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Lightwood and Bane

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1925H Chief Medical Examiner Office, New York Police Department 

Alec leans against the doorway of Magnus' office, eyes watching his now-boyfriend settled comfortably on his couch, his work laptop on his lap, "Hey there boyfriend," he greets, smiling teasingly. 

Chuckling at his detective's greet, Magnus motions him to come closer and pat the empty space next to him, "What are you still doing here?" 

“The victim's mother came and asks for details of her daughter's killer,” Alec sighs, taking slow strides toward the couch, flopping himself unceremoniously on the soft cushion next to his lover, “But we’ve been told to keep it under wraps so I had to answer her questions without answering her questions,” he pauses, looking at the doctor who had his perfectly shaped eyebrow raised, “If you get what I mean.”

Magnus nods, “I heard about Mayor’s request to put a lid on the reports, including mine. Apparently, the dean is a relative of his, so yeay to politics,” he moves to place his work laptop on the coffee table, his body turns to face Alec, “Do you need anything?”

Alec shrugs, “Hm, are you done with work for the day?”

“Just waiting for the result from the lab to conclude my report for the drug unit.”

Biting his lower lip, Alec reaches for Magnus’ left hand, eyes on the forensic pathologist, “I like you.”

“I like you too Alexander.”

Smiling wide, Alec leans to peck Magnus on the lips, muttering an ‘okay’ before reaching for the laptop on the coffee table and placing it on Magnus’ lap, “More of that once you’re done with your report.”

“You’re such a tease,” Magnus mumbles, fingers starting to move on the keyboard of the laptop while Alec pulls him slowly into his hold, the working man's back pressed flushed against the detective's toned abdomen, “Hurm, I could get used to this.”

Alec fully leans against the plush couch, hands circling Magnus’ waist as he pulls the doctor into his embrace, inhaling his sandalwood cologne, “You smell nice,” he says, unconsciously nuzzling Magnus’ lean neck, nose resting against the warm skin.

Magnus shivers at the sudden contact, left hand reaching to hold the back of Alec’s head, fingers buried in his hair, “Wouldn’t want you to kiss me while I smell like the dead.”

Alec chuckles, his lips started dancing along Magnus’ caramel-colored neck.

“Umm, Alexander, I’m working here.”

“Then work,” Alec says in between the shower of kisses, hands holding the waist has started the mission of mapping Magnus’ body, palms and fingers running each curve and lines of Magnus’ side.

“Darling, please,” Magnus gasps, fingers pulling the dark raven hair when Alec kisses the patch of skin that brought tingles to his body, laptop moving subtly on his lap, “Alexander-” he moans when Alec licks the caramel skin where his shoulder meets his neck, the detective’s perfectly line teeth nipping at the skin seconds after.


“Stop-unh-I need to-” Magnus pauses, letting out a deep breathy moan when Alec sucks on his skin, his fingers gripping the detective’s locks tight, “-settle my work.”

Lips traveling upwards, Alec nuzzles Magnus’ left earlobe, before grunting out loud when sudden loud knocks came from Magnus’ office door, “Damn it,” he scoffs, forehead resting on Magnus’ shaking shoulder.

With a deep breath to calm his erratic heartbeats, “That’s what you get for teasing me,” Magnus chides, moving out of Alec’s embrace to place his laptop back on the coffee table, turning to peck him on the lips, “Come in,” he half yells then moves to pat Alec’s cheek, “Stop pouting.”

Alec grumbles, reaching for a magazine on the coffee table, opening it with more strength than necessary, eyes on the page where the magazine unfolds in his hands.

“Doctor Bane, I have the result for the-” one of the Lab Technicians steps in, a blue file in her hand, “-uh sorry, I didn’t know-” she stutters when she registers that her superior was with someone else in his office, sitting comfortably close to each other, “-I uh-”

Magnus smiles at his staff, “The result for the drug unit?”

“Yea-yes,” she stutters, moving closer to hand the file to Magnus.

“Thank you, Jess. I’ll head home soon, please be a dear and tell Isabelle for me?”

Nodding, the technician turns swiftly, heading straight to the door.

