into it instead of stepping over.”

“Okay, maybe sometimes – “

“And you almost ran into a bush. I caught you before you could.”

“O-okay, maybe more than sometimes – “

“Then there was that one time – “

“Okay I get it!” Izuku couldn’t help the smile from forming on his face. “Study now?”

They set up their materials, sitting across from each other with Izuku on the bed and Tenya sitting in his desk chair. After a good part of an hour, they’d gotten through a surprising amount of their homework, and Izuku had gotten surprisingly horny from just sitting around. To be fair, he’d been staring at Tenya for the past few minutes, imagining all the ways they could take a break from their work…and how much Izuku wanted that…but…

“Hm?” Tenya looked up from his work, perhaps feeling eyes on him.

“N-nothing,” Izuku looked away quickly, cheeks reddening. Now wasn’t the time to talk about that sort of thing, they still had so much to do –

“Are you thinking about me?” Tenya asked curiously, setting his study materials aside.

“H-huh?” that caught Izuku off-guard, causing him to drop his pencil. “I-I, um, yes?”

“Good, because I’ve been thinking about you all day.” Tenya said with a tone of relief, moving over to the bed and leaning towards Izuku, gently pushing the shorter boy’s schoolwork out of the way.

“O-oh, thinking as in – !” Izuku couldn’t finish his thought as lips covered his. He gave in far too easily than he’d care to admit, letting Tenya pull him into a deeper and deeper kiss until he was sitting on his boyfriend’s lap, moaning into his mouth as their tongues danced together. He groaned as his erection brushed against one of Tenya’s wandering hands, though jolted back to stutter an apology as soon as it sunk in.

“You did say you were stressed,” Tenya breathed against him, peppering kisses down his neck “would you like me to relieve that tension of yours?”

Izuku just about wept right there. Truth be told, he did allow a few tears to leak out, though mostly kept himself in check in anticipation for what was to come. He didn’t trust himself to speak just yet, and so nodded with wide eyes at hid boyfriend’s suggestion.

“Wait here,” Tenya kissed him one last time before standing up to root through his dresser for something. “Hm…lubricated or non-lubricated…well I have lube right here, so that shouldn’t be an issue…Izuku, do you have a preference for ribbed or smooth?”

“Wh – what?” Izuku’s vision swam. Was this really happening? Were they actually going to have sex? Right here right now?

“I suppose we should go with the traditional smooth for our first time, less variables to worry about…” Tenya mused, holding something tin-foil-y in his hand along with a small bottle of…gel something.

Izuku shivered at Tenya’s touch when he returned, beyond needy at that point.

“Would you like to disrobe? It would make things easier for both of us, I think.”

Izuku nodded, fumbling to unbutton his shirt. Tenya was much quicker, and had all of his clothes off before Izuku had even gotten to his pants. Izuku wasn’t worried about the sex part of the sex really, though he was a little concerned about the, um, the putting-in part…he’d of course read articles, just in case, and squirmed uncomfortably at the thought of being stretched out wide. It just didn’t seem like it would feel good, but apparently some people loved it.

“I-Izuku honey, p-please refrain from muttering – ah – in the bedroom – nnh,” Tenya’s voice sounded further away than it ought to have been, and Izuku turned around to see why his boyfriend was laying on the bed if they were going to – oh my.

There lay Tenya, legs splayed to the side, two slicked-up fingers sliding in and out of his ass, eyes scrunched closed and soft pants coming out of his mouth. Izuku stared, transfixed, forcing himself to breathe out the air he’d been holding.

“T-tenya…” he whispered, crawling over to him. Tenya cracked an eye open and patted around on the bed for a moment with his free hand, eventually producing a small pack of foil and holding it out to Izuku. Ah, a condom, of course.

“Would you – ah – like some help?” Tenya offered as Izuku carefully ripped open the package.


Tenya nodded, taking a moment to push up his glasses and slide his fingers out of himself, letting out a high-pitched whine at he did. “Okay, so you know you put it on with some room here…then you roll it on…”

Izuku held back a moan at Tenya’s large, warm hand sliding over his cock. God, feeling so good from just putting a condom on, he really was pent-up.

“T-then, lube,” Tenya grunted as he pried off the cap of the bottle, drizzling a healthy amount onto Izuku’s dick “there, now,” he flopped against the bed, determination written across his face “penetrate me.”

Izuku would’ve made fun of him had he not been so ready to burst. Wordlessly, he mounted his boyfriend, tucking his toned legs over his shoulders. Tenya nodded for him to continue, biting his lip as Izuku lined himself up with his entrance.

“Try to go slow, this is our first ti – aah, oh my – !” Tenya gasped, Izuku unable to stop his length from disappearing into Tenya’s waiting hole. It had just sucked him in, and he never wanted to leave that delicious head and lovely tight squeeze. “Ah – I-Izuku – ah – I insist you move please – nnh!” he moaned as Izuku slowly slid out before ramming back in, unable to control himself.

“A-are you okay?” Izuku panted, keeping up his pace.

“Yes I believe so, I – oh please don’t stop whatever you’re doing, that felt fantastic – !”

Tenya kept babbling encouragements to his boyfriend, pitch getting higher as they continued, eventually breaking into words interspersed with whines. Izuku quickened his pace, feeling Tenya squirming underneath him along with his own orgasm just a few thrusts away. He came with a yelp, emptying himself into the condom. Tenya panted underneath him, eyebrows drawn together and hands grasping at the bedsheets.

“H-here,” Izuku said weakly, grasping Tenya’s erection and pumping it sloppily with his remaining strength.

“I-Izuku – ah – keep – nnnnnnnh!” he tensed, clamping down on the dick still inside of him as he came, hard and fast, onto their chests.

Izuku slid out, only spending enough time to slip off the condom, tie it off, and toss it into the trash can before returning to hug his boyfriend tightly with a happy sigh.

“Thank you.” he whispered, pulling himself closer to Tenya.

“That was…amazing.” Tenya breathed, wrapping an arm around Izuku. “But you know, we should shower…”

“Mm, five minutes…” Izuku mumbled into Tenya’s shoulder, nuzzling him as the other chuckled.

“Five minutes will turn into ten, then half an hour, and soon we’ll be going to bed without even brushing our teeth!”

“Msounds fine to me…”

“What am I going to do with you.” Tenya sighed, shifting around so that their chests touched. “You realize we’ll wake up all nasty, right?”

“Fiiiiiine,” Izuku groaned, sitting up reluctantly “one thing though.”

“And that is?”

“…we shower together?” Izuku asked shyly, fiddling with a loose thread in the sheets.

“Of course.” Tenya said, kissing the top of his head. “We got dirty together, now we must get clean together. It’s only fair.”

Chapter Text

Izuku fidgeted with his phone. It’d been such a busy month he’d barely found the time to sleep or eat properly most days, let alone have any free time to contact friends or family. To say he was lonely would be an understatement; he was absolutely desperate for any sort of interaction that didn’t involve hero work.

Would it be weird to call him out of the blue? Izuku chewed his lip, weighing the pros and cons. He really did enjoy their romp together last time, and the way he’d been treated so respectfully and with such care…but then again, what were the odds that he would have a day off the same time as Izuku? Slim to none, he thought with a frown. Still…he squeezed his eyes shut, hitting ‘send’ on the waiting text. It was done.


you: hey!

Inasa: Midoriya! How have you been?

you: i’ve been okay, really busy with work
you: how have you been?

Inasa: It certainly seems so! You’re all over the news, practically a new villain arrested every day! I have been good, the agency has recently brought on some new sidekicks and I’ve had the pleasure of showing them the ropes!

you: not every day, sure seems like it tho lol
you: that’s great!

