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Lightwood and Bane

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1220H Cidade Velha Church, Bay Ridge

Alec leads the group of four, hand holding the paper he brought from his table, walking straight to Father Kokou who was standing by his church’s main door with his bodyguard by his side.

“We’re about to do a ceremony,” the priest supplies, taking two steps to stand in front of Alec.

Alec lifts the paper in his hand, eyes straight at Father Kokou, “I’m about to serve a search warrant.”

Father Kokou sighs and reluctantly signals his bodyguard to allow the small group to enter the church.

Four of them stood in front of the window by the main door, eyes on the inside of the small shop lot, watching approximately 15 adults in colorful attire moves around the space; the front had a fixed big sized altar with knick-knacks and prayer materials, at both ends stands two tall bronze candlestick, in the middle of the room chairs were lined up and at the very front, a grieving Beatrice was being comforted by three adult females.

Magnus stands closer to Alec, “We have a search warrant?” he asks.

Jace who stands next to Magnus leans towards the ME, whispering, “No we didn’t, we didn’t have probable cause.”

Magnus gasps, head turns to look at Lydia who stands next to Alec, “He lied?”

“I didn’t!” Alec whispers, head dips down as he speaks to his lover, “I said I was about to serve a warrant,” he pauses, “I didn’t say when.”

Magnus snorts, rolling his eyes as Lydia and Jace were chuckling at Alec’s reason, “We might get hexed for lying to a priest.”

“He’s a phony,” Jace makes a face.

Father Kokou enters the church, stopping to stand next to Jace as he looks at the small group, “Your rituals could seem as strange to others as ours do to you,” he starts, “Blood into wine, bread into flesh.”

Jace, Alec and Lydia groans, unimpressed.

Magnus nods, “He’s right,” he says, looking at the Priest with a small smile, “It’s no different than the poteau-mitan, linking heaven and hell, is it?”

The Priest looks at Magnus with an impressed smile, “You know about the poteau-mitan?”

Magnus nods, “I spent a year in Dhaka with medecins sans frontieres.”

“You were in doctors without borders?” Alec asks, leaning to his boyfriend’s side of the face.

Magnus turns to look at his boyfriend, wide smile on his face, “Mm-hm.”


All four of them and Father Kokou turn their attention and the loud sobbing of Beatrice, her hand holding an elder woman’s wrist tight, another hand holding a white handkerchief.

Father Kokou turns to look at Alec then to Lydia, “Please, let us complete the ceremony, help sister Beatrice,” he pauses, “Then you can do your search.”

Lydia immediately answers, “Only if we can observe.”

With a sly smile, Father Kokou stares at her, “If you wish,” before making his way towards the altar at the front.

Jace turns his head when a man enters the church and locks the front door. He immediately looked at his brother.

“Don’t worry.”

Jace changes, “Why worry?” he hisses, “We’re just locked in a room with an ex-con who’s about to do an exorcism and he dumps snakes in your car yesterday!”

“Our car.”

Jace groans louder, “This is great.”

30 minutes into the ceremony, with Father Kokou chanting while singing foreign words with continues thump made from the djembe and bougarabou, females in bright clothing and scarves covering their head clapping their hands while dancing around the room, Beatrice was sitting on a chair while an elderly woman ties her wrists with thick red ropes.

“Magnus stop,” Alec whispers, hand pulling Magnus’ clapping hands, gripping them tightly as he observes Father Kokou rinsing his hands in a clear bowl of water.

Jace’s eyes stop on a male standing just at the end of the altar, holding a medium-sized python, “Snakes!” he half shouts, shaking Lydia’s shoulder.

“Shhh-” Lydia hisses, shoving his hand away.

The singing became louder, the dancing turns fast and frantic, Father Kokou dries his hands using a small cream-colored towel, moving to stand in front of the altar. Beatrice slowly rises from the chair when the singing stops, only the thump from the djembe resounds in the room.

With hands palms open in front of her body, Beatrice takes small steps towards the priest.

