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Dicks-Out O'Clock

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Okay, Kaminari definitely had not looked like that the last time Shinsou had seen him. The last time he'd seen him he'd been a hyperactive, honestly kind of annoying little towheaded kid who kept asking Shinsou to play stupid sandcastle games with him. He'd spent most of the time on his beach vacation trying to ignore him by swimming out into the water further than Kaminari could go.

But now.

His hair was still blond, but definitely dyed or at least highlighted, with a black streak running through it. He was wearing a choker and a shirt that was so small that Shinsou could see his fucking pierced belly button peeking out of it. And eyeliner, good God he was wearing eyeliner and it made the golden flecks in his irises pop when Kaminari walked up to Shinsou and offered him his hand.

"Heya, Shinsou, right? You came to the beach with Izuku when we were all kids, yeah?"

"Yeah, that was me."

Shinsou glanced at his arm. The hand that Kaminari wasn't using to shake his was running over his bicep.

"You got a lot bigger, Shinsou."

"You… you didn't," Shinsou stammered. It was true. Kaminari was still tiny.

Kaminari giggled. "It's gonna be a fun week. I can tell already."

"Oi, Pikachu! Help me with all this fuckin' booze!" Izuku's boyfriend Bakugou called from the front door of the condo.

Kaminari trotted over to go help, leaving Shinsou leaning against the kitchen counter alone. It had been years since he'd been in this condo -- which was owned by his cousin Izuku's family -- and it was a lot more cramped than he'd remembered it being as a kid. He found himself wondering again how they were gonna fit all of the people Izuku had said would be staying here.

"Oh, it'll be fine," Izuku had said, shrugging. "People'll end up just falling asleep wherever."

He wasn't sure what had led him to accepting Izuku's invitation to come to senior week with him and his friends, but somehow he'd said yes, and now he was about to spend an entire week socializing with more people his age than he probably usually hung out with in an entire year.

He wasn't a loner, exactly, he just -- no, that's a lie, he was a loner. Whether by choice or not, he wasn't sure. He hadn't really clicked with any of the kids at the small private school he went to, and had always kind of wished that he'd been able to go to the large public high school Izuku went to. He was gonna have to make up for four whole years of missed socialization this week. He wanted to be prepared when the fall came around -- he was going to the large local state college along with Izuku and a bunch of Izuku’s friends.

So, what better way to practice than to spend a week with his cousin and a ton of strangers at the beach getting absolutely hammered?

Everyone piled into the condo -- Izuku, his boyfriend Bakugou, Kaminari, some redhead named Kirishima, a dude sucking on a dab pen named Sero, and Shinsou. Izuku said there were even more of his friends who would be over later, but they were staying in a different place than his. It was overwhelming. Izuku had so many friends .

There were probably twenty people piled into the condo by eight pm, and as the night went on the haze of smoke and the thrum of the bass-boosted party music on in the background lulled Shinsou into relative comfort -- at least for the newness of the situation.

Shinsou had stuck close to Izuku's side for most of the night, nursing a couple of strong mixed drinks and working up a pleasant, still unfamiliar-feeling buzz -- he was a little new to drinking. Everyone else here seemed to be experts at it already.

He stepped away for a bathroom break, and when he returned, he couldn't find Izuku. With a jolt of panic he looked for any familiar face he could find. He spotted Kaminari sitting at the couch with the redhead and a couple of girls he didn't recognize, so he went over and sat down near them, trying to be as nonchalant as possible.

"Shinsou!" Kaminari squealed, cheeks ruddy from intoxication. "Have you met these guys yet? This is Jirou--" he pointed to a petite girl with a pair of headphones around her neck, "and Mina--" a girl with a pink bob and a face of makeup worthy of any famous beauty vlogger, "and Kirishima, who you know already."

"Hi, guys," Shinsou said, offering up an awkward smile.

"We're playing Never-Have-I-Ever, wanna join?" Mina asked.

"What's that?"

"Oh, you've never played it?" Mina said, like playing Never-Have-I-Ever was the most normal and natural thing in the world. "So, we go around in a circle. Each person says something they haven't done, and then everyone who's done the thing drinks."

"Easy enough," Shinsou said.

She leaned over and fake-whispered in his ear. "Kaminari's drinking a lot ."

Kaminari stuck his tongue out at her.

"Whose turn was it?" Mina said.

"Kirishima's, I think," Jirou said.

"Dope!" He answered. "Never have I ever given a blowjob," he said, smirking.

Oh, so it was that kind of game. Shinsou watched as Mina and Kaminari drank.

"Never have I ever gotten a blowjob," Kaminari leveled right back at Kirishima, who angrily took a sip of his drink.

