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Ghosts From The Past

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Days flew by and the two lovers continued to exchange text messages on their phones. Bea having acquired a phone with the governor’s blessings with the stipulation it won’t become public knowledge. Allie would send Bea naked photos of herself or sometimes they would FaceTime with Allie naked and touching herself at night. 


Bea was starting to loosen up too on her end after seeing how free and uninhibited Allie was. But ‘loosening up’ for Bea Smith didn’t include exposing her naked self to her girlfriend. Instead ‘loosening up’ for her was Allie once or twice succeeding in coercing her lover to touch herself under the covers, where the younger woman had to practically squint and strain her eyes to catch a glimpse of Bea’s hand moving under her teal suit. It meant Bea shyly shoving her hand inside her teal suit and grazing her clit while Allie imagined the grainy shadows moving under the blanket were Bea’s hand having sex with herself under the blanket. 


The younger woman had begged Bea several times to take off her clothes and show her nakedness but Bea said she wasn’t comfortable doing that. She especially argued that since she was in prison it was hard to predict when anyone might barge into her cell room unannounced, Allie understood her dilemma…. then. 


But as days went on, Allie was getting a little frustrated with the situation, Bea had refused to send her even just photos of herself naked. She understood FaceTiming naked might be a little too daunting for anyone most especially for someone like Bea but she reasoned her girlfriend could easily take a naked photo of herself in the showers or in her room. She was longing for a glimpse of Bea’s naked form and she was getting really horny which also brought on the sulking the past couple of times they’d interacted on the phone. 


On prior FaceTimes, Allie was always so free to strip for Bea but since her lover refused to do the same for her she had stopped all the naked FaceTiming and the pictures of her touching herself. She figured Bea was getting off on her being naked but she was left high and dry on her end.  




“Hey babe.” Bea greeted a sullen  looking Allie on her phone screen. “What’s wrong?” 


Allie shrugged her shoulders without answering 


“Are you okay?” Bea repeated now worried. Allie was always happy to hear from her, no matter the place or time “Did I do something wrong? Please talk to me, my love.” 


“I’m just exhausted is all.” Allie answered without elaborating 


“Okay. Busy day?” Bea tried again 


“Yeah.” She nodded tiredly with no further explanations 


“Did something happen with Frankie or Bridget?” Bea probed more. She was trying to ascertain if Frankie might have annoyed Allie in some way. She knew Frankie and she wouldn’t put it past her best friend to be an annoying ass to her girlfriend “Did someone do something to you?” Bea’s overprotectiveness of her girlfriend suddenly reared out.


Knowing how protective Bea can get of her, Allie wanted to put her worries about her best friends doing anything to her to rest “Relax Bea, they have been great to me and I’m fine too. I guess I’m just tired. Okay?” 


“Okay.” Bea looked away from the screen at the teal wall trying to remember her last conversation with Allie. Did she say something to annoy Allie without meaning to? She racked her brains up but unfortunately came up empty. Their conversations in prior days had gone almost similar to most other days with Allie teasing and begging Bea to strip for her but Bea simply saying no she couldn’t do it. She was now wondering why in those past couple of times, her chats with  Allie, the younger woman had not stripped for her. Mind you, Bea had never asked her to strip before, Allie was the one who had initiated that ritual and she was always so willing to tease her that way. 


A thought came to her and it caused her blood to run cold. Had Allie already met someone younger? Maybe even more beautiful, free from prison and worthy of her love? She pulled her red blanket a little more tightly around herself when that thought crossed her mind. 


“Your thoughts are too loud Bea.” Allie interrupted her crazy thoughts when the top dog was silent for long moments.


Bea looked into her phone screen and shook her head at Allie as if to deny her mind had wandered off somewhere for a few seconds.


She ultimately made the decision to rip the band aid off once and for all “Is there something you want to tell me?” Bea asked cautiously “I mean you’re young and all, I wouldn’t blame you, you know.” She finished sadly 


Allie sat up straight in Bea’s massive bed with a confused look on her features “What the fuck are you even talking about Bea?” She asked wondering why the sudden change of topic


“I mean.. “ Bea was using an international hand gesture of ‘I don’t know’ even though Allie couldn’t see it. A huge lump had formed in her throat and she really didn’t want to cry in front of Allie like this. 


She will take that plunge and wait to drown under her own sadness later when she was alone. Here goes nothing “You haven’t really been FaceTiming me naked the last couple of times we have spoken as you always do and now this, I’m wondering if you even wanna to talk to me right now.” She finished her long winded monologue and averted her eyes away from the screen. Yep, she will fold into a tiny little ball and cry herself to sleep... later.


