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Lightwood and Bane

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1115H 69-01, 17th Street, Flushing, New York

Magnus had always wondered how Isabelle and his awesomely cute boyfriend are extremely gorgeous, and the second he laid his eyes on Maryse, he knew why. The mother of four had decided to go by her family name Trueblood, hyphening it with her second’s husband, so now she goes by Maryse Trueblood-Garroway. 

Pushing her past of an atrocious and vicious prosecutor, Maryse (as what she asks him to call her with) is now a free-spirited, bossy and chatty trinket store owner who had too much time in her hands.

“So dad’s okay with him moving back here?” Alec asks, stacking up the boxes in the space down in the hallway by the stairs, remembering to take them down later in the afternoon.

“Robert said he needs to travel often after he made partner, and Max said he’s okay with it as well,” Maryse explains, back leaning against the doorframe of the spare room, “Sooooo, you have a gorgeous boyfriend,” she elaborates with a melodious voice, mouth grinning wide.

Alec chuckles, mind momentarily goes to his boyfriend who’s currently in the living room with his stepdad, watching a recorded baseball tournament or probably discussing about work matters as Alec had just learned that Magnus had known Luke for a year or two, “I uh, I really really like him,” he admitted, heat rising up in his face, not knowing if it is actually appropriate on telling his mom that he's head over heels with a man he had just met.

“I know you do. I’ve never seen you so happy,” Maryse says, a big smile on her red painted lips, eyes twinkling with love for her son, “I’m so happy for you Alec. Really.

Alec turns to look at his mother, oh how he’s glad that she’s changed for the better, “Thank you mom.”

“Jace told me how both of you met for the first time and flirt with each other," she pauses, and with a cringe she continues,"-with a dead body in between.”

Alec groans, moving to lift the box labeled as ‘junk’ in the room and stacking it up in the hallway, “God, so not romantic huh?”

“Definitely not,” Maryse giggles, “Where did you go for your first date?”

“I brought him to Taki’s. Oh yeah,” Alec pauses, stepping to stand in front of his mother, licking his lip as he nervously stares into her eyes, “He uh, his father is Asmodeus Bane, just a heads up.”

Maryse nods, “Luke told me. And believe me when I say this, I don’t mind. Asmodeus is his father, but whatever the man did in the past, does not define Magnus. Although I have to admit, they’re both really good looking.”

Alec rolls his eyes, moving to get the last box in the room with a smile on his face knowing that his mother had approved of him dating Magnus, “You guys have been busy gossiping about my dating life behind my back, huh?”

“It is the news of the century,” Maryse teases, “My brooding, unsociable and emotionally constipated son is now a puddle of rainbow goo each time his boyfriend looks at him is a thing to talk about now that I have personally witnessed it,” she says, recalling the moment when Alec almost sputters his words while introducing Magnus to Maryse and Luke the moment they stepped into the house, and with the ME's comforting touch and words, Alec regains his equilibrium, able to properly convey his words.

“God damn it.”

“Don’t curse.”

* * * * *

“I hope you don’t mind take-outs, I can’t really cook,” Maryse says sheepishly as she unboxes the lunch her husband had bought on the kitchen island.

“I don’t really mind,” Magnus says, eyes on Alec who was groaning next to him, “Although someone has been totally annoying because I can’t cook myself.”

“Ah,” Maryse nods, taking out the chicken pot pie from the box and into her china plate, “Just ignore that son of mine. He despises people who can’t cook.”

Alec grumbles when Magnus and Maryse shot him an accusing look, “You and Izzy blow a hole in my pot while boiling pasta mom.”

“Hey, the cookbook said 212 degrees!”

Alec turns to glare at his mom from where he was sitting at the breakfast table in the kitchen, annoyed at her retorts, “Fahrenheit! You put it at 212 degrees celsius!”

“The book says 212 degrees!”

“We’re in the US! We use Fahrenheit for god’s sake!”

“Well excuse me for not bothering to care that our country’s metric scale uses Fahrenheit.”

“You’ve been living here for 60 years. Don’t you even watch the weather?”

