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The Plan

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The plan.
Chapter 1


Prince Loki of Jotunheim looked at his Father, King Laufey his Father sat on his throne, tall and imposing while him and his Mother stood in front of the throne. His Mother Farbauti and him self were less imposing as they were shorter than the average frost giants.
The reason for this is simple, both his Mother and him were omega frost giants therefore they are normally smaller and tend to grow hair despite other Frost Giants, they were also, the only type of frost giants who can use magic.
They were once many Omega Frost giants through the species, many wonderful schools were opened up to teach Magic And even when the Jotun Omegas were many in numbers they were always sought after, because despite the gender any omega can give birth and the offspring, were 9 times out of 10 bigger stronger and more powerful than the other Frost giants bore by women who were not Omegas.
Sadly omegas are now rare, due to a war his Father raged with the close by planet of Asgard a thousand years ago in which the frost giants were disseminated by its King Odin the horrible, and as a war prize, Odin stole the casket of ancient winters which was, how Jounheim had an endless supply of magic, leaving it a barren wasteland. One of the consequences were that many omegas have died due to lack of magic, reducing the birth rates of frost giants by eighty percent over the last thousand years. Jounheim
When Loki himself was born he was only one in maybe a hundred born that decade, and the only omega. Safe to say his Father was over the moon with his only childs birth.

“My Lord husband, why have you summoned us.” He smiled at his Mother, even now, when there planet was a shadow of its former glory she was a queen. Lafey, looked at his family, and yet Loki noticed he did not meet his eyes.
“We are the weakest of the nine realms, since the king stole the cast of winters he has disseminated our beautiful planet, we are strong ancient and yet here we are, struggling to feed our people.” Lafey still did not meet Lokis eyes, yet he stood and walked to his family looming over there. “I would do anything to fix the consequences that the war has cost us.”
“I would too Father” Although he was not born before the casket was stolen he knew the stories. Him and his Mother can preform magic, but it is scant in comparasion of what they could do with the casket. Lafey looked at him, and shocked him by taking his hand.
“I am grateful you said that, I have-” he looked at his wife and dropped his eyes, “made an agreement for you to wed Odins son, Prince Thor.” His eyes dropped and his mothers mouth dropped. Since he was born he was betroved to his cousin Helblindi, although Omegas have ruled Jotunheim, that was a long time ago. King Lafey feared what would happen when he died and therefore engaged his Nephew (who was next in line after Loki) to his son. This would allow Loki to be king, and would stop any other plays for the throne. No one would dear cross Helblindi who was was older a winner of many tournaments, even in the other nine realms and a strong commander of the entire planets army. Not that he had much of an army to command these days.
“But I am already engaged.” He said his eyes wide, he showed his father his golden band Helbindi had given him just three months ago, when he had his first heat. His father turned to the guards. He felt his stomach jump and he felt nauseous.
“Leave us.” They nodded and left.
“I know you are, and the Boorish King of Asgard knows this- and that you are still pure.” The tall King walked as close to his family as he can “I have a mission for you.”
Laufey leaned in and said quietly a few quiet words. “Steal the casket of ancient winters, and the bifrost sword, and then come home.”
Loki felt like he would faint.

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Chapter 2 agreeing but not condoning,

“You want him to steal the casket of ancient winters?” His Mother repeated slowly, as if it was possible she had misheard. “in Asguard, from Odins vault from the Einherjar, under Odins nose.” His Father nodded. His Mother placed his hands on Loki , as if to steady herself up and then proceeded to sit down on the floor, her eyes wide as if she is in shock.
“Dont forget about me Mother, I am to be stealing the bifrost sword from the all seeing Asguaren who has the powerful Bifrost sword with him at all times, and then heading home with these stolen items, without being caught.” He added slowly, he looked up at his parents, his Mother looked like she was having a nervous breakdown, while his Father obviously has had already had one. If he thinks him, a young omega- who is still a child in many eyes, being wedded and bedded to the Crown Prince who is most famous for killing his enemies and then stealing two of the most secure items on the planet was a good idea he had clearly lost what ever sanity the king of Jotunheim once had. Laufey shook his head.

“I know it sounds impossible, however Odin and I have made a deal in which, Thor and Lokis second son would inherit Jotunheim, when I would be either dead or so old and senile I can no longer state what my own name.” His Father paused tilting his head. “then the casket will be retuned to Jotunheim upon the childs coronation.” He was not only to be wedded and bedded but he was to have at least two sons. His Father noticed his feelings “of course this will not need occur as I am sure you will be able to steal the casket years before this occurs, the foolish golden King will not suspect a thing.”
Loki felt the anger flushed through him. After everything Odin and his Family has done to them, yes his Father declared war against Midgard, but Odin sent his brother the now famous Serpent Prince cal to take hostage Laufey's family forcing him to surrender. Prince Cal and his men, raped and murdered many members of Lokis family, including Laufeys own sister. He looked at his Mother whos mouth was now opening and shutting with no sound coming out, she was in shock still, however he was furious. It was not possible for this to happen over a moon turn, his Father had planned this for many moons with Odin the horrible, how long had he known this was a possibility, that he would be sent away, told to steal the casket but not before this Prince Thor bedded him, was it when his Father tucked him into bed after his heat? When he delivered his Cousins love letter, or when he gave him his first cup of wine?
“This is why you never made me crown Prince, you want me to be breeding stock and what try to steal the casket from he most secure vault in history but 'dont worry Loki if you fail you just have to spread your legs and have at least two sons'.”
“I never made you crown prince because you are still a child, however now you have had a heat you are an adult, however in Asguard you are still a child, however you able to marry due to this being a political royal marriage but you are still very much a child in there minds,” his Father paused, and helped his Mother up, “I only agreed to those terms because it gave us time. Asgard, has magic of abundance, and we have lost so much of our magic, from our ancient scrolls to our omega magic teachers but I know you will learn everything to protect us all in the thousands of years to come” his father said, his Mother was now standing but still mute, her mouth opening and closing. His Father grabbed his hands, he kissed them both once, “I know you can do it, and once you get it and go threw the bi frost stealing the giant sword so they cant follow, you can come home and will wed Helbindi then.” His Father, he then tilted his head, “That's if you want to Marry your cousin of course,”
“And what if he is already with child.” His mother screamed, talking for the first time, she grabbed Loki by the shoulders holding him tight, “he is a baby Laufey, he has never been away from us for one night, he is our baby, our only baby.” Laufey looked at them his eyes narrowed,
“Don’t you think I know that, don’t you think I regret what happened all those years ago, not only did we loose, thousands of my soldigers were killed, nearly all of my army, we are a laughing stock to the rest of the relms, dont you think I lie in bed wishing things were different.” His eyes widened, his father NEVER spoke of the lost war, if he could help it. “However, we can not change the past, but I need to admit that our people are in trouble,” His father sighed loudly “we have no crops, we have nothing to trade to the other realms, the ones that will trade with us. And now Asguards Queen has had a vision that Loki and there precious Prince Thor will produce the most powerful children in all the nine realms.” His eyes widened, the Queen had a vision? The Queens magic was well known, her strength and her power has reached even Lokis ears, how often had he wished that he could study magic from a real master. If he is cursed to be a royal baby breeder at least he could learn something to help, cut the Princes throat, and steal the casket.“And in return for our omega Prince, they will give us 1000 bails of hey, 10,000 kilograms of fruit and vegetables 100 ice resistant cows, sheep and goats every decade, as a bride price.”
“Ice resistant cows,” his mother said her eyebrows raised, “is there such a thing?” He had to stop his laughs from forming.
“Yes apparently, the Queen can put spells on them to make them able to survive in our past climate.” His Mother turned to him, her eyes almost glistened with tears
“Loki until we work something else out, the arrangement will ease the burden for our people, we cant rely on Helblindi to keep winning torments in the other nine realms and give us the prize money,” he looked to his parents, his heart stopped he had no choice, he was to be wedded and bedded, he was to lie, and he was to steal.
He looked up and he started to weep his Mother holding him, his Father raised an hand and touched his shoulder. “I agree my Husband, but I do not condone this” she said firmly holding him tighter.
“Neither do I” His Father said clenching his shoulder tight. "Now come, we do not much time, you need to be fitted for your wedding garments, you need to learn the vows the bruits will want you to say, oh and we better tell your cousin the wedding is off." Upon the last part Loki fiddled with his promise gold bracelet his heart heavy.

