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San hadn’t come to his next session, as the session after that. Hongjoong didn’t have time to waste and the boy was scheduling appointments but not following through.


It wasn’t the therapists business, but he was beginning to get worried.  Though it benefited him with an extra 120 late fee, he was genuinely worried for the young sex addict.


Hongjoong had finished with his last patient of the day, before San. It was now the third day of not seeing the boy, so he figured he didn’t need his help anymore. Just as he turned off the AC in his office and draped his blazer over his arm,he heard the door open.


San walked in with a small grin spreading across his lips, He’s right on time for what is now his 7 o’clock. Hongjoong set his blazer down and looked the boy up and down,right when he starts to pack up, San arrives with a shit eating smirk. The room was getting hot and Hongjoong quickly turned to get the AC back on again.


“You can’t come in here without knocking.” He said, wiping his sweaty hands on his pants.


“Says who?” San challenged.


“Says me.” He furrowed his brows, eyes rolling at the younger boy . His worry quickly turned into annoyance as San made himself comfortable by setting his phone, keys and  wallet on Hongjoong’s clean desk.” I thought you stopped coming.”


“No, it’s just I’ve been caught up in my late night activities. And I’m here to talk to you about them.” He sat down on the familiar couch and toed off each shoe to cross his legs under him. “Thought I’d give you some good stories this time.


Hongjoong sighed, but got his clipboard and a pen to walk over towards the couch parallel to San and taking his seat.


“So there’s this guy, Jung Wooyoung-“


“No names.” Hongjoong reminded him as he clicked his pen. San stopped and thought for a second then bounced with  a little excitement as he started his story again.


“Ok, we’ll change his name to Elmo.” San giggles to himself when Hongjoong tilts his head, but follows along.


“So, I met Elmo at my friends birthday party, we’ll call him...Bird. Bird is Elmo’s cousin, and I barely knew him for ten minutes and we ended up in the bathroom for two hours. Now I’ve fucked Bird before on multiple occasions but I guess he wasn’t in the mood. He told me to find someone else and I did.” San shifted a little in his seat.” I went up to him and asked if he was down, then he went down and that’s how this started.”


Hongjoong hummed along to show he was listening, writing little notes in his clipboard. He flipped the page that had tons of small notes about San. The boy was truly troubled.


“Fast forward to a few days ago, I invited him to go see a movie with me. Once we got into the theater, God, He’s a wild little guy. We were in the middle row and he started jerking off. I couldn’t help but give him a little help, You know? But he’s not  confident or anything, he’s one of those shy dudes that are freaks in the sheets. Like you.” Hongjoong rubs his eyes a little and looks away from the boy completely.” I was worried he took my interest as an ‘Ok’ to rush into something.” San grabbed the pillow closest to him and pulled it into his lap.


Hongjoong knew what was under that pillow.


“He’s insecure because of his thighs,but I think he’s the cutest thing ever.” San cracks a sweet smile and continues on with his story “So after the movie Elmo and I moved things back to my place and he’s a loud screamer. Had the neighbors knock on my door seven times in one night, beat my record of four.” He stopped as Hongjoong cleared his throat and straightened his posture on the couch across from him.


“Elmo is just so tight, and warm and soft. I like grabbing him, and pressing my body against his. I like to touch him, and just wreck him. When he comes his face is so pretty, and his voice can go high enough to hurt my ears.” He smirked at the blush that bloomed across the therapists face. He put the pillow aside and stood up  to walk around the coffee table. The tent in his pants was begging for attention but he held an expression that screamed he was in control.


“I love grabbing his thighs, and teasing his nipples until he begs for more. Until he’s weeping for me to touch him somewhere else.” San’s voice is smooth and slow like honey, he reaches Hongjoong on the other side and slides his knee between his thighs ,leaning down to whisper in his ear.” He’s so good for me, Doctor Kim. You know we were talking about you today? I told him how well you take it, and he jerked off to me describing you.” San hissed as the tent in his pants was painfully pushed up against Hongjoong.


Hongjoong tried to move away but San was growing impatient, and caged him in against the couch. He lifted his chin to swipe his thumb over the soft lips and locked eyes with the small therapist.”I want you again, Doctor Kim.”


“Mr. Choi....”


“Come home with me. You’ll be safer there.. maybe more comfortable. How do you like your eggs?”


“Mr.Choi.” Hongjoong looked up at him. He was about to start protesting about how San isn’t supposed to be acting like this, when the younger ran his fingers through the red hair and gripped at the middle of his head, pulling his head back to expose the smooth, untouched neck.


“You’re so pretty, Doctor Kim.” He said, his name being mumbled into his neck as he peppered kisses along the fair skin . Hongjoong whimpered and gripped the hem of his shirt,trying to push the man back.


“Tell me to stop.” He gripped he growing bulge Hongjoong has forming in his pants.” Tell me you want me to stop, Doctor Kim.” He undid his pants and  zipped down his zipper slowly,watching Hongjoongs face as he pushed his hand down his pant.


He grasped what he was looking for and gave a gentle pull to bring his cock into the cool air.” You want this, don’t you. You want it just as much as me.” He dragged his hand up and down Hongjoong’s length ,stopping just under the crimson head and working his thumb in small circles along the sensitive flesh.”Tell me to stop. Say it.”


“Did you tell your c-cousin to stop?” The hand closed around his raging cock stopped in it’s place. He stared  up at Hongjoong with wide eyes.” Did you?”The therapist asked again. San only worked the spit in his mouth and went down on Hongjoong.


“He didn’t stop when you told him to.” He spoke in a soft voice, trying to keep it stable and controlled as he ran his fingers through the messy blond hair . San stopped his movements, taking his mouth completely off of Hongjoong.  A lone  string of spit  broke once he sat up with a red wet face.


He sobbed gently at first, crying into his hands until Hongjoong pulled his face into his lap to rub his back.


Comforting someone with your dick out wasn’t what Hongjoong trained for,but he did it.


San was a mess,an actual mess. There was a mixture of tears and spit running down his puffy face. Hongjoong hands the box of tissues sitting idly on the coffee table. San doesn’t take it, instead he wiped his face with his hand and sniffles loudly.


“You don’t want to be like him.” Hongjoong continued to gently card his fingers through his hair as the younger sniffled silently to himself .


“You aren’t like him,San.” Hongjoong promised him, but San let his shaky hands drift up his thighs and grip his length.”No ,San” he opened his mouth to take him in again but Hongjoong pulled him up.


“Please...” San begged, voice hoarse with and broken.” Just let me...let me do it.”


“You don’t have to do anything, San. I’m not him, you aren’t him.” San nods a little and let’s the therapist hug him tightly.” I want to help you.”