When the door closes with a soft click, Magnus opens the file in his hand, reading the result of a few samples submitted by the drug unit almost 20 hours ago. Putting the file aside, he reaches for his laptop, carefully placing it on his lap before he was on auto-pilot, typing in the details to conclude his report.

* * * * *

Twenty minutes later, Magnus gleefully clicks save, the report he had been immersed in uploaded into their online-based system, ready for the related department to view. He put the portable machine on the coffee table after clicking the shutdown button, turning to his now softly snoring boyfriend, snuggled deep into his couch, a magazine on his chest.

Magnus carefully stands on his feet, moving towards his desk to gather his belongings, before reaching for his Burberry Cashmere coat hanging on the coat rack behind his desk. 

“You’re done with your report?” Alec asks groggily, his knuckles pressing against his closed lids.

“Yes,” Magnus nods, stepping closer to his boyfriend, pulling him up from the comfortable couch, “Had a nice nap?” he asks, fingers running through Alec’s hair, trying hard to untangle the mess.

“Hmm, I’m hungry.”

“Me too. Any preference?” 

Alec shakes his head, right hand reaching for Magnus’ hand, leading the ME out of his office after turning the lights off, both walking slowly towards the elevator, “Hm, why don’t you lead this second date night of ours?”

“I’d love to.”

* * * * *

2015H Meze, Brooklyn

Stepping out of his car, Magnus clicks the button of the keyfob in his hand, “I hope this place is okay with you, I’ve been wanting to eat Greek food since I left LA.”

Alec nods, eyes scanning the cozy look of the restaurant as he circles the car to join his boyfriend by the sidewalk, “I can try.”

They were both immediately seated by the window overlooking the traffic soon as they stepped into the restaurant. The waiter passed them a book of menu each and with a curtsy nod, left them as they flip through the neat and classy menu.

“Are you okay with Baked Clams as an appetizer?” Magnus asks.

“Yes,” Alec says, then his eyes linger on one of the delicacies typed on the piece of glossy paper, “Can I add the Ohtapodi? It sounded delicious.”

“Succulent squid, char-grilled, seasoned with olive oil, lemon, and herbs,” Magnus reads the remark of the dish to himself then nodding subtly, “Of course. What about your main?” he asks, eyes on his boyfriend who was still focusing on the long lists of menu.

“I’ll have the Pasticchio,” Alec concludes, placing the menu back on the table, now watching his lover scanning the menu in his hands with his exotic colored eyes, “You?”

“I’ll probably have their Bakaliaro, had too much of beef during lunch. Care to share the dessert with me, darling?”

Alec nods, leaning against the chair, “Yes, sure. Just pick anything,”. Alec watches every movement Magnus made, to his hand hovering the air as he discussed the food with the waiter, the lines at the corner of his eyes when he chuckles and his firm voice. He noticed the differences in Magnus’ voice while speaking to him, but he can be sure now that’s Magnus’ tone while speaking to his lover. His flirty, melodious and sensuous voice that Alec would never get tired of.

“Is there something on my face?” Magnus asks, fingers patting his cheeks and chin when he realizes Alec had been staring at him for a good 5 minutes.

Alec chuckles, pushing himself up and leaning over the table to press a soft kiss on Magnus’ left cheek, “Just me I guess,” he says as his lips linger on the now warm pink cheek, teasing his lover. 

Rolling his eyes adorably, Magnus scoffs, right hand placed on Alec’s chest, pushing the chuckling detective back into his seat, “Oh god, you’re such a tease, Alexander.”

Alec was about to retort when the phone in his pocket was vibrating continuously, indicating a call was coming in, “Sorry, one-second,” he says, reaching for his phone, and clears his throat as he sees the caller ID, “Hi mom.”

“Hey, Izzy told me you’re off tomorrow?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Would you swing by and collect your things from the spare room? Max is moving back next month-”

Alec gasps in surprise, “Wait, he’s moving back?”

“Yes, I’ll explain it to you tomorrow. Just come by and uh-”

Alec raises an eyebrow, hearing his mother clearing her throat and the whispers of his step-dad saying ‘ ask him ’, “What?” he asks, voice firm.

“I-uh-Luke heard from someone that you’re dating someone. Ow, don’t poke me."

“And would that someone be your lovely daughter Isabelle?”

“Hmm. Do you uh, wanna bring him for lunch tomorrow?”