“She believes the devil that possessed her son is inside of her,” Magnus explains to Lydia who sat next to him, four of them now watching two men lifting Beatrice up onto a tall flat surface, Father Kokou standing next to her head, running his hands slowly from the top of her head down to her chin, “Think exorcism as a massive therapeutic intervention.”

Loud, intermittent thumping from the djembe fills the room, accompanied by a continuous whimper from Beatrice. Four sets of eyes from the New York finest focuses on Father Kokou as he reaches for a long sheathed blade, eyes closed as he chants, “Passed from her son’s heart to her!” he shouted, pulling the curved blade from its cover just above Beatrice’s stomach.

Alec was about to lunge forward, if not for Magnus’ hold on his hand, “Shh.”

Beatrice keeps on chanting ‘Liberam’, two middle-aged women near the father with a medium-sized pillow in their hands, hovering above Beatrice as the priest tore the silk-covered pillow, feathers shoot up from the confinement of the pillow flying all over the room.

At that exact moment, the sound of glass breaking caught everyone’s attention towards the front of the church, there was a hole in the window and a burning bottle crashing onto the floor, flames up in no time, people yelling in fear.

Alec quickly gathers his boyfriend in his arms, getting themselves on their feet, body still low, “Get everybody out the back!” he yells loudly, “Go!” he pulls Magnus with him, pushing him and Lydia towards the back of the room, while Jace turns towards the front of the church, ignoring the flames and kicking the main door open.

Once he was outside, his eyes sweep the perimeter for the perpetrator, noticing a yellow hooded figure just behind their parked sedan, hastily turning away after noticing Jace.

“Stop!” Jace yells, quickly on his feet and crosses the road, lunging his body onto the perpetrator who bends down to grab his skateboard by the iron bench, slamming him onto the dirty pathway. Jace quickly rips the hood down, eyes on the gang leader he and Alec interviewed back at the skateboard park.

* * * * *

1710H Interrogation Room, New York Police Department

Alec throws a plastic of evidence containing a yellow hooded jacket, an exact copy of what Matthias was wearing in a picture of him on the interrogation table, “Where’d you get the hoodie?”

“My homie Ollie gave it to me,” Cruncha explains, looking up at Alec from his seat, “Look, I’m-I’m a skater, not a killer.”

Alec hisses, eyes glaring at the 18 year old, “That’s cute Jerome, you just threw a Molotov cocktail at a cop.”

Jace who had been standing next to the two-way mirror moves to sit on the table, dangerously close to the gang leader, “You think you can scare the cops off this case?” he watches Cruncha smirking, shaking his head, “With some snakes and firebomb?”

Cruncha chuckles, “What are you talking about snakes, man?” he looks at Jace with a playful look, “Brother ain’t messing with no damn snakes.”

Alec pipes in, hand on the table, “And the firebomb?”

Cruncha takes a moment to think, both hands clasped in front of his face, elbows on the table as he stares at Alec, “Look, the voodoos killed Ollie.”

Alec snorts.

“I want a lawyer,” Cruncha says finally.

Alec nods, moving to the door of the room, knocking on it, “Okay, we’re done.”

A uniformed officer pushes the door open and steps in.

“Take him to lock up,” Alec says, eyes on the gang leader as the officer went behind him and grabs for his wrists.

* * * * *

Alec sits harshly in his office chair, eyes on Jace as the blonde male settles himself in his own workstation, “He has kids do petty crimes to cover his ass but he throws a revenge bomb himself?” he looks at Jace, then to Lydia, “No, he didn’t kill Matthias.”

Lydia leans against the backrest of her office chair, “You think the priest did it?”

Alec snorts, “I don’t think he was saving Matthias’ soul and I haven’t ruled out the parents either.”

Twenty minutes later, three of them were busy with their report, Jace stares at his brother who had been staring idly at his computer, “You okay Alec?”

“Yeah,” Alec says, blinking fast, “Why?”

“You’re sweating-” Jace points at Alec’s forehead, “-and you look pale.”

Lydia looks at Alec, noting the fact that Alec probably still hasn’t fully recovered from the event of getting kidnapped by Valentine months ago, “Why don’t you rest at home?”

Alec runs his mildly trembling hands over his face, he wasn't about to admit that he had been out of it for the past one hour, “I’m-I'm okay.”