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Chapter 3 The unhappy Princes
Prince Thor the Crown Prince (only Prince) of Asgard was laid on one of the finest beds that Asgard could provide, drinking ale, a lot of ale, which he had been doing from morning to night.

He groaned in misery, which would be reflective of the remainder of his life four thousand more years at least. His fate worse than being sent to Hel, he the Crown Prince of Asgard, is forced to marry a Jotunn. The son of the savage Monster King that started a war against the other nine realms.

However he had to admit at least, he will be living in a luxurious suite, with high gold ceilings, expensive art on the wall, expensive furniture covered the room, there was three rooms, (which was good he has planned to forced the runt in the back room so he did not have to see him.)

It was a gift from his Father, the quarters in the palace was almost as luxurious than his Mothers and Fathers, it is now to be his 'new home' after he was forced into marriage to a Prince of a species who raged war against his people.
All because his mother had a dream of him and the frost giant Prince, will have the most powerful children in all the realms.
At the very least the Jotunheim was an omega, which was the only reason Thor was going through with it in the first place.

In Asgard Omegas are rare, treasured and highly sort after, males even more so due to the rarity and they are the ultimate status symbols, despite gender they had both parts, and they could bear children and normally birthed the most powerful children, they were normally beautiful kind, obedient soft and loved sex.
It is not unusual for a poor family to have an omega boy or girl and then suddenly find themselves in riches.

As it is accustomed for the not-omegas to provide the omega family to give many gifts to the omega and their family.
Therefore in keeping with the tradition the Frost giants will be given a kings ransom of aid every decade and eventually the Frost giants will receive the casket of ancient winters once his second son takes the throne.
It was a good plan Thor had to admit, with his son on the throne of his Grandfather no war would ever occur again, his sons will rule two of the nine realms, however it was a pity he had to marry a Jotunm to do it.

However their was a small amount of hope, Thor had once chatted with one of his Mothers Cousins who is married to an omega, who was once notorious for sleeping in as many skirts and pants as possible. However after being forced to marry an omega he had never slept with anyone else 'why would I?” He once asked Thor, 'why go out and search for a lay when I have the best lay in all the nine realms in my bed, or in her nest for her heats, her heats are amazing, for us both, and she loves sex, all she wants to do is be a good wife for me and a good Mother for the children she will always take my knot no matter what.'

Omegas would go in heat maybe once a midguard year, however the ice Prince was a frost giant so it was unclear when it will happen.
Omegas can get pregnant at any time with normal sex but during heats the chances of the omega conceiving increases. So Thor can only hope that this Loki will have many heats, so he can conceive quicker, that is what every being in the nine realms pray for.
Of course when a Omega is in heat they must be secured in a 'nest' which is only opened up when his scent on the door, otherwise an omega on heat is irresistible for any beings in the nine realms, even chastity belts or corsets do not provide enough protection, so an unprotected omega may find themselves in trouble.

He looked at his Mother who was busying herself making arrangements for his new omega husband, she was currently arranging blue flowers for him. However all she really wanted to do was lecture him on the situation.
“Now as you know Thor, your betrothed is a young Omega frost giant, you must be gentle with him.” He nodded while focusing on the roof, and drinking his beverage.

“Thor” his Mothers voice said firmly, she was looking at him with her eyes narrowed, “he will be afraid when he comes here and then he will be inspected, wedded and bedded in three days, if you wish for a happy family you must be patient and Kind when he comes.” He snorted, Kind to a Frost giant, He took a gulp of ale. “You know the vision is correct that you two will produce the most powerful children for the good of the nine realms.”
“A child” he sneered “a giant,” he grumbled “and already betrothed and engaged” he yelled to no one, his mother raised an eye brow.
“Yes he was formally betrothed to his cousin, but to keep his crown.” he rolled his eyes, “you know this, you know it is impossible for an omega to rule, let alone with so little magic.” He did remember hearing of Omega Kings and Queens of the frozen waste land in the past, no wonder they are so scarce now they were probably all killed, an omegas place is to produce heirs.

She looked at him, “Thor, he agreed to come here to help his people” He looked up,and snorted, “in my vision you both appeared happy” she finished. “I am told he is still pure,” Thor snorted, as if someone could not take an omegas virginity.

It mattered not, he finally realized, and joy flooded back to Thor, this Loki will be inspected (as per Asgarden tradition) he will be found to be not a virgin, then he will be sent back to his frozen waste land, shamed and disgraced. At no fault of Thors, this made him grin.

He knew however he had to play it safe, if he was suspected of trying to ruin his marriage before he was even wedded, he would be in midgard size of trouble with his Father. He was over a thousand years old, he would have to marry eventually and produce an heir. He knew this, but it would be with a proper princess, not a Frost giant monster, omega or not.
When he was shamed he should be seen to be saddened (for a while at least) he should act happy about how his Father is making it possible for Asgard to to rule two of the nine realms, he should be seen to be happy about the marriage.

“You are right,” he grunted sitting, up looking at his Mother, “he is young, coming here will be terrifying for him, I will lay the ground work now for our future offspring.” He smiled at her, and he smiled back, he would be free of this terrible arranged marriage soon. “Mother, what would be acceptable gift for my future Husband?” He said as he sat up putting his ale down for the first time. She looked thoughtful.

“Omegas like to feel safe and secure Thor,” He nodded that was common knowledge “and on Jotunm I have been told that all of the giants including omegas wear loin cloths, or less than that.” Thors jaw almost dropped in shock. For the norms sake, omegas on Asgard would not be seen to be out with out bed without some form of out garment a corset and a special Chasity belt with had seidr in it so omegas did not need to go to the toilet while wearing it. Omegas loved it because often chastity belts had a replicate penis on it although it can be removed if desired leaving only a protecred coveribg. If it is used it is so they can always be full, it allowed omegas to feel safe and secure knowing they can wander the nine realms safely (without being in heat of course.) Without fear of being accused of not being pure (the belts were opened by magic and only a Father or husband can open it.)

Not being pure was seen as the greatest crime one could do to there selves and their familys. An omega taken against their will is a crime punishable by thousands of years in prison on Asgard thankfully due to the corsets and belts it has not happened in Odins life time.

An Omega not wearing a chasity belt is 'asking for trouble' and would be scandalous. Let alone the Prince (only Prince) wandering around with out a corset or chastity belt, made Thor doubt the Princes virginity even more, there was no way any one could have resisted him now. Thor could of sang in happiness.

“Mother, is it possible to send thy intended some garments, mostly some corsets and chastity belts to him,” at least the poor omega could have some decent clothing, and the belt and corset will stop him getting raped in the future. He deserved that at least Thor thought, finally feeling some Pity for the runt. It was a almost sad he thought, that the boy was coming here and was to be shamed so openly, he did hope the cousin would take him back, perhaps he could give the cousin some gold to continue the betrothal, when Loki was found tainted, that would be the wise political movement, and show Thor had no 'hard feelings' for them.

However the moment of pity vanished as he remembered he could return to the tavern with the warriors three after this was over and sleep with who ever he wished, he would travel the other realms and sleep with women with big tits and curves.
He must of seemed happy as his Mother nodded and smiled, happy he was 'coming around' to the idea. He could tell she wanted him to be happy about being married against of his will.
However that would never happen.


The young Jouten Prince stood on a box in one of the not frozen living rooms, with high chairs (So the King and Queen could sit) so the tailor could make him new outfits, for his 'presentation' sadly it was awkward as the tailor had been to Asgard or knows what one wears in Asgard, and sadly he was so much taller than him.