Inasa: I have a question for you, if you’ll allow me.

you: sure?

Inasa: Do you happen to be free today?

you: yeah!
you: i was just about to ask u
you: i actually have today and tomorrow off
you: can finally catch up on sleep! haha

Inasa: I see :)
Inasa: Would you like to meet up for lunch?


Izuku held in a squeal, scolding himself. He wasn’t at UA anymore, so shouldn’t act like a lovesick schoolchild! He let himself smile though, scurrying off to take a shower after texting back a quick “yes!” to Inasa.




Locating his almost comically large sunglasses, Izuku looked himself over one last time. He hoped his outfit portrayed his sentiments of “I’m sorry for not contacting you for so long but please can we kiss again”. He wondered if it were possible to send such a message without words, shrugging on a coat as he walked out of his apartment. Ah well, one could hope.

He made his way down to their agreed-upon meeting spot, a small café on a bit of a side street. Izuku had suggested it, having gotten to know the owner well enough to the point that she no longer gave him a second glance when he entered, something of a luxury among top pro heroes. He reached the storefront, startling as his pocket vibrated violently.

“Hello?” he answered his phone immediately, dreading the thought of being called in on an emergency. Christ, would he even be able to reschedule this date? When was Inasa free next? Oh lord they hadn’t thought up a backup plan at all –

“Greetings!” Inasa’s voice crackled over the speakers. Izuku let out a sigh of relief, loosening his death grip on his phone. “I regret to inform you that I may have taken a wrong turn…you said it was on 10th street, correct?”

“Ah, sort of? It’s in a weird off-street between 10th and 11th, past the intersection with the big…oh!” Izuku turned, hearing a shout from behind him. He chuckled, ending the call and waving to the far-away Inasa.

The larger man jogged to catch up to him, offering a hearty handshake upon arrival. “It’s so nice to see you again!”

“You too,” Izuku smiled, opening the door and leading them to a booth near the back of the café “we’ll get less attention back here, you know how it is…”

“Aha, so I do!” Inasa barked, sitting down across from him. “The other day, I had someone ask for an autograph at the gym! Which wouldn’t normally be a problem, but I was attending to nature’s call at that moment – “ he cut himself off abruptly, coughing awkwardly as a waitress came over to take their orders. When she left, he gave Izuku an apologetic look. “I’m afraid that sometimes my mouth moves faster than my mind, and sometimes things, ahem, slip out unintentionally.”

Izuku chuckled, sitting back in his seat. “I’ve had something similar happen. I went in for a physical last month and the RN went on about my last mission while she was checking on some stitches.”

“Oh? That doesn’t sound too abnormal.”

“W-well, they were on my inner thigh, and I had to sort of splay out for her to be able to get a good look at them…” Izuku explained, feeling himself flush. He hadn’t meant for the conversation to turn so quickly, he’d only meant to sympathize with what Inasa had said. Crap.

“Lucky gal.” Inasa winked, sending Izuku into a fit of sputtering until their food arrived shortly after. “Apologies, it was not my intention to fluster you.”

“It wasn’t?”

“…maybe it was.” Inasa looked away guiltily, taking a few bites of his food.

“I-if it’s you flustering me, I don’t mind…” Izuku said quietly after a moment, looking down at his plate. “On that subject…I’m sorry I didn’t contact you sooner, I…to be honest, I was a little afraid to, and on a more practical note I really didn’t have much free time, which wouldn’t have been fair to you and – “

“Izuku, I was overjoyed when you messaged me this morning. It has been a while since we have seen each other, but I couldn’t be happier to be spending time with you.” Inasa said, reaching across the table to place a hand over Izuku’s.

Izuku’s breath caught in his throat, and he had to swallow a few times before he could say anything in response. “I-I know this is sort of out there, but, um, do you want to try this? Dating, I mean…I know we both have busy schedules and all, but even if it’s just once a month, I really enjoy spending time with you…” he trailed off, feeling the large hand on top of his grip him tightly. “Inasa?”

“You should call me Yoarashi,” he grinned, giving Izuku’s hand another squeeze “if we’re going to be dating, we should be on first-name basis, right?”

“R-right!” Izuku squeaked, quickly taking a bite of his food to hopefully hide his excitement…or was it embarrassment? Nervousness? Anticipation? He couldn’t pin down what he was feeling, all of those sounded right…no matter, he still had the rest of the day with Inasa to figure it out.





Day turned to evening, and Izuku was thrilled when Inasa accepted his invitation to his apartment.

“I have been there once before.” Inasa joked, raising his eyebrows with a playful smirk.

Izuku blushed, remembering in full detail. God, being spread out like that on the bed, Inasa holding down his thighs like that…a pleasant shiver rippled through his body.

“Are you cold?” Inasa asked with a hint of concern, moving to take off his jacket.

“N-no, I’m fine. I was just thinking about…um…that time…y-you know, when you…um, when we…oh! U-um, let me unlock the door!”

“Do you think of it often?”

Izuku nodded, stepping inside and sliding off his shoes. “Sometimes too often, I…haven’t been able to, um, do much for a while besides sleep…I haven’t had any time…hey!” he squeaked as he was spun around and pressed into the door by Inasa’s strong arms, barely able to suck in a breath before holding it as their faces suddenly became inches away from each other.

“Let me help with that, then.” Inasa whispered, dipping down to connect their lips. Izuku relaxed against him, wriggling his wrist from Inasa’s grip just enough to slide down and entwine their fingers together.

He bit back a moan as Inasa traveled lower, leaving kisses down his jawline and onto his neck. A tongue swiping at his neck had his knees almost buckling, which Inasa must have picked up on because the next second Izuku was being carried across his apartment into the bedroom. He didn’t protest one bit, just wrapped his legs around his lover’s thick torso and went to town placing kisses along his collarbone until they reached the bed.

“Now that you’re not under any quirk, we could go slower if you wanted…” Inasa suggested, slowly tugging off their shirts.

“That would be ni – ah!” Izuku squirmed as one of his nipples was brushed against. “D-do that again…please…”

“I’ll do you one better.”

Inasa lowered himself on top of Izuku, kissing across his chest until he came to a pert nipple. He gave it a lick, chuckling when Izuku let out a moan. He let his other hand stray to his other nipple, deciding to suckle on the one in front of him. Izuku writhed under him, letting out a string of moans muffled by the arm he held over his mouth. Inasa gave his nipple one last teasing lick, trailing lower and lower until he hit Izuku’s belt. Izuku watched through half-lidded eyes as Inasa unbuckled, unzipped, and pulled down his pants and underwear. The kisses on his inner thighs felt wonderful, of course, but Izuku whined as his cock begged for the attention it wasn’t receiving.

“Yoarashi, please – !” he whimpered, letting out a choked noise as Inasa took him in his mouth all at once. Izuku’s hands shot down to try to grip the man’s short hair, settling for holding his head between his hands when that failed.

Izuku tried his best to hold on, he really did, but the warm wet heat of Inasa’s mouth was too much for him to bear, and he flushed with embarrassment as he came with a small shout, holding Inasa’s head tight against his crotch.

“S-sorry…” Izuku said in a small voice, releasing Inasa from his clutches after a moment. He lay against the bed, catching his breath and waiting for Inasa to say…something. He lifted his head, about to ask his lover why he was being so quiet when he saw the look on Inasa’s face. Eyes clouded with lust, mouth turned up in a small smirk, Izuku knew the night was far from over. “Lube’s in the same spot as last time…”

With a small kiss to his thigh, Inasa stood to retrieve the lube, already slicking up a finger as he walked back over to fit himself between Izuku’s legs. Izuku whined at the single finger entering him, already feeling himself starting to get worked up again.

