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Class 1a, the class of adorable demons

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Tenya Iida had added Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, Shoto Todoroki, and 16 others to Class 1a group chat.


Tenya Iida: Hello everyone! I have created this group chat so that we can communicate with each other easier about studying and any problems you may all be having at school. Please keep all messages school appropriate.


Mina Ashido: Nah


Mina Ashido has changed their username to PinkAcid.


PinkAcid has changed Tenya Iida’s username to ClassPrez.


ClassPrez: Mina! Change my username back immediately, this is not what this chat is for!


Denki Kaminari: Sorry bro but you should have seen this coming


Denki Kaminari changed their username to Pikachu.


Hanta Sero changer their username to TapeMan.


Ochaco Uraraka changer their username to FloatingAway.


ClassPrez: Uraraka!


FloatingAway: Sorry Idia, but you really should have seen this coming.


Pikachu: We will bring chaos to this chat!


TapeMan: Pure and utter chaos!


PinkAcid: No one will escape us!


Eijiro Kirishima: That sounds fun!


Eijiro Kirishima changed their username to RockShark.


PinkAcid: Is that because of your teeth, or because of your shark onesie? 


RockShark: Mina!


Toru Hagakure: Awww Kiri you have a shark onesie?


Pikachu: He does and it’s adorable!


RockShark: At least I’m not the one with a Pikachu onesie


Pikachu: I’m not ashamed of that


Pikachu: I make a damn cute Pikachu!


PinkAcid: True


TapeMan: True


Kyoka Jiro: True


RockShark: Sigh, that's true


Pikachu: (=^_^=)


Pikachu: Also


Pikachu changed Kyoka Jiro’s username to AuxCord


AuxCord: I’m not even surprised


ClassPrez: I must remind you all that this chat is for school matters! Please refrain from using it for such tomfoolery!


RockShark: Did… did Iida just say tomfoolery?


FloatingAway: Yes, yes he did




ClassPrez: Bakugo please refrain from swearing!




Katsuki Bakugo changed their username to KingExplosionMurder




RockShark: Don’t mind him, he’s just very studious


Izuku Midoriya: Yeah so is Iida but he doesn’t swear like a sailor about it


Pikachu: Midoriya! Was that sass I detect?


Izuku Midoriya: Maybe…


Pikachu: IM SO PROUD!


Pikachu changed Izuku Midoryia’s username to SassMaster


SassMaster: I like it


Pikachu: :)


KingExplosionMurder: WHAT DID I FUCKING SAY!


KingExplosionMurder: ALSO FUCK YOU DEKU!


SassMaster: I do not consent


PinkAcid: Ooooooohhhhhhh


TapeMan: Ooooooohhhhhhh


Pikachu: Ooooooohhhhhhh


RockShark: Ooooooohhhhhhh


AuxCord: Ooooooohhhhhhh


FloatingAway: Ooooooohhhhhhh


Pikachu: The master has struck again!


Momo Yaoyorozu: Why is Bakugo running down the hall screaming that he’s going to kill Midoriya?


Momo Yaoyorozu:


Momo Yaoyorozu: Oh that’s why…


AuxCord changed Momo Yaoyorozu’s username to ClassMom


ClassMom: Fitting


ClassMom: But someone should really stop Bakugo from killing Midoriya


RockShark: Yeah, I’m on it


Pikachu: I would help but I’m pretty sure he would kill me to


PinkAcid: Same


TapeMan: Same


FloatingAway: Good luck Kirishima!


RockShark: (-_-)... Thanks

Chapter Text

SassMaster: I’m alive!


SassMaster: Thank you Kirishima!


RockShark: No problem!


RockShark: I’m happy to help!


TapeMan: Seriously man how do you keep Bakugo from killing everyone?


RockShark: Magic!


PinkAcid: Nah, Bakugo is just too gay for Kiri~ He doesn’t want to disappoint him~




PinkAcid: The truth!




RockShark: Bakugo no! No fighting!




SassMaster: Kacchan calm down!


KingExplosionMurder: SHUT UP STUPID DEKU!


KingExplsionMurder: FORGET THIS SHIT!


Pikachu: Can anyone else hear the explosion coming from Bakugo’s room?


RockShark: Sigh, I’ll be back


SassMaster: Mina why did you antagonise him?


PinkAcid: I just want him to be honest with himself


TapeMan: Mina, just because you ship it doesn’t mean it’ll actually happen




SassMaster: Is she crazy?


TapeMan: Yes


Pikachu: Yes


RockShark: Yes


Pikachu: Welcome back Kiri, how did it go with Bakugo?


RockShark: He destroyed his phone and then stormed out of the dormitories


Tapeman: You didn’t follow him?


RockShark: He said if I did he would do unimaginable things to me


PinkAcid: Oh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


RockShark: Get your mind out of the gutters Mina!


PinkAcid: Never!!!!


FloatingAway: Why is Mina sliding down the halls screaming that she is the shipping queen?


TapeMan: It’s because she’s crazy


FloatingAway: Fair enough


RockShark: I’m going offline for a while, I still have homework to do so if anyone needs me I’ll be in my room


SassMaster: Of course man, you okay?


RockShark: Yeah, I’m fine


RockShark: I just need to get this homework done before Bakugo gets back or he’ll lose his shit


TapeMan: True that, good luck bro


RockShark: Thanks


(Pikachu > RockShark)


Pikachu: Are you sure your ok?


RockShark: Yeah I’m totally fine


Pikachu: Ok, now do you want to tell me the truth?




Pikachu: Do you want me to come over?


RockShark: Yes, please


Pikachu: On my way

Kaminari didn’t even bother knocking on the redhead’s door he just quickly slipped in and closed the door behind him. His eyes softened as he saw Kirishima was curled up on his bed and clutching a pillow to his chest.

“Hey Kiri” He said softly as he sat down on the bed and scootched closer so that he could wrap his arms around Kirishima’s shoulders. The redhead quickly snuggled closer to him.

“Alright, now tell me everything that’s bothering you” He demanded and Kirishima reached up and rubbed at his eye before he began talking.

“It’s just…” He began before pausing, Kaminari squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. He took a deep breath before continuing.

“Whenever Mina makes jokes like that it feels like she’s mocking my feelings!” He said with a sob escaping him at the end, Kaminari just pulled him into a tighter hug as tears escaped the redhead's eyes.

“You know she doesn’t mean it like that” He said softly but all Kirishima did was sob.

“What if she’s not?! What if my feelings for Bakugo are just that stupid?!” He questioned hysterically as he started waving his arms around causing Kaminari’s arms to fall off of his shoulders.

“Hey, no, your feelings are completely valid” He said reassuringly but Kirishima just sobbed and buried his head into his pillow.

“It doesn’t matter it’s not like Bakugo will ever like me back” He whimpered which just broke Kaminari’s heart, Kirishima was such a kind and loving person he didn’t derve to have his heart broken like this.

“You don’t know that, there’s always a chance that he could return your feelings” He said softly causing Kirishima to scoff.

“I highly doubt it, whenever someone even hints at the thought of the two of us being a coupe he becomes even more violent than usual and he treats me like shit” He mumbled softly into his pillow which caused a sad sigh to escape the blonde before he pulled Kirishima into an even tighter hug.

“Things will get better soon, I promise” He said softly and Kirishima just nodded, though Kaminari knew that he wasn’t convinced.

They sat like that for a while just taking comfort in each other's presence. Kaminari bit his lip as a thought entered his mind.

“Hey Kiri, I-” He began only to cut himself off when he saw that Kirishima had fallen asleep, he smiled softly at this as he rearranged their positions so that they were lying down more comfortably.

He’d come out one day, just not today. He just needs to be here for his best friend. His own personal feelings could wait until another day.

Chapter Text

Mineta Minoru: A group chat? Sounds fun!


Mineta Minoru changed their username to GrapeRush


GrapeRush changed PinkAcid’s username to HottyInPink


GrapeRush changed Tsuyu Asui’s username to TongueKink


GrapeRush changed FloatingAway’s username to ThiccGravity


GrapeRush changed AuxCord’s username to Climax


GrapeRush changed Toru Hagakure’s username to MysteryBeauty


GrapeRush changed ClassMom’s username to PlusSizedTitties


GrapeRush: A special gift for the ladies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) package.png


HottyInPink: Mineta!


TongueKink: Mineta!


ThiccGravity: Mineta!


Climax: Mineta!


MysteryBeauty: Mineta!


PlusSizedTittes: Mineta!


TapeMan: Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?!


ClassPrez: Mineta! This is highly inappropriate behaviour!


Pikachu: That’s really fuck up man!


GrapeRush: I don’t see what the big deal is


SassMaster: How do you not see what’s wrong with this?!


GrapeRush: You can’t tell me you haven’t all thought about doing the same thing!


Mashirao Ojiro: No, because we all respect the girls you perv


ClassPrez has suspended GrapeRush from Class 1a group chat for 24h


ClassPrez: I can not believe he would do such a thing to the girls!


MysteryBeauty: I’m screenshotting this and sending it to Mr. Aizawa


ThiccGravity: Good idea Hagakure


Climax: This was a whole new low for him


HottieInPink: He’s such a creep


Pikachu: Don't worry girls, I’ll fix your usernames


Pikachu changed HottiInPink’s username to PinkAcid


Pikachu changed TongueKink’s username to Ribbit


Pikachu changed ThiccGravity’s username to FloatingAway


Pikachu changed Climax’s username to AuxCord


Pikachu changed MysteryBeauty’s username to StealthMode


Pikachu changed PlusSizedTitties’ username to ClassMom


ClassMom: Thank you Kaminari


Pikachu: Your welcome!


Pikachu: And while I’m at it


Pikachu changed Yuga Aoyama’s username to LordOdSparkles


LordOfSparkles: I love it!


Pikachu changed Mashirao Ojiro’s username to Tails


Tails: I’m not even surprised


Pikachu changed Koji Koda’s username to SnowWhite


SnowWhite: (=^▽^=)


Pikachu changed Rikido Sato’s username to SugerRush


SugerRush: This works


Pikachu changed Mezo Shoji’s username to Arms4Days


Arms4Days: Fitting


Pikachu changed Shoto Todoroki’s username to IcyHot


IcyHot: (-_-)


Pikachu changed Fumikage Tokoyami’s username to AngstyBirb


AngstyBirb: How dare you


Pikachu: (^▽^)


Pikachu changed GrapeRush’s username to PervertedGrape


AuxCord: Perfect


StealthMod: Very


FloatingAway: I officially nominate Kaminari as best boy, all in favour say aye


PinkAcid: Aye


AuxCord: Aye


StealthMode: Aye


Ribbit: Aye


ClassMom: Aye


Pikachu: You guys are making me blush!


Pikachu: Stahp!


PinkAcid: Never


Pikachu: (=^▽^=)

RockShark: I took a nap and I missed so much


TapeMan: I thought you were doing homework?


RockShark: I fell asleep while doing it  


PinkAcid: Homework is so boring, I totally feel you


SassMaster: I can help you if you want


RockShark: Thanks Midoriya, but I got it


SassMaster: Well if you change your mind my offer still stands


PinkAcid: Honestly Midoriya you are such a sweetheart


FloatingAway: He really is


ClassPrez: ^^^^


IcyHot: ^^^^


Ribbit: ^^^^


SassMaster: Guys!!!


SassMaster: Stop! You're making me blush!


Pikachu changed SassMaster’s username to SassyCinnamonRoll


SassyCinnamonRoll: Kami! Why?!


Pikachu: I’m just being honest Midori


FloatingAway: You are really good at nicknames Kami


Pikachu: Why thank you


FloatingAway: There’s just one problem


FloatingAway changed Pikachu’s username to BestBoy


BestBoy: Asdfghj


BestBoy: Stahp, I’m blushing!


SassyCinnamonRoll: Ha! Karma!

Kaminari huffed in amusement as he stared down at his phone, he was purposefully ignoring Kirishima’s giggling. His smile faltered slightly when his stomach started twisting slightly, he had a sneaking suspicion that that nickname wouldn’t make him very happy tomorrow.

Chapter Text

StealthMode: Good morning everyone!


StealthMode: I have some wonderful news to share!


PinkAcid: What is it?


StealthMode: Mr. Aizawa is in the process of gathering evidence against Mineta, and if he has his way the grape will be expelled by the end of the week


AuxCord: Fuck yeah!


FloatingAway: Mr. Aizawa is the best!


SassyCinnamonRoll: Who do you think will replace Mineta?


ClassPrez: I’m not sure, but I expect all of you to treat whoever they are with respect!


StealthMode: As long as their nothing like Mineta I’ll become their best friend


Ribbit: Same


ClassMom: I think we all agree with that


BestBoy: Yup!


BestBoy: Also


BestBoy changed their username to BestPikachu


BestPikachu: This sounds better


FloatingAway: Aw, yeah it kinda does


PinkAcid: Your still the bestest boy!


FloatingAway: Yup




Arms4Days: Guess Bakugo got a new phone


PinkAcid: Sorry Bakugo! We're just celebrating the fact that soon we will be rid of the stupid perverted grape!


KingExplosionMurder: About fucking time


IcyHot: So you do know how to turn caps lock off




IcyHot: How much do I have to pay you to make that happen?


SassyCinnamonRoll: Todoroki are you okay?


IcyHot: Is anyone ever truly okay?


AngstyBird: What a mood


(SassyCinnamonRoll > IcyHot)


SassyCinnamonRoll: Did your dad call you again?


IcyHot: Yes


SassyCinnamonRoll: Do you need a hug?


IcyHot: Maybe


SassyCinnamonRoll: I’m on my way


IcyHot: Thank you


(Class 1a Group Chat)


StealthMode: Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!


Tails: Hagakure what’s wrong?


StealthMode: I just saw the cutest thing ever!


PinkAcid: Oh? Do tell!


StealthMode: So I was kinda worried about Todoroki after he made that comment so I went to check on him


StealthMode: And I noticed that his door had been left open slightly


StealthMode: So I peaked in and I saw Todoroki curled up into Midoriya’s side like a kitten!


PinkAcid: Oh My God! That’s so cute!


FloatingAway: I’m literally squealing!


ClassPrez: Hagakure that is a massive invasion of privacy!


StealthMode: It’s not my fault they left the door open!


PinkAcid: I ship it!


SassyCinnamonRoll: Mina no!


PinkAcid: Mina yes!


SassyCinnamonRoll: I was just comforting him because his dads a fucking asshole!


BestPikachu: Gasp! Midoriya did you just swear!


SassyCinnamonRoll: I’m just speaking the truth!


SassyCinnamonRoll: Endeavor is a pile of flaming garbage!


RockShark: Damn bro you are really passionate about this


RockShark: Is Todoroki okay? Does his dad… you know…


SassyCinnamonRoll: It’s not my place to say


IcyHot: No it’s okay Midoriya, you can tell them


SassyCinnamonRoll: Are you sure?


IcyHot: Yeah


SassyCinnmon: Then yes, Endeavor is an abusive dickhead who should burn in hell


PinkAcid: Let’s kill him!


ClassPrez: Mina we can’t kill him!


BestPikachu: But he deserves it for hurting Todoroki!


ClassPrez: I’m aware, but murder is highly illegal!


IcyHot: Trust me if I could get away with it, I would have done it years ago


ClassMom: I propose that we all get together in the living room and have a big slumber party, instead of going off to kill the current number one hero


StealthMode: Yeah then we can smother Todoroki in our love and affection for him!




IcyHot: I would really like that


ClassMom: Then it’s settled we will have a class slumber party to show Todoroki that he matters


SugarRush: I’ll make a bunch of sugary treats!


BestPikachu: And the Bakusquad can pick up extra junk food from the mall!


KingExplosionMurder: No


RockShark: Yes


KingExplosionMurder: AURGH FINE!


RockShark: (^▽^)


ClassMom: THe rest of us will set up the living room


ClassMom: And whatever you do do not let Mineta anywhere near the living room, he’s not wanted


IcyHot: Yes


TapeMan: Alright Bakusquad lets roll out!


PinkAcid: Yeah!


BestPikachu: Yeah!


RockShark: Yeah!

KingExplosionMurder: This is stupid

Chapter Text

TapeMan:  ConfusedShark&Pikachu.png


FloatingAway: Oh my god!


StealthMode: Aw!


SassyCinnamonRoll: What did they do?


TapeMan: They were apparently, in the words of Bakugo, “Walking slower than fucking snails” so he threw them over his shoulders and stormed ahead of us


PinkAcid: Every time they try to question Bakugo he just tells them to shut up, its really cute!


ClassMom: That is very adorable


TapeMan: Were almost at the store and I don’t know if he’s going to put them down or not


KingExplosionMurder: SHUT THE HELL UP TAPE HEAD!


TapeMan: Eek!

PinkAcid: Bakugo almost got us kicked out of the store before we even entered it


SassyCinnamonRoll: What? How?


TapeMan: An employee told him to put Kami and Kiri down and he told her to shut the hell up and that he would do whatever he fucking wants with his idiots


SassyCinnamonRoll: (-_-) Of course he did


PinkAcid: We managed to calm him down thankfully and now we're picking out chips


SassyCinnamonRoll: Just make sure he doesn’t destroy the store




SassyCinnamonRoll: Nothing!


KingExplosionMurder: It had better have been nothing

Ribbit: FlusteredSanic.png


PinkAcid: What’s gotten our resident rule follower so flustered?


AuxCord: Aoyama and Uraraka were helping me put up some fairy lights in the living room


AuxCord: But Uraraka got distracted by something Tsu said and she accidentally released her powers on Aoyama causing him to fall


Ribbit: Iida just so happened to be the only one quick enough to catch him but when he did he accidentally grabbed Aoyama’s ass


AuxCord: Aoyama went bright red, squeaked real loud and then ran out of the room


Ribbit: Uraraka ran after him to see if he was okay and Iida has been like this ever since


BestPikachu: Aw poor Iida, he’s having a gay panic!


RockShark: Poor thing, it must be his first!


PinkAcid: That’s really cute!


TapeMan: Completely off topic but we’re done shopping and we’re on our way back now


StealthMode: Great! Hopefully, Iida will be done having his gay panic by then!


SugarRush: I am also almost done baking all of the treats for tonight!


ClassMom: I'm sure they are going to be great Sato!


SugarRush: Thank you Momo!


AngstyBirb: The sweetness in this chat is making me sick


Arms4Days: Oh be quiet you little edgelord 

“Aoyama! Are you okay?” Uraraka questioned as she knocked on the French boy's door. All she got in return is a sad sounding squeak, she furrowed her eyebrows in concern before she gently pushed the door open.

When she entered the room she saw that Aoyama was hiding under his blankets with only his head showing, which was still bright red though as she got closer she saw that there were also tears on the corner of his eyes.

“Aoyama are you okay? You know Iida didn’t mean to do that right? It was an accident” She said softly as she approached the blonde who let out a sad sigh.

“I know, but I wish it wasn’t” he mumbled causing Uraraka to raise a confused eyebrow.

“Oh?” She asked causing another sigh to escape Aoyama before he glanced up at her with a small pout on his face.

“I am head over heels in love with that boy but he won’t even give me a passing glance” He huffed before the tears in his eyes finally fell and he buried his head into his knees. Uraraka’s eyes softened as she sat down on the bed and wrapped her arms around Aiyana’s shoulders.

“It’s okay Aoyama” She said softly only to jump slightly when he suddenly whipped his head up to look at her.

“You're his friend right? You would know if I stood a chance, wouldn’t you? Is he straight? Oh my god, he’s totally straight!” He said in one breath only to start panicking, Uraraka just huffed at this.

“No Iida is not straight, he’s bisexual” She said causing Aoyama’s shoulders to sag in relief only to immediately tense back up.

“Oh, who am I kidding he would never want to date someone like me. He’s all serious and I’m a complete fuck up at everything!” He whimpered causing Uraraka eyes to widen, she had no idea that Aoyama was this insecure he always seemed so confident.

“Hey no it’s okay, I’m sure if you asked him he would love to go out with you” She said reassuringly, though she wasn’t really sure if that was true. Iida has never shown much interest in anyone as far as she was aware.

Aoyama gazed up at her with wide hope-filled eyes and it made her heart melt.

“You really think so?” He asked hesitantly and Uraraka quickly nodded.

“Why don’t you sit next to him during the sleepover and see where things go from there” She suggested causing a large smile to appear on the blonde's lips.

“Yeah, I think I will” He said cheerfully before he leaned his head down onto her shoulder.