“I am not that old!” Maryse retorts, throwing the empty paper bag into her dustbin as she grabs a bag of dessert “Why should I watch the weather?” she questions.

“So that you’ll know whether you’ll be needing an umbrella or a thick coat or to put on sunscreen.”

Maryse huffs, knowing that she’s out of excuses. Her eyes then rested on her husband, “It’s not my fault Luke bought the cookbook from the US!”

Luke snorts loudly, placing the magazine in his hand on the space in front of him, “And now it’s my fault?” one hand on his chest to point out.

“Yes!” Maryse half shouts, the big spatula which she has been using to scoop the beef lasagna in her hand pointed at her husband’s way.

Magnus chuckles at the family drama, “No wonder you’re so hard-headed,” he says as he stares at his boyfriend, “Total carbon copy,” he points a finger at Maryse then at Alec who snorts.

Luke pounds the wooden table, mouth forming a big grin as he looks at Magnus, “Thank you! These two are so-god-I can’t win against them.”

Magnus smirks cheekily at his boyfriend, “You just have to find a way, Luke. I’ve found mine with this man here.”

Alec blushes under his boyfriend’s gaze, knowing that he’d definitely melt like an ice-cream when the doctor flutters his puppy eyes or starts kissing him, “You’re not fair,” he groans, deciding to keep his mouth shut, “Fine. Sorry, mom.”

“See,” Magnus emphasizes, leaning up to press a kiss onto his lover’s cheek.

Maryse laughs loudly behind the counter, “Oh dear god, I thought I’d never see the day when my firstborn is all mushy.”

* * * * *

Four of them spent almost the next three hours in the afternoon cleaning the room for Max and moving most of the boxes into the garage, much to Luke’s dismay. Alec reassured his step-father that he’s gonna drop by soon to look at the contents and tried to clear them if possible.

With parting kisses on the cheeks, Alec took the steering wheel of Magnus’ luxurious car, driving carefully down the road towards Brooklyn.

“Do you have any plans tonight?” Magnus asks, eyes on his cellphone; checking his personal email before shifting his focus back onto his detective.

“Not really, why?” 

“Can we drop by Westfield? I needed to pick up something. It was long overdue and they had been calling me.”

Alec nods, putting the blinkers and turning left when the lane is clear, “Of course.”

* * * * *

1705H Westfield World Trade Center

Alec presses the button in his hand to lock the Lexus in the parking lot, hand outreach to pass the keyfob to his boyfriend as he nears the doctor.

“No, just keep it with you,” Magnus says, left hand reaching to grasp Alec’s warm hand.

“Please don’t tell me you want to buy clothes, I’d rather shoot myself.”

Magnus chuckles as he playfully slaps the younger male on the chest, “No, my father said he ordered a watch for me, but I needed to pick it up myself,” he snorts as he finishes the sentence, “That sly old man.”

“He could have sent it to your office or your home,” Alec frowns, pushing the glass door leading to the elevator.

“Exactly,” Magnus huffs, pulling his boyfriend into the empty elevator as it opens, pressing the button to his desired floor, “He said he’s too lazy to do it, but he can call the shop and ordered it for me. I don’t get that man.”

Alec chuckles, hands circling Magnus’ waist, taking steps to crowd the man against the metal container.

“We’re in public darling,” Magnus reminds, slapping his lover’s forearms but did not make a move to get out of his embrace, “I don’t want to get arrested for public indecency.”

Alec dips his head to press a kiss on Magnus’ cheek, “I can show them my badge.”

“Badge or no badge, I don’t want to spend the night in jail.”

“I’ll be there with you.”

“Not if you’re in the hospital when I stab you with my scalpel in the police car.”

Alec chuckles, pecking the other cheek of Magnus’, “You and your scalpel kink.”

“I don’t know how you, a man who was so insecure just a few days ago are now so blatantly ignoring the fact that we’re in public and wants to make out with me.”

“Maybe you’re a bad influence.”

“Oh, now it’s my fault?” Magnus gasps, right hand moving to rests on his chest as he stares at his boyfriend with large eyes.

