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Take a Breather

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"What kind of movies do you like, Shinsou?"

"Not the best time to be asking me that, Kaminari."

Shinsou's capture weapon was tangled beyond salvation in a tree, and he was frantically trying to untangle it before Iida and Bakugou caught up to them.

"Shinsou, don't worry about it. We're gonna lose anyway."

"I can't lose," Shinsou said, gritting his teeth.

"Your best bet now is just to hide in the tree. I'll distract them or something."

Shinsou groaned and let go of the ends of the dangling capture tape. "It's not supposed to be like this…" he begrudgingly climbed up into the tree. "I should be better at this by now."

"Hey, dude, it happens to all of us, okay? Don't put too much pressure on yourself."

If Kaminari wasn't on Shinsou's team for this partner exercise, he would have punched him. Didn't Kaminari know that all Shinsou did was put pressure on himself? That's the only way he had finally gotten provisionally accepted into the hero course, and it was the only way he had of making sure Aizawa wouldn’t change his mind about it before his second year started.

"Hey, how about this: If we win, will you promise me you'll take a breather with me after?" Kaminari said.

"A breather? Like what?"

"I dunno. Like Netflix and chill or something."

"You know what the 'chill' part of that implies, right?"

Kaminari smiled up at him through the leaves in the tree. "Just tell me your favorite types of movies after, ‘kay? I think I actually have an idea for how we can win this."

He hopped up into the tree with Shinsou. They were sharing a branch and Shinsou got a whiff of sweat and rosewater when Kaminari brushed past him. Delicate and sweet.

When Bakugou and Iida came barreling along, Shinsou modulated his voice through his mask so that he sounded like Kaminari. "Hey, 'Splodo," he called from the tree, "betcha can't get me up here." Kaminari dangled his legs from the tree to make it even more tempting. Bakugou fell for the bait immediately, yelling back, "What the fuck, Pikachu! Of course I can--"

Shinsou froze Bakugou in place, and before Iida could zip over and knock Bakugou out of it, Kaminari jumped out of the tree and zapped them both, incapacitating them, which meant that Kaminari and Shinsou had won the match. Shinsou leaned back against the trunk and sighed. Thank God they hadn't lost. He would probably still get hell from Aizawa for fucking up so much with his capture weapon, but it was better than both fucking up and losing.

"Old spy thrillers," Shinsou said, swinging down from the tree and landing gracefully in front of Kaminari. "And horror. The cheesy kind."

"Promise you'll hold me when I get scared?" Kaminari said, twirling one of his bangs around a finger.

Shinsou licked his lips. "Of course, baby," he said in a near-mocking tone, and he smirked when Kaminari's mouth dropped open in surprise.


Shinsou shuffled into the 1A dorm (with permission -- he'd told Aizawa that he liked working on the same team as Kaminari and wanted some more after-hours practice with him. Aizawa had quirked his eyebrow at him as if to say I know what you're up to , but gave him permission all the same) just after the sun went down, in purple and gray plaid flannel pants and an oversized sweatshirt. Kaminari met him at the front door, dressed in just boxers and a too-small t-shirt.

"If it's okay with you we can watch it in my room?" Kaminari asked. "More, uh, privacy and stuff."

"Of course."

Kaminari's room was cluttered but not unpleasant. He clambered into bed with his laptop, and Shinsou followed suit. They sat, initially, cross-legged over the covers.

"Kaminari, why'd you ask me to do this?" Shinsou asked.

"Hmm? I just wanted to you relax. You're always so serious," he said, throwing a smile over his shoulder. "C'mon, let's watch." He wriggled under the comforter and propped his laptop up on his thighs. Shinsou scooted next to him. He had to press up next to Kaminari to get a good view of the screen, and his foot brushed against one of Kaminari's soft, fuzzy legs as he adjusted.

The movie Kaminari picked was an old-school slasher movie with effects that were both so hilariously terrible and heinously disturbing that even Shinsou ended up burying his face into Kaminari's shoulder a few times. Halfway through the movie Kaminari placed the laptop next to him and rolled over on his side. Shinsou followed suit and curled his body around him, watching the screen over the side of Kaminari's head. The ear just barely blocking the view in front of him was a terrible distraction, small and egregiously biteable.

Before he knew it, the credits were rolling, and Shinsou felt his heartbeat pick up speed. He didn't know whether Kaminari was going to make the first move, or whether he expected Shinsou to. Kaminari reached out in front of him and closed the laptop. The room was suddenly dark except for the thin strips of pale orange light peeking through Kaminari's window blinds, running from the floor onto Kaminari's bed and up his wall.

Kaminari yawned.

"You sleepy?"

"A little."

Shinsou bit his lip. Were they really just gonna fall asleep like this?



"I'm still not totally relaxed."


Kaminari started moving, slowly, rubbing his backside against Shinsou. Shinsou sighed, pleased, and pushed right back, grinding his growing erection into Kaminari's ass. He moved his head closer to Kaminari's, so that he was breathing heavily in his ear.