Joutens tended to wear little perhaps only to cover their bits, as they are impenetrable to the cold.
Omegas or women, or the elderly, do tend to wear thin outfits normally made out of dead animal skin. That was all traditionally available in Jotunheim, however his betrothed- ex betrothed had in the past bought him wools, cotton with the money he won from tourneys over the years, and so he had something to wear to asgard.

Loki himself normally wore a cotton shift, a pair of pants. and a long woollen cape over his skin. However that would not be suitable for an omega in the golden city. He almost snorted at the thought.

He had heard Omegas wore corsets something that constricted their breathing (and then they can not run away Loki thought) and something called a Chasity belt which had there parts locked in, so they are even under more control of there husbands.
How Omegas in Asgard peed Loki didnt want to know.
Luckily for him, he wont be there long, he had spent all night, reading what ever he could about Asgard, about on 'secret mission' he knew the casket was in Odins treasure vault and guarded by the Einherjar, an elite warrior force, however he could not find an location on the treasure vault. Which made it difficult to plan to steal the bifrost sword, and somehow make the all seeing guardian of said sword unconscious or asleep for the period.

The tailor who was taller than his Father was having trouble finding an outfit that suited him for the important first impression of the Crown Prince of Ass, however he heard a noise and turned to see his Father walking in the room, carrying packages, they were covered in papers, so they were not from Jotunheim as they tended to use protected coverings. The tailor stopped and bowed.
“A gift from your intended,” His Father said as he threw the clothing next to him on his comfort chair , the tailor changed the pins allowing him to jump from his box and look at the gifts.
On the top was a silk garment, Loki would wear as a tunic, in blue (how original) underneath there was a skirt like his mother would wear, also in blue silk. He snorted, he may be a male omega but he wore pants. His Papa opened the second package his long nails caressed the fabric inside, he snorted and showed the tailor something the tailor coughed, although shocked at what he saw.
“leave us for a moment,” he said to the tailor he nodded and left, Loki looked at his Father, and he lifted up with his nail something made of leather.
“They believe Omegas weak in Asgard,” he looked at what he was holding closer it had what looked like a key lock, and Loki nearly fainted at this a thick leather penis, hell? “Its so you feel full ll of the time, and no one can fuck you expect your intended,” his Father said rolling his eyes, “this one is small in comparison, probably so you wont break your blood and appear tainted.” he took the leather penis, and removed it revealing a clasp, “that goes over your penis,” he said showing a cup of kinds, “and this covers your slit,” he said he threw it down in distaste. “Disgusting, if you ask me, making anyone wear these torture devises.” he rolled his eyes, “he sent you a corset as well,” he snorted.
“I wish he sent me books,” he said without thinking his father chuckled. He held the corset which was black and stretchy, and made from linen, “maybe a map to Asgard.” he said his Father roared with laughter.
“Have you been listening to midgard radio again?” he nodded,
“It is interesting Papa, they have boxes in which shows are shown at you don’t have to leave your living room.” Laufey thrown back his head to laugh,
“ I regret letting you keep this gift from Helblindi,” his Father snorted. who he bought from a trader when he was travelling, it took them a long time to make it work, and to be truthful he only received what he believes to be trading channels. Lafuey turned to him, his voice quiet fearing to be over heard “until you can get the casket back, you will have to pretend to be in love with him, and obey him,” Laufey shivered at the thought of him being alone with the monster and forced to wear the corset.“You will even have to wear the boars torture devises.” He nodded, looking at the torture devices with distaste.
“But I shall steal it soon Papa,” he said his voice so low he knew Laufey struggled to hear it tilted his head, his voice low
“I have thought on it, and as hard as it may be for us all to be separated, and to leave you with Thor the Boar,” he giggled at his Fathers nickname for the bruit he was suppose to be wedded.

“It may be better for me to be with child, when I steal the casket,” he said confidently. But quietly encase the tailor was a spy. He would have to trust no one but his Mother Father and Cousin now.

His Father looked surprised “Oden is blinded by his pride, as I assume this Thor the Boar will be no different, and if they think omegas weak, they probably think a with child omega to be unable to do anything, they will not suspect anything, until I return home with there prize possessions, having the child will here will give us certain security.” Laufey started to laugh (quietly) until his eyes almost had tears from them, he than placed his huge hand on his head.
“Fancy that, the Asgard pigs think omegas weak, while we know there strength. They are our only seidr users, I often do not know how we lost,” Laufey placed his hand through his hair rubbing it, he smiled sadly at his Father, He grasped his Fathers waist and pulled him in a hug.
“We wont loose this time my King,” Laufey smiled at him, and stroked his black hair “I swear it.” He whispered to his Father.

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Chapter 4 letters and doubts

The last days of Loki being at home with his Family seemed short. Perhaps it due to the poor sun at the best of time, or perhaps because there was so much to do?
His 'gifts' from Thor sat untouched almost where they were left, they were not even given the dignity of being moved to Lokis quarters.
For reasons he could not explain, he did not want to touch them, and for other reasons he could not explain, no one else in the palace wished to touch them either. And Thus 'Thor the Boars' torture devises, sat where they were left, on the high chair slowly becoming frozen. The reason was unclear to Loki but it just gave him a bad feeling. Servants would walk past them and shake their heads. The only person who touched 'his gifts' was his cousin, Helblindi whom seemed to find it amusing.

“After we leave after the wedding you will be a proper Asgarden Omega,” he teased, his hard Joten face warm and inviting “wearing these beautiful skirts,” he said waving the silk skirt “I wonder if it will freeze on your skin little Lo,” he winked at him as he glared, however his former intended was having too much enjoyment at his pain. “Shall I braid your hair too cousin?” He laughed, stroking his unusual long hair, “We know how the Golden Gods love their braids” Eventually after some time of his cousin teasing him, he finally ceased “On a more serious note cousin your Father is putting on the treaty that you can not be forced to wear those attachments,” he said his amused look fading and only a look of distaste remaining. “The Asgardians are insist you a child so the King is placing it in the treaty.” He rolled his eyes, “Sadly it wont stop the Prince of Egos bedding you,” He said sympathy in his in his voice.

Loki believed his Cousin was saddened by the news their marriage was cancelled, however he did not display it. Which saddened Loki somewhat, were they not suppose to be in deepest of love, Loki surely was and dreamed of their wedding many times. This annoyed Loki for several days, until he was walking into his Parents chambers to say good night, when he heard his Father and Cousin talking or rather, his Father was talking his cousin was almost yelling at his Father for sending him to the 'land of abusers' as he called it.
“Uncle, I can take it, maybe when they say there vows, it will be less guarded then, then when they feast we sneak back through the bifrost.” Through the crack he could see his Father raised an eye brow.
“ Helblindi we both know the security around it will be even higher when we are there, and for several moons after woods. Loki knows once he steals the casket it is only half the job done, we have to ensure the Asgardians don’t declare war on us, Loki must be with child or have children.”

“So sending your only son and heir to a place where they force omegas into being baby makers wear torture devices is acceptable as long as we do not go back to war.” He was almost screaming, “Why are you not agreeing with me,” He screamed finally angry.
“My reasons are my own, and are none of your business You were not born at the last war, you do not understand.
His Father paused, “and I do not answer to you, you should remember I am not only your Uncle but your King, you do not question me. You should remember if it was not for me you would be on the streets a unknowledged bastard of the royal Family not even of the Male line,” Loki almost fainted Laufey must be mad if he brings up his Sister. Loki could see the two through the crack for a second he thought Helblindi would strangle Laufey. However he knelt before him,
“Forgive me Uncle, I know my place, but I only want what is best for Loki, and sending him to the Aesir is not what is best for him.” Laufey placed his hand on his nephew. “If it is your wish to steal the casket I wish to lead it, since I am the commander of the army.” He could see his cousin truly loved him, to place himself in such danger.
“I know you speak only for love for him, which is why some day you will be an fordable King, alas re building our home is a long game your Grace, but by the time Loki and his sedir has the casket no one will be able to stand against us.” His Father chuckled, “you are to make friendly with this Prince Thor, he has an ego has should be scratched, and we need for him to believe we are his closest friends.”

