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Shopping for their anniversary dinner was supposed to be the easy part, but Eijirou knew that Katsuki hated doing it every year. He’d done it the last six years that they’d been together, and to keep his boyfriend from going nuts and blowing a bunch of innocent civilians up, Eijirou had offered to help out this year.

Well, help was only sort of accurate, since he wasn’t exactly a lot of assistance. He didn’t really know which veggies were ripe. Katsuki had—


Eijirou bit back a groan as the vibrator up his ass went off again, the speed increasing until he was pretty sure that the little old lady not far from him could hear the buzzing.

He sidestepped away from her, trying to make sure he didn’t catch her eye or attract attention.

Didn’t work.

She blinked and turned large, owlish eyes onto him, her wrinkled lips drawn into a little bit of a shocked frown.

“Ah—ahaha,” he managed a feeble laugh. “M-my phone’s going off.”

Another slow blink from behind thick glasses.

He fumbled as if reaching for his cell phone, but even once he had it in hand, it was obviously not what was making the noise, so he tried to step away. His dick jumped when his movements made the vibe shift inside of him, hitting his prostate.

Katsuki hadn’t just shoved a vibrator up his ass before they’d left their apartment. That wouldn’t have been very effective. No, first, he’d gotten Eijirou rock-hard (Katsuki had even made a joke about it while stroking his pro-hero boyfriend’s dick), then the fucker had put a steel cock ring around the base and tucked his balls through.

His dick throbbed, aching with need and dripping from the tip, but not stimulated enough for him to cum.

Thankfully, the old woman left him alone without a word. It was already embarrassing enough to be walking around with a vibrator going off at random and with his dick so hard he could cut stone with it. He didn’t need some old bat giving him the stink eye and catching on to what Katsuki had done to him.

As Eijirou collected the items on the list, the vibrations slowed before turning off.

He exhaled, relieved by the small break. Unfortunately, Katsuki probably wouldn’t let it last long.

A peek at the other man revealed that he was wandering the other side of the produce section, picking up and putting down veggies. He slipped his hand into the pocket of his harem pants, and the vibrations began again.

Eijirou closed his eyes and counted to ten, trying to keep himself from jumping his boyfriend then and there and demanding they fuck in public.

That wasn’t what Katsuki wanted, and Eijirou was almost desperate to give him what he wanted.

That morning, Eijirou had insisted he help Katsuki prep for their anniversary dinner. “Let me go shopping for you, babe!” Oh, how foolishly he’d said it. How naïve he’d been. How hopeful and full of youth! “You go every year and always put something wonderful together. I wanna do it for you this year!”

Katsuki had smirked and said, “Fine, but,” and oh, oh no, Eijirou should have known there would be stipulations. His boyfriend was a bit of a control freak, after all.

“But?” he pressed, giving Katsuki the biggest, cutest doe eyes that he could manage.

But I’m goin’ with you, and you’re gonna wear exactly what I tell you to.”

Eijirou had laughed. “Babe. The point of me going alone is so you don’t have to deal with the crowds and the stress! Think of it as my gift to you!”

“Yeah?” He leaned away, crossing his arms over his thick chest and raising a pierced eyebrow. “You know which veggies are ripe? You know what spices to get? Do you even know what you’re cooking?”

“Oh, um! I read this recipe online for a soup, and—”



Katsuki had rolled his eyes. “You barely know how to make toast, and you’re gonna make soup?”

“Mhm!” Eijirou was pretty sure soup wasn’t that hard to cook. Plus, he had a recipe and everything!

“…I’m goin’ with you. End of story. I’m cookin’, too, so don’t even argue with me about it. Don’t want fucking burnt water for dinner.”

“But… but my gift!”

The shorter blonde leaned close and murmured, “You wanna give me a gift I’ll really like?”

“Well, yeah! But I—”

“Then do what I tell you for the next twelve hours.”


Katsuki had smirked and crooked his finger, asking silently for his bulky boyfriend to follow him to their shared bedroom. Once inside, he crouched and pulled a familiar plastic tub out from under the king-sized bed.

Eijirou fidgeted and blushed when he realized what exactly Katsuki was planning. “Katsuki… are you sure?”

The blonde smirked as he stood and set a thick vibrator out on the bed. Eijirou recognized it. The thing was Ground Zero themed, colored mostly black with a reddish orange X wrapped around it. It was wireless and had some of the most aggressive settings of all their toys.

