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San zipped up the random man’s zipper, after tucking him away so neatly back into into his pants. 


“Thank you.” He said sweetly, smiling up at the man after licking his lips. He was looking down at San with lidded eyes. He was at least in his early thirty’s, little grey hairs and  worry lines on his face.He went in his back pocket for his wallet but San caught his wrist and refused.


“I don’t do this for money.” He stood up and places a kiss on his neck, then left out of the bathroom stall without another word.


San knew he had to stop this behavior. Just above the bathroom was the therapy session he was 30 minutes early for. He couldn’t help but distract himself for a while with a middle aged man. He seen a ring on the man’s finger but he could care less.


Wasn’t his problem.


He took the elevator and checked his reflection in the chrome doors. As he reached the third floor he fixed the part in his fluffy blonde hair.


I hope he’s cute. He thought to himself. He opened the seventh door and strode into the room to check in at the front desk. 


“Choi San.” He said to the lady. 


“Just a minute.” She said sweetly, still looking through a drawer of folders. San trailed his eyes up the milky legs and bit his lip once he got to the slit of her tube skirt.


She turned and placed the folder on the desk then went through the computer for his name.


“You’re early.” She smiled,typed a little, then looked back up at San. He smiled down at her in her little rolling chair, showing off those dimples that always got him what he wanted.


“Doctor Kim is ready for you.” She said just as a tall man left down a hall. San made his way down that same little hallway and opened the heavy brown door to Doctor Kim’s room.


He was at his desk organizing his papers, before picking up  a clip board and getting up to meet his next patient. Red hair was the first thing that drew San to the shirt man. He was in a suit, the blazer off and on the back of his chair. 


So small.


“Mr.Choi.” He smiled. San stares at the tiny man before registering that Doctor Kim has his hand out. He shakes the small hand in his own and follows him to the two couches parallel to each other.


“So before we start, I have to tell you you’re safe. No cameras are in this room or recording so if you need to cry I’m here for you.” He clicked his pen and wrote something down on the page. San nodded and kept his hands just in front of his pants. Casually. Like he always sat like that, but in reality the boy was panicking.


“What seems to be the problem, Mr.Choi?” Cliche.


“I’m a sex addict.” Hongjoong crossed his legs to give himself a surface balance his clipboard to write on.”And as the years go on my condition seems to worsen.”


“When did you start noticing that your drive grew?”San sat back into the couch, hands still covering his crotch but it was more noticeable now. More strained. Less casual and more nervous.


“I was 15 when I was molested by my older cousin, a day after my birthday. Said it was a late present .”San began. Hongjoong scribbled something down on the paper.” And when I turned 16..” San began to hesitate. Playing with his fingers and making his bulge more very noticeable without his hands covering it as much.” I went back to him on my birthday...and I told h-him I was ready for my present.” He bit his lip, leg shaking only slightly.


Hongjoong cleared his throat.


“I’m sorry.” San moved to get up and Hongjoong held his hand up to stop the man.


“Hey. I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to listen to you and offer you help. I’m not out to get you.” San plopped back down his seat.” Now, do you feel like your cousin is the reason for why you can’t control yourself.?”




“Talk to me,Mr.Choi.” Hongjoong uncrossed his legs and sat with the clipboard against both of his thighs. San let his eyes travel down the thin curve of his waist and where his thighs pushed together under the clipboard . He took a deep breath.



“I do. I-i liked it when it touched me. After I went back to him it became regular until he started pushing me away. By then I started to already crave it, You know?” His voice shook a little as he spoke.


Hongjoong hummed as a response.


“He moved away to Florida I think. I was 17 and one he left, I started using a fake ID to get into clubs and fuck around with strangers.” He leaned forward,eyes still studying Hongjoong.


He was pretty. Small and he looked defenseless but San noticed small people always were feisty due to his past sexual encounters. His dick completely unprotected and extremely hard in the tight light blue jeans.


“Keep going.” Hongjoong reassured him. Pen writing away on the papers.


“I can’t control myself anymore. It gets harde-difficult to walk past someone and not want to fuck them.”


Hongjoong stopped writing, eyes locked on the black on the paper. He help his pen still and the ink spread into a bigger dot until he finally pulled away.


“What are you thinking about now? That I’m here, in this empty room, alone with you.”


“There’s a lot going through my mind. Some about you and some about my self.” San forced himself to meet Hongjoong’s eyes.” There’s so much.”


“What are you thinking about yourself right now?” Hongjoong asked.


“Guilt. Disgust. Shame.” San pressed his lips in a thin line, tearing his gaze away from Hongjoong.


“And what about me?” Hongjoong asked, tilting his head to the side just a little. San folded his hands back in his lap. Hongjoong could see it. He noticed the bulge, but he ignored it. 


“I want to fuck you. Feel you squirm under my hands. Hear you scream my name and fuck you until you’re panting and spent.”


Hongjoong’s ears turned red but he kept his composure. He cleared his throat again, then set the clipboard down.


