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There was a reason why she was paired with Hitomi instead of Minjoo for tutoring, and it was very clear in the moment. Minjoo had come over to her house to study and although they were at it for a little over an hour, the number of questions answered summed up to a total of one – half of one more likely since Minjoo had stopped writing it down half way to give her a peck. The number of pecks? Well, now this was something Chaewon wasn’t able to count in the moment.

Her plan was for them to sit down and study peacefully, but somehow the younger Kim had sat between her legs and teaching her while giving her a back hug was a little counter-productive to say the least. It was too easy to get comfy, resting her chin on the girl’s shoulder and feeling her sweet vanilla scent while she heard Minjoo soft voice going over a new question, it would be easy to fall asleep like this…Except that Minjoo was also so very warm and so huggable that it was impossible to not nuzzle into her neck – and for her delight, the younger brunette was also especially sensitive what brought Chae’s mischievous side to life.

Minjoo’s easy laugh was addictive and Chaewon would hear it every time she brushed her nose against the skin of her neck, the muffled chuckles turning into soft giggles when she gave her a couple of quick kisses instead. She should be the one to take things seriously and usually she would, but there was something very special about being with her girlfriend in a Friday evening without having to worry about whether or not people would see and gossip about them. Therefore, she promised herself they would hit the library tomorrow and study properly, but for now she would allow herself to just enjoy the moment.

Chaewon cherished these moments the most. To be able to be near her girlfriend and show her all her love and affection was something special for her. Minjoo was a naturally affectionate person, always showering her with hugs and kisses, even if she was usually shy, she would never hesitate before displaying her feelings – it was her most precious quality, how candid she was about her feelings always.

But Chae was the opposite, as a person that was often seem as cold and expressionless, putting her feelings into words was hard, acting on them even more. For her, showing affection was most of the time an awkward and laborious task – this, however, wasn’t true when it comes down to Minjoo now. At the course of the time they had been dating, and even before that, she had learned slowly how to showcase her feelings through speech and touch. It wasn’t easy at first, but she was glad she had put some effort into it because watching Minjoo’s reactions to her words was enough to warm her heart, and having her in her arms was her favorite thing in the world.

Now, looking at the girl’s face up close and listening to her laugh, she could feel her heart full. As Chaewon watched the emotions going through Minjoo’s face as she teased her, she concluded that she would never get tired of it, she would never cease to love her little ways and quirks that would be always so blatantly exposed in the face that was as pretty as her heart – anyone who got to see Minjoo could be considered lucky, but knowing her sweet, kind and goofy personality was a very precious thing and Chaewon was especially blessed for being able to know almost everything about her.

They had known each other for what seemed like a lifetime. Chaewon couldn’t recall a time where she didn’t like Kim Minjoo, be it as an innocent friendship, or the love she felt now. Minjoo was always around and Chae made sure she stayed, watching her grow from the clumsy, impulsive child she was, to the beautiful young woman – who was still a little clumsy and impulsive, but she wouldn’t like her any other way. Their relationship was based on the strong bond developed through the years, in the differences that brought them together instead of driving them apart.

“You have the cutest laugh.” She said in a quiet voice, planting another kiss on Minjoo’s neck, a little more insistent now, her lips brushing softly against the sensitive skin as her arms pulled the girl closer.  “And the cutest ears,” She added, lifting her face to make a trail of kisses towards the said spot, nibbling on the earlobe in the way she knew her girlfriend liked. Minjoo’s giggle turned into a surprised squeal and it was her turn to hold  in her laugh. Continuing her quest, she kissed the gentle jawline, and then her cheeks meeting the soft spot where her Indian dimples appeared. “And cheeks…And dimples…And everything else.” She finished off with a little peck on the tip of her nose, just like she always did – she loved the way Minjoo’s nose scrunch a little when she smiled at the kiss. “The most adorable girl ever.”

“Adorable? Chaewon, I’m not a baby!” Minjoo’s whiny voice didn’t match the message.

Chaewon’s fond smile turned into a playful smirk as she crooked one eyebrow at the younger woman. “Then should I not treat you like one?”

She was expecting a lot of blushing and maybe some weak slaps on her shoulder, but she had forgotten Minjoo was the shy, yet impulsive type – not that she was complaining though, she would never complain about her overly affectionate girlfriend. So, what she got was blushed cheeks and a clumsy kiss that was enough to take Chae’s conceited smirk away.

The brunette’s lips were always soft against hers, gentle but a little needy too. Minjoo tasted like chocolate today, all thanks to the hot choco they had earlier, and this sweetness matched perfectly her natural taste making the kiss all too perfect for Chaewon’s sanity. Breaking the embrace loose, she allowed the girl to turn in her arms bringing them to a more comfortable position. Minjoo’s arms were around her neck, one of her hands caressing her back, while the other found its way to her nape, tugging her hair gently in a silent request that Chae understood right away.