Alec momentarily shifts his gaze from his hand to Magnus who had been staring at him, “Mom, we’ve only started dating yesterday!” he gushes softly into the phone, cheeks turning pink and warm.

“And? I’m not going to scare him away silly. Luke told me a lot about him and I wanted to know the man who made my grumpy son all smiling and fluffy.”

“Oh god, Izzy and Jace have been talking to you about my love life behind my back.”

“We do chat every day.”

“You meant gossiping about me behind my back.”

“Bring him tomorrow and I don’t take no for an answer Alexander Gideon Lightwood.”

Alec grunts, knowing if his mother Maryse had spelled out his name, even including his middle name, there’s no way out, “Fine. Don’t blame me if he has to work tomorrow.”

“Fine. Bye, love you.”

“Bye mom, love you too,” he ends the call, grunting out loud.

Magnus reaches over the table, left hand resting on Alec’s right forearm, circling the wrist, “Are you okay?”

Alec sheepishly places the cellphone on the table, shifting the hold of Magnus’ hand, his fingers now playfully scratching Magnus’ open palm, “It’s my mom. She asks me to drop by tomorrow since it’s my day off,” he explains briefly, left-hand fingers scratching the back of his neck, “And uh-”

“Darling, what is it?” Magnus leans closer, a frown on his beautiful face.

“She uh, Izzy told her and my step-dad, Luke that we’re dating.”

“Is that-” Magnus clears his throat, the frown on his face turns into an indescribable expression, “-not okay with you?”

“No babe, no,” Alec quickly reassure his boyfriend, both his hands now holding Magnus’ left hand, “I’d never regret us, never regret this,” he says, squeezing the hand in his tight to emphasize what he really means, “It’s just that my mom asks me to bring my boyfriend with me tomorrow.”

“Oh,” Magnus let out a soft voice at the realization. Well, they started dating just yesterday, and it is too soon to meet the family, normally.

“Would you-I know that-” he pauses, groaning softly and heaves in a huge breath, “God, we met just almost a week ago and started dating yesterday and now my mom asks me to bring you home. We’re going extremely too fast aren't we?”

“Darling,” Magnus’s right-hand reaches over to caress Alec’s left cheek, “To be honest, I initially thought I’m all done with dating and love after Camille, but you,” he pauses, smiling wide at his boyfriend, thumb on Alec’s cheek continuously making circle movement on the skin, “You’ve unlocked something in me, Alexander. I don’t even care if people are saying we’re too fast, I want you and that’s all that matters.”

“Thank you, Magnus.”

“You’re very welcome Alexander.”

Smiling wide, Alec brings the ME’s hand in his and presses small kisses onto each knuckle.

* * * * *

They were both indulging in the appetizer that came a few minutes after Maryse’ phone call, together with their drinks.

“So, tell me about yourself darling.”

Alec swallows the clump of crabmeat and clam on his spoon, before wiping any traces on his lips, “So, I’m a detective with the NYPD.”

Magnus rolls his eyes, playfully kicking his lover’s shin under the table, “I know that.”

“Fine,” Alec says, grinning wider, “I busted my ass off in high school to accumulate my credits so I get to complete my bachelor's degree in 2 years' time. I have a degree in Criminology. Then I joined the academy almost a week after my graduation ceremony. I was offered to be a forensic science technician but decided to become a beat cop in Queens. I made my way to detectives through hard work and no-nonsense attitude, Lydia’s word not mine.”

Alec pauses, taking a piece of his char-grilled octopus into his plate and cutting it into half, “I met Lydia in the patrol unit and we were paired when both of us passed our detective exams at the same time. She initially wanted to join the drug unit, but a few months in the homicide unit with me, I guess we make a great pair, so she stayed.”

“Both of you didn’t try to date?”

Chuckling, Alec reaches for another piece of octopus, “No. I’m not her type and I can’t even imagine being more than friends with her.”

Magnus pushes the empty plate of what used to be full of baked clams, before reaching for Alec’s order of char-grilled octopus, “Tell me about your family darling.”

“Hmm, so my parents are divorced. Mom married Luke a year ago and dad moved to another state with my youngest brother, Max. Max’s 16 and my mom mentioned that he’s moving back here soon. You knew Jace and Izzy,” he pauses, chewing on his appetizer, “I guess that’s all.”