At this father called out “Come in Little mouse,” he shyly turned to his Father sitting on the bed and Helblindi still kneeling, his Father indicated his cousin to stand and sit on the bed, which he did. And for loki to sit on his knee ike when he was a pup, his Father seemed seemed amused.
“Only a few nights left until our trip and you must not be caught sneaaking again,” he said with a laugh “and we have so much to work out for the future, only a few nights before you are forced to be Omega to that monster.” He Father said sadly.


“You know I met some Asgardien Omegas once,” Helblindi said standing back up. “When I was at a tournament near Vanaheim,” he looked at his cousin, “they were burning there corsets and under garments,” he said with a sly smile, “I suppose that’s why they fled to a planet often raided by scavengers, although they have fine tournaments,” he said shrugging, however something perked in Loki.
“How would they get there, I was under the impression Omegas are not suppose to travel alone,” Helblindi seemed confused, “Cousin if they were burning their corsets, it makes sense that they were alone, but how did they get to Vanaheim, Without the rainbow bridge I doubt this Heimdall would give them safe passage?” Helblindi opened and closed his mouth several times, while his Father Perked up as well.
“I – do not know, Cousin.” He answered slowly
“There must be a way then,” he said firmly, “to leave Asgard freely.” A new plan was forming in Lokis head now, one away from Fathers council, it was all getting to complicated for Lokis liking, but if he can not get the bifrost sword but he could get the casket. He could escape to Vanaheim and then Jotunheim. By the time he got there the search into him may of finished, especially if the bifrost sword was still there. They would be searching Asgard, not Jotunheim. He had to assume this way was secret. So He would have to find it out.

“Loki,” his Father interjected “have you worked on the sedir, you need to assume the form of some one is wearing a corset. Otherwise you will have to wear a corset. I have convienced the monsters not to make you wear the attachments of the belt until you are older, but the others were non negotiable. ” Laufey said, Loki closed his eyes and focused and slowly his clothing changed a corset appeared. Laufey clapped his hands, but when he stroked it is disappeared. Still the magic was stronger than before.
“I will get better” his Father nodded, with a smile.
"Of course you will, my son."
“Have you wrote to the Prince of Egos yet?” Helblindi said. He shook his head, “you will have to, in those books we ordered, but you should write to him thanking him for his gift, and send him the official betrothal gift of our people” he rolled his eyes, at his cousin, as if they had the gold for it, as if reading his mind. His cousin went to his loin cloth and pulled out 2 gold bracelets his and the Princes initials on them,
"Cousin you should not of," he said almost breathless, gold was rare and his cousin has now paid for 4 golden bracelets his Father even looked shocked. His cousin has now given him the value of a fortune twice over.
"Its okay I will make friends with this Prince to make him invite me to tournaments in Asgard, everyone knows that is where the finest prizes are." He smiled at him,

Father nodded the thought of his Nephew the Duke winning the Asgards tournaments, and taking their gold clearly pleasing him

"Bed little one," his Father said, "your mother will return from her prayers at the temple soon, and I want you in bed before she returns." He kissed his Father hugged his cousin and said his good nights.

In his room, Loki read under a single candle light, everything he could about sedir, about Asgardian omegas, about proper traditions, and about everything in odins vault, he couldn’t believe everything in it despite the casket. Everything Odin the thief has collected over the years
There was something maybe even more powerful than the casket, called the tessersct also called the cube, which apparently had the ability to produce huge amounts of power even control others.... something the frost giants could use...
However that was a plan for the future as the tessersct also killed many people, he would need to find more about it.
His cousin was right, because Thor had sent him a 'gift' he could (and should) send him his bracelet and a letter in return 'thanking him' and so Loki began to write his letter. Making sure to stroke the Princes Ego and make him feel very, very important. He smirked feeling joy of writing such foolishness.

'Dear my golden Prince;

Thank you so much for your kind gifts, I have never had such fine clothing before, and to imagine my joy that I receive three outfits makes me feel very spoilt.

I also wish to thank you for my corset and belt, Omegas do not wear them in Jotunheim. We have a frozen climate and despite us being immune to the harsh conditions our clothing is not, which is why many frost giants wear little..
I tried on the corset and belt, but even with my Mothers help I admit I found it difficult, I hope you do not find me daft. I admit the belt made me blush quite a lot,even the 'special attachment' came off I still felt uneasy of this, I of course know that this is the way of an Asgardan omega but I hope your highness, that despite my lack of experience as a bedded omega, that I will do my duty in things.

Still, I was very exited to come to Asgard and wear my new outfit so when we finally meet each other in person I would my intended gifts. Also since my Mother Father and cousin would be coming with me it would be easy for you to know which frost giant your intended is.

Sadly my Father said since I will be representing Jotunheim I am to wear traditional clothes. However I look forward to wearing my new clothing around the court of Asgard.

Sadly I have little to give you in reply, expect a gold band which I had engraved it is traditional in Jotunheim for an intended couple to wear the band, engraved with each others initals. I have heard stories of high Asgardian rooms filled of gold, sadly Jotunheim has little gold, which makes the bands very special in Jotunheim. I have a matching one, so I suppose if you look for a short frost giant with black hair and a band I will easy to locate.
I know look forward to meeting you, and spending our lives together.

Forever yours Loki.


Thor sat in his quarters reading the Jotens letter, shame and sadness filled him, the runt called him his 'golden Prince' and wrote back to him full of thanks for his gifts, he even sent a gold band for him to wear which was the custom in Jotunheim, it was marked with his and Lokis initals, should the betrothal be broken the band would be destroyed, in Jotunheim gold is worth a years worth of food.

'that despite my lack of experience as a bedded omega, that I will do my duty in all things.'
Could this mean that this Loki was a real virgin? No Thor cursed himself that was not possible, that this un belted omega wandered around the halls of a brutal race his entire life and not once did someone pop his cherry so to speak? Perhaps Loki misunderstood what virginity is, maybe he believed it was there first time together not his first time...

It mattered not, he was told Loki and his cousin have had their bands broken,so Loki could marry Thor,. And soon Loki would be publicly shammed, and the bands would be removed, probably when the boy was still lying on the doctors table after being inspected.

Thor put his head in his hands. Shame filling him.
This Loki did seem sweet and even kind, from the one letter he was sent, he appeared very young, which Thor knew, and was coming to Asgard full of hope, to be wedded to his 'golden Prince' little did he know once he was inspected he will be publicly shamed and sent back in disgrace.
He truly loved his people that much was clear.
Thor thought, once he was King he would sent Jotunheim the promised aid at once, and try to arrange Loki's wedding to his cousin.
That would hopefully convince this Omega King never to try to rage a war again.
Although for some reason it didn’t sit right with Thor, perhaps his Mother was right, he could be happy, with this Omega.
He almost laughed himself silly he eventually drank ale until he feel asleep.

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Chapter 5 The meeting.

Thor had not slept a wink, the Crown Prince knew that the child's humiliation will be huge, he will be inspected and then disgraced. Thor admitted that it was unfair, this child did not, deserve to be publicly humiliated because, he simply did not to wed a hideous frost giant, the child could not help his appearances after all. He placed his head in his hands and moaned until a servant came to deliver his formal clothing for the Frost giants arrival.

Before he knew it Thor stood outside the palace, in his full formal wear, from his best armor, a new golden cape, brand new shoes and his fully polished wing helmet. He looked hansom, and regal. However it was not a good choice for the blistering sun outside the palace standing on the steps. Anyone looking up at him can see his sweat. His Mother had organised a marquee tent so the Frost giants do not have to boil In the sun when the pleasantly are exchanged, they would probably will not be there very long, as the people of Asgard and Jotunheim will not have many pleasantly to exchange. Still Thor did not understand why he had to blister in the heat when Asgard had more than one marquee tent.

At least he was not alone blistering in the heat, many commoners were lining the streets surrounding the palace all dressed in there best. The entire noble court of Asgard were lining the steps, dressed in there finery, Thor and his family were at the top of course. They would be able to see the giants carriage from the bi frost bridge from a mile away, why the giants needed a reinforced carriage with 10 asgardian horses was beyond Thor.