“I want to try an exercise with you.” Hongjoong stood up from his seat on the couch and rounded the little coffee table to meet San.”Stand up, and hug me.”


“Why?” San presses his hands down on his own bulge. Figured if he squished it it would just go away.


“You have to know you can control yourself in order to gain self control .” The smaller held his arms out wide for a hug. San stood and wrapped his arms around Hongjoong’s waist.


“I said hug me.” He slapped his hands away. He tried again, arms still finding their way to his thin waist.”I’m not one of your hook ups. Hands above the waist.” Hongjoong said sternly.” San furrowed his eyebrows, and  hugged Hongjoong, arms just above  his belt as he pulled the therapist in for a tight hug.


Hongjoong tried his best to ignore the bulge that was poking into his thigh as he hugged his patient. They stayed like that for a couple seconds, then when San let out a small noise, barely audible, but he was right next to his ear.


“It’s time to let go,San.”Hongjoong pulled away, stepping back out of the patients reach


“I wanna bend you over that desk.” San confessed.


“Your hour is up,Mr.Choi.” Hongjoong informed him. Hongjoong gave his patient another handshake.


“Thank you.” San smiled at the therapist and with that he left.


It wasn’t that bad




Every week San goes to see Hongjoong. With everyday that he sits on that couch and talks with him, His one nights stands become less and less . The little therapist is all that’s stuck in his head.


He’s jerked off countless times to the therapists little body under his. He’s usually excited about a sexy girl walking up to him and setting herself in his lap. Or a man pressing him against the wall and telling him all the things he wants to do to his body.

Now he gets irritated, pushing them away and demanding his personal space. 

He’s stuck. Unsatisfied.


“I think you’ve cured me.” San said as he came into the office. He set himself down on the couch and watched Hongjoong grad a few papers and a pen, before joining him.”I haven’t fucked in weeks. And I don’t feel the need to have sex with anyone I see.” San admits. He sits on the edge of the couch and watches Hongjoong smile as he writes down on the board.


“That’s great.” Hongjoong looked up and smiled at the patient. Maybe his work paid off. Maybe San was serious about curing himself


“But, I find myself addicted to something else. I don’t want to touch anyone but you. I don’t see anyone except for you, Doctor Kim.”

Hongjoong visible stiffened. He looked up from where he was writing and stared at his patient across from him.


“Mr. Choi, I wish for these sessions to stay professional. I’m not going to be one of your careless flings, especially in my office.” Hongjoong furrowed his brows. He was stern. But when San wanted something, he got it, and he wasn’t about to let Doctor Kim slip from his fingers


“But you wouldn’t be a careless fling, Doctor Kim.”


“Then I don’t want to be your toy.” San kept his eyes on him. Then he stood from where he sat on the couch. His smirk was teasing and arrogant.


“Sit down, Mr.Choi.” Hongjoong snaps.


“You’re supposed to be taking care of me,Doctor Kim.” San walks around the coffee table and stands in front of Hongjoong. The therapist looks up at him with wide eyes. Full lips were where San’s attention was.


“I don’t know what you think this is.” Hongjoong started. He was trembling under San’s gaze. Truth was, the room was sound proof.  And if San wanted to he could hold the therapist down and take him just like that.


But no.


He wanted Hongjoong. So much that he was willing to through away the ache that existed in his groin and—and ask for consent.


“Is it illegal for you to touch me,Doctor Kim?” 

“I’d have my license revoked.” Hongjoong stared up at San.


“You’d better stay quiet then.” San grabbed Hongjoong’s jaw, leaning forward to whisper in the therapists ear.  ” I want you Doctor Kim.”


Anyone could walk in at the wrong time.  Hongjoong would be in so much trouble. So much. He wouldn’t be able to work anywhere else, it’d go on her permanent record.


“Mr.Choi.” Hongjoong tried again, but San was far too deep.


“I’m addicted to you. Everything about you. The way you walk.Your lips, Your ass, your voice. Even your hair gets my worked up.” San presses the therapist into the couch, caging him in.”Porn doesn’t even help me anymore. But if I see you,I get so hard, so antsy and driven. Indulge me this once.”


“I will lose my job .” Hongjoong glared up at San. 


“You could,But you won’t.” San kisses at his jawline, nipping into the skin when Hongjoong fidgeted under his touch. ”Please, Doctor Kim?” Hongjoong gripped his pen tight in his hand. San spoke slow and seductive, curious hands making their way down to Hongjoong’s thighs.


”Let me show you what you’ve done to me, Doctor Kim.”




Hongjoong didn’t know how he ended up here,pressed against the creamy wall,back arched and San eating him out sinfully.


“San...” He moaned softly. He caught his bottom lip between his teeth. He didn’t want to be too loud,too needy.


This was a one time thing.




And after this one time thing,San will  continue to only talk to him. That’s it.


“Fuck.” San stood up and opened his pants ,  spitting in his hand to rub it over his cock. Hongjoong turned to look, curious within his own mind.  It’s been so long since he’s fucked.