“You’re so beautiful…” Inasa whispered, pausing and leaning down to pull Izuku into a long, slow kiss. “…all spread out like this…I couldn’t get you out of my head after last time, kept waking up to thoughts of you, looking like this…” he slid in another finger, much to Izuku’s relief “…so beautiful…” he breathed again, littering Izuku with tender kisses to distract him from yet another finger joining the first two, slowly beginning to scissor his waiting hole.

“Yoarashi…” Izuku whimpered, about to insist on being fucked when an idea popped into his head. “W-wait…”

“Oh?” Inasa stopped, pulling out slowly. “Is everything alright? You’re not hurt, are you?”

“N-no, I…” Izuku chewed his bottom lip “c-can I ride you?” Inasa’s eyes widened. “Y-you don’t have to say yes! I, um, just thought it would be…um…”

Wordlessly, Inasa climbed onto the bed, scooping Izuku into his lap while doing so. “It would be a privilege to be your steed, Izuku.”

Despite everything, Izuku giggled. His mouth ran dry, however, when Inasa stretched himself out on the bed, cock straight up and attentive.

“Whenever you’re ready, go the speed you’re most comfortable with.” Inasa smiled, patting his thighs invitingly.

Izuku let out a needy whine, scrambling to situate himself on top of his absolute fucking tree of a partner. He gasped at Inasa’s cock poking at his entrance, had he been that large last time?! To be fair, Izuku hadn’t played with himself in a while, and whenever he did he hadn’t had time to do any sort of fingering –

“Haaaah…” Izuku’s mouth fell open as he was stretched wide, slowly sliding his way down Inasa’s cock. Looking down, he saw Inasa wasn’t doing much better than he; eyebrows pinched together, hands fisted in the sheets, eyes screwed shut…god, that image alone made Izuku want to cum again right then.

“G-good?” Inasa choked out, cracking one eye open to check on Izuku.

“Yes, god yes, nnh!” Izuku groaned, experimentally bouncing down a few times. “Hhah, s-so deep…nngh…Yoarashi…” he whimpered, moving faster and faster.

At some point, Inasa’s hands came down to grip Izuku’s hips, helping to slam him down with more force, driving his cock much deeper than Izuku thought possible. He was beyond being a mess now, he was absolutely wrecked. It was all Izuku could do to pant and continue bouncing up and down on Inasa’s cock to keep from losing his mind. With how intense they were going right now, Izuku could feel his prostate screaming with each thrust into him, and silently begged for Inasa to go just a little harder, just a little deeper, just enough for him to finally tip over the edge.

“Y-yoarashi, Yoarashi, Yoarashi,” Izuku panted, voice bouncing along with his body. He could tell his lover was close, his thrusts becoming more animalistic and less calculated. Izuku pressed down into him each time, helping him drive his cock deeper into him. He felt Inasa’s grip tighten on his hips, and moaned out a particularly loud “Yoarashi!” as those strong hands held him down tightly, cum spewing into him as Izuku came again, hard, onto Inasa’s chest.

Izuku stayed there for as long as he could, though the discomfort of having a softening dick inside of him and cum leaking from him was enough to convince him to dismount, flopping bonelessly onto the bed next to Inasa.

“Yoarashi…” he breathed, curling into the man’s large frame. A kiss fell on his forehead, and Izuku chuckled at the display of affection. “Was I good?”

“You were so good, love.” Inasa sighed, sitting up slowly. Izuku fidgeted, leaning against Inasa as he too sat up on the bed. “Hm?”

“…stay?” he whispered, staring into his lap. “T-the night, I mean…”

“Nothing would make me happier.”

Chapter Text

“I’ve been learning this one on the guitar recently…” Jirou said once the song was over. Momo had taken to visiting her in her room just before lights out, which eventually led to Jirou showing her some of her more tame music. Not that she thought Momo cuoldn’t handle the darker stuff, she just…didn’t want to upset her. Jirou frowned to herself, she didn’t know what Momo could and couldn’t take, the gal was a lot stronger than her, of course she could handle some death metal!

“You’ll have to show me sometime!” Momo smiled cheerfully, sitting comfortably on Jirou’s bed with one earbud dangling from her ear.

“Y’know, I – “

“Shoot!” Momo jumped up as her phone buzzed, sending Jirou a guilty look. “Sorry, I should go to sleep soon…see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah…” Jirou sighed after she’d left the room. She flopped down on her bed, holding in a scream. Did Momo even know how charming she was?! Jesus, even just her saying goodnight made Jirou’s heart flutter, as cheesy as it was to admit.



“Good morning Kyoka!” Momo greeted, falling into step beside Jirou for their short walk to campus.

“Morning, Momo. Sleep well?” she asked, unable to hold back a smile at seeing Momo’s.

“Ah…” Momo’s expression fell a bit before perking back up “I couldn’t fall asleep for a while, but then I listened to some of your music and slept like a baby!”

“Wh…really?” Jirou gave her a strange look “Which band?”

“Um…” Momo chewed her lip “…I can’t quite remember…the one with the wild drummer?”

Jirou laughed, taking out her phone “That’s like all of them! Here, point out the album cover.” she swiped through a few of the albums she knew for sure she’d shown Momo, pausing at each one long enough for her to look it over, frown, then motion to keep going.

“Ah! That one!”

Jirou tried to hold in her laugh, but a snort escaped. “Deep Dope?! You fell asleep to Deep Dope?!”

“…yes?” Momo cocked her head, holding the school doors open for Jirou to walk through.

“It’s just…you know they’re a metal band, right? Everything loud and shout-y?”

“Well I find it relaxing!” Momo flushed, smoothing out an invisible wrinkle in her shirt. “It…makes me think of you…o-of our time together, I mean!” she flustered, oblivious to Jirou’s own blush.

“I’m not judging, you do you man, it’s…cute” she whispered the last word, hoping Momo wouldn’t hear over the roar of their approaching classroom.

“Pardon?” Momo held a hand to her ear.

“Nothing!” Jirou squeaked, scrambling to her seat. She ignored the eyebrow wiggles from Kaminari, jabbing him in the arm with an ear jack when he made a comment about her predicament with Momo.

She wanted a relationship with Momo, she really did! But…the possibility of rejection, losing her as a friend, was too big a risk for her to take. So she sat and suffered by herself, occasionally blowing up with Kaminari to bear witness. It was fine though, everything was fine. At the very least, it gave her plenty of fuel to write songs.

It took everything Jirou had not to scream when something brushed against her shoulder when she was packing up for the day; she’d been sure the room had been empty, apparently she had been wrong.

“Sorry! Didin’t mean to make you jump, I suppose I walk quietly,” Momo chuckled, and Jirou stopped what she was doing to admire her. The afternoon light filtering through the window caught Momo’s hair in a way that just – oh no she’d asked a question, oh shit oh fuck what now.

“Sure?” Jirou ventured, hoping she’d guessed right.

“You’re the best!” Momo exclaimed, tugging her into a quick hug. “I’ll be by your room in roughly an hour and a half, I’ve got a little extra training today with Uraraka!” she said, leaving the room with a bright smile.

That girl was gonna be the death of her.




Jirou sat up from tuning her guitar. Had that been a knock? She stared at her door, squinting, as if it would tell her.

“Kyoka?” another soft knock.

“Door’s unlocked!” she called out, setting her instrument down on the bed.

Momo slid in quickly, exuding excited energy. When Jirou gave her a confused look, she smiled sheepishly and sat down on the bed next to her. “I’ve just never heard you play before…I’m so excited you agreed! Sorry if my asking was weird, I didn’t intend – “

Ah, so that’s what she’d said yes to. Well, there could be worse things than playing a song for a really pretty girl.