“’Course I’m fuckin’ sure. You’re gonna wear this while we’re out.”

And now… well, now Eijirou wandered the grocery store while his boyfriend flipped the vibrator on and off and played with the intensity at his leisure. It was driving him absolutely insane, and he just wanted to be dicked down or sucked off, god damn it.

By the time they’d made it through most of the store, Eijirou’s nerves were fried. He was shaking, and his skin felt like Kaminari had shocked him with a couple thousand volts. He and Katsuki finally got in line and waited for the cashier to help the person in front of them.

“Excuse me, young man.”

Eijirou tensed and turned to see the same little old lady from before blinking up at him. She adjusted her glasses and gave a knowing smile.

“Um… yeah?” He was already shaking and sweating, on edge and desperate for release.

“Is this your boyfriend?” she asked, pointing at Katsuki.

Katsuki slipped his hand into his pocket, flipping the vibe on and upping the intensity until Eijirou’s cheeks were bright red and his fingers shook. “Well, Eij? Gonna answer the nice lady?”

“Y-yes!” he replied, voice pitched. “Yes, he’s my—ah—my b-boyfriend.”

She nodded. “I thought so.” And then she waved Eijirou down and murmured into his ear, “My husband and I used to play around out in public, too. It’s rather fun! You make sure he treats you nice tonight, though.”

And that was more goddamn embarrassing than anything Eijirou had ever heard. “Y-yes, ma’am.”

“Don’t worry,” said Katsuki, giving that wolfish smirk. “I’ll make sure to take good care of him.”

“You better,” she said, eyeing him. “Now, I believe the nice lady would like to ring you up.”

His boyfriend snorted a short laugh and moved forward with their items.

After they finally reached their apartment, Eijirou was a trembling mess. Katsuki had made him ride the train with the vibe going off at full blast and had refused to touch him. He was so oversensitive that he was convinced he would cum with the barest touch his boyfriend gave him.

“Katsuki,” he mumbled, trying to press close, trying to ease some of the need. “Can we…?”

“Hah? No. Gotta get this shit in the oven first.”

He frowned. “You promised.”

“Later, Eij. Now, be a good boy and sit.” He pointed to the counter.

With a huff, Eijirou sat, the vibrator still going. He shifted in his discomfort and huffed again, trying to get his boyfriend’s attention. When it became too much, he pulled his shorts down and tried to touch himself.

Katsuki was quick to stop him, though, forcing his hands away. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Katsuki, babe, you’re killing me.”

“Do I need to get the damn cuffs, or are you gonna be good? Hah?”

Turned out that, yes, Katsuki had to get the cuffs and bind Eijirou’s hands behind his back. Sure, the redhead could have used his quirk to break free, but he knew that would only make Katsuki unhappy. The blonde had made it clear that a wet, needy, dripping Eijirou was what he wanted for their anniversary, and Eijirou was willing to play along.

For now.

He rocked his hips, trying to get some relief as the chunky vibrator repeatedly rubbed over his prostate. His eyes rolled back, and he opened his jaw, letting out low, sultry moans.

Those usually got Katsuki all sorts of riled up, but the blonde went about his task, prepping the meal and getting everything ready as if he hadn’t even noticed Eijirou grinding against the vibrator.

Jerk. He moaned louder, trying to get his boyfriend’s attention. Nothing seemed to work, though. Katsuki was outright ignoring him, which only pissed Eijirou off more.

At last, the food was in the oven.

The wet patch on the front of his boxer-briefs was enormous. Katsuki had never zipped Eijirou’s shorts back up, so the thick outline of his aching dick was on full display.

“Babe,” he moaned, trying to lay it on extra thick. “Please. Please… ah…” He grunted as he continued to rock, trying to get himself to cum from the ass. It was hard. Not impossible, of course, but very, very difficult. All he ended up doing, though, was torturing himself more.

Katsuki wiped his hands on a towel and raised an eyebrow. The way he examined Eijirou was so clinical, so fierce, so perfect. “I suppose you’ve been good, haven’t you?”

He nodded, drool dripping from the side of his mouth. “So good. Your good boy.” Usually this worked and he got his way. He hoped it would work this time, too.

“Hm. You are.”

Eijirou hummed and arched an eyebrow as he writhed a little. “I think I’ve—ah—been g-good enough, do—mmm—don’t you?”

“Good enough for what?”

