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Lightwood and Bane

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1755H  Laboratory, the basement of New York Police Department

Izzy let out a big yawn while she stands in front of the desktop, clicking the mouse to send her finalized report on The Circle case to Aline. Wiggling her body to will the sleepiness away, she reaches for her phone in her pocket when it shrills loudly.

“-lo?” she asks, yawning.

“You coming?” Jace who was at the other line asks.

“Yeah, be there in 15 minutes,” she says, subtly saying goodbye to her co-workers, and walks toward the staff room for her personal belongings, “Why?”

“Alec’s been weird.”

Izzy frowns, she remembered seeing her brother pecking her boss on the lips when the detective escorted the Asian man back to his office after their lunch date, “What do you mean weird?”

“Has he said anything to you?”

“No, he didn’t,” Izzy confirms, moving to sit on the armrest of the sofa in the staff room, “Is he okay?”

“He asks me if it is too soon if he were to tell Magnus that he likes him.”

Izzy frowns, Jace is not a good choice to ask for advice, especially if it is love related, “And what did you tell him?”

“I told him that what matters is their feelings towards each other. Screw timing.”

Okay, maybe Jace has changed, thanks to Clary of course, “Uh, good then.”

“But then I ask him to invite Magnus for dinner with us, he hesitated at first, then quickly said that Magnus’ busy.”

“He’s not really busy, he’s just finishing up the report on Prof Oak’s autopsy.”

Jace groans, “Do you think he’s avoiding Magnus?”

Izzy laughs, “No way bro! He was smooching my boss in the hallway after their lunch date!”

“Clary’s talking to him, since he refused to talk to me. And he ordered beer just now.”

“Oh god,” Izzy grunts, finally understanding what was going on inside her brother’s mind, “He’s overthinking things again.”

“Huh?” Jace was at loss, “Whaddaya mean?”

“Nothing. I’ll be there in 30 minutes, see you bro.”

* * * * *

1805H Chief Medical Examiner Office, the basement of New York Police Department

“Boss?” Izzy knocks on the door of Magnus’ office, eyes on her superior who was busy typing his report.


“Can I talk to you about something?” Izzy tries, taking slow steps towards Magnus, “It’s personal though.”

“Yeah,” Magnus nods, closing the lid of his laptop then he gestured his hand for Izzy to take a seat in front of him.

“Did uh, Alec say something to you?”

Magnus frowns, shifting uncomfortably in his seat, “Is he okay?”

“He’s okay, just-” Izzy licks her lips, thinking ways on how to ask her boss about her brother.

“Just tell me, Isabelle.”

“My brother’s a great guy,” Izzy starts, her neatly manicured nails scratching against the back of her hand.

“I know that, that’s why I like him.”

“He’s also a giant of jello, a man who’s a bundle of nerves and loves to overthink things.”

Magnus chuckles softly, finally understanding Alec’s behavior during their lunch date and his odd questions.

“God,” Izzy groans, the look on Magnus’ face explains it all, “What did he ask you?”

“On whether I would find him annoying or clingy since we work together and would be seeing each other almost every single day.”

Izzy groans again, black button eyes on her boss, “Would you?”

“Of course not!” Magnus retorts in a heartbeat, “And as I’ve assured him, I like him so much that I-”

“You told Alec that you like him?!” Izzy jumps in her seat, voice an octave higher than usual.


She heaves out a huge and lengthy breath, “But my idiot brother was thinking too much that he didn’t say anything back to you, did he?”

Giggling, Magnus nods, “But I know how he feels, so I don’t want to push him.”

“You’re willing to wait?”

“Yes, Alexander’s worth the wait Isabelle.”

“Thank you Magnus. And please, no matter what it is, talk to him,” Izzy clears her throat, “He’s been a mess after everything that had happened, but I can assure you, my brother’s a good guy and he really really really like you.”

* * * * *

1835H Taki’s

“Clary said he’s all okay now,” Izzy says as he pushes the main door of Taki’s, eyes on Magnus, “And thank you for joining us.”

“Anything for your gorgeous brother.”