“I know you are,” Lydia says softly, “Snakes and firebomb and you still haven’t fully recovered from when Valentine held you, twice, and you’re still here working with us diligently.”

“I can handle this Lyds.”

Jace stares at his brother, “We won’t tell Magnus if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Alec let out a loud sigh, “I just-” he tries to explain, but couldn’t find the correct term for it.

Lydia shakes her head, “It’s okay, we understand. Just go home and rest, take the file if you want, if anything, just text us, okay?”

Alec nods, knowing that somehow he needed some time alone, “Thanks guys.”

* * * * *

1935H No 502, Nelson Apartment, Flatbush, New York

Fresh out of the shower, Alec was wearing his most comfortable sweatpants and a grey tank top, making his way to his living room after taking a bottle of beer from the fridge, settling himself on the couch, eyes roaming pictures scattered on his coffee table.

Chugging his beer, he reaches for a photo of Matthias with his mom, then Matthias with his father and his step-mother, Matthias alone in his graduation robe, Matthias with his mother and the priest, Matthias with his skateboarders' gang and lastly, Matthias in his yellow hooded jacket.

Alec went through the thick family court transcript, putting the beer back onto the glass table before lying on his couch, head on the armrest, eyes scanning the transcript Lydia had gotten from her acquaintance.

He reads the first page of the thick file over and over again, blinking his eyes when he was about to fall asleep, hand holding the file swaying left and right.

Alec startles when the transcript in his hand fell on the floor with a thud, rising from his lying position to reach for the file, and noticing the red stain on his carpet, just below the file. Ignoring the file, Alec ran his finger over the stain, noting that it was indeed fresh blood, before noting that there were trails of small and medium-sized blood on his hardwood floor, leading to his open kitchen.

Alec takes small and careful steps, cocking the gun he sees on the coffee table in his right hand, heading towards his kitchen.

He takes a step back once he notices a pair of legs behind his kitchen island, eyes later rests on Matthias who was lying in the middle of his kitchen in a large pool of blood in his school uniform, eyes suddenly open when he notices Alec’s presence, startling the detective before the teen rises from his lying position, holding a pot of purple flowers in his hand, eyes straight at Alec.

Alec jolts from his lying position on the couch when something breaks in his apartment, the thick transcript fell on his lap due to his sudden movement, and he blinks several times, eyes on the scattered pictures on his coffee table. He turns to look at his kitchen, and back on his coffee table, noting the lack of gun, remembering that he had placed the firearm in his safe at the back of his closet.

Through the window in front of him, he noted that a few hours may have already passed as the sky is already pitch black, arms around his waist as shivers ran through his body, Alec slowly stands, taking small steps towards his kitchen. 

He blinks his eyes a few times when he notices the mug his mom gave him, purple flowers decorating the rim, broken into pieces on the tiled floor.

* * * * *

Left hand holding the take out bags from the restaurant he always frequents, Magnus slowly knocks on the wooden white door, “Hey darling-” he greets gleefully when his lover opens the door, before noticing the pale complexion of Alec, “Alexander, are you okay?”

Alec nods weakly, before he moves to gather his boyfriend in his arms, “Yes,” he says against Magnus’ temple, “Now that you’re here.”

Magnus immediately rubs Alec’s back with his right hand, offering comfort to him, “Let’s get in first hm?”

Alec nods, grabbing Magnus’ right hand, pulling the doctor inside before closing his main door shut, placing the multiple locks immediately.

Magnus places the take out bag on the floor by the coffee table, before cupping his boyfriend’s face in his hands, standing just a few inches away from him, “Are you okay?”

Alec nods, “I was a bit uncomfortable at the precinct just now,” he starts, knowing that his lover would never mind him being totally honest of what was going on, “Maybe because of the snakes and then the molotov and the fact that I had just killed two men who were aiming for my life with my bare hands.”

Magnus nods, thumbs circling the patch of skin of Alec’s cheeks.

“I guess it was too much and too soon, so-” he pauses, eyes on Magnus, “I needed a bit of time alone.”

“I understand darling,” Magnus says softly, “I hope you’re feeling better now.”