“Thank you Uraraka, you're a really good friend” He said warmly causing a soft smile to appear on her face.

“Your welcome Aoyama, now come on let’s head back downstairs” She said kindly causing him to nod before he pulled himself out of his blanket.

“Yes, let’s” He said cheerfully before he hopped up and presented his arm to her causing her to giggle. She hooked her elbow with his and they practically skipped out of the room. 

Chapter Text

PinkAcid: Were back! And we have a shit tone of junk food!


ClassMom: Bring it all into the living room, we're trying to decide what we should have for dinner


BestPikachu: Let’s get pizza!


RockShark: Yeah!


TapeMan: Yeah!


SassyCinnamonRoll: Pizza sounds nice


IcyHot: I’ve never had pizza before


PinkAcid: What?!


AuxCord: What?!


BestPikachu: What?!


RockShark: What?!


TapeMan: What?!


StealthMode: What?!


Arms4Days: How?


IcyHot: My father didn’t permit anything unhealthy in the house


BestPikachu: Your father truly is the devil incarnate!


AuxCord: Incarnate? Wow that’s a pretty big word for you Kami


BestPikachu: Shush!


SassyCinnamoRoll:  So I think we can all agree that we are definitely getting pizza?


ClassMom: Yes, I’ll order it now


RockShark: I’m going to go put my PJs on


StealthMode: Are you going to wear your onesie?


RockShark: Only if Kami wears his


BestPikachu: I was going to do that anyways


BestPikachu: Slumber parties are the best time to wear a onesie!


RockShark: True


FloatingAway: AW! You two are going to look so cute!


BestPikachu: I have an Eevee onesie if you want to wear it Todoroki


IcyHot: I would like that


StealthMode: So cute!

“Thank you Kaminari, this is very cozy” Todoroki said as he wrapped his arms around himself, the Eevee onesie was very comfortable.

“It’s no trouble dude! You can have it if you want” Kaminari said cheerfully causing Todoroki to give him a surprised look.

“Are you sure?” He asked hesitantly to which Kaminari just nodded cheerfully.  

“Yeah man, I’ve always been too short for it but it fits you perfectly” Kaminari said cheerfully causing a soft smile to appear on Todoroki’s face.

“Thank you Kaminari” He said softly causing a warm smile to appear on the blondes face before he wrapped his arm around Todoroki’s shoulders.

“Come on let's go show off our adorableness to the others” He said cheekily causing Todoroki to chuckle softly. They both paused in the doorway as they were leaving when they saw that Mineta was standing there giving them a disgusted look.

“I thought you were my bro Kami, but I guess your just a fag like him” He sneered causing both of them to flinch.

“Mineta that’s uncalled for” Kaminari said trying not to let the little grape bitch see how much the insult had truly hurt him. Mineta just wrinkled his nose at him as he stared at the blonde's arm which was still wrapped around Todoroki’s shoulders.

“Your both just disgusting fags” He spat before he walked away leaving Todoroki and Kaminari shaking slightly.

“I hate that word” Todoroki mumbled softly and Kaminari just nodded softly, his arm instinctively wrapping tighter around Todoroki. He would always prioritize his friend's happiness over his own.

“Hey what up with you two?” Kirishima questioned in concern as he approached the duo, proudly wearing his shark onesie.

“Mineta is a homophobic ass” Kaminari mumbled offhandedly causing an angry expression to appear on Kirishima’s face.

“What did he do?” He growled softly.

“He saw us leaving Kami’s room together and called us both fags” Todoroki mumbled which made Kirishima’s anger grow.

“I am definitely telling Mr. Aizawa this later” He grumbled before he wrapped his own arm around Kaminari’s shoulders.

“Come on you two, you need cuddles stat” He ordered as he started leading the towards the elevator. Mineta would definitely regret upsetting his friends like this.

As they entered the living room all the girls cooed at them, but Jiro was the first one to notice that something was wrong.

“What happened?” She asked worriedly which caused everyone to give them concerned looks.

“Hagakure do you still have Mr. Aizawa’s number?” Kirishima asked instead causing the invisible girl to tilt her head to the side, not that anyone could tell, before responding.

“Yeah, he said to message him if Mineta does anything else out of line so that he could include it in his investigation” She replied causing the redhead to nod before he gently ushered Kaminari and Todoroki onto the couch.

“Then can you message him and tell him he can add homophobic slurs to Mineta’s list of offences” He practically growled causing horrified gasps to fill the room. Midoriya and Mina practically pounced at Kaminari and Todoroki to give them comforting snuggles.

“I’m on it” Hagakure said darkly as she pulled out her phone and began typing away. Kirishima nodded in satisfaction before he collapsed onto the couch and snuggled into Kaminari’s side.

“That bastard is determined to dig his own grave isn’t he?” Bakugo growled gaining nods of agreement from the others. Considering the entire class was either gay or apart of the LGBTQA+ community he was definitely seeling his own tomb.

“And done” Hagakure said as she slipped her phone back into her pocket before she flopped down onto her own couch and crossed her arms, if she could get away with it she would kill Mineta right here and now. Ojiro just wrapped his tail around her waist and pulled her into his side, she sighed before snuggling closer to him.

They all sat in silence for a while before there was a knock on the door, Momo instantly perked up at this.

“That’s probably the pizza” She said before she scurried away to get it, this caused the tension in the room to bleed away.

“Come on let's forget that grape bitch and watch some movies” Uraraka said as she stood up and started shifting through the different movies on the coffee table.

“Can we watch something from Disney? I’ve only seen a few” Todoroki asked softly causing almost everyone to give him stunned looks.

“How have you only seen a few?” Aoyama gasped as he leaned across Iida’s lap so that he could stare at Todoroki. This caused Iida’s face to flush slightly.

“I’ve only seen the ones Midoriya has shown me, my father always said they were a waste of time” He mumbled causing scowls to appear on everyone’s face. They all really wanted to go teach Endeavor a very painful lesson.

“Alright, have you seen Tangled?” Uraraka asked as she held up the movie causing Todoroki to nod with a soft smile on his face.

“Yeah, it’s my favourite” He said causing Uraraka to nod before she continued shifting through the movies.

“I always figured Frozen would be your favourite” Sero said joking causing Todoroki to shrug.

“It’s okay, but I really like Rapunzel and Eugene there adorable together” He said shyly causing soft smiles to appear on almost everyone’s faces.

“How about Mulan?” Uraraka suggested causing Todoroki to shake his head.

“I haven’t seen that one” He said causing Momo to gasp as she returned to the living room.

“Midoriya how have you not shown Todoroki Mulan?” She questioned as she placed the pizza boxes onto the other side of the coffee table. Midoriya just huffed as he pointed at Jiro.

“I haven’t shown it to him because your girlfriend stole my only copy of the movie and won’t give it back”  He said accusingly causing Jiro to blush brightly while everyone else chuckled in amusement.

“Mulan it is” Uraraka said as she slipped the disc in before she hopped up onto the couch and curled up into Tsu’s side, though she did grab a slice of pizza for the both of them first.

Chapter Text

“Pizza is very good” Todoroki mumbled happily as he finished his third slice causing Midoriya and Kaminari to chuckle.

“We have converted you to the junk food life, you will never leave” Kaminari said jokingly causing those on their couch to chuckle, while Todoroki just huffed good-naturedly.

“Yeah okay” He mumbled in amusement as he shook his head fondly.

“What movie should we watch next?” Momo asked as credits came on for Mulan.

“Could we watch Bolt? Kaminari said its good” Todoroki requested causing a large smile to appear the blondes face as he eagerly nodded in agreement. Momo chuckled fondly before she switched the disc’s and hit play.

“Why do you like this movie?” Mina questioned causing Kaminari to give her a very serious look.

“Because it has a cute doggo” He said completely seriously causing everyone to laugh.

“What are you kids doing awake?” A voice from behind them questioned causing them all to jump in shock and whip their heads around only to see that it was just Aizawa.

“We're having a slumber party” Hagakure said cheerfully as she hugged a bowl of popcorn close to her chest. Aizawa just huffed fondly at this.

“Alright then, well I just came over to let you all know that Mineta has been officially expelled from UA” He said causing all of them to start cheering, a small smile briefly appeared on his face before he glanced over at Todoroki and Kaminari who were still being snuggled by Midoriya, Mina and Kirishima.

“Are you two alright?” He asked softly causing the two boys to give him soft looks.

“Were okay Mr. Aizawa” Kaminari said softly causing Aizawa to nod in understanding before he turned on his heel started walking out of the room.

“Try not to stay up too late” He said dismissively before he disappeared, they assumed that he was going off to tell Mineta about him being expelled.

“Aizawa is such a dad” Mina announced causing everyone to nod in agreement, though some did it more subtly than others.

“Dadzawa” Kaminari said seriously, this, of course, made everyone burst out laughing. Their laughter was cut off when they heard someone screaming.

“WHAT?! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! I’VE DONE NOTHING WRONG!” Mineta screamed as Aizawa used his capture weapon to drag him out of the room. They all smirked in satisfaction at the sight.

“I’ve already told you, Mineta, you are being expelled for your multiple offences against not only your classmates but also your upperclassmen” Aizawa drawled as he continued to drag the boy away. Mineta just continued to struggle, that is until he noticed everyone staring at him with very pleased expressions on their faces. His eyes instantly narrowed in on Kaminari and Todoroki.

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT ISN’T IT YOU STUPID FAGS!” He screamed which caused the aforementioned boys to flinch while everyone else's pleased expression quickly turned murderous ones. Aizawa’s eyes flashed red before he spun on his heel and glared down at the now cowering boy.

“It’s talk like that, that proves that you will never be a hero” He growled causing Mineta to start crying, and absolutely no one felt any sympathy for him.

“But being gay is wrong! How do you not see that!” Mineta tried to protest only to squeak when he saw that Aizawa’s glare had become even angrier.

“It’s not, and for your imformation, I happen to be gay and happily married” He hissed which must have been too much for Mineta because he fainted. Aizawa just huffed and went back to dragging him away.

Once they were out of sight everyone turned to give each other's stunned looks.

“That was great and all but since when has Aizawa been married?” Sero questioned in shock.

“He and his partner must have wanted to keep it a secret to avoid the press, it’s possible that his partner could have become a target for villains especially if that person wasn’t a hero. Though it could also be because Mr. Aizawa doesn’t like the press and didn’t want the vultures as he calls them to know about his husband” Midoriya mumbled causing everyone to sweatdrop.

“You're going a tangent again” Todoroki mumbled fondly causing Midoriya to blush brightly.

“Right, sorry” He said sheepishly causing everyone to chuckle.

“Though I really am curious about who his husband is” Uraraka said and almost everyone nodded in agreement, which lead to them all theorising on who it could be. 

“We should all respect Mr. Aizawa and his partner's privacy and not go poking around” Iida quickly interjected causing all of them to pout.

“Come on Iida you can’t tell me your not even a little bit curious” Aoyama aid with a pout still on his face which caused a faint blush to appear on Iida’s face.

“Yes I admit that I am a bit curious, but we should still respect that fact that they clearly want to keep their relationship on the down low” He said stiffly as he glanced away from Aoyama which just made the blondes pout grow.

Everyone huffed slightly before returning to the movie, Momo rewinded it since they had missed quite a bit of it. Mina leaned closer to Kaminari and Kirishima.

“My money's on Present Mic” She whispered causing the two boys to nod softly in agreement.

“Same” They whispered in unison causing a large grin to appear on the Pinkett's lips. The three of them then returned to watching the movie, Kaminari didn’t want to miss to much of his favourite Disney movie after all.

Chapter Text

Uraraka yawned sleepily as she rubbed her eyes before she glanced around the room. Last night they had all stayed up until well past midnight, she had fallen asleep sometime during Finding Nemo. As she gazed at her other classmates she realized two things, 1. She was the only one awake, and 2. Someone of them were in the perfect positions for some adorable couple pictures.

She quickly pulled out her phone and started taking pictures, making sure not to disturb Tsu who was leaning against her shoulder. Once she was done with that she quickly took a selfie with her adorable girlfriend before she woke up, this was definitely going to be her screen saver. With that out of the way, she started looking through all of the pictures she had taken.

The first one was of Aoyama leaning against Iida’s shoulder with Iida’s arm wrapped around his shoulders.

The second one was of Todoroki leaning against Midoriya’s chest while Midoriya hugged him tightly.

The third was of Kirishima resting his head on Bakugo’s lap while Bakugo’s fingers were buried in the redhead’s hair, he had fallen asleep petting Kirishima.

The fourth was of Momo and Jiro leaning against each other with their heads leaning against the other.

The fifth was of Hagakure leaning against Ojiro’s side with Ojiro’s tail wrapped gently around her waist.

The final and most surprising was of Tokoyami curled up on Shoji’s lap with Shoji’s arms hugged him gently. She wasn’t sure if they were dating or if this was just a coincidence, but either way, she found it adorable.

“What are you cooing over” Tsu questioned sleepily as she snuggled closer to Uraraka who just giggled and showed her the pictures, minus the one she had taken of the frog girl. Tsu chuckled softly at the pictures.

“I would keep these a secret if I was you or Bakugo might try to destroy your phone” She warned causing Uraraka to laugh.

“Yeah I know” She said in amusement as she slipped her phone back into her pocket.

“However I will be sharing them with Mina, I can’t deprive that girl of her shipping fuel” She said teasingly causing Tsu to chuckle fondly as she shook her head good-naturedly.

“Will two stop being cute, I’m trying to sleep” Kaminari grumbled tiredly as he snuggled further into Mina’s side.

“Sorry Kami” Uraraka said sheepishly only to get another grumble in response.

“Come on let’s go start making breakfast” Tsu whispered before she pulled Uraraka up and they tiptoed out of the room. They both paused when they saw Aizawa leaning against the counter holding a cat-shaped mug filled with coffee close to himself, he glanced up sleepily when he noticed their presence.

“Morning girls” He mumbled before taking a sip of his coffee.

“Morning Mr. Aizawa” They both replied, they both couldn’t help but notice the dark bags under their teacher's eyes.

“Are you okay? You seem extra tired today” Uraraka questioned worriedly causing Aizawa t sigh tiredly.

“Dealing with Mrs. Mineta last night was not pleasant” He grumbled as he rubbed at his very tired eyes.

“Oh?” Tsu voiced which caused another tired sigh to escape Aizawa’s lips.

“She was convinced that her son didn’t deserve to be expelled and that the staff was making a huge mistake because there was no way her baby boy was a pervert with boundary issues” He said tiredly causing Uraraka and Tsu to wince, yeah that definitely sounded very tiring.

“And then she had the nerve to defend his use of homophobic slurs” He muttered angrily which caused furious expression to appear on the two girls faces.

“It took all of my self-control not to slap her for that” He seethed before he took another sip of his coffee.

“Your a very strong man Mr. Aizawa” Uraraka said seriously with Tsu nodding in agreement causing a soft chuckle to escape their teacher.

“I suppose” He mumbled before he stood up straighter and turned to face the two girls.

“This afternoon I’ll be announcing Mineta’s replacement” He said before he started walking out of the kitchen.

“Do you know who it is?” Uraraka couldn’t help but ask, she had a theory in the back of her mind but she wanted to see if Aizawa would confirm it. A mischievous look briefly appeared in their teacher's eyes, but it was gone almost as soon as it had appeared.

“I do” Was all he said before he disappeared causing Uraraka to huff slightly. Tsu just chuckled and patted her shoulder.

“Come on let's start cooking, the others will be hungry when they finally decide to wake up” She remarked causing the brunette to huff once more before she nodded in agreement.

“Fine” She pouted before they both got to work whipping up enough breakfast for all of them.

“Thanks for breakfast Uraraka, Tsu” Midoriya said as he took a bite of his pancakes, everyone else made sounds of agreement causing almost bashful expressions to appear on Uraraka and Tsu’s faces.

“I had no idea you two could cook” Kirishima pointed out as he took a big bite of pancakes.

“We can’t do anything fancy but pancakes are easy enough that we usually don’t mess them up” Uraraka said sheepishly with Tsu nodding in agreement. A few people chuckled at this while others nodded solemnly in agreement, cooking could be very difficult.

“Tokoyami what are you doing?” Hagakure suddenly questioned as she gestured to the man’s plate of pancakes. Everyone glanced over and saw that he was putting sliced up apples on them.

“I like apples” Was all he said as he started eating causing everyone to sweatdrop.

They then fell into a comfortable silence as they continued to eat their breakfast until Uraraka suddenly remembered what Aizawa’s had said this morning.

“I just remembered! Mr. Aizawa said that he would be announcing Mineta’s replacement sometime this afternoon!” She announced causing cheers to fill the kitchen.

“I wonder who it will be?” Midoriya pondered aloud, there was someone he hoped it would be but he didn’t want to voice it in case he jinxed it.

“Well, however it is we should all do our best to welcome them here with open arms” Momo said and almost everyone nodded in agreement, they didn’t want to scare off their new classmate on their first day.

“Do you hear that Bakugo? No fighting the new person” Todoroki said teasingly causing Bakugo to slam his hands down onto the table.

“WHAT WAS THAT HALF AND HALF? YOU WANNA FUCKING GO?” He roared causing those closest to him to lean away, while Todoroki just gave him a blank look as he took a bite of his pancakes. This seemed to piss Bakugo off even more because he tried to pounce at Todoroki only for Kirishima and Mina to stop him in the nick of time.

“Bakugo no!” Kirishima scolded causing Bakugo to huff as he slumped into his seat and started muttering angrily to himself, this caused everyone to sweatdrop. Hopefully, the new person wouldn’t be scared off by Bakugo’s anger.

Chapter Text

ClassPrez: With all the chaos from breakfast I almost forgot to do this


ClassPrez has banned PervertedGrape from Class 1a group chat


PinkAcid: Good


ClassMom: I almost forgot he was even part of the chat


StealthMode: I’m just glad he’s finally gone


AuxCord: I think everyone is


SassyCinnamonRoll: Speaking of Mineta, Mr. Aizawa is in the living room so you should all get down here


BestPikachu: I can’t wait to find out who’s going to replace the grape bitch!


FloatingAway: Hopefully they will be nothing like The-Perverted- Grape-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named


TapeMan: Good job Uraraka you made Kami fall over from laughing too hard


FloatingAway: Whoops…


BestPikachu: I’m okay!


Tails: You guys should hurry up before Mr. Aizawa gets too annoyed


StealthMode: Yeah his foots already tapping


PinkAcid: Shit were coming!

Everyone gradually made their way to the living room, to which Aizawa grumbled a “finally” under his breath. A few people grinned sheepishly at this.

“Starting tomorrow Hitoshi Shinso will officially be joining Class 1a” He announced which caused whispers to instantly fill the room.

“Isn’t he the guy who fought Midoriya during the sports festival?”

“Yeah he had the brainwashing quirk”

“He’s pretty strong, I’m sure he’ll sit right in here”

But it was Kaminari’s comment that caused everyone to burst out laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of it.

“We replaced a shitty purple boy with a good purple boy!”

Everyone spent the next ten minutes just laughing, and even Aizawa’s lips twitched upwards ever so slightly. Once everyone had calmed down Aizawa cleared his throat before he continued.

“He will be moving into the dorms tonight so I expect you all to treat him with respect and not start any fights” He said as his eyes trailed off to stare at Bakugo who just glared back while everyone else chuckled softly in amusement.

“Don’t worry Mr. Aizawa we’ll make sure Shinso feels right at home here!” Midoriya said cheerfully while a few people nodded in agreement. Aizawa nodded softly in satisfaction.

“Good” Was all he said before he turned on his heel walked out of the room, and presumably out of the dormitories.

“We should throw a party!” Kaminari stated cheerfully causing almost everyone to make sounds of agreement.

“It is a school night! We really shouldn’t be doing such a thing!” Iida quickly cut in causing almost everyone gives him pouts, with one of the exceptions being Midoriya who had a brief glint of mischief in his eyes though it disappeared before anyone even noticed that it had been there.

“But Iida if we don’t celebrate Shinso’s arrival how will he know that we appreciate him being here?” He questioned innocently causing a conflicted expression to appear on Iida’s face, while almost everyone else gaped at the green haired boy.

“Alright fine we may have a small celebration but I expect all of you to be in bed by curfew!” He finally relented causing everyone to cheer. Mina and Sero hoisted Midoriya up onto their shoulders and announced him the king of 1a, which caused the poor boy's face to flush red in embarrassment while Bakugo grumbled angrily to himself.