Izzy approaches the booth where her family was at, one of her fingers on her lips when Jace and Clary who was sitting facing the door notices Magnus with her, “Hey familio-” she greets, moving to peck Alec on the cheek then moving to sit next to Jace, crowding the bench which was already occupied by the couple.

“Hey gorgeous, is this seat taken?” Magnus asks, right hand holding the backseat of the bench, eyes on Alec who was busy brooding in his seat.


Without waiting for an answer, Magnus scooches in, right hand resting on Alec’s thigh as he presses a kiss on Alec’s cheek, “Hi. I hope you don’t mind I crash the party.”

Alec’s left hand instinctively went around Magnus’ shoulder then moving downwards to rest on the small of his back, “Of course not,” he says, smiling wide.

Noticing the small crowd staring at them, Magnus reaches for the menu in front of Clary, holding it open in front of his and Alec’s face, before leaning in to press a kiss on the detective’s lips.

Alec pulls the man closer, almost into his lap when Magnus’s hand moves to cup the side of his face, fingers gently brushing against his flushed skin.

Pecking the lips softly a second after parting, Magnus breathes out a, “I miss you.”

With the inner turmoil in him finally settled, and knowing that the beautiful man in front of him wants him as he is, Alec leans for a simple press on Magnus’ firm lips, “I miss you too.”

Izzy who was sitting across the couple, instinctively reaches for Clary’s hand, much to Jace’s annoyance, smiling wide at her. She mouthed a ‘thank you’, receiving a nod from the red-haired painter.

Thirty minutes later, five of them were enjoying their meals while chatting about their recent case and also what was going on with their daily lives.

“So Magnus,” Izzy says, munching on her asparagus, eyes on her boss, “When are you going back to LA?”

“Not sure. No one has dropped any death threat yet,” the ME replies, sipping on his ice-tea.

“Oooh, will you be Alec’s date for my exhibition later next month?” Clary asks, giggling, “He said that he’ll only come if he finds a date.”

“Ugh,” Alec groans, realizing he might not get away with it.

“I would love to Clary,” Magnus smiles, patting Alec on the shoulder, eyes on Clary, “Dresscode?”

“Formal,” she replies, then kicks Alec under the table, “You’re coming~” she hums loudly.

Izzy chuckles, a fork pointed at Alec’s way, “Serve you well brother.”

Alec grumbles, stabbing the piece of chicken on his plate with a death stare at his brother. 

"Hey, why you shooting daggers at me?" 

"You," Alec points a finger with the hand holding his fork at Jace, "You told Izzy what I told you back at the precinct didn't you?" 

Jace shrugs, biting into his half-eaten beef burger. 

"And you," Alec shifts his stare onto his baby sister who was not even bothered by it, "What did you tell Magnus?" 

Izzy shrugs, continues on munching her dinner, sipping on her ginger ale without care. 

"Darling," Magnus' melodious voice fills the silence at the booth, right hand patting Alec's thigh, "They love you."

"I know, I love them too, but they are annoying." 

"Hey!" the crowd of three yells at the same time. 

* * * * *

"I'm going to Pandemonium for work, you guys wanna join me?" Magnus asks as they stepped out of Taki's, heading towards their parked cars. 

Izzy looks at Clary and nods in agreement, "Yeah."

"Well if these two are going, I have to," Jace said, left hand wrapped around his girlfriend's shoulder, "Gotta watch these ladies," he pokes his younger sister’s shoulder.

Grinning, Magnus presses the button in his hand, his luxurious car unlocks as he stands by the driver's side. 

"Call me and I'll pick you guys up," Alec, who they hadn't noticed was a few feet way in the back, says as he fishes out his bunch of car keys deep inside his pants pocket, heading towards his car. 

"You’re not coming?" 

Grimacing while still smiling is a new kind of look that Alec had to get used to while being presented with an adorable Magnus, "No," he says, scratching the back of his neck. 

"Alec doesn't really like going to the club," Clary pipes in. 

"He hates crowds," Izzy supplies more information, "It's a blessing that he wanted to join us at Pandemonium the other day."

Alec rolls his eyes at his sister, then groans at Magnus' disappointed face, "I don't really like loud bright places.”