“Babe! Look at me!” Allie ordered and waited for her girlfriend to look at her “I love you. I love you like I have never loved anyone in my whole life before. Listen, I’m just frustrated that I can’t see you in person or touch you and make love with you. And I know it’s not your fault but I can’t control how I’m feeling, okay?” She paused for awhile thinking if she should bring the rest up or not. She took a deep breath before she said fuck it in her head “You really wanna know what’s been bothering me Bea?”


Bea nodded eagerly at least she knew now Allie hadn’t met someone else. She can handle Allie being mad at her for everything going wrong with the world but what would kill her will be the day Allie tells her she’s in love with someone else.




‘Uh oh! Spoke too soon?!’ Here we go! Bea thought inwardly 


“Yes, you have been bothering me Beatrice Smith.” 


‘Yep! Sure did but Beatrice?’ Bea’s eyes suddenly went as wide as saucers. Allie rarely used her full name unless she was.. shit! 


Allie ran her long fingers through her hair in frustration “I have been so open with you, so open! Fucking wide open!..” She almost yelled as she demonstrated the ‘fucking wide open’ with her one hand and both legs which Bea of course couldn’t see… because FaceTime.


She wasn’t done yet “I have been sending you naked photos and videos of myself and at times stripping for you live on FaceTime and what have you done for me Beatrice? Nothing!” 


I bet Frankie was enjoying that convo on Allie’s end, Bea thought. She could imagine Frankie’s ear stuck on her bedroom door listening to Allie yell all these things on the phone 


“I feel like you’re getting off from watching me while I’m left with fucking blue balls at the end. I’m horny as fuck and I guess my imagination of you naked is fading as days go on and I’m fucking frustrated!” Allie stopped after her long winded rant. “So there! I’m horny as fuck and there’s nothing I can do about it.” She almost yelled the last sentence..


“Oh!” Bea’s eyes were darting across her four walled cube somehow washed over with a strange kind of relief. And her mouth remained in an ‘o’ position like a fish out of water.


Allie squinted her eyes and watched Bea closely as her face became relaxed “Oh? Fucking oh is all you have to say to me? Unfuckingbelievable!” She frantically placed her phone on her little phone stand by the bedside lamp making sure the camera pointed to where she was and got off the bed in frustration.


Bea on the other end was trying hard not to jump for joy or pump her fists in the air in jubilation. Allie was very serious and Bea didn’t think the younger woman would take it too kindly if she was to suddenly jump around joyously after learning she wasn’t getting dumped after all. It was just a minor hiccup in their relationship which she had planned to surprise Allie in those same lines tonight. 


When Bea’s eyes reverted back to her phone screen and on closer inspection, she noticed Allie was no longer holding her phone instead it was placed on a stand. Great! Bea noticed her moving in the other far end of the room, busy searching for something in the drawers.


“Babe!” Bea called


Allie looked back but didn’t turn around completely from what she was doing. She simply said “I’m listening.” 


She was looking for a T-shirt and some sleep shorts from the drawers.


“Do you mind picking up your phone so I can see your beautiful face close up?“ Bea pleaded “Please?”


She now understood how much sexually frustrated Allie was at this point. When they got back together they had had sex almost every day and night and now it’s been almost two weeks since the last time they touched each other. 


For Bea these lusts and desires were all foreign to her before Allie came into the picture. The younger woman was the reason she knew the pleasures someone could experience with the right person . As Allie once told her when they met eons ago, good sex is also up in someone’s mind. That proved to be true. Lusting after and desiring were never Bea’s thing but Allie came along and awakened them in her, she now desired and lusted after Allie. 


On the other hand Allie has always been a sexual being who loved and enjoyed sex with no inhibitions, so she could totally appreciate her frustrations at this point.  


“Give me a minute I’ll be with you in a second” Allie called back 


Bea was saddened by Allie’s total lack of enthusiasm in talking to her today and she wondered if that is how Allie felt whenever she refused to strip for her in return. She watched as her girlfriend disappeared inside their en-suite with the pieces of clothes she’d picked up from the drawers. Allie didn’t even want to change in front of her. How had she let it come to this? She asked herself. 


They always chatted for hours on end at night without any fears of Bea’s phone being taken away. Allie knew this so she wasn’t really worried that their conversation will be cut short or anything. 


Bea laid down on her narrow bed and stared up at the ugly ceiling paint which was now peeling off in patches.  She was in deep contemplation, why couldn’t she just give Allie what she had wanted? She knew she should have done better, tried harder. Sending a naked picture of herself wasn’t an impossible task for her to have done for her lover. Chatting naked would have taken a great deal for her in getting used to it but she could have done that just as easily. 


All she had to do was ask her cell block mates to give her privacy and not barge into her cell without knocking. But no, Bea had to be all prudish about it while Allie had been so open and giving with her. 


The truth was, Bea had indeed touched herself as many times while watching Allie’s naked videos or naked photos when she was alone in her cell. After FaceTiming a naked Allie, Bea always got off immediately while hiding under her covers in the dead of the night. So why couldn’t she do the same for Allie? Why couldn’t she just take a video or a picture of herself and send it to Allie? She decided it was because of that ingrained part of her which has always been repressed. 