“It’s fine, you’re good,” Jirou waved her off, picking up her guitar again “Any suggestions?” She thought for a moment, her few brain cells influenced by Kaminari taking over and deciding ‘fuck it’ for her. “Actually, I uh, have one in mind…makes me think of you…”

Momo nodded, shifting around on the bed to sit facing her.

Jirou took a deep breath. Now or never, girl. She let herself get lost in the song, only hiccupping halfway through when she realized it was a love song. A particularly gushy love song, she thought with a grimace. Welp, no turning back now. She finished with shaky hands, hanging onto the last strum to avoid having to look at Momo for a few more seconds.


“I-I know you probably don’t, uh, swing that – “

“I like you too!” Momo said, holding her a hand to her mouth as her cheeks flushed pink. “I-I also want to dance in the moonlight, hands tangled in hair!” she paused “At least I think that’s what the lyrics are? I apologize, I was distracted by you…”

Jirou slid her guitar to the floor as quickly and gently as possible, then launched herself at Momo, arms wide.

“Oh!” Momo gasped, falling against the bed with a surprised squeak. After the shock wore off, she wrapped her arms around the shorter girl on top of her, smiling into her hair.

“Damn, should’ve played for you sooner.” Jirou mumbled, closing her eyes and letting out a content sigh. Momo giggled, rubbing her back.

“I’m glad you allowed me to hear your music.”

Chapter Text

Tokoyami prided himself on being unaffected by most things, always the face of casual indifference. He carried himself with an air of mystery, leaving it up to others to guess what he could be feeling as any particular moment. Right now, though, his brooding inner darkness called for coffee. Lots of it. He shuffled out of his room, draped in one of his blankets. He’d long stopped caring about his appearance in the mornings, favoring comfort over presentation somewhere around the start of their second year.

“Why do we have to drink the bean water?” Dark Shadow whined, manifesting just enough to poke his head out of Tokoyami’s torso. Tokoyami stepped into the elevator with a sigh, pressing the button for the common area.

“Because we both get cranky without it. You know this.”

“Yeah but it’s nasty!”

Tokoyami rolled his eyes, mind drifting to which mug he’d be using. Perhaps the purple one with the big handle, Dark Shadow always loved playing around with it when they were done drinking…

“I-I’m so sorry man! I didn’t know, a-and look it’s not even real! Haha…”

Tokoyami blinked, getting his bearings as the elevator doors slid open to reveal a peculiar scene. Kaminari, Sero, and Asui were all huddled around a shaking Kouda, a bowl of cereal lay forgotten on the floor.

“What’s poppin’?” Dark Shadow asked, poking at the spilled cereal. Tokoyami shushed him, walking over to survey the scene. Kouda had his head in his hands, soft sobs escaping him every few seconds.

Tokoyami was supposed to be dark and brooding, not allowing anything out into the open.


“Who did it.” Tokoyami said quietly, his tone giving even him a bit of a chill. Damn, he didn’t know he could sound so…absolutely fucking pissed.

“Kaminari put a fake roach in the cereal box, ribbit. He meant it to be for Sero.” Asui explained, starting to clean up the spilled bowl.

Tokoyami shot Kaminari a glare, moving to sit down next to Kouda.

“L-look man, it was just a joke, I didn’t mean – ow!” Kaminari started babbling, interrupted by Sero elbowing him in the ribs. “What?” Sero let out an exasperated noise, dragging Kaminari back into the kitchen without explanation. “Hey, what’d I do?! I mean I know what I did, but like – hey quit it!”

Tokoyami ignored them, fidgeting before placing a tentative hand on Kouda’s arm, tapping lightly. Kouda jerked up, eyes crinkling into a smile when he saw who it was. Tears still streamed down his face, but over the last minute he’d stopped letting out heart-shattering sobs, so that was something. Kouda pointed shyly to Dark Shadow, holding out his other hand invitingly.

“Ooh, don’t mind if I do!” the inky bird rasped, zooming over to twirl around the boy’s hand playfully. Kouda let out a chuckle, letting Dark Shadow wind in and out of the crook of his arm. He looked back to Tokoyami, eyes lingering on his feathers before he looked away with a flush.

{You look good today.} Kouda signed with his free hand, blush forming on the tips of his ears.

“T-thank you, I…” Tokoyami stopped, lost for words. He found one of his hands traveling up to poke around his plumage, frowning at how mussed-up it felt. “I must have slept on them strangely…mm, unfortunate. Such is fate, I suppose…”

{May I?} Kouda asked, Dark Shadow releasing his hand to stare curiously between the two of them.

“Fumi loves getting head pats! Don’t tell anyone though, it’s supposed to be a secret.” Dark Shadow said in a stage whisper, giving his best attempt at a wink.

Kouda looked to Tokoyami expectantly, silently asking for permission. Tokoyami sighed, knowing at least Asui had to be watching. Still…Kouda looked like he needed to pet something, and god did Tokoyami love pets. He lowered his head, scooting closer to the larger boy.

“Go ahead…” he mumbled, unable to hold back the smile that came after hearing Kouda’s squeak of joy.

He’d deny it later, but he definitely let himself enjoy the fingers running through his feathers a little too much, letting out an embarrassing amount of soft coos and eventually nuzzling his way into Kouda’s lap.

That was how the two spent their morning, plastic cockroach completely forgotten by both of them as they enjoyed one another’s company. Tokoyami let out a content sigh, eyes falling closed. Maybe one day they’d tell the class, but for now he just wanted to sleep in his boyfriend’s arms.

Chapter Text

“You free tomorrow?” Sero asked, sliding up to his boyfriend’s desk seconds after they’d been dismissed for the day.

“Mhm. I suppose we could go on a date. Would you like me to take you to the same place as last time? You seemed to enjoy yourself.” Shoto offered, pausing in putting his things into his bag to think. “Hm, we did need reservations last time…unfortunate. I could still probably – “

“H-hold on!” Sero laughed, waving a hand in front of Shoto’s face. “I was thinking, if you’re up to it…I’ve got some plans for us.”

“Oh?” Shoto immediately regretted his confused tone as he saw Sero’s face drop. “W-wait, I didn’t mean…I was just surprised, is all. I would love to, Hanta.”

“Cool! I’d hate to miss an opportunity to hang out with a hottie like you.” he poked Shoto’s left arm, pulling away quickly with a “Tssssss! Yup, you’re hot!” Sero’s grin returned full force, making Shoto’s heart flutter. Damn him, and damn his cheesy pick-up lines that worked far too well. “You should blush more, ya look cute!”

“…I do not look cute.” Shoto said quietly, finishing packing up and following Sero out of the classroom.




A knock on his door early in the morning was not something he’d been expecting. Early was a relative term, he supposed 10am was a bit late by most people’s standards on a weekday. On a weekend, however, he’d found himself sleeping in later and later.

“Hey sleepyhead! Can I come in?” it wasn’t unusual for Sero to come over to his room in the mornings, it had actually become a bit of a ritual over the past few weeks. Their rooms were right next to each other, after all. “You awake?”

“Go ahead.” Shoto yawned, sitting up blearily.

He’d been expecting a similarly sleepy Sero in his doorway, ready to cuddle. Instead, he was shocked to see a tray of breakfast foods and orange juice in the arms of his chipper boyfriend, grin wide as usual.


“Merry Breakfast!” Sero joked, closing the door behind him with his foot. “Sorry, I know you like to sleep in, but I got a little excited and couldn’t wait any longer, haha…”

Shoto scooted over on his bed, lifting the covers and patting the space next to him while stifling another yawn. “No matter the time, I am always happy to see you.”

They ate together on Shoto’s bed in comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s warmth. Sero nudged him gently, pointing out a folded piece of paper Shoto hadn’t noticed tucked under one of the plates. He opened it curiously, giving his eyes a moment to adjust to reading the messy script.