“We can head straight to my office there? It’s soundproof.”

Alec made a face, “I still have to go through the dancing floor aren’t I?” he shakes his head at the thought of pushing his way through streams of sweaty moving bodies.

“See, he’s allergic to human beings,” Izzy says, teasing her brother. She stepped closer to him, pressing a kiss on his cheek, leaving a red stain to his grimace when she tries wiping it with her thumb once she notices the mess, “Stop being a hermit hermano.”

“I’m not!!”

“Just come with us,” Izzy says softly, “For Magnus?”

Alec let out a loud groan, eyes on Magnus as the ME stares at him anxiously, “Fine. But I’m not going to dance or drink.”

* * * * *

2035 Owner’s Office, Pandemonium

Alec sat on one of the couches in the middle of Magnus’ spacious office, the ME sat at his work desk signing paperwork relating to Pandemonium’s daily operations, the detective going through his e-mail and grunts when he sees an RSVP request for his former high-school reunion.

“What’s wrong?” Magnus asks, eyes still reading the document in his hands.

“Nothing,” Alec says, moving the email into his ‘To Do’ folder, “Do you go to your high-school reunion?”

Magnus shrugs, then momentarily look at Alec before focusing back into his paperwork, “Not really. Probably due to the fact that it’s on the other side of the world.”

“Would you though? I’m sure you have the money to travel there.”

“Money is not an issue, but I don’t really have good memories there, I’d rather not go back.”

Alec moves to sit on one of the two chairs at the opposite side of the table, eyes on Magnus, “You know can tell me.”

Magnus chuckles, now this man is using the exact same sentence he had been telling him, “It’s a country where I can’t even be myself. Imagined being stared at for just putting on eyeliner.”

“When did you realize that you bat for both sides?”

Magnus pursed his lips while thinking, hand still on the paper, “When I find Leonardo Dicaprio super hot and fuckable in his pilot uniform in Catch Me If You Can while watching the movie with my then-girlfriend Anita.”

Alec wolf-whistles.

“You darling?” Magnus asks, starting to put down his signatures onto the documents piling in his tray.

“When I was 15 or 16, but I was still in the closet, up until 5 years ago, when the Sergeant manning the reception area downstairs insisting that I should go on a date with her daughter and I had to tell the whole precinct that I don’t dig woman,” Alec leans deeper into his seat, “Lydia, Luke, and my siblings were supportive and helpful, although my parents, they were not pleased with it,” Alec smiles flatly at his memory, “They’ve changed now though, it took them some time.”

“I’m glad.”

Alec nods, “They’re divorced now, but it was for the best. I still keep in touch with my dad although he’s now in New Hampshire.”

“He’s a lawyer?”

“Yeah, a divorce attorney. Mom’s a prosecutor, but she’s fed up with work so she opened up a trinket store near her house in Queens after the divorce. She now walks to work and spends most of her time gossiping if she’s not busy threatening us to come home for a visit.”

Magnus chuckles, “Izzy told me all of you have quite a hard childhood, especially you since you’re the firstborn.”

Alec shrugs, “It was hard, but now that’s all in the past. They’ve accepted me for who I am and I’m happy even with that,” Alec watches Magnus sorting the documents in front of him, neatly arranging them in one pile, putting it on the corner of the dark mahogany table and placing a clown paperweight on it, “A clown?” he asks, chuckling.

Magnus grumbles, slapping the ugly gift, “Ragnor and Raphael. Because I’m a stupid man for buying this place.”

“You were in love, that’s all.”

“Ah, glad I snagged myself a wise man.”

“Well thanks,” Alec smiles proudly, his white teeth dazzling under the chandelier.

“Alexander,” Magnus starts, eyes on his detective, “Is there anything else you wanted to ask me?”

Alec shakes his head, “No.”

“Okay,” Magnus takes a deep breath, “I don’t know the future, but I do know that I want you, and I like you, very much. I won’t ever find you annoying or clingy especially since we work together and we see each other all the time. I promise you, if I need to be alone, I will tell you and you can do the same, is that okay?”