Suddenly he saw Heimdall who bowed to the king and walked to Thor and hugged him, “ready to meet him” was all seer said with a smile, he grimaced Heimdall smiled in reply, “be strong my Prince,” he said, “I will see you later,” and then holding the bifrost sword he left to the tower to do his duty.
Thors breath was in his throat, as he waited a few tense minutes for the bifrost to be activated, Lady Sif who was standing next to the warriors three walked to him and offered him her condolences? Thor was not sure as he did not hear her words, the warrior three may of offered to take him to a brothel after his marriage was done, or bring him to a barrel he was not sure as all he heard was high noise. His Mother grabbed his shoulder with a smile,
“It is good you are so nervous love,” she said, “you will be happy,” He nodded as he felt sickly. Or perhaps it was because of the heat.
He saw the bifrost activate and his heart jumped, nearly from his chest.
He saw a single carriage which was borrowed (and renforced) by Odin, pulled by ten horses, thankfully they didnt have to go very far, but still Thor felt sorry for the horses carrying four frost giants.
Thor rolled his eye at the display as he looked at the carriage why the Joutens needed a carriage to go through the Bi frost bridge was a mystery to the Crowned prince.
The warriors three were still standing not to far away from Thor with Lady Siff, Odins advisers were there next to them, Thor would not be surprised if there job was to insure they do not interrupt the meeting.
Odin and Frigga smiled at him, but Thor snorted turning way to get a better look at the carriage, surprising the normal people of Asgard cheered and clapped, not throwing rocks and rubbish like Thor thought, but all too soon the carriage stopped and stayed still, no one opened the door.
The door opened from the inside and a huge giants got out, he was huge blue and covered in tribal markings, and he wore only cloth armor covering his gentile, he wasn’t Laufey and he was covered in markings which meant he was of the royal family, which meant he must be the Prince and by the gods he was huge and he was an hideous, an , ugly primitive things, he was told his intended was an omega, and shorter than him, however this was obviously a lie.

He rolled his eyes his hope of a 'happy life' his mother foreseen disappearing and Syf looked at him in pity. Some muttering occurred in the court members, he was glad he was promised an omega and what he got was a creature who was double the size of him. How was he suppose to mate with that!
Thor grimaced at how the lies the not omega wrote to him.

The pretend omega turned to the carriage and offered his arm to the carriage, as it seems the asgardian attendees were too afraid to go anywhere near the carriage, well at least the fake omega had manners.

Two more giants got out, one with a high crown, he noticed the pretend Omega was taller than him, however the pretend omega slouched to appear shorter ! Gosh what a lie, trying to pass this ugly creature off as an omega. He wont be marrying that! He looked at his Father who did not seem concerned. Was he being punished for something?

However one of the other frost giant who was clearly a women was very short, in which Thor meant he was taller, Hels even his Mother may have been taller, and she was – let Thor admit it, pretty she had long white hair, and her skin was translucent and almost white, were not frost giants suppose to be blue? she wore a cotton dress and a bone crown.

The Fake omega offered the crook of his arm to the women. Thor felt has breath hitch, this one was obviously the omega Queen, the Ugly tall Omega,walked forward, to them, however the two stopped and King Laufey went to the carriage and while offering his hand from outside the carriage Thor saw a quaint blue hand with sharp black nails take it and Thor's breath hitched as another figure got out, he was slightly taller than the Queen with black hair, his skin had tribal markings and was blue but less blue than the other two tall giants. But he could still tell he was a frost giant, rather than another species, however unlike every frost giant Thor had ever seen his eyes were Green, and (thankfully) he wore a full set of clothing, a tunic a pair of pants and a travelling cape. Thor felt his breath hitch, oh please let this be him! Thors breath hitched further when he saw the gold band, something Thor was also wearing. Thor let out a breath of relief.
He was stunning.
For the first time, Thor felt feelings about the wedding.

The all Father walked in front with his Mother, who was dressed in her finest outfit, her crown gleaming in the sun Thor trailed behind, looking at the stunning young frost giant still hand in hand with the towering giant. When the two former enemies met each other, they both bowed there heads at the same time, Thor could cut the tension with a knife.
“King Laufey,” Odin said his voice deeper and louder than normal. Laufey looked at Thor still behind his parents. “We welcome you and your Kin to our halls mine, and we celebrate putting aside the unhappy past, and joining our two races together by the marriage of our first born sons.” Laufey almost snorted, but grinding his teeth he simply said,
“King Odin, Queen Freida, May I introduce my Nephew the Duke Helblindi,” he than indicated the fake omega, who had to be at least twenty feet, whether the Duke noticed his introduction or not, Thor was not sure as he was busy smiling at the noble ladies lining the steps, who did not apparently share Thors opinion that he was ugly as they giggled, smiled and waved at him, the Duke apparently lavishing in the attention.

Thor almost breathed a breath of relief finding that the tall fake omega was not his intended. “My wife the Queen Farbauti and our son Prince Loki.” he said, indicating the green eyed frost giant, he then took Lokis hands and as Thor looked at Loki he noticed how afraid he looked holding his Fathers hands, he continued to look around at the asgiaden court, at all the people, at the buildings however most of all at Thor himself his eyes wide and afraid.


“Our Son and heir Thor the crowned Prince,” Oden said, at once Thor's concentration was shattered as he smiled and walked forward almost in a trance as smiled hopelessly at the creature.
“You-r highness it is an honor to meet you,” Loki said his soft voice which sounded like Honey to the crowned prince, he smiled at the child as he bowed to him, clasping his Fathers hands tightly. Realization came flooding to Thor that he was just staring at the child and Thor quickly did a shallow bow, his breath returning to him,
“It is an honor to meet you too, Prince Loki.” He said trying to smile which was difficult as King Laufey grumbled took his sons hands, and passed them (and loki) in Thors direction
“Take his hands, it symbols The King, giving his son to you.” His Mother whispered in his ear. He quickly reached out and becoming as close to the prince as he could took his hands. Smiling like a fool the entire time, as Loki looked at him with fear and surprise.
“You must all be tired from your long journey, once you have washed and settled into the palace we have organised a feast for your arrival,” Odin said, his words flat and unmeaning , he than turned and walked off, the court following them in.
Expect Thor and Loki, realizing he was still holding the Omegas hands he released Lokis hands and offered him the crook of his arm , Loki still looking both excited and afraid accepted it. Together the two trailed after the court, and walked slowly from the prying eyes of the people and inside the royal palace.
The ugly no- omega Duke turned appraising them from away, now Thor knew he was not his intended he wanted to throw a stone at the Duke. For daring to once be betrothed to Loki. How did this bruit think he deserved this sweet creature anyway? To be honest Thor was glad he was constantly bumping his head. He was tall ugly and obviously dumb.

Thor looked at Loki who's face and eyes were full of wonder, looking at everything in the castle. it was a good thing they were walking slowly and trailing behind as Loki was looking around the palace, as if he was looking for something, he simply doesn’t wish to miss anything Thor thought, this is his first time in polite society. The Omegas eyes wide at the splendid of it all. Thor almost smirked at this, he had heard that Laufey's wealth and privilege was not what it once was, and the Omegas shock at everything proved it.

However Thor was glad the omega will be happy in his new home.

Although the dread of knowledge once he was inspected would ruin the bubble.