‘Happy 6 months Shoto! Love you!’
- Sero <3

Shoto’s eyes widened, a sense of mild panic setting in. Did people celebrate 6th months of being together? Fuck. He should’ve known, maybe he would have been able to prepare something –

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!” Sero laughed, pecking him on the cheek “I just wanted an excuse to spoil you today~”

“O-oh.” Shoto said, feeling himself heat up. Sero chuckled, setting their empty dishes aside.

“Wanna cuddle?”




Shoto assumed that had been the end of it, waking up from their nap with a content sigh, Sero stretched over him like the world’s longest cat. He smiled, ruffling his boyfriend’s dark hair affectionately.

“Hey…I wasn’t supposed to fall asleep on you, s’posed to be the other way around…” Sero said groggily, stretching his limbs out. Sickening crackles followed behind each joint’s movement, making Shoto wince. He would never get used to that, he thought mournfully. His boyfriend’s bones were made of rice krispies, and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.

They spent the rest of the day going around doing little things, like walking down nearby streets of small shops and exploring the local park that they’d never found time to go to before. Sero convinced Shoto to help him climb one of the larger trees, ending in Shoto getting snagged on a branch halfway up, Sero unable to hide his snickers as he helped his boyfriend down with his tape.

“That was completely undignified.” Shoto complained, leaning against Sero on a park bench.

“Yeah, but it was cute as hell.”

“I’m not cute.” he mumbled into Sero’s shirt, sighing softly as his boyfriend ran a hand through his hair.

“Really? ‘Cause you’re acting like a cutie right now.” he could hear the smirk in Sero’s voice, burying himself deeper into his chest. “Hm, it’s like that huh?”

“Hanta!” Shoto yelped as he was scooped up in lanky arms. He struggled to free himself, only succeeding in making his boyfriend giggle at him.

“See? Cute.” Sero said triumphantly, walking them back to the dorms.

With the sun setting in front of them, it took Shoto a moment to notice the lights haphazardly set up over the front entryway, chuckling at the big clump of what looked like flower petals in the doorway.

“Damn, they were supposed to spread those out…” Sero murmured, stepping over them to bring Shoto inside.

“Are you going to let me down anytime soon?” Shoto asked, eyes falling to the floor of the common area. He slapped a hand over his mouth to hold in a laugh, tracking the smaller clumps of flower petals with his eyes, realizing they were directing the pair back outside.

“Bonjour!” Mina greeted from the kitchen, fake moustache stuck to her face. “Zees ees a fine establishment, only the best food for our happy couple, hon hon hon!” she gestured with a wooden spoon, flicking pasta sauce onto the counter.

“Countin’ on you, chef!” Sero saluted awkwardly, shifting Shoto to drape over his shoulder.

“I can walk, you know…” Shoto pointed out, squeaking in surprise when Sero let a hand rest on his ass. “Hanta – “

“But we’re almost there! Aaaaaand there we go,” Sero slid Shoto into a chair, sitting down in the one opposite.

Shoto looked around, a bit taken aback. He’d never seen the back patio so decorated before, and where had they pulled those chairs and small table from? Either way, Shoto appreciated all the effort put into the intimate setting, smiling softly at Sero across the table.

“Hanta, this is really – “

“Hewwo monsieurs!” Kaminari announced his arrival with a flourish, depositing two heaping bowls of pasta in front of them. “We, uh, kinda made a lot, so I hope you’re hungry!”

“Denks – “ Sero cut himself off, letting out a bark of a laugh when Kaminari pulled a kazoo from his pocket. “Dude, I was joking – “

“Mina! It’s time!”

“Hon hon hon~” Mina appeared in the doorway, matching kazoo in hand.

“One, two, one two three four – “ a horrible, off-tempo rendition of Careless Whisper filled the air.

Shoto thought they would stop once the song ended, but oh was he wrong. They kept going, even as he and Sero choked down their pasta – it really wasn’t that bad, it was just hard to chew properly with an out-of-tune Rick Astley song screeching in their ears.

“Hanta – “

“It’s stupid, I know,” Sero chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck “I, uh, meant for today to go smoother…”

“Hanta, it’s perfect.” Shoto took his hand. “This. The lights, the kazoos…it’s all very you. And I love every part of you, so I don’t know how you could think I wouldn’t like this.”

“Shoto…” Sero sniffed, squeezing his hand. “Sorry, guess I can’t think of anything to say…kazoo took the words right out of my mouth.” he finished with a grin, laughing when his boyfriend gave him a playful shove.

“That was horrible, I love it.”

Chapter Text

Ojiro sighed, rolling over yet again in his bed. He mulled over Inasa’s offer thoughtfully, weighing the options. He could sit around with his sore muscles for his day off, restlessly padding from the kitchen to the couch and back like he had during his last day off, or he could take his coworker up on his offer. He chuckled despite himself, the term ‘coworker’ sounding weird on his tongue. They worked at the same agency, yes, and by definition they were technically coworkers but…it just felt weird. Were all pro heroes coworkers? A buzz from the end of his bed alerted him to a new text message, and he lazily swiped his tail across the sheets to send his phone flying up to him. Managing not to give himself a black eye from that, Ojiro squinted at his bright screen to make out the words “Are we still on for tomorrow? You sounded uneasy at the agency, decided I would make sure everything’s alright!”

If there was one thing Ojiro admired about Inasa, it was his consideration for problems that may or may not even exist. Ah to hell with it, he could let himself go to some self-proclaimed “hero spa” with a fellow pro hero, he really didn’t have anything better to do. His mind made up, he snuggled into his blankets after texting back a quick “yes”.




Ojiro wandered around the lobby of the spa. It had looked much smaller on the outside, and he wondered how everything fit inside the building. Perhaps they also occupied the storefront next to them? He hadn’t bothered to check.

“Mashirao!” Inasa greeted from beside the front desk, waving to him. Ojiro waved back shyly and walked over, just in time to hear the end of the receptionist’s explanation.

“ – will stay together for most of your spa experience, though of course there will be separate screens to change behind. Ah, you partner is here! Fantastic. This way, please.” she led them down the hall, and Ojiro’s mind scrambled to keep up. Screens to change behind? Why did they need that if they were just going to soak in a bath?

“ – start out in our state-of-the-art sauna, each pod equipped with temperature control and a privacy door! You and your partner will be sharing a pod, if that’s alright?” she took a quick glance behind her. Ojiro panicked for a response, settling on a confused nod and hoping for the best. She smiled, nodding back. “Excellent. You may have read recently that pro hero Froppy particularly likes our facilities, which is quite true!”

Half-listening to their receptionist-turned-spa-guide, Ojiro took a moment to look around. The hallway they’d been walking down didn’t look that much like a sauna, and neither did the small, neat room they were shuffled into. He raised his eyebrow more to himself than anything, but the spa lady must have noticed because she went off on another explanation.

“You can think of this room as your ‘home base’ for your stay with us! Each locker,” she pointed to them “is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, so you may store your belongings safely inside! You’ll each find a clean towel and disposable slippers behind your respective changing screens. While our facilities work best with as much exposed skin as possible,” she winked “there is no pressure to undress further than you wish. I’ll step out while you two change, just give the door a knock when you’re done!”

Ojiro tracked her with his eyes until the door closed, an odd sense of nervousness washing over him. He nodded to Inasa, moving behind his privacy screen to slip out of his clothes. He hesitated before taking off his underwear, figuring that he’d changed enough times at the agency already. Besides, Inasa didn’t strike him as the type of person to stare or make fun of someone’s naked body…not that he thought himself anything to stare at, really, but it was reassuring to think about nonetheless.