Alec shrugs, moving to hold Magnus’ hand when the elevator dings, indicating that they had reached their desired floor, “Well, you flirt with me when you have a dead body next to you.”

Magnus scoffs, taking swift steps as to match his lover's long lower limbs, “Do remember that you flirt back detective.”

“Hmm,” Alec hums, head dips down to peck Magnus on the temple before they step into the concourse area, packed with hundreds of shopgoers, “Where to?”

“London Jewelers.”

* * * * *

Alec sat next to Magnus, the older man was waiting for his order, eyes on the display cabinet in front of him.

“It won't take long,” Magnus whispers near to Alec’s ears, right hand running up and down the detective’s thigh.

“Hmm, it’s okay,” Alec assures, left hand circling the older man’s back, dropping a kiss on his clothed shoulder, “Just take your time.”

“Doctor Bane,” a saleslady approaches them from the room at the back, taking a seat on the opposite side of the low display cabinet, “Mister Bane ordered this for you,” she said, opening a medium-sized box and sliding it over the glass surface with careful movements.

Alec blinks at the branded watch, “Wow, a Rolex,” he mutters under his breath.

“Hurm. It’s comparatively cheap darling, compared to my father's Patek Philippe collection,” Magnus hums, right hand reaching for the black leather strap, thumb rubbing against the polished bezel, “Guess I’m lucky he didn’t order me a gold-colored Rolex.”

The saleslady chuckles, taking the watch handed by Magnus with her gloved hands and carefully place it back into the box, “Actually he did. But we received a call from Miss Loss and she requested a change to the Yacht-Master 42.”

“She did?” 

The friendly saleslady nods, “She mentioned that we need to update the order immediately or there will be blood on our hands,” chuckling, she went to the counter at the back, grabbing the paper bag for Magnus’ gift.

“Thank you,” Magnus says as he reaches for the paper bag, left hand instinctively reaches for Alec’s and drags him towards the exit of the luxury store.

“You have a Rolex,” Alec deadpans as they stepped out of the store, heading towards the escalator 20 feet away.

“Darling, my dad owns a billion dollars company, and I’m his only son. This is how he spends his money.”

“He won’t ask you to break up with me just because I’m poor is he?”

Magnus chuckles, leaning up to press a kiss onto Alec’s cheek, “No he won’t.”

“How sure are you?” Alec asks, the hand holding Magnus loosening its hold, then moving to wrap around his lover's waist, gripping tight, “I only have a 2 bedroom condo and a Nespresso machine to my name.”

“You should know those don't matter to me darling,” Magnus assures, “To be honest, he actually hates Camille and he threw a congratulatory party at the Beverly Hills when she dumps me. You’ll do fine Alexander. You’re a million times better than she is and I’m sure my dad would love you.”

Carefully stepping onto the escalator, Alec pulls his lover closer to his side, pressing a kiss onto his firm lips albeit the number of people staring at them, “Thank you.”

Magnus slides his hand around Alec’s back, palm resting on his waist, “I love your family, I can’t wait for you to meet mine.”

Alec had never felt so overly happy at a sentence, much less feeling bothered by the audience of onlookers who were staring at them, “Me too baby.”

Magnus blushes, palm on Alec’s waist, squeezing him harder than usual.

“What is it?”

Magnus shakes his head, finding it hard to admit he loved being called with such a sappy endearment, “Nothing.”

Alec turns to look at Magnus as they stopped in front of the elevator, “You’re blushing.”

Magnus rolls his eyes, ignoring his lover’s look as he presses the down button, “Shut up.”

Giggling, Alec looks around, and after noting the fact that they’re in fact away from any onlookers, he dips his head to capture his lover’s lips, hands circling the other’s waist as he pulls Magnus flush against him, “I love kissing you,” he pauses, pecking the lips once more, “-baby.”

Magnus groans, his neck and cheeks starting to blush pink, “Stop it!” he quickly hides his face under the giggling detective’s jaw.

* * * * *

They stopped by for dinner at a Japanese restaurant near Alec’s apartment, taking time indulging in the sushi and bowls of udon and ramen while chatting about their family and work.

