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Lightwood and Bane

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1120H 799-701, Ditmas Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Magnus crouches by the female body slumped in the armchair, wearing a dark patterned skirt and just a bra, a scarf tied around her neck neatly, “Liver temperature indicates she died within the last hour.”

Jace who stands behind the victim groans, “So it’s not our ‘death enthusiast’,” he says while looking at his brother.

Alec shrugs, “At least he’s not blogging.”

Lydia who stands behind Magnus sorts, “Thanks for pointing out the bright side.”

Magnus who had moved to stand turns to look at the Sergeant, then at his detective, “Researches at the University of Pittsburgh have proven that optimistic people live longer.”

Lydia rolls her eyes, “So our victim was a pessimist?”

Alec chuckles, then watching the ME placing their victim’s right hand inside a plastic, to preserve any evidence while Jace goes through the purse on the kitchen counter, “Victim’s Joanne Graff, 29.”

Alec stares at his brother, then moves closer to the victim, “A Joanne Graff was strangled in 1962, by the Brooklyn Strangler,” he crouches by the slumped body, while Magnus was writing on the piece of paper on his clipboard, standing on the right side, “Magnus,” he says, while leaning closer to the scarf tied around the neck of the victim, “What do you see?” he points at a blotch of brown almost red stain by the knot.

“A reddish-brown stain,” the ME comments, then eyes on his detective.

Lydia peeks at the same stain, “In other words, blood.”

Magnus shakes his head, “No, a reddish-brownish stain. The crime lab will determine what it is,” he says, then continues, “No sign of lacerations or abrasions on the victim.”

Alec straightens his body, “So it’s not hers, which means we might have gotten lucky and the killer was bleeding.”

Magnus raises an eyebrow.

“Or smearing reddish-brownish stuff,” Alec says, rolling his eyes.

Jace reaches for his cellphone as it rings, placing the purse back on the counter. A minute later he turns to the trio who were busy talking, “We got really lucky. Redmond’s car has been located. Towing it to evidence now.”

Lydia claps her hands, looking at the ME and then to his ex-partner, “See? You just gotta remain optimistic.”

Magnus snorts and continues on his observation on the victim, then momentarily shifts his focus while he watches the three detectives stepping out of the crime scene.

* * * * *

1535H Evidence Bay, New York Police Department

Three of them head straight towards the evidence bay by the parking lot of the precinct, going through every inch of the car. 

Jace groans, “I’m gonna check the boot, open it for me,” he says to Lydia who was sitting in the driver’s seat, searching through the headspace and the console.

“It’s open,” she says, after pulling a small knob by the door.

Alec who was hunched over the backseat yells for his brother after 5 minutes passes by, “Anything?”

Jace pushes aside the black toolbox in the trunk, then picking up a small dry towel before noticing a crumpled tissue tucked in between the space. He picks it up carefully with his gloved hand, turning it around to see a small red dot, “Guys, I found something!” he yells, proceeding to put the piece of evidence in a plastic bag.

Alec and Lydia stood by the car, eyes peering on the bag before Alec’s cellphone rang, “Magnus?” he frowns, then turns to look at his Sergeant, “Yeah, we’ll be there in 5.”

* * * * *

1542H Laboratory, New York Police Department

Alec and Jace walks into the lab space as Lydia head straight to their bullpen to answer a private phone call.

“Magnus, you found something?” the black-haired detective asks, stepping closer to his boyfriend who was seated at the counter at the back of the lab.

Magnus grins, eyes on both detectives as he drums the countertop, “Great news. We got a hit on the brown stain you found on the victim’s scarf. It is blood by the way.”

Alec stops just behind the counter, Jace lingering next to him, “Who does it belong to?”

“Suspect’s DNA was in the system, so we got the result pretty fast. It’s Redmond Jones’.”

Jace takes a deep breath, a wide smile on his face, “Guys, I think we just found the Brooklyn Strangler.”

It was a few minutes of hooray from both Jace and Magnus, while later,  “We uh, should let Lieutenant Garroway and Lydia know,” Alec says, despite a frown on his face.

“What’s wrong darling?”

Alec shakes his head, “No, nothing. Just-” he sits on the barstool, thinking about the case.

“Bro, wanna go make the arrest?” Jace asks, still grinning wide after informing his superior about the breakthrough in their case.

“No, I uh, why don’t you go with Lyds? Maybe bring Underhill with you?”

Jace frowns, pocketing his cellphone, “You sure?”