"I think we have enough junk food left over from last night so we should focus on decorating the living room and making a really good meal for dinner” Momo stated causing everyone to nod except Bakugo who just huffed.

“I’ll make dinner” He stated simply which caused a few people to give him surprised looks.

“You can cook?” Jiro questioned causing a scowl to appear on Bakugo’s face.

“Yes, I can fucking cook!” He snapped before he stormed off towards the kitchen with Kirishima trailing behind him curiously. Almost everyone shared uneasy expressions at this.

“Don’t worry everyone Kacchan is actually a really good cook” Midoriya said reassuringly which instantly put everyone at ease.

“Well while Bakugo does that, the rest of us should set up the living room” Momo said and everyone quickly agreed and got to work, though Hagakure suddenly perked up as a thought struck her.

“I’m going to make a banner to welcome Shinso!” She stated cheerfully which caused Uraraka and Kaminari to perk up instantly with eager grins on both of their faces as they turned to face the invisible girl.

“I’ll help you!” They both said excitedly to which Hagakure was quick to agree with before they all rushed off to make the banner, leaving everyone else chuckling in amusement.

“How much you wanna bet they’ll put something ridiculous on it?” Mina snarked causing Sero to huff.

“I’m not taking that bet because I know for a fact that they will” He snarked back before they both broke down giggling at their own snarkiness.

“As long as it’s noting to ridiculous I’m sure it will be great” Momo stated cheerfully gaining a few amused chuckles in response. With those three in charge of it, that banner was going to be at the peak of ridiculousness.

(BestPikachu, FloatingAway, StealthMode > ClassMom)


BestPikachu: Momo can you make glitter?


ClassMom: I can, but may I have to ask why you need it?


FloatingAway: It’s for the banner


ClassMom: Should I be concerned?


StealthMode: No


ClassMom: Right, well I’ll be up in a moment to give you the glitter


ClassMom: What colour do you want?


BestPikachu: Purple


ClassMom: Okay, I’ll be right up


ClassMom: Whose room are you in?


StealthMode: Mine


ClassMom: Okay

“What are you giggling about?” Jiro asked as Momo returned to the living room, everyone else was to busy fighting over Sero and demanding more tape from him.

“I saw a brief glimpse of the banner and I think Shinso’s going to like it” She stated simply with a smile on her face causing Jiro to raise an eyebrow at her but when it became apparent that Momo wasn’t going to say anything else on the matter she just shrugged and went to join the others in fighting over Sero.

Momo giggled once more to herself before she went to stop everyone from overwhelming Sero, who looked quite exhausted. There was no need to make the poor raven-haired boy overwork himself just for some tape that she could easily make as well.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi Shinso was a nervous wreck. Tonight was the night that he was moving into the Class 1a dorms and tomorrow morning was the day that he officially became apart of the hero course, and he was freaking out!

Mr. Aizawa had told him the news last night, and while his parents hadn’t given a single damn, he had been ecstatic! He finally had the chance to prove that he wasn’t some villain in the making, he could be a hero!

But now as he stood outside of Heights Alliance he couldn’t help but feel terrified. What if everyone hated him? Or were afraid of his quirk? Would he be alone again? He had stayed in contact with Midoriya so at least he would have one friend. Unless everyone convinced him that it was too dangerous to associate with him and then he’d be back at square one with zero friends.

He took in a deep, shaky, breath before he pushed open the doors and stepped into the building only to be met with a dark empty room. His shoulders sagged every so slightly, he guessed it was silly of him to hope that someone had stayed up to show him around it was very late after all.

“Surprise!” 19 different voices suddenly shouted as the lights came on causing Shinso to nearly jump out of his skin. His eyes widen as he watched all of Class 1a come out of their different hiding spots, and that’s also when he noticed the banner that was hanging from the ceiling, he couldn’t help but smile as he read the bright sparkly purple writing.

“Welcome to Class 1a Good Purple Boy!”

“Shinso!” Midoriya cheered as he rushed forward before he pulled the surprised purple haired boy into a hug.

“Hello Midoriya” He wheezed as he patted the green haired boys back, this only made Midoriya’s hug tighten. He was kinda worried that Midoriya would crack one of his ribs.

“Stupid Deku you're going to suffocate the newbie!” Bakugo snapped as stormed over causing Midoriya to chuckle sheepishly as he let go of Shinso, who took in a deep grateful breathe of air.

“Sorry” Midoriya said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck, Shinso just waved him off.

“Welcome to Class 1a Shinso” Iida stated as he approached, waving his arms around with just the right amount of restraint so he wouldn’t accidentally hit anyone.

“I’m glad to be here” He said shyly and as if that was a trigger everyone else approached him and started showering him with welcomes, it made him feel all warm and fuzzy. He suddenly felt an arm snake around his shoulders and when he glanced to his right he met the grinning face of Denki Kaminari.

“So what do you think of the banner? Hagakure, Uraraka and I worked very hard on it” He asked curiously as he gestured to the banner causing a smirk to appear on Shinso’s face.

“It’s very purple” He replied which just caused Kaminari’s grin to grow tenfold.

“Why thank you” He said dramatically causing a chuckle to escape Shinso, he had a feeling that he was going to like Kaminari.

“But I have to ask why it says, good purple boy?” He questioned causing practically everyone to chuckle in amusement.

“Well that’s because we replaced a shitty purple boy with a good purple boy” Hagakure stated simply which just made everyone laugh even harder, this only made Shinso even more confused which Kaminari seemed to have noticed.

“Minoru Mineta was expelled from UA for being a garbage person and because of that we got you, a good purple boy” Kaminari stated cheerfully causing a smile to appear on Shinso’s face, as well as a faint blush.

“Ah that makes sense” He remarked which earned him a bright grin from Kaminari, this definitely did not make his blush grow.

“Enough of this fluffy shit, come and eat you fuckers!” Bakugo suddenly snapped as he stormed off into the kitchen. Everyone sighed in exasperation or chuckled in amusement before following behind him.

“Don’t worry you’ll get used to it” Kaminanri remarked sheepishly causing a dry smirk to appear on Shinso’s face.

“I’m sure I will” He drawled causing Kaminari to snicker before they both headed into the kitchen, Kaminari’s arm still wrapped around Shinso’s shoulders.


“Come on Shinso I’ll give you a quick tour before we head to bed” Midoriya said causing Shinso to nod as he slipped off the couch, making sure not to wake up Kaminari who had fallen asleep against his shoulder. They had all decided to watch a movie but most of the class had fallen asleep during it, including the energetic blonde.

He then followed Midoriya out of the room so that the green haired boy could show him all of Heights Alliance. When Midoriya wasn’t pointing something out there was just this awkward silence.

“So can I ask what Mineta did to get expelled?” He finally asked causing a faint frown to appear on Midoriya’s face.

“Most of the reason was due to his perverted behaviour against the girls and some of the upperclassman, but I think what he did to Todoroki and Kaminari finally pushed him over the edge” He said softly causing a deep frown to appear on Shinso’s face.

“What did he do to Kaminari and Todoroki?” He asked softly, he couldn’t help but notice the slight glare that had appeared on Midoriya’s face. They had stopped walking so that Midoriya could properly face Shinso.

“The two of them were leaving Kaminari’s room, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed Kaminari is a very touchy feely kinda person” He said and Shinso just nodded, he had noticed that Kaminari seemed to really like touch. He was always touching someone, be it giving them a hug or simply wrapping his arm around someone's shoulders. It was almost like he craved physical contact.

“Well Kaminari had his arm wrapped around Todoroki’s shoulders and Mineta saw them, so he called them some homophobic slurs” Midoriya finally said which caused a furious expression to appear on Shinso’s face.

“He what?” He growled causing Midoriya to simply sigh.

“Trust me we all wanted to kill him when we found out, neither of them deserved to deal with that” He said and Shinso nodded in agreement, he had heard his own fair share of homophobic slurs and it never got easier to deal with.

“Now come on let's continue with the tour, I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted” Midoriya finally said after a small bout of silence causing a small smile to appear on Shinso’s face.

“Yeah, let’s continue” He said which caused a bright smile to appear on the green haired boy's face before they started walking again and he continued to point things out. But Shinso was only half paying attention, his thought shaving been stolen by a certain energetic blonde.

Chapter Text

ClassPrez has added Hitoshi Shinso to Class 1a Group Chat.


Hitoshi Shinso: What is this?


ClassPrez: It’s supposed to be a chat to discuss homework and any problems anyone is having at school.


ClassPrez: But I have long since accepted the fact that that is not what it is going to be used for.


Hitoshi Shinso: Ah, okay then


Hitoshi Shinso changed their username to CoffeeHoarder


ClassPrez: Sigh


SassyCinnamonRoll: Welcome to the chat Shinso!


CoffeeHoarder: Thanks… Midoriya?


SassyCinnamonRoll: Yup!


BestPikachu: Join us in bringing chaos to the chat!


CoffeeHoarder: Well that’s definitely Kaminari


BestPikachu: (^▽^)


ClassPrez: I feel I must remind you all that class will be starting soon, so you should all get off of your phones before Mr. Aizawa arrives.


PinkAcid: Sure Iida we’ll get right on it


ClassPrez: Did… did more of you pull your phones out?


StealthMode: Maybe…


ClassPrez: Why do I even try?


ClassMom: Because you are a very responsible person, Iida, unlike the children we call classmates


AuxCord: Momo!


ClassMom: Sorry sweetie


BestPikachu: We just got burned by our class mom…


TapeMan: Who knew that Momo could be so savage…


FloatingAway has changed ClassMom’s username to SavageQueen


SavageQueen: Is this really necessary?


FloatingAway: Yes


FloatingAway changed ClassPrez’s username to RuleAbidingSanic


RuleAbidingSanic: Uraraka!


FloatingAway: I have no regrets


BestPikachu: Uraraka you are the true queen of the chat!


TapeMan: All hail Queen Uraraka!


RockShark: All hail Queen Uraraka!


PinkAcid: May her enemies fear her reign for it will be a mighty one!


BestPikachu changed FloatingAway’s nickname to QueenUraraka


QueenUraraka: Guys!!!! You're making me blush!!!! Stop!!!


Ribbit: I think it’s cute


QueenUraraka: asgdfahsfd


IcyHot: Why did Uraraka slam her head against her desk?


IcyHot: Oh that's why


IcyHot: Alright then carry on


QueenUraraka: Todoroki!


IcyHot: (^▽^)


CoffeeHoarder: I think I’m going to like this class


StealthMode: Yes! We have converted Shinso to our cult!


CoffeeHoarder: Wait, what?


BestPikachu: Don’t think about it too hard


LordOfSparkles has changed the chat name to Class 1a’s Cult


PinkAcid: Hell yes!


BestPikachu: That’s amazing!


RockShark: Aoyama you are the man!


LordOfSparkles: Why thank you!


RuleAbidingSanic: Aoyama! Why?!


LordOfSparkles: I just wanted to join in on the fun!


BestPikachu: And we are very glad you did!


TapeMan: You truly deserve the title of Lord


LordOfSparkles: (*^▽^*)


Arms4Days: As funny as all this is


Arms4Days: Mr. Aizawa is two minutes away from the classroom, so you should all probably put your phones down


BestPikachu: Thanks for the warning Shoji!


RockShark: Yeah thanks dude!


Arms4Days: Your welcome


CoffeeHoarder: What even is this class?


SassyCinnamonRoll: Don’t worry, you’ll get used to us eventually


SassyCinnamonRoll:  Probably


CoffeeHoarder: Right...

Chapter Text

RuleAbidingSanic: I can’t believe you were all on your phones during class!


SavageQueen: I can’t believe that Mr. Aizawa didn’t say anything about it


BestPikachu: I think he’s just too tired of our nonsense to care anymore


PinkAcid: Yeah that’s probably it


CoffeeHoarder: Or he’s secretly amused by it all


TapeMan: It could also be that


StealthMode: It also could be because he was on his own phone


BestPikachu: Wait, really?


StealthMode: Yeah he was texting Present Mic, who was sending him pictures of cats doing cute things


PinkAcid: Aww that's adorable


SassyCinnamonRoll: How do you know this Hagakure?


StealthMode: I saw it when I went up to ask him about the assignment


BestPikachu: Who knew that Mr. Aizawa had such a weakness for adorable creatures


RockShark: Who could blame him?


RockShark: Cats are adorable!


CoffeeHoarder: That is very true


BestPikachu: What do you think he would do if we gave him a cat


IcyHot: Why don’t we find out?


StealthMode: What do you mean?


IcyHot: Let’s go to a pet store and buy a cat


IcyHot: He did get rid of the grape, after all, he deserves a gift


QueenUraraka: That’s true, and he even had to deal with the grapes equally homophobic mother


RockShark: Let’s go buy a cat!


RuleAbidingSanic: That’s a very bad idea, what if Mr. Aizawa can’t care for it?


CoffeeHoarder: Then we will raise it as a class!


BestPikachu: Yes! Now everyone who's going to the pet store meet me at the entrance!


StealthMode: Hell yeah this is going to be great!


LordOf Sparkles: I’m definitely going! Cats are so precious!


CoffeeHoarder: Yes they are

AuxCord: So who all ended up going to the pet store?


Ribbit: Kaminari, Todoroki, Shinso, Hagakure, Kirishima, Uraraka and Aoyama


SugerRush: Koda would have gone with them but his bunny is sick


SavageQueen: Oh no is it going to be okay, Koda?


SnowWhite: (^ω^)


SavageQueen: That's good to know

BestPikachu: Image result for cute kittens


PinkAcid: Aww!


IcyHot: Her name’s Cleo and she's super affectionate


SavageQueen: She’s beautiful!


LordOfSparkles: Shinso picked her out, and to be honest I wouldn’t be all that upset if Mr. Aizawa didn’t want her


CoffeeHoarder: Same


SassyCinnamonRoll: She kinda reminds me of Todoroki


QueenUraraka: Of course she does


SassyCinnamonRoll: ?????


IcyHot: ?????


StealthMode: You both are so dense


IcyHot: I don’t understand


BestPikachu: Don’t worry Todoroki their just being shippers


IcyHot: ???




RockShark: Bakugo! Do you think Mr. Aizawa will like Cleo?


KingExplosionMurder: It’s a dumb looking fuzzface, I’m sure he’ll love it


RockShark: Yeah!


BestPikachu: We should give her to Mr. Aizawa right away


StealthMode: Yeah let’s go now before Aoyama and Shinso steal her away for themselves


LordOfSparkles: Hey!


CoffeeHoarder: Hey!


StealthMode: Tell me I’m wrong






StealthMode: That’s what I thought

Tails: So did Mr. Aizawa like the kitten?


BestPikachu: Well when we presented her to him his eyes went real big


QueenUraraka: Then he swiped her out of Shinso’s arms


LordOfSparkles: Before he took off down the hall


RockShark: With the widest smile on his face


StealthMode: So I would say that he really likes cats


IcyHot: Yup


CoffeeHoarder: Definitely


PinkAcid: Wow, I wish I had been there


TapeMan: Yeah that sounds almost too funny to be true


BestPikachu: To be honest if it hadn’t happened right before my eyes, I probably wouldn’t have believed it


RockShark: He looked so happy


QueenUraraka: I’m glad he liked her!


LordOfSparkles: Yeah! This was a good idea Todoroki!


IcyHot: (^▽^)

Chapter Text

Shota couldn’t help but smile fondly as Cleo curled up on his lap and began purring very loudly, she was such an adorable kitten and he had already fallen in love with her.

“Shota, did you get another cat?” Hizashi questioned as he stopped in front of the couch so that he could give his husband an unimpressed look. Shota just huffed and pulled Cleo up into his arms.

“For your information Hizashi, she was a gift from my students” He stated causing Hizashi’s eyes to widen slightly before a large smile appeared on his face.

“Really? Aw, that is so precious!” He cooed as he sat down on the couch so that he could pet Cleo which caused a fond smile to appear on Shota’s face.

“I was honestly quite surprised” He admitted causing Hizashi to give him an exasperated but fond look.

“Well I’m not, it’s clear to everyone that those kids adore you” He teased causing a faint blush to appear on the raven-haired man’s cheeks.

“Nonsense” He muttered which caused Hizashi to chuckle in amusement.

“It’s true and so is the fact that you care just as much for them as they do for you” He remarked causing Shota’s blush to grow slightly.

“That’s complete and utter nonsense Hizashi” He huffed as he pulled Cleo closer as if that would magically change the blonde's mind. But if there was one thing being married to the man should have taught him is the fact that Hizashi Yamada never changes his mind.

“Come on Sho admit it, you think of those kids as your own” Hizashi teased as he leaned up against Shota who just huffed and turned his head to the side to hide his ever growing blush.

“You are impossible Hashi” He muttered which only caused Hizashi to give him a cheeky grin.

“I know! And that's why you love me!” He cheered as he flopped down onto Shota’s lap causing the raven-haired man to chuckle fondly as he reached down and ran his fingers through the blondes hair.

“I suppose it is” He mumbled softly causing Hizashi to give him a nearly blinding smile.

“Though speaking of your students, the parent-teacher night is coming up soon” Hizashi suddenly remarked as he sat back up causing Shota’s to hum in agreement as he placed Cleo back down onto his lap.

“What about it?” He questioned as he turned to face his husband who had a worried expression on his face, which instantly put him on edge.

“Well I sent the notices to the parents this morning, and some of their response have got me worried” He admitted which caused a concerned expression to appear on Shota’s face.

“Oh, which ones?” He questioned softly causing Hizashi to start chewing on his lip nervously.

“The Bakugo’s, the Kaminari’s, the Shinso’s and the Todoroki’s” He finally said as he turned to face Shota properly. Shota bit his own lip thoughtfully.

“What about their responses that struck you as odd?” He asked worriedly which caused Hizashi to lean back into the couch and start waving his arms about.

“Well, they all seemed really annoyed by it, no not annoyed, angry. They acted like it was a huge deal that they had to attend, almost like it was the end of the freaking world” He said causing Shota’s frown to deepen slightly. He had always had a sneaking suspicion that Bakugo, Todoroki and Shinso didn’t have the best home lives but Kaminari? Now that was a surprise, a very worrying one indeed.

“I guess we’ll just have to keep an eye on them” He finally said causing Hizashi to sigh softly.

“I hope I’m just reading to much into it and nothing's wrong” He said softly which caused Shota to wrap his arm around the blonde’s shoulders.

“You and me both” He mumbled though he knew that Hizashi’s instinct were rarely ever wrong, especially when it came to the well being of a child.

Chapter Text

AngstyBird: The cuteness in this school is all consuming


BestPikachu: ???


RockShark: ???


StealthMode: ???


QueenUraraka: What are you talking about Tokoyami?


Arms4Days: He saw Mr. Aizawa carrying Cleo around in his capture weapon


PinkAcid: Aww!


StealthMode: That’s so cute!


BestPikachu changed AngstyBirb’s username to ConfusedByTheCute


ConfusedByTheCute: Seriously?


BestPikachu: Yes


PinkAcid: You are a true legend Kami!


BestPikachu: Thank you!


RockShark: Honestly Kami you are just the best at nicknames


BestPikachu: You guys are making me blush!


SavageQueen: I hate to break up this cute moment but I have a message from Mr. Aizawa for everyone


SassyCinnamonRoll: What is it?


QueenUraraka: Did he forget to tell us about a pop quiz again?


SavageQueen: No nothing like that


SavageQueen: This Friday UA will be holding a parent-teacher conference


RockShark: Oh that cool, I’ve always wanted to show my moms the school!


PinkAcid: Moms?


RockShark: Yeah I have two moms




TapeMan: Yeah man why didn’t you tell us?


RockShark: I guess I just never thought about it, sorry guys


PinkAcid: Don’t worry about Kiri


PinkAcid: But you better introduce us to them when they get here!


RockShark: Oh course dudes!


RockShark: They’ve always wanted to meet my friends since I didn’t exactly have a lot growing up


StealthMode: What?


BestPikachu: How?


PinkAcid: You are a literal sunshine child! How could you not have a million friends!


RockShark: I never used to stand out like I do now so I often got overlooked by my peers


PinkAcid: What? Unacceptable! I am calling an emergency Bakusquad meeting to smother Kirishima in love and affection!


BestPikachu: I’m on my way!


TapeMan: Me too


RockShark: You guys really don’t have to


PinkAcid: Shush you beautiful ray of sunshine we will smother you in love whether you like it or not!