“You don’t want to stay the night?” Alec asks as he pulls over by the entrance of his apartment at eight-fifteen that night.

“No,” Magnus shakes his head, a small smile on his face, “I can’t leave Chairman two nights in a row darling,” he admittedly says, although he somehow was reluctant to return to his penthouse.

Alec nodded in understanding, but it was obvious that he was disappointed at Magnus’ reply. Yes, they have only entered a new phase of relationship just a few days ago, but he could not imagine spending time away from his boyfriend. 

Magnus licks the bottom of his lips, voice slow and unsure as he stares back at Alec, “Why don’t you stay at mine tonight? We can go to work together.”

Alec’s face brightens at the suggestion, a wide smile on his face, “Is that okay with you?”

“Of course darling, as long as I get to spend more time with you.”

Alec nods, unbuckling the seatbelt then he pushes the door opens, “Just let me grab some of my things.”

* * * * *

2105H Penthouse, Walker Tower, New York

“I can sleep in the guest room, you know,” Alec says as he steps out of Magnus’ enormous ensuite, taking a seat on the ottoman at the end of the forensic pathologist’s enormous bed.

“Oh no you don’t. You’re my boyfriend now and you’ll only sleep with me in my bed, sex or no sex, I don’t care,” Magnus says as he switches on the television on the other side of the fireplace in his bedroom, motioning his boyfriend to settle himself there while he takes his turn to clean himself up, “I have Netflix as well if you’re bored with what’s on, just choose whatever you want okay,” he says when Alec sat on the couch, pressing a kiss on his head before making his way to the ensuite.

“Hey there buddy,” Alec stops flipping through the channels, deciding on watching the Food Network Channel when Chairman enters the room and made its way to him, thick tail wagging left and right begging for attention, “Your daddy is taking a bath,” he replies when the cat meows at him softly.

Alec smiles when the furball licks his palm, nuzzling his wet nose against his forearms before purring in content and settling himself in Alec’s lap, “You’re such a spoiled brat aren’t you Chairman.”

Alec continuously pets the sleeping cat in his lap while he goes through his work email, noticing that he only has 6 days to RSVP for his high school reunion. Groaning at the almost 20 spam emails in his inbox, Alec was about to delete them when a call came in from Jace.

“Hey Jace.”

“Hey bro, what time do I need to pick you up tomorrow?”

Alec blinks, he had totally forgotten about that one detail. Almost a year ago, due to budget restraints in the precinct, he and Jace had to share the precinct issued vehicle. Since he only lives 4 miles away and Jace and Clary were renting a studio almost 15 miles away, he let the younger male takes the car most of the time, and Jace would occasionally drop by to pick him up for work and send him home if he's not in the mood to take the subway or walk, “I’m uh, going to work with Magnus.”

“Oh, he’s at your place?”

“No, I’m at his place,” he clears his throat, hands fiddling with Chairman’s tail, “He stayed at mine yesterday.”

“I’m happy for you Alec,” Jace says after staying silent for almost 2 minutes on the line, voice genuinely happy for his brother.

“Thank you, Jace. I uh, I brought him to see mom for lunch, she loves him.”

“Wow, that fast?” Jace giggles, then Alec could hear the whispers of Clary’s voice over the phone, “Alec?”

“Hi Clary, how are you?”

“I’m fine. Did you bring Magnus to see mom?”

“Yes, I did. Izzy and she had been talking about me behind my back.”

“Aah,” Clary was oddly silent a second later.

Alec groans, “Oh god, not you too?”


“You have another family group chat!” the detective accuses.

Clary giggles loudly over the phone, “It was Izzy’s idea!”

“Fine whatever. How’s your preparation for the exhibition going?”

“It’s going good. I’m digging through some old photos of mine, trying to find a good picture of mom.”

Alec smiles sadly, remembering how Jocelyn died at the hands of a thief breaking into her small studio, expecting to score some high value painting. He and Jace were dispatched to the scene, and they had to track down Clary who was still in class at the Brooklyn Fine Arts Academy. Jace had comforted the young lady, and somehow fallen in love with her and now they are here, 3 years into their relationship, still going on strong, “I’m sure you’ll do great Clary.”