Harry used to call her a frigid bitch. 


She shook that thought off her mind, Harry has no place in her life now. She was with the most gorgeous woman she’d ever met and she was going to loosen up a little for the sake of their relationship. 


“Hey” Allie said from the other end 


Bea had rested her phone on her chest while waiting for Allie’s return and almost dropped it on the floor while she scrambled to bring herself into focus. 


“Hey there.” Bea noticed with a pang of disappointment that Allie had already changed from her earlier outfit as she sat cross legged on their bed. 


“Hey” Allie said again 


“I’m sorry.” Bea started “I’m so sorry for my selfishness. I realize just how selfish I have been babe.” 


“It’s okay Bea.” Allie had calmed down some 


“No it’s not okay. I actually…” Bea stood up from her tiny cot and carefully positioned her phone on some books. “Can you see me?” She asked


Allie nodded “As much as that poor lighting in that room can can offer, yes.” Allie was getting curious as to what Bea was doing 


“Okay, here goes nothing.” 


Bea pulled off her oversized teal hoodie and then followed by her buggy teal bottoms. 


Allie’s eyes widened when she noticed the matching new pair of red lace underwear and bra she’d sent with Bridget a couple of days ago. Her eyes remained wide as she watched Bea jiggle her bottoms as they slid down her legs. 


Bea turned around slowly and gave Allie her back as her hands slid up to unclasp her bra, she bent over thrusting her ass in the air as she teased her bra straps and wiggled her ass side to side. 


Bea had watched a striptease episode on YouTube a bit too many times to prepare for tonight.


Allie’s tongue was now hanging out at this point and no one will blame her for using the beddings around her as mop for her drools as she watched the sexy striptease from her normally shy girlfriend. 


Bea stood up straight but instead of turning around to face the phone camera she wiggled her shapely ass again as her fingers made a show of slowly pulling down her bra straps from her shoulders. 


Allie was mesmerized as her eyes followed every move those fingers’ made, anticipating the big reveal. 


When the straps reached Bea’s elbows, she slowly turned around to face the camera but made sure to hold the bra cups against her breasts with her palms. 


Allie was thirsty. She wasn’t sure if it was because of her sudden dry throat and lips or she was thirsty for something else. She unconsciously licked her lips but her eyes remained glued to her phone screen. 


Bea slowly removed each hand from the straps and held on the bra cups against her perky breasts a little longer to tease Allie. She knew how much Allie loved her breasts and she was going to milk this tease for all it was worth. 


“C’mon!” Allie hoarsely egged on her girlfriend through the phone as she started squeezing her own breasts with her free hand.


“You like?” Bea gruff voice asked 


“Very. Please babe!” Allie begged


Bea slowly released one bra cup from her breast and then the second and then covered them with her palms. She then started massaging and pulling on her nipples seductively. She could see Allie touching herself and moaning and it was turning her on too. This was fun, Bea thought. 


“Fuck!” Allie exclaimed loudly as she dipped her fingers inside her sleep shorts and was met with a well of wetness. 


Bea could see the contorted features on her girlfriend as she concentrated on pleasuring herself and watching her on the phone screen. 


Bea slowly released her breasts and her hands started to travel slowly down her defined abs and towards the waistband of her underwear as her eyes remained locked on Allie. At the very last minute she turned away again from the camera and dipped her thumbs on the waistband of her red underwear. She bent over her waist with her feet wide apart and wiggled her ass in the air as she slowly started to push her underwear over her hips.  


Allie was now afforded quite the vision of her lover’s shapely ass. 


There were two things Bea knew for sure Allie appreciated about her body the most, her breasts and ass. She bent all the way down and stuck her ass a little more in the air for Allie’s pleasure as she wiggled it even more. 


“Fuck Bea!” Allie groaned as she entered herself with her index and middle fingers. Holding the phone was becoming a problem but she didn’t want to miss the show not even a second. 


After discarding of her underwear, Bea straightened up and then turned around slowly to face the camera again, she then slowly sucked on her index while she pulled on her nipple with the other hand as she watched her girlfriend pleasure herself. 


“I’m fucking you baby. Can you feel me inside you?” Bea said hoarsely 


“Yes yes!” Allie responded as she started pumping her fingers in and out erratically and watched as Bea touched her own wet core.


“Come for me baby!” Bea’s gruff voice ordered 


The moment Allie heard Bea’s voice, her body snapped into a bow like shape and a powerful orgasm washed over. Allie came so hard her phone ended up on one end of the bed and Bea was left looking at their bedroom ceiling light. 


The next thing Bea heard were Allie’s soft snorings. She smiled to herself. 


“Goodnight beautiful girl, I love you so much. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”