Maybe it is a blessing that his siblings and Clary are annoyingly busybodies, but Alec couldn’t stop being happy for the fact that they care about him and wants his and Magnus’ relationship to go well. He looked at Magnus, a wide smile on his plump lips, “Okay. And uh, since we’re being honest and all, I wanted to confirm something.”


Alec gulps, “What are we right now?” he asks, right hand fingers tapping the surface of Magnus’ work table, “Are we uh, friends, good friends or boyfriends?”

Magnus licks his lips, then making a move to stand from his chair and walks to Alec, sitting on the armchair of the luxurious office chair he’s currently sitting on, “I’d love to call you my boyfriend if that’s okay with you?”

Alec looks up at the ME cum entrepreneur, nodding and smiling wide, “Of course it’s fine with me,” he leans up to press a kiss on Magnus’ cheek, “Boyfriend.”

“Hah, very subtle detective, stealing our first kiss as boyfriends,” Magnus teases, his left hand went around Alec’s back, the other cupping the detective’s left side of the face, guiding him as Magnus dips his head to press a long soft kiss on those lips.

Giddy and overly happy of their new status, Alec pulls his new lover swiftly into his lap, sneaking his tongue into the inviting mouth when Magnus gasps at his sudden movement, moaning into the kiss when Alec held onto him tighter, his tongue rubbing against the roof of Magnus’ warm cavern.

“Hmm, darling,” Magnus pulls away to take a breath a few minutes later, right palm on Alec’s chest, rubbing it softly, “We need to stop.”

Sighing, Alec rests his forehead onto Magnus’ temple, pecking his cheek, “I like you a lot too Magnus. I really do.”

Tightening the hold he already had around the detective, Magnus smiles after letting out a long lengthy breath, “Thank you, Alexander.”

“Hum, why don’t we go down to your VVIP throne and get something to drink?”

“Oh?” Magnus looks at his detective with a shocked expression. 

Alec rolls his eyes, "Just one drink,” he says, then smiling, “To celebrate our relationship upgrade.”

Magnus dips his head pressing a kiss on Alec's cheek before pulling away giggling, "You never ceased to amaze me, Alexander."

* * * * *

0925H Homicide Unit, New York Police Department

“So Magnus said that he measured the entrance and the exit wounds on Prof. Oaks, he didn’t kill himself,” Alec says closing the file in front of him, “He was shot by somebody right next to him.”

Jace nods, then reading the report in his hand, “His broker told me that he’s been withdrawing about 15k a month, for a year and a half. But we can't find any paper trail on them.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of money,” Lydia pauses, “Maybe someone was blackmailing him?” Lydia deduces, head tilts to a side as she focuses on the screen in front of her, “After he started seeing those students.”

“You meant the student prostitutes?” Jace says, eyes on the monitor on his table right hand finger clicking the mouse.

Simon walks into the bullpen, a laptop in his hand, “Sergeant, I got the result on the serial number you gave me,” he says, placing his laptop on the space on Lydia’s table, “The gun’s registered to John Blake, Ellsworth, Kansas.”

Jace and Alec stare at each other, “Blake?”

Lydia frowns at the pair of siblings, “Isn’t that name is in one of your reports?”

Alec nods, “Yeah, Delilah’s RA, Linda Blake,” he chuckles amusedly at his partner, “She was busy flirting with Jace when I was asking her questions.”

“It’s her father,” Simon says, clicking on the ID of the owner of the gun.

Jace stares at his brother, “Do you think she’s the pimp?

Alec nods, mind thinking on the possibilities, “RA’s supposed to keep tabs on the kids under their wings. And she would’ve known that Delilah has lost her scholarship and that she was desperate.”

“Time to go, fellas,” Lydia says, moving to grab her coat, “We have a madam to catch.”

Jace groans, pushing his chair against his desk, “Can’t we just call her a pimp?”

“Nope,” Lydia rebuts, “Madam sounds cooler.”

* * * * *

1420H Room 300, Founders Hall

“Linda Blake! NYPD, open the door!” Lydia half yells, hand knocking on the closed door. She moves to the side, letting Jace stand in front of the door, right leg kicking the door open.