Alec smiles, head dips down to press a soft lingering kiss on his lover’s firm lips, “I did. Thank you for coming.”

Magnus smiles wide, “You’re welcome Alexander, I would totally understand if you wanted to be alone, I can-”

“No, it’s fine, please stay,” Alec quickly cuts in, “I-I actually don’t feel good being alone like I used to.”

Magnus raises an eyebrow,  the corner of his lips quirked upwards, “And you’re gonna blame me for it huh?”

Chuckling softly, Alec ran both hands up and down the sides of Magnus’ body, “Of course.”

Magnus rolls his eyes, “Let’s eat?”

“Ah, before that,” Alec suddenly remembers his dream, then with his right hand, he leads Magnus to his kitchen, showing him the broken glass.

“Did something happen?”

Alec immediately shakes his head, “I actually dream of Matthias lying in the same spot in a pool of blood, and the funny thing is, he was holding a pot of flowers. Then the glass broke, and I was awake the next second.”

Magnus steps closer to the glass, noticing the purple patterned flowers along the rim, “There are almost always explanations for these phenomena.”

Alec giggles, “Key word-almost,” he turns to look at the doctor, wrapping an arm around his back, “Maybe ghosts are real and hey, I could pick the winning lottery numbers today and might be richer than you babe.”

Magnus rolls his eyes.

“I know this sounds weird, but can you run one more tox panel?” Alec asks.

Magnus shrugs, moving to stand in front of the detective, “Um, okay. What do you want me to look for?”

Alec groans, “I can’t believe I’m saying this,” he pauses, “-purple poisonous plants.”

Magnus chuckles, “Wow for once, the walking thesaurus does not have a specific term for such a thing.”

“I don’t really like flowers and plants. So I don’t really bother reading about them,” Alec repeats, “Okay, for purple poisonous plants.”

“Purple?” he asks, then frowning before moving around the counter towards Alec’s work laptop, “May I?”

Alec nods, “Sure.”

Using Alec’s ID, Magnus goes to the autopsy record of Matthias, opening the pictures of his fingernails with horizontal white lines, “You said that Matthias was holding purple flowers.”


“Monkshood is a purple flowering plant that grows in New York.”

“Is it poisonous?”

Magnus nods, “Yes, and it works very quickly and it’s extremely hard to detect. But I can try.”


“Yeah,” Magnus says, closing the lid of the laptop, “I’ll run it the first thing in the morning.”

Alec couldn’t contain the giddiness of almost solving the crime, albeit depending on such a weird dream to get a clue, “Thank you,” he says, gathering the older male in his arms, pressing his lips all over Magnus’ face.

“Hmm, the thing I do for you darling.”

Alec chuckles, pulling Magnus towards the couch a few minutes later, “Thank you for dinner,” he says, clearing his coffee table before reaching for the paper bag.

* * * * *

The pair of lovers bid goodnight with a long parting kiss, with Magnus reasoning that Alec should at least spend the night alone and that he needed to go home for his cat, albeit he himself was reluctant to do so.

Alec cleared the broken mug in his kitchen, before heading towards his bedroom for the rest of the night, noticing that he hates spending time away from his lover, moreover sleeping alone.

Just four nights of sleeping together (minus sex and doing so fully clothed), he can’t imagine sleeping alone now. Call him sappy and desperate, but he doesn't really care anymore.

* * * * *

1125H Homicide Unit, New York Police Department

Magnus steps into the bullpen, heading straight to Alec’s table, “Tox report on monkshood,” he said, passing over the file containing the report, “-positive. Low levels were detected, but enough to determine the cause of death,” he pauses, tone confident, “Matthias was poisoned.”

Lydia who listened in the conversation pipes in, “Monkshood?”

“Yeah,” Alec nods, “I had a dream that Matthias was about to hand me a pot of purple flower and Magnus was the one who figured out what it was.”

Lydia immediately shifts her focus on her computer, typing in something, “Hah, we’ve seen it before," she says, when images of the plant pop on her screen, "-that’s probably why you had that dream, Alec.”

Alec was taken aback, “We did?”