"Wait, I call bullshit," Mina said. "No way you've never gotten a BJ, Denki."

"It's true, Mina, I swear. My dick is painfully underutilized during sex. Most guys seem to think I'm just all holes," he said, frowning. "Guess that's what happens when you sleep with straight guys."

Everyone burst out laughing, and Shinsou chuckled awkwardly. He couldn't stop picturing Kaminari's pretty little pink lips wrapping around… fuck.

"Shinsou, your turn," Mina said.

"Oh, sorry. Um, never have I ever," he glanced around the room. "Talked to that guy." He pointed to a tall guy wearing glasses who was standing in a corner, talking emphatically to a brunette girl.

Kirishima laughed. "Damn, good strategy dude," as he took a swig.

Jirou was next. "Never have I ever touched a dick."

"Wait, including our own?" Kirishima said.

"If your dick is a dick and you've touched it, then yes."

Shinsou finally drank for the first time. Everyone drank, actually, except for Jirou.

Mina went next. "Hmmmm. Never have I ever--"

"EVERYONE, TURN YOUR FUCKIN' ATTENTION OVER HERE." Their little group all swivelled their heads around to see the commotion. Bakugou was standing on the kitchen table, clearly belligerently drunk. "IT'S FUCKIN' SHIRTS-OFF O'CLOCK."

"Oh my God ," Kirishima said. "He is so fucked up right now."

"TAKE YOUR FUCKIN' SHIRTS OFF EVERYONE!" he yelled, and then pulled his over his head and threw it across the room.

"Kacchan, get down!" Izuku yelled. "You'll break the table!"

"I do what I want, fuckin' shitty Deku." He hopped off the table, stumbling into Izuku's arms and then staring at him blearily. "Fuckin' cute and shit."

When Shinsou turned back to the group they were all lifting their shirts over their heads. "Wait, really? " He said.

"Yeah, dude, shirts-off o'clock. It's a thing." Kirishima said. "Just wait till pants-off o'clock." He grinned.

Shinsou was not drunk enough for this. He pulled his own shirt up off over his head and then hesitantly asked, "do any of you guys wanna take a shot?"

"Yes please ," Kaminari said. They both went over to the counter and Kaminari filled two shot glasses with vodka.

"What should we cheers to?" Kaminari said.

The setting, the game, the people, the alcohol, everything around him was making him feel more confident than he actually was. He hadn't even realized what he was saying until he had blurted it out. "To you finally getting your dick sucked," he said, then downed his shot.

As soon as Kaminari drank his he was in his space, a little dribble of vodka still running down the side of his mouth. "You mean that?" He said, pressing up against Shinsou.

"Y-yeah. I mean, I've never sucked a dick before, but you're just so--" he gasped, Kaminari's mouth was on his neck, "--so pretty. Fuck. Ahhh--"

He pulled Kaminari up to his mouth. That last shot had been perfect. He was deliciously delirious and blissfully unaware of the people around him, only vaguely registering the whooping and hollering that was going on around him as he and Kaminari open-mouth kissed and pawed at each other's bare torsos in the middle of the kitchen.

In a drunken, lustful blur, they wound up in one of the bedrooms on the floor, not even managing to make it to a bed. Shinsou couldn't stop fucking squeezing Kaminari, his sides, his ass, his pert little pink nipples, fuck, even his throat, just for a brief second. The blond was a pliant, whimpering mess underneath him, and Shinsou was taken aback by the power he suddenly felt like he had.

He'd never done something like this with anyone before, and it was fucking exhilarating. He could feel how hard Kaminari was underneath him, and he was sure Kaminari could feel him too. "Can I--? Can I--" Shinsou panted, wiping spit from his mouth. He reached for Kaminari's pants to show him what he meant.

"Yeah, yeah. Fuck, Shinsou, you're so hot,” Kaminari whined. “You got so fucking hot it's not fair. You were just this weird little standoffish kid the last time I saw you and now you're so fucking buff and intimidating and cool and--"

Shinsou stopped with Kaminari's pants half unbuckled. "I'm intimidating?"

"Yeah? You always look so serious, and like, I dunno, like you could be doing something more important. But it's hot, Shinsou, it makes me wanna make you pay attention to me."

Shinsou's dick twitched. "Fuck, Kaminari, I can't not pay attention to you, and I know you fucking know that. With your hair and your tiny fucking shirt and this piercing," he said, dipping down and running his tongue over it. He felt Kaminari shudder underneath him and he smirked. "You gotta talk to me while I do this, okay?" Shinsou said. "I want to make sure I do it right. I want to know how it feels."