StealthMode: I know I’m not a part of the Bakusquad but can I come to?


PinkAcid: Of course! The more the merrier!


StealthMode: (/^▽^)/


TapeMan: Bakugo are you coming?


KingExplosionMurder: Fuck no


BestPikachu: Come on Bakugo! Do it for Kiri!






RockShark: You guys are the best


PinkAcid: No you are the best!


ConfusedByTheCute: There is just too much positivity in this class


Arms4Days: You can come snuggle with me if you're jealous




ConfusedByTheCute: Yes please…


Arms4Dyas: Come up to my room


ConfusedByTheCute: Ok


SavageQueen: When did those two start dating?


SassyCinnamonRoll: No clue


QueenUraraka: I think it’s cute


IcyHot: So why is Sero swinging down the hall?


SassyCinnamonRoll: Scroll up


IcyHot: Oh that’s why


IcyHot: I sympathize with Kirishima, I didn’t have any friends until I came to UA as well


QueenUraraka: Dekusquad roll out! We have a depressed bean to comfort!


Ribbit: I’ll be right there


RuleAbidingSanic: Don’t worry Todoroki, you have plenty of friends now


SassyCinnamonRoll: And we will smother you in affection until you realize it


SavageQueen: May I also help?


QueenUraraka: Of course! You give the best mom hugs!


SavageQueen: Thank you


IcyHot: I don’t know how to feel about this


IcyHot: But I’m going to settle on happy


Ribbit: he really does need these snuggles


SassyCinnamonRoll: Were on our way Todoroki!

Chapter Text

Tails: So how’s Kirishima?


PinkAcid: We successfully smothered him in love and affection and now we're playing Mario Kart


BestPikachu: Hagakure is kicking all of our asses


StealthMode: Hell yeah I am!


Tails: That’s my girl!


StealthMode: (*^▽^*)


AuxCord: How about Todoroki? Is he okay?


SavageQueen: Yeah he’s good, we're watching Disney movies now


LordOfSparkles: What was that explosion?


TapeMan: Hagakure just won and Bakugo is less than pleased


BestPikachu: He stormed out of the rooming cursing at Hagakure, who’s just cackling like a mad woman




Tails: Yes you are sweetie


CoffeeHoarder: Are you all crazy?


BestPikachu: Were all completely sane, you're the crazy one


CoffeeHoarder: Probably, it would explain a few things


Bestikachu: Damn it you turned my joke around on me!


BestPikachu: No fair!


CoffeeHoarder: Sorry, not sorry


RockShark: He’s pouting


BestPikachu: No I’m not!


PinkAcid: Yes you are, and it’s adorable


TapeMan: BlushyPoutyPikachu.png


QueenUraraka: Aww!


SavageQueen: Kaminari you look so cute!


BestPikachu: Bro! How could you betray me like this!


TapeMan: Sorry bro, but you gotta admit you do look adorable


PinkAcid: You really are one of the cutest boys in the whole class!


StealthMode: It’s true Kami! You really are one of the cutest boys, but no one is as cute as you Ojiro!


Tails: Thanks Hagakure




TapeMan: He’s embarrassed because we called him adorable


PinkAcid: He just needs to come to terms with his own adorableness already


QueenUraraka: Too true

Bakugo frowned down at his phone before he glanced in the direction that Kaminari had rushed off in, the blonde hadn’t looked embarrassed. He had looked genuinely upset. He slipped his phone into his pocket and, against his better judgement, he followed after him.

He found the blonde up on the roof, he was curled up in a ball and leaning against the railing. Bakugo frowned when he noticed the tear tracks on Kaminari’s face.

“Hey Dunce Face, what’s your problem?” He questioned impatiently as he approached the blonde who quickly sat up and started scrubbing furiously at his face.

“Bakugo? What are you doing here?” He questioned nervously causing Bakugo to scoff as he flopped down onto the ground in front of Kaminari.

“You nearly knocked me over in the hallway, so I came to see what the big deal was” He stated causing a weak chuckle to escape Kaminari as he reached up to ruffle his hair.

“Sorry bro I guess I wasn’t paying attention” He remarked sheepishly causing Bakugo to give him a deadpanned look.

“I figured, now are you going to tell me why your up here crying your fucking eyes out?” He questioned which caused an uneasy expression to appear on the blondes face.

“It’s nothing” He said simply as he waved his hand dismissively which only annoyed Bakugo more.

“Clearly it’s not nothing if it’s got you up here sobbing like a god damn baby” He snapped back causing Kaminari to shrink in on himself slightly before he sighed tiredly.

“Can you promise me not to tell anyone what I’m about to tell you?” He asked and Bakugo just gave him a confused look.

“What?” He questioned baffled.

“Just promise me” He repeated causing Bakugo to roll his eyes in annoyance.

“Fine, I promise” He grumbled which caused Kaminari to sigh in relief before he glanced around as if to make sure no one else was there.

“Will, you just get on with it Dunce Face?” Bakugo finally snapped causing an uncomfortable expression to briefly appear on Kaminari’s face before he took a deep breath and leaned in slightly.

“I’m Genderfluid, and today I identify as female” H-She admitted nervously causing Bakugo’s eyes to widen in shock, he must have been silent for too long because Kaminari started rambling anxiously.

“I haven’t come out to anyone but you and my parents so I know I shouldn’t get upset when they misgender me but I can’t help, it hurts so much but I’m terrified of coming out and having everyone abandon me” She rambled before Bakugo cut her off by placing a hand on her shoulder, she stared up at him nervously. What if he didn’t keep his promise and he told everyone?

“You have every right to be upset about being misgendered” Bakugo grumbled out before he forcefully pulled Kaminari into a side hug.

“But I-” She began only to be cut off by Bakugo tightening his hold.

“But nothing, you shouldn’t put your self down for having feelings” he said in an almost soft tone of voice which surprised Kaminari so much that she couldn’t help but to relax into the other blondes side.

“And just so you know none of those idiots would abandon you for being Genderfluid, hell they’d probably smother you in hugs for even thinking that” He remarked joking causing Kaminari to giggle in amusement.

“Probably, I’m just not ready yet” She mumbled softly and Bakugo just nodded.

“And that’s fine, take your time, and when you do decide to come out I’ll be right there in case you need me to crack some skulls” He stated casually causing Kaminari to giggle once more before she wrapped her arms around Bakugo and hugged him tightly, a few tears spilling in the process.

“Thank you for this Bakugo” She mumbled softly into his shoulder and Bakugo just grunted as he let her cry into his shoulder.

“Think nothing of it Spark Plug” He mumbled in a nearly fond tone of voice which caused a warm smile to appear on Kaminari’s face.

They ended up sitting up on the roof for what felt like hours before they finally got up, both of their legs being almost completely asleep.

“Come on I’m making dinner” Bakugo stated simply causing a wide smile to appear on Kamianri’s face.

“Awesome! You are a crazy good cook!” She cheered causing a very smug smirk to appear on Bakugo’s face as they started heading back inside.

“Of course I am! Did you expect anything else?” He questioned rhetorically which made Kaminari chuckle fondly. She blinked in confusion when Bakugo suddenly paused so that he could look at her.

“Also, Kaminari” He said causing Kaminari’s eyes to widen slightly, Bakugo very rarely used anyone’s real name instead of some nickname.

“Your secret’s safe with me” He stated seriously which caused a warm smile to appear on the blondes face.

“Thank you” She said softly to which Bakugo just nodded before he marched off ahead of her. Kaminari smiled softly at this, Kirishima was right Bakugo really could be a softie when he wanted to be.


Chapter Text

Kaminari hummed cheerfully as she kicked her legs back and forth absentmindedly. She tilted her head to the side as she watched Bakugo cook, she wasn’t quite sure what it was that he was making but if the smell was anything to go by it was going to be delicious.

“Who taught you how to cook?” She asked causing Bakugo to glance over his shoulder at her briefly before he turned back around. 

“My Aunt Inko” He muttered causing Kaminari to tilt her head to the other side with a curious expression on her face.

“Isn’t that Midoriya’s mom?” She questioned which caused Bakugo to huff.

“Stupid Deku and I grew up together and his mom insisted that I call her aunt” He grumbled causing Kaminari to give him a soft smile, not that he saw it since his back was turned.

“That’s really sweet, I wish I had an aunt, I just have my parents since they are both only children” She remarked which caused Bakugo to turn to face her with a slightly curious expression on his face.

“You mentioned that your parents are the only other people that you’ve come out to, so how did they take it?” He asked causing Kaminari to shift in her seat uncomfortably as she played with her fingers.

“Um… Well…” She mumbled causing Bakugo’s eyes to narrow.

“How did they take it Spark Plug?” He repeated which caused Kaminari to sigh as she stared down at her shoes.

“They… um… didn’t take it well” She mumbled once again causing Bakugo to sigh, there was some clanging coming from the stove before she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Just forget those fuckers, if they can’t accept you for who you are then they don’t matter” He stated confidently causing Kaminari to give him a wide grin before it got replaced with a sad one.

“But the parent-teacher day is on Friday, I’ll have to confront them then” She stressed anxious causing Bakugo to huff as he walked back over to the stove.

“If those fuckers give you any grief then I’ll kill them” He stated casually causing a surprised giggle to escape Kaminari, she tried to cover it with her hands but that did very little to stop her giggles. Since his back was turned to her Kaminari missed the faint smile that appeared on Bakugo’s face.

“Foods done” He stated as he placed the plates on the table, each filled with spaghetti. Kaminari tilted her head to the side when she saw that there were only three plates.

“Why only three plates?” She questioned causing Bakugo to scoff as he typed on his phone.

“I’m not cooking for all those fuckers again if they want food than they can make it themselves” He huffed as placed a plate full of garlic bread on the table before he sat down across from Kaminari who just raised an eyebrow and stared at the third plate.

“Then who’s the third plate for?” She asked causing a faint blush to appear on Bakugo’s face.

“I can’t just let Shitty Hair starve, he doesn't know how to cook for shit” He grumbled causing a Cheshire like grin to appear on Kaminari’s face.

“You like him~” She teased causing Bakugo’s blush to grow slightly as he glared angrily at the other blonde.

“Shut it” He hissed which just made Kaminari’s grin grow tenfold, but before she could continue to tease him Kirishima walked into the room with a wide grin on his face.

“Hey bros!” He greeted as he plopped down on the seat next to Bakugo before he clapped his hands together cheerfully as he gazed down at his plate.

“Oh! Spaghetti! My favourite!” He exclaimed cheerfully before he pulled Bakugo into a one-armed hug which caused Kaminari’s grin to grow even more while Bakugo glared at her warningly, to which she just responded with the sealed lips gesture.

“Yeah whatever just eat the damn food Shitty Hair, you took Spark Plug” Bakugo grumbled causing Kirishima and Kaminari to share a grin before they tucked into there food, both of them instantly melting at the taste. In their opinion, no one cooked quite as good as Bakugo which they were quick to inform the blonde.

Bakugo just smirked smugly as he ate his own food, though he knew that if either of them had any of Aunt Inko’s food they wouldn’t be singing his praise quite so enthusiastically because even he knew that his food wasn’t as good as her’s.

StealthMode: Pikachu/Shark/PomeranianHavingDinner.png


PinkAcid: Aw my boys are being so cute!


TapeMan: What the heck am I then? Chopped liver?


PinkAcid: Your my boy too, these three are just being extra cute


TapeMan: Fair enough


QueenUraraka: Soft Bakugo is so cute!


CoffeeHoarder: Are we not going to talk about how Hagakure called Bakugo a Pomeranian?


SassyCinnamonRoll: Bakugo is a pomeranian


SassyCinnamonRoll: An angry Pomeranian


StealthMode: See! Midoriya gets it, it’s a perfect nickname for him!


QueenUraraka: Yes it is


QueenUraraka changed KingExplosionMurder’s username to AngryPomeranian


QueenUraraka: Perfect!


CoffeeHoarder: He’s going to kill you


QueenUraraka: No he won’t


QueenUraraka: Midoriya gave me the idea, so he’ll target him


SassyCinnamonRoll: Uraraka!


QueenUraraka: Sorry Midoriya but sacrifices must be made for the greater good!


QueenUraraka: The world cannot be deprived of my excellence so soon!


QueenUraraka: It would be a travesty! 


Ribbit: I agree


Ribbit: Sorry Midoriya


SassyCinnamonRoll: I’ve been betrayed by my own squad!


TapeMan: That’s rough buddy


RuleAbidingSanic: I must remind you all that we have class tomorrow so you should all get to bed


PinkAcid: Yes dad


QueenUraraka: Nah, that’s Aizawa


PinkAcid: True


StealthMode: Iida is more like a really stressed out uncle


Ribbit: Fitting


RuleAbidingSanic: Just… go to bed... please 


QueenUraraka: We’ll get right on it uncle sanic!


RuleAbidingSanic: Sigh


RuleAbidingSanic: You will all be the death of me


SassyCinnamonRoll: Yes we will, it's good that you are finally accepting that fact


RuleAbidingSanic: SIGH

Chapter Text



RuleAbidingSanic: Mina! 


SavageQueen: Why?


PinkAcid: Because it’s Wednesday, my dudes! 


SavageQueen: What’s so special about Wednesday? 


PinkAcid: Nothing, I just love waking you all up with my excellence!


CoffeeHoarder: If your excellence doesn’t get me some coffee in the next ten minutes I will resort to murder


AuxCord: ^^^^


StealthMode: ^^^^


LordOfSparkles: ^^^^


ConfusedByTheCute: ^^^^


PinkAcid: Eep! 


SassyCinnamonRoll: I would get to work on that coffee if I was you Mina


PinkAcid: I am fucking sprinting towards the kitchen!


AngryPomeranian: You are so fucking lucky I was already awake or I would be killing you right now Racoon Eyes




SassyCinnamonRoll: Uraraka did it! 


QueenUraraka: Midoriya gave me the idea!




SassyCinnamonRoll: Shit!


QueenUraraka: Shit!


Ribbit: You two better start running


SassyCinnamonRoll: Already on it!


QueenUraraka: Same!


RockShark: Sigh, I’ll stop him


BestPikachu: I’ll help




AngryPomeranian: Also


AngryPomeranian changed their username to KingExplosionMurder




IcyHot: What a way to start the day


CoffeeHoarder: It’s too early to deal with this shit without some coffee


CoffeeHoarder: Speaking of your running out of time Mina




StealthMode: We’ll it’s not fast enough!


Tails: Sweetie you need to calm down




Tails: Well I tried


Tails: Sorry Mina


PinkAcid: (ノ´ロ`)ノ

BestPikachu: Damn that English test was hard 


TapeMan: Don’t you hold the top place in English? 


BestPikachu: Yeah so? 


PinkAcid: You are the last person who should be complaining!


BestPikachu: Just because I’m good at English doesn’t mean I didn’t find the test challenging


RockShark: Don’t pay them any mind Kami, they're just jealous of your brilliance


TapeMan: No we're not


PinkAcid: Yes we are


TapeMan: Damn it Mina!


BestPikachu: Aww thanks Mina!


PinkAcid: Though speaking of your brilliance, do you think you could charge my phone for me? 


BestPikachu: Um.. yeah sure


TapeMan: Can you charge mine too? 


StealthMode: And mine?


Tails: I could also use your help 


AuxCord: Same 


QueenUraraka: Same


Ribbit: Same


BestPikachu: Yeah, just uh… meet me in the living room and I’ll charge them all 


PinkAcid: Thanks Kami! Your the best!


TapeMan: ^^^^


StealthMode: ^^^^


Tails: ^^^^


AuxCord: ^^^^


QueenUraraka: ^^^^


Ribbit: ^^^^


BestPikachu: :)

Shinso raised an eyebrow as he turned the corner and saw Kaminari shuffling along looking absolutely exhausted. He was hunched over and looked like he was going to fall asleep any minute. 

“Kaminari? Are you okay?” He questioned as he approached the blonde causing the other boy to jump in surprise before he flashed him a very sleepy grin. 

“Yeah I’m fine, just very tired” He said sleepily and Shinso just gave him a concerned look when he noticed that the blonde was swaying slightly. 

“What were you doing that left you so exhausted?” He asked causing a weak chuckle to escape Kaminari as he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. 

“I was helping everyone charge their phones, but using up that much energy has left me drained” He said softly causing Shinso to raise an eyebrow at him. 

“And did you tell the others that?” He asked which caused Kaminari to give him a sheepish grin. 

“Why not?” He questioned casing Kaminari to smile softly as he played with his fingers. 

“I like helping people too much to complain” He said softly causing Shinso’s eyes to soften slightly before he rolled them and walked even closer to the blonde. 

“Do you need help getting to your room?” He asked causing Kaminari to nod softly. 

“Yes please” He mumbled to which Shinso just huffed before he picked Kaminari up bridal style causing the blonde to squeak in surprise. 

“Alright let’s get you to bed” He stated as he started walking down the hallway, he almost missed the way that Kaminari blinked up at him cutely before he snuggled his head into his chest like a kitten. He fought desperately to keep himself from blushing at the adorable sight. Damn it! Why did Kaminari have to be so freaking cute? It wasn’t fair!

Chapter Text

CoffeeHoarder: You guys shouldn’t have made Kaminari charge all of your phones last night


PinkAcid: Why? He didn’t seem to have a problem with it


CoffeeHoarder: Using up all that energy left him completely drained


CoffeeHoarder: I had to help get him to bed because he almost passed out in the middle of the hallway


StealthMode: What?! Why didn’t he say anything?!


CoffeeHoarder: He likes making people happy to much


TapeMan: Damn him and his selflessness 


AuxCord: Were going to have to do something to make it up to him


BestPikachu: You guys don’t have to do anything 


BestPikachu: I’m fine really 


QueenUraraka: Shush you wonderful person you!


QueenUraraka: If we want to do something nice for you we will!


BestPikachu: You really don’t have to


Ribbit: Your opinion has been acknowledged and we have chosen to ignore it


BestPikachu: I’m not getting out of this am I?  


StealthMode: Yup!


Tails: After classes we could go to the arcade? 


QueenUraraka: That’s a brilliant idea!


PinkAcid: Yes! 


TapeMan: Everyone who used Kaminari as a personal charger last night, we will all meet up at the entrance after classes so that we can treat our precious Pikachu to an awesome day at the arcade


BestPikachu: You guys this is too much


AuxCord: Shush, we are doing this so no more complaining 


BestPikachu: Sigh, fine

SavageQueen: Does anyone know why Mina threw Kaminari up onto her shoulder before she rushed off with Jiro, Uraraka, Tsu, Hagakure, Ojiro and Sero following behind her? 


CoffeeHoarder: They all used Kaminari as a personal charger last night which left him completely drained so to make it up to him there treating him to an arcade day


SavageQueen: Oh, poor Kaminari 


CoffeeHoarder: Yeah he almost didn’t make it to his bed last night


RockShark: My poor bro


RuleAbidingSanic: Those seven should have known better than to force Kaminari to overuse his quirk like that


SassyCinnamonRoll: At least they're trying to make up for it


RuleAbidingSanic: I suppose that true, at least they recognize what they did was wrong


CoffeeHoarder: Kaminari isn’t completely blameless 


CoffeeHoarder: He just doesn’t know how to tell people no 


RockShark: He tends to prioritize other peoples happiness over his own 


LordOfSparkles: We might want to hold an intervention for him 


SassyCinnamonRoll: Yeah I don’t think he ever learned self-care 


CoffeeHoarder: Kettle calling the pot black


SassyCinnamonRoll: What? 


SavageQueen: Aren’t you the one who completely destroyed his arms in an attempt to get Todoroki to use his fire? 


SassyCinnamonRoll: … 


SassyCinnamonRoll: No comment 


LordOfSparkles: So maybe Kaminari isn’t the only one we need to hold an intervention for


SassyCinnamonRoll: Shut up Aoyama 


LordOfSparkles: (^▽^) Never 


SassyCinnamonRoll: Sigh 

BestPikachu: I have more stuffed animals then I know what to do with now 


CoffeeHoarder: What? 


BestPikachu: Everyone used their tokens to get me prizes and they all picked stuffed animals 


SavageQueen: Aww that cute 


RockShark: Are you going to snuggle with them all tonight? 


BestPikachu: Maybe… 


StealthMode: Ha! I told you Sero you owe me five bucks!


TapeMan: Fuck!


TapeMan: You just had to tell everyone that didn’t you Kami? 