Alec nods, “Yeah, just go. I uh, wanna go through the evidence one more time.”

“Something bugging you Alexander?”

Alec looks at the ME, then turns to Jace, “I just had a-” he gulps, “I don’t know. Just a gut feeling.”

“You don’t think Redmond Jones’ the killer bro?”

“My gut says no.”

Magnus frowns, “But darling, the evidence speaks itself. The blood is Redmond’s.”

“I know. That’s why Jace and Lyds are still making the arrest,” he moves to stand, “You go with Lyds, I’ll just run through the evidence while you guys bring him here.”

“Okay, Alec.”

* * * * *

1725H Homicide Unit, New York Police Department

Alec pulls the crime scene picture of their latest victim, eyes on the scarf with the drop of blood, then shifting to their 2nd victim, a clean scarf around her neck. He reaches for the old newspaper clips from Leahy’s file, there were no reports on any DNA nor any evidence found in the 1960’s cases, and the latest case-

Alec turns his head when he hears a commotion in the hallway just outside the bullpen, watching Underhill leading a cuffed and obviously disgruntled Redmond Jones towards their interrogation room wings. Jace and Lydia stop just beside the elevator, talking to Raj and his partner Michael before they both steps into the bullpen.

“You’re not interrogating him?” Alec asks, frowning when Raj and Michael were heading towards the way where Redmond was led to.

“Raj and Michael can do it, not in the mood,” Lydia says, reaching for a picture on Alec’s desk, “Jace says you don’t think Redmond’s the killer?”

Alec shrugs, “I don’t really know.”

“Hey, your gut somehow is always right,” Jace pipes in, pulling his chair and sitting on it, “Me and Lyds trusts your gut bro.”

Alec scoffs.

"What’s your doubt?” Lydia asks.

Alec takes a deep breath, eyes on the scattered pictures on his desk, “Don’t you think it’s weird that there was no evidence nor DNA from the 1960’s killing and Magnus couldn’t find any from our first two victims.”

Lydia and Jace nods simultaneously.

“But then suddenly, we have this-” he pauses, pulling a printed picture of  Joanne Graff’s with a scarf tied around it taken by the CSU, “-blood on our victim and the blood Jace found in Redmond’s car,” he pulls the evidence bag, a tissue with a drop of blood found in their arrested murder’s car yet to be sent to the lab for further tests, “It’s like, so easy and-God, I might have just overthink about this case.”

Lydia shakes her head, “Nah, detective trusting their gut hunches are in one of our job descriptions,” she turns to look at Jace, “Did Redmond Jones have any blood work recently? Any doctor visits?”

Jace leans back into his chair, arms crossed in front of his chest, “No, not that I could find.”

Alec huffs, then his eyes stop at the entrance of the Intelligence Unit, “Gonna check something.”

* * * * *

1810H Cafe, Lobby, New York Police Department

Magnus enters the cafe, heading straight towards the smiling barista, stepping in front of the display of pastries when he sees a small group of uniformed officers crowing a laid back pale-looking man in his 60’s in a coat just behind him. He notices the man, he’s the one that his boyfriend and Jace were waiting for back in Taki’s.

Lahey laughs, back pressed flat against the wall of the cafe, “He’s sharing a cell with this guy Redmond Jones,” he continues on his story, “Well, Redmond Jones tells him the whole story, all these girls that he strangled. DeSalvo’s such a nutcake, he begins telling people it’s him, the Brooklyn Strangler’s him,” he stops, coughing out loud behind his closed hand.

Magnus turns to face the man, noticing the paleness of his skin, the sweat on his forehead, “Excuse me, Detective Leahy?”

The dazed-looking man looks up at the ME, eyes on Magnus’ violet-colored coat, “You’re uh, the new ME. Doctor Bane.”

Magnus nods, smiling as he extended his right hand, “I am. It’’s nice to meet you. How are you?”

Leahy leans forward, and with much difficulty he grasps the hand in front of him, coughing before softly answering, “Good,” then he continues on coughing, droplets of sweat still on his face despite the cold air from the central unit.

Magnus nods at the officers staring at him, then looks at Leahy, “Do you have a minute?”

“Why? What’s up doc?”

* * * * *

1855H Intelligence Unit, New York Police Department

Alec stands behind Simon who was ready for his next order, “Then go to Dyker Heights, there a dialysis center there. Today at 9 o’clock.”

Simons nods, pulling up the city’s surveillance camera footage, displaying it on the TVs mounted on the wall.