“Clear!” Jace says as he stepped into the room.

Alec was about to follow suit when he notices a figure at the end of the hallway, talking on the phone, “Linda Blake!” he shouts.

Linda who notices the flock of police officers in front of her room turns around and makes a run down the stairs.

“Oh god, why do these people have to run?” Alec grunts while he sprints down the hallway and makes a jump down the flight of stairs onto the landing. He peeks through the space between the stairs and caught a glimpse of red hair at the ground level of the building. Holding the railing tight, Alec jumps sideways over the stairs, reaching the ground level in minimum time. 

He heads towards the open front door, pushing the bodies of students in his way before leaping over the small flight of stairs, hand catching the small shoulder of Linda Blake, pushing her down to the ground.

“Linda Blake, you are under arrest for the murder of Delilah Duncan and Lionel Oak,” Alec says, right knee pressing the small of Linda’s back onto the ground, hands working expertly to cuff the RA’s wrists.

* * * * *

1540H Interrogation Room 2, New York Police Department

“She deserves it,” Linda hisses, rolling her eyes as she chuckles at Lydia who was sitting in front of her, “I paid upfront 57k for her tuition and she suddenly said she didn’t want to do it anymore? I don’t run a charity bitch.”

“So you killed her because she wanted to quit?” Alec asks, hands on the table in a tight grip.

“Because she wanted to go public,” Linda snorts, hands folded on her chest, “I couldn’t risk everything just because a whiny little bitch suddenly grows a conscience.”

Alec leans back into the metal chair, right fingers raking through his already mop hair, "What about Professor Oak?" 

Chuckling, Linda rolled her eyes, "He found out about Delilah, so I had to end him."

* * * * *

"She confessed to everything?" Jace asks when Alec stepped out of the interrogation room five minutes later, refusing to listen to Linda defending herself. 

Alec nods, pulling out his vibrating cell-phone, "Lyd's getting her written confession now," he says, then looks down at his phone, "Simon found out that Linda has 6 other students working under her and another professor she's been blackmailing."

Jace groans, "I'll ask Raj to go find those students and grab Underhill to arrest the professor for being a dickhead."

Alec rolls his eyes, "Be nice."

Shrugging as he walks away, Jace pipes in a, "I am nice." 

* * * * *

1820H Homicide Unit, New York Police Department

Alec reads out the report on his table, right palm rubbing against the back of his neck, "So we have six students and a professor arrested for prostitution, one senior student arrested for double homicide and running a prostitution ring and now the dean of the college requested the Mayor to keep a lid on it?" 

Lydia grumbles in her seat, left hand fingers clicking her black pen non-stop, "Yeah. That's to sum it up."

Jace looks at his Sergeant Sergeant, "What do we tell Delilah's mother?" 

"We tell her that her daughter loves her and she did her best in school," Lydia decides, looking at both brothers, "I think she had enough."

Alec nods. 

"Now fellas, if you're done with your report, I think we deserve another nice day off tomorrow," Lydia says, moving out of her seat, "Which thanks to a certain someone we were swamped with cases while he's on a break for 3 nice months." 

Alec made a face, "You said I had to wait for Doctor Carstairs clearance."

Smiling wide, Lydia nods, "I know."

Jace let out a long sigh, flexing his body in his chair, "God, I don't remember the last time we had two days off in a week span. Need to catch up some loving with Clary."

Alec groans in annoyance, "You had your off-day even when I was on medical break, stop exaggerating,” Alec moves his hands, stacking up his active case files in the corner of his desk, “You two go, I wanted to settle a report before I go home."

Lydia raises an eyebrow, "Alec, I'm ordering you to go home." 

"I will, I'm just gonna settle this," Alec says, raising a file in his hand. 

Putting on her jacket, Lydia sets her eyes on her ex-partner, "I'm calling here in one hour and if you're still here, I'm gonna come and kick your ass."

Alec snorts loudly, focusing on the paper on his table, hand waving at his partner and Sergeant in a shooing motion. 

Ten minutes into his file, Alec's desk phone shrill loudly and without shifting his focus, Alec picks up the receiver, "Lightwood."