BestPikachu: Sorry bro


LordOfSparkles: I guess it’s safe to assume that you had a fun time Kaminari?


BestPikachu: Yeah it was really fun!


BestPikachu: You guys are the best friends a guy could ask for!


PinkAcid: And your the best Pikachu!


PinkAcid: Besides we had to do something to make up for what we did last night 


RuleAbidingSanic: Yes and I hope you all learned your lesson about making someone overuse their quirk for your own benefit. 


QueenUraraka: Yes Uncle Sanic


RuleAbidingSanic: Sigh 


BestPikachu: Uncle Sanic? Oh My God, that's the best thing ever! I absolutely love it! 


BestPikachu changed RuleAbidingSanic’s username to UncleSanic 


UncleSanic: I’m not even surprised anymore


BestPikachu: Come on, you love it no need to lie 


UncleSanic: Blank.png 


LordOfSparkles: Did Iida just send a selfie of him giving a deadpanned expression? 


PinkAcid: Yes, yes he did 


SassyCinnamonRoll: I guess we have been rubbing off on him too much 


QueenUraraka: Yeah that’s the snarkiest thing I’ve ever seen him do 


StealthMode: This chat truly has affected our Uncle Sanic 


BestPikachu: Yup!


UncleSanic: I’m going to bed, I can’t deal with you all anymore 


BestPikachu changed UncleSanic’s username to SnarkyUncleSanic 


SnarkyUncleSanic: … 


SavageQueen: Did anyone else hear that loud bang? 


Ribbit: I’m pretty sure Iida just slammed his head against a wall 


LordOfSparkles: I’ll go check on him 


PinkAcid: Poor Uncle Sanic he just can’t handle our amazingness 


RockShark: And that was another bang, we should probably all stop 


BestPikachu: Yeah, for tonight at least


PinkAcid: Of course


SnarkyUncleSanic: You will all be the death of me 


CoffeeHoarder: Yeah probably 


StealthMode: But we all already knew that 


SnarkyUncleSanic: Sigh 


Chapter Text

The day had finally arrived, the parent-teacher meeting. Some of the students were excited, some were nervous and then there was Denki Kaminari who was absolutely terrified.

Classes had been cancelled for the day so that students could show their parents around before the meetings began, Mr. Aizawa had requested that each student attend the meetings with their parents since in the past he had had parents respond to the meetings in two different ways, both being negative.

Some parents would ignore all criticism against their child and would just shower them in praise and adoration making the child assume that they were doing just fine and that they didn’t need to improve anything which could stunt their growth. Other parents would be just as bad as they would convince their child that they were doing horrible and then they force them to overwork themselves which was extremely unhealthy and would cause all kinds of problems for the child.

So to keep that from happening they all got to attend the meetings and Kaminari was not super enthusiastic about it, he was terrified of interacting with his parents, especially in front of Mr. Aizawa who knows what they would do.

He had cut himself off completely from them ever since he moved into the dorms so he just knew that they would have a bunch of pent up opinions to share, and he was not ready for any of them.

“You look like your going to puke Spark Plug” Bakugo remarked offhandedly as he stood next to the nervous blonde who gave him a weak grin in response before he returned his attention to watching all of his other classmates interacting with their parents, they looked really happy the complete opposite of him.

“I’m just nervous about seeing them” He mumbled quietly and Bakugo just nodded softly before he side-eyed him.

“Pronouns?” He questioned softly so no one could hear him causing a genuine smile to appear on the blonde's lips.

“He/Him/His” He remarked back just as softly causing Bakugo to nod in understanding.

“So have your parents arrived yet?” He asked trying to change the topic which caused a scowl to appear on Bakugo’s face but before he could respond they heard someone shouting.

“Bakugo! Kaminari!” Kirishima shouted cheerfully as he jogged over to them with two women following behind him.

The one on the left was a tall brunette woman with bright blue eyes, a petite frame, pale skin and a bright smile. The one on the right was a warm looking woman with short raven hair and shining ruby eyes, she had a more athletic build than the brunette and she also had a tanner skin tone. They both, however, looked like very kind people, which made sense considering just how kind Kirishima was.

“Guys these are my moms, Akari and Madoka” He introduced cheerfully causing his mothers to smile warmly at Kaminari and Bakugo.

“It’s very nice to meet you both, Eijiro is always gushing about you two as well as his other friends” Akari stated as she reached her hand out which Kaminari was quick to shake, while Bakugo seemed to be trying to be on his best behaviour. Kaminari was pretty sure he just didn’t want to say anything that would upset the two women because he didn’t want Kirishima to be disappointed in him.

“It’s nice to meet you both as well” Kaminari stated causing the two woman’s smiles to grow slightly. Madoka reached forward and Kaminari shook her hand as well, while Akari glanced around.

“Where are your boy's parents?” She asked curiously causing an uncomfortable expression to appear on Kaminari’s face while Bakugo seemed to be staring at something by the entrance, with an unreadable expression on his face that looked vaguely uncomfortable but not quite.

“They haven’t arrived yet” Kaminari said only for Bakugo to suddenly walk away causing the four of them to give him confused looks.

“Guess his parents arrived” Kirishima remarked while shrugging before turning his attention back to his moms with an apologetic smile on his face.

“Sorry about that Bakugo has a kind of one track mind most of the time” He remarked sheepishly causing Kaminari to snicker in agreement while his moms just gave him reassuring looks.

“I remember, you do talk about him an awful lot after all” Madoka teased causing Kirishima’s face to go bright red while Akari and Kaminari laughed.

“Madoka don’t tease the poor boy” Akari stated through her laughter which just caused the ravenette to grin in cheekily while Kirishima covered his face in embarrassment.

“Let’s go meet some more of my friends!” Kirishima finally said very loudly before he turned on his heel and began to power walk away causing his mother to chuckle fondly before they returned their attention to Kaminari.

“It really was nice meeting you Kaminari” Akari said with Madoka nodding in agreement causing Kaminari to give them a bright smile.

“It was nice meeting you as well ma’am’s” He stated back casing the two women to nod before the went to follow their embarrassed son, who was now standing next to a very eager looking Mina.

Kaminari smiled fondly at that before he glanced around the room once more, he still didn’t see his parents so maybe if he was lucky they had gotten drunk and forgot about the meeting. But life never liked being easy on him causing suddenly he felt a cold chill go down his spine.

When he turned around me met the cold eyes of his parents, who reeked of alcohol. Of course, they did he thought weekly. Before he could say a single word Mr. Aizawa suddenly appeared in the middle of the room.

“The meeting will start now, I’ll call the families in alphabetical order starting with the Aoyama’s” He announced before he led the family of blonds into the next room. Kaminari took in a deep breath before he returned his attention back to his parents who were still looking down at him coldly.

“We need to talk” His mother growled disdainfully causing him to gulp nervously, he really wished Bakugo was still here but he seemed to have disappeared into the crowd. He wasn’t sure he was strong enough to do this on his own. He took in a deep breath to stop himself from shaking before he muttered softly under his breath,


Chapter Text

Shota sighed tiredly as he leaned back in his seat and rubbed tiredly at his temples, he had only held six meetings so far and they had all been draining for one reason or another.

The Aoyama’s seemed like lovely parents at first but then it became apparent that they seemed much more interested in gushing over their daughter who was attending a private all-girls hero academy in France then discussing anything to do with their son.

Yuga had just had a resigned expression on his face for the whole meeting like he had expected this to happen and no longer had the energy to do anything about it. Which was very concerning.

If this kind of neglect became any worse then Shota knew that he would have to intervene, Yuga didn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

The Ashido’s were just as bright and bubbly as their daughter so the whole meeting had been filled with hyperactive chatter that had definitely given him a massive headache. But at least this meeting was about the child in the room so that was an upside.

The Asui’s were very no-nonsense kind of people which he greatly appreciated. The meeting was peaceful and quick which would have been great if the next meeting hadn’t caused his head to pound.

Mitsuki Bakugo was a very loud woman.

Throughout the entire meeting, she was either yelling at Katsuki, calling him a brat and other undesirable names that in Shota’s opinion a mother should never call her child, or she was yelling at him whenever he said anything remotely nice about Katsuki, saying how he was going to inflate the boys already massive ego.

The whole time Katsuki just had a scowl on his face and an unreadable look in his eyes, though whenever Shota tried to step in and stop Mitsuki from yelling at the blonde or stop her swinging arms which seemed to make Katuski flinch ever so slightly, he would just give him this look that demanded that he stay out of it.

By the time the meeting ended he not only needed to take some more Advil but he also knew that he would have to speak with Katsuki again, because if he wasn’t suspicious before he definitely was now.

The next two meetings had thankfully flown past quickly and with no major problem, The Hagakure’s were just as bouncy and kind-hearted as Toru and the Iida’s were just as respectful and strong-willed as Tenya.

He stood up from his desk and popped his back before he shuffled back into the other room so that he could call the Jiro’s in, he just knew that this meeting would not be good for his growing headache.

But before he could even utter a single word a loud explosion came from one of the other rooms causing him to let out a long-suffering sigh, of course, something had to happen it just couldn’t be a normal parent-teacher meeting.

“Everyone stay here I will deal with the explosion!” He ordered loudly as he rushed off towards the explosion, hopefully, it was just Bakugo blowing off some steam and not something worse.

Despite telling everyone to stay put Midoriya, Todoroki, Shinso, Uraraka, Tsu and Iida followed behind him.

He honestly shouldn’t be all that surprised.

“Problem children” He grumbled softly under his breath but didn’t bother to stop them, there was no point they would follow him no matter what he said.

When they arrived at the room the explosion had come from he saw a sight that made his heart stop and his blood boil.

Bakugo and Mina had two blonde adults pinned to the wall, both of them threatening to use their quirks on them. While on the other side of the room Sero and Kirishima were crouched next to Kaminari who was hyperventilating and was also severely injured.

He had bruise all over his face, one of his eyes was beginning to swell shut, he had a split lip, a broken nose, his fingers looked like someone had stomped on them since they were all bent in different directions, and his clothes were all torn and there was dried blood crusted around some of the cuts.

He quickly responded by using his capture weapon to not only tie up who he assumed were Kaminari’s parents but also to pull Bakugo and Mina away from the blondes. When it seemed like the Kaminari’s were going to start shouting he quickly gagged them before he turned his attention back to Denki only to see Shinso helping him with his breathing.

“Get him to Recovery Girl now!” He ordered and they all nodded as Kirishima gently picked the blonde up before he rushed out of the room with Shinso sprinting next to him while he continued coach Denki through his breathing. The others hesitated briefly before following behind them, he let Bakugo and Mina out of his capture weapon so that they could follow as well.

Once they were out of sight he turned his furious eyes on the two struggling blondes who were glaring venomously at him, his nose wrinkled ever so slightly when he finally registered the scent of alcohol that was coming from the duo. He removed their gags and before they could even utter a single word he growled furiously at them,

“We need to talk”

Chapter Text

Denki groaned softly as he slowly cracked his eyes opened and stared up at the white ceiling above him. He blinked a few times in confusion before he slowly turned his head so that he could look around, it looked like he was in the infirmary but Recovery Girl was nowhere to be seen. He started to sit up carefully due to his muscles still being very sore when the door opened and Aizawa walked in looking drained.

“Oh good your awake” He remarked as he approached the blonde and plopped down onto the chair next to the bed.

“Mr. Aizawa? What happened?” Denki asked softly causing a deep frown to appear on his teachers face.

“Your parents happened” He stated simply causing Denki to flinch slightly as his memories returned to him in a flash.

“Oh, right” He mumbled softly as he stared down at his hands before he glanced back up at Aizawa with a worried look on his face.

“Where are they?” He asked worriedly causing Aizawa to place his hand gently on the blonde's shoulder.

“They're on their way to jail, but stupid protocol still demands that they have a fair trial” He said softly causing Denki to tense up worriedly, Aizawa quickly squeezed his shoulder comfortingly causing the blonde to stare up at him.

“I will do my best to keep you out of it, but for that to happen you must tell me as much as you can about your childhood with… those people” He stated seriously causing Denki to nod softly.

“Okay” He said softly and Aizawa nodded before he pulled a tape recorder from his pocket and turned it on.

“I’m going to ask some questions and I want you to be as honest with me as you can, okay?” He asked softly causing Denki to take in a deep breath before he nodded.

“Alright, when did the abuse first begin?” He questioned which caused a far off look to appear on Denki’s eyes.

“When I was four and first unlocked my quirk they started neglecting me, they were scared to touch me assuming that I would lose control and hurt them” He said softly as he wrapped his arms around himself, Aizawa just nodded and waited for Denki to continue.

“But the actual beatings didn’t begin until I six, that’s when I was diagnosed with…” He trailed off and started playing with his fingers anxiously causing Aizawa to give him a concerned look.

“Diagnosed with what?” He asked softly causing Denki to take in a shaky breath before he responded.

“Dyslexia” He stated which caused Aizawa eyebrows to furrow in confusion.

“I never saw anything about Dyslexia in your files” He said causing a humourless smile to appear on the blondes face.

“They don’t like admitting to the fact that they have a broken child so they never bothered to tell anyone about it, and they made sure I would never say anything about it either” He said softly causing Aizawa’s eyes to narrow angrily before he took a deep calming breath, it wouldn’t help Denki to get angry now.

“Having Dyslexia doesn’t make you broken” He stated seriously as he placed his hand back onto the blonde's shoulder causing a soft smile to appear on his face.

“Thank you” He whispered causing a soft smile to appear on Aizawa’s face before he gently urged Denki to continue.

“Those beatings weren’t all that bad, they were still scared of my quirk. It wasn’t until I was twelve that the beatings got really bad” He mumbled softly as he continued playing with his fingers.

“What happened when you were twelve?” Aizawa questioned causing a shaky breath to escape Denki.

“I came out to them” He stated causing Aizawa to squeeze his shoulder comfortingly, he knew exactly what it felt like to come out to someone and have them not accept you for who you are. His own parents hadn’t liked the fact that he was gay and had made their displeasure known.

“Coming to terms with your sexuality is never easy, especially if there is no one you can turn to. So if you ever want to talk about it, I’m always willing to listen” He said softly causing a brief smile to appear on Denki’s face before it was replaced with an uncomfortable one, he turned to look at Aizawa in the eyes and seemed to be fighting with himself before he finally came to a decision.

“It wasn’t just my sexuality that they didn’t like” He admitted softly as he looked away from Aizawa and back down to his hands before he continued.

“I’m Genderfluid” He whispered softly causing Aizawa eyebrows to shoot up into his hairline, he could tell just how much will power it had taken Denki to admit that and it looked like he was beginning to panic as the silence started to stretch.

“Pronouns?” He asked softly which caused Denki’s head to snap up so that he could stare at him to shock before a nearly blinding smile appeared on his face as tears started leaking from his eyes.

“He/Him/His” He said through a choked sob as he rubbed at his eyes, Aizawa just wrapped his arm around Denki’s shoulders and let him compose himself.

“It’s very brave of you to admit that, you didn’t have to” He remarked causing Denki to hum softly as he glanced back up at him.

“I know, but I wanted to. I trust you” He said simply but with so much emotion that it caused Aizawa’s heart to warm and a soft smile to appear on his face.

“I’m glad” He said softly causing a warm smile to appear on Denki’s face before he glanced down at the recorder which was still on with an uncomfortable expression on his face, which Aizawa quickly noticed so he reached over and turned it off.

“I can cut the last bit out, no one needs to know” He stated causing a relieved sigh to escape Denki.

“Thank you” He said softly to which Aizawa just nodded. They lapsed into a comfortable silence before Denki finally broke it.

“What happens to me now? Since my parents are in jail where will I go during school breaks?” He asked softly causing Aizawa to remove his arm from the blonde's shoulders so that he could face him better.

“Since you don’t have any other relatives you will be put into the foster care system” He admitted causing a worried expression to appear on Denki’s face, but before he could start panicking Aizawa quickly continued.

“But if you are willing my husband and I would like to adopt you” He stated causing Denki to give him a wide-eyed look.

“Really?” He whispered in disbelief causing Aizawa to nod.

“Yes, Hizashi and I would be happy to adopt you. As long as you're okay with it” He said warmly which caused Denki to throw himself at him and wrap his arms tightly around the man.

“I would really like that” Denki admitted softly as he hugged Aizawa even tighter causing a warm smile to appear on the man’s face as he returned the hug.

“Aww, that’s so cute!” A voice from the doorway said cheerfully causing Denki and Aizawa to spring apart so that they could look at the doorway only for Aizawa to huff when he saw that it was Hizashi.

“I guess you already told him the news?” Hizashi asked as he approached the duo so that he could wrap his arm around Shota’s shoulders.

“No, I just love hugging everyone I see” Shota drawled as he stared up at his husband causing the blonde to laugh.

“I don’t know about anyone else but you're always very affectionate with me, like the cat that you are” He snickered causing a faint blush to appear on Shota’s face which made Hizashi laugh some more.

“Wait, are you two….” Denki trailed off as he gestured between the two of them causing a wide smile to appear on Hizashi’s face.

“Yes, indeed little listener! I am the lucky one to have swept dear Shota off his feet!” He announced cheerfully causing Shota to huff in exasperation while Denki gasped in awe.

“Mina was right!” He stated which caused Hizashi to burst out laughing while Shota just rolled his eyes.

“Speaking of your friends however I’m pretty sure they will begin to riot if they have to wait any longer” Hizashi remarked causing Shota to grumble something about problem children which caused Hizashi to give him a fond look.

“You are the one who kicked them out so if they riot it would be your fault Sho” He stated teasingly which caused a scowl to appear on Shota’s face while Denki giggled.

“We might as well let them in now” Shota grumbled as he stood up from the chair before he turned to look at Denki.

“After your friends are done smothering you in affection we’ll talk more about the adoption, okay?” He asked softly causing Denki to nod in understanding.

“Okay” He said to which Shota nodded and after Hizashi gave Denki a hug the couple left the room.

Denki smiled softly to himself as he stared back down at his hands, for the first time in a long while he felt truly at peace and he couldn’t be happier about it.

“Kami!” Kirishima and Mina shrieked suddenly as they rushed into the room only catapult themselves onto the bed so that they could pull the blonde into a tight hug. Okay maybe he could be happier cause the smile on his face right now, as the room quickly filled with all of his friends, was the brightest it could possibly be.

Chapter Text

Shota groaned softly as he finished filling out all of the adoption forms, now all he needed was for Hizashi and Denki to sign them. He smiled softly as he thought of Denki after they had talked more in-depth about the adoption last night he had admitted that he no longer wanted to be associated with the name Kaminari and they had all agreed with that decision. So from now on Denki would be an Aizawa as it was deemed safer to take his surname instead of Hizashi’s. 

“So I hear you had to cancel your parent-teacher meetings” Sekijiro stated as he placed his hand down on his desk so that he could grin down at him smugly which caused Shota’s eyebrow to twitch slightly. 

“Was dealing with so many fussy parents to much for you?” He asked teasingly which just made Shota’s eyebrow twitch even more, especially when he noticed that Nemuri and Toshinori were also listening in from where they sat in the break room. 

“For your information, Kan one of my students was severely attacked and had to be taken to Recovery Girl so I did not have the time to continue with the meetings” He growled back causing the man to stumble back in shock while Nemuri and Toshinori gasped. 

“What happened?” Nemuri questioned worriedly causing Shota to sigh tiredly as he leaned back in his seat. 

“Denki Kaminari’s parents severely wounded him” He stated simply but with anger bleeding into his tone of voice which caused an uncomfortable silence to fill the room, though he did notice out of the corner of his eye Toshinori slip out of the room which caused him to roll his eyes. That blonde doofus probably cared about those kids just as much as he and Hizashi did so it didn’t surprise him that he would want to comfort Denki. 

“I’m sorry for bringing it up, I wasn’t aware of how serious the situation was” Sekijrio finally said uncomfortably causing Shota to huff in acceptance before he stood up and picked up the adoption forms. 

“It’s fine, but I really must be off” He grunted before he left the room so that he could track Hizashi down. 

“So he just burst in while asking loudly if you were okay?” Bakugo questioned in amusement as he leaned back in the chair next to Denki’s bed. Denki just chuckled and nodded. 

“Yeah it nearly gave me a heart attack” They said in amusement causing Bakugo to snicker.

A comfortable silence soon filled the room after that before Bakugo finally broke it. 

“So you told Aizawa about being you GenderFluid, huh?” He questioned causing Denki to nod softly. 