Lydia nods.

“Where’s Jace?” Alec asks, getting on his feet.

“Court date.”

Alec nods, “Well, it’s just you and me Lyds.”

Magnus looks at both Lydia and Alec, “Can I join?”

“Doc, we’re going to arrest someone.”

“I know, I just want to join,” Magnus asks Lydia again, “Can’t I?”

“We uh-” Lydia tilts her head, “Actually there’s no rule saying that the ME couldn’t follow us when we make an arrest, so yeah. I’m cool,” she pauses, putting on her jacket, “By the way, doc, can you type the genetics of the monkshood in Matthias’ body and match it to the plant that it came from?”

Magnus turns to look at the Sergeant, “No.”

She groans, “Can you lie about that?”

“Why should I?”

Lydia rolls her eyes, huffing as she steps out of the bullpen.

“Did I say something wrong?” Magnus turns to look at his giggling boyfriend.

“No, we just-” Alec pauses, “Just wait and see okay?”

* * * * *

1220H No 8, Colonial Road, Bay Ridge, New York

Magnus stands in between the detective and Sergeant, eyes on Matthias’ father and stepmother.

Alec starts, “We’re sorry to tell you, but your son was poisoned.”

Malcolm, the father, was surprised at the cause of death, “What?” he looks at Lydia then at Alec, “H-how?”

Lydia turns, pointing at the pot of purple flower by the bench on the front porch, “Actually, with a plant like this one right here.”

Malcolm takes a few steps forward, hand about to reach for the pot of flower, “I didn’t poison my son.”

Alicia quips, “That church-” she accuses, “Beatrice’s crazy church,” she looks at her husband as he turns his attention towards her, “That’s how they did it.”

“We don’t think so,” Alec says firmly, to both Malcolm and his wife.

Lydia starts, “What’s interesting is that, uh, Doctor Bane,” Magnus tilts his head to look at the Sergeant at the mention of his name, “-can type the genetic of plants, which means he can match the monkshood that was found in Matthias’ body to the plant that it originally came from.”

Alec looks at his frowning boyfriend, “Isn’t that right Doctor Bane?”

Magnus who had finally get what Alec means at the precinct takes a quick breath, then focuses on the father, “Yes, we do genetic typing.”

“Basically, someone would just have to soak the monkshood in a bottle of water,” Alec explains, recalling the information he reads on the way to the suburban home, “Find Matthias on his skateboard, offer him a drink.”

Lydia nods multiple times, agreeing with Alec, “That’s right.”

Alicia shakes her head at the speculation, “This is crazy,” she looks at her husband as he stares at her now pale complexion.

Alec takes a few steps in front, “If-if I may," he takes one look at the dark-skinned male, then shifting to Alicia, “Malcolm wouldn’t have a child with you, is that right?” he looks at her straight in the eyes.

Malcolm was taken aback, “Wait, h-how do you know that?”

Alec turns, shifting his gaze onto Malcolm, “It’s in your custody papers. It’s one of the reasons that the judge gave you Matthias, it’s because of your commitment to him.”

Alicia quickly cuts in, “There you have it, right?” she looks at Alec, then onto her husband, immediately shaking her head, “He didn’t do it.”

“Yeah, you didn’t want another child, you had Matthias.”

Malcolm confirms Alec’s sentence, nodding.

Alec turns to Alicia, “But you wanted one of your own, didn’t you?” he notices the sad look on her face, her eyes not meeting his, “You knew that Malcolm was winning the custody battle and you knew it was never gonna happen.”

Alicia immediately shakes her head, “No,” when her husband turns to look at her, she shakes her head again, “No.”

Alec continues, “You knew about the exorcisms because of the custody dispute, and you figured that the church and his mom would be blamed.”

Alicia was silent, hot tears glistening in her eyes as her husband was shaking his head at the accusations Alec was throwing at her and the fact that she knew they were right, “Malcolm,” she starts, to her husband disbelieved, “You know she never would have stopped fighting for custody and we would have spent all our money on the lawyers and it’s trapping us in the past.”

Malcolm was obviously upset, tears in his eyes as he looks at his wife.