“Your birthday?”

“It’s on September 12th.”

Magnus raises an eyebrow, “Year?”


Magnus snorts loudly, fork in his hand stabbing the octopus laying in his plate harder than necessary.

“Okay okay, I’m sorry,” Alec chuckles, left thumb reaches over the table to wipe the stain of olive oil at the corner of Magnus’ lip, “I’m turning 28 this year.”

“Wow, I got myself a younger man,” Magnus says nonchalantly, chewing on the appetizer that had just entered his mouth.

Alec rolls his eyes, pushing his now empty plate to a side, joining their orders of appetizer, “What are you? 50?”

Magnus clicks his tongue, hands carefully lifting the empty plate in front of him to join his lover’s, “I’m still in my early 30s, thank you very much.”

“Your birthday?” 

“December 8th.”


“I’ll tell you only after you kiss me,” Magnus teases, eyes sweeping over the almost full restaurant, knowing that Alec who’s not keen on PDA (as informed by his lovely sister Isabelle), therefore he would probably hesitate to do so-

Alec pushes himself off the chair, leans over the table and cups Magnus’ jaw with his hands, before pulling the man towards him, then pressing a long kiss on his lips, “So?” he asks against the lips, pecking the firm lips once again before settling in his seat, to the eyes of the onlookers in the cozy restaurant.

Magnus sat dumbstruck in his seat, eyes on Alec who had been chuckling at him, “You really are something Alexander.”

* * * * * 

They were halfway into their main course when Alec repeats the question, “So what year?”

“1989. I'm 29, turning 30 this year.”

“Wow, I got myself an older gentleman.”

Magnus rolls his eyes adorably, knife in his hand slicing through the fish on his plate, “Do you plan on being a Sergeant soon?”

Alec shrugs, taking his time thinking while chewing on his meal, “Not really. Not interested in it yet. It’s actually fun working under Lyds and with Jace as my partner.”

“And now you have me, it’s a merry merry group.”

“And glittery if I may add.”

Magnus chuckles, mouth taking a bite of the codfish from his plate, “I don’t wear glitter to work, it will ruin our crime scene. I’ll wear them in private-” he leans closer to Alec, voice melodious and flirty, just above a whisper, “-just for you.”

Alec closes his eyes and groans at the tone Magnus was teasing him with, “Babe, we’re in public.”

“I know, that’s why it’s fun.”

“Is this payback when I teased you back in your office?”

“Hmmm, maybe.”

* * * * * 

With their main course done and the plates on their table cleared, both Magnus and Alec sipped on their drinks while they wait for their dessert.

“So, did you introduced Lieutenant to your mom?”

Alec shakes his head, taking another small sip from his soda before carefully putting the glass back on the table, “No, they’ve known each other through work years ago. Luke actually had an interest in Clary’s mom before she was killed. When my mom got divorced, they became friends and now, they’re married.”

“You guys okay with that?”

Smiling wide, Alec nods, “Why shouldn’t we? She deserves to be happy. Dad’s happy for her too.”

Magnus notices the waiter approaching their table with their dessert in his hands, “I hope you eat Baklava.”

“I’ve never eaten one, but I can try.”

* * * * *

2235 Nelson Apartment, Flatbush, New York

“Do you want to come up for tea?” Alec asks soon as Magnus stops the car by the main entrance of his apartment.

“As much as I want to continue what you were doing in my office, I’d rather not darling.”

“Are you sure? Just for tea, nothing else.”

Magnus chuckles at the disappointed look on Alec’s face. He unbuckled his seatbelt and with a long exasperated sigh, he patted the detective on the cheek, “Fine, stop pouting.”

In an instant, Alec’s face turns bright, the smile so wide his muscle would probably hurt the next day, “Let's go,” he says after leaning in to peck a chaste kiss on Magnus’ cheek.

Fifteen minutes later, they were both comfortably settled on Alec’s couch, two mugs of steaming hot tea on the coffee table, the television on.

“Do you cook?” Magnus asks, eyes on the streaming Food Network Channel.

“I try to when I’m not tired. You?”

“Just the simple stuff,  just to make sure I don’t starve to death. There’s always take out.”