“You’re both ready? Great!” the lady chirped once they’d stepped outside, whisking them along down another hallway.

“These do look impressive…” Inasa whistled, looking down the row of doors.

“You’ll find the control panel on the inside, just beside the door. If you need any assistance, there’s a button right at the top that will alert me.” she smiled cheerfully, ushering them inside the small room. “I’ll be back to get you two in about half an hour!”

“W-wait, sorry if this is a stupid question, but what exactly are we – “ Ojiro began, cut off by something on the lady’s belt chirping loudly at her.

“It appears I have another client to attend to,” she gave him an apologetic smile “your partner should be able to explain everything for you. See you soon!” and with that, she closed the door to their…pod. Room. Thing. Ojiro didn’t know why she’d called it a pod, it was just your typical sauna room, if not a little smaller than normal.

And why did she keep using that word? “Partner.” Maybe she’d gotten wind that they were from the same agency? Speaking of Inasa…

“Ah, about that explaining…” Ojiro started, shifting his position a little on the bench. It wasn’t uncomfortable, per sey, but his tail felt a little weird being squished up against the wall.

“Right!” Inasa exclaimed, booming voice reverberating around the small room. Ojiro chuckled as Inasa shrunk down a bit in embarrassment before returning to his normal enthusiastic demeanor. “Let’s see, I believe she mentioned a sauna, massage, and bath. That’s just what I remember though, she tended to go off on tangents, which I can see why!”

Inasa poked around the control panel for a few minutes, making sounds of curiosity and satisfaction when he figured out what something did. Ojiro held in a snicker when an innocent-looking button let loose a powerful stream of air into Inasa’s unsuspecting face.

“It appears there is a blow-dry function on here.”

“L-looks like it!” Ojiro wheezed, unable to keep the tip of his tail from flicking up and down in amusement. He leaned back with one last breathy laugh, eventually letting the warm steam and darkened room lull him into closing his eyes. They popped open, however, when he felt something graze his shoulder.

“Apologies, I was just noticing a rather impressive bruise…was it yesterday’s mission?” Inasa asked curiously, leaning closer to him. Ojiro sighed, remember yesterday’s patrol.

“Yeah, got my ass handed to me. Nothing major though, a few scratches.” he chuckled, subconsciously rubbing at his tail. “I’m sore as hell though. How was your shift last night?”

“Fairly uneventful. Most interesting thing that happened was we got a call to the agency asking if we could patch them through to Eraserhead. We tried explaining that’s not how we operate, we can’t just immediately contact heroes on secret missions like that…hm, he taught you at UA didn’t he?”

Ojiro nodded, cracking a smile. “Why’d they want him? I mean he’s great and all…was this a citizen calling?”

“Yeah,” Inasa chuckled, shaking his head “I don’t know how he got our number, it was some frantic dad going on about how one of his kids had been hit with a cat quirk, poor guy was almost in tears. Long story short, our operator talked him through it and turned out his other kid had just brought home a stray cat while the first kid was out with some friends.”

“Crisis averted, then?”

“Yup!” Inasa laughed, a sound Ojiro decided he wanted to hear more often. It made him feel warm, Inasa had the sort of full-bellied laugh that made one just feel safe from hearing it. He sighed wistfully, shaking his head. he’d already had this talk with himself, he would not be going down that road, he told himself. “Hm?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Ojiro smiled, adjusting his towel that had started to ride up. “Just thinking through something.”

“Well don’t think too hard, we’ve got relaxing to do today!”

It felt like only ten minutes had passed before they were being led out of the sauna into a much cooler room with two strange padded tables.

The lady from before was back, explaining away just as before. From what Ojiro understood, they were supposed to lay face-up on the – massage tables? Yes, that’s what she’d called them – massage tables with their towels over their –

“Sorry, what?” Ojiro interrupted, tail curling around his leg self-consciously.

“Don’t worry, all of us here are professionals!” she assured, patting one of the tables. “Your towel will not be removed, and you’ll have a few minutes to get situated after I leave before your masseurs enter the room.” she left the room, drawing closed the thin curtain over the doorway.

Inasa wasted no time in hopping up onto one of the tables, Ojiro averting his eyes with a silent yelp as he saw his fellow pro hero very much not wearing his towel. He hadn’t meant to – it wasn’t as if he were intentionally looking! But now that he’d seen that much of Inasa…Ojiro couldn’t help his thoughts from wandering as he climbed onto the second table.

All throughout the first half of the massage, Ojiro’s mind was focused on willing himself to not pop a boner, which he achieved successfully, mentally patting himself on the back as it seemed like the massage was winding down to an end. He’d enjoyed it, sure, but the low grunts Inasa had been letting out beside him were downright sinful, he thought with a blush.

“Time to get your other side!” one of the masseurs said, and it took a few moments for Ojiro to open his eyes and process what he’d heard.

“Ah…turn over?” at the man’s cheerful nod, Ojiro awkwardly flipped himself over onto his stomach, careful to keep his towel between the massage table and his dick. He didn’t doubt the sanity of the space, he was more concerned with ‘what if’s. What if his dick flopped to the side, what if the material of the table tugged against skin it ought not to, those sorts of things.

“It’s nice that you two get to work at the same agency,” Inasa’s masseur was making idle conversation, something Ojiro appreciated. It filled the room with sounds other than the soft slapping of skin and rather suspicious groans.

“Oh?” Inasa answered, sounding moments from falling asleep.

“Yeah! It’s hard when you’re partner’s so far away, y’know? I’m lucky my girlfriend’s just a few blocks down, poor Curt has his boyfriend all the way out in the ocean!”

Ojiro’s masseur, presumably Curt, made a noise of playful annoyance. “He’s on an island, not just floating around. Anyway, I agree. It’s nice you two can work together, yeah?”

“W-we’re not – “ Ojiro was about to finish, but a sudden series of squeezes against his tail had him letting out an embarrassingly high-pitched noise, his words dying in his throat.

“Mashirao, wh – “ Inasa sounded more awake “was that you?”

“Got a lot of tense muscles here, buddy.” his masseur chuckled, continuing his assault on Ojio’s tail.

By the time everything was send and done, Ojiro was left a panting mess in the massage room, alone with Inasa. They were supposed to be putting their towels back in place to ready themselves for whatever bath the spa offered, but Ojiro found himself with in a bit of a pickle.

“Mashirao? That sounded both intense and invigorating!” Inasa commented, facing back around as he adjusted his towel. “So how did you…” he trailed off, seeing Ojiro still on the table. “Are you alright? He didn’t hurt your tail, did he?”

“N-no,” Ojiro panted softly, keeping his eyes trained on the floor “I, uh, god this is embarrassing please don’t tell anyone, I think it felt a little too good?” he finally managed to look up, meeting Inasa’s confused eyes. He groaned, sitting up enough to tie his towel behind him.

“Massages are supposed to feel good, Mashirao!” Inasa laughed heartily, patting him on the back. “What did you expect it to – “

“Yoarashi I’m hard.”

Ojiro squeezed his eyes shut, sliding off the massage table. There was no hiding it, he could definitely feel his erection making a tent out of the towel around his waist. Christ, if only he had a little time to calm himself down before –

“Alright, time for the last step!” a woman’s cheerful voice rang out, setting off alarm bells in Ojiro’s head.

“Please, lead the way.” Inasa gestured politely, stepping in front of Ojiro.

As they followed the lady, Ojiro leaned forward to whisper a quick “Thanks!” to his new boner-hider. Inasa just chuckled, shielding him from prying eyes all the way to the secluded outside bath.