“I swear Malcolm, I swear, I did it for us,” she pleads for his understanding, tears streaming down her eyes.

Malcolm violently shakes his head, “No,no,no!” he was about to lunge forward to attack his wife, but was immediately stopped by Alec. Alec pushes the well-built man until he settles him on the bench and Lydia immediately approaches Alicia, grabbing her wrists to start on her arrest.

“I’m sorry Malcolm, I’m sorry.”

Malcolm starts crying, body trembling hard as he was pressed into the bench by Alec’s strong hold, “Calm down sir.”

Magnus was at loss, watching Alec comforting the father and Lydia started reading the Miranda rights while cuffing the sobbing wife, leading her towards the marked car waiting by the roadside.

* * * * *

1530H Homicide Unit, New York Police Department

Jace steps into the bullpen wearing his suit, striding straight to his desk, “The stepmom did it?” 

Alec nods, just finished with the paperwork on their case, moving to put the file on his Sergeant’s desk, “Yes. The father wouldn’t have a child with her and was spending their money for his kid with his ex, guess that triggers her.”


Lydia steps into the bullpen, settling comfortably in her chair, “I’ve informed the mom, and now, everything is out of our hands.”

“Except when the court calls for us,” Alec chuckles.

“We’ll cross that bridge when the other side calls for us,” Lydia says, signing the report Alec had finished in minimum time, then closing it again.

Alec rolls his eyes, “You should at least read my report.”

“Nah, knowing you, it will be typo-less, straight to the point-” Lydia starts, yawning wide, “-no-nonsense, and full with fact.”

Jace nods, “You should be an author,” he suggests, mismatched colored eyes on Alec.

“I’d rather die.”

“Mhm,” Lydia and Jace hum at the same time.

“Wanna go grab early dinner?” 

Lydia shakes her head at Alec’s invitation, “Sorry, need to accompany John on a whatever it is dinner he’s having with his colleague.”

“Having my usual dinner date with Clary, and uh, I’m taking the car, you okay with it?”

Alec shrugs, “I’ll take the subway, as usual.”

Jace grins, eyebrows wiggling, “Or you can hitch a ride with your boyfriend back to his enormous penthouse.”

Alec reaches for a pen in his cupholder, throwing it at Jace as the younger male makes a move out of his chair, “Shut up stupid.”

“You should just move into his penthouse and sublet your house,” Lydia says her thought, pushing her chair as she puts on her coat.

“We’ve just started dating, like 6 days ago.”

Lydia shrugs, “I move into John’s house two weeks after dating, even before I said I love you to him hah.”

“Your apartment building had a rat infestation and you’re scared, so John let you moved in,” Magnus steps into the unit, smirking wide at the Sergeant.

“What?” Jace and Alec yell out loud, “You said he wants you to move in! You lied!” both glares at the blonde female.

Lydia rolls her eyes dramatically, and quickly exits the bullpen, poking Magnus’ shoulder as she goes.

“I’m gonna go first,” Jace exclaims, out of the bullpen a minute later.

Magnus perch on the empty side of Alec’s desk, grinning wide at him, “So, now that I’ve seen you in action, I hope it’s okay if I were to follow you guys around a bit more than usual.”

Alec nods, back flat against his office chair, “Fine by me.”

“You’re heading home?” Magnus asks when Alec shut down his work desktop.

“Yeah,” Alec answers, tidying up his desk and arranging his files in order, “Gonna stop by and see Izzy downstairs first though.”

“Oh,” Magnus was then on his feet, fingers scratching his well-trimmed goatee.

“How about you?”

“I’m uh-waiting for a body. An urgent request from the mayor since she’s someone from the well to do family.”

“You’re from a well to do family,” Alec teases, left palm on Magnus’ back as he leads the older man towards the elevator in the hallway, “-filthy rich as well.”

Magnus snorts, stepping inside the elevator when it pings open, “Stop it.”

Alec continues giggling, pressing the ‘B’ button, before crowding his boyfriend against the flat metal panel, head dips down to catch his lips in a chaste kiss.

“We’re at work.”

Alec hums, “I know,” he said in a whisper, to again pressing his lips against Magnus, “It’s just a kiss.”