“You know, one of my sub-theme for the exhibition is Love, do you mind posing a picture for me? With Magnus of course.”

Alec chokes on a breath, “Uh, we haven’t reached that part of our relationship yet,” he says softly.

Clary notices the hesitance in Alec’s voice, “Okay, it’s fine.”


“It’s okay Alec, hey-stop poking me-okay, your idiot brother wants to speak to you, goodnight Alec.”

“Goodnight Clary,” Alec says, then he listens to the shuffling at the other line, “Yeap?”

“Use rubber okay?”

“Fuck you,” Alec hisses into the line, hearing the cackling of his brother before he heard shouts of goodnight from Jace.

Alec tosses the phone onto the free space on the couch, right hand patting the still sleeping cat in his lap, “You’re such a deep sleeper, aren't you?” he mutters, fingers raking through the thick fur, eyes on the screen now showing a chef mincing onions for his stew.

It was almost twenty minutes later when Magnus steps out of his ensuite, face bare and fresh, body covered in black silk pajamas. “Hey there,” he greets his lover, flopping himself on the space next to him, minding the cat in the other’s lap.

Alec grins at the sight of his barefaced boyfriend, which in fact is still as beautiful as ever. “Hey, had fun in there?” he teases, his plump lips finding their way to Magnus’ cheek.

“As much as I love staying in your apartment darling, I love taking baths.”

“I’m sorry about that,” he says, pressing another kiss.

Magnus moves to sit sideways, arms circling his detective’s waist, still careful of not disturbing his cat on the other’s lap, chin resting on Alec’s broad shoulder, “I can’t believe you’re my boyfriend.”

Alec turns his head, smiling wide at Magnus, “I can’t believe you’re my boyfriend too, beautiful.”

“I’ve started falling hard for you and that honestly scares me, but I don’t even want to think spending a minute away from you Alexander,” Magnus admits, hands around Alec tightens, his face moving closer to press against Alec’s neck, “I really like you and I really want you in my life.”

Alec moves his body sideways, to the loud hissing sound of Chairman who was disturbed, both male watching the cat exiting the bedroom, tail high in the air.

“Such a cockblocker,” Magnus comments, hands still around Alec.

“I can’t imagine not being with you Magnus. You’re my first boyfriend, but honestly, I want you to be my first for everything,” his hands made their way to Magnus’ jaw, thumbs circling the soft skin, “I want you so much, Magnus,” Alec dips his head, his lips making its way to Magnus, his body pressing the older male’s body deep into the plush backrest.

“Darling,” Magnus gasps in between the kiss, moaning deep in his throat when Alec sneaks his warm tongue into his mouth.

“Just a few minutes more.” 

* * * * *

Magnus turns sideways in his bed, head propped up by his elbow as he observes his boyfriend who had made himself comfortable in his huge bed, “You okay there?”

Alec hums, right hand continuously patting the third party currently lying in the middle of their bed, purring contently, “You need to do something about Chairman.”

Magnus chuckles, left hand joining to pat his pet cat on his bed, who had disturbed their heated make out session once they made their way from his couch to the bed, “You can just chuck him in the guest suite. He can sleep there.”

“I don’t want him to hate me,” Alec reasons.

Magnus reaches for his phone, selecting the smart home app and the room was suddenly engulfed in darkness a second later.

“Wow, fancy rich people,” Alec comments, deeply impressed with his boyfriend’s state of the art home.


“You have a lovely penthouse but damn, it’s too far from the precinct.”

Magnus groans, “I know. I have to leave very early in the morning.”

“You should move this building across the river, since you know, you’re filthy rich,” Alec teases, hand patting Chairman moving to poke his lover by the shoulder.

Magnus snorts, “My dad’s rich, not me,” he yawns, moving to reach for his lover’s hand, pressing a soft kiss on his palm, “Goodnight darling.”

“Goodnight Magnus.”