Alec raises an eyebrow, heard turns sideways to judge his boyfriend, “You have an enormous up-to-date kitchen and you don’t even bother cooking?”

“Darling, I do cook.”

“What do you cook?”

“Bacon,” Magnus says proudly, reaching for his tea, taking a tentative sip as he looks back at his boyfriend, “Are you judging me?” he asks when Alec stares at him, mouth opened wide.

“Yes! I’d kill for a kitchen like yours, oh god, you have an 8 burners stove, pot filler, double ass huge oven and don’t get me started on your fridge.”

“What about my fridge?”

“They’re three doors and huge! And you have a separate one door freezer!”

Magnus rolls his eyes, ears still catching on Alec’s rambles about his high-end appliances and how Magnus should at least sharpen his skill since he spent an enormous amount of money on a space that he’d die for.

“Don’t get me started on your pantry.”

“Please don’t,” Magnus deadpans, still sipping his tea, but Alec did not even bother listening to him. Groaning softly, Magnus places the mug back on the coffee table, turning to look at his still rambling gorgeous boyfriend and swiftly moves to straddle the younger male on the couch before cupping his face to press a hard chaste kiss on his plump lips.

Alec was taken aback by what had happened, but he instinctively pulls Magnus closer to him by holding him by the waist, letting the older man settle himself on his lap, “Magnus,” he whispers against the lips when Magnus pulls his head away for a new take of breath.

“Shut up,” Magnus hisses, capturing the lips once more, his tongue swiping the lower lip, seeking for entrance. When Alec parted his lips in permission, Magnus gladly pushes his warm tongue in, nudging against Alec’s warm muscle before indulging in the taste of his Alexander and the taste of their sweet tea. Alec was still hesitant in breaching into his mouth, so Magnus gladly indulges on the treat splayed in front of him. Almost a minute into the kiss, Alec had experimentally pushed his way into Magnus' mouth, the tip of his tongue rubbing against the top of Magnus' mouth, making the man moans. When Alec was comfortable enough, Magnus nips on Alec's tongue playfully at first, drinking in the sound of Alec gasping and the way his grip tightens around Magnus' waist at his ministration. Catching the warm muscle in between his parted lips, rubbing the tip of the tongue with his, Magnus carefully places his hands on each of side of his boyfriend's shoulder, before he starts suckling on Alec's tongue.

The explicit slurping sound Magnus' mouth was making was sending shivers all over Alec’s body, and he felt himself hardening, “Magnus,” he gasps when Magnus pulls away in between his wet kiss to breathe, before pressing Alec deeper into the couch, their body pressed flat against one another, swallowing his small moans when Magnus nips on his tongue and sucking on it again.

Magnus unconsciously grinds against the awakening bulge beneath him, his own clothed half-hard nether region deliciously make contact with his boyfriend’s, his own mouth letting out a deep guttural groan in reflex.

Alec tightens the grip he has on Magnus, pulling the ME flush against his warm body, eyes fluttering open and shut as he drinks in the sight of his boyfriend’ beautiful aroused face. When Magnus parted the kiss to inhale another sharp breath, Alec moves his head to press kiss along the sharp jawline, then starts nipping and licking the lean neck, making its way down towards Magnus’ collarbone.

“I’m sorry,” Magnus whispers as he pushes himself away from Alec’s hold, his own chest heaving hard, pupil blown wide and filled with lust, “I’m sorry,” he says softly, moving to distance his body away from his lover.

Alec frowns, finding it hard to think clearly when the blood supply in his body was only focusing on one place, “What’s wrong?” he asks, hands gripping Magnus’ thigh, scared that he might have done something terribly wrong that Magnus has decided to push himself away.

“I shouldn’t have let you on-” Magnus gulps, pausing for a few seconds to take a deep breath, “-we should take our time,” he pauses, “God, I really want you, Alexander, I really fucking want you, but I don’t want to regret this. I don’t want you to regret this.”

“We don’t need to go all the way tonight,” Alec tries, “We could just um-” he licks his lips as he stares at the growing bulge in Magnus’ pants.

Magnus chuckles at the same sight, “Darling, it’s okay, it’ll-”

“We uh, can continue making out,” Alec offers.