'Say something' his head told him, he looked at the young omega, who noticed he was looking at him, and turned his head, and looked at him eyes wide and probably afraid, this is the moment the omega will always remember there first time they talk to each other.
“Do not be afraid,” he whispered to the Omega, Loki looked up at him his eyes huge “I know you must be very frightened, being in a new place being told you are to be separated from your Family, people, and marry someone much older than you, who you have never met.” At once Lokis head nodded ten times, very fast. He felt his heart swell with pity for the omega,
“Soon we shall be wed, and I swear myself or no one else will hurt you,” he walked slower despite the court almost at the destination “you are safe in your new home and most welcome here,” Loki squeezed his arm at this point, or though it could be as his cousin bumped his head again “I look forward to getting to know you, and I swear I will be a be a good husband to you.” At once as the words finished Thor felt pain, soon the great bruits acts towards this beautiful delicate omega and he will be sent home.
“You a-are most kind your highness.” Loki said softly, “I-I will be a a good husband too.” he fought the urge to chuckle at the boy, however all he did in the end is stop walking as the royal court did.
“My servants will take you the rest of the way to your quarters,” Odin said to the frost giants, Laufey nodded, Thor noticed that despite the high ceilings of the castle the Duke was struggling to not hit his head.... Any more times than he already has.
“I will show Loki to his new suite,” he said, Laufey turned to him, his eyes narrowed, his displeasure apparent. For a moment Thor could swear the almost unconscious Duke was more happy about his current situation than the King of Frost giants.

“I was told they will not be alone together until the bedding ceremony.” He almost spat at Thor, Frigga turned to Laufey,
“Oh course not your majesty, all Thor meant is he will lead Loki to his new quarters, we had thought perhaps Loki would like to get settled in his new home before his wedding, Thor will move in after the bedding ceremony.” Lokis breath hitched, obviously something the little omega was afraid of, Laufey sneered at reply, Thor almost yelled at the rude king but the only reason he did not as Loki looked terrified, that his Father will be injured.

“Helblindi go with them, since most of my court insist invited until the day of the wedding,” he snorted sneering at Oden, at once Thor wanted to slap him, as if they would allow Laufeys court in Asgard, since most fought in the war, killing asgardens, Hel, Laufey himself should be thanking the gods he is allowed to step in Asgard, “you will have to be demoted to chaperone, your grace although because of these small roofs, you may be demoted further to demolisher,” Laufey smirked at his nephew Helblindi tilted his head at his Uncle.
“I-I will try not to hit my head on anything else uncle- forgive me all Father for the damage, I was told these roofs were the 'highest the nine realms had to offer'” now Thor wanted to slap both of them, however it was his Mother had spoke. "Otherwise i would of bought a helmet, I did not mean to make mess," Thor could see small deposits of plaster, to be honest Thor was surprised he was hitting the roof, he could of swore the roofs were taller... Did his Father change the size, did his Father have that power.
“Forgive us your Grace, we were told most of your species are 10-13 feet, so you came at such a surprise.” The duke nodded, “however I assure you your grace, your quarters will be able to cater for you, as well as the throne room, where the wedding will take place, however the castles hallways walls are lower than average.”
“I thank you your majesty, for your kindness.” And with that the three went to Loki and Thor new apartment.

It was an awkward walk, Thor smiling like a fool to Loki who held on to Thors arm for dear life, and Helbindi attempting to not knock him self out of consciousness on the roofs of Asgard. In the end the duke appeared to slouch much like he did previously.

The omega was the most beautiful creature in existence to Thor. He felt silly to even want to stop the wedding before it started, and then he felt sick. The reason he was once so relieved will be his downfall, as after the inspection he will be disgraced.
Thor looked at the giant trailing behind them, the Duke seemed fixated on not bumping his head, he stood tall Thor noticed again “you are much taller than the stories of frost giants your Grace,” he said politely
“My ma was an omega,” Helbindi said, he placed his hand on his head to soften the blows he has substantiated “like the Queen and Prince Loki,” he looked at the Duke, that was interesting, “so the old crone tails of omegas producing bigger offspring are true, something you have to look forward to Lo” he said with a chuckle.

Thor smiled, until something hit Thor hard, in the war where his Father fought the frost giants, many members of the royal family, and the nobles of Joten, women, omegas, children and the elderly hid at Laueys Uncles the old Duke of Thrymheim castle, that was until Thor's wayward Uncle Cal, (on Odins orders) was ordered with capturing these giants to hold hostage to convince Laufey to end the war against Midgard.

However the serpent as he was later known, and his men, raped and murdered almost all of the members of the royal family, the only ones who survived was the Queen, Laufey's omega sister and the Duke.

The Omega Princess became with child however Laufey claimed it was a noble Joten, the Princess, however she died the next spring shortly after giving birth, the Old Duke passed just after her, but not before christening her bastard son his heir.

Thor looked at the Bastard Duke, he was much taller, and paler than Laufey, “Your Grace,” Thor said softly, “what are you duke of,”
“Duke of Thrymheim” he answered holding his head seeming more concerned re the roof than making conversation, and Thor felt his heart sank, he would have to tell his Father, but surely he knew.... “its on the edge covered in mountains,” he said looking at thor, suddenly the Duke hit his head hard on an unsuspecting pillar, he stumbled back, his eyes narrow eyes, “I think I have a concision” he said in a low voice, “As I can see mountains” and Thor feeling he would fall, (how would they get him up) grabbed his arm Loki the other one, and helping him the rest of the way into their home placing the bastard Duke on the fine bed, Lokis eyes huge as he saw the luxury.
“This is where we are to live?” The child's voice said full of wonder, he smiled and nodded at him.
“I will summon a servant to get a healer,” he said to Loki who walked to his cousin, and placed his hand on his head. He called a servant keeping his eyes on his new omega at all times, who was seemly terrified that his cousin is hurt.
Suddenly, Laufey burst into the room, followed by the Queen Thors mother and Father, Laufey seemed concerned and ran up to Loki and Helbindi.
“Are you both okay?” He said glaring at Thor, as though it was Thors fault he had bumped his head.
“I am okay Uncle, I simply bumped my head,” he smiled at Laufey, who raised an eye brow, “I suppose I have bumped it too many times, I started to see mountains, so I am glad the two princes helped me” Laufey nodded and walked to Thor, his mouth formed in displeasure. For a moment he believed Laufey would attack him.
“I am glad to see there are only three members of the royal family here,” Laufey said simply, “it would be a great insult to us if Odins Brother was present,” Thor felt his heart fall. Loki gasped, muttering 'Father'
“I agree,” he said quickly in reply, “My Uncle was banished after what happened,” Laufey snorted,
“He was banished because he tried to murder Odin, the rape and murder of my Family members just added to his crimes,” Laufey turned to Thor “I wish to bury the past in the past, try to make up for my past misdeeds, and have my Grandson inherit my crown and restore my people.” Thor almost fainted at this. Loki was with Helbindi now patting his hand. “He is pure,” Laufey said to Thor, shrugging his massive shoulders “and young,” Thor nodded, “which is why I asked in the treaty for him to not to wear a chastity belt with attachments, he is a Joten he will only feel pain, while an Asgardian would feel pleasure.” Thor had to disagree at this, Omegas felt great pleasure when stimulated, however Loki was young, and once he begs for constant pleasure during heat Thor would allow him it.
“It is in the treaty I will adhere to it.” He said nodded to Laufey, Laufey knitted his eye brows
“Helbindi doesn’t know,” Laufey said in a whisper, Helbindi doesnt know that, Loki is not to wear a complete chaisty belt. “I told him his Mother wasn't harmed by Cal and his men,” Laufey shrugged “If he finds out Cals men raped her, he will demand a duel” At once Thor realized his play, he will tell Helbindi of Cals crimes and will demand to duel Odin, which would not go good for the duke, he will be thrown in prison.
“If he does, he will be killed,” Thor said in a firm voice, Laufey raised an eye brow “pleased be assured King Laufey Loki will be protected here,” Laufey smirked at him.

Suddenly the door slammed opened and several people including his Father, and his mother came in, several people Thor recognized as Asgarden healers. He relaxed at this, and indicated the Duke now groaning.
“He will have to get off the bed,” The healer said simply, Thor raised an eye brow, “we are here to inspect the Prince Loki.” At once, Laufey gives Thor a look which makes Thor honestly believed that Laufey will strangle him.