“Yeah, it just felt right” They said softly which caused a small smile to appear on Bakugo’s face before he reached over and placed his hand on the blonde's shoulder. 

“I’m… uh… proud of you” He said uncomfortably causing a warm smile to appear on Denki’s face. 

“Thanks, I appreciate it” They said warmly to which Bakugo just nodded stiffly as he removed his hand before he started digging into his pocket. 

“Here I got these for you” He said as he pulled out three beautiful woven bracelets, one was in multiple shades of blue, another was in multiple shades of pink, and the last one was completely monochromatic. 

“These are beautiful” They guessed softly as they picked them each one up to examine them individually. 

“There identification bracelets, you wear them to show what your pronouns are so those who know about you being GenderFluid won’t have to ask and risk outing you by mistake” Bakugo explained causing Denki’s eye to widen in awe. 

“The blue one is for when you feel like a boy, the pink one for when you feel like a girl, and the monochromatic one is for when you don’t feel like either” He continued to explain causing a watery smile to appear on Denki’s face before he pulled Bakugo into a tight hug as tears leaked from his eyes. 

“Thank you” They whispered causing Bakugo to grunt before he wrapped his arm around the blonde as he let them cry into his shoulder. Eventually, Denki pulled away from the hug so they could wipe away the remainder of their tears when they started to apologize for leaving a wet spot on Bakugo’s shirt he quickly waved it away stating that it didn’t matter. After that, they quickly slipped the monochromatic bracelet onto his wrist with a happy smile on their face. 

“They are very beautiful, where did you get them?” They asked causing a faint blush to appear on Bakugo’s face.

“I got Aunt Inko to make them, I didn’t tell her who they were for but I’m pretty sure she figured out what they mean” He admitted causing a warm smile to appear on Denki’s face. 

“Can you tell her thank you for me?” They asked softly causing Bakugo to nod stiffy though he did look very pleased with himself. 

They both glanced up when they heard the door open only to see Aizawa standing there holding some official looking papers. Aizawa’s eyes landed on the bracelets before he nodded slightly to himself as he turned to look at Bakugo. 

“Bakugo do you mind leaving so that Denki and I can speak in private? You can come back and visit them later” He questioned which caused a large smile to appear on Denki’s face while Bakugo just grunted as he stood up from the chair. 

“Yeah whatever” He huffed before he left the room. Once he was gone Aizawa took up the empty chair and handed over the papers. 

“These are the adoption forms, Hizashi and I have already signed them so all that’s left is for you to sign them” He stated causing Denki to nod before they took the papers and the pen that was handed to them before they signed the papers. 

“There done” They stated as they finished signing before they handed the papers back to Aizawa causing the raven-haired man to smile. 

“Now you are officially an Aizawa” He stated causing a nearly blinding smile to appear on Denki’s face. 

“I’m glad” They said softly before a curious expression appeared on their face. 

“What do I call you now?” They asked curiously causing a thoughtful expression to briefly appear on Aizawa’s face. 

“In class, you’ll still call me Mr. Aizawa, but out of class, you can call me Shota or dad if you're comfortable with that” He said which caused a soft smile to appear on Denki’s face. 

“Okay… dad” They said tentatively causing a surprised but happy expression to appear on Shota’s face before he tried to hide it by clearing his throat and standing up. 

“I better take care of these so it’s officially official” He said uncomfortably before he started walking towards the door, he paused after opening the door so that he could turn to look at Denki. 

“Hizashi and I will pick you once you're discharged so that we can show you your new home” He said before he slipped out of the room leaving behind a softly smiling Denki. 

Chapter Text

“Welcome to your new home Denki!” Hizashi announced loudly as he held the door open causing Denki to giggle softly to themselves while Shota just rolled his eyes fondly. 

“Eri were back!” Hizashi once more shouted as they stepped into the house, the sound of running feet quickly met the shout and soon Eri was crashing headfirst into Denki’s legs as she wrapped her arms around the blonde's legs. She glanced up and gave Denki a dazzling smile which they eagerly returned. 

“Are you my new big brother?” She asked eagerly causing Denki’s smile to falter ever so slightly but they were quick to cover it up as they picked Eri up and placed her onto their hip. 

“Yup!” They remarked cheerfully which caused Eri to squeal happily as she wrapped her arms around Denki’s shoulders. 

“Yeah!’ She cheered as she hugged him tightly and Denki couldn’t help but hold her even tighter. 

“Eri why don’t you show Denki around the house?” Shota suggested causing Eri to gasp as she gave Shota a wide-eyed look. 

“Really?” She questioned in awe causing Shota to nod while Denki gave her a bright grin. 

“I would be honoured if the lovely princess would show me around her castle” They stated simply causing a wide grin to appear on her face before she gestured for them to put her down which they quickly did. She then took their hand and started leading them away. 

Once they were out of sight Hizashi gave Shota a worried look which instantly put the ravenette on edge. 

“What was that about?” He questioned causing Shota to raise a confused eyebrow. 

“What was what?” He questioned back which caused Hizashi to roll his eyes before he glanced in the direction that Denki and Eri had gone in. 

“His smile fell very briefly when Eri called him brother, why is that?” He asked causing Shota to sigh as he rubbed the back of his neck, he hated keeping things from Hizashi but this wasn’t his secret to share. 

“You’ll just have to ask Denki that yourself” He stated which caused a sigh to escape the blonde. 

“How did I know you were going to say that?” He muttered rhetorically causing a chuckle to escape Shota. 

“We’ve been married too long” He remarked as he leaned over to kiss Hizashi’s cheek which instantly caused a smile to appear on the blondes face. 

“Your right” He stated warmly as he leaned in so that he could give Shota a kiss. When they pulled away they gave each other soft smiles. 

“Go talk to Denki and I’ll get dinner started” Shota finally said causing Hizashi to nod in agreement before he headed off in the direction that Denki and Eri had gone in while he headed off towards the kitchen. 


Shota glanced away from the stove so that he could glance into the living room where Hizashi and Denki were sitting on the couch talking in hushed voices. He smiled softly as he watched Hizashi pull Denki into a tight hug, his attention was pulled away from the blonde duo when Eri sat herself down onto the barstool and gave him a curious look. 

“Daddy, what does genderfluid mean?” She asked curiously as she tilted her head to the side which caused Shota to cough in surprise, how exactly was he supposed to explain this to her in a way that she would understand? 

“It’s when a persons gender feels fluid” Denki stated as they walked into the room and sat down on the barstool next to Eri. Hizashi had followed them and was now just leaning against the wall. 

“Sometimes a person might feel like a girl, while other times they feel like a boy, and sometimes they won’t feel like either” They explained softly causing Eri to tilt her head to the other side curiously. 

“Are you genderfluid?” She asked causing Denki to hesitate for a moment before they nodded. 

“Yeah I am, today I don’t identify as male or female” They stated causing Eri to nod in understanding before she gave them a bright grin. 

“So that means you're my elder sibling today?” She asked curiously which caused a warm smile to appear on Denki’s face. 

“Yeah, it does” They said softly causing a wide grin to appear on Eri’s face before she pulled Denki into a tight hug. 

“I love you Denki, just the way you are” She stated seriously causing Denki’s eyes to water slightly as they returned the hug just as tightly, the smile on their face was nearly blinding. Hizashi and Shota just watched on with soft smiles on their own faces. 

“Dinners ready” Shota finally announced causing Eri and Denki to pull part as they turned to face him with bright grins on their faces. 

“Yeah food!” They both cheered excitedly causing Hizashi and Shota to chuckle in fondly at the duo. 


Hizashi grinned as he pulled out his phone to take a picture of Shota who was asleep on the couch with Eri curled into his right side and Denki curled into his left side, while he also had three cats sleeping on his lap. It was just too cute to not take a picture of. 

“What are you doing?” Shota grumbled as he cracked an eye open causing Hizashi to giggle to himself as he slipped his phone back into his pocket. 

“Nothing” He said dismissively as he slipped onto the couch and placed Eri onto his lap so that they both could cuddle with Shota. The ravenette just rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm across his husband's shoulders. 

“Whatever” He grunted before he leaned his head back and went back to sleep causing a soft giggle to escape Hizashi. 

“So cute” He mumbled before he rested his head onto Shota’s shoulder so that he could also go to sleep.

Chapter Text

“Are you ready to head back to the dorms?” Shota asked as he glanced down at Denki who was tying his shoes, the blonde just glanced up at him and flashed him a grin. 

“Yup!” They said cheerfully as they stood up, Shota just nodded as he opened the door and lead the blonde towards his car. 

“You seem offly cheerful today” He remarked curiously causing Denki to nod cheerfully as they slipped into the passenger seat. 

“Since we have Monday off Iida has graciously allowed the others to throw a party to welcome me back” They said excitedly causing a soft chuckle to escape Shota, those kids would take any opportunity they could to party it seems. 

“Just try not to destroy the dorms” He said sternly which just caused Denki to gave him a cheeky grin. 

“I will make no such promises” They said simply causing Shota to shake his head in fond exasperation. 

They soon fell into a comfortable silence until they pulled up to the dorms, as Denki was getting out of the car Shota reached out so that he could place his hand on the blonde's shoulder which caused them to give him a curious look. 

“Remember you can stop by the apartment anytime you want” He said softly causing Denki to give him a warm smile as they nodded. 

“I will don’t worry, Eri would never forgive me if I didn’t” They said cheekily causing Shota to chuckle in agreement. Denki bit their lip in thought before they suddenly reached over and pulled Shota into a hug, and just as quickly as they did it they were out of the car and rushing into the dorm building. 

Shota jut blinked in surprise as he stared at the retreating form of Denki, he continued to blink as he leaned back in his seat before a soft smile appeared on his face. 

“Denki!!!” Three voices shrieked happily as they walked into the building which was their only warning before they were tackled to the ground by Kirishima, Mina and Sero. Denki just chuckled and wrapped their arms around their excitable friends while everyone else just watched on in various degrees of amusement. 

They were glad that they had remembered to call them Denki instead of Kaminari, they had sent a message to the group chat stating that they were dropping the name and that they should all just call them Denki from now on. 

“I missed you guys too but I kinda need to breath” Thy eventually choked out when the trios hug became even tighter, the three of them chuckled sheepishly as they all got off of them with Kirishima also helping them to their feet. 

“Sorry Den, we were just really happy to see you” Mina said sheepishly which caused Denki to smile fondly. 

“I figured as much” They drawled gaining chuckles from the others. And as if that was some kind of signal the others all began to crowd in on them while expressing their happiness at their return, which made them feel all warm and fuzzy. 

“It’s a relief to see that you have made a full recovery Denki” Iida remarked as he approached the blonde causing Denki to give him a bright grin. 

“Yeah I’m doing much better” They said simply which caused Iida to smile back at the blonde. 

“That’s good to hear” He said warmly as he patted Denki’s shoulder, Denki just continued to grin at him though it did take on a mischievous undertone. 

“So a little shark told me you were letting us have a party, is that true?” They asked teasingly causing a tired sigh to escape the ravenette. 

“That is true, I believed after everything that happened you deserved a good welcome back party” He admitted though he looked like he didn’t fully believe what he was saying which just caused Denki to chuckle fondly. 

“Seriously Denki wait until you see everything we got for the party!” Kirishima suddenly exclaimed excitedly as he reached over and pulled Denki away from Iida so that he could pull them into the living room. Denki couldn’t help but gasp in awe as they saw all of the stuff that was set up. 

“Is that...?” They trailed off in awe as they pointed at the thing attached to the tv causing Kirishima to nod excitedly. 

“Yup! I told the others how much to love Karaoke so Momo went out and bought that” He said cheerfully causing a bright smile to appear on Denki face before they started looking around for Momo and as soon as they spotted her they launched themselves at her and pulled her into a Koala Bear like hug. Which just made her chuckle fondly as she patted their head. 

“You are the best Momo” They stated seriously which just made her smile warmly down at them. 

“I’m glad you like it” She said simply which just made Denki tighten their grip as they glanced up at her with a bright grin. 

“I love it!” They stated cheerfully causing Momo’s smile to grow. 

“Okay that’s enough, stop hogging my girlfriend” Jiro finally said as she pried Denki off of Momo which caused the blonde to stick their tongue out at her. 

“Jealousy doesn’t suit you Jiro” They remarked teasingly causing Jiro to huff as she pulled Momo into a hug, who didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. 

“Hey, Denki can you come with me to grab the snacks from the kitchen?” Hagakure asked to which they just nodded. They got the feeling that Hagakure had sent them a smile before she grabbed their arm and pulled them into the kitchen. 

Once they were alone in the kitchen Hagakure stopped tugging on their arm only to flip it over so that she could stare at their bracelet which caused Denki’s heart to stop in fear. 

“Denki is this an identification bracelet?” She asked softly as she traced the bracelet causing Denki to suck in a sharp breath. 

“It’s… um…. it’s just a…” They stuttered nervously before their shoulders finally slumped as they nodded. Hagakure hummed softly before she pulled him into a tight hug which shocked the blonde greatly. 

“I accept you for who you are Denki, you don’t need to worry” She whispered softly causing a watery smile to appear on Denki’s face as they returned the hug. 

“Thanks” They whispered softly as Hagakure pulled away and this time Denki knew for sure that she was smiling at them. 

“How did you know what this bracelet meant?” They finally asked causing a soft chuckle to escape Hagakure. 

“I have a cousin who’s genderfluid and they have bracelets just like this one, though theirs are nowhere near as beautiful” She said as she lifted their arm back up so that she could stare at the bracelet. 

“They were a gift from Bakugo” They stated and they had the feeling that she was raising an eyebrow but she didn’t comment on it. 

“Why haven’t you come out to the class?” She asked softly causing a tired sigh to escape Denki as they moved away from the invisible girl so that they could lean against the counter. 

“I’m… scared” They admitted softly as they wrapped their arms around themselves. 

“I know rationally that no one would hate me for my gender but… I’ve had bad experiences coming out and I’m so scared that they will repeat themselves that I’ve just bottled everything up” They said softly causing Hagakure to pull them into another hug which they eagerly returned. 

“Don’t worry Denki I won’t tell anyone, and when you are ready to come out I’ll be right by your side” She stated seriously causing a large smile to appear on the blondes face. 

“You better stay true to that Streaker” Bakugo growled as he stalked into the room causing Hagakure to huff as she turned to face him. 

“Streaker really?” She huffed which just made Bakugo shrug dismissively. Denki just chuckled softly at the exchange. 

“What are you doing here Bakugo?” They asked curiously causing Bakugo to roll his eyes and gesture to the pile of snacks piled up on the counter. 

“The others were wondering what was taking you two so fucking long to get the snacks” He grumbled causing blushes to appear on both Denki and Hagakure’s faces. 

“Right I completely forgot” Denki mumbled in embarrassment as they grabbed an armful of snacks and headed out of the kitchen with Bakugo and Hagakure following behind them with their own armful of snacks. 

“You don’t have to worry about me outing Denki, I would never do that to them” Hagakure whispered causing Bakugo to grunt. 

“You better not or I will end you” He growled causing Hagakure to simply nod in understanding. 

“I would expect nothing less” She stated simply and Bakugo just grunted once more. 

Chapter Text

“You know when you said Denki liked Karaoke I wasn’t expecting this” Jiro commented in surprise while a few people around her nodded in agreement causing a soft chuckle to escape Kirishima. 

“He just really loves Karaoke” He said simply causing Jiro to snort and mutter understatement under her breath. 

The sight that was casing almost everyone so much shock was that Denki was currently singing the Pokemon theme song, and while that should be funny and cute in actuality it was amazing simply because Denki had an amazing singing voice. 

“Check out Shinso” Mina whispered as she nudged Kirihima causing the redhead to glance in the direction she was pointing only to grin as he saw that Shinso was staring at Denki in awe with a very noticeable blush on his cheeks. 

“Awe he’s got a crush on our little Pikachu” He cooed while a mischievous glint appeared in Mina’s eyes which he quickly caught onto. 

“No” He sated seriously causing a pout to appear on the pink girl's lips. 

“But why not?” She whined which caused Kirishima to huff as he crossed his arms. 

“Because you are a terrible matchmaker” He said simply causing her to huff in disbelief. 

“I am a fantastic matchmaker!” She huffed to which Kirishima just raised an unimpressed eyebrow. 

“Your form of matchmaking is simply stating the obvious and hoping that the two people crushing on each other will get the hint and do something about their mutual feelings” He explained causing a wide grin to appear on Mina’s face. 

“I know and it works so well! I got Jiro to confess to Momo and Uraraka to confess to Tsu! I’m an amazing matchmaker!” She stated cheerfully which did not impress Kirishima in the slightest. 

“But it doesn’t always work” He said causing her to huff and wave a dismissive hand at him. 

“It would work with you and Bakugo if one of you would just confess already, I mean it’s just so obvious that you like each other” She sniffed dismissively causing a slight scowl to appear on Kirishima’s face. 

“You don’t know that for sure” He grunted which caused Mina to raise an unimpressed eyebrow at him. 

“What are you so afraid of?” She questioned which finally pushed Kirishima over the edge, he jumped to his feet and shouted,


As soon as the words were out of his mouth he tensed up in fear and glanced around the room only to see that everyone was now staring at him, his heart squeezed when he noticed the concerned expression on Denki’s face. This party was supposed to be about him and making him feel good, he didn’t deserve to have it ruined by him and his stupid problems. 

“I need some air” He finally said before he rushed off and out of the building without giving anyone a chance to say or do anything to stop him. 


“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY TO HIM RACOON EYES!” Bakugo snapped as he stood up and towered over the pink girl who was too stunned to respond. When he realized she wasn’t going to say anything he growled viciously before he stormed out of the room leaving everyone staring after him. 

“What should we do?” Denki finally questioned causing everyone to stare at each other in thought. 

“We should leave this up to Kaachan” Midoriya finally said causing a few people to give him disbelieving looks. 

“Are you sure?” Todoroki asked causing Midoriya to simply nod.

Eventually, everyone relaxed and went back to doing Karaoke though no one had any real energy in them. And Denki just curled up on the couch with a confused and worried expression on their face.


Kirishima sighed as he sat down on a picnic table and buried his head into his arms, he hadn't gone very far just to a small park that was kinda close to the dorms. 

He knew Mina didn’t mean anything malicious but her constant insistence on everything working out just pushed him over the edge, she’s not the one who’s been abandoned before. 

“I knew I would find you here” A voice stated casually from behind him causing the redhead to snap his head up and turn to face Bakugo who was giving him an unreadable look.

“Hey Bakugo” He said weakly as he turned properly to face the blonde who just huffed and sat on the bench next to him. 

“What did Racoon Eyes say that upset you so much?” He questioned causing Kirishima to wince slightly as he glanced away from the blonde. 

“It was nothing” He mumbled which earned him a scoff from Bakugo. 

“Like hell it was nothing, you ran away that’s not nothing” He snarled causing Kirishima to wince once again as he wrapped his arms around himself. 

“It really was nothing, I just overreacted” He mumbled as he glanced away from Bakugo which caused a growl to escape from the blonde. 

“Just tell me what the fuck happened that made you feel like you needed to run” He grunted causing a tired sigh to escape the redhead as he turned to face Bakugo. 

“I don’t want to dump my problems on you, you should go back to the party Denki probably misses you” He mumbled softly, he had noticed how the two blondes had been spending a lot of time together and he tried hard not to be jealous of that. He just wanted his friends to be happy even if he wasn’t. 

“You dumbass Spark Plug will miss both of us, now are you going to tell me what happened so that we can both go back or are we going to continue sitting here?” He barked questioningly causing a weak smile to briefly appear on Kirishima’s face before it faded as he glanced down at the picnic table. 

“Mina just kept on pushing something that I was uncomfortable with and it brought back some deep-rooted insecurities that I thought I had long since buried away” He finally said causing Bakugo to raise an eyebrow. 

“Is that why you shouted that you didn’t want to be abandoned?” He asked in a surprisingly soft tone of voice causing Kirishima to sigh as he nodded. 

“Tell me about it?” He requested softly as he took the redheads hand into his own causing Kirishima to give him a surprised look before he glanced down at their hands with a soft sigh. 

“As you could probably tell my mom’s adopted me but the story behind it is very complicated” He began and when Bakugo just gave him an encouraging look he continued. 

“My mama was actually a surrogate for my original parents since they couldn’t have kids, and while they were a little disappointed that they didn’t get a girl they seemed content with me for a time at least” He said causing a dark look to appear on Bakugo’s face. 