“And having sex at work is just-” Magnus raises an eyebrow, smirking, “-having sex.”

Alec groans loudly at the subtle invitation, his forehead making its way onto Magnus’ shaking shoulder, the older male’s laugh fills the small compartment.

* * * * *

1640H Laboratory, New York Police Department

“So, what did mom said about Mag-” Alec clears his throat, moving uncomfortably on the metal stool at Izzy’s work desk, eyes sweeping the large workspace, minding the technicians moving around, “-my boyfriend?”

Izzy smirks, taking a tube out of the fridge and into the small device on the counter next to her work desk, “She said he’s beautiful and she loves the fact that he makes you all-” she pauses, finding a better term for what her mother had told, “-fluffy and a puddle of rainbow goo.” 

Alec nods, a small smile on his face, “Hurm, that’s all she said?”

“She said she’s extremely happy for you and asks me to tell you that you should stop overthinking things since Magnus is an understanding man and you can talk pretty much everything with him."

Alec stares at his sister, "I don't overthink things."

Izzy makes a face, left hand reaching for a piece of paper, rolling it in a second before whacking her brother on the head with it, “Say that again and I’m gonna disown you.”

“I could report you for domestic violence,” Alec glares at her, dodging another incoming whack.

“And Simon could erase the report for me.”

Alec rolls his eyes.

“Anyway, why are you here?”

Alec shrugs, “Just wanna hang out here until I feel like going home like I used to.”

Izzy smiles, that had been a routine of Alec before he was on medical break; staying back to accompany her in the laboratory after the team solved a case and had the chance to get off early. They will then have dinner and catch up on mostly about her life since Alec basically has none, “You know you can stop this cute routine of yours already.”

“I don’t want to, I want to spend time with you, you know,” Alec starts, then he looks at his sister, “You don’t want to?”

“Of course I do hermano. But now you have a boyfriend, prioritize him. Go have dinner with Magnus.”

“He uh, have an autopsy, a request from the Mayor it seems,” Alec bit the inside of his cheek, “You okay if he joins us for dinner if he finishes off early?”

“Of course I’m okay with it,” Izzy says, typing a report into the online system, “Anyway, heads up, you might want to join Magnus now.”

Alec frowns, watching his sister pressing enter then looking down, as if warning him about something, “Why?”

“I-uh, have to run tests on some,” she pauses, “-furry thingy, for poison comparison so uh-”

“I don’t mind, it’s not like I-” Alec jumps out of his stool when Izzy plonked a medium-sized see-through plastic case containing three large spiders, “Izzy!” he shouts, loudly.

Izzy rolls her eyes, muttering ‘it’s fine’ to her colleagues when all of them stares at Alec, “Now shoo.”

“Why do you have those?” Alec starts stuttering, eyes trained on the furry creatures.

“As I said, I need to extract their poison and-”

“Alexander, I can hear your voice across the hallway-” Magnus pushes the glass door of the laboratory, eyes on Alec who was frozen in place, face pale, while Izzy, on the other hand, started laughing her ass off, “Darling, are you okay?” he immediately steps to stand in front of his lover, hands caressing his cheeks, “You’re pale.”

Alec gulps, eyes on the moving eight-legged creature, “She-I-uh-”

“I warned you,” Izzy teases, hands moving to grab each side of the container, moving it closer to her brother.

“Izz!” Alec hisses, realizing that he couldn’t move his legs, and now probably looking so utterly weak and pitiful in front of his lover.

Magnus rubs Alec’s shoulder, mind registering what was happening and finding it totally cute and adorable that his boyfriend reacted like that just because of the small creatures, “Why don’t you stay with me in the autopsy room?” he says softly, turning Alec around so that the spider was out of his sight, “There are no cute spiders there.”

“They’re not cute!” Alec immediately retorts.

“Okay okay, they’re not,” the ME says, pulling his detective towards the main door, “Let’s go, say goodbye to your sister.”

“Go to hell Izz.”

Izzy continues cackling, watching her brother being dragged across the hallway.