“You’re welcome to stay here as long as you wish, we’re a little low on clients at this time.” she motioned to the circular pool of water, steam drifting lazily off the top. “The water is replaced after each use, so please don’t worry about sharing with past clients! We pride ourselves in our sanitation here, we even have our very own small water-treatment plant.” she said proudly, puffing her chest out. “Ah, that’s enough bragging! You two enjoy your soak.” she waved before leaving, the sound of her shoes on the rock path getting quieter and quieter with each passing moment. When she was finally out of view, Ojiro heaved out a breath.

“Thank god!” he gasped, sliding out of his slippers and starting to descend into the water. “I thought for sure she would see…thank you for hiding my, um, that.”

“No problem,” Inasa chuckled, removing his slippers and towel “are you going to bathe your towel as well?”

“I-I…well, no,” Ojiro flustered, sitting on the edge of the pool with just his legs dangling in the water “I just thought – “

“There’s nobody else here to see,” Inasa said huskily, stepping over to him “nobody to see…you…” he slowly undid Ojiro’s towel “…or me…” his hand hovered above Ojiro’s skin, eyes silently asking for permission.

“God, please,” Ojiro gave in, leaning into Inasa’s broad frame “you have no idea how long I’ve waited for something like this – ah!” he gasped at being picked up around the middle, groaning as the warm water of the bath lapped at his skin.

“I guarantee you, I do know.” Inasa whispered, nipping at Ojiro’s neck. “Ever since I saw you at the agency I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind. You,” he pulled back to stroke Ojiro’s face “your tail,” he pet it playfully, pulling a moan from Ojiro’s lips “so beautiful, absolutely stunning.”

“If I had known tha – aah!” Ojiro cut himself off with a moan, Inasa’s hand wrapping around his cock and tugging softly. Ojiro let himself go, holding onto the edge of the bath with both hands as his tail assisted his legs in keeping his head above the water.

“Haah, Mashirao, I-I don’t think I can wait,” Inasa said with a groan. Ojiro opened his eyes, senses slowly coming back to him as the hand on his cock retreated. He briefly wondered where Inasa’s other arm had gone until the man turned around, bending himself over the side of the tub, ass jutted out towards Ojiro. “Go as hard as you wish, I-I insist,” Inasa said pleadingly, shifting his hips desperately, looking for some sort of friction.

“Yes sir.” Ojiro said without thinking, making his way over quickly. He took in the sight before him; Inasa looking over his shoulder with wide vulnerable eyes, pink pucker clearly stretched already. It brought out something in Ojiro he’d never felt before, something that felt almost primal. He lunged, grabbing Inasa roughly by the hips and slamming himself into the waiting hole. Inasa groaned, letting out a string of curses as Ojiro thrust against him over and over, practically nailing him to the side of the bath.

“H-harder, Mashirao,” Inasa panted, arching his back as Ojiro dug his fingers into his waist and pounded even harder, hitting his prostate dead-on.

“Like that?” Ojiro heard himself growl, leaning down to bite along Inasa’ shoulderblade. Inasa whined, nodding furiously.

“Yes, god yes, please Mashirao I’m about to – “ Inasa shouted, pushing back against Ojiro desperately.

“Me too, hang in there.” Ojiro purred, slamming into Inasa a few more times before feeling the man shudder beneath him. He figured that meant he had finished, and didn’t waste a single second in fucking him through his orgasm, filling him up with cum moments later. “S-sorry…was I too rough?” Ojiro asked once they’d taken a moment to calm down, their breath almost normal.

“Are you joking? That was amazing!” Inasa exclaimed, sliding back down into the water with a wince. “Ah, I might be a little sore later.”

“Hot bath should help.” a smile crept onto Ojiro’s face.

Inasa chuckled, motioning for Ojiro to sit next to him. “I suppose you’re right.” He wrapped an arm around Ojiro’s shoulders, and let out a small laugh when Ojiro leaned against him bonelessly, not even having enough energy to wag his tail.

They were, for all intents and purposes, completely fucked-out, and neither of them would have wanted it any other way.

Chapter Text

“Hey, Todoroki!” Kaminari said with a big smile, waving from across the classroom.

“Good morning, Kaminari.”

He made his way over to the boy’s desk, leaning over on it as he gave Todoroki a wink. “So, is it hot in here or is it just you?”

Todoroki blinked at him, then frowned. “I didn’t realize I was using my quirk, I apologize. I’ll keep an eye on it from now on.”

“Wait that’s not – “ Kaminari squeaked as the classroom door slammed open. he scurried to his seat, not wanting another detention with Aizawa anytime soon.

The next chance he got to interact with Todoroki properly was at lunch and, of course, another cheesy pick-up line came along for the ride. His eyes lit up when he saw the red and white hair through the crowd, dragging Jirou with him, giving her the cryptic explanation of “moral support!” She huffed, but allowed herself to be dragged across the cafeteria.

“Hey Todoroki!” Kaminari panted, trying to catch his breath.

“Hello?” Todoroki quirked his eyebrow, pulling away from the conversation Uraraka and Midoriya were engaged in.

“Did you do something different with your outfit today? Because you look good enough to eat.” Kaminari said, pulling out the ol’ finger guns for added effect.

Todoroki cocked his head, looking confused.

“Shoot, lemme try again, um,” he snatched the utensils from Jirou’s tray, ignoring her grumble of protest “it’s too early to fork, so d’ya wanna spoon?”

“Ah, I have chopsticks, but thank you for the offer.”

Kaminari deflated, squawking in surprise when Jirou started dragging him away. “Hold up – “

“Denki I’m hungry and your gay is showing. Let’s fucking eat.” she deadpanned, sitting him down at a table.

“What’s wrong with my gay showing?” he whined, looking back over to see Todoroki sitting with Midoriya, Uraraka, and Iida, seemingly enjoying himself. “…god I wish that were me…” he mumbled, half-joking.

“It’s only a problem when it gets in the way of me going about my day.”

“You’re no fun!”

“Y’want some cheese for that whine of yours?”

“Shut uuuup!”





Finally, another opportunity to try and woo his crush, Kaminari thought to himself. There were few people in the common room, Todoroki was in the corner with a book (studying? just reading? he wasn’t entirely sure), looking cute as ever curled up under a blanket.

For a moment Kaminari considered leaving him be, he looked so peaceful. But…

“Hey ‘roki!”


“I was thinkin’, we should put up a cork board or something in here to share the great memories of the year!” Kaminari said excitedly, taking out his phone. “To start it off, you wanna take a Shoto together?”

That got Todoroki to look up, albeit the confused expression Kaminari had seen at least four other times that day. “A…me?”

“Like…a photo, but with you in it!”

“Oh…oh!” Todoroki’s eyes widened in understanding.

He nodded, setting his book down while Kaminari got into position next to him on the couch, holding up a peace sign and making a goofy face while Todoroki opted for a small smile. Kaminari pretended to look the pictures over critically, making “hmm” noised.

“Is something the matter?”

“Yeah…they turned out kinda bright…guess it’s because you’re absolutely glowing right now.” Kaminari winked, deciding to leave the finger guns out of it for now. They hadn’t worked out so well the last time, anyway.

“Oh…I tend to run pale this time of year, we could try another?”





Come the next day, Kaminari was determined. Not that he hadn’t been before, but now he was READY to ask this boy out. This incredibly hot, wickedly talented, dense idiot. He’d hounded Midoriya for information on what Todoroki liked doing on his weekends, and had gotten a confused stuttered response of “the library?” He’d left before the boy could ask him anything, dashing off at fast as possible and still be considered walking. He had a good one, he could do this.

He kept trying to pump himself up in front of the doors to the library, only succeeding in making himself more nervous. Fuck it, might as well do it now. He steeled himself, kicking open the doors. Heads turned towards him, looks of surprise and annoyance coming from students and faculty. Right, library, Calm, quiet library. Fuck.