“What did they do?” He growled causing Kirishima to give him a soft smile as he squeezed his hand reassuringly. 

“They didn’t beat me or anything they just tried to make me as feminine as they could to make up for the fact that I wasn’t a girl, but when my quirk manifested they realized that their efforts were in vain. So they got rid of me” He stated in a soft tone of voice which did not change Bakugo’s expression at all. 

“When my moms found out they tried to get custody of me but even though my mama was the one to give birth to me the court was hesitant to give her custody since she was married to another woman. So for a time I was tossed around the foster care system, no one kept me for more than a few months” He revealed causing a growl to escape the blonde as he squeezed his hand. 

“How could no one have wanted you?” He questioned angrily causing a sad smile to appear on Kirishima’s face. 

“A lot of people use the system as a way to adopt kids with strong quirks, they want to make money off of the kid when they go pro. And while my quirk is objectively strong it wasn’t flashy enough for most people” He explained softly causing another growl to escape Bakugo. 

“That’s complete and utter bullshit, so what if your quirk isn’t the flashiest you're going to make a great hero regardless” He stated seriously causing a faint blush to appear on Kirishima’s face before he cleared his throat and turned his head slightly to hide it as he continued to talk. 

“I was 10 when my moms finally got custody of me, and since then I tried to bury away all my fears of abandonment hoping that they would never see the light of day again” He finished causing Bakugo to give him a calculating look. 

“So what did Racoon Eyes say that caused those fears to resurface?” He asked causing an uneasy expression to appear on Kirishima’s face before he took a deep breath and steeled his nerves. 

“She was trying to convince me to tell my crush that I like them, but I was so convinced that if I did that I would not only be rejected but also abandoned by them and I just can’t afford to lose them in my life” He admitted softly causing a deep frown to appear on Bakugo’s face. 

“Who?” Was all he asked and it caused Kirishima’s chest to tighten in fear before he took in a deep shaky breath and met the blonde’s eyes. 

“It’s you” He all but whispered causing Bakugo’s eyes to widen in surprise before he sighed and shook his head causing Kirishima to tense up in fear, waiting for the rejection that he knew was coming. 

“You stupid hair for brains” He mumbled before he reached forward and grabbed the red head’s shirt and pulled him into a kiss causing Kirishima’s eyes to widen in shock before they slowly closed as he melted into the kiss. 

It was slow and soft but filled with so much love and passion that there was no way Kirishima couldn't help but fall even more in love with the blonde. 

“I guess my feelings aren’t as one-sided as I thought” He mumbled cheekily as they pulled causing Bakugo to huff as he wrapped his arm around the redhead’s shoulders. 

“Obviously” He grunted and Kirishima couldn’t help but smile as he noticed the fondness in his tone of voice. 

They continued to sit like that for what felt like hours but was probably just a few minutes, neither of them wanted to move but they knew they would have to eventually. 

“We should probably head back to the dorms, huh Bakugo?” Kirishima finally asked causing the blonde to grunt in agreement but before the redhead could stand up Bakugo gave him a piercing look.

“Katsuki” He finally said causing Kirishima to tilt his head to the side in confusion. 

“Huh?” he questioned causing an unimpressed expression to briefly appear on Bakugo’s face before he sighed. 

“Call me Katsuki” He repeated causing a blush to appear on Kirishima’s face as he gave the blonde a blinding smile.

“Alright then you can call me Eijiro” He replied cheerfully causing a faint blush to appear on the blonde’s face as he smiled ever so softly at the cute redhead in front of him. 

How did he ever get so lucky? 

Chapter Text

When they returned to the dorms everyone was still doing Karaoke, everyone that is except Denki who was nowhere to be seen. 

“Kirishima!” Mina shrieked as she catapulted herself off of the couch so that she could pull the redhead into a tight hug. 

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to upset you!” She rushed out as she squeezed even tighter causing Kirishima to wheeze slightly. 

“It’s… fine… Mina…” He managed to wheeze out as he patted the pink girl’s back which only made the girl's grip tighten even more.

“Alright that’s enough Racoon Eyes, he needs to breathe” Bakugo grumbled as he yanked Mina off of Kirishima who took in a deep gulp of some much-needed air. 

“Ah! Sorry, Kiri!” Mina apologized with a sheepish expression on her face. Kirishima just chuckled and waved her apology away. 

“Don’t worry about it” He said simply causing a smile to appear on Mina’s face. 

“Hey Racoon Eyes, where’s Spark Plug?” Bakugo suddenly asked causing a curious expression to appear on Kirishima’s face while Mina’s shoulders slumped slightly. 

“After you left he said he wasn’t feeling well and he went up to his room to rest” She explained which caused Kirishima’s shoulder’s to slump and a saddened expression to appear on his face. 

“I’m going to go talk to him” He said softly before he rushed off. Mina attempted to stop him but Bakugo just gripped her shoulder and shook his head. 

“They need this” Was all he said before he went to rejoin the others who were doing a poor job of being subtle about eavesdropping on their conversation. 

“Denki can I come in?” Kirishima asked hesitantly as he knocked on the blondes door only for the door to swing open and Denki to pull him into a tight hug. 

“Kiri! I was so worried!” Denki gasped as they hugged the redhead like their life depended on it. 

“Hey it’s okay” Kirishima said soothingly as he led Denki back into his room so that they could both sit on the blonde's bed while making sure to close the door behind him. 

“I’m sorry for ruining your party” He said softly causing Denki to snort in disbelief as they gave the redhead a fond look. 

“I don’t care about the party, we can always have another, I just want to know if you're okay. You rushed off so quickly and Mina wouldn’t tell me why you ran so I couldn’t help but worry for you Kiri, you're my best friend” They said warmly causing a soft expression to appear on Kirishima’s face as he wrapped his arm around the blonde's shoulders. 

“I’m okay, me and Katsuki talked and I’m doing much better” He said softly causing a relieved expression to appear on the blondes face. 

“That’s a relief, I worry so much about you Kiri. You bottle so much up that it can’t be healthy” They said causing the redhead to chuckle sheepishly. 

“Yeah I’ll try not to do that anymore, between you and Katsuki I don’t think I’ll be able to do it again anyways” He said in amusement as he rubbed the back of his neck causing Denki to smile only for it to suddenly take on a mischievous undertone as they finally realized something. 

“So when did you start calling Bakugo Katsuki, huh?” He questioned teasingly causing a faint blush to appear on the redhead's cheeks. 

“When we were talking, I um confessed to him and now were uh dating” He said sheepishly which caused Denki to squeal excitedly as they pulled the redhead into a tight hug. 

“Oh! I am so happy for you Kiri!” They said cheerfully as they snuggled up to Kirishima who just chuckled and wrapped his arms around the happy blonde. 

“Thanks, Denki but I kinda owe you an apology” He said sheepishly causing the blonde to give him a confused look. 

“What do you mean?” They asked curiously as they tilted their head to side causing a small frown to appear on the redheads face. 

“I was jealous of you” He admitted which caused Denki’s confused look to grow tenfold. 

“Jealous of me?” They questioned in disbelief causing Kirishima to nod softly. 

“I saw how much time you and Kat were spending together, and I thought you two were becoming more than friends” He explained softly causing Denki to roll their eyes and huff slightly in amusement. 

“Me and Bakugo? I’ll admit he’s very attractive but that firecracker is all yours Kiri, besides I have my eyes on someone else” They said fondly causing an interested expression to appear the redheads face. 

“Oh? And would that someone else happen to be a purple-haired cat lover by any chance?” He asked teasingly causing a bright blush to appear on Denki’s face. 

“Maybe” They said shyly causing Kirishima to bounce excitedly on the bed. 

“Oh, you two would be so cute together!” He gushed which caused Denki’s blush to grow tenfold. 

“Oh shush you” They huffed fondly to which Kirishima just laughed and pulled them into a side hug. 

“Never!” He announced cheerfully causing Denki to laugh as well. 

“Your such a dork Kiri” They huffed fondly causing the redhead to give them a bright grin. 

“I know” He said simply which caused Denki to simply shake their head fondly.  

They sat like fo quite a while, just appreciating the presence of each other before Kirishima suddenly tilted his head to the side curiously. 

“So why have you and Katsuki been spending so much time together?” He asked causing a slightly uncomfortable expression to appear on Denki’s face. 

“He’s been helping me with some personal stuff, stuff I’m not comfortable sharing just yet” They admitted which caused Kirishima to nod softly in understanding. 

“Alright I understand, just know that when you are ready to talk about it I’ll be here for you Denki” He said softly as he took the blonde's hand and gently squeezed it causing a thankful smile to appear on the blondes face. 

“Thanks, Kiri” They whispered as they snuggled closer to the redhead who just pulled them even closer. As they sat there Denki continued to think about just how much Kirishima meant to him and all he’s done for them. As he thought and thought he finally came to a decision. 

“Hey, Kiri?” They questioned which earned him a hum from the red head. Denki took in a deep breathe as they glanced up so that they could meet Kirishima’s eyes before he finally spoke up, 

“I think I’m ready to tell you” 

Chapter Text

Shinso yawned tiredly as he approached Denki’s door, he had gotten almost no sleep last night which wasn’t all that surprising really. 

“Denki? Are you awake? It’s time for breakfast” He stated as he knocked on the blondes door. When he didn’t get a response he gently pushed the door open only to see a sight that made his stomach twist uncomfortably. 

It was Denki and Kirishima cuddled up together, and while this sight should make him coo at its sheer adorableness, instead it made his stomach churn with jealousy. He took in a deep breath before he approached the duo and gently shook the blonde's shoulder. 

Denki whined softly as she slowly blinked her eyes open when she noticed Shinso standing above her she gave the purple-haired boy a nearly blinding smile. She completely missed the faint blush that appeared on his cheeks due to her smile. 

“Morning Shinso! What are you doing in my room?” She questioned curiously as she tilted her head to the side causing Shinso to shift slightly in embarrassment. 

“I came to get you up for breakfast” He admitted causing Denki’s smile to somehow widen. 

“Aw, thanks Shinso! That’s so sweet of you!” She chirped cheerfully before she turned her attention to Kirishima who was still cuddle up next to her fast asleep.

“Kiri it’s time to wake up” She promoted gently causing the redhead to whine as he snuggled closer to her which just made her smile fondly down at him as she continued to shake his shoulder. She missed the fleeting look of jealousy that appeared on Shinso’s face. 

“Come on Kiri breakfast is awaiting and so is Bakugo” She said teasingly causing Kirishima to bolt upright with a bright blush on his face. 

“Last night wasn’t a dream” He whispered in awe causing Denki to giggle as she nodded, this caused Kirishima to whoop in joy as he jumped out of the bed and made a beeline for the door. 

“Hi Shinso, bye Shinso!” He called out as he bolted out of the room only to stop in the doorway and turn to face Denki, he waved his arms around which Shinso vaguely recognized as sign language though he couldn’t decipher what the redhead was trying to say, he only knew the basics of sign language after all. 

Whatever he had said must have been something positive because it caused a nearly blinding smile to appear on Denki’s face before the blonde responded with sign language as well. Kirishima smiled brightly at this before he returned to what he was doing, which was booking it down the hall. 

“What was that about?” Shinso questioned as he turned back to face Denki who just giggled cheerfully. 

“Kiri’s just very excited to see his boyfriend” She giggled causing an amused smirk to appear on Shinso’s face. 

“Ah, so they finally confessed to each other then?” He quipped causing another giggle to escape from Denki as she got out of bed. 

“Yup” She chirped as she slipped a grey bracelet off of her wrist and replaced it with a pink one before she headed for the door causing Shinso to raise an eyebrow. 

“Aren’t you going to get dressed?” He asked causing her to glance down at her pyjamas before she waved her hand at him dismissively. 

“To much work” She stated simply which caused a fond chuckle to escape Shinso. 

“Fair enough” He said in amusement causing Denki to give him a bright smile before she slipped out of the room, once again missing the blush that briefly appeared on Shinso’s face. 


“Katsuki!” That was the only warning the blonde had before he suddenly had a brightly grinning redhead attached to his side. He huffed slightly as he moved the pans off of the heat so that he could gaze down fondly at his boyfriend. 

“Morning Ei” He said fondly which caused Eijiro’s smile to widen before he stretched upwards so that he could kiss the blondes cheek.

“Good morning Kat” He said cheerfully before he went back to snuggling into the blonde's side. Katsuki just rolled his eyes and went back to cooking. 

“How did your talk with Spark Plug go?” He questioned causing a soft smile to appear on Eijiro’s face. 

“It went well, she dismissed all of my needless worries and we just talked about everything and nothing all at once for the rest of the night” He remarked softly which caused Katsuki to stiffen up in surprise as he gazed down at Eijiro with a shocked look. 

“You know about-” He began only to be cut off by Eijiro nodding softly. 

“She came out to me last night, and I’m just so proud of her. I know that trusting me like that couldn’t have been easy for her” He mumbled softly with a proud expression on his face which was matched by Katsuki. 

“Yeah it probably wasn’t but I’m glad she’s forming such a strong foundation of trust around her” He remarked causing Eijiro to nod softly in agreement. 

“Oh! Pancakes!”

Speak of the devil and she shall arrive, they both mused in amusement as they watched Denki bounce excitedly into the room with Shinso trailing behind her with a fond expression on his face. They both couldn’t help but smirk ever so slightly when they noticed the slight blush on the purple-haired boy's cheeks. 

“Didn’t feel like getting dressed?” Eijiro remarked as he glanced at Denki’s pyjamas causing her to grin cheekily. 

“Yup” She chirped gaining chuckles from the others. 

RockShark: Can I tell them? 


QueenUraraka: Tell us what? 


KingExplosionMurder: No


RockShark: Please? 


PinkAcid: What are you two hiding?


KingExplosionMurder: I said no


RockShark: But Denki and Shinso already know!


KingExplosionMurder: FINE! You can tell the stupid extras


TapeMan: Rude, but I do find myself awfully curious 


RockShark: Katsuki and I are dating now!


QueenUraraka: Oh Kiri I’m so happy for you!


IcyHot: What was that god awful shrieking? 


IcyHot: Also congratulations you two


AuxCord: That was Mina and I’m pretty sure she made me go deaf for a minute


PinkAcid: Sorry Jiro!


PinkAcid: I’m just so happy that two of my boys have finally gotten together!


AuxCord: It’s fine Mina I understand your excitement


KingExplosionMurder: You don’t have to be so damn loud about it


SassyCinnamonRoll: I’m really happy for you Kacchan! You to Kiri!


KingExplosionMurder: Shut up stupid Deku


RockShark: Thanks Midoriya, don’t mind Katsuki he’s secretly very happy about all of the positive feedback but he has a reputation to uphold




SassyCinnamonRoll: Don’t worry about it Kiri, I speak fluent Bakugo




CoffeeHoarder: Kiri go tend to your boyfriend he’s blowing up the dorms again


KingExplosionMurder: SHUT THE HELL UP EYEBAGS!


RockShark: I’m on my way

Chapter Text

Kirishima couldn’t help but giggle softly to himself as he read the messages that Katsuki was sending him, he didn’t care what the others said he knew that the blonde was secretly a softie.

He cocked his head to the side when he heard someone knock at his door, after sending a quick message to Katsuki he went to open the door. He couldn’t help but raise a surprised eyebrow when he saw a nervous looking Aoyama standing there.

“Aoyama? What’s up, man?” He questioned curiously causing Aoyama to rub at his arm nervously.

“I was hoping I could talk to you… and maybe get some advice” He stated which caused a warm expression to appear on Kirishima's face as he opened the door wider so that blonde could come inside.

“Of course bro I’m always willing to help a friend” He said cheerfully which caused Aoyama to relax slightly as he gave Kirishima a smile before he walked in and sat down on the redhead's bed while Kirishima sat on his desk chair backwards so that he could rest his arms on the back of it.

“So what is it that you need?” He asked causing Aoyama to shift nervously in place before he took in a deep calming breath.

“I was hoping you could help me confess to my crush” He said nervously causing Kirishima to blink a few time in surprise.

“I don’t think I’m the best person to ask for dating advice” He finally said as he rubbed the back of his neck with an uncomfortable expression on his face.

“Well, how did you confess to Bakugo?” Aoyama asked which caused Kirishima’s uncomfortable expression to grow.

“I had an emotionally compromising conversation with him about some of my insecurities and that ultimately lead me to confessing to him” He explained which caused the blonde's shoulders to slump ever so slightly.

“Oh” Was all he said causing a soft chuckle to escape from Kirishima.

“Yeah, it’s not something I would recommend” He remarked causing a defeated sigh to escape from Aoyama, Kirishima frowned slightly before he stood up and plopped himself down next to the blonde.

“But hey, I will still try to help you to the best of my abilities” He said reassuringly causing a relieved expression to appear on Aoyama’s face.

“Thanks, Kiri” He said softly which caused the redhead to give him a bright grin.

“Of course dude, now if you don’t mind me asking who’s the lucky someone who has captured your heart?” He asked curiously causing a bright blush to appear on Aoyama’s face.

“It’s… um… it’s Iida” He admitted shyly causing a shocked gasp to escape from Kirishima.

“Really? Oh, you two would be so cute together!” He gushed which just made Aoyama’s blush grow as he let out a soft whine as he covered his face.

“I don’t even know if he likes me back not that I would be surprised if he didn’t I’m a mess compared to him, he could do way better” He muttered softly to himself which caused a deep frown to appear on Kirishima’s face.

“Hey no, no talking badly about yourself young man” He scolded causing Aoyama to glance up at him with a confused expression on his face.

“Kiri I’m four months older than you” He said slowly causing the redhead to simply wave his hand dismissively.

“Not important, so does anyone else know about your crush?” He asked curiously causing a soft chuckle to escape from Aoyama.

“Only Uraraka knows” He said causing Kirishima to nod as he pulled his phone out which caused Aoyama to gave him a confused look.

“What are you doing?” He questioned to which Kirishima just hummed as he continued to text someone.

“I’m texting Uraraka to meet us here so that she can help us, since she knows Iida better than me she’ll probably have a lot of helpful advice” He said simply as he slipped his phone back into his pocket and not even two minutes later Uraraka barged into the room and then quickly shut the door behind her.

“Alright gay’s let’s get down to business-” She began only to be suddenly cut off by both Kirishima and Aoyama.

“To defeat the huns!” They both cheered causing Uraraka to give them a deadpanned look.

“Really?” She questioned causing them to shrug sheepishly, this just made her roll her eyes before she took a seat next to Aoyama.

“So I think the first step is that you need to ask Iida out on a date” She stated causing a slight whine to escape from Aoyama.

“But that’s the hard part” He mumbled causing Uraraka to share a fond look with Kirishima before she patted the blonde's shoulder.

“I know sweetie but if you want our resident sonic to sweep you off of your feet you need to start somewhere” She said reassuringly causing a nearly silent squeak to escape from the blonde as he covered his face to hide his blush.

“Ok Uraraka what are things that Iida likes that we can use to help Aoyama get a date?” Kirishima causing Uraraka to tap her chin thoughtfully.

“Well he likes calming settings and he likes tea… Oh!” She suddenly exclaimed as she clapped her hands together excitedly causing Kirishima and Aoyama to give her surprised looks.

“What is it?” Kirishima asked curiously causing Uraraka to give them an excited smile.

“There’s this adorable cafe that just opened up last week, Iida would just love it and it's not far from the school!” She said excitedly causing wide grins to appear on both boys faces.

“That sounds perfect” Aoyama said softly with a warm smile on his face.

“Then what are you waiting for? Go ask him!” Kirishima said cheerfully as he pulled the blonde to his feet causing a nervous expression to appear on Aoyama’s face instantly.

“But what if he says no?” He questioned worriedly as both Kirishima and Uraraka pushed him towards the door.

“Don’t worry about it Aoyama, you got this!” Uraraka said confidently causing a confident expression to appear on Aoyama's face.

“Your right, I got this” He stated strongly before he marched out of the room with a determined expression on his face.

“I hope things go well” Kirishima said softly as he watched the retreating form of Aoyama causing Uraraka to nod softly in agreement.

“Yeah” Was all she said.

Chapter Text

Aoyama took in a deep calming breath before he walked into the living room only to pause as he saw Iida chatting cheerfully with Midoriya while Mina kicked her legs in the air as she scrolled through her phone. A faint blush appeared on his cheeks as he stared at Iida’s smile.