“I’ve gone around the center when you asks me bro, showed his pictures around. His alibi’s solid. Underhill went there today to check for me when we were going through Redmond’s car,”

Alec nods, stepping to get closer towards the TV, “Just, it’s just a gut thing.”


Alec raises an eyebrow when a figure was about to step into the dialysis center, “Freeze, blow that up Si.”

Simon did as told, clicking a few buttons on the keyboard and a blown-up still footage of Lahey came into view, wearing a blue jacket and brown shirt.

Jace comments, “There he is, going in.”

Alec crosses his arms on his chest, “Shuttle forward.”

Lydia who had been quiet since they stepped into the unit moves to stand beside Alec, “Stop,” she said as soon as she notices a man exiting the center, wearing a blue jacket, brown shirt but now wearing a grey flat cap and thick sunglasses with gold frame, "Blow that up."

Jace snorts as they identified the male in view, “Lahey, five minutes later.”

Lydia looks at Alec, “Thesaurus, how long does dialysis take?”

Alec rolls his eyes while answering, “Couple hours.”

“Some alibi,” Jace mumbles under his breath.

* * * * *

1855H Autopsy Room, New York Police Department

Leahy sat on one of the barstools in the cold room, Magnus standing in front of him with a stethoscope around his neck, pressing the chest piece against the veteran’s chest, listening to his breath sounds.

“How many dialysis appointments have you missed?” the ME asks as he took off the stethoscope.

Leahy looks obviously pissed, “None. Every other day, I’m in dialysis for hours.”

Magnus shakes his head, gripping the stethoscope in his hands as he steps aside to put the medical device back in his bag, “I don’t think that’s possible. You’re exhibiting signs of renal failure,” he pats the male on the shoulder, then starts moving towards the other end of the room, “I’m gonna go call your doctor.”

Watching the ME taking his steps, Leahy takes a gasping breath as his right hand went around his back, “Hey doc.”

Magnus turns at the voice, watching the veteran pulling out a gun, holding it in front of his face while his eyes were trained on him, “What are you doing?” he asks with a frown on his face. He looks at his right, towards the laboratory full of his staff but the view had been obstructed by the foldable bed screen.

Leahy stops a feet away from Magnus, pointing the gun at the forensic pathologist, “You can’t stop talking, can you?”

Taking a deep breath, Magnus stares at the veteran in front of him, somehow knowing why his boyfriend had been having a doubt on Redmond Jones being the Brooklyn Strangler and why after two bodies with no trace of any evidence or DNA and suddenly they strike gold with a third one, fairly easy, “Do you know why you did it, detective?”

An obviously pissed and sick Leahy answers, “Yeah, I was in a bad mood, okay?”

“You have an obsession disorder,” Magnus starts, eyes on the muzzle of the gun then shifting his gaze onto the veteran, “You identified with the aggressor, the Brooklyn Strangler and you became him.”

“Shut up, just-” 

Magnus continues, “Cause I can get help and you’d-”

“Shut up!” Leahy shouts, and Magnus did as told, “The real killer is Redmond Jones,” the pale man says as he looks at Magnus in the eyes, “You understand me?” he shifts the gun closer to Magnus, and the ME gulps at the sudden movement, “Redmond Jones is the Brooklyn Strangler and he’s getting what he should have gotten 40 years ago. I made sure of that.”

Magnus fights the nervousness in his body and stares at the man in front of him, “By murdering three more women and framing him.”

A second later, the door to the autopsy room pushes open, and footsteps coming closer from behind the screen, “Hey Magnus. Can you run this-” Alec stops just at the sight of Lahey holding his boyfriend by the elbow behind him, the gun cocks at his head and the plastic of evidence with tissue inside forgotten.

Leahy comments at the detective, “You are a good cop.”

Alec takes a deep breath, eyes doing a once-over at his boyfriend then letting it out slowly knowing that he is not injured, “For a gay man.”

Leahy laughs, “All right, your gun. Put it down,” he says, aiming the gun in his hand at the detective then back at the ME, “Kick it over.”

Magnus shakes his head as Alec nods, pulling out the gun holstered by his waist, “Darling, don’t-”

“Oh, shut the hell up!” Leahy shouts, aiming the gun at Magnus’ head, then pushing his body closer towards the metal table in the room with a body covered on top of it.