"How do you like to play, baby boy?"

Kaminari whimpered, his grinding speeding up. Shinsou grabbed his hips and started working him at the pace he wanted him. "R-rough," Kaminari panted. "Take control of me."

Shinsou growled and bit Kaminari's earlobe, and the boy keened.

"How far do you wanna go?"

"Any-- all the way is fine-- whatever you want."

"You want me to use you?"

Kaminari twisted his head back and nodded frantically.

Shinsou rubbed his thumb over Kaminari's lower lip and then pulled at it. Kaminari opened his mouth. "Good boy," Shinsou whispered, shoving three fingers deep into Kaminari's mouth until he could feel the muscles of his throat spasming around them.

The blond gagged and bucked his hips back erratically as Shinsou dragged his fingers back and forth over his tongue. A small shock flitted up Shinsou's arm and he gasped.

"Does that mean you like it or you don't like it?"

Kaminari whined around Shinsou's fingers and pushed his ass back even more. Chuckling, Shinsou pressed a kiss to the back of Kaminari's neck before pulling his fingers out of his mouth. He wiped them roughly against Kaminari's cheek, marking him with his own messy saliva.

"Get on top of me," Shinsou said, rolling over on his back.

Kaminari sat up and crawled on top of him, his legs splayed out on either side of hips. "You still haven't properly kissed me," he pouted, wriggling impatiently on top of Shinsou.

"Then get those pretty lips over here, baby."

Kaminari leaned forward and Shinsou grabbed his face, so small and delicate in his big hands. Kaminari drew Shinsou's lower lip in between his own, sucking and running his tongue over it. One of his hands rummaged underneath Shinsou's sweater, hiking it up to his chest and running over his abs and pecs.

"God, Kaminari," Shinsou breathed into the other boy's mouth. He ran his hands down Kaminari's sides, over his tiny waist to the waistband of his boxers. "You help everyone relax like this?" He slid Kaminari's boxers down so that his ass was exposed and started kneading the supple flesh there.

"N-no," Kaminari panted through steamy kisses. "S'just for you, Shinsou."

Shinsou dug his nails into Kaminari's asscheeks and spread them apart. Kaminari broke the kiss and arched his back, neck bending gracefully just over Shinsou's mouth. He kissed his protruding Adam's apple. "I'm surprised," he cooed, with just the slightest hint of derision. "Thought you would be sluttier than that." He bit the side of Kaminari's neck and then sucked. Fuck it. Let Aizawa know exactly what they'd been up to when they showed up to class the next day. The thought of Kaminari wearing his marks out in the open like that for everyone to see sent a shivering thrill right to his core. "But you're a slut for me, so I guess that's really all that matters."

Another small shock wracked its way through his body, traveling from Kaminari's neck down his throat. Shinsou rolled his head back and moaned.

"That doesn't bother you?" Kaminari asked as he sat up and pulled his shirt over his head.

Shinsou shook his head.

"Okay, good. I always worry. I can't really control it…" he said, blushing.

"I like it," Shinsou said. And he did -- it hurt a little, but like a sharp, vibrating bite rippling through his body, exhilarating and unpredictable. And the fact that Kaminari couldn't control it made it even sexier. Kaminari couldn't hide what made him feel good. Shinsou sat up too, so that Kaminari was in his lap, and pulled off his own sweater. Kaminari wrapped his arms around his neck, and Shinsou did the same around Kaminari's waist. "Pretty," Shinsou whispered, his eyes drinking in the lust-filled honey color of Kaminari's irises as he shrugged Kaminari's boxers down even further. Kaminari sat up on his knees and pulled them off completely, and then reached for the tie at the waistband of Shinsou's pants. Shinsou leaned back as Kaminari untied them and then pulled them down, biting his lip in concentration.

Shinsou eyed Kaminari's cock as he undressed him, pink and pressed up against the thin trail of hair on his stomach, wetting it with pre. Kaminari made a pleased noise when Shinsou's cock finally sprang free from his boxers.

"Hey. Turn around," Shinsou said, matter of factly. "Back up. Lemme see you. Fuck , fuck yeah." Kaminari's ass was pressed up close to his face. He could see the blush on the back on Kaminari's neck as he spread apart his cheeks and eyed the pink ring of muscle, twitching slightly as he breathed on it. Shinsou flicked his tongue over the hole, and a small hum of electricity flitted over his tongue. He smirked and pressed his tongue inside of Kaminari. The boy above him whimpered and pressed back against him.

Kaminari smelled like sweet musk and Shinsou moaned as he worked his ass open with his tongue, soon venturing a finger to replace it. He rubbed it around in the spit coating Kaminari's hole before sinking it in, immediately curling it against where Kaminari's prostate should be. The blond cried out in surprise and his back arched. Shinsou licked and sucked at his taint and balls as he added a second finger, pressing them into Kaminari's soft, hot walls and stretching them.