Kaminari leaned his head back and moaned. "I love being told what to do, fuck, of course I'll keep talking, baby. Whatever the fuck you want, I just wanna let you do whatever you want to me, unnhhh--"

Shinsou pulled Kaminari's pants off and groaned, noticing the wet spot in his boxers. "Hey, don't--" Shinsou paused, looking up at Kaminari as he spoke. "--Don't feel like you have to rush if you're nervous, or whatever. Just have fun with me."

Shinsou crawled back up again until he was lying over Kaminari. "Okay," he said. "I'll start all the way up here then."

Kaminari keened as Shinsou licked the side of his neck and then planted his teeth just below his ear. He bit and sucked until Kaminari was whining so loudly he was sure that the entire condo could hear it, but he didn't care, and he wanted to draw those noises out of him as much and as loudly as possible.

He moved down to Kaminari's collarbone, sucking on it, and then down to one of his nipples. He lightly dragged his tongue across it and Kaminari gasped, his back arching off of the floor. "Oh, God, Shinsou, sensitive, I-- oh my God nnnn--" he whined as Shinsou wrapped his lips over his nipple and sucked experimentally, his tongue and teeth brushing it. Kaminari's hips were bucking up erratically of their own accord, and when Shinsou moved a hand to play with his other nipple, Kaminari's entire body began to shake.

"Ooo-o-h m-y go-d-d, I fe-el like I co-uld come j-just from t-this," he whined, high and staccato.

Shinsou pulled back. "I wanna see you come so bad," he said. "But not from that." He licked long stripes down Kaminari's belly and Kaminari sighed, relaxing. Shinsou tongued Kaminari's piercing a little bit, and the blond giggled.

"That tickles, Shinsou!" he laughed, and Shinsou nipped lightly at it before his mouth moved down further, making Kaminari's breath hitch again. "Mmm, yeah, please tease me, Shinsou," he said. "Make me beg for it, please."

Shinsou sat up and pulled down Kaminari's underwear. He just looked at it for a minute -- Kaminari's naked body. He was so small and beautiful and his cock was curved so perfectly against his stomach, a single line of precum hanging between the head of his cock and his belly.

Shinsou kissed right next to Kaminari's cock. "Tease you like this?"


"What about here?" He planted a kiss on Kaminari's inner thigh, looked up to see him nodding. He bit down, and Kaminari yelped. He continued that, kissing and biting, licking and sucking everything in proximity to Kaminari's dick that wasn't his dick until the poor boy was writhing, almost sobbing for him. "Please, Shinsou, pleeeease, this is all I've ever wanted, you're making me feel so good, but I want more, please, more!"

"Okay, but you have to do one thing for me."

"I'll do anything, what is it, baby?"

"You have to call me by my first name."

"Fuck. Hitoshi. Hitoshi, please. Please suck me off God I want you to- oh Godddd, yes--"

Shinsou flicked the tip of his tongue over Kaminari's slit, drawing some of his precum into his mouth. It tasted salty, made him strangely delirious for more. He wrapped his lips around the head, only moving his tongue.

"That feels -- so nice, Hitoshi."

Shinsou bobbed his head with just the tip of Kaminari's dick in his mouth. The blond's fingers dug into Shinsou's shoulders and Shinsou growled, which only made Kaminari more vocal. Shinsou tried moaning again, and Kaminari sighed. The vibrations must have felt nice.

He braced his arms on Kaminari's waist and started moving his head, taking more of Kaminari's cock and sucking his cheeks in slightly. He felt Kaminari thrusting his hips up, and he opened his mouth a little bit. Kaminari's cock hit the back of his throat with an odd squelching noise, and Shinsou flinched.

"Is that okay?" Kaminari said, out of breath. Shinsou nodded and Kaminari continued thrusting shallowly in and out of him. "Hitoshi, your mouth feels so good. I love it, I love it so much, I'm getting really close, God--"

Shinsou wrapped his lips more firmly around Kaminari's cock and started moving up and down rapidly. He heard Kaminari squeak "Ah! Fuck!" and then felt a gush of warm liquid ooze its way into his mouth. Unprepared for how sudden and just how warm it would be, Shinsou drew back in alarm and got a few squirts of cum in his face. He swallowed what was already in his mouth, and before he could think about wiping the rest off, Kaminari was on him, licking the cum off of his face and moaning while he did it.

"My turn," he said, grinning, and then pushed Shinsou forcefully down onto his back.

"Oh, fuckkkk," Shinsou drawled, hands coming to rest over his face as Kaminari worked his cock over his pants.

"Hey, don't do that," Kaminari whined. "I wanna see your face."