“Alexander, it’s fine,” Magnus leans down to peck Alec’s pink lips, scrambling off to sit on the space next to him despite Alec groaning out loud at the loss of contact and warmth Magnus was providing, “Let’s just cuddle and watch TV hm?”

“Can I still kiss you?”

Magnus nods, “As long as we keep our hands to ourselves, hm?”

With a smile on his face, Alec slowly presses his lover onto the back his couch, taking time to indulge in the sweet taste of Magnus that he had come to love.

20 minutes into kissing, tongue teasing and lips biting, not getting enough, Alec takes tentative moves as he presses soft kisses down the column of Magnus’ neck, nipping and biting in between.

“Stop it,” Magnus chides, slapping his lover by the arm.

“I’m not doing anything.”

“You are.”

“I’m just kissing you,” Alec emphasizes his action, smiling as he presses a kiss on Magnus’ lips.

“Darling, I know you have a gun, but I have a scalpel in my bag.”

Alec raises an eyebrow, “Is that a threat Doctor Bane?”

“Yes, it is Detective Lightwood.”

Alec chuckles, moving to pat the older man on the waist, “Hm.”

Magnus glances at the TV, noticing the time, “I need to go home. It’s late.”

Alec hums, noticing their tea had gone terribly cold, “Do you want to stay the night?”

Magnus groans, both his hands cupping his face, “Darling, please,” it was hard enough for him to will his hard erection down, and now sleeping next to his boyfriend just after a really long and intense make-out session? No thank you.

“We’ll just cuddle and sleep. That’s all. As long as you keep your hands to yourself.”

Magnus make a face as he turns to look at his detective, “Oh, should keep my hands to myself?”

Alec stares at his boyfriend, corner of his mouth twitching upwards, “Yes, really.”

"What about you detective?"

Alec shrugs, acting all innocent, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Magnus raises an eyebrow, pointing at his now purplish skin just by his collarbone, "So, a vampire devoured me just now?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

* * * * *

Both of them took separate showers, ridding themselves of their work clothes and Alec had gone through his closet to find comfortable clothes for Magnus to use.

“I do hope you have a change of clothes in your car for work tomorrow,” Alec says as he moves to his side of the bed, the room lit just by the nightstands, eyes on Magnus who was focusing on folding the sleeves of Alec’s giant size sweater by the wardrobe.

“I have an off day tomorrow. I can head home probably after breakfast.”

“Oh,” Alec nods, moving to lie on the bed, eyes still on Magnus, “Do you um-” he pauses, mind going back to his conversation with his mother during their dinner date.

“What is it darling?” Magnus asks when Alec suddenly went silent, moving to take the space next to the detective on the bed, settling comfortably under the duvet.

“You can say no if you don’t want to and I totally understand.”

Magnus moves to lie sideways, left hand reaching over to grasp Alec’s open palm on the mattress, eyes on his lover who was laying on his back, “What is it, Alexander?”

“My mom uh-” Alec pauses, eyes on the ceiling, licking his lips a few times as he tries to form words in his mind, “She invited you for lunch tomorrow.”


Still anxious, Alec swiftly moves to lie sideways, face to face with his boyfriend as he tightens the grip of his right hand, “Luke told her about you and she wanted to meet you.”

“Okay Alexander,” Magnus agrees, a wide smile on his face, “I’d love to meet your mother.”

Alec’s face instantly brightens at Magnus’ words, “Really?”

“Of course darling,” Magnus reassures, head leaning forward to press a soft kiss on Alec’s lips, “I’d love to.”

“You don’t think it’s too soon?”

Chuckling, Magnus shakes his head, moving to set his side of the face comfortably in Alec’s mountain of pillows on the bed, “Darling, I don’t mind. But I need to go home for a change of clothes after breakfast, is that okay?”


“I’ll drop by here and pick you up and we can go to your mom’s?”

Alec snuggles closer to Magnus, his right hand draping over the older man’s waist, palm on the small of his back, “No, I’ll go with you then we’ll head straight from your penthouse.”

“You really love my penthouse, do you?”

“Yes,” Alec says, then he yawns, droopy eyes start to close, “Goodnight baby.”

Magnus smiles at the term of endearment, dropping a kiss to Alec’s forehead, “Goodnight darling.”