He felt a dribble of warm spit hit his dick before Kaminari's mouth was on him, suddenly enveloping him in its wetness and warmth. Kaminari worked him fast and deep, his throat making lewd noises as his cock slid down it. Shinsou laid his head back, worked his fingers inside of Kaminari at the same pace Kaminari was blowing him until they were both pressing frantically into one another. Shinsou was being assaulted with small jolts of electricity on both ends, each one tightening the coil of heat in his stomach more and more.

"Fuck, Kaminari, fuck, stop," he suddenly called out, and Kaminari slid off of him with a lewd popping sound. "Can't--" he panted, "--can't fuck you if I come, baby."

Kaminari laughed and planted one last kiss to his shaft, a kiss that made his cock twitch impatiently. He rolled over onto his back, catching his breath, and Shinsou climbed on top of him.

Kaminari's cheeks were red and his face was slick with spit and pre. "You look so fucking cute and filthy at the same time," he said, forcing Kaminari's legs apart with his own. "You're fucking shameless."

Shinsou smashed his lips into Kaminari's, tasting spit and his own salty pre as he forced his tongue into Kaminari's mouth, finding Kaminari's tongue and unfurling lewdly around it. He pulled back for air, and brought one hand to Kaminari's waist. "You have condoms and lube?" He asked.

"Yeah," Kaminari said. "Bottom desk drawer."

"’Kay." Shinsou bent over and kissed his cheek before shakily standing up and making his way over to the desk. Upon his return he kneeled in front of Kaminari, rolling on a condom and slicking himself up with lube. "You ready?" he asked as he leaned back over Kaminari. "Need a pillow under you or anything?"

Kaminari shook his head.

"Okay." Shinsou pressed the head of his dick against Kaminari's hole. "Gonna be rough with you."

"Please," Kaminari whined, and the whine drew out louder and longer as Shinsou buried himself slowly into Kaminari, all the way to the hilt. He paused once he was all the way in, trying to regulate his breathing. Kaminari was so hot inside, his softness clenching around him and pulling him in so tight that Shinsou had to squeeze his eyes closed to ground himself.

"Fuuuuuuck, baby." He grabbed a fistful of Kaminari's blond hair and pulled as he rocked his hips, thrusting deliberately in and out of Kaminari. "You feel so fucking good," he whined, his voice higher and needier than he could have ever imagined it being with someone else. "You take me so well," he moaned, speeding up until the sound of flesh slapping against flesh was the loudest thing in the room.

He sat up and hiked Kaminari's legs over his shoulders, and then leaned back over him so that Kaminari was nearly bent in half. Each time he thrusted up against Kaminari's sweet spot, a shock rolled through his body, until there was actual electricity sparking between them with every single thrust. They had their heads buried in each other's shoulders to stifle their moans, but there was no way their neighbors didn't hear when Kaminari pressed his head back against the mattress and cried out "Ah! I'm coming!" as a full-body wave of electricity shot through Shinsou and he felt Kaminari's ass convulsing around him. He bit into Kaminari's shoulder and groaned, an unrestrained, guttural, animal noise, as Kaminari's ass worked his own blindingly intense orgasm out of him. His entire body tingled, and wave after wave of pleasure seeped out of him, for much longer than was normal. He shivered on top of Kaminari when he was finally spent, and sighed, contented.

"You're getting my jizz all over you," Kaminari said, smiling, as Shinsou laid on top of him. Shinsou groaned and rolled over. Kaminari got up and grabbed a box of tissues from his desk, taking some to wipe himself off and throwing the box to Shinsou.

There was a sudden, curt knock at the door, and Kaminari jumped. "Uh-oh." The person knocked again. "Quick, throw me my boxers!" Shinsou reached over the bed and felt around for what felt like boxers, and tossed them to Kaminari. He pulled them on and Kaminari opened the door.

Iida was standing in the doorway in a pinstriped pajama set, an incredulous look on his face. "Kaminari!" He whisper-yelled. "What is with all the banging this late at night?! When your fellow classmates are sleeping is not the time to-- oh--"

Iida noticed Shinsou in Kaminari's bed. "What's up, Iida?" Shinsou smirked. Iida's face was bright red. "Don't worry, I got permission from Aizawa."

"You got--? I-- what-- uh, okay. Um. Try to be less loud next time." Iida spun on his heels and left, flustered.

Kaminari closed the door, and both of them laughed, as quietly as possible.

"He said 'next time,'" Shinsou said as Kaminari curled up next to him in bed.

"Mmm, next time," Kaminari repeated, nuzzling into Shinsou's chest. "Next time we should use your quirk too."

"That's something you'd really wanna do?"

Kaminari nodded and responded with a yawn. "Like I said, I want you to take control." His eyes suddenly glazed over and his face went slack as Shinsou activated his quirk.

"Go to sleep, baby," Shinsou said. Kaminari's eyes fluttered closed. "You can tell me if you liked that in the morning."