Magnus notices the high tray of his instruments with the corner of his eyes, knowing that he could reach the scalpel within seconds. With Leahy focusing on Alec, moving the gun in his hand to point out at Alec on where he should kick the gun the young detective had just removed from his holster, Magnus takes a deep breath thinking on whether he should do what he had just planned. 

Crouching to place the gun on the floor, Alec casts his eyes on the veteran, “You planted Redmond’s blood didn’t you?”

Leahy laughs, “I still got some, now kick it-”

When the grip around his elbow loosens, Magnus immediately reaches for the scalpel from the tray and proceeded to stab the man holding him hostage in the thigh, blood shooting out of the wound with the old man yelping in pain, his gun had fallen on the floor. With a swift movement, Magnus kicks the gun away, then pushes the man groaning in pain against the metal table next to them who then slumped over the covered body. 

Alec watches Magnus slams Leahy’s head hard with the tray he grabbed from his side. The ME repeated twice before pulling the veteran and pushing him down onto the floor, tossing the tray away before pressing his knee against Leahy’s back, pinning him against the floor.

“Alexander, handcuffs.”

Still couldn’t believe the fact that his boyfriend had literally saved him and his own ass, Alec chuckles as he steps closer to the beautiful man, pulling the metal cuffs from the back of his pants and proceeded to cuffs both wrists of the man still groaning in pain, “You okay?” he asks as Magnus moves to stand.

Magnus nods, taking a breath, a wide grin on his face, “Yeah.”

* * * * *

2025H Homicide Unit, New York Police Department

Alec closes the file on his table, piling it together with the personal file of their recently arrested detective, then leans against the back of his chair, waiting for his boyfriend who is currently giving a statement to his Sergeant and partner.

He was about to reach for another file when the three steps into the bullpen, laughing.

Magnus stops laughing at the joke that Jace cracks just before they enter the unit when his eyes rests on his scowling detective, “Someone’s pissed,” he mumbles, Jace and Lydia then scoffs at the sight.

“Good luck,” Lydia pats the ME on the shoulder, scurrying away to her desk and Jace steps away without another word.

“Stop scowling, you’re scaring people,” Magnus says as he sits on the desk of his detective, a smile on his face as he poked the black-haired male on the shoulder.

Alec huffs out loud.

“I’m fine Alexander.”

“I know.”

Magnus chuckles softly, knowing that Alec was obviously pissed with what he did, and there are only a few ways to calm the man down, “Let’s go. I’m done for the day.”

Alec hums, moving to stand and pushes his chair before collecting the files at the corner of his work table, “Just a sec,” he says, pressing a kiss on Magnus’ temple before striding to his Sergeant’s desk.

Fifty minutes later in the confine of Magnus’ luxurious car in the basement of Walker Tower, the ME places his left hand on top of Alec’s thigh, squeezing it to gain the younger male’s attention, “Darling, talk to me.”

Alec blinks a few times before shifting in his seat to confront his boyfriend face to face, “You could’ve gotten hurt,” he says, voice low.

“I didn’t know he was the killer. I saw him at Taki’s and he was sweating and pale at the cafe.”

Alec sighs, “I know, but God, seeing you-” he chokes on his breath.

Magnus shifts in his seat, leaning over the console to gather the detective in his arms, “I’m okay,” he says, hands running up and down Alec’s back, “My dad’s a mobster, and darling, I was trained to defend myself when I turned 5.”

Alec drops a kiss on the violet colored coat, a relieved sigh escaping his lips, “Thank God.”

“Thank Asmodeus,” Magnus giggles, “And yeah, him too.”

* * * * *

2055H Penthouse, Walker Tower

“Who do you think is the real Brooklyn Strangler?” Magnus asks as they were both seated comfortably in his living room in front of the large screen TV, boxes of Chinese takeouts spread on the coffee table.

Alec chews on his deep-fried wonton, shifting his focus from the TV to his lover, “I don’t think we’ll ever know,” he shrugs, then focusing back on the TV now showing an Asian themed cookfest.

“Don’t you want to know darling?”

Alec shrugs again, scooping another wonton and chews on it slowly, “Not really.”

“You’re a detective, won’t it bug you?”

“Yeah, but whatever,” Alec says, eyes still on the screen, not really paying attention.

Magnus chuckles, grabbing his glass of wine and sipping on it slowly, “I got myself a cooking freak boyfriend.”


“You’re adorable.”

“Mhm,” Alec hums, still not paying attention.

“I’m fat.”


“I’m ugly.”