* * * * *

“Who is she?” Alec asks, grabbing a stool to sit just a few feet away from the body lying on the metal table about 10 minutes later.

“She’s uh-” Magnus peeks at the file by his side, “Charlene Van Louis, you know her?”

Alec shrugs, “One of the richest people in the city. Was she murdered?”

“No. She’s a friend of the mayor and apparently her life insurance is quite huge, hence the autopsy.”

Alec nods, “How much?”

“Don’t know. Maybe it’s in the file,” Magnus says, moving to stand next to the socialite’s head, about to start the autopsy.

* * * * *


“You going to the reunion?”

Alec groans, knowing what Izzy means, “I don’t want to. You?”

“I’m going and you should too,” she says, biting into her salad, “I’m bringing Simon with me.”

“The nerd and the beauty, the whole school will be gossiping about you two,” Alec teases.

Izzy rolls her eyes, “Not gonna beat you tho,” she looks at Magnus who was munching on his Lobster, "When you walk into the hall with Magnus."

Magnus hums as he chews on his meal, "I've never gone to any reunion, I had always wondered how it is like."

Alec turns to look at his boyfriend who sat next to him, "Hmm, would you be my date? It's just a stupid event but I'm so tired of this busybody," he points a finger to Izzy who snorts, "-taunting me since I've never been to one when they started it around 10 years ago."

Magnus smiles wide, nodding his head while gazing into the detective's hazel orbs, "I'd love to darling."

"Thank you," Alec presses a kiss onto Magnus' temple, then continues on his dinner with a wide smile on his face  

"Mom told you Max's moving back?" 

Alec nods, hand reaching for his glass of water and carefully taking a slow sip. 

"And that dad's getting married?" 

Izzy had never been glad that she decided to sit in front of her future brother-in-law (she knew they'd get married in the future), if not she'd be the target of water bursting out of her brother's mouth, "That is totally disgusting," she quips, munching on her salad while rolling her eyes. 

Magnus immediately pats his boyfriend on the back, his other hand reaching for a napkin to wipe the droplets of water on Alec's chin and neck, "You okay?" he asks when Alec couldn't stop coughing, neck turning red. 

Alec nods, taking time to calm himself down and clearing his throat, "He what?" 

"He's getting married to that lady."

Alec snorts, "Ah."

Magnus raises an eyebrow, not knowing a clue of what they're talking about. 

"Dad was having an affair before mom had Max and he broke it off when Max was born," Izzy starts, sipping on her white wine, "-but he started again about 5 years ago, around the time big bro came out so yeah, hell on earth."

Alec nods, humming, "Anyway, when's the wedding?"

Izzy shrugs. 

"I'll just wait for an invitation then," Alec concludes, continues on his dinner before reaching for the pile of parsnips lined up on the edge of Magnus' plate, "You should eat your vegetables."

"I do, I just don't like poached parsnips, they tasted weird," Magnus explains, moving the yellow-cream colored slices onto his lover's plate.

Alec snorts, "They tasted the same."

"They don't," Magnus argues. 


"You two are so cute," Izzy says, eyes glistening under the chandelier hanging over their table. 

Almost an hour later, Magnus dropped off his assistant as she insisted on taking over a sudden request from a nearby hospital for an autopsy for a John Doe, was about to start heading towards Alec’s apartment when the detective speaks, “Let me drive.”

“Alexander-” Magnus starts, knowing why Alec requested to do so.

“You yawned about 10 times the past 1 hour and that’s it doctor, move.”

* * * * *

2220H No502, Nelson Apartment, Flatbush, New York

“Let’s go up,” Alec says, pressing the push-button by the steering wheel, the engine of the luxurious car dies down shortly after.

“Hm, darling,” Magnus groans sleepily, side of his head resting against the headrest, his body comfortably settled in the passenger seat, “Chairman-”

“I’ll drive you back and stay there, so I need to get some of my things, okay?”

Magnus nods, a small smile on his face, “Okay.”

Alec dips his head to press his mouth against the corner of Magnus’ lips, “You’re such an adorable sleepyhead,” he mumbles, then getting out of the car, circling it before opening the passenger door and dragging his boyfriend into his cozy apartment.