"Detective, I have a-Mrs Duncan here at reception waiting."

Alec licks his upper lip then taking a deep breath, "I'll come down in a minute."

* * * * *

1845H Lobby Area, New York Police Department

"Mrs. Duncan?" Alec's voice was soft when he approaches the figure standing by the reception desk, face dim. 

"Detective? I uh-heard you caught my daughter's-" she chokes on her breath, eyes on Alec. 

"Why don't we head to the cafe and get something to drink while we talk?" 

Alec led the mourning mother to a table on the right side of the cafe, taking a minute to take her drink preference before approaching the counter for their order. 

Placing her cup of green tea on the table, Alec takes a seat on the opposite side, his black coffee in his palms. 

"I was notified by one of your detectives, Raj and uh Michael about my daughter's case," she starts, left hand rubbing her thigh, "They told me you caught her murderer."

Nodding, Alec takes a slow sip of his coffee, mind thinking of words to comfort the older woman, "Yes we did. I made an arrest this afternoon."


"I'm sorry ma'am, I can't tell you yet."

"But detective-"

Alec reaches over the table, resting his left hand carefully on top of the mother's trembling ones, "Ma'am, I know that you wanted to know everything right now, but you're not ready yet."

"Detective, please. She's my only daughter," Mrs.Duncan sobs, tears pooling in her eyes. 

"I know ma'am. She's your one and only daughter," Alec pauses, squeezing the hand in his, "But I can assure you, your daughter loves you very much and she wants you to know that."

* * * * *

It was 20 minutes later that the grieving mother finally gives up, as Alec did not give in to her constant pleading and sobbing on knowing the truth of her daughter's death. 

How are you going to tell a mother that her own daughter decided to sell herself to stay in school? 

How are you going to explain that the precinct had to keep the case on the down-low since the Mayor told them to do so? 

"Hey, what are you doing in there?" 

Alec startles at the voice of his sister, not realizing that the elevator had stopped at the basement level, "I was just thinking about things," he explains, stepping out of the space with a grin, "Late night shift?" 

Izzy nods, stepping closer to her brother and pulls him in for a one-arm hug, "Yeah. But I came in early because I was bored at home, Simon's not there."

"Ah yeah, he helped up a lot with our latest case. Now I don't really feel bad vouching for him as our Crime Scene Analyst."

Izzy rolls her eyes, taking small steps toward the laboratory, Alec on her heels, "He found out about The Circle, excuse you."

"Ah, that too."

Pushing the door to the laboratory, Izzy takes her usual spot behind the desktop on the high counter, her thigh perched on the barstool, "Why are you still here? Jace told me you're all getting an off day tomorrow."

Alec shrugs, "Was catching on my cold cases, then Delilah Duncan's mother stopped by," he leans forward, hands on the high counter, hazel eyes on his sister, "Wanting to know the reason why someone killed her daughter."

Izzy grimaces, "Yikes. Did you tell her?" 

"No," Alec shakes his head, "I can't tell the mother that her daughter was selling herself to pay for her school tuition."

"She's desperate and didn't know what to do. I kind of understand her you know." 

Alec sighs, left hand rubbing the side of his face, "Me too."

"Okay then hermano, why don't you go fetch your boyfriend in his office, go for dinner and you know," Izzy smiles wide, waggling her left eyebrow, "Have fun," she clicks the button of the keyboard in front of her, and stare at the screen, "Don't call me tomorrow."

Alec raises an eyebrow, "What happened to your 'call me on your day off so I know you're alive' rule?" 

"I abolished it last night when you and Magnus upgraded your label to boyfriends," she explains, grinning wide. 

"Mhm," Alec turns to look at the Autopsy Room through the clear glass door of the Laboratory, "You sure he's free tonight?" 

"We have to run a few samples for the new case brought in by drug unit today, but I can do it for him."

"Iz, don't. Just because he's your boss and I'm dating him does not mean I'm okay with you doing favors for us."

Izzy smiles, leaning forward to pat her brother on the cheek, "Once in a while is fine by me. Now go, shoo."