"Fuck, Kaminari, you're gonna be so good at this, I can already tell--"

"Denki," Kaminari said. "It's Denki." He undid Shinsou's belt buckle so swiftly that he whipped the belt halfway across the room, and then shrugged Shinsou's pants down and placed his mouth over his underwear-covered cock.

Shinsou sat up and leaned back on his hands to get a better view of Kaminari, his tongue dragging slowly up and down the length of Shinsou's cock. It felt amazing, even over the cotton of his underwear. "Denki, more," he whined. Kaminari kissed his hip bone and then pulled down Shinsou's underwear until his cock popped out from the elastic waistband, glistening with pre and practically throbbing.

He could feel Kaminari's hot breath on it as he looked it over, and Shinsou whimpered, bucking his hips up to try to get Kaminari to touch it. "Please, Denki…"

Kaminari smirked, something thin and dangerous, and then just barely brushed his lips against Shinsou's cock. "Make me," he whispered.

Shinsou's hand flew to Kaminari's hair, yanking a fistful of it and pulling him closer to the head of his dick. He tugged at his hair until Kaminari winced and opened his mouth. His flattened tongue ran up and down the shaft, and then in a fluid motion Shinsou's dick was in his mouth, and Shinsou's entire body curved to try to meet it. Holy shit, yep, Kaminari had definitely done this before. Fuck.

"You like sucking cock, yeah, Denki?"

Kaminari nodded and mumbled something. The vibration did feel good, and Shinsou's eyes rolled back when it happened again. Kaminari was fucking moaning all over his cock, and licking it and sucking it and bobbing his head up and down on it, and God it was so fucking much, so fucking good. There was no way he was gonna even be able to pretend to be cool and hold off from coming -- he could feel it close to happening already. He pulled Kaminari off of him with a sharp tug and let Kaminari use his hands to stroke him to completion. Squeezing both eyes shut as he held onto Kaminari’s hair, he came, losing himself in the feeling of those soft hands and the tiny flicks of Kaminar’s tongue on his head. When Kaminari had finally milked him dry he blinked his eyes open and was met with the cutest, most lewd thing that he’d ever seen. Kaminari was peering at him, one eye blinking half-closed to keep the cum in his eyelashes from getting into it. The rest of Shinsou's cum was on his cheek, nose, and lips, and Kaminari's tongue was sticking out to the side, tasting it, not even bothering to fully lick it off. "Mmmm," he said, and Shinsou pulled Kaminari to him and kissed him hard and messily, his cum smearing all over his own lips and chin.

His hands wrapped around Kaminari's waist and they laid there, sharing the taste of each other, for God knows how long -- through the post-orgasmic haze and the fog of drunkenness, time seemed to be expanded, somehow.

Shinsou was tracing small lazy circles into Kaminari's back, dozing off, when Kaminari spoke. "Hey, Hitoshi."


"That was really good for your first blowjob. Like. Really."

"How would you know? I thought you said you've never been sucked off before?"

Kaminari shrugged on top of him, running a finger across his jaw. "I just know."

"Well, I watch a lot of porn, I guess," Shinsou said, and then they were both laughing.

Kaminari sighed. "I wanna watch porn with you."



"Yeah, sure. Tomorrow."

Kaminari grinned. "God, I can't believe we get to do this for a whole week."

"I'm, uh, also going to the same university as you and Izuku in the fall."

Kaminari gasped. "Oh my God! Hitoshi." He squished Shinsou's cheeks in his palms and wiggled on top of him. "Hitoshi. Be my boyfriend. Pleeease?"

Shinsou blushed and glanced off to the side. "Geeze, Denki, how drunk are you?" Kaminari frowned. "Ask me again when we're both sober and I'll say yes, okay?"


"Yeah, really, Denki. Promise."

Not five minutes later Kaminari was barreling into the main room of the condo yelling "SHINSOU IS MY PRE-BOYFRIEND, YOU GUYS. HE'S MY PRE-BOYFRIEND!!!"

Shinsou walked out a couple minutes later, self-conscious and embarrassed, to a chorus of rambunctious cheering and applause. He smiled and looked over to Izuku, who gave him a thumbs up. And then he looked over to Kaminari, who was beaming at him.

Someone across the room cleared their throat. He turned around to see Bakugou, climbing up onto the couch and stepping out of his pants. Izuku put his head in his hands. "You know what fuckin' time it is!" He yelled. "Pants-off o'clock!"

Shinsou laughed and lost his pants for the second time that night. He made eyes with Kaminari from across the room and found himself blushing, like he hadn't just had his dick in his mouth.

The rest of this week was going to be amazing.

And oh God. Oh God, and now. Now he couldn't wait for college either.