The therapist turned and dropped down to his knees. Taking San into his small hands and pressing a little kiss to the head of his cock.

Hongjoong wrapped his lips around his cock,gently sucking before he started taking him down further. He kept looking up at San, lips dragging along his skin as he bobbed his head, stroking along with his hand on the base ,where his throat wouldn’t allow him to reach.

San thrusted up and presses him against the wall, grunting as he rocked his hips against the therapists face. He grips the red locks and thrusts ruts his hips against his face. It was so much. He couldn’t control how he felt and this tingle spread up his lower back. He pulled Hongjoong up by his hair and shoved him against the wall.


“Fuck.” San repeated. He was wrapped up in so much adrenaline. His hand shook as he positioned himself at Hongjoong’s entrance. He gently eased himself into the warm heat.. The therapist was small and barely fucked in his life time.

He gasped once San settles into him,barely keeping his small whimpers to a minimum. Hongjoong was enjoying the weight of San’s cock in him.”Come on...” San pulled out and started again, thrusting slow and deep and drawing out cute mewls from Hongjoong.

He watched every push and pull between his dick and Hongjoong’s ass. Watched every jiggle from it. Watched every time Hongjoong pushes his hips back and whimpers.

His eyes were squeezed shut and his hands clenched in small fists against the wall. San began to rock his hips, fingers digging into the flesh of Hongjoong’s ass. He was slowly losing it, becoming rougher with each thrust.


“Faster...” Hongjoong said weakly. San bit his lip and gladly obeyed. Hongjoong silenced the loud moans that threatened to leave his mouth with his hand, and pushed back against San.


“You’re so fucking tight. Feels likeYou’re squeezing around me.” San groans and delivers a smack to Hongjoong’s ass. The therapist jumps and mewls into his hand.


Hongjoong’s ears turned red ,both hands now covering his mouth. San presses him against the wall and thrusts up sharply, satisfied with the muffled cry Hongjoong lets out.”Thats it, huh?” Hongjoong starts to move, squirming to throw off Sans aim. But San keeps him still against the walls and thrusts up hard and fast, melting into the tight clenching of his therapist and his muffled moans. He was so hot. San slapped his ass again just to watch it jiggle.

Fuck he loves it. Loves the way he his eyes squeeze shut from the pleasure. Or how he squirms when it becomes too much.


“How long has it been since someone fucked you good?” San asks. He doesn’t get an answer because Hongjoong refuses to let go of his mouth. 


San wants to hear him.


He grips his wrists and forced them behind his back. Hongjoong gasps out loud and rests his head against the wall.


“San,please...” Hongjoong starts. He’s sweating at his brow, willing himself to not let out a single moan.


“Answer me.” San tightens his grip. Hongjoong is just breathing heavily, small moans here and there but he does a good job keeping them under control.


“Shit. Last—last summer.”


“Who was it? Hmm?”


“My ex boyfriend.” His voice raises up just a little and he feels the pressure rise. Hongjoong throws his head back and tenses up, streams of cum shooting against the cream colored wall. He’s high and hot, mouth hanging open in bliss as the last few ropes stick to the wall.He relaxes a little between San and the wall. His thigh is rubbing in his own cum and he feels filthy. Like a toy. Like a little slut for San’s pleasure.


”You need to be fucked good. Until you barely remember your own name.” San growls against his back and his thrusts only grow more needy and sloppy and fast. His arm wraps around Hongjoong’s waist and he tightens his hold  keep the smaller in place .


“Don’t cum in me...” Hongjoong says quietly, turning a little to look at Sans hips moving quickly to chase his own orgasm.


When he feels that familiar tug boiling in his stomach,he pulls out and wraps his hand around his cock, grip tight as he keeps Hongjoong presses against the wall with his ass arched out.


“I’m coming...” He whines and moves his hand faster up and down his shaft. He’s so close. The tug is distance but it’s right there. Hongjoong looks at his cock in his hand and can’t help but let out a low moan when his patient finally relieves himself 


He releases over Hongjoong’s ass and on the back of his thigh. He pushes his cock back in Hongjoong and the therapist opens his mouth to protest.


His gasps, shocked by the wetness he feels shooting up in his ass and the dripping down his thigh.


He’s peeing in him...


Hongjoong whimpers as the warmth shoots tingles up his spine. San keeps his cock deep in his to stop anymore from spilling on the floor.


He was panting against Hongjoong neck and running his hands over his body still, just touching him. Gripping him and caressing him.


“You have 30 minutes left...Mr.Choi.” Hongjoong spoke quietly.”I need to clean up, so we can continue to session.” 


San didn’t move though. He breathed in Hongjoong scent and gave an experimental thrust up into the therapist. It was wet. The room smelled of piss and cum and sex. He stayed in Hongjoong for another 20 minutes. Just like that.


Hongjoong gave a tiny push at his hip and whines in discomfort.San slowly pulled out and watched his piss drip down Hongjoong leg.


“See you next week, Doctor Kim.”