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Hongjoong didn’t have many plans later tonight aside from pouring himself a tall glass of wine and chugging it like water.


This job was stressful, at times it was fun and even relieving, but other then those rare moments , he was having a hard time.


He didn’t see himself falling in a relationship any time soon, he seen his flings as flings and never kiss and told, however recently he’s had the same visitor over and over.


A tall man going by Park Seonghwa. He was very... intense.


He didn’t want to just fuck Hongjoong and leave. He’d kiss him and ask about his day. He’d look him in the eye which surprisingly intimidated him. Seonghwa would set a hand on his waist and give a small squeeze, he’d chase him, pursue him until he caved and gave him even a second of his attention.


Seonghwa was a college student. At first he thought he was after the amazing salary of a therapist, yet he wasn’t. He denied the money Hongjoong gave him and accepted a goodnight kiss only.


Seonghwa was younger then him by a lot.


A lot.


Hongjoong would be 28 by the end of the year, while Seonghwa just turned 22 in April.


“You shouldn’t get so close with your patients.”


“What do you know?” Seonghwa scoffed.


“I minor in psychology.” Hongjoong turns and raises a brow.” For the credits of course.”


“That’s interesting.” Seonghwa brings the rim of the cup towards his lips, pulling rum over his tongue.


“You can’t tell me about them can you?”


“I cannot.” Hongjoong unbuttoned his shirt, pulling off the article and dropping it to the floor unceremoniously.


“You ever thought of quitting?”


“Too many times. I thought about just going into Human Resources or teaching. I have the qualifications to be a teacher, but-“


“A teacher can’t pay for a house as nice as this.”


“My salary now, this house is modest compared to what I had my eyes set on at first. I had months worth saved up from my early days on the job. My old apartment barely scratched into my pay check.”


“You look very tense,babe.” Seonghwa comments he stands and sets his glass down, standing behind the smaller in the mirror. He drew his hands up his small arms, waist small and shivering at the cool touch of the hand that held the glass.


He soon reaches his face. Fingers exploring the bags underneath his eyes where he removed his concealed. Gloss dried over his lips, left over powder, and eyebrow gel.


He grips his chin.


“Then don’t quit, change your approach. I know a few are troubling, but I know there’s nothing you can’t handle.”


“Fuck your supportiveness.” Hongjoong curses.”


Seonghwa trails his hands back down towards his waist, massaging slow circles into his skin until he visibly relaxes.” You have work tomorrow?” Hongjoong sighs, turning towards the taller with his lips pulled into a thin line. Seonghwa kisses them and massages the back of his neck.


“Yeah. I just hope it’s nothing too crazy.”




“Please, Seonghwa. I slept plenty.” He whisper yells into his phone. Seonghwa wasn’t his boyfriend boyfriend, but he was a boyfriend. A guy who offered a lot and took nothing. He was very kind, very open yet mysterious.” I told you I’m at work. Big boy time.


He swipes his ID over the door, pushing the unnecessarily heavy door open with his shoulder and continuing in.

He punches in the button for the elevator, waiting patiently while Seonghwa complains from his bed how tired he is.


“I woke up at four.” He steps into the elevator and heads up.” I’m more tired than you, you slept while I showered.”


“Shut it, I’m just a baby.” He hears him roll in his bed and flip the covers back over him.” Should I beat my meat or wait for you to get home.”


Hongjoong opens his office door, and screams.


There’s three pill bottles, one half full and two empty.




His mouth was filled with foam, seizing as he grips one empty bottle involuntarily. He’s choking, shaking along the floor.


He dropped his phone on the floor, running to the shaking body and pulling him up into his lap.


“San, you fucking bastard!” Hongjoong shoved his fingers down his throat and ripped them free. His secretary screams louder then him, calling for security as Hongjoong tries to get the seizing man to retch.


“Come on.” After four attempts later he finally gets him to puke up two bottles worth of pills, foam still dripping from his lips.


His eyes roll back, limp with short spasms here and there.


Hongjoong shoved his face into his hands as his patient is pulled away on a stretcher. There’s dried puke along his palm, foam and spit. Sweat, powder from crushed pills mixed by his stomach.


“What am I doing wrong?”