He bent his head down, murmuring a meek “sorry…” and taking off down the rows and rows of books. Todoroki couldn’t be too hard to find, right? As it turned out, yeah he was pretty easy to find, just sort of…sitting there. Reading a textbook.

Kaminari scratched his head, thinking. He’d honestly thought he’d get more time to prepare while looking for the guy, and now that he’d found him he felt the anxiety from before come trickling back in. He took a deep breath, reaching out a hand to tap Todoroki’s shoulder.

“Todoroki?” he whispered, sitting down in the hard library chair next to him. Todoroki looked up, giving him a soft smile when he saw who it was.

“Hello, Kaminari.” he whispered back, tapping his notebook “Have you come to study?”

“Not really, um, can I ask you something?” at his nod, Kaminari took a deep breath and continued. “Are…are you a library book? Because I’d love to take you out.”

He’d expected just about anything other than what Todoroki did as way of reply. The dual-toned boy’s eyes sparkled, his smile twitching wider.

“Does the Pope shit in the woods?”

Kaminari burst out laughing, saying quiet sorry’s to the librarian who came over to shush them. Todoroki was letting out little giggles himself, and damn if they wasn’t the cutest things Kaminari had heard all week.

“Where,” Kaminari gasped, trying to keep his voice low “the fuck did you hear that?!”

“I heard Bakugo say it once, after Kirishima said something similar to you. I think it was ‘Are you garbage? I’d take you out,’ or something like that. I still don’t know what it means, but it seems like a way to say ‘yes’?”

Kaminari bit his lips to keep from disturbing the whole library again, instead letting his head fall against Todoroki’s arm to muffle his laughs. He nodded, wiping the tears from his eyes after a moment. “You could say that, yeah. Please never look up what it means, I want you to keep saying that forever.”


Chapter Text

“So when’s the wedding?”

“Huh?” Ojiro tore his gaze away from the kitchen, turning back to his study group to see a smirk on Shinsou’s face. Probably something similar on Hagakure’s face, but he could never be sure.

“I said, when’s the wedding?” Shinsou repeated, gesturing to the kitchen.


“Y’know staring at them won’t make you any less shy, right?” Hagakure said, twirling her pencil around. “You should go talk to them!”

“See, I can’t.” Ojiro sighed, glancing back over at Tokoyami and Shoji in the kitchen.

“Mhm. And why not?” Shinsou nudged him, startling Ojiro into turning around again.

Ojiro pursed his lips, giving Shinsou a look.

Shinsou held up his hands, frowning. “Hey, I promised I wouldn’t – “

“No, no, it’s not that, I’m just…” Ojiro let out a long breath, tail twitching agitatedly. He trusted Shinsou not to brainwash him, they’d worked things over shortly after the sports festival. “It’s hard to just…say something like that, right? I’m not the only one?”

Shinsou nodded, clicking his tongue. “True. Do you want some help?”

“Huh? How would you help?”

“Not me, I’m…well, you know.” Shinsou chuckled, gesturing to himself. He jutted a thumb over to Hagakure, who wiggled excitedly in her seat.

“Okay, so,” Hagakure started, clutching both of Ojiro’s hands over their study materials “Imagine this; a class-wide game of truth or dare, you pick truth, and the person asks you to confess to your crush! Or, crushes.” she gushed, almost knocking over the small tower of erasers Shinsou had been stacking. He frowned, but remained silent. “So?? What do you think!”

“I don’t know…that’s not exactly an ideal confession…” Ojiro fidgeted. Then again, what would be an ‘ideal confession’ for him? Would he really find it in him to go up to them and ask them on a date? “…but…okay, sure. Let’s give it a try.”



He hadn’t expected it to be so soon, jesus fucking christ he barely had any time to prepare himself for that evening. Not that he was going to put on anything fancy, that would make him look more than a little out of place, no. He wanted to mentally prepare himself, at least for a short while, but here he was sitting in a circle with most of their class.

“Alright bro, what’s the dare?” Kirishima grinned at Kaminari, who gave him a smirk back. “Lay it on me!”

“I think you know, dude…” Kaminari looked around the circle, eyes falling on Bakugo. Kirishima made a choked sound, making a “hell no”-esque gesture. “I dare you…to sit in blasty’s lap!”

“Wait, really? Pfft, no problem!” Kirishima popped up, making his way over to Bakugo and plopping himself down again smugly. “That all you got?”

“Wh…okay, whatever. Bakugo, your turn – “


“Fiiiiiine. Ashi, you’re up.”

A sense of dread filled Ojiro as Ashido’s eyes met his. Oh god. Oh no oh fuck.

“Ojirooooo~” she called, exchanging a giggle with the floating outfit next to her. “Truth or dare?”

He was supposed to say truth, that would get everything over with, rip the band-aid off as it were. If he just – “Dare.” Ojiro mentally slapped himself. Well, too late to turn back now.

Ashido frowned, tapping her chin thoughtfully. “Hm…I dare you…to confess to your crush!”


“…es.” she added, nodding to Hagakure. “Crushes.”

Ojiro froze, all eyes on him. “A-alright, uh, give me a moment…” he flushed, pulling out his phone. He typed for a minute, paused, deleted the message, and re-typed it.

“Alright.” Ojiro nodded once, crossing his arms. “Done.”

“…are you kidding me?” Hagakure exclaimed, waving her arms around. She sighed, flopping against Mina. “Fiiiiiine I guess that’s fine, over text is so anti-climactic.”

Throughout the rest of the game, Ojiro found himself glancing over to Tokoyami and Shoji. Neither of them had checked their phone for the past hour, and he was just about ready to turn in for the night when Dark Shadow’s raspy voice shouted loudly into the common room.

“Hey, Fumi, ya got a text! Oo, says here that Ojiro – “ a hand manifested from one of Shoji’s arms to smack itself over Dark Shadow’s beak.

“Dark Shadow. Rude.” Tokoyami said flatly, not looking up from leaning against Shoji’s shoulder.

Well, that had told him enough. Cheeks burning in shame and embarrassment, Ojiro politely excused himself outside for some fresh air. Neither Shoji nor Tokoyami had shown a hint of interest, not even bothering to look over at him…Ojiro sighed, shoulders dropping as he sat on the stairs leading up to the dorms. He reminded himself to still thank Hagakure later, it had been a genuinely decent idea, it just happened to not work.

“Ojiro?” a deep voice called from behind him, making his tail fly up in alarm. He turned around, heart sinking as he saw Shoji and Tokoyami making their way towards him.

“Oh, h-hello there…I’m sorry for the text, that was impersonal and – “ his brows furrowed at the hand Shoji held up, silencing him. His heart beat faster as they sat down on either side of him, sandwiching him between them.

“Mashirao, we…” “Ojiro…” they paused, exchanging glances.

“They’re suuuuuper into you, like over the moon for ya!” Dark Shadow popped out to say, dodging the light smack from Tokoyami.

“Hush! That was not eloquent in the slightest!” Tokoyami reprimanded, giving Ojiro an apologetic look. “Ojiro, we would like to formally request you enter our relationship.”

“We’ve noticed you staring, and at first…we thought maybe you liked one of us individually.” Shoji explained “But we realized…you were looking to both of us. I, for one, find you a very admirable and genuine classmate, and would very much like to join in a relationship with you.”

Ojiro’s mouth hung open a bit.

“Look, ya scared him!” Dark Shadow complained, nuzzling himself around Ojiro’s tail.

“Y-yes! But, uh, are you sure?” Ojiro sputtered, flushing at Shoji’s chuckle.

“We are very sure.” Tokoyami confirmed, leaning against Ojiro’s side. “Shall we go inside? The couches are much softer than concrete.”

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