They had been dating for months and kissing was something that they both learned together, what meant she knew exactly how to kiss her girl in the best way and she was more than willingly to do so.

Placing her hands on the younger girl’s waist, she pulled her closer, practically making Minjoo strand over her. Nibbling on her bottom lip, she heard Minjoo’s airy moan a moment before she was given permission to deepen the kiss, her tongue slipping between her lips with ease. Tilting her head to the side, Chaewon kissed her with all her might, the sweet taste of chocolate was good, but she liked Minjoo’s better. Her girl wasn’t shy in the moment, hugging her tightly and bringing her closer even if there was no space between them anymore, she was kissing back with equal passion and it was hard for Chae to think about anything other than Minjoo in the moment.

The need for oxygen was a nuisance that neither of them could avoid, so when they were forced to break apart, Chaewon faced the girl with a burning gaze that was enough to send a shiver through Minjoo’s body – a very pleasant one. “Maybe you aren’t a baby, but you are my babe.” It was a silly phrase, the kind that would earn her a playful smack in the arm and a giggle usually, but there were too engrossed in the moment to mind her cheesiness.

Chaewon went for another kiss, her lips more determined this time, the kiss was shorter and rougher than before. Her lips making its way down Minjoo’s neck, nibbling and sucking lightly as she reached the special spot at the base of it, reaching the collarbone. Her hands shifted on Minjoo’s back, her right one reaching to touch the skin under her shirt and the other to comb her fingers through the girl’s hair.

It wasn’t like her leaving hickeys, but the temptation was too big and before she knew it, she was biting a little too hard on Minjoo’s soft skin, leaving a reddish mark that she soothed with her tongue. Minjoo didn’t seem to mind it by the way she let out a pleased moan.

At this point Chae’s mind was working only on twenty percent common sense and the remaining on ‘how to get them to a comfier place without breaking the kiss’ – hormones, yes it was running on teenage hormones.

“Chaewon! Did you drink all the milk again?” A voice interrupted them, breaking the atmosphere as the door was thrown open by her older sister, Eunbi. Chaewon had forgotten the golden rule: always lock the door. “Aish! I’d say get a room, but you guys already did.” The oldest Kim clicked her tongue in annoyance, although everyone knew how supportive she was of their relationship, it didn’t mean she wanted to watch their make out sessions. “You two stop eating each other’s face and go buy me more milk now!”

The couple just watched in awe – and embarrassment – as the older woman left, leaving the girls with blushed faces and a mini heart attack. Chaewon sighed, leaning against the side of her bed. “Sorry about that.” Eunbi could be quite the troll when she wanted to, it was her job as an older sister apparently.

But it was Chaewon’s fault for forgetting she would be coming home earlier today – and for not locking the door, how could she forget about it? “MinMin, are you okay?” Chae asked, caressing the girl’s hair. Minjoo had snuggled further into her, hiding her face on the soft fabric of Chaewon’s grey hoodie to avoid showing Eunbi her impressively red face. She could only see the tips of her ears peeking through her hair – they were red as well.

“She will tell everyone about it if we don’t buy her milk, won’t she?” Minjoo’s voice sounded defeated, as the brunette risked a glance at the older when she spoke. There’s a little pout on her face and Chaewon smiled, making it disappear with a peck.

“You can bet she will.” With a soft chuckle, she stood up and helped her girl to do the same. “So we better move.”

Minjoo didn’t seem very excited about it, but she didn’t protest when Chaewon helped her to slid into a warm coat – Minjoo fixed her bangs in the process, her slender fingers were always gentle when taking care of her, even when she was still embarrassed. Chaewon’s smile grew at it – Minjoo had the simplest ways to touch her heart, perhaps because Chae loved everything about her. “We can also get some ice cream.” Grabbing a hold of the brunette’s hand, she pulled her towards the exit. There was a convenience store just a couple of streets away, it was still early and they could just walk there. “And take the long way back.” She made sure to add with her best smirk.

As expected, her words had a positive effect on the girl and giggling, Minjoo  hit her shoulder lightly before clinging to her arm. “You want her to make fun of us forever!”

Her complaint wasn’t sincere and they both knew it, so Chae just shrugged.

“If that’s what takes to have some time with my girlfriend, then I don’t mind it at all.”

Chaewon never thought she could fall in love so deeply to the point where she wouldn’t mind having her sister making fun of her, or her friends teasing her about her clinginess. She thought her natural awkwardness could never be left behind and allow her to open up completely to a relationship. But here she was now, and for one reason only: Being in love with Minjoo made it all easier.