“Hey, Iida do you have a crush on anyone?” Mina suddenly asked as she sat up so that she could give Iida a curious look which was matched by Midoriya while Iida just rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably.

“I don’t know? I’ve never really had those kinds of feelings before, how would I know if I have a crush on someone?” He questioned causing Aoyama to bite his lip worriedly while Mina tapped her chin thoughtfully.

“Well it’s someone you like to spend a lot of time with, and you feel happy when their happy and when you spend time around them you get a butterfly feeling in your stomach” Mina explained causing Iida to hum thoughtfully to himself.

“I’m not sure” He mumbled which caused a curious look to appear on Midoriya’s face.

“What about Hatsume? You do spend a lot of time talking with her whenever you have to go in for repairs” Midoriya suggested causing a faint blush to appear on Iida’s cheeks while Aoyama’s heart sank.

“Maybe? I do enjoy her company and she is very beautiful” He mused softly to himself causing an excited squeal to come from Mina, which muffled the sound of Aoyama’s choked off sob as he covered his mouth to keep the noise at bay.

“You two would be so cute together!” She squealed excitedly causing Iida’s blush to grow slightly.

“You really think so?” He asked curiously causing Midoriya and Mina to nod excitedly.

“Yeah, you should definitely ask her out!” Midoriya said cheerfully causing a large grin to appear on Iida’s face, which just broke Aoyama’s heart further.

“I think I will” Was the last thing Aoyama heard before he ran out of the living room and made a beeline for Kirishima’s room. His vision was so obscured by his tears that it was a miracle that he managed to get there without running into anything or god forbid anyone.

As soon as he arrived at the redhead's door he just knocked like his life depended on it until Kirishima opened the door and as soon as he did his eyes widened in concern when he saw the state that Aoyama was in.

“Aoyama? What happened?” He questioned worriedly which just caused another sob to escape from the blonde. Kirishima’s eyebrows furrowed in concern before he wrapped his arm around Aoyama’s shoulders and led him into his room. Uraraka glanced at them worriedly before she placed her controller down and patted the spot next to her. Kirishima moved Aoyama over to the bed and urged him to sit down.

“Aoyama? What happened? Did Iida say no?” Uraraka asked softly which caused another sob to escape from the blonde.

“I-I didn’t e-even get a-a chance to a-ask him” He sobbed causing Uraraka and Kirishima to share worried looks.

“How come?” Kirishima asked worriedly as he gently wiped the blondes tears away.

“He w-was talking w-with Mina and Mi-Midoriya and they c-convinced him to a-ask out Ha-Hatsume” He whimpered causing Uraraka to wince slightly, that unfortunately made a lot of sense those two did spend a lot of time together.

“Oh Aoyama I’m so sorry” Kirishima said softly as he pulled the blonde into a tight hug which Uraraka quickly joined in on. Aoyama just sniffled as he buried his head into Kirishima’s shoulder.

“I sh-should have known b-better then to b-believe I even s-stood a chance” He whimpered softly which caused Kirishima and Uraraka to tighten their hold on him.

“Don’t say that you can’t control who your heart falls for and you can’t control whether or not those feelings will be returned. You shouldn’t put yourself down for having hope” Uraraka said softly causing another sniffle to escape from Aoyama.

“I-I just wish it di-didn’t hurt so much” He whimpered causing soft sighs to escape from Kirishima and Uraraka.

“I know sweetie but it will get better” Uraraka said comfortingly which caused Aoyama to raise his head so that he could stare at her with a searching look in his eyes.

“Does it really?” He asked softly causing the brunette to give him a reassuring look.

“It does, trust me I had a huge crush on Midoriya and it took a lot of time to get over those feelings and before I knew it I had new feelings for someone else who won my heart” She reassuringly causing a slight smile to appear Aoyama’s face.

“You and Tsu are really cute together” He said softly causing a faint blush to appear on Uraraka’s face while Kirishima grinned softly before he glanced down at Aoyama.

“And trust me it’s better to work these feelings out with someone else before I confessed to Kat I practically tortured myself with my fears and insecurities. If it hadn't been for Denki I probably would have done some pretty foolish things” He admitted causing Uraraka and Aoyama to give him surprised looks.

“Really?” Aoyama questioned softly causing the redhead to nod softly which caused Aoyama to tighten his hold slightly on Kirishima. After that, they simply sat their enjoy each other's company before Uraraka suddenly poked Aoyama’s side.

“You know what you need? Ice cream and dumb comedy movies” She stated seriously causing soft chuckles to escape from Aoyama and Kirishima.

“That sounds nice” Aoyama said softly causing a wide grin to appear on Uraraka’s face.

“Alright, I’ll get the ice cream and Kirishima you'll set up the movie” She ordered causing another chuckle to escape from Kirishima.

“I’ll get right on it ma’am” He said cheekily causing Uraraka to nod passionately before she hopped off of the bed so that she could go get the frozen treats. Kirishima just shook his head fondly before he stood up as well but before he went digging through his movie collection he grabbed his fluffiest blanket and wrapped it around Aoyama causing the blonde to give him ana amused look.

“Really?” He questioned fondly causing the redhead to give him a bright grin before he began to sort through his movies. Aoyama shook his head fondly before he snuggled into the very fluffy blanket.

And before Aoyama knew it he was once again sandwiched between Uraraka and Kirishima watching a ridicules movie while eating a whole tub of ice cream. It was during the halfway point that they heard a knock at the door. They shared a curious look before Uraraka got up to answer the door since she was the closest.

“Bakugo? What do you want?” She questioned as she opened the door and saw the scowling blonde standing there. He just glared at her before pushing past her so that he could march into the room.

“Kat? What’s wrong?” Kirishima asked worriedly as he watched his boyfriend storm over to him and without saying a word he picked the redhead up before sitting down on the bed and cuddling Kirishima close to him.

“Kat?” Eijiro questioned softly but the blonde just shook his head and buried his face into the redhead's neck.

“So Bakugo is a cuddler, damn now I owe Tsu ten bucks” Urarka grumbled teasingly to her self as she walked back into the room and sat back down next to Aoyama.

“I don’t want to hear it Round Face” He growled before pulling Eijiro even closer to him.

“Was it…” He trailed off gaining a nod from Katsuki causing a worried look to appear on his face before he turned to look at Aoyama and Uraraka.

“Can you just leave him alone please?” He requested softly which caused Aoyama and Uraka to share a look before they nodded.

“Of course Kiri” Aoyama said causing a relieved look to appear on the redheads face before they all went back to watching the movie.

It wasn’t until halfway through the second movie that Katsuki slowly removed his face from Eijiro’s shoulder, he glanced around the room tiredly before he snuggled closer to his boyfriend. The redhead just let himself be cuddled he would talk to him about what happened to him later, he knew that Katsuki wouldn’t want to talk about in front of Uraraka and Aoyama.

Chapter Text

Much later in the evening after the ice cream was long gone and Uraraka and Aoyama had returned to their own rooms Eijiro sat in front of Katsuki who was clinging to a pillow and refusing to meet his eyes. 

“Kat please tell me what’s wrong” He begged causing an annoyed grumble to escape from the blonde before he glanced up and met the redhead's worried look which caused some of his annoyance to bleed out of him. 

“I hate her so much” He growled causing Eijiro’s concerned expression to grow tenfold as he shuffled closer to his boyfriend. 

“What happened?” He asked softly causing a huff to escape from Katsuki as he squeezed the pillow even tighter. 

“I was having lunch with my dad and he seemed really skittish and he was rambling more than usual but whenever I questioned him about it he would just brush it off. It wasn’t until he went to pay that I saw what the problem was…” He explained before trailing off and staring unseeingly at the wall causing Eijiro t bite his lip worriedly as he wrapped his arm around the blonde's shoulders. 

“What did you see?” He prompted softly causing Katsuki to take a deep breath before he continued talking. 

“His sleeve got caught when he was reaching for the check and it revealed a very familiar hand-shaped bruise, it would seem that without me there too for her to take her anger out on she turned to my dad” He growled angrily causing a horrified gasp to escape from Eijiro as he tightened his grip on Katsuki. 

“You should have sen him Ei when I confronted him about it, he fully believed that what that bitch did to him was his fault” He practically snarled causing Eijiro’s concerned expression to grow tenfold. 

“Katsuki you have to tell Aizawa about this” He begged but Katsuki just stubbornly shook his head. 

“It’s fine I can handle this on my own” He grumbled only to jump slightly as Eijiro grabbed his shoulders and turned him to face him causing his eyes to widen when he saw the tears that were streaming down the redheads face. 

“I have begged you over and over to tell Aizawa that your mom was hurting you but you refused to and I have kept my mouth shut for you because I love you and I believed that you knew best. But this isn’t just about you anymore she is hurting your dad, someone, you love and I know you would do anything to make that stop so please I’m begging you if not for yourself then do it for your dad because the two of you need to get away from her” He sobbed before burying his head into the blonde's chest who was just staring at him in shock. 

“Ei…” He whispered softly as he cautiously ran his fingers through the redhead's hair who just tightened his grip on him. 

“Please Kat I can’t lose you and I know it would kill you to lose your dad” He pleaded causing a few tears to escape from Katsuki as he gathered Eijiro closer to himself and hugged him tightly. 

“Alright I’ll talk with Aizawa, but only if you’re by my side” He said softly causing Eijiro to give him a large watery smile. 

“Always” He said softly as he snuggled closer to the blonde causing him to smile softly but he couldn’t help but worry about what he had just promised to do, he just hoped that everything would turn out alright. 

 Aizawa glanced up from his paperwork tiredly when he heard a knock on his office door, he glanced briefly at the clock and raised an eyebrow at the time he should have probably gone home by now but he had really wanted to finish this work. Now it seemed he was going to be here even longer, Hizashi was so going to scold him for this later he could already see it or more accurately hear it. 

“Come in” He called out sleepily only to sit up in concern as Bakugo and Kirishima walked into the room, both of them looked like they had been crying. 

“Bakugo? Kirishima? What’s wrong?” He questioned worriedly as he glanced between the two boys, they shared a look before Bakugo took in a deep breath and turned to face him with an unreadable expression on his face. 

“I need to talk to you… about my mother” He explained causing Aizawa eyes to widen a fraction before they narrowed and searched those guarded red eyes, eventually he nodded and gestured to the two chairs in front of his desk. 

“Alright, let’s talk” 

Chapter Text

Katsuki groaned tiredly as he ran his fingers through his hair, he glanced to his right where Eijiro was sitting softly humming to himself. The redhead gave him a soft smile when he noticed his boyfriends gaze which was annoyingly contagious as Katsuki couldn’t help but smile softly in return.

“It’s going to be okay, Aizawa will be able to help you and your dad” Eiiro stated confidently and Katsuki just sighed as he glanced away, he wasn’t as confident as Eijiro was. Sure he respected Aizawa a lot especially after everything the man had done for Denki but he still couldn’t help but worry, what if he did something that made it so he could never see his dad again? If that happened he would never be able to trust the man again.

“Kat, trust me” Eijiro said softly as he grasped the blonde's hand, Katsuki smiled at him but before he could say anything the door opened and Aizawa and his dad walked in.

“Katsuki!” The man called out worriedly as he rushed to his son's side and seemed to be checking him over for injuries, Aizawa hadn’t told him the reason why he was needed at the school so he was beyond worried. Katsuki smiled at his dad only for his blood to begin boiling when he saw the black eye that the man was sporting.

“She hurt you again didn’t she?” He growled out which made his dad wince as he lifted his hand to try and cover up his black eye.

“It doesn’t matter Katsuki, I’m fine” He said softly which did not quell Katsuki’s anger at all.

“It does matter Mr. Bakugo since your not the only one your wife has laid a hand on” Aizawa stated emotionlessly, while he really wanted to believe that the man was as caring as Katsuki said he was he still had his suspicions. Masaru turned to look at him with his eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

“What do you…” He began only to trail off as his eyes widened in horror and he whipped back around to face Katsuki.

“No, no s-she promised me she wouldn’t hurt you” He cried out desperately and Katsuki’s eyes furrowed in confusion.

“Dad, what are you talking about?” He asked softly and Masaru glanced down and clenched his hands into fists.

“She promised me that if I didn’t say anything about what she was doing to me she wouldn’t touch you” He whispered in a broken tone of voice. Katsuki’s eyes widen in fear, his mother had told him the exact same thing. He thought the bruises were a new thing but maybe this had been going on for a lot longer then he thought.

“It would seem you were both taking the brunt of Mrs. Bakugo’s wrath while trying to protect each other without the other knowing about it” Aizawa remarked softly as he stared at the father and son who were staring at each other in horror, this was all the proof he needed to know that Masaru lived up to how Katsuki described him.

“I’m so sorry Katsuki, all I wanted to do was protect you and I couldn’t even do that” Masaru sobbed snapping Katsuki out of his shock, he quickly pulled his father into a tight hug as a few tears slipped down his face.

“It’s okay dad you don’t need to apologize, I should have noticed what she was doing to you sooner” He said strongly but Masaru just shook his head as he tightened his hold on his son.

“No son this isn’t your burden to bare, I’m the one at fault for not protecting you better” He said just as strongly and when it looked like Katsuki was once again going to deny this Eijiro cleared his throat. When they turned to look at the redhead he was giving them this soft look that just radiated protective mama bear energy.

“It’s neither of your faults, it’s that women’s for hurting you and using your love for each other to blackmail you” He said seriously and the two Bakugo’s frowned softly in thought at this.

“He’s right, neither of you are to blame for what happened and I’m going to make sure that women can never hurt either of you again” Aizawa stated as his eyes glowed red as his quirk activated without him even noticing. Katsuki smiled slightly while Masaru bites his lip worriedly.

“I couldn’t possibly burden you with this” He said softly and Aizawa just sighed as he gave the man a surprisingly soft look.

“You aren’t burdening me at all, I want to do this and I will whether you want me to or not” He said simply but strongly and Masaru couldn’t help but let a few tears fall.

“Thank you” He whispered softly before he buried his head into his son's shoulder who just tightened his grip on his father. Aizawa’s lip twitched upwards slightly as he stared at the father and son duo before he turned his attention to Kirishima who was smiling softly at the duo. He must have felt Aizawa gaze on him because he turned to look at the man who just jerked his head in the direction of the door before walking out himself, Kirishima bite his lip worriedly as he glanced back at Katsuki before he followed after his teacher.

“Here” Aizawa stated as he handed the redhead a slip of paper, Kirishima gave the man a confused look at this.

“What is this?” He asked curiously as he stared at the paper.

“It’s an address, I want you to get in contact with Inko Midoriya. She’s a close family friend, I believe that they both could use her presence right now” He explained softly and Kirishima nodded in agreement, he had only met Mrs. Midoriya once but she had such a warm and motherly aura about her that he knew she would be the best person to help Katsuki and his dad out.

“I’m on it” He said passionately and Aizawa smiled slightly at this.

“Thank you Kirishima” He said softly and Kirishima just gave him a bright smile.

“You don’t need to thank me sir, but if you don’t mind me asking what are you going to be doing?” He asked curiously and Aizawa sighed tiredly as he ran his fingers through his hair before he responded.

“I have a few phone calls to make”

Chapter Text

Inko hummed softly to herself as she washed the dishes only to tilt her head to the side curiously when she heard a knock at the door. She quickly dried off her hands before he approached the door while pondering who it could be. Maybe it was Masaru he had mentioned that he had a day off today she mused to herself, or she thought with a blush on her cheeks maybe it was Toshinori. 

She peeked out of the peephole only to furrow her eyebrows in confusion when she saw a red-haired teenager standing in front of her door, he looked vaguely familiar to her but she couldn’t quite place why. When it looked like the boy was going to knock again she opened the door. 

“Hello? How can I help you?” She asked and the redhead gave her a nervous smile as he rubbed the back of his neck. 

“Hi Mrs. Midoriya um I’m Eijiro Kirishima I’m not sure if you remember me, uh Katsuki introduced us” He said awkwardly and Inko’s eyes widened a fraction when she was suddenly hit with a realization, so that’s why this boy seemed so familiar. Katsuki had brought the redhead over with him on one of his visits, he was also the boy Ktasuki seemed to unintentionally gush about quite often. A warm smile appeared on her face as she stared at the nervous redhead. 

“Of course dear, why don’t you come in?” She offered and he gave her a bright grin before walking inside. 

“Thank you Ma’am” He said kindly as Inko lead him to the living room so that they could both sit down. 

“So what do I owe this visit to?” She asked curiously only for a concerned expression to appear on her face when she saw the troubled expression on the redheads face. 

“Mr. Aizawa actually sent me to talk to you” He revealed and Inko’s concern skyrocketed at this. 

“Did something happen at the school? Is Izuku okay?” She questioned frantically but Kirishima just gave her a soft though worried-looking smile. 

“Midoriya’s fine, I’m actually here about Katsuki” He revealed which while not getting rid of any of her fears it also made her confused. 

“What’s wrong with Katsuki?” She asked worriedly and Kirishima bit his lip thoughtfully as he rubbed the back of his neck again. 

“I don’t know how to tell you this exactly but um, Mitsuki Bakugo has been found guilty of abusing both her son and husband as well as blackmailing them with the safety of the other to keep them quiet. Mr. Aizawa believes that you would be the best person to provide comfort and support to the two of them” He explained softly and Inko’s eyes widened in horror. 

“Oh my god” She mumbled to herself as she rested her head into her hands, Kirishima shifted awkwardly next to her before he laid a gentle hand on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. 

“It’s okay Ma’am I understand that this is a bit of a shock” He said softly only to raise a confused eyebrow when she shook her head. 

“I should have known” She mumbled to herself as she lifted her head out of her hands revealing the tears in the corner of her eyes as she stared unseeingly at the wall across from her. 

“What do you mean?” He asked and she let out a pained sigh as she ran her fingers through her hair. 

“I’ve known Masaru my whole life and when he and Mitsuki started dating I had my trepidations, she was always so loud and aggressive and Masaru has always been very soft-spoken and forgiving. But their relationship progressed and they ended up getting married and having Katsuki so I just assumed after a while that my fears had just been me being overprotective of my best friend” She whimpered to herself and Krishima’s eyes widened before he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and let her cry into his chest. 

“It’s my fault I should have noticed that something was wrong, Katsuki always preferred to be here when his dad was working even when he and Izuku weren’t on good terms he would still drop by. And Masaru is like a brother to me I should have noticed that he was in pain when he visited me” She sobbed and Kirishima just tightened his hold on the sobbing women. 

“It’s not your fault Ma’am, you shouldn’t destroy yourself over what if’s instead you should focus on the present and what you can do to help them now” He said softly and Inko sniffled slightly before she glanced up at him with a determined look in her eyes. 

“Your right” She said as she stood up and grabbed her coat and keys before she turned to look at Kirishima who had stood up when she did and was now just staring at her. 

“Come along it will be faster if we take my car then walking” She said and he nodded in agreement. 

“Of course” He said as he followed her out of the apartment and down where she had her car parked, she had never been more thankful than in this moment that Toshinori had convinced her to get a car then she did right now. 

Mitsuki grumbled to herself as she stalked through the house in frustration, Masaru was suppose to have the day off so where the hell was he? She huffed when she realized he wasn’t in the house so she knocked over one of the vases that the man liked to realize some of her frustration and then walked away from it, she would make him clean it up later. 

Her eyebrows furrowed in annoyance as she heard a knock at the door, she chose to ignore the knocking and instead headed into the kitchen to make a snack. When the knocking didn’t stop she spat a few swears under her breath as she went to answer it, she was definitely going to give the person on the other side an earful for bothering her. 

However when she opened the door all her insults died on her tongue when she saw the police officers standing there, as soon as the door was open the closest officer was slapping a pair of cuffs onto her wrists which snapped her out of her shock. 

“WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!” She shrieked in outrage which caused a few of the officers to wince. 

“Mitsuki Bakugo you are under arrest for domestic and child abuse” One of the officers revealed and Mitsuki’s eyes widened in shock before they narrowed angrily. 

“You have no proof!” She snapped as she was dragged out of the house and towards one of the police cars. 

“Between your husband, your son, yours sons teachers and fellow classmates as well as a few of your neighbours we have plenty of evidence” Another officers revealed gruffly and Mitsuki let out another enraged shout as she was shoved into the car.

She was so busy shouting at the officers that she never noticed the many eyes watching from windows and doorways, some in shock and confusion and others in approval and satisfaction.