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Chapter 6 The inspection
Thor did not know what to do to start, however calming Loki down may be a fine idea. He looked at the Prince who was now hiding behind his fathers huge legs. Odin however seemed to care little about the Dukes possible brain damage or Lokis panic attack. The all Father seemed to care even less about Laufey's sneering anger.
“Your highness before your marriage to the Crown Prince tradition indicates we must inspect you, too insure you are pure, and to confirm your past betrothal” one of the healers began indicating the dazed duke still lying on the bed “was never consummated” the terrified child hugged his Fathers legs tighter, his eyes wide and tears streaming down his cheeks, making Thors heart sink.
“All omegas must go through this on Asgard. Do not make a scene, pull yor pants off and lie down on the bed.” Odin almost yelled, Thor could almost smell his Fathers displeasure, he could tell his Father was unhappy with Loki hiding behind his old enemies legs. He looked to his Mother for support, but the Queen Frigga merely smiled a sad smile at Loki, she than curtseyed and left. … which was the worst thing she could of done.
“No. I wont!” Loki screamed at the Asgarden healers, at the All father, at everyone in the room.
“Loki” The dazed duke said for the first time, his voice light, much higher pitch than Thor thought he could do, his hand covering his head, Thor could see the lumps on the dukes head forming “don't fight your new Family, take a breath and think what the gods do?” Laufey gritted his teeth, and glared at Thor although it was his fault one of their guests was crying behind his legs and one was lying on the bed concussed was all his fault.

Thor had to admit that the child looked more terrified that Thor had ever seen a person before. Even men who are facing battles at enemies were less afraid than Loki, who seemed to be staring at something. Thor turned his head and looked at the healers, who were now holding harsh metal equipment, which Thor could only assume it was for the examination. The meal equipment looked almost rusted solid, and big, one resembled a wrench, and other a strut. Even Thor had to admit that equipment looked terrifying, and he was very glad they were not inspecting him.

“This was not agreed to” Laufey said, he was calmer than Thor thought he could be imagined but displeased, he was sheltering his intended with his size, his future father in law looked at the all Father, “if we had known our healers could of inspected him, this is not necessary” Laufey looked at the equipment with great concern.
“He wanders around unprotected for years with no chastity belt and no corset and he was even recently engaged ,” Odin pointed his thumb to Helbindi who was still lying on the bed but now plucking unseen items in the air. “For all we know he is already with child, this will stop any issues in the future if he gives birth quickly and it has been a custom of Asgard for thousands of years,” Odin said looking at him, Thor could feel his Fathers patients is wearing thin, sadly however Helbindi didn’t get the memo.
“Dont worry about me every Father, little Lo and me never did that”, Helbindi said as he plucked items in the air, “we never did anything, and no one else would, either they all know id rip their parts off,” Helbindi said he sat up a little, staring at the equipment “that stuff looks awful big, is someone fixing the roof, cause I broke of the roof,” he than moaned and laid back down.
Something broke in Thor, if it was true that no one touched Loki even Helbindi, and Thor could not blame any Frost giant for fearing him. That means Loki was untouched and pure, and able to marry Thor, Thor look at the terrified boy, who clearly had no idea about the inspection, something Thor himself was responsible for.
“Father if it is not in the treaty perhaps we could,” Thor began, trying to buy time. Odin however stamped his foot. Anger seething from the King
“Without the inspection there will be no wedding,” Thor swore even the servants in the kitchen will be able to hear him, “and no aid,” he yelled starring at Loki.

A pit went to Thors stomach, If Thor didnt want the wedding he knew this would be perfect, after all this is what he dreamed off, the wedding would be odd all without his interference. However as he looked at the terrified Loki, to the healers with there metal equipment, even to Laufey who hugged his son in a way Thor could not recall or even imagine Odin holding him, even to Helbindi lying on the bed whispering that ' just duel me and if I win no inspection for Little Laufey, and I demand a unicorn.' Thor honestly believed he was making the most sense out of everyone .

Thor he took a deep breath and walked half way to Loki, who was in tears and hugging Lafey, Thor took a deeper deep breath and got down on his knees halfway across the room to Loki to at be his eye level.

“Loki,” he said as gently as possible, “I am sorry you did not know about this, I wish I know you didn’t know so I could of explained to to you, to all of you,” he said looking at the angry frost giant. “But my Father is right, it is tradition, its not to just to rule out that you have had intercourse before, but also if you are soon into heat,” Loki looked at him his eyes glistened with tears holding his Father. “I know this is very scary, but it will take less than 5 minutes,” the healers nodded, “and it will hurt a little but only for a few minutes, and we can give you some wine if you like to relax you.” Loki looked at him, already he appeared calmer, although he held
“I have never had wine before,” he said softly, oh by the norms,
“Well it will be a memorable first time then,” he said gently, “once you are inspected we shall have a feast to welcome you properly to Asgard,” Thor felt terrible, HE was the one who wanted the inspection on the first day and his Father agreed, now he wished he had waited until tomorrow.


“Does- the entire court need to be there,” Loki said, clenching Laufeys waist but no longer screaming, “like the bedding ceremony,”
“No, just you and the healers, and anyone else you desire,” Odin snorted. “We can get your Mother for you, if you like to hold your hand,” Loki looked at his Father, and then back to him and the healers.
“Have they done it on a frost giant before?” Loki said, Thor bit his lip and the healers looked at each other and shook there heads. Norms.
“They are not prepared,” Laufey roared, “what if the injure him.” He pointed to the equipment “surely that is not what you intent to use on my son.”
“A hole is a hole in all species,” Odin snorted, he pointed his finger at Loki, “you are being ridiculous,” he turned to him, “acting like a young-ling.” Thor almost screamed he was a young-ling.
“Your highnesses, all Father,” one of the healers state, “we know that our past nurse who has retired before the war worked in for many years, in that time she helped many frost giants give birth, I am not sure if they are omegas,” he admitted, “but I am sure she will able to do the inspection, or even if she is not, she will tell us so, and could be called upon, to inspect the prince within the hour for a commission,” he added in a soft voice, Thor wanted to kiss the man,
“Loki,” he said looking at the cowering Prince, “if this lady can inspect you, would you be agreeable?” Loki looked at the metal equipment (which Thor admitted looked scary to him let alone a young boy) and his arms loosen off his Fathers knees as he nodded. The healers smile at each other and leave, his Father scoffed, “would you like some wine why we wait?” Laufey scoffed this time “for the pain,” he told the King firmly, Loki looked at Laufey, who nodded. He summoned a servant and sat next to him on the couch/
The Duke groaned, and for a moment Thor had forgotten about him, Laufey apparently did too. “Why didn’t those healers inspect my nephew, he is in actual danger.” Sadly Thor had no answer.
“Ill be alright, I am not seeing the mountains any more, just hills” He sat up the bed croaking under his weight, “this is a very comfy bed you got Lo.” he said “hope I don’t break it before you and Prince blonde over there break it in in a few days.” Despite everything Thor laughed.
The two of them sat on a couch, Lokis cousin went to the living room and lay on the floor, he was so big his feet was hanging out the door, Loki could still see him, which he felt was his safety net. He enjoyed the intimacy of being on the couch with the Prince, able to touch him, see his heart beat. However Loki who was anxious, kept looking the bed where he will be inspected on and around the room searching for exits. He pored Loki his wine and the prince drained in Thor almost laughed as he pored him another one, Odin and Laufey were arguing with each other about how they were unaware of this tradition.
“I'm sorry,” he told Loki, holding his hands tightly he kissed his hand, “I didn’t know you were unaware of this, and that the healers had not inspected a frost giant before,” Loki looked at there Fathers arguing,
“Its okay,” he said sipping his wine “its not your fault, I don’t blame you,” he smiled,
“I know this is a scary tradition but is there anything more I can do to make you more comfortable,” Loki looked at him,
“Can you be with me when it happens, if she comes?” he asked in a small voice, and his heart sores
he smiled and nodded,
A knock happened and the healers lead in a old grey haired women wearing a old brown dress, her eyes were wide, she curtseys at the Kings and the princes.
“You are the nurse?” Odin said the women nodded, “you have some experience with Jotens,” his father snorts.
“Yes all Father, I have helped birth over a hundred frost giant babies, it was many moons ago now of course before the war, but the training never does away.”
“Have you inspected a Joten omega prior to the bedding ceremony,” Thor asks, his heart beating, the women shook her head, and Thor's heart sunk.
“No your highness for I was not aware of Jotuns having bedding cermonys, however I did inspect omega frost giants post and prior to their heats to ensure of health and when the heat would occur.” His breath hitched, “I can tell the difference between a virgin omega and a bedded one.” Laufey looked at oden,
who nodded, Loki nodded looking at the floor.
“We would be most grateful if you would help us resolve this issue,” he pulled out his coin pocket containing a hundred gold coins he walked to her and passed it to her, she looked at it her eyes went wide.
“Thank you your highess, forgiven me it has been many years, but please tell me that,” she pointed to the metal equipment “is to place someone’s knee back in place,” Thor raised an eye brow to the healers.
“I thought it was for the roof,” Helbindi called out, still lying on the floor the women raised an eye brow.
“Its for the Jotun, we were told they have tough skin” the healers said talking over Helbindi her eyes nearly popped out of her head. “We need to have a sample of his virginity.”
“There skin maybe, but there reproductive organs are more sensitive than yours and mine if you inserted that into his highness he would bled out, if it is a sample you require all I require is spare cloth, gloves and the finest new brush with a thin handle, if your Majesty’s wish to have a sample to prove his highnesses virginity,” Thor smiled, feeling more relaxed. Loki seemed more at ease to, he smiled at Loki, “It will only take a moment your highness,” she said talking to loki directly now, “You will at first lie on your stomach, and I will check your anal region, very simple even these butchers could do it.” She said rolling her eyes at the men with there metal equipment. “And then you will lie down lift your hips up and then I will have a little feel around and brush a little bit of your wall, because you are a frost giant we wont be able to see that you are intact, your lining is to deep however if I brush a little bit of the cells off you will inner wall you will bleed proving
virginity,” Oden nodded at this, “it will feel very uncomfortable, but I see you are having some analgesia.” She said with a small smile, Loki nodded, looking very small, “Many frost giants like some ice over there private areas for half an hour or so after woods and then they inform me that the feel no pain,”