“Damn it, Katsuki! Fuck me. P-please. I need… need you… your dick, you—ah!—ass!”

The blonde smirked and left the kitchen, and Eijirou took that as a hint to do so as well. He did his best to jump off the counter without falling. But he failed, ending up with his face pressed into the tile of the kitchen floor. Before he could stand up, though, Katsuki returned.

He snorted. “Idiot.”

“Katsuki,” he said, trying to keep the command in his voice. “Ha—help me up.”

“No. Kinda like you like that.” And his boyfriend walked around behind him, trailing his fingertips over Eijirou’s arched back. His ass was in the air; he’d fallen on his knees in an attempt to catch himself, hands still cuffed behind him. “Stay.”

So, with a grumble, he stayed. The vibrator hummed away in his ass, and finally, finally, Katuski pulled Eijirou’s shorts down. He kneaded and toyed with Eijirou’s plush butt cheeks before yanking the boxer-briefs down.

The second the briefs were gone, Eijirou felt hot lube dripping down his thighs from around the vibe. He moaned and rolled his eyes closed.

“So wet. Just for me?” the other man rasped.

God damn, he loved the sound of Katsuki’s voice when it was all lusty like that. “Y-yeah,” he mumbled. “Just for you, Katsuki. Just for you. Now fuck me raw.” To emphasize his point, he wiggled his ass, lifting it higher. The movement made him clench around the vibe, and he stifled a soft moan.

Katsuki pulled the vibe out before pushing back in. Out and in, out and in. Every thrust sent Eijirou higher, made his brain fuzzier, made it harder for him to think. Finally, the chubby vibe was pulled out all the way with a pop.

He choked out a groan, demanding through his lust-hazed mind, “PI swear to All Might, if you don’t fuck me, I’m gonna rip outta these and do you myself!”

“Such a brat.”

Firm hands groped and pinched his ass, spreading him before they circled around to lift his hips a little higher. He heard Katsuki kneel behind him, felt him line his dick up with his asshole. His boyfriend lightly traced the rim of his oversensitive hole, and Eijirou moaned, getting frustrated.

Katsuki,” he snapped, tears in his eyes. “God damn it!”

Then, in a slow, determined movement, Katsuki pushed into him. Inch by inch, his boyfriend’s cock filled him. He was about as thick as the vibe, maybe a little smaller, but better. So, so much better.

Eijirou keened and twitched, and the second Katsuki bottomed out, Eijirou came, thick globs of semen spurting onto his shorts and boxers. He moaned, tightening his ass in reflex and trying to milk his boyfriend, even though he knew that Katsuki wasn’t even close yet.


“Yeah?” he panted out, turning his head. He knew his face was flushed and hot with a combination of embarrassment and lust.

“Did you cum already?”


Katsuki laughed, really laughed. “Fuck, babe.”

“Well? Don’t stop now, you dick.”

And he didn’t stop, instead pulling almost all the way out before sliding back in. The pace picked up rapidly, and soon, Eijirou felt another orgasm building. The first had been mostly for relief; this one would feel better.

He pushed back on everything thrust, meeting Katsuki’s hips in a tempo of slaps that echoed through their apartment.

So good. It was so, so good.

Katsuki gripped his shoulders and leaned over him, fucking into him harder and faster. The cock ring kept Eijirou hard, kept him sensitive and ready, so when Katsuki’s hand finally wrapped around it, he cried out.

“Want it?” he whispered.

“Don’t you fucking—mmm—don’t you—ah!—st-stop, you asshole. Mmm… ugnnn… Kept me on—on edge all fucking d-day. Kept—holy shit, right there—kept me hard. Ass. Want… shit… better… cum… again.”

That just earned a light chuckle. “If that’s what you want.”

It was.

Higher, higher. Faster. Harder. Katsuki quickened his pace, grunting and moaning, and Eijirou thrust back, soon demanding release incoherently.

After a few long pumps with a glycerin-slicked hand, bliss found him. He cried out again, eyes squeezing shut as pleasure shot through him. His balls tightened as his second load spilled out across Katsuki’s hand and onto his rumpled clothes.

Katsuki gave a low, rumbling moan as he thrust a few more times before yanking out and cumming across Eijirou’s back.

“Good… boy,” he panted.

Eijirou smiled as his legs gave out. He collapsed into the pile of clothes and cum on the floor. Dinner was about ready, and he smiled sleepily up at his boyfriend.

Damn straight. He was a good boy.