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under the moonlight

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I ran.


The floor felt cold underneath my bare feet as I ran, not minding the fact that I was dirtying my soles. I had only one goal-to get out of this place. I felt my one-piece stick uncomfortably to my skin, dampened with sweat. Running turned into jogging, which slowly turned into a walk. I stayed close to the walls, grazing my fingers against it lightly. I saw another bend in front, praying internally that my thoughts were wrong. My steps were hesitant, knowing that I won't like what would greet me. I turned the corner, only to stop dead in my tracks.


It was the same place that I had been in just now.


Dread. That was all I felt at that moment. Was this a dream? Where is this place? Why does everything look the same? Knowing that running would just tire me out and my efforts would be futile, I took to looking at my surroundings. I was in a hallway. From where I was standing, there were two places that the hallway branched off into. That meant that there were three possible places for me to go to, if it didn't lead back to the same hallway that is. I knew that all too well, having spent what felt like hours running, only for it to be in vain. Snapping myself out of my misery, I continued observing the hallway.

Moonlight shone through the wall located opposite of me. The light created circular patterns on the floor I was stepping on. I looked at the patterns on the wall. Something felt... odd. It was clear that moonlight was shining into the room, being the only source of illumination. Of course, that wasn't what was odd about this. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't find the moon. It was pitch black outside which... didn't make sense.  It felt as if I was in an alternate reality. But I brushed that feeling off, knowing that it was just a dream. I walk towards the moonlight, leaning my back against the wall, sliding down and hugging my knees. I was exhausted. More mentally than physically. This place was suffocating me.

Right as I finished that thought, I heard a click. I looked up to find the wall opening... Oh. It was a hidden door. Intrigued, I stood up and walked towards the door, noting that it was opening by itself. I walked into the room, the door closing, seeming to blend in with the wall and disappear in the process. This left the room pitch black, save for the light shining in through a small window above, illuminating the center of the room but leaving the rest hidden. I turned, finding that it was void apart from a mirror situated in the middle of the wall. Taking a closer look, I awed at the design. It was a wooden full length mirror, the intricacies of the engravings so beautiful I had to stop and admire. I could make out a bird, bat and a spider.

I stepped closer, tracing the engravings before looking at my reflection. Save for the slight disheveled hair, wrinkled clothes and slight sheen of sweat, I looked decent. As decent as I could look while being in this situation. I stared at myself, noticing how sad my eyes looked. It strangely... suits me. I began to wonder if this would be a better look on me than the usual charismatic gaze I have when I heard a whisper from behind me.

"Lee Siyeon...", the voice whispered. The words were hushed, almost as if it was breathed out and not spoken. I turn around to see a woman hidden in the shadows in the corner of the room. I couldn't make out any facial feature apart from her eyes but it felt familiar. Coupled with the voice, it felt too familiar. I stared into those eyes and the amount of emotion I saw scared me. She had a forlorn look in her eyes, It was as though she was staring straight into my soul yet no matter how intimidated I felt, I couldn't look away.
I didn't want to.

"Siyeon...", she whispered again, her voice filled with grief. It was as if I had fallen into a daze, bewitched by this mysterious figure. A sudden wave of sadness washed over me. My eyes began to water, a tear sliding down my face. I was overcome with such grief, yet I didn't know why. I took small steps towards her, both our eyes locked onto each other. Before I could get any closer, I heard a voice calling my name, loud enough to snap me out of my daze. I blinked the tears away, looking back into her eyes to see that it was now desolate. I heard the voice calling my name again, louder, and everything faded before I opened my eyes to see Sua in front of me.

She had slipped into my bed while I was asleep. I felt warmth on my face and looked to see that she was wiping the tears off my cheeks. I... had actually cried. Half-asleep and still taken aback by the strange dream I just had, I just stared, confused at Sua while she kept asking me if I was okay. Not feeling confident that I would able to verbally convey my answer, I just nodded. Satisfied by the response, she brought me into a loose hug, my head on her chest as I had one hand on her waist and one intertwined with hers. Her thumb drew gentle circles on the back of my hand, giving me a sense of comfort. Using her other hand. she caressed my head. I felt my eyes drooping, ultimately closing after fighting a losing battle of trying to stay open. I huddled closer to her.

"I'm here for you, it's fine. Go to sleep~",  she said in a hushed tone. I wondered why that hushed tone was so familiar. However, with how exhausted I was, I was already partway to dreamland. I was almost asleep when it registered to me why it was familiar. The girl...


"I'm here, Siyeon...", was the last thing I heard before I drifted off to sleep.