All in all, after the nurse got her equipment it was quick, Loki on the bed on his belly, Thor was glad Helbindi didnt break the bed... Loki took off most of his clothing ending up with just a loin cloth, the nurse removed it to show a fine ass, she than put her gloves on and gently inserted a finger, Loki groaned she removed it, showing blood, to Thor and Odin “the tightness and the bleeding of the anal region proves he is untouched your highnesses, your majesty.” Thors heart soared, “Now for the tricky part your highness,” Loki rolled over and removed his loin cloth, he was naked. Thor smiled a little, he had to admit for a frost giant, he 'liked what he sees' as the midgardians say, his little omega has tribal markings through out his body, but he had a flat tummy, a fine ass and good wide hips, good strong child bearing hips Thor thought. Looking downward Thor could see a small cock (much, much, much smaller than Thors own one) with 2 small balls it is possible to get them removed but unless he has a temper Thor wont do that to him. Being a good omega, he lifted his hips up, as the nurse told him.
“Thor,” Loki muttered, he walked closer to him and took Lokis offered hand. He held it in his both hands and kissed it, his fearful eyes wide and tearing up, which pulled at Thors heart strings, in a way he didnt know it could, the boys blue face was beat red, and staring at Odin. His embarrassment about being naked upon his future Father in law apparent, Thor felt bad, it was his fault that this had happened, perhaps he should ask for a covered bedding ceremony like his parents, in which the court do not come until after woods, and the coupled are covered. As Thor didnt think he would be getting married he had not bothered with such a request.
Although as Thor looked lower at his to be husbands body, Thor could say easily he liked Lokis smooth entrance a good cunt he thought, it was smaller than most women, although hopefully he can still take Thor, he tried not to chuckle. It was not the time.

The nurse used to fabric to open his entrance Loki whimpered and she used the long 30 cm fine brush to inset into Loki he groaned, and grabbed thors hand tight, clenched onto his hands but then she quickly removed it, the once fine brush, went in covered in blood, “all done your highness,” she said removing her gloves, placing the blooded brush down “if you see these cells,” she said pointing to the pinkest ones, “these are the cells, when you have your bedding ceremony you will bleed most of these outs,” she pointed to slick on the upper brush tip “and this will come when you have a heat,” she looked at it, “it looks like it will some time until you have a heat, the lower the slick down the brush the sooner your heat will be,” Loki eyes widened,
“Its, all over?” His eyes big the old women laughed,
“Yes my prince, all over,” Thor looked at Loki he helped him but on his outfit from before, a little blood on his thighs, “all father, he is untouched,” she said to Oden and Laufey pointing to the brush.
“Yes, yes very good,” Oden said, “thankfully the wedding can continue,” he said with sarcasm leaving the room, Thor could hear him mumbling under his breath down the hallway.
God how did the frost giant take a brush, even a fine brush, Thor almost had a grin.

The nurse than turned her attention to the long suffering Duke, who Thor had almost forgotten about again, she had instructed Helbindi to move from the floor to lie down on a bed but not to sleep for most of the day, possibly in a tent outside to stop his concussion for getting worse.
Loki scrambled on the bed to cover him self, Thor quickly grabbed went to the closet where he had few items made, once the boy was sent back in shame he had some chastity belts made to stop him being raped in the future. He pulled one out. Revealing it to HLokis, his eyes wide and afraid but less than previous.
“if you don’t want to go through this again you will have to wear this until the bedding ceremony and be with a chaperone when we meet. My Fathers mood is not good” he said softly, Loki nodded and despite it not being a true chastity belt mainly used for children (nothing for loki to feel good on) that didn’t bother Thor now, Loki should only want him. He quickly did it up ignoring laufeys glares. He put the key around his neck, he helped him redress, he noticed loki obviously had pain so he gave him more wine, the boy gulped it down like a thirty man in the desert.


He noticed the nurse telling the healers to read the frost giant books in the library before going near him again.
“We thank you again,” he said, she curtsied “you made a difficult situation very easy, and painless, may I ask if are your services available for the future, for a commission of course.” Thor quickly added. Thankfully she and the worst healers in asgard left and it was just Thor and the three giants, Laufey looked like he would have a seizure.
“I am glad this wedding will go threw with no issues,” Thor nodded, With one arm Laufey got the Duke up, gods Laufey was strong despite the fact The Duke was much taller than him, “come Loki, we will see the highest ceilings Asgard has to offer,” He said in a sarcastic tone Loki looked at his Father,
“Can I stay with Thor for a little while Papa?” Laufey stopped narrowing his eyes, gods Thor didnt want to upset him, especially with him wishing to spend more time with him as well. But being alone with him so soon will only force him to be inspected again, especially as he was the one with the power to remove the belt, if he gave it to Laufey he will wonder around the palace un protected.
“Its okay,” he said, in a gentle tone “we will see each other at the feast later, we will sit together” Loki nodded, he seemed content with this.
“Can you give me the tour of asgard,? since this is to be my new home, I want to see everything,” Thor smiled nodding at the child.
“Of course, after the wedding we will go on a fine tour" the boy smiled, pleased with his answer. Loki went to move to be with his small family … large family but Thor grabbed his hip and turning the boy towards him kissed his cheek, Loki look surprised with the intimate gesture, he placed his hands on Loki's face. “I swear I will do everything in my power to protect you from now on,” Loki's eyes were wide, and he wrapped his arms around Thors waist. “I know its scary but I honesty believe we will be very happy together, I am glad we are getting married.” Loki looked at him his face full of wonder.
“Even if I am a joten?” It was so quiet Thor could barely hear, and Laufey differently could not. He felt his heart sore, for the first time his 'Happy life' with Loki seemed like a possibility.
“Even if you were the pink and purple people eater.” He said he rubbed the boys blue face, removing the dried tears from before. “Now go and get ready for the feast I will see you soon.” He leaned in once more face kissing his cheek. Loki blushed and turned as he totted after his father holding his lower abdo.