“I’m going out on a date with a hot cop tomorrow.”

“Wait, what? Who? Why?”

Magnus snorts, pressing a kiss on Alec’s jaw, “Good to have you back,” he mumbles before starting to collect the empty boxes on the coffee table.

“I’m sorry,” Alec says, moving to pull his boyfriend into his arms, the boxes back on their previous spot, “I’m sorry.”

“You really love cooking shows huh?” Magnus presses a kiss onto the side of Alec’s jaw as his back settled comfortably against the detective’s chest, his strong arms circling the ME’s waist.

“Hmm, I need to feed you real food, not these take-outs.”

Magnus rolls his eyes, “Fine. Are you staying here for the night?”

“If Doctor Bane allows me to.”

Magnus hums, fingers drumming the hands around his waist, "Only if Detective Lightwood promise him an endless amount of kisses."

Alec grins, lips smacking the skin of Magnus' neck, "Definitely." 

Almost an hour later, both of them were lazily exchanging kisses in bed, hands carefully mapping each other’s curves and tongues playfully nudging one another, beautiful moans filling the dimmed room.

Alec giggles when he felt something tickling the ball of his feet, and almost at the same time, Magnus rolls his eyes, “Your child is here,” the detective says, pressing another kiss on Magnus’ lip before scooching away, giving the feline his designated spot; right in the middle of the bed.

“I have to build him a room,” Magnus hisses, shifting his body to lean against the headboard, pillows trapped in between.

Alec chuckles, moving to grab his cellphone by the bedside, while he moves to sit in bed, “Oh God,” he groans the minute he presses his work email open. 

“What’s wrong Alexander?”



“I signed up before I got hurt, and I’ve totally forgotten about it. Not really my fault you know,” he tries to reason.

Magnus shifts to sit cross-legged on the bed, both hands scratching his pet just behind the ears, listening the cat purring contentedly, “When do you leave?”

Alec licks his lower lip, then slowly places his cellphone back on the bedside table, “Urm,” he clears his throat, “Tomorrow.”

Magnus buries the urge to strangle his boyfriend, that’s such a short notice , he thought “Okay. Where?”

Alec shrugs, left hand moving to pet the same cat, fingers running through the soft fur, “Just nearby.”

“Where?” Magnus shoots his boyfriend a glare.


“How long?”

Alec shrugs, “Just a few days.”

“How. Long.”

“A week.”

“Wait what? Did you mean the whole 7 days? 7 freaking days?”


Magnus huffs, defeatedly moves to sit on his usual side of the bed, back pressed against the mountain of pillows yet again, hands now crossed in front of his chest, lips jutted out in a pout.

“Stop pouting.”

“It’s my face, I can do whatever I want with it.”

Alec chuckles, petting the cat one last time before he crawls over the feline, then making a move to straddle Magnus’ lower half, hands supporting his body as he leans forward, his face just a few inches away from his sulking boyfriend, “I will miss you.”

Magnus huffs out a loud breath, eyes staring into the hazel orbs that he adores, palms moving to caress the sharp jawline presented in front of him, the skin is rough with a hint of evening stubble, “I will miss you too.”

Alec smiles as he presses a long kiss on the thin lips, pecking it a few times before he pulls away, “Jace and Lyds would be here.”

Magnus moves the palm each side of Alec’s neck, thumbs caressing the bobbing Adam apple “They’re not you.”

Alec leans for a chaste kiss, “I know.”

Magnus let out a deep breath, leaning forward to press his forehead against the chin, “God, the things you’re doing to me, Alexander.”

Alec dips his head to linger his lips on the span of skin of Magnus’ forehead, “You can go and visit your family in the meantime? At least it would take your mind off of me.”

“I doubt that,” the older man whispers slowly, “-but I’d see, probably in a day or two.”

Alec carefully pry the hands around his neck, pushing Magnus to lie on his silk-covered mattress, eyes staring into his lover’s yellow-green orbs, “Stay safe okay?”

Magnus chuckles softly, then smiling wide at the look of worry presented in his detective’s eyes, “I will darling.”

“I will terribly miss you.”

“Me too darling. Spoon me?”

Alec nods, head dipping down to press a soft long kiss on Magnus’ lips, then carefully gathers the ME in his arms as he slotted his tall build behind his beautiful man, “I’ll leave early in the morning, okay?”

Magnus nods, closing his eyes as he indulges in the warmth of his detective, “Okay.”

“Good night baby.”

“Good night darling.”